The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 16, 1934 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 16, 1934
Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa, Aug. 16,1934 ST. LIQUOR STORES REDUCE EXPENSES Each Store Releases One Employee, Saving State $48,300 Annually Cleve Barton to be Released at Algona Store, Leaving a Store Force of Three The state liquor commission did a Wise thing test week when they reduced the forces of the liquor stores by letting one of the employees of each store go thereby reducing the expenses of each stone about one- fourth. The night watchman at the Algona store, Cleve Barton, was the man who got the axe here, thereby saving $60 per month. This leaves Tom Sherman, manager, and Bert Palmer end Joe Bestenlehner In charge. It Is estimated that the payroll of the ^^ now going will be reduced from $205^4.^2 annually to $157,649.52 through the release of 48 employees drawing a combined salary of *48,300 a yew. "THe Iowa liquor commission Is following the simple business principle of adjusting its overhead In proportion to Income," Cooper said. Are Revising Figure* "Aa In any business, neither overhead nor Income could be definitely stated at the beginning of operations," he continued. "We are now receiving our flraf estimate end revising our figures accordingly in order to keep the Iowa liquor stores system on a sound financial basis. "Further change will be made as are shown necessary by further operation. "Naturally it required a larger personnel to set up the liquor store system than to maintain It alter the first rush of business." Ucted in North Iowa Spencer was the only store of the 27 now In operation In which no cut was made tn personnel. One employee each was reelased at Mason City, Sheldon, Denlson, Atlantic. Creston, Carroll, Algona, Decorah, Keokuk; two each at Des Moines Marahalltown, sioux city, jnort Dodge' Oskaloosa. Ottumwa, Manchester, Fort Madison. Burlington. Muscatlne, Clinton, Oelweln, and three each at Davenport, Council Bluffs, Waterloo. Cedar Rapids and Dubuque. The monthly reduction by stores Is- DM Moines and Marahalltown, $16. own; Davenport and council Bluffs, «80 each; Mason City $100- Sioux City »1TO; Sheldon. Atlantic, Creston, Carroll and Algona $00 each; Denlson and Decorah $75 each; Tort Dodge and Clinton $185 «ach; Oskaloosa Keokuk and Muscatlne $160 each; ot- tumwa $180; Waterloo $390; Mancheg- NOTICE OF IfRARHVG ON APPMCA- TlOiV TO MAKK COMFIIOMISK SKTTI.KMEIVT WITH H. D. IKJTCHtJN'S, OK AI^OONA, IOWA In Equity No. 12383. In the District Court of Iowa, In and for Kosauth County. D. w. Btites, Superintendent of Bank- Ing of the State of Iowa, Plaintiff, vs. County Savings Bank, Algona, Iowa, Defendant. To All Depositors and Creditors of The County savings Hank, Algona, Iowa, and to Whom It May Concern: You are hereby notified that there Is now on file In the office of the Clerk of the District Court of Kossuth County, Iowa, the Application of D. V.'. lintcs. Superintendent of Drinking of the state of Iowa, as Receiver ot the County Savings Bank, Algona, Iowa, asking that he be authorized to make a compromise settlement with H. D. Hutchlns of Algona, Iowa, accord- Ing to the terms and conditions set out In said application to which you are referred for further particulars. You are further notified that the hearing on said Application will be had at the Courthouse In Algona, Kossuth County, Iowa, on tho 16th day of August, A. P., 1934, at two o'clock P. M. of said day, at which time you may appear and show cause, If any you have, why nn Order should not be entered as prayed. D. W. BATES, Superintendent of Banking of the State of Iowa, as Receiver of the County Pavings Bank, Algona, Iowa. By HARRY V. HULL, Examiner In Charge. 32 IVOTFrR OF APPLICATION FOR AM-IIOIUTY TO MAKR COMPROMISE SKTTI,EMBNT WITH ORVII.LE IIUDKICK AND VEDA IIEDRICK In Equity No. 1238.1. In the District Court of Iowa, in and for Kossutb 'ninty. n. W. Bates, Superintendent of Banking- of the State of Iowa, Plaln- IIIT, vs. County Savings Bank, Algona, Iowa, Defendant. To All Depositors and Creditors of The County Savings Bank, Algona, Iowa, and to Whom It May Concern: You are hereby notified that there Is now on flle In the office of the Clerk of the District Court of Kossuth Coun- y, Iowa, the Application of D. W. Bates. Superintendent of Banking of he State of Jowa, as Receiver of the County Savings Bank. Algona, Iowa, asking that he be authorized to make a compromise settlement with- Orville ttedrtck and Veda Hedrlck of Algona, owa, acording to the terms and condl- lons set out in said application to which your are referred for further particulars. You are further notified that the hearing on said Application will be had at tho Courthouse In Algona. Kossuth County. Iowa, on the 16th day of August, A. D.. 1934, at two oclock P. M. of said day, at which time you may appear and show cause. If any you have, why an Order sh-ould not be en tered as prayed. D. W. BATES, Superintendent of Banking of tho State of Iowa, ns Receiver of the County Savings Bank, Algona. Iowa By HARRY V. HULL, Examiner I Charge. 