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Press of Atlantic City from Atlantic City, New Jersey • 3

Atlantic City, New Jersey
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THREE dashing by Bordering the hotel He said he believed that the great BMSMHE October having icy OPN TOXI OPEN' TONIGHT our Wife $650 'Danderhie fords Wing oot Rubber $985 NOW GOING ON rank Atlantic Kentucky Avenues UNDERWEAR of New Spring and Summer Suits Light weight Top Copper Coats ancy Vests Odd Trousers Kool Cloth Suits Palm Beach Suits at A Silk Muslin and Knit Underwear 7 frifcnUiMij AR BELOW WHOLESALE Off the Original Selling Price Silk Lace Lisle and Cotton Hosiery GLOVES THE OLD ORIGINAL SELLING PRICE ON OUR ENTIRE STOCK Make your own deductions from tickets WHY? Save Money WE ARE OERING TA YLOR SON Grand Union Tea Co Clothiers and urnishers ATLANTIC 1534 Because we are Confident that the Public will graspthis Opportunity to help down the higlrpriCOS ATLANTk'C AVENUE 912 ANLmtCW 1 Kid Silk and Chamoisette to to pfll Valley ADVANCED $500000 TO CAMPAIGN Mrs Gallagher Mrs sidy Mrs Geo Reich Miss Gcritt Miss McDevitt ihe screen to the box office The opening day performance will be one that willbe long re in ember cd by those who attend as features booked for that day are unsurpassable Clara Kimball Big Reductions on All urnishings $750 Genuine Shell Cordovan Ox Young in the lending role in Eyes of as the headliner Sunday's progtam will als be of the Utmost inieicst This note worthy program will include Anita Stewart in 41 41 68 39 92 Decrease Oner Can Un Tel Tel Co Anaconda win Bethlehem Steel Co St Paul 'hlno Copper 'en Motors inspir farina 'arinehigh idvale Steel Central enna loading steel Increase A few cents buys After an application of you ran not find a fallen hair or any dandruff besides every hair shows new life vigor bright ness more color and thickness AU st factor that made Atlantic City known about the world was its having had the first airport Next year he said the British Naw will We are the Largest Importers and Roasters of Teas and Coffees in A Cordo Tan Oxfords Solid Leather Tops and Soles Worth $950 NHW'MOTlON TTCTUin: THEATRIC ON THE The Chelsea Theatre will open it 1:30 Saturday May 9 th js a modern up to the minute motion picture house This thea tre will be remembered by many is the Anita Theatre However possession of the theatre has now jhanget hands and the entire building has been renovated from top to the bottom and from ASPIR1H OR HfAPACHE Name is on Genu ine Aspirin Say Bayer Cincinnati Manufacturer Admits Making Largest Gift to Ohio und You Men Who Have Been8 Waiting Can 2 Stores See Wear Better Shoes 2 Stores 1314 ATLANTIC AVE 1114 ATLANTIC AVE Next Io City squire rhrair Next to Extra Dry Cat" wrote you to that effect and then left for New York State where I remained until October having taken my invalid wife there early in the summer My family was Heels Value 9 LI 00 $1100 in the summer My family was insisting that I come to them at once vou had a man on the Atlantic City sinking fund and you knew that I had aband oned the Ventnor sinking fund audit It was certainly in your power to have the work done by the man who at that time that you had the Ventnor consideration Insist on Tablets in a package" containing proper directions for Heartache Colds Pain Neuralgia Lumbago and Rheumatism Name means genuine Aspirin prescribed by physicians for nine teen year? Handy tin boxes of 12 tablets cost few cent! Aspirin IS trade mark of Bayer Manufac ture of Monoace ticacffiester of Ad DEMOCRATS OPPOSE MANDATE (By The Assocla'ed Pres) WASHINGTON Slay 26 Dem ocratic opposition developed today to President request to 'ongress for authority to accept the mandate over Armenia Sena tor Hitchcock administration lead er joined Republicans opposing Hie measure and there were indi ptionj that other Democrats would stand with him pur pise was made evident while Re publican leaders were trying agrfA upon the speediest method dispose of the hole question Richards Attends Phila Bridge Meet Assistant Attorney General Urp eraon Richards representing New Jersey appeared before the High way Committee of Common Coun cils in Philadelphia yesterday at a on the financing of share in the of the proposed inter state traffic bridge An ordinance is pending pro viding for Philadelphia contribu ting its share toward the cost of the structure Under the plan of iemi eux of the Rosary St Petet Church was held at Amy Costello 121 tV Xfaah'nxten Wednesday evening vei leusant evening vrs enjo I fry all Atoony present were Mrs Barnett Mrr Doherty Mrs Newman Mrs Woodward Mrs jjtontlake Mrs Wynne Mr and Mrs Lrdmarn Edward Erdmann Mr an I Mn Rani Mr and ict Tunny Mr and Mrs Tit xwiile Mrs Kuner Mr McDer mott Mrs Hilgcrt Mrs Holt Mrs Amy Costello Misses A and Miss Juanita Walsh The contributors were Mrs Eu stea Mrs Gibbons Mrs Xewman Mrs Barnes Mrs McDermott Mrs Glenn Mr 1 Gaskill Miss Brill Mrs King Mrs Weisonberger Mrs Diemer Cas Mc Stops Hair Coming Out Doubles Its Beauty A tremendous astounding disposal of the largest stock of high grade hand tailored clothing ever assembliij Atlantic City at prices that are the sensation of the garment trade in the East Every Others in Plain or ancy Patterns at