The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 23, 1934 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 23, 1934
Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa, Aug. 23,1934 STATE IN HGHT FORECONOMY, State Comptroller C. B. Murtagh Given Credit for Lowering Expenses Board of Control Saved Over $125,000 in Expenses of State Institutions Governor Herring, when in Algona recently, remarked that Charley Murtagh Wad the most important oflice in the state hotiK at I>es Moines, and that he was the most efficient and best liked of the state orticials. A week ago Saturday, Charley made the weekly radio atittivss from DCS Moines, which Governor Herring has been in the habit-of doing himself. Charley explained how the new office of comptroller handled the state business in the interest of economy. He has a pleasing radio voice and many of his Algona friends learned of his" address In time to listen in. As state como- troller, Charley is making a fight for economy, that, is beginning to show results. The dailies last we-:k carried the following in regard to the state comptroller's office and its importance In lowering the state expenses: A new insight into the importance of the state comptroller's oflice was given to the people of Iowa last week In the announcement by C. B. Murtagh that more thnn $125,000.00 had been saved by the Board of Control institutions as the result of the new supervision given by the department. High Steppers One of Clay County Fair Features club. At the home (rames ft section of the sidelines is reserved for a crowd of fans who have learned several yells and are paced by a che-r leader, much the same as a high school section participates at football and basketball games. • • • Lyle Mathns and Fred SWlts can Ml you how Rood an observer Bill Steil is. At six o'clock when the day's work is done Bill went, for his faithful car to hurry home. W? discovered one of the tires flat. Lyle and Prod assured us that. Bill stood and looked at that tire for fully ten minutes wi limit (in effort to replace it or even saying a word. At least ten trlnutes for nt that time the two left Bill si ill lonkinR. SEXTON NEWS Oliver Plumb enjoyed a visit last, werk from his little friend, Billio Hof \vlio lives at LuVerr.p. Mi's Mary Harris sppnt Sunday at home with hor mother. Mrs. Irtn May Harris, and sister. Marie. Mrs. Sarah Wise will entertain tho S^xtcn Ladies' Aid at her homo this w-:rk Thursday afternoon. Everyone ? invited. Chlop Clevinsrr returned to the hrme if her grandparents, Mr. anci Mrs Thomas Stevens in Algona after a •eok's visit here at thp homo of her These are the kind of girls you will see in the 10-15. They are specially selected for their training own right. great night show a;, the Clay County Fair. September and experience and each girl is an nitLst dancer in her Following this announcement, Mr. Murtagh inaugurated a series of conferences not only with institutional SHADE and TRIPOD EXTRA Amounts to Bat $10.00 We want every ringfe fondly within our trading area to become acquainted with the fact that this store can and does supply the most unusual values in the line of merchandise it carries. We want them to know u« and to experience the splendid service, prompt and courteous attention our regular customers enjoy. We know that once a customer you will heads under the management of the Board of Control, but also with other state officers looking to further reductions in governmental expenditures. As a result of some of these confer- < Mr. Murtagh anticipates a further drop of from ten to fifteen thousand dollars in the cost of operation of state institutions. "When this department was set up," said Mr. Murlngh, "it was charged with the responsibility of Insisting thr.t state expenditures be kept within the income. It was that responsibility vvMcVi I c."un:cd when I nrcepkd an appointment to my present post. I intend to discharge it to the best of my ability. "Governor Herring insists that state government should be operat'd along '.he same sane and conservative lines which prevail in private business. It is hi", ;heory that 110 state government | is sound which ?r>:nds more than it ' receives. A task of this department Is i lo sec that this mandate is carried out. We nre confronted this fall with a {harp drop in tax receipts. Many ers in the drought-stricken area will be unnble to meet tlxir tax obligations. For that reason, it is imperative we use greater vigilance than ewr in keeping expenditures at 'n minimum. We must cut and fri and while the cutting process may be painful to some of those affected, it is the only way that sound government can be maintained." To show how minutely this department is checking costs of operation Mr. Murtngh cited figures for July from the State Reformatory at Ana- mcsn. With 1,259 prisoners incarcerated there the cost of food during July averaged $4.69 j>"r person. Comptroller MurtBRh said that fcod costs showed n slipht Increase diiring (July over May and June when the board bill