3 Notice of Probate of Will State of Iowa, Kossuth County, ss No. 3857 in Dstrict Court, June Term 1934. To All Whom It May Concern: Yoi are Hereby Notified, That an instru ment of writing purporting to be th last Will and Testament of H. C Klamp, deceased, dated December 21 1933, having been this day filed, open ed and read, Saturday, the 25th day o August, 1934, is fixed for hearing proo of same at the Court House in Algona Iowa before the District Court of sal< County, or the Cleric of said Court and at nine o'clock A M., of the day above mentioned all persons interest ed are hereby notified and required tc appear, and show cause if any they have, why said Instrument should no be probated and allowed as and fo; the last Will and Testament of said deceased. Dated at Algona, Iowa, July 26, 1934 E. J. MC EVOY. Clerk of District Court ALMA PEARSON, Deputy Shumway & Kelly, Attorneys. 31-33 Notice To Whom It May Concern: Notice Is hereby given that application for commutation of sentence or pardon has been presented to me In the case of Emory J. Brownfield, No. 13534, Anamosa, who was convicted of the crime of Entering a Bank to Rob, November. 1930, In the County of Kossuth, and sentenced to Imprisonment for life. Said application is based upon the following grounds: 1st—Because the trial judge has recommended clemency. 2nd—Because the sentence of life Is too severe In this case. That said application will be presented to the Board of Parole, in accordance with the provisions of Section 3818, of the Code of Iowa. Dated at Des Motnes Iowa, this 20th day of July, 1934. 30-33 CLYDE L. HERRINO, Governor. THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS PROCEEDINGS K .o_? 160; B-ritaJfton $175; Dubuque $265 and Oelweln 1145. Happenings From Lakota Community M«. Williams was a visitor at Algona Wednesday. J. E. Ukena was/ a business visitor at St. Paul Wednesday. Rev. A. P. Boese preached last Sunday at Jeff era, M|nn. Two of the Boese children had thel' tonsils removed this week. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Meyer and son were Algona visitors last Friday. Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Ogren were Swea City visitors last Sunday evening. Donald Worley spent the past week at the F. O. Tortne home near Armstrong. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hertzke were visitors Friday at the Erwln Schwletert home at Hurt. The Frank Kollasch and John Miller families were visitors Sunday at the 8. P. Powers home. The T. E. Dalley family of Algona were guests Sunday at the Mrs. Minnie Heetland home. Mrs. Ed Abbas was operated on last Friday at the Dolmage hospital for appendicitis and gall stones. Dr. H. H. Murray was at Minneapolis several days last w-eek where he attended a dental convention. Mrs. Harry Mussman went to Eagle Grove last Friday where she attended the funeral of her aunt. The Foyd Koepkes and Mrs. Amelia Koppen visited with relatives at Albert Lea, or. Sunday and Monday. Mr. and Mrs. H. Brown and little son of Cedar Falls were -week end visitors at tile Dr. H. H. Murray home. Mrs. Guy Beemer and son Bobby, left la^t Wednesday fur a visit with Mrs. Ili-eni-.T's two siiters in New York City. The George Wciyand family of Ti- touka were visiting Sunday al the home of Mrs. Weigand's parents, Mr. i and Mrs. J. H. Meyer, Sr. j Ml.v> Mane Kronback vl-.iUd Satur- j day nitjiu and Sunday at the home i of htr parent^, Mr. and Mrs. Joiiii I Kronback, at Lambtrton, Minn. Tile Karl Goodnow family of Maion State of Iowa Palo Alto Countr S3. Sftturdar. June 30. 