The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 9, 1934 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 9, 1934
Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa, Aug. 9,1934 Bancroft Junior Team Wins One* Loses Two at State Meet 3 REGULARS ILL PART OF TIME; BEAT BURLINGTON Indianola, Allison Champs, Down Kossuth Team in Good Games Bancroft: A large crow! motored to Rockwell City test Wednesday to attend the gtans the first day of the state 'baseball tournament held there. However, Bancroft put up a losing fight to Allison that afternoon, bufi the boys played a fast game and took the loss •with good spirits. Thursday, three regulars, Kenny Devlne, Maynard Bolster and Hamll Murphy were forced to stay out of the game on account of Illness and again Bancroft lost to In• dlanola. Friday, the boys were right In there, fighting and came out on top, winning from Burlington. The outcome of these games may have been Just the reverse had our players not become ill. Allison's Junior .baseball team won the state title last week but the Bancroft Junior Legion players gave a mighty good account of themselves, although defeated 9 to 2 by Allison. The Bancroft nine whipped Burlington, 5 to 2, In one of the biggest upsets, and snuffed out the hopes of Burlington lor the .title. Moulton and formed the Bancroft battery. Menke New Telephone Manager Miss Margaret Howe has secured the position of local manager for our telephone office. Our present operators are leaving for Colorado In the near Oil Station Bargain IP TAKEN AT ONCE One of the best spots in Algona. Now selling Standard Oil products. Act quickly if interested. McDonald & Co. Phone 120 Algona, la. future, having been here a very Short ;lme. Bancroft has received excellent! telephone service from these people, and everyone regrets their going. Mrs. Lattimer has been employed by Miss Howe and also Ananita Schiltz for relief work. Dr. and Mrs. B. E. Weber enjoyed Sunday dinner at hla brother's home In Oorwlth. Ruth Adolphson returned home from the Worlds Fair last week. She had been there for over a week. Mtsa Maria Ooyne is spending two weeks with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ooyne. Miss Ooyne works in Joliet, HI. E. Davla has been employed as the blacksmith In the Delterlng garage, taking the place of Hans Doocy, who bought a shop in Auburn. Mrs. Earl Elliott of Rockwell returned to her home Sunday evening after having spent a week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Oeo. Oarmean. Betty and Patricia Schwartz arrived home Tuesday morning from Prairie du Sac after a two weeks visit with Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Schwartz. Floretta, Welp, R. N., returned to Omaha Monday to resume her duties in the hospital there. She haa been visiting her mother, Mrs. Joe Welp, Sr., for two weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Brown, daughters Mary Sue, Ruth Ann and son, Tommy of Omaha spent Saturday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Berens. North Dakota, for a short visit. L. J. Johnson of Adrian, Minn., will visit with relatives here for two weeks. He drove to Williams for a couple of days' visit with Philip Sheridan of Ames, who was home tor toe week end. Mr. and Mrs. Valentine Droessler of Des Moines are here for a week's vis- t with his brother. Miss Gertrude Schiltz, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. N. J Schiltz, returned with themi from Emory, South Dakota,-for a two weeks' visit. Dr. and Mrs. Jack Lynch and daughter, Joan, of Sioux City, arrived on Saturday evening and spent Sunday with relatives before going on to Ok- obojl for a week. Mrs. Guy Hart and daughter, Antoinette accompanied them to the lake. They left Sunday evening for Fargo, Mrs. Verne Austin entertained at three tables of bridge in honor of Mrs. Earl Elliott of Rockwell Saturday evening. Miss Reglna Berens won high. Mrs. Carl Pearson of Algona won second and the guest prize went to Mrs. Elliott. After cards a delightful lunch was served. LONE ROCK NEWS Algona Girl Shows Musical Talent Emmptaburg Reporter: Miss Ruth Malueg, Algona girt trumpeter, entertained the local Rotary club at their weekly luncheon here Tuesday noon. She was accompanied on the piano by Miu Foster of Algona. Mlsa Malueg appeared in -a concert in the Methodist church here a couple of weeks ago. She is surely a talented trumpeter. Mrs. R. L. Padgett spent Friday at the Wm. Dehnert home in Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Priebe of Fenton visited at th eparental Ernest Priebe home Sunday. Wm. Krause who has been working with the Williams graveling crew, came home Saturday. Mrs. Ernest Priebe. who has been ill at the home of her son. Carl in Fenton ,came home Friday. Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Rice spent the week end at Hampton with Mrs. Rice's sister, Miss Edith Hoxie. Mrs .Ray Bierstedt Is assisting with the household duties at the Harold Furntce home at Hunvboldt. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hefler of Granada, Minn., were Sunday dinner guests at the Harry Hobson home. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Whalen and son, Jackie of Dolliver visited at the Hugh Marlow home Sunday. I'irnard Leeper, v.-r» > has been in the hospital at Iowa City, was able to be brought home last Wednesday. Mrs. 8. M. Gladstone and daughter, Mrs. A. A. Kruepcr returned home from Salem, South Dakota, Thursday. Mrs. Walter Paulson and children of Downey spent the week end at the E. M. Jensen home. Mrs. Paulson is a sister of Mr. Jensen. Mrs. H. N. Osher of Graettlnger came Friday for a few days' visit at the home of her daughter, Mrs. E. M. Jensen and family. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rath and family and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hulbert had a picnic dinner at the Call Park near Algona Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Helgason and Mr. and Mrs. Wendall Helgason of Wallingford visited at the Frederick Schultz home Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Peterson and Marie Radig of Pasadena, California, were Wednesday dinner guests at the R. L. Padgett home. The Mite society will meet next week Thursday in the church basement. Mrs. Jay Oodden and Mrs. W. O. Flaig will be hostesses. Mrs. A. W. Lampe and daughter of Ventura spent the past week visiting her parents, tha Richard Longs and also visited at the Jack Qulnn home Mrs. Margaret Davison ctf Mason City came Monday for a visit at the home of her daughters, Mrs. Robert Dransfeldt and Mrs. R. L. Roderick. Mrs. Emil Kraft and J. M. Blanchard and daughter, Mrs. Chet Alme attended the funeral of Mrs. Elsie Johnson at the Methodist church In Fenton on Friday. Henry Knlss who has been in the hospital at Esthervllle the past week. Dransfeldt home were Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bahllng of Burt. Mrs. Walter Powell of Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Roderick and daughters. Mrs. Powell is a sister of Mr. Dransfeldt and Mrs. Bahllng. Mrs. L. R. Roderick and daughters, Margaret and Imogene and Mrs. Mary Roderick, who has been at the Roderick home the past six weeks and Mrs. Robert Dransfeldt drove to Mason City Thursday. Mrs. Mary Roderick remained at the home of her son, B. O. Roderick for a visit. Rev. Willard Bell of Oto. Rev. C. L. Liming and family of Aurella, George Liming of Adair, and Guy Liming of Milford, Ohio, spent the week end at the R. I. Simpson home. Rev. Liming and George Liming are brothers of Mrs. Simpson. Charles Simpson accompanied George Liming home for a visit. The following attended a picnic at the State Park in Algona Sunday honoring Mrs. Lawrence Dittmer's birthday: the R. T. Angus family, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Dittmer and Lois WhitehiH of Lone Rock, Mr. and Mrs. Delmer Angus and son, and John McNeil and Evelyn Crulkshank of Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Fred GenricYi drove to Cherokee Thursday where they attended a rural letter carriers' convention. They were accompanied by Mrs. J. M. Blanchard to Sutherland where she visited at the home of her daughter, Mrs. John Sones and by Vera Morris to Aurelia, where she visited a friend, Esther Nelson. They all returned home Saturday. < Sexton Loses 9 to 8 After Ten Innings Sexton: played a The Sexton baseball team very close game with the Irvington team on the LuVerne diamond Sunday afternoon. The ninth inning being a tie a tenth inning was played with Irvington winning with the score of 9 to B. • It's the world famous ttquare tub, cast - aluminum Maytag—the finest washer Maytag ever built — with all newest improvements. • It haa the famous Maytag Roller Water Reiuover —improved —• almost a washer in iUeif. • It lias the famous Gyiratator water action—• originated and perfected Ly Maytag — the fastest witer action known. • It lias the Auto Type ehift lever — Sediiueut Zinc—Aiijutftahl all the featured that liavo made May tag the world'd most popular washer. It id Luilt throughout to tive you extra years of dependable, trouble-free, economical