The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 16, 1934 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 16, 1934
Page 4
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The AJgona Upper Pea Algona, Iowa, A«f . 16, 1934 BOLUNGER-WEBBROO PICNIC BRINGS 127 TOGETHER; MANY FROM FEKTON Iowa Children'* Elephant Is Coming to KoMtrth's Fair Hew York Woman is Honor * Guest at Reunion; Met «* At Emmetsbttrg Ai<3 society at her | Chsr. 10 .* Strwrr Tr\ e \ of Ririsr- of her a-jr.t. Mr?. E. C Wea- • Jon •Jps.5 held g.t the park in fcwr? Sunday with Mrs. AH>rrt f»nbach of New York CSty aj? ho On« b-jTidrsd tT«r.*y-s»r?n A bro«J. Mr ^cr th» /Joe'-ors car? for ^"rr.« Sr.f- *.*.* r.s,-! .-J-.r-T,:c •'?£«• crrr-pijcatlorj". Mr. ard Mrs Ctrt? »r><3 the afternor,Tj -xsw rionv? of fenx! at eat GQesesre City w-re So»j*rr j E*srt Bodfte came PMdty raests at tfc* bone of Sfr. aad j frsu Odar Pas* to th« home of his Mrs, W. C. Tiyior M*! fiBBiSjr. ] *We"« pareirta. Mr. aa«J Mrs. Mr. as»! Mrs. Staafey Oarfcer and i :2:0e da^sglrter, DXaasa J-au. of raart {Mian We SBfid*, Ttstian at the • ; Jaa=e af her ascOser. MSs. S&ry HsS. j I Mr. «d Mr* M^n.1 KM a=d ! • b«*7 sen of ne» »S8on »-r- Moc- j • •iay (Szser panets st tie brasse of i Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Sanders were at the born* of Mr. and Mrs. B. i Mr. snA Jtrs. Angnst K&sctlwiBn and i Socday diimar Mrs. ?raa is a sfcser of Mrs. •irv. ar.d nr?:r.:a •«" f-r C! 'r.-i *.h» Wcr'is F'.ir s-rf her» trh5>» rirftlr.* »» "-fie 5 ~^ r -~- i£"*- R I-- ^"^r* 55v Otf-r. Mrs B D. Wsis- "'" ^-rrr. Jr. *&--- t<- .^r? A".*nr:::w t>» i and sen. Cisir srxi Harrrr. Sfr w •fid SCrs. Ke^rnKc 3fc"-i?'r. Mr vc& M: Mrs Mike* W»fc*«T>i. Mr. mntf Mrs. Phiiip W'isfcrnrt Mr Ksi Mr?. W. ;. : *r ftn*> J4^^ n» *_^ ** ^ssfcf^i 3£r i^c! SET'S. r ^.v J**rr Ai?» C-asboat M? szd MSB. Si _,..'__ __ ....._ __ __ _ r~~~z '-' AI«~-2 •- 3£rs Hat:-* TT-»iSfcryi KJC J 'ier*~ »? -r» -f *J> rr.-ors mi-crae .' Trairier Szorv at ibe Ion State Pa^r 'hi—v ".~ tl">*' ~J.5£^ Tr?sz. She "s"3j : fT".n:ds f^r fire rears *T^ has Deri r^nr_r=s, ricte:* »r;d dimes peered i Tide variety of triclts wfcjcn JCr *=4 Mr? A. W &-:-;> *.r/J ci-./i- oKtrfcw^J tr iZtc-sarjli cf ixrra SK! i rhe xii oerftCT for tfe ectertain- ssd 7.r^r==- Asrs Ha-r cwJ Marilyn. "* r -- Mar7 Birt*r* »r.,J B'—ie cf Err.- crU =. =C ;arv cf Icr-s. aid altic-ish i E«-.ri ef -rtatcrs ac Lhe fair her?. Sr*»i. -ie Rer. arvd JC3. J. T SCT- , -~1. <Ier *~£ »r. - ;jlr»s. Wirrsz ut<; F*r-Zie &rpertr:,»riii*r:i arxi JJTrj. T G acd -J-^Ir —irLt.*rs. ICr. acd Mrx lam acd Mrs. Thecia* T;y cf T-;; c"~ -^r, 1C C^rssL PazKT^rania- Mr. ard sr<! Ti'srsijy ai tb« Dr J. A. Mrs. W. E. -- r o»l3«»r aaj (Jaij^fcter. GU- Jcr Jiccie. dys. Mr. aarf Mr«. Ray Stoker. Mr an< 3 M^ j F. ?