1*34 Board of Supervisors' Boom In tbe court house. Emmetsburg. Iowa. Joint board of supervisors of Palo 'Alto and Koasuth counties met pursu ant to tbe call of the auditors, with the following- member* present: Palo Alto—John Wegener. J. H, Robinson Omro Cottlngton. Mike Con Ion and T. C. Truog 1 ; Kossuth countr—Chas. Morris and P. J. Herken; Absent: Balgeman. Cos grove and McDonald. Joint boards proceeded to or»anlxe and upon motion, (John Wegener was elected chairman and D. L. Johnson, secretary of said meeting,. IThls belnr tho date and time set for hearing on the establishment of proposed Joint gravel district No. 189 Ka-suth and No. *« Palo Alto the •ame having- boon published In both counties aa par proof of publication on file and there being no objections filed or objectors present: Moved by Harris aud seconded by Cotttngton that resolution establish Ing- said Joint gravel district bo adopted and passed. Motion carried. All voting In favor thereof as per tesolutlon on file In each county. Moved by llohlnson and seconded by ConJon that S. 1934 at 1:30 p. m. ut tho court house In Aluona, Iowa. l>o tho date and placa or receiving bids and letting gravel uitract and tho county auditors are :rel.y authorized to advertise same. i renulrcd by law. Motion carried. On motion th« lomt board adjourned mill August 6. l'J31. at 1:30 i>. in., at Algona. Iowa. JOHN .WIX-ENER, Chairman. Attested: t. L.. Johnson. County Auditor. Auditor's Office August 1, 1334. Board of aupervlsors of Kossuth county met pursuant to adjournment with ull members present. On motion board proceeded to audit an,d socond by following- OIK.H aint fUlow imtgA Motion by liotken that tb< lltch rljfht of way uxuiuiJtioii.i bo al.owuil: lianken I.lfo Insurance Company 1- A K Joint No. 1 No. Ac. NK'n NK'/i 36. 30 2.3 l>ruln No Drain No I-:W 27. U 27 'J 1X>— :i.l NU '« i NK',4 NWU J,' SH'» NW, -I NK' 4 .S\V',» 4 i N\\-', 4 NK',4 'J SW'i MOW J. 'J NHU '•>. 'J». 112'J 1'JiO. 1KI11, itnm by ('«'»«! '<ve and .-.oi-onil by vi-n that li.ilyi-niau be ui'l'oilitcil as . AVL-.S: Ail. Dy Mrli .1 il.l :uiil .,i -i -1)1,11 by llelki.'ll I.I; appointed U 1-r. Mol.10 t' < 1 ,rk ,, j.iiy iui<.iii A J.;.,: All. i.' u tu ono h.-ie the pa-A pi i;!rop home s 111 tl.i_ uci- City .-l>enl bt-Veful wt. k at the C. K. i< and wilh oilier reki'.h luty. Kugciu; McMeiuii:in, Paul Kleinin iuiri Durulhy Donnelly of lA.-Ku)b. 111., and Alice Kain uf Aiguim werv ort, Saturday at, Uie i>. P. I home. ilij. ChurU-o Tut! . n A'a.-. Bulfalo CA-IIU.T <,n \V> ;!!...u.,v i.. 1 with _erviiiu uiiii.i-r lor t:.e liu''; at thv- llOllle ol l.t-l ; a!•_•;.I.*., Ml'. Mr;-. J. A. Meyer. K. H. Hvc-sc and hLs daughter llUiliund, Mr. and Mr.-, Hu -;-,i '< HUrfi of Cedar Falls ai.u h_a .on. Ulmont K-.-e.-u vf Elgin. 111. weix- t-ntertaii.ed at dinner Sunday at the VVaUc Ball home. Mrs. Maurstad, who ha:, been Ul fur nuliiu time at the home uf her aau,<h- - • D. J ,'J Hetken that D. L. I«ffert report on Joint Drainage district No. 8 and No. t> Humboldt and Kossuth be approved and recorded. Ayes: All. Motion by Hefken and second or McDonald that R. F. Hawcott be given a refund of S2.00 because of overpaying- treasurer's office In poll tax In 1933. Area: 'All. Motion by McDonald and second by Halgeman. that a refund of 14.00 be given John H. Seeman. Plum Creek township because of overpayment of taxes on tax receipt No. 162 In 1933. Aye«: All. Motion hy BalBemnn and second by CosgTove that Clarence E. Mersch. of ld to wnahlp be given a refund of because of overpayment on tax rooetot No. 76 In 1933. Ayes: All. Motion by IlaJireman and second by McDonald that a refund of Jl.BJ be given A. F. Curran. Sherman township because of overpayment on tax recetpi No. 68. Ayes: AH. On motion board proceeded to audit and allow bills as per "Schedule of Claims" hereinafter written! SCHEDULE OF CLAIMS COUNTY FUND Henry Flsohor, labor 4.liO nrnln \o -IS— Dick nao.lp. labor 8.00 H. A. Hrumt lalmr i 3.00 Drnln No 6ft— Botsford Ijumlwr Compnny mip 1.20 B. G. Stcnstrom. repair tile 30.00 Bud Hanson, repair tile 22.50 nrnln No 75— Dick Bande, repair work 6.00 Drain iNo. 78— Dick Baade. repair work 3.60 Cksorge Onken repair work 8.40 Drain No'. 