The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 13, 1934 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 13, 1934
Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa, Sept. 13,1934 MERLE DAVIDSON TAKES BRIDE IN FENTONWEDDING Alice Kluss Weds Prominent Cylinder Young Man; To Farm in Spring Miss Alice R. Kluss of Fenton and Merle R Davidson of Cylinder were married August 39th at 1:00 p. m. at the Methodist parsonage at Fenton, the Rev. J. T. Snyder officiating. The single ring ceremony was used. They were attended by Miss Stella TJ. Davidson, sister of the groom and Glenn O. Kluss, brother of the bride. The bride wore a beautiful dress of Iris blue, trimmed in silver lace. The traveling suite was blue with gray accessories. The bridesmaid wore a light gray crepe dress. After the ceremony the couple left immediately for a short wedding trip. The bride is the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Kluss, life time residents of the Penton neighborhood. She was » member of the 1929 graduating class of the Penton high school, also a graduate of the Liberty School of Beauty Culture of Peoria, Illinois, after which she conducted a beauty shop for a year at Gait, Iowa, Since then she has been helping her mother at home. The groom is the only son of Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Davidson, well known residents of the Cylinder community. He is a graduate of the Cylinder consolidated school, class of 1929.tak- ing an active oart in athletics and all oth*r school activities and since then has been helping his father on the farm. For the present they will reside at the Davidson home operating a farm for them»?lves in the spring. Cylinder Girl Weds Verle M. Burtis Penton: A simple and Impressive) wedding ceremony was solemnized at the country home of Mr. and Mrs.' Prank E. North near Cylinder, Saturday, September 1, uniting their daughter, Lola Ellen and Verla M. Burtis, son of Mr. and Mrs. Merrltt Burtis of Lone Rock. Their attendants were, NUa and Glenn, sister and brother of the bridegroom. A wteddlng dinner was served after the ceremony. The newlyweds left during the afternoon for Denver, Colorado, where the bridegroom has been manager of a moving picture theatre for several years and where they will make their home. LAKOTA NEWS GOOD USED CARS 1931 Ford Sport Roadster 1930 Ford Tudor 1931 Chev. coupe 1933 Chev. coupe i 1933 Chev. coach i 1929 Dodge sedan 1928 Essex coupe 1926 Hudson sedan 1925 Ford sedan _ at the KENT Motor Co. Ford V-8 Distributor Mr. and Mrs. Tabe Loats were supper guests Sunday evening at the home of the Wade Balls. Mrs. Harvey Simpson, Mrs. 8. P. Powers and son, Bobby, Mrs. Wade Ball and her house guests, Mrs. E. Sullvan and grandson, Hubert Sullivan, visited the grotto at West Bend Friday afternoon. Mrs. Julia Wortman and Mrs. Will- lams entertained the Presbyterian mission society at the home of Mrs. Wortman last Thursday afternoon. The Rev. O. H. Frerklng family returned home the latter part of last week from a trip In South Dakota, wher? they had visited with relatives of Mr. Frerking. Harold Fletcher received a call from he county farm last Saturday stating .hat his father, Wm. Fletcher, was seriously ill. Among those who returned from taking in the state fair in Des Molnes were Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Ukena. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Heetland. Mrs. J. H. Warburton, and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Leslie Tilmer Thompson, the hatcheryman from Elmore, was looking after business matters in this vicinity, last Sat- Mrsl E. R. Worley enjoyed a visit last week from her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Bailey of Mason City. Rev. O. H. Frerking and a group of the Young People's society attended a C. E. rally at LuVerne Sunday afternoon and evening. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bruer and Uve Misses Emma and Marie Kronback spent Friday evening a; the Wadt Ball home. Miss Emma OuMtnecht find Mrr J H Heetland took two loads of 4-H girls to Uie fair »t Algona, las*. Fri- Fred and Henry Schroeder, S. A Undsey. E. R. Worley and C. A. Gut- torcht, retTiroed nome last Sunday from a week spent In norUarn Min- nesoU, fishing, Mrs. Ralph Geerdes w»s on the act list tost week. _ Returns from Visit Miss Eileen Kohnke of Bancroft arrived home Saturday from Wahpeton. North DakoU, after a five weeks' visit there. Thos. Carm6dy, exp Vnllle M. Trfbon, exp S. V. Carter, exp Peter I,ooft, weed commissioner C. C. Anderson, weed commissioner John Karsten, weed commissioner Clerk of District Court, exp 81 urn way * Ke,lly, fees T. P. Harrington Kst., fees .. Van Ness & Stlllmnn, fees .... John N. Keneflck, med care prisoners Nelson Hardware, sup Advance Fub. Co., pub. proceed, etc Bancroft Register, pub. proceed, etc Sperbcck Printing Co., notice .. Burt Monitor, notice Whlttemore Champion, sup l*e O. Wolfe, sup UiVerne News, sup I. Ij. Molloy, repairs Kohihaas & Spllles, sup Tratt Electric Co., sup DRAINAGE FUND Dr. 3— George Looft, labor Kay A. Marquis, labor Klmore Cement & Tile sup Dr. 4 — Dud Hanson, repairs . . E O. Slenstrom, repairs Dr. 7— Dirk Raarte, repairs .... Dr. 20— Dirk Baade. repairs ... Co.. Cement & Tile Co., foment * Tile Co., 29- Elmore sup. Dr. 31 — KI more sup If. 40— Frost * Son. hauling tile .. John Wilson, labor >r. 60— I-; .1 Palmer, labor Klmore Cement * Tile Co.. sup r>r. sn— ^ o. Stenstrom. labor Uml Hanson, labor Klmore Cement & Tile Co.. sup Henry Christiansen, labor . . It. Pomeroy, labor l-'il Meyer, labor Theo Dorenlnish. labor .... Klmore Cement & Tile Co.. sup Dr. S3— F.nrl Ij\urltson. labor John Lelninger. labor Farmers Co-Operative Society. sup Dr. 90— Uatpb. Janssen. labor Dlc-k Baade. labor ........... Klmore Cement & Tile l.o.. S.80 6.97 12.26 61.90 25.B5 35.00 7.77 8.00 .60 .50 6,00 1.55 85i67 75.31 3.00 3.00 11.98 21.75 11.47 1.50 .92 2.92 18.00 24.00 26.72 3.00 4.00 29.60 3.20 MO 5.70 8 00 12.95 7.50 1.20 20.00 15.00 9.01 7.60 13.20 12 9^ 29^20 43.19 Dr. 96— Dirk Haade. labor .......... Dr. 105 — Chas. Emnnuel. labor ........ l_iwrpnct> Cink. labor ........ Dr l3^— , , Henry Christiansen, labor .. Klmore Cement & Tile Co. I>r Elmore BOARD PROCEEDINGS Audttor-B office. September <. 