^ *«3 aa^svr. PT-,, . T .r^ f™ •>. F^^ Quentin Kongsbach, With! Mr. azsd Mrs. Riefcard CJannaa tad • IS*t.I» daafltiiStr. Leons. o? east of W«s- >r. Tistsed fandtay it "3x Sees of i*r parents. Mr. and SCrs. WSiam Mr. and Mrs. Lea Solents and fatnflf new Do»n. Offers there ««re Mr. and Mrs. John PirJt «Bd son. Bobbie, Mr. sad Mrs, Dw! Stott aEd son. Keith cf Titoate. and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ha^v- acd Mrs. Naoici DeWUde and da^ehier. Constance Joy of Mason Cltr. Mrs. Sanri Wise and son. Herman, aad dacsfater. Mrs. Medietb RorpEr of near Tltocka. len early Thiirsdav of last <reek for KnoxHon. •gi-n, -jrhere tiny Tin vtett with sen brother and familv. Mr? iis sister. Mrs. A e* u sared r=r ty tfce State Pair :>»r^- sia? is the pi jye; LJ cf die -iZ-ir=2: -f th« srat* The • p-^rrf.awr! MiM ir. I32S. ' SK WEST BEND YOUNG MAN HOME AFTER TOURING FRANCE, ENGLAND ON CYCLE is '~. a Mr-. Ew»rs a=d Mrs. City. Prjiay 'T-rJr.? frt-T •{•* Ir-ne. Mr. acd Mrs. Jofcn )U«Sit. Mr. - ^-.-^ and Mrs. C. f. Kern acd chCdrsn. -r»j>t Itanfood, tff'.tr, arxi ISssyl. Mr. arxS jj-^ r _ Mrs. CharXs iTexel and chiifrra. Htr- ! ' ""', ,. j-r,.^ a-«5P»=- -»4*1. L 7 !e and LaVcnn*. Mr ard Mrs. • .^.^i,jHast^k' Bo ™* e " " E. R SchW and »n, EiTlr. and Mar- : j'^/^^r*^^ JUC .v, old. Mr and Mrs. P-Wr F '" ? *-'"' * "*" * 1J1 "^ Mr- and Mrs Harry Haa.?e and -j-wvn ... , ter. WiirJey Mae. Mr. and Mrs. Mel- ; w ^ J * M/n .^ ' . . •viri Marjia^er arid c.-.j'x!rfri, I>.,cres ar.d i "* «* r -*"- r ' '^."TJr.orje cntnpar.y re- Ow. Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Osborr,. Mr. «<-^ * shipnvr.- of poja, -^K T«k and Mra. E. J. Prank and chi!4r»n. i and ahirl^y, Pauline and Phyfils. Sir. ai>d i«rR A. H Meyers and children. B»t- ! ''^ ty Ann. Joan and Dickie, all of PJDton: Mr and Mrs c. L. "Weisbrod ar.d •cm. Melvin of Rinsptted; Mr. wid 'JeTc-o; and ?vn r Warm of Hartley, and Mrs. r. Mrs. Albert R^icher/haeh cf ? York City; Mary Jamie^n The Man , About if Town Say* Pals, Worked Way With Orchestra are he r^rer^t hi?t; !oTtr. by r ?5ar^, "r M t_ aP ^, t , ! f a * E ; '«• « ««--! ^- - to.- th«r p^«= on the ship'both^ayV H.^jcarr.p o. M.....-APC.JI ss ln the FoTd p ; aK . ^ At the ^ jTe te . -j^.. t;i:red pj^-jce j,^ England on f.€nd loTa us faH. Mr _ . . _ improv- F. C. Biiley. farmer ca&hier cf the ! iiughs and smiles w?re ti-.e oniy indi- LI? from her recent severe illness. .,._-.- _. i -ir*ed St.a*e Baric h*r» ha.s accej.t';d '. ca'vior.s thai saved Helen While frcrn : Mr anfl Mr , tn-^pr Pii-ram a^. in and MM. F. E. Wrt'brod and row. i a pr^ti^ Tlth th «. K^h^.^m <; a . j callir.g a doctor to -' " : ^ and Mra " Emcr P 11 '^ 111 are to W»Da« and R°t»rt of Emrr^twra: j ., onal Iawrance <» a: ceda,. mrtas. Mr. and Mrs. Dean W-llfe snd eajwhwr „, toolc IJp nls ^^ .^^ Au?ust j_ Bp.eij^ of Renwick; Mr. and Mr£. Hte j^j./^,^ .^^ j ^ k _. ^ _ C3v> Brrjofcs and dauzh>r. B^?erj7 ! i HP t* it,r, rV.^-.-.rc, a ^ »-r.