The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 6, 1934 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 6, 1934
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HISTORICAL DEW, 3fl OFFICIAL CTTT AND COUNTY PAPER Awarded Highest Honors as "lowas Best Weekly Newspaper" By State University of Iowa, 1933 gfaotra dipper lies: WEATHER and -warmer Thursday. Established 1865 ALGONA, IOWA, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 193 Ten Pages. VOL. 32.—NO .36 KOSSUTH CORN • HOG CHECKS DOE TODAY They'll Burn Track Here in Friday Races Bain Keeps Back Wednesday Crowd, But Many Expected Today, Friday AUTO EAGES ON FRIDAY PROGRAM A bigger and better Kossuth County Pair opened Tuesday, with a fair at-: tendance marching through the turnstiles. General sentlmnet praised the exhibits, floral hall booths, and grandstand program as being of the highest order. Wednesday crowds were thinned somewhat by rains which fell inter- mltently during the morning. Today's Progtum The program for todav at the county fair Is as follows: 1:30 p. m.—Baseball, Fenton vs Bode. 1:30 p. m.—Machinery parade on the track. 2 p. m.—Grandstand harness rare program and vaudeville: 2:14 trot, (175 purse; 2:17 pace, $175 purse; county run, one half mile, $25 purse. 3 p. m—Baseball, Bancroft vs. Algona. 3 p. m.—Talk by Nels P. Kraschel, lieutenant-governor. 7 p. m.—Talk by Geo. Pattersop, state senator. 7:30 p. m.—Concert, Algona band. 8 p. m.—Grandstand program, features and vaudeville. Friday Program 1:30 p. ».—Parade on track of lltre- stock prize winners. • a, p. m^—World fwnotu auto raowr* In six different events. 7 p. m.—Concert, Algona band. 8 p. m.—Grandstand program, features and vaudeville. The Judging got under way Tuesday morning, and whs continuing yesterday In a number of department*. The departments for which the final winners had been compiled yesterday afternoon follow: Hogs—Rrpt. C—Hogs First place winners: OUs Carlson, W. A. Henry & Son, Ben Studcr, Elmer Lundberg, W. A. Schultz, Funk Bros., Aaron Taylor, c, C. Baas, Bert Geerdes and John Belgard. Second place winners: W. A. Henry & Son, Gus Carlson, Ben Studer, W. A. Schultz, Elmer Lundbferft Aaron Taylor, Funk Bros., C. C. Baas, Roth i Bros., Bert Geerd?s and John Belgard. Fruit—Dept. H—Fruit First place winners: Frank Gelgel, Dorothy Keefe, L .A. Johnson, Mrs. Cairl Ebert, W. H. Freeman, E. J. McEvoy, Mrs. H. J. Bode, and Ellis McWhorter. Second place winners: Mis. Ethel Caldw«ll, t. A. Johnson. Mrs. Cyrua De Bruyn, Frank Gelgel, Mrs. F. I. Chapman, Mrs. Fred Gelgel, Thorson Bros., and Mrs. J. T. Bohannon. Flower*—Dept. M—Flower* First prize winners: Lulu Huenhold, Mrs. Llllle Thompson, Mrs. Marc Moore Mrs. W. A. Dutton, Mrs. Geo. Koestler, Mrs. H. J. Bode, Mrs. Chas. Nolte, Dell McDonald, Mrs. MlHon Dahl. Ida Meckstroth, Mrs. H. B. Nolle Mrs. H. N. Kruse. Mrs. Willis Cotton, Mrs. Rose M. Scanlon and Mrs. p. J. Kohlhaas. Second iwlze winners: Mrs. Liille Thompson, Mrs. H J. Bode, Mrs. Chas. Nolle F. J. Wlllrett, Mrs. Milton Dahl, Lester Willson, Lulu Huenhold, Mrs. R E Brown, Mary J. Lowrle, Mrs. Kittle Kaln, Mrs. W. A. Dutton, Mrs. W J Welsbrod, Mrs. Wm. Fitzgerald, Mrs. Geo. Koestler, Mrs. W. A. Foster Frank Gelgel, Mrs. Wm. Fitzgerald, Mrs. W. J. Cotton, Graver Rentz, Neva Thompson, Mrs. J. C. Mawd- aley and Mrs. p. J. Kohlhaas. Gypsies Get $16 From Farmer But Cough Up Later Charles Kollasch. who lives a few miles north of Bancroft, found that $16 which he had had on his person when two carloads of gypsies drove Into his place, was missing after the gypsies left, and putting two and two res-trier he called Sheriff Carl Dahl- tuxuser The sheriff found the gypsies (with emphasis on the flrst syllable) just coming into <he intersection north, of Alaona. He btopped them, and with lwt> carloads of chatterin« magpits, sped them toward the county Jail. A good shakedown uncovered the •16 and the money