The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 30, 1934 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 30, 1934
Page 5
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PATTERSON TAKES SHOT AT HERRING AND LIQUOR LAW Has No Time for Any Mea. sures Adopted by the Democrats SNEERS AT PRESENT LIQUOR LAWS Patterson's Speech at Britt Regarded as Keynote of State Campaign Senator George Patterson, of Hurt republican candidate for lieutenant governor, In an address at the Hobo •convention at Britt. last week outlined the republican campaign against -Governor Herring and the state democratic administration. Senator Patterson, who is a strong dry, sneered at the present liquor control law The Britt Tribune reported his speech as follows: "Senator George Patterson, republican candidate for lieutenant governor, opened his speech by saying that the Herring administration would be remembered for putting the state Into the liquor business and for lasting only one term. He said he did not sign the corn-hog contract as his land was mostly in pasture and alfalfa; but to those who did sign he said: 'Don't get the idea that you are not going to pay for it fome time.' He quoted figures to show that the processing tax will be paid by th e farmers 48 to 50 millions dollars a year, while the corn-hog money will amount to about 25 million, 'leaving 20 to 25 million short of what has already been kicked in." The democrats are trying to give the impression that all the relief money Is a gift and that a change of the party In power would put a stop to It. We are in debt for this money and some day it will have to be paid back. He exhibited a graph showing that the national debt since 1867 has been low during republican rule and has skyrocketed during the democratic rule and will reach a new high point during the next two years and warned that no farmer has a pencil long enough or a tablet big enough to figure out how to pay those <kbts.—It is time to put on the brakes.' "He declared that there would be no recov«ry as long as Industry was threatened by so much governmental Interference and to the assertion by the democrats that when people are hungry, the Constitution should be disregarded, he pointed out that there Is nothing in the Constitution to prevent feeding the hungry and asked the voters of Iowa to read again (and again) the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights in the constitution and see what they were in danger of losing by the act of the party In power. "On state Issues, he said that the first session of the legislature under Herring had put into effect a number of reforms, prepared by the Board of Assessment and Review appointed by Turner and compared It to a farmer who moves on a new farm In October and harvests the corn of the former tenant. The second session of the Her- Money to Loan Town and City Loans—Kossuth County Reasonable interest, pay back in small amounts by the month. A safe, sure and economical way to save. Build, repair, buy property, and have it paid for in a short time. Repair and remodel now that costs are low. Now Paying 5% Algona^Building & Loan 11 Association Member Federal Home Loan Bank. t$©W.y PHARIS TIRIS GUARANTEED AGAINST All ROAD HAZARDS! WE WILL REPAIR FREE OF CHARGE any Pbaris Tbe that fatte to give full service, whether it be becAuee of stoat bnriee, blowout, cut or any other road haaard, except ordinary ptmctare, fire or theft. Any one of the 1000 Gamble Stores or Gamble Agency Store* in the W mlddlnrert itetwi will make good that guarantee, Nf ardleM from TOich store tfie tire WM pocthMed. LONGDftlVE TIRES 4 Ply 8 Ply 4 Plr« Ply 30*9%. ..»••«» 180/>U*.M»6.16 31i4 ... 8.30 4.T6/19. 8.30 6M 4.40/31... 4.4S 6JH 0.00/19. f.M TOO 4.60/tO... 4.70 &M B-M/18. «.*> 1.16 OdMr rtM« proportoiMrtrty tow. LONGDRIVE TIRES 4.W/21 I 4.SO/3110»/10 I&00/I9 BEGINS FRIDAY In addition to rW vatac given here many items have been reduced up to %. Such items are marked with Red Tags. PISTON RINGS PUiil, step-cut for I Oil Riafl for Fold or Cha.ft. I F o r d o r E»ch ....... / v I Che*. E«h Piston King* lor other CATS uui bu secured on special order. Duth Ovens 29c Water Sets 7 piece 49c RUBBER SHOE SOLES 7< A la:,uug ici*air fur both tuca wututtt a uhott. Complete th cciucat and Uufler Regular price per pair lOc Golf Clubs 39c to $2.95 Golf Bags 89c to $6.95 ring administration wiped out any tax reductions that had bren effected during Turner's term. He declared that the democrats in Iowa were doine more to retard President Roosevelt's program of recovery than all the efforts of the republicans. "As to the state handling of liquor, he believed 'as a dry' that the people voted for liquor and that any IHW law should be given a trial, but the democrats, by giving the liquor store jobs to members of their party "had not kept the