1»3«. Board of Supervisors of Kossuth countj' met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. (in motion Hoard procetJ»u to auult and allow bills. On nvulini linaril adjourned to cne .'clock I". M. Om> o'clock P. M. lioar.l of Supfr- met pursuant I" adjournment with all m<-ml..T.i [.r.-.i-iit. Mutton l.y I!alK»':n,-H. and second by i'l'unnld tlmt all t;:ts,.lme Mils !;•• ii-i-ti'il. Ay«'s: nil. Million by an-' H"-oiiil t.^ Il-ik.-n th:it «ln:il ••MUnat- i.f laul (Vniini'iv i.n S'-'-niiiliir >' iiil |i|«trli't No. -VJ '"• iii.prnvcil. A •.•!•!<•. all. .Mi, I !• in l.v f.'iiSKr«iv<> and !-->-''"lid IV 'linn.iM that rash iilliiwnm •'• i.f I..'"' •r inuiith I.e. KlVfti Niini'v In-r- •i-n lu-Klnnlni; August 1. 1:>'II. Ayc.i: Cement * Tile Co.. H -K Jt So. 3-4*— Farmers Co-Operative Soc SUP W _K Nn SS-IC — Dick F.sK'le. labor MAINTENANCE FUND rhris F. Seilsen. labor Interstate Power Co . light feru- la Machinery & Pur. Co.. sup. royal 4('(i Oil Co.. FUP r.oyai 40» Oil Co . f ujv Ott'.i T»ylor. labor Fred Conn. labor Harvey Knut^on. drag. Wm F Gront-ach. John Kollwe*. drag »V.aTi C»rr. 1»Y*->T Northwestern Ee'.l Tel. Co . tel serr H K. Hays, labor •• Ja-.' O.-.Men. patrol Will l>"-r*r. patrol .1 F Q'.;;r.n. yifttrr-l \llon Ftttit. patrol A'.me. patrol Jerry Ncelanfl. patrol (Kennedy Brothers Co. aslgn.. Arnold Ivelpf-rdang. labor K--r.n.-(3v Pro* Co . as-igri. . . . I>elr*rdanp. labor Klmer Ewir.g. labor Wm L. Barker, labor John R Nelson, labor Mike Baker, labor Goodman Hundsness. i.atrol ... Ed Baker, patrol • •••• T H Montgomery, patrol Clyde samler?. patrol ny Bruno, labor Mt,.-rt (i Young, labor ilivcr Vi.nnir labor F 11 I'rui.-tnan. labor A I.ani'.r'-ux. labi.r I'.ur A l'1-hi-r. n Hai:---lrnan. lab.T !> Mi-I".n.'il'l. labor m f..,...!m;i". labor <ln inotlun llniinl pr<i<-«'d to :iudlt alliiw bill.-f as |nT ••Si'bi-dilli; uf ClalniH" hrri'lnaftiT wrlttt-n: St lli:i)l I.K OK CI.AIMH COL'.N'TY FUND Amt. Amt. Claimed Allnwcrt filen Ifiilne, lalmr A. Huii-hlHiin. fi-e i: .1. Mi'Kvny. f.-i- Mary K. Sanils. H.-ilary I-' .1. llalgcniuti, c'liinm. \V. i: Mi-Donalil, ciimni. H \\ »<•»- Hea- 16.:. 60 CIIHHH.VC. conim. &. «I:H- slum) ........................ ir.o 40 Cliim. Morris, ruinin. & «faiiliiiia IJS 7 " |. ,| Hrlkl-ll. I'll 1111)1 & H..»»lMlia 111. .!» NiirlliWf»n-l'ii Ili-ll T,-l. CM., J.;,.|-v . 11 li Whit,-, lll'l. lUX 1 "lle Maurlci' <'. Mf.Malu.n. i^xp I'. _ 1'J'J « ?»o#as«a2amc8MMKcc&s^a^ Business Is Good With a world of goo(U arriving every day and farm prices than ioM year, it hc-lj>s lo make a It-How betu-r Matured. Living in Northern Iowa thU v ar is really sitting on Vi-l> ol tile world. 1 halt; to go a-brii»guig and nx-ak my little piece, but tile wheel that docs the squeaking b tlie wheel thai Lubrication u. what we no d MJ I inn talking to you -about our wonderful block of ihotv. und furuisliiniia. More clock tlian we evt-r carried beloiv. M He room to display il and more help ;o yive >ou b Her service. Standard atlvei'ibeei tlitx-s lor U-.> 3 IUOIK-V Ls our inut- to. We jiiiA recui\vd -a .-hipmciit of Patricia Put pumps and Uej. 