Genuine cordovan Unit Ox fords Wine Up or Straight Patterns Wing oot Rublar Hoels Value 812 at Grow Your Hair GET THIS REE V'ou baxe dandruff or It your hair falling out or if you have a bald spot ou should know that leclona of persons ka overcome these trouble through a Pennine Indians' recipe which will be niallefl you free with a proof box of the wonderfully efficacious ointment Kotal se'd only 10 cts (silver or pay of this notice to New Tori' omioa DEI' HU WAGE ACTION (Bv The Associated Press) WILKES BARRE Pa May Awaiting official interpretation of Judga decision relative to the Lover act the tri district convention of anthracite mine workers in session here today con sidered disposition of their wage controversy adjourned until tomor row without taking anv action Bringing Down the High Cost of Shoes Big Price Cutting Shoe See! Your Shoes at MA Dly anc Save $3 on a Pair ATLANTIC' CITY DAILY PRESS THURSDAY MAY 27 I 2 0 i HESTON DENTES BUCK PASSING IN VENTNOR MUDDLE (rom Page One) era! accounts of the City You wiil recall that in 1918 I asked yon to assign mo to the work of auditing the Ventnor sinking fund and you declined saying that one of your field men would attend to that job Months passed and there was no audit and while I was working on the general ac counts one of the officials suggest I ed that 1 taKe up me ugxuuu (Bt Th AggocUted Press) when the general audit uas fin WASHINGTON May 26 Col nic hU'Vm' Procter Cincinnati 1 was willing to do this but manufacturer who has been called wuru icauj tu IhA nncpl wanted to go on his vacation I Ohj caXD HOSIERY 25 Discount ON OUR ENTIRE STOCK Heated Clashes In Closing Navy Probe iBv The Press) ASIUM'TON May Cross examination of Secretary Daniels of the Senate Navy Investigation Committee was concluded today featured by heated clashes Rear Admiral Sims whose charges against the Navy Department brought about the investigation with take the stand In rebuttal to morrow Chairman Hale indicated that the Admiral would be the last witness and his statements brief Secretary Daniels today threat ened to carry to the full Senate Naval Committee a protest against Chairman conduct lie charged that a was being used on him and character ized as and and stigma on the a long com pilation of statistics Chairman Hale sought to read into the records MNMT By Logan Bryan NEW YORK May 26 The stock market presented a rather trong appearance during the as a result of further re covering by shorts and a moderate amount of buying inspired by the late strength ot tho market yes ivrday Money again ruled rather easy nd this of course was pointed to vlth some satisfaction by those aning toward constructive opin on marketwise The belief that the I will'i the near future authorize a sub tantiai increase in freight rates is lecoming more general with the result that during the past few sessions a better demand for the carriers has developed urther unsettlement ip Jap an eso banking circles Is suggested by the reports that the silk ex change has again been closed Profit taking sales frt the last hour caused a lowering in prices and the opinion sepms to prevail in many quarters jipw that the best that can bo expected for a while is a trading market with prices being guided in great part from the day to tlay deveibp ments Until there Is a material clearing up of things in the com mercial situation and the credit situation as well it would seem though it may be well to tread udiciously making purchases stocks although in many in stances the price level seems ex i emely attractive Closing Change 3 7 93 56 87 32 26 I When served steaming fot Grand Union Coffee touch no spot garment in his sale way below its actual worth NO PRICES HAVE BEEN CHANGED! EVERY GARMENT IN OUR ENTIRE STOCK BEARS of Maj Gen 4 A xs vmu vaiupajgu itiauueu wiw fore the Senate investigation com mittee that he has advanced 5500 0DO to hational organiza tion He estimated that contribu tions from all other sources would not make as much The committee of inquiry also went into the expenditures ot three other candidates during the day ormer Representative Car lin manager of Attorney General Palmar TYatinrinl rtre mitrntinn I testified that cash expenditures City engineer to prepare an had been $59610 James 'estimate of cost or to advise the Gerard former German Ambassa i Inter State Commission to go uueuu as piannea luenaras tom the Committee that New Jersey was ready to bear her share of the cost dor has spent $14040 all his own as a Presidential candidate according to his man ager Jones while Represen tative Louis Grampton Michigan said about $13000 had been spent in his State for Senator Hi John son this total not being included in the Johnson national campaign account previously fixed at $68138 Mr Carlin was questioned more extensively about alleged under payments of income tax of the Crucible Steel Company and Mr Pew former chairman of the board of that company what he knew concerning campaign expen ditures for the Camden approach and one half of the span the state of Pennsylvania for the other half ot the span' and' the City of Phila delphia for the approach on that side No decsion was reached by the Highway Committee yesterday al though the comment was generally vrxro Vx 1 ci A 4 1 a 5 CViiUl