The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 6, 1934 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 6, 1934
Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa, Sept. 6, 1934 Bids at the Big Auction Last Friday Ranged from $100 to $5,000 THINGS GO FAST AS 100 ARTICLES CHANGED HANDS Merchants Report Last Mi nute Rush of Coupons in Pun Festival One hundred articles of merchandU and trade coupons, offered as prizes in Algeria's second Merchandise Auction sold for prices ranging from $100 t $5,000 on the court house lawn las Friday afternoon. Merchants were flooded during the 24 hours preceding the auction with coupons, printed In The Algona Uppe Des Moines. The auction took exactly two hours, and was speeded up by the use of five clerks. C. O. Riddle and Hugh Colwell acted as acutioneers and kept things humming all the time. Bidding was spirited, and althougn the crowd was smaller than last year practically everyone present was there te bid. The articles auctioned off die not bring as much as last year, as restrictions on the free auction money kept the amount issued down to smaller proportions than was the case last year. Several local firms reported the payment of back bills, some as high as $600, due to a desire to obtain auction money. The entire auction went off smoothly. At one time, two bidders got their bids up so high that neither was quite certain as to whether they had enough to meet their bid, and time was taken out while the two bidders had their money counted to determine the successful bidder. The Algona school band entertained for a half hour before the auction was started. The prizes were successfully bid for by the following persons: Mrs. A. Oodfredsen, Brownell's JI.OO In merchandise, $270; Mrs. M. O. Bourne, Clapp's wash and grease Job, $850; Mrs. L. B. Broesder, Deldutch $5.00 Slmonize job, $1100; Mrs. John Coon, Zender & Oaldwell sweater, $400; Mrs. Gordon Kuhn, A. &. P. Store 24 Ib. sack flour, $850; Alva Benson, Morrison permanent wave, $2300; Clalr Seipman, Cottage Beauty Shop shampoo free to May, $650; Mrs. Tom Schultz, Algona Bakery, 6 loaves bhead, $900; Mildred Robinson, Jimmlc Neville, 1 pair oxfords, $1500; Mrs. M. O. Bourne, Marigold 2 jars Marlnello cream, $300; Mrs. Andrew Oodfredson, Ooeders Co. bed spread. $1925; John Nordstrom, Algona Bakary 6 loaves of bred, $650; Mrs. A. V. Larson, Bor- chardt 2 boxes stationery, $1250; Mrs Tom Halpln, p. s. Norton step ladder, $1050; Mrs. John McEnroe, Foster occasional table, $5,000; Mrs. Chas. Gunder, Holecek 3 records, $200; Mrs. Will Runchey, Long's asst. groceries, $1000; Mrs. Gordon Kuhn, 8orensen's Groc. 1 dossen cans, $2700; Victor Frideres, Elk Ckaners belt., $700; Mrs. Chet Cook, Elk Cleaners belt, $700. Mrs. A. V. Larson, Modern Dry Cleaners, $250; Mrs. Frank Esser, suit or dress cleaned and pressed, $800; Mrs. John MteEnroe, White's basket groosries, $600; Mrs. John McEnroe, 15 months subscription or renewal to Al gona Upper Des Moines $750; Al Schwing, three tickets to Call Theatre, $700; Al Schwing, three tickets to Call Theatre, $750; Mrs. Andrew Godfredsen, Richardson table lamp, $1850; Wm. Rich, 12 months subscription or renewal to A. U. D., $950; Mrs. Chas. Gunder, Joe Bloom mud guards, $100; Mrs. Andrew Godfredson, Basket Grocery Monarch Coffee, $100; Emily Stevens, 6 Joaves bread, Algona Bakery. $600; Al Schwing, Pratt Electric Co., electric clock, $1050; R. F. Donovan, Basket Gocery Monarch Coffee, $600; Alice Geilenfeld, Lnsby set. 6 silver table spoons, $1600; Mrs. J. R. Ware, Hub Clothkrs child's suit, $700; Mrs. Fred Gelgel, Borchardt's spoon, $650; Mrs. TJ. S. Lund, Sorenson cocktail shaker, $300; Mrs. TJ. S. Lund, Elk Cleaners belt, $600; Mrs. Tom Halpin, Anderson, sack groceries, $1050; Mrs. Roy Wooldridge, Long's groceries, $1200; Hazel $1700; Geo. Banwart, Clapp's tire am battery service, $215; Mary Kain, Misbach Clothing ladies hat box, $1250 Mrs. Andrew Godfredson, Upper Des Motes season county fair ticket, $875 Mrs. Thos. Schultz, Mtsbach Clothing sweater, $1700; Mrs. Hollis Trainer Christensen Bros, ladles hand bag $800; Mrs. Gordon Wooster, Shirley radio tube, $850; Ross Coleman, Kohl haas <fe Spllles, pressure cooker, 1250 Bob LaBarre, K. D. James stationery $800; Mrs. U. 8. Lund, Chrlschilles & Herbst table cloth, $1000; Mrs. John Coon, Zender & Caldwell, man's