-r, »>,» hi, i v^-uinz at tr.e home of her aunt. Mrs. his case, itnntscta this xeifc looking for a" new Those who attended the rodeo her* ; ' ,,"' the clown. Shcrtv Gm?an. Barber of Whittemcre is Ann of Ir/wa of Ki':mnve Mrs. Herman torn? patknt at T. ft. McPall received * cilntea] ex- daughter. Beverly Ann, of Iowa Palls, a-, a Fairmont hospital on came Sa'urday and visit-'d until 8un- r'-c«-iv(rd bi;j ovations fr'm Vf'-fJ, ni«- Htsrk Delicious and Fresh Every Day ! v/ijj t\t><\ \V:i--,!.'- Wilson Bakery at e-vtry game and u ttill "ti'if.'n of in ba«.-ball circles. • • • The graduating elaA* of the Algona Kit;:. T.OO: of Ii23 h'.-M a r'-ur.ior. at • r.'- ;'a; park Sunday,;/. About or.*- or -v.o j-fi] n.< rr.b'-r.s had no lam- i/.- — Mr. O.-.-rrro-'.r and Miss O. : i:<- -A«re in atten(iaij</r. The f'a- tur- of th«. ratherir.:; •A-n.'i the pre. r ,c-cce o: ::.': former E : 'her Free fro.n the W. Dubbs this week. , ai/Iord Murwon went to Rolfe Mon- ooasimg and day morning to work in the harvest Satern and shoppers in children and :-£day at the of Plover visiting her frl'.nd. Mi'.s Carolir.-? Graham. Mr. ar.d Mr.-. Henry Falb rfturntd h',n,i- Saturday fr'm a .'<-•*• day. 1 .' vacation with relatives at Deep River, j Miv, Norrrji Andcrr-i»f? returntcl from Re.-swjck Friclav wr.ere jhe h;id '•p'-rit a f-.-.v uayi with her aunt, Mrs. !>•') Mimbach. Miss Enid D-yle returned from Mal__ MI : : ir<i Friday alu.-r f landing a few days r'.'-,- bnd'M-!vin"Heri-i'•- l!lr:i! ht ' r - !Mf:! ". ^ rs - Kdwarc! Gre- Califon^a. Woul'lr.'l i', ,'"''" ar;(] 'amjly. ••a to Mrr.ila 1 /- t:.;., cath- I ? - I - v ' Ida Riley drove to Df.-.s Mo'.nes '-'• o'.ii-r c:a. : .:,<i get t,r,. | Fn^Iay. Si.'- WR.& accompani d irorr. 1 I.r.'-.'inore by her brother, Cha.'.. and • • • i '*:!<• ar.-j f.on. Lavon. Mr. a.'Ki Mr/i. Myr'.n HOO.V n'-urn-'-d '•/rre !."•.:.•-; Alton I',va, the fir". TJ!' '..'•• •-'. •:-: 1?.<-y -,i'it<.d Mr. Booi' hro- '.' r '-.!.-! J:.r;.; y while a'*ay. iJr ar.-l Mr.s. P. O D'.Tweiler »t- t- :.'i'-'i !;.«• Jarnily r<-'.i.:o:i o! me I>or- *~i'.'-r lui.'...y at tr> r.orr.t of a ti.'.ter. M.' Pf.-r M'r cri :n Cecar Fall.-;, .Sun- an incentive for those -.'.:••'; •.;.• :r ^Vsy^ '.r.. :.-: r' i'.' M- . r-. Ii','.rr.< JOE BLOOM Coast to Coast Store Week-End Specials Hay Rope, t/idl...,» . i->J B Batteries, Motor Oil, fciAK Vj J,...., In,; House paint Varnish, I.'..; ,;,.; , Generators M'.uu T ,,., :.. Tires, IK-.-I . in 3.69 85c 32c 97c 97c 2.79 3.65 Batteries, 1 ; o AO ;>.,: «r,a;,:-- ,< ^.jO Barn Paint, ,Mn.i,. Qi f-i^a:;-;, v,...',:. tj^\, 67c I'ndff tl». national VRA ((Hie a trr»- ..'f'-i.s'' '*.':. a r\jjx;r. ir. ".*. r>ca/. r ie »v,o ;., ^'.Juir r ;or.'j,vt;t,or.. eH'.-i't:'.r • --'-'. J I.'. '.:.•: .'..-:.<• co-.;.'.-, a.-.d -•.;• :.:.'.'-. :.<.;t- :.-•-„ cf -r.f ?-;ur.K : '< '"',''• T / .' -- a^.i-. -^i 1 .:. f .'•. br.':: .'-•. a :,..";..-.•• O; r./, .r> t;.^t i ;. • /..'.i/ "/::.,v'.'.or. O'.r Jr.'-r' '.i(C.:v a ...i.'.^ . ! -..i;.x rf.'.'. a '*t::.r .-- : ' : " :r •.. = ..'..,•.:- 'IV,- - r.;,-.- •_:, •' •- •' ..-.-. * -;i.,.- Ku.--;-> vi-:.': Mr- Orv:!> Hurr ol Hivelock spent M' at t:.e i.orr.fc ol h- r bro p .:.»