'in b;;y they nr_ bvautful Is oniy :,a>nig hail of n, and Ui. boy, ;.ov. u.ey clj lr. Fitting L, iiali liu- bjttK- m the ijioe bii-iniii-.. I would rather hxx: u :>u!e any time than to inisiit. a cu.-.toiiier's loot. We curry ihvm m a" f .\ a s, uji lo 'J and wiuih.-, from AAA to KKH ;,o w,.. can h ai.y foot. Come in. make y-jur:jelf at home, we ii^\e a cuiiy ounicr lor you svit!i driiikni^ waler and lu\atory, aLo loik-t next to H. All the c.mfuru, ol a home without Ilk; lag chcuiii^. A', iiouie today I :.^d an ui'ifUiiieiil wiUi my wile uj a result of wi.ich I am '.vearnig a pl^oler over mv left eye. I can now ->et- h- r ujmi of view witii mv riglit eye. I will uewr ar^^e wltli a woman again at home or anywhere ebc. Jimmie Neville . M i:>-.r. lal.i.r ii \V<-lt labor . . ||i-|.|. •!.-•••!,. -i. It. lat. i i l.ii.lwlf. lal.or Kii'-liM-n. lul..,r .1 .1 <'..on, lal...r i ; lloiiriie. a>.^lKn '2.90 15.05 .28 7.50 6.00 18.10 8.00 1.7T. 1.50 2?.-0 6.25 2.90 . l.O! 7<> 14 im.70 1517.42 F, 50 i: 17 55 Il.t'O ».*» 40. 09 15 7 IS.f- 7S.JT fS S «• 5 ?: e SO 4 5« r. 45.0 36 OC 75 0' 16 .0 SI. 3 . «7.S Martin Meyers, Rraycl land . . 250.00 Oscar Raring, labor 112.60 Paul Construction Co., Sec. Rd. No. 292 113.01 Paul Construction Co., Sec. Rd. No. 257 132.13 Paul Construction Co., Sec. Rd No. 259 • 82.72 Paul Construction Co., Sec. Rd. No. 25S 68.48 Paul Construction Co., Sec. Rd. No. 287 64.73 W. B. Williams, Sec. Rd. No. 286 69.98 W. B. Williams, Sec. Rd. No. 139 234.33 W. B. Williams, sec. Rd. No. 276 96.6a W. B. Williams, Sec. Rd. No. 293 74.60 W. B. Williams, See. Rd. No. 274 74.60 Paul Construction Co., Sec. Rd. No. -26» 272.9B Paul Construction Co., Sec. Rd. No. 271 199.36 Paul Construction Co.. Sec. Rd. No. 276 176.86 Paul Construction Co., Sec. Rd. No. 270 •.. 96.65 Paul Construction Co., Sec. Rd. No. 261 87.45 Paul Construction Co., Sec, Rd. No. 277 39.50 Paul Construction Co., ' Sec. Rd. No. 290 32.92 Paul Construction Co., Sec. Rd. No. 15n 182.61 Charles Glaus, labor 60.60 .Ick Rande. labor 12.00 loyd H. Zentner. labor 1,1.SO llhert Harare, sup 10.00 F. Knuesser. appraising Krn- yel pit 2.00 [enry Seller, damages .one Hock Hxchange Co., sup. . 41.31 les Molnes Steel Co., sup 1687.80 'es Molnos steel 'Co.. sup. .. 303.33 nison Concrete Co., sup 381.62 I'llson Concrete Co., sup 252.00 . J. Kratise. proc. In exctanjfe for labor 32.BO lit Rnte Crocery. Rroc. In ex- hanRe or labor 49.39 Kun?.. Rroe. In exehanKe for labor 16.00 :. A. Clark, Rroc. In exchange for labor 12.f>0 Wnlaml's Store. Rroc. In ex- lanffo for labor 8.75 haves. Sisters. Rroc. In exchanRe for labor 7.60 Kennedy Bros.. Rroc. In exchange for labor 12.60 nna Sankey, Rroc. In exchange for labor 4.50 [. R. Sorensen Co., Rroc. In ex- chnnKe for labor LIB .'