The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 27, 1934 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 27, 1934
Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa, Sept. 27,1934 t*K**I P. T. A. , at t»e high sditxM si 7:80. gram eot&mtttce «re fim P. T. A meeting *ffl be next WondK? «renb^, October 1st, It* pro- f to give a little s«t under the <Hree«on of Mrs. Ktea Ooedwrs. After the business meet- Ira; the hospitality committee aw Illuming a social honr. The officers and chairmen of the owning year's committees are *s foftjws: president, Mrs. V. H. Coffin; rice president, Mrs. A. A. Btabop; wcretaiy. John O. Me- IXrwJl; treasurer. Mrs. A. E. Michel; ptogtmm cbkinmn. Mis. H. C. Frederick; JwspJtallry chairman, Mrs. F. D. Mathes; publicity chairman. Mrs. Donald Smith; publication chafrmwi. Mrs. B. P. Riehantero; budget and finance chairman, Mrs. A S. Mlcbel: jroblic *elfar* ehatrman. Miss Antoinette Bonnstprter; mwSc tfcaJrman. Mrs. ! Gene HfTiDe; membeinMp chairman. CVmnty Federation Meeting— The Federated clubs of Kos-arth county win hold their fall meeting October 2nd st the Baptist church. The hostess chibs are: Algona Woman's club. W. C. T. tJ, Tuesday Club. Progressive club and !tje J. J. club. LuVeme. The mcrning session will be a business meeting and at noon a luncheon will be serred. The program for the afternoon consists cf chorus singing and a one-act play directed by Mrs. EJsa Goeders. This win be followed by a talk by Mrs. Gordon L. Elliott. Des Moines. Mrs. Elliott is chairman of the divisions of legislation. Iowa Federation of Women's dub and the hostess clubs are fortunate in securing her . Mrs. S. Worster; stud? proup chairman. Mrs E. A. Genfieh; earecoth* cocactaipe. Mrs. Coffin. Mre. Bishop. Mis. A. K. MScbeO. Mrs. Frederick. Mr. McTJtrreB. Snpt JLslar: eiwatire board, exfcutir? cwcznlttee are Mrs. Mathes, Mrs. Smith. Mrs. Richardson. Mrs. Michel Mbs BanasteKfer. and Mrs. Oenrich. Mrs. T» We* Next W***— Mr. and Mrs W. L- Miteben rf Clear Lake have anncnrrjoffi the encasement of their daughter, Margaret, "who will be married on Msnday. October 1. to Edward D. KeUy. ten of Mrs. Daniel KeliT of Emmet*-JTg. Miss Mrfccben It a graduate of UK* t?ar«3sirf c* Wisconsin. Mr. K*nj attended the PntnsrsltT of Notre Dame and was gradaated from ttoe law ccbool cf the OBlmtity of Iowa. Be te an attorney at Brmoetxbizrg and also is a member OS the lav partnership Of Shumway & Kelly in Algona. Miss Mitchell, who hac been teaching at Rodman the past year, is a granddaughter cf the late J. W. Hinchon, for many years the well known editor of the Algona Courier. Royal Neighbor dob— Thirty-two members of the Royal Neighbor club were present at the bridge party Tuesday afternoon at the shelter house of the State Park. A covered dish supper was served at S o'clock. as guest speaker.. P. E. O. District Meet- Members of tfce P. E. O. of this district held a meeting Wednesday afternoon (yesterday) at the Hanford Hotel at Mason City. Those from here who attended the one o'clock luncheon and business meeting later were: Mrs. P. J. Christensen, president of the local P. E. O. organization, Mrs. S. E McMahon. Mrs. Lura Saunders, Mrs Milton Norton, Miss Ella Thompson and Mrs. G. W. Stillman. Meet at Daob Home- Mrs w. E. Laird's circle of the Woman's Association of the Congregational church met last Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. John Daub with nineteen