89— Ray A. Marquis, labor 14.00 Jack Welch, labor 10.50 F. Weyerhaeuser Company .sup 7.91 »rnln No 82— Theo. DorenbusM labor 49.00 F. Weyerhneuser Company sup 3.34 Drain No 84—• O. D. Shumway. legal service 3.00 Drnln No 85— Ray A. Marquis, labor I Jack Welch, labor F. Weyerhaeuser Company sup) Drnln No BO— Dick Baadc* labor Drnln Xo 08— Dick Ilando labor Drnln Jfo 08— Dick Baade. lahor Drain No 09—• Hlloert Severtens, labor Drnln No 102— Ray A. labor ^ -Tack Wclcxh. .labor F. Weyerhaeuser Company sup Drnln No IIS— Wilson Concrete Company, sup G. D. Shumwar. legal service B. - " 12-0» ».oo 52.71 , 8.00 12.00 fl.OO 38.50 4.00 3.00 2.94 1.26 1.00 Paul Construction Company Secondary road dlst. No. 259 744.47 J. A. Roberts, bridge 237.78 J. V. Elbert grrad proj No. 4 453.60 W. B. WWIIams., Secondary road district No. 244 827-81 W. B. Williams , secondary road district Mo.' 256 829.98 W. B. Williams , Secondary road district No. 232 939.84 W. B. Williams.. Secondary road district No. 272 927.69 W. B. Wfllinms , Secondary rond district Mo. 139 2108.96 W. B. WHllams., Secondary road district No. 293 869.96 W. B. WWllams , Secondary rond district No. 274 671.43 Wflllams., Secondary W. B. road W. B. road H. M. L. Hatten estimate No. 3 1748-88 Drnln No 1JO— F. Weyerhaeuser Company aup 2.82 Drnln No 182— Guy Ash. labor 4.80 John Ormsby, labor 3.60 Drnln No 139— F. Weyerhaeuser Company sup 1.91 Drnln No IBS— Q. D. Shurmvajr, legal service 43.21 Drnln No 166— E. C5. Stenstrom repairing tile . . iBud Hanson, repairing- tile 13 of 60— O. D. Shumway. legal service II-K Joint No 3— G. D. Shumway, leg-al service H-K No 8-48— George Gerdes" labor H.K No 4-58— August Stohr. labor 1 George Gerdes, labor II-K Joint No 5-87 G. D. Shumway. legal service W-K NO S5.89— lllbert SeTerlens. labor >lc Bna<le labor ROAD MAINTENANCE FUND 30 00 22.50 5.00 5.00 4.53 1.52 1.33 6.00 1.16 2.91 4.39 S. Johnson, supplies nterstato Power Company light service 2.94 . G. Tliaves, publishing notice 36.60 lugene Meyers, labor 24.00 'orthwestern Bell Telephone telephone service 20.46 Ed. Jergensort labor 7.00 itto Taylor, labor 17.50 Ity of Algona. Ught and wnter service 25.69 '• & NW Ry. Company, freight 1.46 !. J. Butler* county auditor express nml freight 1.98 Haggard & Waller, publishing: notice 2.75 'orthwestern Hel\ Telephone Company, telephone service 13.73 aiil Construction Company hauling gravel 1242.90 aul Construction Company hauling gra,vel 48.83 !ugo Qnclp. labor 60.00 red J. Coon labor 70.00 'r. M. G. Bourne, assign. 5.00 oe Helderacheldt, patrol 76.50 om Weir, patrol 63.00 lem Goodman" patrol 76.90 Eld Fuchsen patron 75.00 Vllllam O. Ludwlg. patrol 77.40 iVm. f. Oronbach. patrol 61.50 ohn Hanselman, patrol 122.32 . D. McDonald natrol i 87.50 ay Mlnard. patrol 62.50 Peter Movick, patrol 75.00 llfford Holmes' patrol ----- . 76.00 75.00 73.55 78.50 district No!""276 859.72 Williams, Secondary district No. 235 539.86 Smith salary 245.00 Don T. Nugent assistant engineer 140.00 Milton McFadden, rodman 75.6"0 Joe M. Esser. labor 107.70 Ooodman Hundsness. patrol 42.00 Oscar Earing 1 labor 112.50 Anthony Hfldman, checking gravel 20.62 H. A. Brims, chocking gravel 27.65 Sid Tjloyd, checking gravel 1 15.05 Clarence H. Cooper checking gravel 18.65 W. G. Smith, checking gravel claimed $106; Amt allowed — 93.10 Ijloyd H. Zentner chocking gravel ' 22.40 Spear & MeVny. labor _ 324.00 K. I,. Hubor Inbor 16.25 Bill Lloyd, labor 3.50 George Looft labor - 18.00 J. J. Wellnm'l, .labor 83.00 Frank Gahan labor 86.00 Kenton Reporter, publl&hlng notice 16.65 Oust Koppen. gravel 110.41 Klbert Garage, storasre 10.00 ilarton-Wnrncr Co. supplies — 265.20 11. A. Clark, provisions In exchange for labor 6.00 C. S. Johnson, provisions In exchange for labor 19.50 Cut Rate Grocery, provisions In exchange lor labor 51.00 Anderson Brothers provisions In exchange for labor 2.60 Sorenson's Grocery, provisions In exchange for Inbor 38.50 Clark's Grocery provisions Jn exchange for labor 42.32 W. -A. White, provisions in exchange for lahor 23.00 Jessie B. Stevens provisions in exchange for Inbor 16.05 Thos Akre. provisions In ex change for labor Sorenson Grocery, provisions In exchange for labor Council Oaks Store, provisions In exchange for labor i W. T. Pilcher provisions in ex change for labor _. Cut Rate Grocery, provisions in exchange for labor R. A. Clark, provisions in exchange for Inbor Bailey & Company, provisions In exchange for labor Merrill Brothers provisions in exchange for labor 35.6J A. H. Krause, provisions in ex- 2.60 2.60 6.00 1.00 2.50 6.50 10.00 change for labor _________ 17.50 Thaves Sisters, provisions In exchange for labor ________ 5.00 Rite Way Food Store. provisions in exchange for labor __ 6.00 Tlce -Brack provisions In exchange for labor _______ 10.00 C. J. Appcltiulst. provisions In exchange for labor ---------- 64.00 Prlebe Brothers, provisions In exchange for labor ___________ 17. 