-r. Arrr.'.r .S:;r..'!.o;,-. ar.fl jimjiy. Ha;o:r! i H'r-.r:. '.:.-. •*«:.» r.'/n.e 'Xitn her lor a 7.-.e Pre;,byteriar. Aid toclety will '. .0 t,M-]r r*'^ultir ir.eetir.g in tne r:. r ;urfh parl'.-ri WsrUr.riday afttrn'xjn. 'Ir.'-r* ail] be entertairanent ai.d a .^.•. r ;. -AI;I -•!.- ar.-l Ha mi] An M«l«-l T Ford witb a :.-, tr \'..% ui.'yJ t>y i«t J[Ji*:b t,^ I:. ^a;... r.! lliiV ' Pi'ig.e Groie Tue^xiay ' "-.- '<:.'!':. ',c'•^rr'-'l t.'.at in number M - !ca Kv,- if . ar.d KTar.daa^.v.ers, .'.!>.- .. I:-;.fc Lit tit and J.1...A Horuir. ol ;-:r.-j ;< iati-.t 1 , 7"r.ey returned li-- i.d -unaay am *Ui go to .n.«. in BiouX City .y Mr-. Hirold And'.retrg and ;j .-.(.- ;o Hut'-'.:.'... four.tiay to ir.- J.MZ.'.- of ntr ti/.'.er, Mit. *i! ei.'l fa:r..i> J-,<_r is atjie ',at a;<a:n :,;/-'*- r;L> b*r'.-re iii- Floor Mats, it -I/:x : . ;.•;. '» ar(./,:/ir,.u.'.l»:'J ar.u wt/.t to • i nt-r hoir.e Cattle Fly Spray CQ« U.:.;; , . ,.r tJ ;. >; /a:,-,!. J JV Rope, j,i,iv man- OQ« i .J . I'Hi !-._'. OJL Floor "Wax, John CQ« 1 ib ixii. Jk/C Tubes, O fi i^Ai. .,..-;. UUV Ask for Auction Dollars Beer 21 hot. case $2.00 A.1.'-;(J Jr«r,c; No CM. Lit !>.;.:..., ',.,: olten !or no or.-: c^r. *'* ' % '" '""••"'"• i t touiity fair ia jcut ^EOU-t^d thu i i.:.., ;;,.;. '.! A.,; j.a ^:. ol !;.• ;n ,>ort •:.•. Ijj: ,. . i; :;.oJl,i t,..- A j Sexton Win», 11 to 8 From Plum Creek Seitoi. -Jr.e S-.-xt^r. ta.v.6aJl tea:r; ! I'.'iivtu v.j-5. ',.., fi-.-ii (,'re,,: K.-U.VJ i-u.'.- i tiit tcozt of 11 to b ! Paul Stiii ii uiU'i -.K./UU Mor.cav «<>r- ! Joe Bloom Wilt'.'- ft Koo r. .itv. i. -o/i <,1 Mr i.;.'j M <.o._,i;, tirl Aii.ii.:i Aili-Jj i. i..-J.,.,,,;.i' L i. ol fa'/AUi Tbe Misses Rnth and &nie Beitter ' srrf G-^!rz5 Ails cf near Britt and T?d rt^TT*i^? "5 C? ^fotiffrS Aftl'* tSSTJcAT 3£^€T~ '. coon Tsstors at the h-sse cf their Jri^rd. M5s Wen Wise. Locine Wsse. dsnc?it€r of iCr, and ; Mr?, strutter Wise of =«ar P!rmc^tri. i • r«-r±east of Mascn Ctty. is -nsiting a Joseph L. Wise of that p'ace. Tn«r : fe-r days it tfcs tons- "of 6er erand- • a 1 ^ planned on Tlsitln? other prints i rrctfcer. 5£rs. Saraii Wise. ~ ; of interest ThU« on their T»T includ- I Mr. and Mrs. IJerfd H. Ster?n and • i Stae son. E^fft^y Poane erf S^rea City | j •JP3T? caSars Saturday at tfap home ! ! cf his paraifta. Mr. aijod Mrs. Harrey ;, ! Steven «Ed fasnSy north of tcirs. j i Mr. mcd Mrs. Harvey Crora* of AI- ! : zoca stepped at tbe fccm* of Mr. and i : Mrs. John T. BSiS acd faaiilT Sunday ! as tfcey Trere on th»tr wn~ ! near Cresco. Icrsra. Former Wesley Girl Is Mother of Twins W«sieT: Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Horst«««- spent li^ day -risiyne. a niece of Mr. Creech. Mr. and Mrs. bein? the former Mrs. HuS is ! S*" 35 Lacffi* Gahan. are the parents I o f a pair of trxta babies born to them Johnson ard i Werfr»sday of last -sreek at the Mer- Mascc ; cy hospitai in Mason City. Its boy and six onr,ces City