was returned to KoUaTcn. The gypsies in the meantime ware told to get. going and slay goiHK and tarry not on Kossuth county soil. Council Issues New Beer Permit* The city council passed two zoning ordinances last Thursday evening, and attended to other business. Beer neniilU were granted to Anderson and OalbralLh, Merle Welk-n- di-rf and Peterson and Fisher. PROSPECTS POOR . FOR TWO ALGONA FOOTBALL TEAMS Kossuth Fair Pleases; Two Big Days Left NELS KRASCHEL, GEO. PATTERSON TO TALK TODAY Graduation of Letter-men is Blow to High School and Academy HIGH SCHOOL OPENS SEASON ON SEPT. 21 Eleven Veta Gone at Academy; Six Lettermen Return The roar of racing automobile motors wil! find the three men pictured above, fighting for position In the Kossuth Sweepstakes at the County Fair, Friday afternoon. Bud Galloway of Miami, Florida, in the upper picture. Is known as the southern dirt track champion. He will drive a rebuilt Indianapolis Speedway special, cut down for one man. Leo Young, In th-e smaller picture (his teeth arc showing), Is one of the handsomest and youngest of the famed family trio from Texas. He is driving a new mount, and will bring his fast car to Algona. Shano Fitzgerald, fighting Irish speed star, recently broke records In the 100-mile national road race at Jacksonville, Florida, and at Juarez in Old Mexico. He'll be right in there, giving the crowds their thrills. Other entries Include Gus Schroder of Cedar Rapids, and Stg Haugdahl, who once held the world's record automobile sp-;ed title, and a host of other stars. Postoffice Site Picked; Goes North of U. D. M. Office Business Men Buy Old Laundry to Give Bldg. Clear Quarter Block The new $64,000 Algona ixistoffice will be located at North Dodge St., at the corner of Call street, just north of the Algona Upper Des Moines building, It was announced Monday by the post office department. Following Is an official communication received by Postmaster J. A. McDonald from In* treasury department'. "Sir: Reference is made to the land sought to be acquired as the site for the poit office at Algoua, Iowa. You are advised that acceptance has txen made of the proposals of Messrs. E. J. House and B. W. Heise, for Uie sale of property located on the southwest corner of Call and Dodge streets, in amount. $6,000, as th« site for the proposed building. Respectfully, Wm. K. Laws, chief, legal section." It was reported that the two other considered siUs, one a block south on Thorlngton street, across from the Legion hall, was too small, and thai the Kossuth Implement corner was a trifle too far from the center of the business section, which is said w be directly In front of the Bor chard t drug store. The one chief drawback with the site at Dodge and Call, was the fact, Uiat two old frame buildings, at present unoccupied, would mar the beauty of the post office, and also serve as fire hazards. To remedy this, and to provide a full quarter block, busl- neis men in the vicinity raised $3.200 with which they will buy th« Rist property (old laundry buildintfJ for $2,WO, and the remaining $800 will go to E. J. Hodgss with the understanding that he will remove the old garage building now located Uiere, but ketp the lot. Tho.-,e wlio joined in buying the. property weie us follows: Kohlhuas Bros $500; Joe Gieeiiberg, $500; F. S. Norton A: Sun, $i>00; Haggard and Peterson, SaUO; W. A. Barry, $200; A. H Borchardt, $200; E. J. Hough. $275; Tony Klrsch, $200; Moe & SJogrsn $200; Christ onsen Brcs., $100; and A L. Long. $25. Wor'c may start this fall, but no definite word has been received. Twins? Kossuth Can Match Any National Record There seems to be one doctor who U on the ftaft of Ohio State University, who b not familiar with doings in the wide world, and whose statistics are all wrong, because he recently staged that an Ohio family Jmd the only pair of consecutive twins in the nation. But for Dr. Plutnroefs benefit, let