lor each prisoner averaged $4.35 and $4.37 respectively. always be a customer and for that reason, we re making thai exceptional offer. It is open also to our old customers in appreciation for their past patronage. So eenerousiathis offer, we are compelled to restrict it to a limited time. Come In Early for Full Details •"-ww ^voM&fu$ Aladdin Vase Lamp The Man About Town Says At the recent remodeling of the Neville shoe store a sign which guided he customers and read "Toilet" was discarded as obsolete. Monday, however, it found a new home. Som-o jranksters placed it about the front of he radiator on a car belonging to one of the town's smart young attorneys. Needless to say the young man drove away unknowingly and last re-ports had ,he car parked in front of his girl's lome. « • • Little Freddie Schoby has acquired a lot of helpful learning on his dad's farm such as milk the cows, feed the pigs, carry in cobs for his mother, etc., and another thing Freddie knows something which buffaloes we old timers, how to tell a gander from a goose All within four years on this earth The gander problem is a cinch because tlie gander has caught Freddie scvcra times, pulled him down, trampled him flapped him with his wings, hissed a him and a lot of other mean things. • • . Rumor haa It that Nudism haa struck close to Algona. At the Country Club golf course not so long: ago one ol the young fellows rid hmlself of all his clothes but. his shirt. Whenever he went to take a stroke he even shed this. This is vouched for by another fellow player. incle arid axint, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Aman and family. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Nenhring and lit- e son, Donald returned Saturday ev- iriR from Walnut. Illinois, where they had visited the past week at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Neahring of that place. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Wright and theft- daughter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. R. A Burrows of Dallas Center attended the funeral of Mr. Wright's aunt, MI*. Wm. Campbell at Tracr. Tuesday. Mrs. Campbell formerly made her home in Bancroft and has manv friends here. Truth SEXTON NEWS o i <•> i ••:• 0:0:0 oo 00:00:0:0 oxtoxfao o'o.o~o o :• • :> Kohlhaas & Spilles Oh for the life of an umpire! .Jim Watts knows what it is to be a man without a country. At. Sunday's ball game Jim's decisions were so popular with each team that he was unable to go to either bench nnd got a drink of water. And as some fans have been told—-Jim may be a rotten umpire but hi' still i;; the be.'-.t in northern fiowa. Mr. and Mrs. August Kir.scMjaum j ... and James Biaiiv: left Monday morn- j And now that school is close at hand in;; for Bud Lake, where they will fish ; rnc mu-t bo reminded that our hl»h and will then re;nni Tuesday. i .school, always one of the l>>st in the Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kir.sohbaum of j K ^P. will probably go through anoth- Ayrsiilrp were visitors Saturday nft<r-j i.oon at the home of his brother. Mr. I find Mrs. August Kir-:chb:uim and fam- | Hy. Mr. and Mrs. Jjhn V. Hull and t\vo little £on.s, Lyle and Eugene, vLsited on ,yX>O:OOOOOOOOOO:OOOOOOOOOOOO:OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO g S USED CARS '31 Chev. sedan '31 Chev. coach '31 Chev. truck '33 Chev. coach Buick sedan See Us For- Greasing Repairs Oil Changes Our shop is < for all kiiuls haul jobs. f ovt-r- C ome on: f You've long put it now oft L.*s very much to your advantage tu have your car's finish renewed rigiit i>ow! For complete recolor- i_g or the touching up of \ ^ri b«>i>ts, )>rirea are lower than they ever were, or ia-/ ever he again. And h**-e you get ihe joh do-e with genuine Duco — wiih t'le bauie '."ljco tnc maker put ou your car. L'oiru iu touay A>r ai estimate 01 to tJ^e advantage 01 this 6|;eci_i offer. i Sunday evening at the home of Mrs. Hull's uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Clarenc- Crouch near Burt. Mr. and Mrs. James Bropliv and Louis BeLsch went tJ Titonka PiuUiy evening where they ntterd- d an ice cream parly for the (ympM.ion ol '.here thre'hing run. L'i.s Miller returned hcme P.-id;:y evening on the flyer from Sioux City where she had be-, n visltir.a for 'hree weeks at the home of her s>ister. Mi.s. Philip Thornton and hu-bind. Winifred and Margaret Plutr.fc, two i children ol Mr. and Mrs. Pied Phunb, visited a few days with their little friends at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Glen Jenkiuson near Good Hop . Mrs. Sarah Wise and ;on, Herman and a daughter, Mrs. Medi-. th Buvg-r ot near Titonka returned home la.-.: week Thursday from a week's visit in Wisconsin with iheir son and brother Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Wiae and family. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Lowman anci :oiib who live west of town, returned home Monday evening at six o'clock from Colfax, Illinois, where they visited with relatives and attend-.d thi Lowman family reunion Sunday at Miller's Park at Blcominglon, Illinois Mrs. Auguit Kirschbaum and Nel Wise and Mrs. Kirschbaum's children Kathryu and Leo visiied Sunday aft'jr- |J noon at the home of Mrs. Kii>chbuum'. parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Eisenmai. and family, northeast of BriU. Kathryn and Leo remained for a two w-tk^' visit with their graiidpH'rei.u;. Bernard Mill-.-r accompanied Dolph Miller. Alberta Grosenbacli and Hussell Ti'.orue of Algona to Orimicll on Saturday night where they MKIH Sunday visiting at the home c.l Alberta-* parents, Mr. and Mrs. Albe.t Gro.%en- bach and family. B-.-rnar.l .u:d Uoluli returned home Monday mor:u:j;{. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Kirsch;: iu:n u re i r -.'a-'on without, n in Latin. Liitin, jHrhap.-i is a di :irl Inngii.ii^c, but ionv of (lie colleges or universities require it. One of the instigators of removing it from the locul .school found it necrs-.ary to >entl lii.s boy to a private tutxir to actjuire its learning so that the boy could enter a chosen school. The majority of parents can- iii-t afford a privat. tu'.or. Tl:e <lay of the poor boy making good will soon be a thing of the unless he can get a start in a public school. Nearly every profession requires .some knowledge of Latin. Why take it away? • • Unless we incur the enmity of a friend tills story will concern a fellow named Andy. Andy was talking over the telephone when a gust of wind through an open window blew f.ome papers about t!ie room. Rome- 011 Fimke, " the window." "What';; the use," said another, "Andy's still talking." Guess who? The inland village of I.otts C'rei-k cot s i'l for cnthu.-ia.--m which set-ins a bit odd but nevertheless not out ol place. Tlve town nas a winning ball MATCHED SHEAFFER SETS AT UNMATCHED SAVINGS! If you haven't yet known the eonrenience of u«in« matched writing instrument*, com* in and ice th* new Sheaffer En- •emble* - . and be won over I There are many different pen •nd pencil combination*, each the finest procurable at ita price - . and each Eniembla costing considerably less than th« identical pieces purchased separately. Balance sets $3.95 and up. Headquarters for School Supplies Pencils Paste Rulers Erasers Theme Paper Tablets Crayolas Mechanical Pencils lOc and up Fountain Pens 50c and up BORCHARDT Drug Store Get Vour AIM lion Money. Kohlhaas Bros. Garage I'lione 21 K) Special Service n D. PARSONS AT Kohlhaas Bros. tO.O.Oj:>AC^.O,aaOX»,a!aO£>.OJ3&^ visitors tile last of :a.-t wee* in O Her u; tile home i>f their .DM. Mr. t Mrs. Robert'i .i.M 1 -'••'• Mr. Kir dibau-m'.-. ;•!•-•ler. .M-.- H FeiilieWtiid. who been \. r.i .; i. for SUIHe liii;-. lilt l!D!:i '.iil:i'./ Ma^oii City J!iii the:: Ku;n ll.-:e lilt Saturday tor :.•::.. '•'•> I blu^Ue. 1'riva.te life ol Ko>-»ll> Hill"'it I'lltolJ Secret;, ul the * ulifl-. i. Europe. Ui'ad The I'iiH of l';i fr'ascinatiiiK Series tu "i he Aiiie.'i buted With NeU Miiid.ii b i iiie-i,; School Shoes For the Girl. . . A \vulc variety, all yum- child's foot is a perfect fit. For the Boy . . . Sturdy styles for the play gro others for dress occasions, in st vies and sizes. TiiK<jKo\viN<j run.D WILL BK SAVKl* MITCH TUOl'HLK KOM VOl' Truth is about, the scarcest thing in this old world. Thrrr- fore, we should conserve it, as much as possible. At present I haven't much of this virtue to spare so this will be a mighty small add, but. truthful. Goods are cotninp in every day for fall and winter trade. We will have most anything you want in shoes, hosiery, underwear, sweaters, jackets, odd pants, dress shirts, work shirts, gloves mittens and all kinds of furnishings. These nre all stan- rlard goods bought from the oest. factories in the United States. We nre adding forty feet to the store and will carry a larpor stock, more variety. mor« room and be In better shape than ev-cr to serve you. Special attention will be given to shoes and clothes for the little folks. Jimmie Neville THE SHOE MAN Algona, Iowa vwvwvwwwwvvvvwjv^^ A Briardale Store Cash Specials for Friday-Saturday Peaberry Coffee 1Q r per 11). 1JC 3 pounds for 55c Salad Dressing, a W. C.. quart _. Pi jars 15c, 1st quality Junket Ice Cream 1 A« mixture, Gold Dust, large si/.c pkg. .__ Fancy Preserves Briadale Finn- Touml Jars, all flavors Nothing bill pirn; fruit and sugar 75c a jar Every Jar (luaranteed. Briardale Gelatine •2 plmnes: 1M<)-2I7 We Pay Taxes in Your Town (let your Auction Money Here • ~ A full Line of Fresh and Cold Meats. Moe & Sjogren fJVWWWYWA/WVWWW AM) SI T FFKKIN(J FOOT AILMFNTS II UvTOTK VKTKK'AN KXl'KU- 11 NTK IIKU*. Priced from $1 pair up A Iwa/s IM-I l rr 1 >n\ - ai Brownells \\V Ua\c Auction Aloises. fiAWwv^wuvwjvvwwsA^^ ^ Somebody's Brakes Needed Relining DO YOURS? Brake Relining Special A Complete Car Lubrication Free With Each Brake Job Includes all connections, checking of dif- i'ci-i nt i;il and I ransnii.- -ion, fi-oiit wheel Tire S ire Dervice Co. iii Ivepair \\'oi k ( 'a.-h "X"!!"" .-'-^^^

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