TTOC caEicg on old friends in; stated fire Sexton Saturday afternoon. They had and tie girl tipped th« scales at been visiting with her parents, the | pconds. Miss Gahan operated a b^au- Aiex Miliers near LnVenx, and Tere ' ty parlor in Wesley a few stnmo»r3 ago. on their way to Wesley to visit his fa- and taught the home school east of ther. Theodore' Johcscc. W«stey for a nnmber of years. West B«d: Qaentin Rongsbech ar-i T»d r.crr.e •;-* Srst of the weei from I I E^rcp» T:---r? he and three other j y;-ir_z rr.*r. have be^n or. a si?htsee- Th« eari»«?t to year*, »erfn oclock, ;rjr tr.p Thev Ten; as the Campus four.d Bob trp M'.rjiay rr.crrnr.? Piaybcrs crchestra. and playsd for The Final CLEARANCE on Summer Needs at Mrs. TRIBON'S Rummage Sale at Christensen's Bargain Basement Friday and Saturday Mr. Christensen has given his stock of summer dresses in both silk and cotton from his regular up- tairs stock and has told me to sell them durincr these two days at prices that will move them out quickly. I will have good sizes and the prices will be very cheap. Come these two days as it is my last and final sale on summar needs. I will have Suits, Coats, Cotton Dresses, Silk Dresses, Blouses, Skirts, Sweaters, Children' Dresses and many more seasonable needs. Mrs. Tribon at CHristensen's Uiv- belie^ able; Untill/on seeitulith eyes diaconnecting jroor range from the chimney and then trying to MUCC m it* What wrjold your kitchen look like? Woold it really bake? You will tee this actually done «t die GLOBE Stove CIRCUS We w3J •* It No. 6 tan a 6O-incfa PAPER pipe BUT NO QflM- NKY. Yet we wiO bora it and in it aD <Uy Yon wfll not only «• diM done, V«t wffl CM Glow Maid Candy Stick Cooties, o>ad« and baked in thi» marreloa* range wfaJk yoa mmd and watch. No on* ha* e*er DARED *ncn a baking demonttration bef or*. Imagine a raaga witfa SO LITTLE heat bat it doean't bom a PAPER moke pipe. Imagine a range *o marvdetofy dntgned tfaat it wfll bake when NOT ""~*ftrj to Ste the Glow Maid do dungx at our Circa*. Remember the Dote SATURDAY September 8tfa Nelson Hardware Algona. Iowa R<-ad the Want Ads, Brake Relining Special TT"P1?1? Wil]l '•«««•» hi'akc r rviLiL r( .| ill( . job Complete Car Lubrication Include, ail connection*, chtcking of differential and trariiiniiiion nc^t wheel it-pack. Battery ana tire^ checked also. \\V I lave Auction Money Can You Stop When Emergency Looms Ahead? Jirake Adjustment on ELECTRIC BRAKE MACHINE A Brake Inspection at n<> <-har^c- to you Of Whtfcb 10 ol yoor armr* aud Check These Items with Us .Siccriji^ (JU-HI- Tires \Vjnd.-Jucia Wiper Horn Hum] JJrakc Lights I'cdal Jirakc Ignition How Are Your Tires ? Don't Take chances on thin worn tires when yon can buy Firestones Double guaranteed for life against all defects and fur 12 months against all road hazards. There is a FIRESTONE Tire for every car. Tire Service Co. h5t; jair \Vork ('ash "VIC"

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