5i L. Worby. patrol yell Miller, patrol H. Montgomery, patrol ,_..., lyde Sand.rx patrol 60.00 M J? ohn S. Nelson, patrol •" •"' - "' /m. L. Barker, patrol d. Baker, papfrol Ike Baker oatrol Malnnd's Store, provisions In exchange for labor POOR FUND Supervteor District No l Anna Sankey provisions for Martin Jordan R. L. Corhln. medical care ___ Fred Schmidt 15.60 Chas. Dennis 14.00 Bessie Matton 15.00 Mrs. Josephine Schrlbner care Bessie Muttoon Algonquin Fox Farm, rent Albert Olson '. 5.00 6.06 44. aO J. A. McDonald, envelopes __ Amouut Allowed ald, envelopes __ % ^ Nortliivo.iteru u«il Telephone Comuuny. tulonhuile survicw 65 1)4 larry Curtis, weed commissioner Hoyd Nowvtllo transoortinir L.-CC boy» —L _____ 1 ___ * City of Algona light and water service ___________________ Haggard & Waller, putjlislirngr l.roeuedlnga etc. ___________ 107.41 'A. MrDomilti, ciivuloiiu.s _ 100 00 17.41 5.00 .orthvvi.ritiM-n lk)ll Tulephono tuluphonu service •l.ny K. .-SandH salary _______ •'. J. Ualiiumau«,jnur ami scsalou _______________ 17U.IJ ,V. K. McDonald, eonmuLssioner and stissloit \V. S. Costjrovi.-. eoiiiiulssloner _ anj ses*tuii ________________ 181.95 Jhas. Morrla_ cuuunlsslon«r and suasion --------------- 170. 'JO . J. Hulkou commissioner and session ------------------ 179.00 r,6 o'j Solou 161. 05 •"ranees McEnroe, labor 31.19 M. Mouru. u_i>uii3u Clark Orton work on. books to balance chockora' report Tax .Sei~vlco Company tax ser- vlcu work >. 1... Tlior«sou, quarantine O. II. Johnson, return ballots Aaron Stcuivy return I.idiots Liird & McCulloUKh. runt chairs Jainui Hatten. bounty Konald Huetlitrul. bounty It. A. 1-Jvans. eoronur's feu J't-tursoii Stutllo uri«ouera' pictures 27.41 I.. I.liu!i|UUst aifent, unclaiin- HI| fows 11 <(5 Hancruft Jtuuiater. publishing: l..-l,wllllKH, 1-tC.. 111.68 tfunl & Wullur Dubl:ahinu oi-ec-lllltrs etc. 144.35 M<*IIIUS ltuljl)t:r Stamp \Vorks l-plles 1.37 Jb'rankel Carlmn i Illhljon Coiu- Dlliiy, bU|,pllt-.| l.GO Mull 1','irrott 33.15 130.1)0 2.20 2.10 "i. 50 . 55 .ir. 6.00 Ilmer Bwlng'. patrol scar Flaring, patrol ------- _ Alton Pettlt, patrol ---- , ---Allan Carr patrol ------Will Leepor. patrol ___ _____ Chester Alme, patrol __ _____ J. f. Qulnn, patrol _„ __ __ Jerry Neolana patrol .30 62.75 63.00 63.25 87.85 50.00 86.80 57.50 75.00 75.00 75.00 67.00 _____ __ . Jay Godden. partol ______ 70.80 C. A, Lamorom. patrol F. D. Prulsman, patrol Wilbur A. Fisher patrol Oliver Young-, patrol Albert Young, patrol I>ouls Scott, dragging Wm Snelcher' dragging Wm. Keller, dragging Menno Rlslufl. dragging TJunt Nekton, dragging F'red ButterfleM dragging Ta<*f,t> Hfifbn\irr. drattKlng ___ A. M. 'JtiMtafHon. dragging 'etcr N. Thllm'H. dragging Albert Wlttkopf dragging "x>ren Uycrs_ dragging 'has. l'lfi-r?< ilriigKln^ lohn Kohlwe*. <lra«KlnK- ^ Itnymond H. I'eterson ilraKKlng \M'<-rt Knwsln. dr.-iRtrinif C. It4;hnkcntlurf, draK-glng __ I. H. Srludtc^ draxKlnK 'alvin Kli»pentrop t dragging 88.45 75.00 76.60 73.60 5«.iO 12.f,n 11 .00 10.00 16.50 4.50 3.50 9.00 11 .00 Roy Sankey B. K. Denney. medical care of Emily Block J. W. McCreery medical care of Mrs. Tletz medical care Myrtle St. John medical care B. Saager _ Anna S. Cook, rent Joe Platt Peter Kenne. wheel chair for Mr*. Otto Tlet_ Anna Sankey provisions for Martin Jordan 18.00 .1.00 6.00 25.00 76.00 6.00 2.00 10.00 --- 11.00 31 .2« S .OU i i ,il t 1 iull/.|jilUcr SUi'l'lU-s IIUAIHC A I Ul\ A'.Lit-; vi.-tt-.-i in.u y l ..; . •j. -jii l 11 ?.<;;, II.Ill ,. ,1, ai.-.:, . -... .1(1 - - . 'l j .<xt It Ml ^it;!'- ,V \\ 111! , I I. .-litlli- 1MMI.-1I INSAM: i i \u ii. 11 in. i 11 . t l by t 01 111' II M) ver from and . ^ ^ . _ I) „ ter. MM. Hiimer Huiia.n, v,iu u hospital at Minneapolis, Mrs. Hajuoii will remain at oli_ to be near her mother. The drudgery of today di tu meet the rejpon^lblluiei row. A aeiiae ul h_Lm j lulu -I youth. the .'rawford Ilrfithers dragging I. I.. Int*?rmlll draRginK lilward IlagKO. ilragKlng W. Ciunder, dragging l.yman I'ottei* clriiHKlng Itlclmrd I*otratz. dragging , ^ Kred Haiimbartner, drugging H- C. AlltH. labor has. Hanson, labor Kr,d IfiiTVor labor _, Itoelf Mlllur.' latH)r He Cifirdls labor M. A. Taylor labor U. Cooiier. labor Hick IJ.-tado. lulwir (jlfcrm CJark lat>or K. Work, labor IH_I~IIIII ( arl (jitin labor Kenm*ly Hr*)H. jui.-tlgn. D 1 )cli,i:r<tiilig. lalxir , tu Warner labor "i-Ko lleildlngt-r, labor i Arm,Id Ix.-lpurdang labor 'li,hn Ks|,u labor K . W. Siunp. lalx>r Ili.-n Niilti; labor lliiKii C. mi,II labor Mum Kvliri;nila. labor A'iv.nii-u 1'ubli^.hliig Company H.iKKard Waller publishing a nutli-u n>S K''.iVel 9.00 ;r, ,r,o 10. -jo 11 .00 i«.r,o 13.00 7.71 VS. on 12.r,o 4 .00 13.00 7.f,0 15.25 3.13 13.50 7.50 12.40 1 .50 15.00 13.75 12.01' 3.00 12.i>0 4 .00 If. .