HCL AAieCLlilS WH be held to take up tho question of cost and to decide whether to ask uurrtt rniucd SLAUGHTERED Licensed Bonded iBTtstlgatloni or Kind Stores and Hotel Detective urnished Con suit at tons fr Dictograph service HAl SECRET SERVICE Office 10 Teonesee Axe Phone 1773 Ntaht 40J3AV 30C Per Pound 36 Come in get one pound take it home and try it if you like it which we know you will then we would advise you to get as large a supply as you can as we put it back to our regular price 48c after this sale If you Consider this advertisement as fake we would request you to come in and inspect this special grade of coffee Buy by the Bag and was in Atlantia City In fact I supposed dope this and gave matter no further I do not consider iUmy duty or privilege to follow up matters that pertain to your depart men "Naturally there is a great deal of feeling in Ventnor over Hie looting of their sinking fund arid it was my duty to tell the truth Much of nty report was made up of extracts from the sinking fund laxvs and the digest of those laws by Mr Piei son particularly the paragraphs defining the powers and duties of the Commissioner of Municipal Accounts situation in Ventnor Is summed up in the few lines at the to of page eight of my report: The maxim is the best loses its epigrammatic force when fraii humanity seeing the watchman asleep reaches after the thing he would not touch if the watchman were awake fell asleep! Under date of July 30 1919 Heston wrote Darby a letter in which was this paragraph: Ventnor officials are satis fied with the work I am doing and as soon as possible I will forward a typewritten report They have asked me to include an audit ot the sinking Under date of August 19 1919 Heston again wrote the State Com missioner a letter transmitting his report on the general fund audit in Ventnor and winding up with this paragraph: "When I was ready to take up the sinking fund the Comptroller xvished to start on his vacation and as he is secretary and treas urer of that fund I did not see my way clear to wait until his Hotels Restaurants i and Boarding Houses TAKE NOTICE THIS i or 10 Days We will positively sell our best grade Santos Coffee at way below whole sale price to help cut the of are trees and shrubbery and slop ing from the lawn is a tennis The impression conveyed is that building at the near side of the and on etudy the R3S dirigible to this coun thfi Rtranrpp fn 111 nrAlvihi 1 4 IlC VUi conures up a doubt that there is aught but handsome apartments on the other aide The booklet re lates that it is opyrighter by Paul Rosecrans That name is unpleas antly familiar to the Atlantic City won's Association and others resort In one paragraph refer ence is made to private Beach The chamber decided after sey the'New Jersey Inter State Bridge oral had aired their displeasure to Commission New Jersey is to pay i ask the City to revoke the 25 Discount ON OUR ENTIRE STOCK COMMERCE BOARD MEETING REPLETE WITH CIVIC ATM (rom Page One) 600 feet it faces a boulevard the like of which is nowhere in South Jersey There is no trace of a ti'olley track Only fine motor equipages ply along the highway save for the single tallvho with steeds that is seen I garment in our entire stock bears the old original selling price as marked ii Previous to the announcement of this sale try ana it avhi prooaoiy visit the resort Henry Woodhouse vice president of the Aerial League of America said that he and Alan Hawley former president of the Aero Club had visited 49 cities of this coun tiotei lien iry aim emc worxers all asxea among the various patrons of this for information that w'ould aid them to nave their alri)orts He promised that there will be fiying here ail through the summer Col: Horace Hickman A personal representative of Secre tary of War Baker at the conven iicense and then take up the mat pion urged interest In commercial ter with the Post Office authorities I aviation as a national defense poi That this book la injurious to At lantic City was the unanimous opinion Conrad Ekhom spoke against it as pr esident of the Ave Hotel Association Augustus Post secretary the Aerial League of America refer red to the commercial airports out side of London Paris and Brussels that are equipped like the most modern railway stations with the addition of several hotel features He said that emergency fields should be established all along the New Jersey coast between New York and Atlr ic City Mr Post predicted that by next year mem bers! of Congress will come to this City in airplanes and later dele gates will fiy here to conventions SOCIETY EBIHIIIIIIHIIII ill I rj ii ta ii i a 'ng i Cbm iil if it Si i 1 Pig 4 i Jll MI BB" Ii Bi' ini i niiiiiiniii i mm ini inrinn niiiiiiiniiiiiiinn nnnnni nrmnui "ill' Illi I II lllllllllll I I II Illi Hill llllllllllllilillll I I I Illi I II Ir in III I llllliiihiil I 'lira niinriiiiilllliruZ 1 1111111111 lill I II IIIIIIIIIIUI I II HU II HUI llllllllllllilillll I ll II II llllll IIH i 1 11 A jr UK III V' I fil I 1 i sss i 1 I ii WMw I I I I (( I g3S i li' ss: ss i I Il i I 9 3 Kt Rk siL El hi tj I 11 css: ves ii 'a i 'd (( ss A i a jg 9HM TT I 1 j'irr' a ctii i i xi i ex I i i 1J 1 JUL Daylight 1 I '5 1 I.

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