sweater, $700; Victor Frideres, Wilson Bakery picnic basket, $700; Mrs. J. P Wall, Botsford Lbr. linoleum varnish $400; Mrs. Geo. Miller, Nelson Hdwe. steam cooker, $1600; Geo. Banwart Hawcott & Ogg, cokfng utensils, $1,000; Alloe Geilenfeldt, C. S. Johnson cooking kettle, $1000; A ISchwing, Sorensen Drug "Fiz-it", $350. St. Joe Threshing Crews Put on a Baseball Contest St. Joe: The Charles Plathe threshing crew defeated the John P. Klrsch crew Sunday afternoon In a baseball game. Raymond Thilges and Henry Bormann umpired the game. John B. Reding purchased a new Bowman, El Cleaners bslts, $700 and j Chrysler sedan at Des Moinej Wed$1100. nesday. Mrs. Frank Esser Brownell Shoe Co.. vlolft Mueller from Whlttemore is $1 in mdse., $330; R. F. Donovan, Tire Service complete lubrication Job, $250; Mrs. Thos. Schultz, Wilson Baking Co., cake, $650; Emily Steven, Botsford Lbr. Co. step ladder, $750; Mltwrva Coleman, Milady Beauty Salon permanent wave, $2600; Louis Bode, White's basket groceries, $900; Mrs. Gordon Woos- ,er, Gamble's garbage pail, $1.000; Les- 1-? McEnroe, Kohlhaas <fe Spllles yard cart, $16500; L. B. Broesder, Basket frocery Monarch Coffee, $600; Mrs. rtartin Becker, Bjustrom's nose bags, 825; Mrs. Gordon Kuhn, Moe & Sjogren, 49 Ibs. flour, $1700; Mrs. M. G. Journe. K. D. James ash trays, $300; Walter Johnson, Anderson Grain & Coal, 100 Ibs. laying mash, $916; Mrs. John McEnroe, Steele Store sweater, ;1125; F. W. Ostrum, Hub suede coat, 11200; Victor Frideres, Elk Cleaners Igar lighter, $100; Mrs. Myron Ludwig, Madson & Hanson, shirt, $1,000; Mrs. 'red Geigel, Coast to Coast, 5 Ibs. of grease, $225; Mrs. A. V. Larson, Anderon Grocery groceries, $1000; George Banwart, Algona Super Service, grease nd polish, $600; Mrs. John McEnroe, Gamble's fishing tackle, $11000; Ruth Rich, Elk Cleaners belt, $1000; Mrs. J. Selfert, Elk Cleeners necktie, $800. Frank Ostrurrt, Christensen Bros. Ivy •ase, $800; Mrs. Rose Coleman, White's iftsket groceries, $800; Mrs. Myron Lud- rlg, Wehlers Jewelry Co. candy Jar, $1050; Victor Frideres, Council Oak rooeries, $1300; Mrs. Myron Ludwig, !umming's Store 32 piece bet dishes, GUARANTEED AGAINST All ROAD HAZARDS! WE WILL riEPAIR FREE OF CHANGE ANY PHARIS TIRE th«t foils to give full service as specif-ed by cur guarantee, whether it be because of stone brcJs.', blow-out, cut or any other road hazard, _except ordinary puncture, fire or theft. An adjustment will be made at eny one of the 1000 Gamble Stores or Gamble Agency Stores in the Mlddlewcst, regardless from which store the purchaee was made. LONGDRIVt TIRES 8 Ply 4 Ply 30i3'/4 *3.66 31x4 6.50 4.40/21 4.46 4.60/20 4.70 4.60/21 4.CD 4.78/19 6.20 6.00/19 8.66 6.26/18 6.20 $6.66 6.96 6.18 6.36 7.00 7.76 Other Sizes Proportionately Low L*nidriv* 20 ENDS SATURDAY SEPT. 8 Saturday brings an end to our Red Tag Sali. We urge you— stop in and see the many special values offered in this sale. MOTOR OIL U 13 Plate BATTERY Eu.h. Piice Wis Sic Treated Dustcloth Enamel Dish Pan Clothes Line t^ 1 "^, Appliance Cord <>«"**»*<>.*.»:. 9< 43< keg. i5c. S*lc 29< Canvas Gloves oVt^. ^.^ Monarch Outing Jugs Keeps Food <>r J. hot or cold, one 98c GAMBLE STORES assisting with the household duties at the Mike Reding home The George Schallers attended the Schaller-Monarch family reunion at the West Bend Park Sunday. Mrs. John Freilinger returned the first of last week from several days' visit with relatives at Stacyvllle. Clarence and Agnes Wiltgen left on Sunday morning for D:s Moines for a visit with relatives, the Frazlers. Mrs. Nick Thilges and children returned home Saturday noon after a visit with relatives in South Dakota Genevleve Glsch Is attending to the household duties for the St. Joseph Sisters during Sister Claudia's absence. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Becker from near Livermore were Friday evening visitors at the Thomas Becker home. The Tom Devines moved to Livermore the latter part of the week to the Claus house In the north part of town. A large number from here attended the Schumacher-Zinnel wedding dance at West Bend Legion Hall Thursday evening. John Reiling and Ted Hllbert left last Tuesday for a trip through the Black Hills and other parts of the Dakotas. Banns of marriage were published Sunday for the first time for Marie 1 GUch, daughter of Ben Glsch and Henry Zelmet, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Zlemet, Sr. Anita Stattleman accompanied her uncle, Joe Schaller and his daughter, Angela of West, Bend to Dubuque on Sunday morning where Anfcelb. will attend school the coming year. Mr. and Mrs. James Becker and daughter, Annette, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Kramer and Amanda Thul left Wednesday afternoon for a week's vis- It with relatives at Owatonna and Claremont, Minn. Urban Lenten returned the first of the week from Winfr:d, South Dakota. He left a week ago with his relatives, the McDonalds, who had been visiting here. Urban Is employed by Andrew Erpelding. Angela Erpelding, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Erpelding had her tonsils and adenoids removed last week at Fort Dodge, Rita. George and Germaine Becker, children of Mr. and Mrs. George Becker, had their ton- sib removed at AJgona Saturday forenoon. Mrs. Ida May Harris and daughter, Mary, were Sunday dinner guests at the home of another daughter, Mrs. Homer Anderson and family in Algona. Kathryn and Leo Ktrschbaum returned home Sunday from Britt, whtre they had been visiting tile past two weeks at the home of their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Elsenmann. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Steven and sons. Wilbur and Everett, returned home Saturday evening from Chicago where they had been attending the Worlds Fair and visiting relatives near there. Mrs. Ray Mabbe and littk- daughter, Deloreo of Mason City were last wetk visitors at the home of her sister, Mrs. John V. Hulf and family. Mr. Mabbe came up after th-.m on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Ei&enmann and Mr. and Mrs. Letter Elsenmann and two childr.n, Vt-rnon and Hazel ot near Bull were .Sunday dinner guests at til.- h^me of their daughter and tis- UT, Mrs., Kir.-chbaum and family. A nnsct'llanoou.? ihow-.r was given in honor of Mrs. Mihon Giddings at th.; JSext'Jii Hall Monday afternoon «!ih a lurye crowd attending. The bride received ir.any b-autiliil gift*. 'I here were til attending. Ice cream and cake were served to all. Mr. and Mrs, Levi Bowling of J-vffer: on, Oklahoma, visited a lev/ days last vi'.'ek al the home of their aunt, M .Salah Wise. They hud been visaing Uie Worlds Fair in Chicago and were MI way home. They left for their iioiue in Oklahoma Thur-day morning taking Mrs. Drusilla Noble with them lor au extended visit with relative:, there. PILES b thould arrange to call on J. F. JShalli'iibergtr, M. D., .-.[X:ciaH. t 111 rectal aiid cluon- ic diicitoti. H-_- has hud years of iucco^aful experience in ti^at- ni'.-ul of Pik-t, and other rectal The doctor can IK- consulted tt'. Kminetbburg. lo'A'a, Keruioore HoLcl, Tuesday, September llth. Olfice Hours 8 a m. to 3:30 p. 111. KXiiiiUiUilluii Free. '.!(>• IS ERECTING NEW 50 FT. BRICK SILO NEARWHITTEMORE Simpson Farm to Have New One Replacing Wooden Ones Blown Over Whlttemore: Melbourne Simpson Is erecting a new 50 foot brick silo on his farm north of tcMTi. His two wooden sUos wtere blown over and broken last spring during one of the wind storms. He also plans on erecting a smaller wooden silo. Melbourne Simpson visited relatives at Seneca Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Mike Thul are the parents of a ten pound boy born Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Felder were at Remsen Sunday to visit with Father Schlier. Mr. and Mrs. James Geelan and son JImmie spent Sunday with relatives at Ruthven. Mrs. Nellie McMnhon and son, Roy of Algona visited Mr. and Mrs. Wm. HIggtns Sunday. Mrs. James Allen and family of Ft. Dodge visited Mr. and Mrs. Roy Crawford Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard O'Brien and 'amily visited relatives In Bancroft on Sunday afternoon. Thomas Carmody Is the new post office assltant having taken the posi- ion on September 1. Mrs. Ralph Parsons and family of Burt visited Thursday with Mrs. John Jennings and family. Lullus Smith of Chicago is spend- ng this week with his parents. Dr. and Mrs. L. B. Smith. Edna McDonnell of Sioux City spent the week end with her parents, Mr. nd Mrs. M. P. McDonnell. Rosella Besch spent the post treek with her brother and sister, Matthew nd Anna Besch at Wesley. Mrs. Swanson and son, Rex, arrived iome Saturday morning after spending week at the Worlds Fair. Mrs. Herbert Peterson and family of Igona visited a few days with Mr. and Mrs. John Jennings and family. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Meyer and amily of Garner spent Sunday with Jr. and Mrs. Fred Struecker. Mr. and Mrs. John Marte and daugh- :r, Irene, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Elbert at Cylinder. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Relmers of Hlngsted visited with Mr. and Mrs. has. schemmel Sunday evening. Josephine Gappa of Madelia, Minn., la visiting her grandmother, Mrs. Josephine Haag and other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Seeley of Irvington visited the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Seeley, Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Crook and son, Jackie Lou of Emmetsburg visited Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Roupe Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Elbert and two Art and Gene, visited relatives at Dubuque and Bellevue last week. Marguerite Fleming leaves for Cherokee where she will attend Mt. St. Mary's Colkge for the coming year. Mr. and Mrs. John Laubenthal and family of Wesley spent Thursday with her sister, Mrs. Mike Thul and family. Wesley Auxiliary Unit To Elect New Officers Wesley: The American Legion Auxiliary unit of Wesley who have been meeting but once a month during the summer months, will resume their n>s«tlng In earnest every two weeks beginning Thursday night, September 13. Election of officers will be held and all members are asked to attend. The local unit has pledged 100 glasses of Jell to be distributed to the local sick and needy, and members are asked to please bring their contributions this evening. Mrs. Beister, the national Auxiliary president, lifts been promised 1,000,000 glasses of this cheer which will be used during tl» winter months Where H is needed throughout th« nation. It might be Interesting to note that corwlth won first prtte In the Jelly contest held at the state convention In DCS Moines last week, the winning glass being mad* ot plums by Grandmother Ellsworth of that place. The eighth district won more trophies at the convention than any other district In the state. Irvington Youth Gets Broken Leg From Colt's Kick Irvlngton: Woodrow Johnson, son of L. A. Johnson, suffered a very painful ordeal last Saturday as he was leading a colt to water and the animal became unruly and kicked him on the leg, breaking the bone. He was taken to the Kossuth hospital. Several from Irvington attended the celebration at Livermore last Monday. Mrs. Ben Dwenger visited recently with her mother, Mrs. Rahm at Templeton. Paul Watson returned to the Algona high school last Monday after a y-sar's absence. Geo. Hackman, Jr., left last Tuesday morning for Knuxvillo, Tennessee, w/.ere he will rssiuiw teaching. Guests at the J. M. Cox home Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Simpson of Lone Rock and Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Funk of Whlttemore. Mr. and Mrs. Jess Bedell of St. Paul lave been house guests of Mrs. Sam Reaper, friends of the Bedells, always welcome their return visits. Misses Norma Raney and Mary Black returned Sunday morning from a visit at the Worlds Fair and both resumed teaching Monday morning. Mrs, Wilfred Johnson was taken critically 111 last Thursday and was taken to the Kossuth hospital where an errwTgency operation was performed. Mrs. Forrest Calry and two daughters. Louise and Betty Anne visited several days last week at the Harry Seeley home. Mrs. Seeley Is a sister of Mr. Calry. Miss Ruth Black, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Black, leaves on Sept. 10 to enroll at Cedar Falls as a fresh- H, W, POST Dray and Tranf er Storage of all kinds. Long distance hauling. Every load injured against loss or damage. Equipped to do all kinds of draylng and hauling. »-tf Real Values in Groceries always at AKRE'S Next time you hake bread use "Mandalay, a good Minnesota Flour, 49 pound sack "Omega," a soft wheat hleuched cake flour, live pound package and an upside down cake tin FREE. Halligan's "111" Coffee, OIK; pound package Halligan's "Crest" Brand, very good, one pound glass jars lieturn 7 empty jars and get a pound FUEE. JlalligauV "Pure Quill" Coffee, the best of all, 1 pound glass jar One five coupon packed in each jar. 10 gives you a pound FREE. Briii» us 