«0 I7.:i0 10. HO 14.00 75.00 1 .65 63.00 15.00 9.&0 2 '- I '» 7^00 15.00 l.'JJ 3.60 .UO .i 1 1 In l»; lilt II . 111. iB m-.m/l 1 1 . 1.71 r. i« 10.00 Benedict's Store provisions for Frank Stewart *.3» Wm. B. Devlne. provisions for Tom Molomphy 9.18 McFarland and Walker, provisions for Fred Schneider -< 8.00 Clark's Grocery, provisions for Wilfred Johnson 3.00 Supervlxor Dfatrlet No - I-fev. C. Paul Carlson transporting Neitzel children 15.00 Rev. c. Paul Carlson transporting Neltzol children 21.DO Mrs. Inmlda Uooley, rent for Win. Uaker 10. Oo &Irn. Wilbur .St. John, caro of Myrtle St. John 36.42 Dr. C'.. II. Ciet/.muyer medical care 3b.OO Jimmy Ncltiittl 1.00 Unhurt luittun 7.00 Myrtle ut. John 21.00 Mrs. John Si-liiuldt 3.0* Dr. U. M. Wallace meet, care 119.60 Uobort Stevens 00.00 Irma Hauaifau 50.00 Kll Hurbank IS.00 Dr. M. O. Bourne, moil care— 150.60 Mr«. JI-H.-AI Stoner 8.60 John KLlor 13.75 Will Winter 3.00 Jim Uodden 61.50 Frank Smith 33.75 Walter Fraaor, med care 15.00 .Mrs. U. Stulnman 5.0O Neva I'almer 10.00 It. A. Uvuns medical cure 55.75 Henry Cook , 15.00 Krank l>«vinB 15. tto Chea. Guilder 6.50 JtiH.-i Uml>erhauer 5.75 Henry Cook 2.50 Mrs. llo.tenau 6.00 Jimmy Tlbbets 1.00 MTB. Wm. Kuhn 1.00 Guorgu Hunt - .75 Mra. Soifert 3.110 Mm. 1>. Foaniiuuh 1.00 Dr. c. D. Schaap dental work 29.00 Christ Nelson 14.00 Mr*, illurbank IF, .00 II. M. UlS'jn, cluntal work 'Alvin Kuudauii 8.60 Ni-itzel i.-hllilreii 22.00 Koakiith Hospital. hOHpltal caro 255.50 l.'nila HaneKall 115.50 Mr*, (.lean Uinberhauwr -- 43.00 Robert 'Jf, .f,ll Margaiet Miller 3.60 Mrs. J. J. Uoddell lia.Ou lit-i.eral I liortlilt«l ealo Mrs. 11. Cook Mii. Itobc-it Moore, caro of l-'raiik Sinner Mai n- l,,iKK,-ri runt. Mrs. l-'iod Kluln Mrs. KL».: Ca-ly, runt i). J. Mil -Dbi-ii.snii J. I., liouar, rent for M. C. I!. I-:. (;nniiL-ll ri :,t .Inn MI <; John Eller 5.00 F. M. Stoner 6.BO Robert Bowman 4.00 August Rosenau 4.00 Mrs. C. K. Johnson 7.00 B. F. Jones — 2.00 Frank Devine 2.00 Robert Dutton 5.00' I^ewls Elke 2.50 Ulm Godden 2.00 Chris Nelson 3.00 Chas. Gunrter 2.00 I^ewls Olson 2.00 Wm. Muckey 1.00 C. S. Johnson provisions 1 25.50 Harvey Johnson 2.50 Amy Johnson 7.60 C. K. Johnson 7.00 F. Klein 6.00 F. Devlne 2 .'50 H. R. Sorenson, provisions __- 84.78 Wm. Harris 1.25 M. S. Brethorst 3.00 Jim Qodden 2.50 Dave Hasz 3.00 WaJter Jentz 2.50 Bd Juchem 2.01 Clara Neitzel 10.60 Mrs. V. Rutledge 2.00 Frank Spelcher 2.00 Mrs. J. Seifert 6.00 Moe <fe Sjogren.. provisions 26.65 John Fox 5.29 W. E. Baker , 2.60 Christ Nielson 8.00 Albert Olson 5.00 Joe Platt 2 .'50 John Steinman 1.25 Arthur Locke 1.11 Thos. 'Akre, provisions 18.00 Mrs. Johanna Cook 8.00 A. F. Donnoly lfli.00 W. T. Pilcher, provisions 11.06 Mrs. Henry Cook 2.80 Mrs. C. K. Johnson 7.56 Mra. Harvey Graham 2.70 Algona Creamery Co. provisions 37.66 Chris Nelson 3.36 Bob Dutton 1.26 Nels Peterson 1.80 Mrs. Frances Rutledgre .42 O. L,. Harris 1'.26 Mrs. Archie Dodds .42 Mrs. C. H. Marshal .42 Evert Padgett .81 Orvtlle Reid .42 Wm. Vanderwerf 3.78 Amy Johnson 2.52 Eugene Meyers , 1.44 Clara Neitzel 7.56 August Rosenau 4.08 Max Messing 6.72 Elmer Holtcamp — .84 James Murray .42 Kenneth t,. Harris sup Robert Dutton 1 . 2.24 Graham Stores, provisions ,— .99 Thos Juchem .50 EM Juchem _ .49 Zender & Caldwell supplies __ 4V.14 Roy Larson 2.00 Arthur Locke 1.89 Mervln Cronen ___. .76 5 Hub Clothiers, supplies 3.98 Del Fosnaugh 1.98 Wm. Vanderwerf 2.00 Elbert Oarage, fuel for Mrs. F. Klein .86 Bnrnsdale Oil Company, fuel for B. F. Jones 1.00 M. G. Bourne, medical aid for Mrs. Lawrence iJiurltson __ 10.00 Supervisor District No S J. F. Studetmker. M. D. medical care Frank Erdman 125.00 L. M. Merritt, services. Frank Erdman £5.00 C. H. Cretzmeyer medical care Mrs. Melvln Abbas 2.00 Dr. Pierre Sartor, medical care Lena Godfrodsen 32,60 Mrs. Raymond McMahm care Mrs. Chester Smith __' 1J.OO Leo Honig. rent, for George Hanlg 10.00 Kraurt Cash Store, provision- Mrs. C. Rablson B.ll Mary Fasbender Grocery, provls- slons for Mary Simons , tf.33 W. H. Stott, provisions for Jake Merer 6.09 SaperrlMr District No 4 O. W. Newel, agent, rent for Chas Bunch claimed 17 not allowed Mrs. Mabel Riddle, transportation ----------------- 7.00 Jnmeg A. Mueller, medical, care for Bernard Leeper ______ _. 48.00 K. W. Ruske care of Mrs. Detman Nielsen __________ 17.36 John N. Kenenck. medical care Slgrod Blerman ___ ___ _____ SO. 00 Kossuth Hospital, hoapltal care 66.00 'Mrs. Alfred Wolter __ 18.00 Slgred Blermann ____ 28.00 Mrs. Augusta Belts care of Daryl Gelst _______ 19.11 Rich Potrats, rent Henry Meyer i.