it be stated that Kossuth county has one case of two consecutive twins, and one caee of three consecutive aete of twins. Mra. K. U. Spencer of Algona is the mother of two consecutive sets of twins, all boys, who are now in high Mhool here, where they are taking prominent parts in school abbletlctf and class affairs, and Mr. and Mrs. Chris Bolle, family living near Hurt, are the parents of three consecutive sets of twins. There are seven children in the BoCie family, all of whom were born in Dreg-on. The family moved to Kotfsuth county four years a«o. Mr*. Bolie first save birth to two children, then the tint pair of twins, two boys, then thfe bccoucl, two boy*. «ne uf whom passed away, aad tbea the third, a boy and a firl, now ill thpir second grade in school. Bulk Station Robber The Standard Oil bulk Mu'ion Lakota WHS robbed early Wi-Uncad.i morning of 35 gallons of gas. 10 t;a luili of oil it wrench ;ii!d vllu-r rcjui 11: nt. it wai ii-UL'iU-U to the ^hvTill office litre, ytttciduy. The lock was pried oil the ouiii Uuui lu gtllll udua.^lulj The two Algona football teams, neither with any too promising material, were laying plans for th«lr fall Campaigns this week as echool got under way at both the Algona high school and St. Cecelia academy. Coach Ken Mercer of the high school returned last week after as- sLsting at the Drake University coach- ng school. Art Nordstrum will again coach the academy team. Rather than luild false hopes, It must be said that prospects are poor for both teams. Eight Men Graduate Eight men were lost from the high school squad last year by graduation, including Willam Hilton, Carol Hutch- Ins, Joseph Lai-son, Russell Medln, Bob Sells trom, Charles Stevenson Max Miller and Dick shackleford. Oeorge Stewart, has moved away and Donald Ouderlan and Bob McCullougr. are out because of cjmpntlUon and age limit. Ten letter m«n will be back for the squad this year, including Irving Miller, Maurice MleheUDurwoou PotterT" Clarence Bnins, Dltft Post Bob Post, Howard 'Medln, Arthtu Boettcher, Donald Borcn and Roberl Etherington. Eight games have been icheduled four being night games, three here and one at Spencer. The grid schedule is as follows: Sept. 21—Llvermore here (night). Oct. 5—Esthervllle here (night). Oct. 12—Spencer there (night). Oct. 19—Open (Ollmore City, tentative) . Oct. 27—Emm«tsburg there (afternoon.) Nov. 2—Clarion there (afternoon). Nov. 0—iHumboldt here (night). Nov. 16—Eagle Grove here (afternoon.) At St. Cecelia The St. Cecelia academy football team also began practice Monday, September 3, with six lettermen back Including Darwin Baker, John Deim, Floyd Bode, Bob Selzer, William Daughan and Stanley Patterson. Eleven boys were lost by graduation last term, Omar Kelly, Wade Hansen, Emmet Hegarty, Vernon Kohlhaas, Joseph Dunn, Wesley Behlmer, Tom Bestenlehn?r, John Baker. Mike Matern, C. Oennett, nnd Joseph Lichter. The schedule of games is as follows: Oct. 1—Charles City here. 8—Daugherty h<re. 15—St. Joseph, Mason City, Officials Who Are Behind The Fair The following are the officers who are responsible for the work behind the Kossuth County Fair this year: Officers President, J. M. Patterson Vice President, Geo. D. . .Algona Moulton Ledyard .. .Algona ..Algona Treasurer, H. J. Bode . Secretary, E, L, Vincent Directors J. M. Patterson Algona G-eo. D. Moulton Ledyard C. M. Gross Lone Rock J. A. Raney Algona Clark Scuflham Algona Department Superintendents HOKCS, ponies and mules, P. H. Hargreaves. Cattle, F. chambers. Swine, H. Raney. Sheep, Dave King. Poultry, Willis Cotton. Groin, Arthur Look. Vegetables, Merle Wellendorf. Fruits, Robert Welter. Pantry Stores, Mrs. H. E. Morgan, Mrs. J. T. Bohannon. Textiles and Fabrics, Mrs| W. J. Welsbrod, Mrs. Neal Smith, Mrs. E. W. Lusby. Art, Mrs. Fred Oeigel. Plants and Flowers, Mrs. W. A. Dutton. Educational, Wm. Shirley. Dairy, M. P. Christiansen. Boys and Girls Club Work, G. A. Bonnstetter. Girls' 4-H Club, Mrs. Emll Larson. Child Welfare, Mrs. Geo. St. John, Special Department* Concessions J. A. Raney Speed Wm. Qeerlng Gates CVark, Scuflham WALLACE HERE; SAYS CORN SEAL PLANNED AGAIN Administration Also to Continue Some Plan of Crop Control CORN-HOG MEN HIGHLY PRAISED Henry Wallace, U. S. secretary of agriculture, paid Kossuth county a visit last Saturday. While here he made several disclosures. 