The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 27, 1934 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 27, 1934
Page 5
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The Algona tipper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa, Sept. 27,1934 IUAM EDEN, 63, RITE AT WESLEY Jie> of Flu Fatal; Four O Wren, Widow Burire Pioneer Gittan we» •Eden, night Weeks Metht MoNu at 2:1 alege •which In Jut togeth tlons. treatir Ing h Iwalth Mr. Orunc moveo years •older •25, iff 8ie A the tt their of to years ed to To Ten, 1 of W and t. Ing t "brothi Eden ICden Mrs. Mrs. •of Tl. J(M lllnea right Mr laml lion M> jjpeu cr a J. M M, cf li nigh lionu La H«m "Tue& ir: Funeral services for WlUlam 3. who passed away Thursday at 7:30 following an yrlght TtUcal illness, waa held at the H church with the Rev. I. O. In charge, Sunday afternoon p. m. Mr. Eden suffered a the flu last February since line he <h«s be«n ailing until when he became totally Wind with other serious complicate was taken to Rochester for its, but medical skill and lords could not bring back his len was born rear Ackley in county, February 10, 1871. He 3 Wesley territory forty-three 0 and at first helped his two rttiers in farming. On March he was married to Miss Mag- 1 of Ackley and Immediately :ame to Wesley and settled on m six and a half miles north where they lived until five >, when they retired and mov- esley. s union were born four chlld- •ard, Fred, Katie and Ben, all 7, Katie remaining at home, .erly caring for her father dur- illness. He also teaves four . Claua Eden of Woden, John I Wesfey, Oteorge and Enno .' Tltonka; and three sisters, utha Meekley of Ackley and ry Bruns and Mrs. Etta Stohr ka. Joetz is suffering a siege of u a result of infection hi his uid. utd Mrs. Albert Dirksen and were week end guests at tine f her father, j. B. Meuhe. J. T. Meurer and two children niunday and Friday at Ploy- Ac home of his brother, Nick rer. ind Mrs. Lee Rlcke and family tan, Minnesota, came Saturday to spend several days at tha if his father, Henry Rlcke. Rlcke, together with his father Rlcke, returned home last week y evening from Illinois, where they had spent ft month visiting relatives. Mrs. Frank Kouba, Jr., and Shirley Jean, and Mrs. L. L. Lease and son, Loren, drove to Hanlontown Frdiay, where they spent the day with Oesme relatives. Mrs. Arto Dawson entertained a group of friends at her home Wednesday afternoon honoring Mm. J. E. oleason who to hen visiting her sister, Mrs. Ouy M. Butts. Mr. and Mrs. Leo A. doeti and baby daughter, Artene, accompanied John Arndorfer to Iowa City Monday morn, ing where the baby was taken to the hospital for examinations and treatments. Mrs. John Amesbury entertained the members of her study club Thursday afternoon with Mrs, Margaret Daughn in charge of the lesson "A New Deal," reviewing a book written by Stuart Chase. Vincent Klelnpeter and three children of Algona were guests Sunday at the home of tils parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Klelnpeter. Miss Verna Kerrlns spent the day with her sister, Isabel. Miss Susie Pflffner returned home Tuesday evening from Minneapolis, where she had spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. John Oocdovs who were visiting relatives and friends at the Twin Cities. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Httdman together with their two children, Lawrence and Lucille returned Wednesday from a two weeks vacation and auto trip which took them through the states of Iowa, Nebraska and Missouri. Election of officers in the Young People's society of the Congregational church was held Sunday night with Clifford Carlson being named president; Joseph Skew, vice president; Julius Funnemark, treasurer; and Ethel Flotn, secretary. Dr. Ouy Anderson and wife of Ackley spent Sunday visiting at the home of his father, Fred Anderson at Algona. They were accompanied to Wesley by Mrs. Martha Meekley who came here to attend the funeral of her brother, William Eden. George HUflmann and tnree daughters reutrned home Saturday from Chicago where they had visited tine world's fair and from other points In Illinois where they visited relatives. They were accompanied home by his mother, Mrs. Katherlne Hlldmann, who had been back east for the past month. Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Olddings and Grandpa W. F. Olddings attended the funeral services for Mrs. Matilda Ward W at the Presbyterian church In Bun Saturday afternoon. Others from Wesley who attended were Mrs. Ed Zender & Caldwell Tidings From The West The following article was sent to the Algona Upper Des Motiws by W. B. H. Morse, for many years one of the leading physicians at Bancroft and Algona. Dr. Morse, who for a ttnw lived In the south after leaving Algona some twenty yean ago, has for a number of yeara made his home hi Oakland, California. At present he is engaged In writing a book entitled "Fifty Tears as a Country Doctor."—Editor. (By Dr. W. E. H. Morse) In case any of your readers should contemplate coming to California to spend the winter, there are a ifew things they should fully understand before coming. California has a wonderful climate; in fact, it has any kind of a climate you might want. In the mountains we have winter, in the valleys, summer and along the coast spring and fall. So, come prepared witib. clothing to meet all occasions. Here in Oakland tine temperature varies only about fifty degrees for the whole year, but the nights are usually chilly. I like the climate here better than in any place I have ever lived. I have only crossed the bay a few times when it was comfortable to sit outside the cabin without wear- Ing an overcoat. Come out and enjoy our wonderful bracing climate, It will keep you young. No one out here, ever expects to die until ttney make a century run. If the climate dont mgke you young, Open the Season with an Open and Shut Value Policy At the start of anything, whether it's an operation for appendicitis or the nominating of a President —it is well to know all there is to know ahout what you can expect. Witness this— Today—the 2b'th of September, we pledge the following—That every Value Effort we have made in the past and every Price Preference we have earned are dead laurels now. We are out to outdo last season's business by increasing this season's values—and from the very start of Fall buying, which is now, you are going to see such values at Zender & Caldwell's that it will be hard for you to see any other store. New Fall Suits 13.50 18.50 20.00 22.50 24.50 29.50 12 Overcoats 14.50 18.50 22.50 Zender & Caldwell CLOTHING AND SHOES A Good Store In Algoua. go out to the beach and watch (he bathing bewrtfes rolling in the sand or taking ft <"P in the surf, with Just enough clothing on to keep from being accused of belonging to ft nude colony. If that don't make you young, or wish that you were young, then your ease to hopeless. (Ob! You Doe, you giddy young thing.) We are trying some great experiments here this year. Upton Sinclair is running for governor. H« says if he Is elected we will all be rich, happy and contented. That will surely be nloe. The flrtt «ct after he is sworn in la to pardon Tom Mooney, the dynamiter. Then Tom will probably blow up our "Devil's Island" and turn loose the tough gang ttncle Sam has sent there. Since tfie government has monopol- teed goM and silver, pennies are about the only medium of exchange we have and the state takes a share of them for sales tax. We are thinking of changing the name of the Golden Gate to Penny Gate or Copper Gate as being more appropriate. If Sinclair really gets elected I have no doubt but what we will cannonize him and change his name to Saint Clfttr. I would like very much to take a trip back through Iowa once more, but the troubte Is httch-hiking is getting very unpopular and my thumb to a little stiff. Very truly, Dr. W. E. H. Morse, 100-9th St., Oakland, California. Henry Mlenke was operated on for appendicitis at an Emmetsburg hospital Friday. Mr. and Mrs. William Becker and daughter, Gladys of Fairmont, Minn., were entertained at the R. O. Ooetsoh home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Wolfe and their daughter, Edith were entertained Sunday at the O. G. Schmidt) home at Buffalo Center. Martin Pert! has left for Iowa City where (he will enter upon hi& second year as a medical student at the University of Iowa. Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Weisbrod took their son, Stanley to Dunlap Sunday where he has a position with the state highway comtovteston. Mrs. William Ferguson and Mrs. Dalton of Algona and Mrs. Smith of Renwiok were visitors Friday at the home of Mrs. W. J. Weisbrod. Mrs. Kate Newel returned Thursday evening from a two weeks' fishing trip in northern Minnesota. She was as far north as Itaeca State Park. Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Witter and daughter, Joan, of Des Moines, spent the week end at the home of Mrs. Wltter'a parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Huskamp. Mr. and Mrs. Marion Losse and son, Kenneth of Lake City were Sunday vs*- Itors at the Rfev. J. T. Snyder home. Mr. Losse and Mrs. Snyder are brother and sister. Mrs. Ijena Pierce of Dwight, Illinois, arrived here Sunday for a several weeks' visit with her sister, Mrs. PhUlp Wetabrod and her brother, Hen- Doevera. Wolfe, Mrs. John Ward* Mrs. Hattie Price, Mrs. Henry Phillips and Walter Ward. The second meeting of the Campfire and Blue Bird groups will meet at the I. A. Gerdes home next Wednesday, October 3rd, at four o'clock p. m. and anyone interested In lolning either group are urged to attend. Mrs. Leo Bleich and Mrs. T- A. Oerdes together wltttv Mlas Oatadace Packard are to be leaden of the groups Dr. L. F. Pfeffer, Thomas McMahon and Mr. and Mrs. Leo Bleich and their daughter, Lois Marie, len early Thursday morning for Chicago where they spent several days vteltlng the world's fair. Mr. McMahon, local mortician, was called home that same evening arriving here Friday morning, due to the death and burial of WlUlam Eden. The rest of the party returned to Wesley via the train Sunday morning. Members and relatives of the Grandma Lean family enjoyed Sunday dinner and the day at her home in celebration of Hhe thirty-first wedding anniversary of her daughter, Anna and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Will Walker. Those present for the occasion Included the A. M. and L. L. Lease f amUlM of Wesley. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Studer, Mr. and Mrs. Morris Studer, Mr. and Mrs. WIQ Walker, Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Studer, Mr. *nd Mrs. Wilbur Studer and families of OonrtUv and Mrs. Terryll, mother of Mm Vemon Studer. Myra Steinbach of Fenton, Bride of Ringsted Man Fenton: Mr. and Mrs. Charles Steinbach announced last week the marriage of their daughter. Myra. It seams the young lady was secretly married December 30, 1033. The ceremony took place at Fairmont, Minn. Tbe bridegroom was John Planting of near Ringsted. Mlas Steinbach ia the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chartes Steinbach, prominent farmers or near Xlenton. Sbe attended the Fenton high school for a time and since has assisted her parents at home. Mr. Planting's parents reside in Holland and h* has been a resident of America for the past six yean. They have rented a farm six miles west of Fenton and will move there next spring. Mrs. E. A. Weisbrod waa operated on for appendicitis at the Fairmont olln- c Friday night. Ooaoh Agaard accompanied his brother of Alcana to Renwlck Sunday for a visit with relatives. Oarl, olde»t> BOB of Mr. and Mrs. fM&ffffW??^^ IBVINGTON NEWS Mr. and Mrs. Ben Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Olson and Mr. and Ole Berkland attended « mission festival at the NorwwgUm Lutheran church near Haifa Sunday. Earl Haast of Fairmont, Minn., spent Sunday with his mother. Mrs. Carrie Haase. Minnie Raase accompanied him to Fairmont for a few days' visit 8. H. Sorenson of MalHrd was in Ptnton Tuesday transacting bustneai and visiting old friends. He Is an old Kossuth pioneer, settling on a fam near Fenton in the early days. We 8pedatls« fat Automobile Liability Insurance Our AatMDoblto Imoranee Proteeto To* to Case Ton Get H«rt A MODERN AUTOMOBIt* TRAVEL 8KBTICK Very reasonable rates. Complete protection. Dwelling and Howtold Oooda IBMMM Lang Ravi Tracken and Carg* Inmrmnee Iowa and Minnesota legal requirements (Special rates). Fidelity Bonds-Surety Honda—Beer Baa* Bonds written at our Algona office. O«r PoMey Writing Oonneetion and Company Contracts Penult U* to Write Tour Insurance and Bonds at the Very t*wc*« Rates Consistent With Reliable Service. Brokerage Business Solicited THE ALGONA "iNSURANCE^IcENCY Phone 59 O. R, LaBarre Office located on ground floor 1st door North of Iowa State Bank »-tf CAN YOU PICK THE WINNER? Fire Breaks Out in Two farm Homts Wfciefc It l«tt fIJWy; to *• ftsfroyrif hifir* The Cleo Black children have been ill the past week with severe colds. Last Thursday, Septt 20, Hohtart Smith celebrated his 70th birthday. Mrs. Sam Reaper vUlted last week at the home of her son, Chas., east of Algona. Mr. andi Mrs. Alvto Weber were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wilkins. A Mr. Chllton, brother of Tom, Ohll- ton, now deceased. Is visiting at the Chllton home this week. Several from this vicinity attended the funeral of Bessie Shackelford Crlt- zer at Algona last Saturday afternoon. Miss Mary Hutchlns, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Hutchlns, left last week to resume her school activities at Ames. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Housour attended the funeral of Mrs. Housour'a grandmother, Mrs. Ward at Hurt last Saturday. Edward Mawdaley filled silo last Thursday. Mrs. Ralph Lage assisted by fier mother, Mrs. Mice DUryea, served the men dinner at toe Lage i home. The many friends of Omar deary will be glad to hear of a slight Improvement in his condition, however, I Mr. Cleary U still confined to the Kos- fcuth hospital. Theo. Keene of Whlttemore and Frank Kajewbki gave a dance last Thursday end Saturday evening in a new building at LuVlerne. Another dance waa held also on last Tuesday evening. Mrs. John Bockes and Mrs. Chas. Egel will be hostesses to the Aid society this week on Thursday afternoon. The Missionary society met last week with Mrs. Harry Sabin as leader. Sixteen were present for the afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Prank Ditsworth left Sunday morning for Baguache, Colorado. John Dltsworth, brotlier of Prank accompanied them. They will visit with Mrs. Ditsworths 1 sister, Mrs. Mina Ward. Mrs. Mary Harness, mother of Mrs. Dtbiworth, will return with them and spend the winter with JK-I daughter. Mrs. Ralph Lage tork her mother, Mrs. Alice DUryea, to Seneca last Friday. On Saturday the Ralph Campbells of Seneca accompanied by Mrs. Duryea motored on to Good Thunder, Minn., to visit Wlison Gre?n, brother of Mrs. Duryea. Mr. Green had suffered a stroke and had been moved to a nearby 'hospital. He had been residing with his daughter, Mis. Clarence Stebbins. His condition wai considered very serious. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Burtis left last Thursday morning accompanied by Mr. Burtis' sister, Mrs. Dick Wemier&en of LuVerne lor Couer de Alene, Idaho, to visit Mrs. Wennersen's and Mr. Burtis' sister, Mrs. Sam Roseburo. Mrs. Roseburo lived for many years at LuVerne and la known to older residents a* the former Gertrude Burtts. Lee McConnell is attending to the farm activities during the Burtis' absence. Tney <rx- pect- to be gone three weeks. Mrs. Ida Holttren of HuUihinson. Kansas, arrived last Saturday and will viiit this week at the Ben Terhune home. Mrs. Holdrai and Mr. Tu-huiie are brother and ulster. Mrs. Holdrt-u rode from Harlan, Iowa, with the Harry Holdreu family. Sunday, tiie group were entertained at Che George Lee home in AJflkxna and also Mr. and Mns. Walter Barriiiger and son. Virgil, of Elgin, IU.. and Mrs. Hua;l Murso and two daughters of Clara City. Minn. Let Chevrolet tell its own story of riding and driving comfort the T HE best way to get at the truth behind the fine things you hear and read ahout the new Chevrolet, is to get in the car aud drive. Take this car, drive it over the name routes, in the same way you drive your present automohile, aud let the results you can see attd/tt7 tell their own blory. You have heard that Knee-Action makes Lad roads good, and good roads hetter. A ride will orove it. You have heard that Chevrolet provides shockproof steering, Syiicro-Meoh gear-shifting, a remarkably flexible 80-horsepower engine, aud cable-controlled brakes. A few minutes at /CHEVROLET One Ride is worth a thousand words the wheel will show you what a difference these advancements make in safety and driving ease. And when the ride is over, aud you Btep out refreshed and ready for more, you will know why so many thousands have found it impossible to return to ordinary driving after an experience like this. That is the Ownership Test — easy, enjoyable, aud the mott practical way to choose a car. CHEVROLET MOTOR CO., DETROIT. MICH. Comfort' Chvvrukst's low dvtttxirvd price* tuid #uy G. A/. A. C. Ivrnu. A Gourul Motor* Volu* KneeAction CHEVROLET KOHLHAAS BROS. GARAGE Piioiie 200 Algoua, Iowa

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