liquor business out of poll- tics' as they had promised. He sarcastically pictured the people of Iowa meeting "the armored liquor trucks, carrying bleary-eyed young men with machine guns, and wondering if they had met Al Capone or the right or left wing of the democratic party.' "The speaker was introduced by Mayor Lloyd and was given good attention by the crowd assembled in the park. Owing to the approach of noon, the rest of the morning program had to be ommitted." Former Algona Girl Dies in Chicago Friends of the former Mildred McWhorter will be sorry to learn of her death, July 24 in Chicago. Miss McWhorter was married a few years ago to Stephan Haynes whom she met in Chicago and where they continued to make their home. The deceased suffered a nervous breakdown several months ago and went to California in the hopes her health would be bene- fitted. She was an employee of the Travelers insurance company for a number of years and held a responsible position with the company. Her early childhood was spent with her family at Burt and later they moved to the farm east of town known for years as the John McWhorter place. She attended the Algona schools and later attended a business college at Mankato. With her parents and sister, Gladys she later went to Chicago where the family lived a few years. Later Mr. and Mrs. McWhorter moved to Beverly Hills, California, and it was there Mr. McWhorter died a few years ago. Mrs. McWhorter now makes her home with a sister in Sterling, Illinois. Close surviving relatives are her husband, her mother, )a brother. Dr. Golder McWhorter of Chicago, a sister, Mrs. Elmer Davis, also of Chicago, and a sister, Mrs. Lionel Perkins, best known here as Gladys McWhorter of California. The deceased was about thirtv- nlne years of age. Mrs. Albert Gould Is Guest of 50 Union: Fifty ladles atended a miscellaneous post-nuptial shower held at the Call State Park last Saturday afternoon, honoring Mrs. Albert Gould, a recent bride. A mock wedding was one feature of the occasion. Bernlce Jensen was the bride with Rita Dooley as groom, Ruth Bestenlehner, ring bearer, Evelyn Van Allen, flower girl, Sylvester Arndorf«r, best man, Prances Dunlap, bridesmaid, grandpa, Jerome Eisenbarth and Lucille Bode was the weeping mother. They marched to the strains of music on the harmonica played by Gladys Jensen. A story of the life of the bride and groom from five years ago until 25 years hence was written by guests and read. The gifts recelv«d were lovely >and numerous. A lunch was served by the hostesses, Lucille Eisenbarth, Luclla Roethler, and Kathryn Delm. Notice to Certificate Holders of United Counties Benevolent Society, Algona, Iowa We are mailing you Call No. 1, for donation, according to Article V of your certificate at this time. If all members paid their donation calls, we could pay approximately $500 on death benefits in units B, C. and D. We believe this to be a remarkable showing for the first three months of our organization. We hope that during the next three months to complete the units B, C, and D, so that each member will have the full coverage of $1,000.00. Our books are always open to Inspection for our members. The following claims have be«n allowed for sickness and accident: Wm. W. Jones, Whitemore, broken rib $49.43 Robert Roberts, West Bend, confinement 11.00 W. Roseman, Lakota, broken hand 10.00 Donald McCartney, West Bend, accident confinement 5.00 You may pay the call at the local bank or mail same to Clark Orton, Secretary, Algona, Iowa. H. J. Sherman, President. CLARK ORTON Secretary-Twas. 35* JACKIE COOPER AND A "PAL" Pictured above is a scene from. "Treasure Island," showing Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this we-rk at the Call Theatre. Jackie Cooper plays the part of the daring lad who finds himself mixed in with pirates and treasure. His "pal" above may be John Silver, who knows? LEDYARD SCHOOL NAMES TEACHING STAFF, BUS DRIVERS FOR 1934-35 Mr. nnd Mrs. BAvrett i H.IHI|IM,.I ,>,.,. family nnri Miss Florence Montgomery of I.nkr City visited Tuesday and Wednesday at the Geortre Thompson home. TJio nvn nre brothers. j\fr. and Mrs. George Thompson and Kenneth left Wednesday t" visit this week nt the home of their son. Milton in Sirux City. Dunne who had al.=o been visiting there, returned home with them. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Link and children drove to Fort. Dodge Sunday nnd •cnjnycd a picnic there with Mr. Link's sister from Reinbeck. Mrs. Link and children went home with her for a week's visit. The J. H. Welfare place has been undergoing repairs the past week. A new basement has been dug and cemented and a new back porch has boon added. D. B. Mnyer and Harry Schroeder have been doing the work. Mr. and Mrs. John J. Tillmoney of Amos came Sunday to visit this week at the Wkmer and Hartshorn homes. Mr. and Mrs. J. \v. Hartshorn who have been in Ames and Webster City the past week, returned home with them. Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Wlemcr wore in Swea City Tuesday getting the bank ready for opening. On Thursday the Swea city branch of the Ledyard State Bank opened for business. A. J. Blls- borouph of Storm Lake is the mw manager, Frank Wicmcr. who is moving to Swea City is the president, and Lev! Wlcnver will also ap-slst at times. Don't be afraid of wasting time by learning something you are not required to know. Au T. A. Tr.iusrr of (lie District Re- employmont, office, attended a state conference nxrlinR nt Des Moines the first pnrt of ].i=t. week. H. W. Glassford. R'ate statistical Director of DPS ATnines. visited in the local office here InM wrrk. ABDOMINAL SUPPORTERS Sur;ica Bells rhouiand* 01 paopla sr» dally UarnTnq how to obfatn rtlist and comfort bf wearing correctly filled Abdominal sup- portsri. A special type of supporter may b» had for every abdominal ailment including: obeiity. maternity. fallen itomach, poit-operatlve, lecro tliac, etc. these lapporten aitilt nature In malclnq anatomical corrections. Our experienced fitters wilt gladly demonstrate the various tvpei or Abdominal Supporters, featunnq ,he patented NUN-SKID stays: also Elastic Hosiery. NON-SKID Spot Pad frusies, Shoulder Braces. Quality, the belt—Price, the Icweft. Sorensen Drug Algona, Iowa. Supt. Lauritzen. Issues 22- Page Book Explaining Rental System, Courses Ledyard: School will open here on Monday, Sept. 3, and will be In session until 2:30 so all children from the country should bring their lunches. The school book store with Mr. Oranner in charge will be open on Friday, August 31 from 9 o'clock on, all day. The school board has made It possible for nearly all books to be rented by the pupils which is a big advantage to parents. Supt. A. E. Lauritzen this week issued to all school patrons the first Annual Bulletin of the school. This bulletin contains 22 pages stating the general alms of the school, details of administration, ex planation of courses of study, of the school activities of the past year, an explanation of the book rental system as well as announcements lor the coming year. The teachers and their home addresses for the coming year are as follows: A. E. Lauritzen .superintendent, Ledyard; V. A. Barrett, principal and music, Ledyard; Harold Oranner, mathematics, Ledyard; Marjorle Stranahan, English, Payette; Prances Hettler, home economics, Payette; Alice Dunham, grades 5 and 6, Waterloo; Juanltu Underkofler, grades 4 and 5, Britt; Mildred Rich, grades 3 and 4 Fairmont, Minn.; Adelaide Randal, gi'ade 2, Mason City; Ruth Jones, grade 1, Llvermore. Win. Green will again be Janitor and the following will be the bus drivers: route 1, Harry Schroeder; route 2, Elvln Busch; route 3, Charles Hilferty; route 4, Lawrence Mayne; route 5, Jack Welch; route 6, Mick O'Kccfe; route 7, L. A, Nitz; route 8, Aellt Trofl; and route 9, Hemme Troff. Mrs. Howard Mayne, Edith, Evelyn and Wallace and Mrs. Laura Nlcster visited at the Ross Browning home near Elmore Thursday. Mrs. Paul G-slhaus underwent a tonsil operation at the office of Dr. Devine in Bancroft last Monday morning. Dr. Wallace assisted. Little Ruth Garry, daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs. Wm. Garry, has been quite ill the past week with intestinal flu and under the care of a physician. Mrs. J. J. Rink Is HI with heart trouble. She was taken to see Dr. Russ at Rake last wees Tuesday. Mrs. Sprank Is assisting her with the house work. Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Smith and Mrs. Conrad Gable left Friday for Des Moln- cs to attend the state fair. Mr. and Mrs. artin Gabl? and sons left last Tuesday for Pequot, Minnesota, to visit relatives and friends. Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Engelby and Orvall left Thursday for Omaha to visit Mrs. Engelby's sister, Miss Mildred Adams. Mrs. Robert Barnes spent several days this past week at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Ernest Jorgenson near Elmore. Mrs. John Drew was called to Waterloo last Tuesday evening by the illness of a little nephew who has paralysis of the throat. Fred Bouman left Wednesday mom- ing for Iowa City. He took Mrs. Hlt- mer of Lakota to the hospital there for examination. Ruth Swartzell, who has been visit- Ing the past week at the D. A. Carpenter home, returned to her home In Olln Thursday. Mrs. John Drew, Marvel Morris and Junior returned last Tuesday from Fort Dodge, where they had visited with relatives the past week. HOTEL v Minneapolis' Newest gl^Fireproof Hotel You Can't Repair I a red hot furnace. Save expense j< and grief by having your heat- Ing plant checked now. 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