7 empty jars and you get still another pound FREE. Try it mice! A new item again and a very good one. "Baby Stuart" Beef Sic\v, ' OA_ oiie pound tins•-Uv "Baby Stuart" Red Alaska Sorkcyc Salmon, 1 lit. tall can l / 2 Pound Salmon 10-15-23c "Babv Stuart" Shrimp, liquid or dry packed We have 17 varieties of Campbell's Soups, (one can makes 2 eansfull. Try the New Noodle, 1A_ or the ('ream of Mushroom, delightful, can __ *"** Step in at AKRE'S or phone 2f/<J-2^1 and make use of our free delivery in town. For a.a vxtra lundi iti nio,- to have ready on your pantry sheU buch tilings uo v> Cliop Sui-y. Chili Con carne, Spaghetti in tomato iuucv and CLCC*; flavored and cooked, macaroni in cream i»:il and <,thtr 25c Our liii L - of crackers and cookies li elxeruUve— in bulk or packages. So is oar line of cheese. rWWYWWV\AAAWYVWWWVV^^^ man student. Ruth was a graduate of Algona's 1934 class. Martin Becker shelled his corn on the Lewis farm now tenanted by the Frank Kajewskls last Saturday. Delivery was made to Irvlngton and Steve Loss did the shelling. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Harness of Wai- worth, Wisconsin, were week end guests at the Frank Ditsworth home. El-jier Harness who lived for some years on farm now owned by the Dltsworths. Mrs. John McGulre visited Saturday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Burtls of Mason City and Mr. and Mrs. George Godfrey of Ames were at their farm during the stto filling season. Mr, and Mrs. Elmer Dye of DM Moines visited at the Ralph Lage home over th« wek end. Joe Lage returned to his home after P.P. extended visit In Des Moines and IncWntally taking In th state fair. It is reported that Mr. and Mrs. Jehn Simon. Sr., have purchased the old Simon home In the St. Joe neighborhood. The Simon family have liv- «d many years at their present home west of Irvlngton. Last week Jake Maasdam purchased a new McConnlek-Derlng corn binder. Heretofore Mr. Maasdam had used a Milwaukee machine which he bought 16 years ago. The old one was traded In on the new machine Among those in this vicinity who made entries at the Kossuth County Fair with UveMoblc wtre Dorothy Mawdsley. who entered her Shetland pony, 'Goldle." Joe Lage with his pony and colt and Bob Oeigel with his pony "Speedy King- Mr, and Mrs. Douglas Sturtz and Mrs. Basel Nutt and three children of Boone were week end guests at the Earl Miller home. Mrs. Starts is Mr. Miller's mother and Mrs. Nutt is hla sister. They all returned to their homes Monday. Mrs. T. J. Wlckwire returned the latter part of last week from Des Moines where she chaperoned a group of young people who attended the state 'air. Those who went were from the Burllngame, Elsenbarth, and Dunlap families. All reported a good time. Mr. and Mrs. Simeon Leigh of Slier- man township entertain 0 :! at a plcivc dinner last Sunday honoring the birthday of Mrs. Leigh's mother, Mrs. Chas. Magnusson of Alironn, who celebrated her 71st birthday. Those present were the Henry Lund family, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Butterfleld, Louise Magnusson and the Sim Leigh children. Choose one of these Jaunty brims that swoop down over your eyes and up In back. A lovely frame for your face and so flattering. In all shades and head slues. Priced $2.95 and up The ELITE Shop Algona, Iowa. Check Your Home Begin at the basement and see if your home is not in need of repairs. Are your floors sound? Look at the outside—does it need painting? You should see to these repairs promptly. Delays will he costly. Your home will he more efficient and pay dividends in value and satisfaction. If you have a huilding problem, come and sec us. T> •W ,01 Materials Are Lower in Price. F. S. Norton & Son Phone 229. STOVE CIRCUS =—Saturday ===== Most startling, amazing, baking demonstration you have ever seen. See the Glow Maid Range bake without a chimney and with a paper smoke pipe. Fun for all—treats for the children. Prizes for the fattest man, shortest man, tallest man and largest family. We will give one dollar for each year of the age of the oldest range or heater, (in actual use) submitted to us during Circus Day. Your stove might be the oldest. By all means enter it in the contest. Come and have a good friends here Saturday. time—meet your ! Nelson Hardware Algona, Iowa.

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