1—That the corn sealing program of the government would continue into next year. 2—That some form of crop control would be formulated and continued for another year. Conditions in northern Iowa, and Kossuth county were declared to be very good from a crop standpoint, and after inspecting the work of the county corn-hog committee personally, he expressed himself as being well pleased, and highly complimented nil local officials for their work. Oct. Oct. here. Oct. there. Oct. there. Nov. Nov. there. 22—Holy Family, Mason City. 28—Corpus Christ!. Fort Dodge, 3—Livennore there. 11 or 18—Emmet.sburg tvre. 25—Trinity high, Sioux City. Kenne, Kohlhaas Cars in Collision St. Joe: Joe Kenne, driving a Chevrolet coupe and Henry Kohlhaas, who was driving a Buick. collided Sunday noon at the Cap Kohlhaas corner. The K*nne car was quite badly wrecked. Mrs. Kenne was the only one injured. BALGEMAN SUED FOR $26,000 IN JCASES Is Aftermath of Tragic Ac cident in Which Two Youths Died Prank Balgeman, county supervisor, was made defendant in three damage suits filfd yesterday In district court, here, as an aftermath of an automobile accident that occurred several months ago near Hobarton, In which Balgeman's son and John Batt were killed when two cars collided. The total damages asked are $20.200. Van Ness and Stillman are attorneys for the plaintiff. The flrst suit Is brought by William Batt, administrator of the John Batt estate, and is for $25.000. The second suit is brought by Verne Batt, who was in the car with John when the latter was killed, and who is asking $1,000 for injuries. The third suit Is brought by William Batt against Bal- gpmnn for $200 damages to the Batt car. Hurt Farmer Has Tilt With Train William Peters, well known Hurt farmer, had a narrow escap.- from death near Burt, last Thursday, when his car was struck by a southbound freigjht oil the Northwestern, about 4:30 p. m. Abuu'. three miles north of Burt, as he was driving his Model T Ford coupe and as he was approaching the pavement, he started to cross the tracks. The train demolished the coupe and PeUH's suffered a dislocated should- t-r and oth-.-r bruises, but fortunately escaped with no oilier stria us injuries. Immediate medical aid was given, and he was well on the road to complete recovery this week. Crutch Slips, Sends Victim into Ditch Whifl'cmore: While \vi»!/.-liiug the men digging a aewer Thuru;:i.'.. Kk-ry Pt ar«.v wa^ .so unfortunate u.-~ to fall into the ditch. H. was itai'dm;; with the a id of lii-s cTutcluv. aii'i UIK- cj iiiiin ;.li.ui)i'il uiul hv 1V11 in Mr. Ptaice wu.i unhurt excvy- lor u In tie ih.ik.nig up a& a result ot the tall Mrs. Louise Worby, Age 70, Lu Verne, Passed Monday LuVt-rnc: Mrs. Louise Worby, 70 years of age, died Monday al the home of her son, Milton Worby, after a tew days' Hlni'aS. Mrs. Worby was bori; in Jackson, Ohio, April -7, moved to Liberty, Missouri, when 6 years old. She again mov<-d to DWight, Illinois, when 14 years old, and was married at 20 years to Thomas Worbv and came to Iowa in 1B13. They moved to Eagle Grove in 1018. Mr. Worby, her husband, died at Eagle Grove on Dec. 15, 1929. MM. Worby lias mad. her home in LuVerne for the past two years. She leaves to mourn two daughters. Mrs. Clraa DeShazer. Kan- sus City, Kansas, and Mrs. Hattie Huber of LuVt-rno; two sons, Joseph and Milton of LuVerne and five grandchildren and one great grandchild. Short services were held Wednesday at the home of the son. Milton Worby, before going