. A. WViite Oroc.. groc. In ex- chanRe for labor 10.00 has. Johnson. Rroc. In exchange for labor 6.25 'Ice Brack, groc. In exchanRe for labor 10.00 Basket Orocery. Rroc. In exchange for labor 7.00 Moe * Sjogren. Rroc. In exchange for labor E I... Hansen. Rroc. In exchange for labor '. J. Applequlst. groc. In e\- ctange for labor lub Clothiers, clothing In exchange for labor "Miles K.Mate. provisions in M\clianire for labor 5 f111 iraham Co. sup. In exchange for labor 4.00 ft A Bravemler. sup. In ex- •I'nnp" for labor " nn A Ix Rist. rent In exchange for labor "I 11 roon FUND Supervisor Dlst No. 1— I>r. C H. Cretzmeyer. metV care, Joe Platt .T. N. Kenefick. med. care, Geo Becker chililren (»15 paiJ by Mr. Beckeri Kopsuth Hospital, hosp. care, Joe Platt 14 SO Ernest J. Gale?, rent. Nick Klein 2«.00 Algonquin Fox Farm. rent. Albert Olson T.C'O Ar.r.n S rook. rent. Joe Plott.. in "a Moe & Sjogren. prov.. John Fox 5-71 Anna Sankey. rrov., Martin Jordan in.00 B. K Kin?eth * Son. prov.. Mo- (Mrosn fam "744 •"".ark's Or.T«ry. prov.. Joe Platt i:.50 r-er.efiict'f Store, prov.. Frank Stewart 1.7S MrFarland A Walker, prov. Fred Prrr elder 411 W T F'iK'-^r. prov 9.3v Hi-nry C'.r.k 37: A H B'.rcJ.ardt. sup., Joe 'Platt : r,5 Sup»-r vl«'r Pist No. S— A. H Borchardt. sup 33.%5 Jim G'Tiilen 6.S: R. J. Injtton t, 10 Aup Hosenau 1*.?4 I-awrence Ijiurltscin — 7.15 Xeltlel boy« 2 04 Cerro Oordo Co . prov.. Mabel Rentx. amt claimed 1255 N'ot aU wed Jf« J. Aniler? on. rent. John Mxl "nev fam.. amt. clalmi<<l |;o on Not allowed P. V. Janc>-. med rare. Fr<-,| Baurngartntr, amt. claimed. »14.50 Not allowed P. V. .Tanse, med. care, Archie Dodds am., amt. claimed $11.00 j. Not allowed Mrs. J. J. Neellngs, care, Mrs. Aug. Rosenau, amt. claimed, 131.50 Not allowed Guy Mnator, rent IS.00 Mrs. Rutledge 6.00 Harvey Graham 6.00 Mrs. Fcrd Brethorst 6.00 C. H. Cretzmeyer, med. care .... 49.60 Robt. Dutton 8.00 John Schmidt 3.00 Mrs. Elizabeth Keepher . 1.00 Myrtle St. John 3.00 -A-ig. Rosenau 34.60 P. V. Janse, med. care 93.00 Max Mesmg 15.00 John J. Helmers 2.SO Walter Jontz 4.00 Wm. Sengbusch 6.00 Chas. Qundcr 2.60 Lloyd Vanderwerf B.60 Ell Burbank 31.00 1>r,i»d Has* 18.50 Ethel Jones 1.00 Vernon Vftnderwerf girl 1.60 Lewis Olson 3.60 Mrs. Walter Gellenfeldt . 3.00 M. O. Bourne, med. care 206.60 Will McMnhon «.50 Mrs. Stoncr 3.00 Ncltzel children 20.00 FJrmft Hanlgan 177.00 John N. Keneflek, med. care . . 7.50 Charlie Hansen 6.00 Mathtson 2.BO II. M. Wallace, med. care. Geo. Shaddock 18.75 KoFsxitl Hospital, hosp. care . 138.00 Mrs. Alvln Weaver 27.60 Irmn Hanagan 110.50 Mrs. Wilbur St. John, care of Myrtle St. John 3642 St. Anthony's Homr. care .... 85.00 Imvls children 15.00 Taft children 40.00 r A. Corey, rent. F. M. Stoner 10.00 Mrs. J. J. Dooley. rent. Wm. Baker .' 10.00 F,. Ross. rent. Hugh Carroll ... 8.00 II. E. Grlnnell, rent, Jim Mc- Oee 10.00 Chas. Redemske. rent. J. Helmers fam 7.00 Bertha M. Murray, rent, Clara Neltzel 10.00 E. J. Hough, rent, John Coon fam 20.00 J. I* Bonar. rent. M. C. Frandsen 10.00 Lettle Matson, rent. Max Men- Ing 10.00 Mrs. Chas. Magnusson, rent, Chris Nelson 8.00 John Moulds, rent. Orvllle Reed 8.00 Mrs. F.mnia Olson. rent John Norton et al 10.00 W. I,. Martin, rent. Wm. Vanderwerf 20.00 H. W. Post. rent. C. K. Johnson iO.OO Marie Bakken. rent, Mrs. Fred Klein -r> 10.00 Vic Johnson, rent. Boh Steven.. 10.00 Mrs J. slfert. rent. Chas. Gunder Mrs. Blanche Slagle. rent. Sandy Stebrltz 10.00 Klsie Oady. rent. O. J. StepV.en- son Jessie !