members present. Mrs. Laird resigned her chairmanship and Mrs. D. P. Smith faas taken charge. Election cf officers was held with Edith Reed being elected as president. Mrs. W. C. Irelan as secretary and treasurer. Entertains Bridge Club— Mrs. A. W. Amunsen entertained the members of her bridge club Thursday evening of last week. After an evening of bridge first prize went to Mrs. John Dutton and second to Mrs. O. D. Brundage. Alkc BeKteer H«rt«w— Alice Behlmer entertained thirteen guests Monday evening at ft 8:45 dinner given at the shelter house of the State Park. Following the dinner the giKsts spent the evening in play- Ing games. i CALL THEATRE Wed., Thurs'., Fri., Sept. 2627-28 Bing Crosby Miriam' Hopkins Kitty Carlisle In "SHE LOVES ME NOT" Grand entertainment! Sat., Sept. 29 New—Biff outdoor *pedAl. The Obv- ered Wagon of 1934—Oregon Trail. Sun., Mon., Tues., Sept. 30-Oct. 1-2 Irving B. Cobb Story. Best Rogers to date. A ORE AT STAR'S ' r GREATEST, PKTWE/ WflfE&S RAttOOlPfl SCOTT cm riruei • flUTt not AJso Burn 'Em Up Barnes Serial, Afaop Fable, News and Scrappy. TOM BROWN ANITA LOUISE •OCHEUC HUDSON FETCKIT Family Reunion Held— Mr. and Mrs. W. A. White and sons, Ferry. Donald and H. B. and wife and Mrs. White's brother and ail her ste- ters with the exception of one, heJd a family reunion Sunday of last week at the State Park. A picnic dinner was served and the afternoon spent informally. Those present, beside the W. A. White family were: Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Morfoot, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bills, Mr. and Mrs. Percy Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Nicholson and son. Junior and Clarence, Mr. and Mrs. Lor. en Bills and son, Roger, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Morfoot and daughter, Betty, all of Perry, low*. Picnic Observes Birthday— A picnic dinner was held Sunday noon at the State Park in honor of the 19th birthday of Lucille Eteenbarth of St. Benedict. Those who were present at the dinner and spent the afternoon playing cards were: John and Kathryn Deim, Floyd Bode, Harold and Luella Roethler, Sylvester Arndorfer, Andrew and Howard Miller, Eldon Shaw, Ella Mary and Raymond Jennett. Jerome Ekenbarth, Rosita and Josephine Els- enbarts. Agnes and Gtorge Fterstl, Frances Dunlap, Bernice and Gladys Jensen. Hostess to Twenty— Mrs. H. V. Hull entertained twenty girls of the Standard Bearers, of which she is counsellor, at her home Monday •evening of last week. Election of officers was held and the following elected: president. Virginia Schnepf; vice president, Valeria Pickett; secretary. Ida Halpin; treasurer, Charlotte Hilton; mite box secretary, Virginia Morck; pianist, Phyllis Sawyer. A business meeting followed and later light refreshments were served. Groop Enjoy Picnic— A number of couples and their fami. lies enjoyed a picnic dinner in the shelter house at the State Park Sunday. The afternoon was spent in playing cards and in visiting. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Lou Matern and family, Mr. and Mrs. EmJl Stoffel and family. Mr. and Mrs. Phil Roethler and family, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Arndorfer and family. Mrs. Theresa Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Victor Frlderes and Mr. and Mrs. Jim Watts. Woman's Club Meeting— The initial meeting of the Woman's club will be held Thursday, October 4th, with the officers of the club as hostesses. A dinner is planned for the occasion and will be followed by a program. A play te to be presented under the direction of Mrs. Otto B. Laing and music will be furnished by Lhe Little Symphony Orchestra. Also something new lor fun. Dumbbell Letters, Colored Pastry Town 5 and News. sf Wed., Thurs., Oct. 3-4 foiimn Extra Added Attraction New Technicolor Never equalled in color. It is grand. n* AHEINl \ l\lf. Ai HUUKU no CAUO DONT f _ mm __ _ MISS to MJWTH SEEING °"«>MAN (.'has. Morgan's great story revealing a new and glorious ecstucy <jf carth- Iv love to a nullion women IN NEW TECHNICOLOR Friday and Saturday, October 5-6 The Oklahoma Land Ktish — -An Epic "CIMMARON" Gain Honored— Agatha ThUges entertained friends and relatives Monday evening in honor of Engratia Dales, who is leaving for the convent In Techney, Illinois, this week. The evening was spent In play- Ing bridge. High score was won by Herlinda Frideres and Rev. George Theobald, consolation by Olivia Gales and Ervln Frlderes. Hoatewe* at Luncheon— Miss Ella Thompson and Mrs. Lura Saunders were hostesses last Friday to a group of their friends at a one o'clock luncheon. Bridge was the diversion of the afternoon and guests played at five tables. Mrs. H. R. Cowan received the first prize «nd Mrs. H. M. Hauberg the average prize. Hostew to VMtor— Mrs. J. L. Bonar entertained at a one o'clock luncheon last Saturday in honor of Miss Elizabeth Fosholdt of Long Beach, California. Bridge was played at two tables and first prize went to Mrs. Ben Sorensen. A guest prize was presented to Miss Fosholdt. Helping Hand Society- Members of the Helping Hand society will meet Thursday afternoon, October 4th, at the home of Mrs. Frank Geigel. Assisting hostesses will be Mrs. Paul Carlson, Mrs. Robert Vincent, Mrs. Lela Donnell, and Mrs. Hugh Herman. Meeting at Lutheran Church— A meeting of the Algona Circuit of the Lutheran church will take place Sunday afternoon at two o'clock at the Algona Trinity Lutheran church. Eleven congregations will participate. Woman-* Association— The Woman's Association of the Presbyterian church will meet Thursday, September 13th at, the church. The meeting has been postponed a week because of the fair. LOCAL NEWS Rite-Way Specials Rumford Baking Powder FHEK "MY PKT" BALLOON O.-jjicx: of KHU-n Kiit, Ptler Rabbi' M.JUM -• MOUM.-, Putjpy Pup or Utickic Duck. IK-' value. \'l »'/.. 23c Protex Big Value Rosebud Castile Big Toilet Soap Bargain 12 I Kirs assorted 49c AUlt-U-McaJ !J3c (Tiulapui Airplane Free) Brau Hake* ... • • 10c Cum I*"laiu3* IDc Coffee, it Grocer, 1 Ib Z3c or Oa.U, 48 o/. pkg. lAik about Bike Club) Peanut Butter, 22 osc. Washer, large pkg. an, 1 Ib. . Mortons' Halt, 1 pkg Two . . . l&c 23c . . ilc . . 15c 9c 17c Fresh Fi'iiiis and \Vj_'ft;«l<lc.s \\V Hay KV'{J>. Anderson's Rite-Way Food Store 3iti We Deliver EUie Helmke, who is employed at the N. C. Rio? hoir.t and at the Call Theatre. is at li<>che.ster, where she is a f>aUent at tr.e Mayo clinic. She expects to J>e there the next week or len days. Her sister, Mrs. Ole Gunder^on of Cylinder drove to Rochester the of -lie -week to viiit her. lira. B. F. Rted and son. Lee. left on Monday morning for Chicago wh^re I tiury will meet Mrs. k -e R- -d who has ;>'::i; i/he pa.'l two ni.ntii^> ar Ccjluin- Ohio, with a > 'rh> Reeds will visit a few day.s at the world's lair in Oiicago and" will th-.a &ix.Tid a K-w days iu Wheator.. Illinuu, v.'ith :- lutivt-.s before returning here. Mrs Jacob Johnson of Wesley visited hi.