to Eagle Grove, where funeral services were held at the funeral parlor. Interment was beside her husband in the Eagle Grove cemetery. Auction Baby Beef Exhibit Friday A. M. The 45 head of baby beeves which comprise the 4-H club exhibit at Unfair this year, will be sold at- auction on Friday of this week at ttn o'clock in front of the cattle barns at the fairground. Lou Malern will be '.he auctioneer in charge. There will be buyers litre representing thv Hormel, I>etker, Wilson, Swift aim Armour packing plains. Buys 193 Acre Farm U. L. McDonald reports tin- ,-,aU- oi another iaim lail week lu J C M.'\vJ- »U.-y. olle of the outitanilmn ianir !.-> 1.1 Ktxisulh county. The l;ir:u c')U:U.t. if 193 ai-ivs, und i.-- kii"wn .t 'hi- VV-n Wiener tuna, ami adjoin.-, (h- toiUi < 1 SI. Bei.tdict Tin- farm i; \utiuli. GODFREY TALKS "COMMON SENSE" IN FARM SPEECH Tel\s Rolfe Picnic Guests Depression Has Made Folks Think Qeorg? Godfrey, In an address to the Oarfieid farm bureau near Rolfe, ga thered for 1U annual picnic at th notfe aty park Thowday, desfarf that despite the hanlshlpB of the depression, it had been of great, value in that it had made the farmers think and study and put their business on an Intelkctual basts. They not only have to study production now In which they were efficient before, but alsc have to study the marketing, financial and social end of the business. Ho pointed out to this audience that the drought had taken care of the present surplus but that nature could not be depended upon to take care of future problems. The weatherman, he snid. usually destined dry weather to be followed by a wet season so that next year would probably see a bumper crcp again. At that rate unless something is done to acquire a market outlet, production will have to be controlled or the farmers will be right buck In their previous trouble. He said that of course things would adjust themselves in time if left alone but In the meantime people would starve and suffer. The audience were told not to depend on the leveling of nature which is always heartless but to use the Intellect God gave them to build something bettor than their fathers ever dreamed of. The speaker pointed out two handicaps that were facing the planned program. One was the Idea that .'laiiKhterliitf pigs and curtailing crops were morally wrong and for such acts O (1 hud visit: rt this drought upon 111- proplo. The oilier was the crv for niR- ir<-<i individualism of t!i« early days Tlw .sneaker pointed out that pioneer Individualism Uid not mean as many thought, '-.very man for himself", but meant .self-a.-.sertion and the finest typo This hi' said was still d and is the tolutlon for the present problun. Coach Here 28 Years Ago Back for Visit . Jones, who was the principal oi the Central building and coach of the football team here 28 years ago, called here Saturday to visit old friends. WiUl Uii- exception or two years he lias been en the faculty at the University of Wiscoiuin, and also a freshman coach and head of the Badyer scouting system. Teacher in Car Crash Burt: Miss Erna Baars of Prairie du Sac. Wu-consin. who had Ixt-n hired to ti-ach hi Burt public .school, wn-. ill an auto accident Saturday when eiirouie tu Burl and wa-. unable to be here MonclMy f^r the beginning ol ,-diool. Chemist Is Speaker Ignatius Werii-. rt. who has been spending his vacation from the Uu- Pont Chemical Company at Niagara Fulls with his paieiil-. Mr. and Mrs I. Wei'iiert. eiitel tainetl the Kivvaaiaiia al (heir weekly nulling his: Thursdas v,it:i a talk o;i indu-tnal cheini.-try. An iiilei-e.-tiii« leatiux- ot the talk was, tli • u.-t-s in cheiiiL-lry ; are nud..- «..•! of coorx-ration. 