•'. Steven, prov. . I 1 *. Fosnnugli P. I,. Harris Cut Hate Orocery. prov. Bob Pdttnn Lewis Olson Max Meslng Mrs. V. P.utledge C S. Johnson, prov. C. K. Johnson Amy Johnson P. O Hmienstein F. Klein Frank Devlne H. R. Sorenson * Co T. M. Bllsborough M. Brethorst Mrs. J. Coon M. C. Frani'sen . . . Mrs. Chas. Hansen H. li. Strayer, sup., Chas. Gunder '. • «-48 TJ. J. Brown, diip 22.14 Mrs. F. Klein 3.48 Lewis Olson 2.62 Mrs. Rutledge 2.62 F. M. Brethorst 2.62 F. M. Stoner 11.10 W. T. Pllcher, sup. Mrs. C. K. Johnson 5.04 Supervisor Dlfft. No. 3— W. F. Hamstreet. med. care, Mrs. Kmll Bolllnger 16.00 A. H. Borchardt, sup., Mrs. M. Ahhas 1.02 C. H. Cretzmeyer, med. care, C. E. Ronlnson 60.00 F. U Adams, med. care, Wm. Hutchlnson 14.60 Kossuth Hospital, hosp. care .. 58.00 Urban Neuroth 28.00 Mrs. Howard McCrady .. 20.00 Howard McCrady. Jr 10.00 St. Joseph's Mercy Hosp., hosp. care. Frank Brdman 104.26 H. W. Roba. rent, James Walker 16.00 Leo Hanlg, rent, Qeo. Hanlg.. 10.00 Farmers Co-op. Soc., sup., Roh- Inson 3.49 Earl Stott, sup., Mrs. Emma Moore 2.22 A. M. Kim SB, sup.. Freeman Ash 6.92 Mary Fasbender Store, sup. .. 12.11 Mrs. Mary Simons 9.07 Geo. Stell 3.04 W. F. Callles Est., sup 29.00 Chas. Wandllng 6.00 M. Abbas 24.00 Kennedy Bros. Co., prov., L. Conway 10.35 Faul Grames, prov., Mrs. Lat- tlmer 19.60 Wrede & Krnuse. prov., J. Brlggft 6.90 Hoods Cash Store, prov., Mrs. Doss 12.03 Emma Umsted, rent, Carl Bush . 6.00 Mrs. Augusta Bell!!, care, Darrel Gelst 14.00 Dr. M O. Bourne, med. care, Alfred Wolter 66.00 J. G. Clapsaddle. med care .... 34.25 Householder hoy 18.75 Burt Godden 1.00 Hiram Ward S.50 Julius Brlggs 9.50 Ed Sanderson girl 3.60 Supervisor Dlst. No. 5—Tohn N. Keneflck, med. care, Ben Lentsch baby 6.00 Thomas Moslaskl. rent, Leo Hau- becker 3H.OO Art lister, rent 16.00 J. F. Faulkner 10.00 Frank Miller 5.00 Mrs. Ben Rushton, rent, A. R. prov. prov.. Mrs. F. Klein . . . Ciara >:*ltiel ... Chris Nelson . . . Mrs. V. Putledce Frank Ppiker . . -"inril Oak Store. Godden W A White, prov. bf 11 P. A Clnrk prov. J T. .Tone« E F. Jones Frank Stoner Auc. P.osenau Bob Bowman Ix>wl» Olson Chris Nfl'on J. J. Neellng I^ong'» Grocery, prov. ... I ewls F.Ike John Of-lst \. M. c.'Mlnson Thos. Akre. prov., Mrs. han Cook A!-'ora lev Crenm Co.. 10.00 .. 11.56 4.22 7.34 . . 26.00 9.<*0 1 00 2.50 6.00 .. 38.25 14.00 10.00 1.25 S.OO .8.00 .. 42.00 4 «0 3.00 2.50 2.00 7.50 R.OO 3 00 6.00 2 00 1.00 Jlm- 8.00 Mrs. Camp- B.08 41.50 . . 4 no in no (!.no 3.00 x.oo 4,60 .. 24.54 17 fiO 2.04 6.00 Petterson ................... 20.00 Ben Farrow, rent, Mrs. Jorgen- Bon ......................... 40.00 TKaves Slaters, prov ......... 58.23 Mrs. Jorgenson .......... 41.73 Frank Miller ........... 8.45 Mrs. A. Werrlnga ........ 8.06 Mrs. S. C. Krosch, rent, Ben Rlp- pentrop fam ................ Dr. J. E, Husn, med. care, Ben Rlppentrop ................. C. F. Berggren, Agt., rent, Mrs. Wm. Norrls ................. Mrs. Mary Webster, care. Noel Kntwtntle ................... Dr. G. F. Dolmage, med. care, Martin Becker ............. Mrs. Julius Shumskl, care, Virginia Htennskl ................ Supervisor Dlst. No. 2 — M. O. Bourne, med. care, Laur- lt« Laurlston Mrs. Robt. L, Moore, care, F M. Htoner ...................... 