- 1 daughter. Mrs. W. J. B.cker, fi()in 'IX*v*iay un'.il Friday of la.-t Wi:ek. Siie li.-fi Friday tor Chicago. wiiere .:ii«: expected to .spend i w fk v Ljuiig nla'tvui and atu-nd:iis the w.rid'.i fair She will return it Al- yos.a and \i^il here a^ain .or a f-:W day., and t:A-n will travel to Denver, Colorado, to keep for lier ion, Siie hao another oMi and a daughter who aUo make their hom-u in Denver. Trinity Lutheran Church Rev. P. J. Bruiier, pastor 'I'i:c lollowanj} services will be con- u acted Sunday. English service at 9 a. in. Sunday School and Bible claos al 1U a. in. German service at 10:^0 a. m. T..c is. ij. T. HIW.-I 'Iliursday evtn- u.rf at b o'clock. Yooiig IV-ple's meeting Friday ev- ei.'iiig at i> '/clock at the cJiurcii. 'J'i.i.- Ladieo' Aid will u^eet ut-xt week uitn Mis Kd Will. Presbyterian Church Uev. C'. Paul CarUuu, Minister Sujiday fcichool at 10 a in. MvMiinjj vkoiiinp a: 11 a in Chrutlan En- dt,-avur ut tJ ^0 u. in Mrs. Matilda Ward Services at Hurt Burt: Mrs. Matilda Ward died Thursday at the home of h«r daughter. Mrs. M. Koppen. Mrs. Ward had been as well as usual until a few davs before she suffered a stroke about ten davs before her death. Mrs. G. C. Glddines has been at the Konnen home assisting in caring for her mother since her illness. Mrs. Ward was born An- ril, 1800 and was 74 vears and 7 months old. She was married to Herman Ward In 1877 and 14 Children were born to them, all living excent two. Reuben and Bertha, who died several years ago. Mr. Ward died in 1903 and Mrs. Ward and the children carried on the farm work. Those surviving are: Edwin Ward of Minneapolis: Robert of Box Elder. South Dakota: Byron of Scenic. South Dakota: Chandler of Cbttonwood. South Dakota: Norman of Pine Citv. Minnesota: Alfred of Wfesstnrton Snrtnos. South Dakota: Herman of Heron Lake. Minn.: and Hiram of Burt. Mrs. O. C. Gld- dinxs of Burt. Mrs. Mike Kronen of Whlttemore. Mrs. Lon Boardman Nortfh Dakota and Mrs. Bisbey of Ore eon are sisters. Funeral services were conducted at the Presbyterian church Saturday, Rev. 8. H. Aten officiating and buria! made in the Buffalo Twn cemetery beside her husband. Clara Shaw, Burt, Succumbs to Illness Burt: Miss Clan Shaw died at her home here Wednesday affernoon. September 19. Miss Shaw has been seriously ill for the oast two months, suffering from .cancer. Clara Shaw was born at Panola. Illinois. December 23. 1877. When 17 years of aae she moved with her parents to the R P. Hawcott farm where they lived until she moved to Burt. Her mother died in 1904 and since then Clara Hies lived in the old home. She leaves one niece. Lottie Hawcott, one nenhew. Georee Hawcott. and one brother-in-law, one cousin. Mrs. McKibben of Wlnterset. Iowa. Funeral services were conducted at the Methodist church Friday afternoon by Rev. C. B. Mitchell. Good Judgment ^-.£-~~ :--:-r--T*~~- - • -. .:.-•-,. . %^ /• ; These Drug Values JAMES The thrifty shopper will recognize the economies represented below. lOOHobart's Aspirin 33c Haskel's Milk Magnesia, pint 29c Kirds Rubbing Alcohol, pint 29c 35c Kexall Tooth Powder 29c BOc Hygenol Hair Oil : 29c 10 Double Edge Razor Blades 37c 50c Jontel Cold Cream 39c Big bar Woodbury's Soap lOc 1 Ib. Cascade Linen, 50 envelopes, both 69c Martel's Lilac Vegetal „ .. 39c 1 pt. 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