4 COUNTY POINTS WILL DISTRIBUTE $398,135 TOTAL Farmers Will Be Notified When and Where to Obtain Checks ANOTHER PAYMENT DUE IN 30 DAYS Checks totalling $398,135.60. the flrst icneral corn-hog payment to be dis- '.ributed in Kossuth county, was d»w o arrive here this morning. Transmlttal sheets covering that sum total arrived here Saturday and .he checks follow Immediately. As Monday was Labor Day and government employees do not. work a lull period, the checks were probably mailed Tuesday, the local corn-hog office stated, and should he here today. "Farmers will be notified If their checks arrive," gald a member of the local Farm Bureau office force, "and there will be no need to call at the office for them until sncb notice Ui received." It w»» aLio •taied that the checks will be attributed from central points In the county. These points will be 8we» City, Bancroft, Tllbnk* and Al- Kona. All those receiving the chcciu will be notified where to get the lone-awaited government money. Banks in the county will cooperate, and arrangements have been made, It was stated, for Immediate cashing of the checks. In addition to the amount due hero today, another large payment will be- due hsre within 30 days, on other contracts which did not get into Washington with the first batch. FODDERPLAN NETS MILLION FOR KOSSUTH The announcement was made yesterday that the AAA would undertake a corn fodder purchase program which will directly afDect Kossmth county, and may mean an additional revenue of around one million dollars, it was pointed out by men close to the situation here. Poddcr corn, in many instances a by-product of the corn crop that la not used when regular feed is plentiful, Is to be purchased by the gov- erment in northern Iowa and southern Minnesota, and shipped to drouth areas to feed starving cattle. There are 185,000 acrea planted to corn in Kcvs&uth county. Assuming that the corn fodder from only 100,000 acres is available, or has not and will not be used by Kossuth farmers, and that each acre produces about one and a half tons of fodder, at a price of from $6.50 to $7.50 a ton, each u ere will produce about $10 in extra revenue from the sale of corn fodder. Complete details of the plan are awaited with great interest. Breaks Leg in Fall From Top of Silo, Tuesday Irvlngton: John Barr of Algona was the unfortunate victim of a painful accident last Tuesday while erecting it silo tor Henry Hcheppman just north of Irvington. Mr. Barr was working on the top of the silo and there Were uuly sixteen staves left tu adjust, when the whole structure collapsed and John fell to the bottom breaking both bunc:, in one leg and iracturing his c-jllur bone. He was taken immediately 10 Algona for medical attention. th- 1 ' If u table tJH Missed $75 EKanor JacuUi-en Juiu immediately on thr nurlii in u hiyh oi tiilti- e l " ;l11 liiuiu. h.ul I T!.- .HIi- i: .she ttoilld !:.i\e \l u<-''k U 'he |)< io di'aiU: 5.1UU 3 Kossuth Men on Trial at Emmetsburg Kerd BretJiorst, who li rmerly lived just east of Algona. will oe tried on a marge uf robbery with aggravation ill district court at Emiiieisburg during the September term in connection with the Dan Slbrel faun robbery in Palo Alto countv. Three other meu have already be. u «:-.\-n penitentiary .v.-iitvncc* ni connection with the cast*. Leu Beach, Bode, and Joe TJiUjjias, Whittfjnut, will fact the same charged in connection with a form robbery near Mallard, iasi. Ki •. ,.-inber. Two oilier men have already b^eii sentenced to 25 ytars each for the same robbery. Whether or not the three men can l.-ro\e their innocence i ..-mains 1.0 be Store Addition ?it Neville's Completed The new addinun In • Neville Shoe Store ii cuinpleitu ui:ii liuimie and his force ol elllclent clerk !iuw taken Uttoic-aMuil wi'.li the !-.- ' that the walk, are la.-i bco.nni". i«ed with shoes and uM.» r 111 -.'•'•'' • Thv eX- ;L'llc>iUU lllaive. tilr ' ui>L trtlCe .10 Ion;; ".-> U v,uo luruiei'l.. and n-'l .jeMiiil lile haildJing of a uiudi !.u U'l' .-.lock. A rec,L room fur wo.uen .iud '.-i.iulrtii k> also a IJiil't of the new tructuio.

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