«0 for Mrs. Edwards Fred C. Huettner. Jr.. provisions for Mrs. Jorgenson GENERAL POOH John N. Keneflck. examination of CCC boys National Ke-einplovmont office expet_*o • Cnrl Dahlhauser, serving pauper netlces « H. A. Van Alstync, lodging for Helen Christine Algona Insurance Agency. Insurance on Nels Peterson property COUNTY FARM Ilervey D. Graham, labor D. L. Harris, labor Delbert Fosnaugh. labor 1 M. C. Cronan. labor Frank L. Miller, light service John Kenning-. labor —. Dr. C. H. cret-meyer. medical care Drs. Fox and Winkel veterinarr service 1.49 8.6T 20.00 27.60 3.65 4.00 '- 10.80 6.45 7.50 7.5X» 6.25 1..18 40.00 4.00 Fred Park, expense 1.60 Farmer's Elevator, supplies J86.96 Matt Murtha, supplies 39.93 K.o.->s«th County Implement Company supplies Royal '"400" Oil Company, _sup LaJngr & Muckey. supplies Kohlhnaa & Spllles. supplies , Nelson Hardware, supplies Botsford Lumber Company, sup Thos. Akre. provisions Roy C. Sherman, supplies Graham Compnny provisions __ Botsford Lumber Company, sup Supervisor District No Dr. M. G. Bourne medical cars .87 62.43 4.02 9.21 2.25 7.34 94.83 3.0:; 6.18 3.79 12.60 Kromlng-a COUNTY FUND Helen Becker, salary 11.50 Maurice C. McMahon. expenses 57.85 Kossuth County Farm Bureau-. appropriation , 166.66 Wm. Shirley expenses 40.4!> Carl Dahlhnuser, sheriff 168.00 Carl Dahlhnuser, fuol 6.00 Sullivan, McMahon & Llnnan fees 1.50 R. J. Harrington fees 1.60 Kossuth Daily Record, publishing notice 4.75 Kossuth County Advance, fee _- 6.10 Algona Upper Des Moines. publishing notice Burroughs, Adding Machine Company supplies -i Botsford Lumber Company sup— E. J. Butler, countr auditor Advance bounty _-_ COURT FUND C. Behrman. justice of peace fee >.76 A. J. Doleshnl, marshal 1.69 CONSTRUCTION FUND B. E. Norton checking 1 gravel 24.50 W. M. Williams, graveling 794.00 Lincoln National Life Insurance Company and W. O. Briggs. gravel pit __ 6.60 28.55 15.95 69.71 Wilson Concrete Company, sup 111.IS 474.2* 33.94 30.50 22.iO oo 10.00 10.00 I' i . 11 . 111 i, HIM .. _ iii.i hy sujj l.y .xl'l:,|,lu- ,i,)i.iliy MI;, Co. .-iijij.iaj .~tii,i/ly * '• ..,.,l'l .1 1 I \ (• ()!| ( l, . .-,1,;, 1 ii J IIOVD < <>\VI Kl « TIO-V fL'M> taken to Sunday. 14 .00 B .00 10 .00 SO.00 11.-nt ii'-l.i- Slavic n-ut Sli-bl It/. _.-... -_ ,. li ut iluKh (.ul "11 "in i i >l. «in. it-nt lor :••••! I'm i-t ill ... . •oit-v. nut F M .<\,,i. 'li.ioli lent 1'..,I, Mi: -••'f. i i i-, nt Cn ,.» Uii l'ell-1 ~;l, llllt. IJIl for G . 00 - 10. OU 10.00 a.uo Kennedy Bros. Co.. provisions Loulfl Conway ___ ___Jt.47 Jerry Knapper _____ 10.01 Jerry Knapper ------ 7.M Wrede * Krause, provisions for J. Brlggs __________ Nick Oengler. provision*. Earl 47.41 7.2S Luurltson ______i 7.53 Cut Rate Grocery, provisions for 6.UO Alfred Wolter Hood's Cash Store, provlsloni*.. 22.24 K. Dltxworth 5.00 Eugene Relter _____5.00 Mrs. Doss 12.24 Illaek Hawk County Auditor hospital caro foi K»y Hutchl- Mon family 160.00 Supervisor nuirlrl No • Lir. c. K. Poster, care of Gust Nelson 3..00 Ko.fHuth Hospital, hospital care Ix,-loi-m JiiHkuIke 12.60 t'pper DCS Molnea Valley Hospital, hospital caro of Law- renco Unn 49.00 Mary Webster, care of Noel Kntwlstlo 46.00 Mrs. J. H. Knutaen. room rent Gust Nelson. Art Lester, rent ___ J. K. Faulkner 10.00 Frank Miller 5.00 hay«» Si_*«r_, provisions for Mrs. Joiget.'son Mm. Herman Kluger. provisions 15.00 15.00 16.91 Botsford Lumber Company fuel Joe Greonherg supplies —. 77.10 Corwlth Telephone Exchange, moving telephone poles -__ 4.20 H. H. Struecker. appraising; gravel pit 4.65 J. A. Roberta, bridges 434.40 Austin Western Road Machine company supplies 1.66 Iowa Machine and Supply Company. s*uppUes 16.64 Ileg-Fort Dodge) Company, sup 73.76 Fort Dodge Machine and Supply Company, supplies 22.28 Qibbs-Cook Tractor Company supplies 4502.60 lien's Reformatory, supplies ._ 16.60 Jnrton Warner Company, sup.- 71.40 Sargent Machine Company, sup .2.61 Central Battery and Electric Company, supplies -_— 41. -II Wm. Hedrlck labor 8.00 RESOLVED! That the countr auditor hereby ordered and directed to Issue warrants for all bills allowed at this meeting a per "Schedule of Claims" hereinbefore written as per rote on each Individual bill. Are*: AH. Motion by Balremnn and second br lelken that following record entry be made for 1934 Countr Budget Estimate: Be It remembered on this, the »th lay of August. 