10.00 General Poor — Value Shott, labor .......... Will Baker, labor ............ M. O. Bourne, examination CCC boys ........................ Mrs. Joe Flatt, labor ........... Graham Co., sup ............... Swift &Co., sup ............... Moe & SJogren, sup ......... Ida E. Larson, chairman of emergency relief gardens ...... County Farm — C. H. Rellls-, labor ............ Frank L. Miller, light scrv. . . C. H. Rellly, labor ............ John Hennlngr labor .......... Dr. C. H. Cretzmeyer, med. care, Wm. Brown ................. P. V. Janse, med. care Thos. Akre, prov 7,ender & Caldwell, sup 1C. D. James, sup nobt. Runchey, labor L. A. Vlpond. labor Nelson Hardware, BUp Kohlhans & Spllles, sup C. W. Schryver, aup J. U Molloy, repairs Hoyal "400" Products Co., Walnut Grove Products Co., Fred Park, exp nF.SOI.VRn-. That the County Auditor In hereby ordered and directed to Issue warrants for all bills allowed at this meeting as per "Schedule of Claims" hereinbefore written as per vote on each' Individual hill. Ayes: all. On motion Board adjourned "Sine Die." B. J. BUTLER, County Auditor. 20.00 13.60 10 00 46.00 5500 10.00 15.00 7 50 ' 6S.OO 6.00 20.02 .jo 1.91 10.4!) «,00 6.78 3.75 <0.00 4.00 9.00 138.25 14.29 24.60 11.60 76.12 8.76 8.18 11.00 1.00 74.90 23.00 3.68 sup. sup. HTZ HOTTL . Jo- 8.00 2.00 AND UP mWM CNMM* *»•!• |M| ft* yg^ • * Mi •• «M^, iSwi, AT TNI r A M • H • SPANISH VLLAOf !'. . lliil.i-r, labor \l I, U ..i-l.v. liibur • Hi.lmt-s, Ul...r . Mlll.-r. Peter Movlck. labor .... Albert K. Uoulil, druvr. [.mils Srutt, ,'l.urk-H I'lfyrH, ilraB A I', Vnb-iitlnt-. ilraR. . . Alht;rt l.niift, (IraK lohil ,stmini>iiH, draff 11,' Hi nkim-U-r, ilrag. 1',,-lt-r N. rhllK''". 'Iras. C. W. (iuniliT. ilnis (lust Nt-lHuit, ilruK M.-lvIn c,,,Iv. .Han iJonulil Jacobs, v.nlti-l lnilti.l.. illilK Mii>"nuril lli-i t/.ku. ilr; I'..I rat/.. <lru(f. . . lol.n Iti.itniaker. . Frank lilers. draw K.lwaril Ilaat^e, tlraK. • A. M. UtiytafBon. drag. I.eamler Vuske, ilra(J. . .lol'.n liliiiii, iliuK .1. M. Klmoie. drug. . hHOi JVL4N tuna ^ THE MONEY YOU SAVE with MORE LIVE POWER PER GALLON mounts up fast 1 14 !H) _ •,'!-' 10 I N the course of the summer and fall your savings —as a result of the extra Live Power in Standard Red Crown Snperfuel—will amount to real money. For this richer, thriftier gasoline will take yon farther for less money—and faster when you want, or need, speed. •—^- This bigger store of responsive driving energy —more Live Power per gallon—is made available to you without extra charge. Not even a fraction of a cent has been added to the price of "regular" gasoline. ——^- Hence, from the standpoint of economy, as well as performance, Standard Red Crown Superfuel today is the greatest outright VALUE Standard Oil has ever offered. ' "^ Remember: every penny of your gasoline money buys More Live Power in Standard Red Crown Superfuel. And the money saved soon mounts up into many dollars. Contains Tetraethyl Lead STANDARD RED CROWN Cot». IVAi. SutKUjJOU Co. — more live power per gallon AT ALL »TAHOAKD O*L STATIONS AND DtALIR* - ALSO DISTRIBUTORS OF ATLAS TIRES

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