1934, th« county board of supervisors of Kossuth countr. Iowa met In session for the purpose of a hearing upon the Budget estimate as. Rind with this board. There was present a quorum a* required by law. Thereupon the board Investlr&Ud and found that the notice of the time and place of hearing- has. according to law as directed by the board, been published on the 19th of July. 1»»4. In Kossuth Countr Advance Algona. Iowa: Alrona Upper Dos Motnes. Algona, Iowa and the Bancroft Register, Bancroft. Iowa, official newspapers published In •«ld county, and that the affidavit uf publication ther - - -- - countr auditor. Thereafter and on said day tho estimate was taken UP and con-lflercd nnA taxpayers heard for and against said estimate. No objections filed and no taxpayers present at meeting. Thereafter the board took up tho Ofttlmate for final consideration and after being fully advised, the board determined that the said estimate be corrected and completed HO that when completed it should be in words and figures as stnted herein. The chairman of the board and the county auditor wore thereupon directed to properly certify the estimate and to file the Maine In tho office of the county auditor as required by law. Ayei: All. Motion by Balgeman and second by Cosgrove that August 20. 1934, at 1:30 o'clock p. m. be fixed as date of letting on gasoline and tractor fuel. Ayes: All. On notion board adjourned to nine o'clock a. m.. August 20. 1934. B. J. BUTLKR. County Auditor. CITY PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY ATTORNEYS AT LAW R. J. Harrington J. D. Lowe HARRINGTON * LOWE ATTORNEYS AT LAW Rooms 212-14 First Nat'l Bank B1-. ALOONA, IOWA J. L. BONAR ATTORNEY AT LAW Collections will receive prompt attention ALOONA. IOWA W. B. QUARTON H. W. MILLER ATTORNEYS AT LAW OSlce over Kossuth County State Bank Office Phone, 427 ALQONA, IOWA A. Hutchison Donald C. HukhUon Theodore C. Hutchison ATTORNEYS AT LAW Qulnby Bldg. Phone 251 E. J. VAN NESS & G. W. STILLMAN LAWYERS Office over Iowa State Bank Phone 213-W Algona, Iowa Qaylord D. Shumway Edward D. Kelly SHUMWAY & KELLY ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over Quinby & Krause Building Algona, Iowa phone 58 : .ou 'll . _ • Jli.i (i-ii.-il.-i, I'm. H.itc i M.ix Mv.-llit Mrs. II. Cook Ni . li: t I tjor-u Holjcrt I)t4tt'«i, _________ „",.!}. i Mi.,. V itullrtl,;,- ". _IIu 00 W. A. .VliiU- iiloi ialolia ______ .John .SinlUi ____________ 4,00 Aliuu.,1;iu _________ 6.00 Mia. I., f. inn,) i.|| __. ____ | . ou Mi» I...II1-- Wi.ll>.u :i 00 Ali.k-rt.oil M..-.U M.ilki-t. 1,1011.,. Ft .il:k M.ji * iv \i 1)0 Jo,: - DO it A. Cl.iik. i-iuvlMon., .- ... .J [III Juil. ;i ..... ___ _______ 2 00 Hen Ol ,011 _ -._ ..... _______ _^.OU l u on 10.00 10 . UO S 7.UI) 0 ,!/0 -7.&0 17.50 f .DO £i'-.UJ L. A. WINKEL ATTORNEY AT LAW Office in Quinby Building. Phene 180 ALGONA, IOWA K. C. McMAHON ATTORNEY AT LAW Office over Quinby &L Kraose Bldg. Algona, Iowa Phone 1-8 HIRAM B. WHITE ATTORNEY AT LAW Office over Iowa State Bank Phone 206 P. A. DAN SON ATTORNEY AT LAW OSiix over Iowa State Bank Bldg. Office Rhone 460- J ALGONA, IOWA Res. 316 CAKB.OL A. WANDER ATTORNEY AT LAW Over Puatotflto Phone 66 E. U. Panxuut Judge D. F. Cvyl« Office om- Basket Grocery ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW Phone .20 Algoua, Iowa J. W. Sullivan (dec'd) S. E. McMabon L. E. Llnnan SULLIVAN. McMAHON * LJNNAN ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over County Savings Bank ALOONA, IOWA PHYSICIANS A SURGEONS J. N. KENEFICK PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Office formerly occupied by Dr. A. L. Rlst over Rexall drug store Office Phone 300 Res. Phone 32. ALGONA, IOWA C. H. CRETZMEYER, M. D. Surgeon St. Physician Office John Galbralth Bldg. Phone 444-310 W. D. ANDREWS, D. O. Osteopathlc Physician and Surgeon General Hospital Phones: office 187; Residence 688 ALGONA. IOWA P. V. JANSE, M. D. PHYSICIAN &, 8UHGEON Office on South Dodge St. Phone No.—Rea. 366; Cilice 668 MELVIN G. BOURNE PHYSICIAN & SURGEON Office over Post Office Blrig. Phones—Office 197 Res. 194 DENTISTS DR. II. M. OLSON DENTIST Gius or Novocalne used for extraction Located ovur Chrlstenien Store Phone: Business 166. Residence, 470 ALGONA, IOWA DR. C. D. SCHAAP DENTIST Quinby Bldg. Phone 133 Rea. Phone 174 Alaona, Iowa VETERINARIANS Dr. L. W. Fox Dr. J B Winkel Office 220 West State street Office Phone 475-W Algona, Iowa Hi a. 47S-R L. M. MERRITT MurUc-ui and Funeral Director Phoue 11 Ov.r Pi_lior A. V. UEKT1G SIGN SEHVICE Phons 608-W

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