wabhiug returned Sunday, brother. to the Conrad Rahn home Mr. Knlsa is MM. Bonn's Mrs. Calvin Householder and her dHJldren, and Mr, and Mrs. Frank Householder and son were Sunday dinner guests &t the Wesley Householder home near Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Thomsen attended a birthday dinner at the parental Knud Thomsen home at Ringsted Sunday in honor of Mrs. Knud Thomsen's 69th birthday. Sunday, the E. M. Jensen family accompanied by Mrs. Paulson drove to Eldora where they met their parents, the Jensens of Iowa City and had a picnic dinner in the State Park there. Ruth, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Emil Kraft had the misfortune to fall on a cement step one day last week with a glass in her right hand and cut a, wound that required the doctor's oare. Mrs. M. E. Blanchard and son, Edward visited at the Albert Thompson home Saturday. Mrs. Edward Blanchard and children who spent the past week at the Thompson home, returned home with them. Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Padgett and family, Wm. Krause, Mrs. Orvllle Ro- rendahl and son visited at the Clifford Meyers home at Corwith Sunday. Tarence Padgett remained at the Meyers home for a longer visit. Mr. and Mrs. Chris Shastr, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Shaser accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Oak of Columbus Junction and Mr. and Mrs. Howard Oak of Iowa City enjoyed a picnic at Tuttle Lake last Wcdneaiav. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kuhn accompanied by Helen Kuhn of Algona drove to Humboldt Sunday where they met Mrs. Kuhn's daughter, Miss Gfene- vieve Stubbs of Des Moines, who will spend the week at the Kuhn home. Mrs. G. A. Sharp moved to Dayton Friday where Mr. Sharp has been conducting a pool hall since the first of July. Mr. and Mrs. August NeUon of Seneca moved into the rooms where the Sharps lived and will run a grocery store where the Shajps vacated. Sunday dinner guests at the Robert Mrs. Wm. Hartley was quite sick the last of last week but is some better at this writing. Mrs. B. E. Sanders assisted her sister, Mrs. Lou Bolenus in cooking for threshers last week Saturday. Carl Neuman of Shell Rock has been visiting the past week at the home of his brother, Otto Neuman and wife. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Hammond were visitors Sunday at the home of her mother, Mrs. Amy Smith, west of town. Mrs. Henry Clave of Britt visited last week Wednesday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Fred Neahring of the Champlln Oil station. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Aman and family were Sunday afternoon callers at the home of Herman Kutschara and family southeast of town. Kenneth Wermersen of Mitchell, South Dakota, is here visiting his cousins, Wilbur and Everett Steven at their home north of town. Mrs. A. L. Greenfield, Mrs. James Brophy and Mrs. B. E. Banners helped Mrs. W. O. Taylor cook tor threshers Monday for dinner and supper. Mrs. Henry Hawley and little granddaughter, Constance Joy of Mason City are spending this week at the home of her sister, Mrs. B. E. Sanders. Mrs. Sarah Wise and daughter, Nell, were visitors Fridiay afternoon at Britt at the home of their daughter and sister, Mrs. Charles Stratton and family. Mr. and Mrs. George Olscn left by train early Saturday morning for an extended visit in the states of California, Utah and Oregon. Their son?, George and Arthur are caring for the things at home. Mrs. Sarah Wise, son, Herman and daughter, Nell and Mrs. Drufillla Noble drove to Plymouth northeast of Mason City Sunday where they were dinner guests at the home of their son and brother. Mr. and Mrs. Strother W:se and family. Mr. and Mrs. William Klrschbaum and his sister, Mrs. Henry Pennewald who is visiting here from Dubuque, spent Friday and Saturday kt tlie home of Mr. and Mrs. Ollle Kirschbaum and family near Crystal Lake. They returned home Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Elsenman and two little granddaughters, Diana and Carmen Nail and Mr. and Mrs. Lester Elsenman and children, Vernon and Hazel were Sunday afternoon and evening visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. August Kirschbaum and family. C. L. Eisenman remained for a few days' visit with hla daughter and family. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Brace and Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Brae* and son, Sylvester of Burt were entertained at the home of the former's daughter, Win. Donahue, Jr., and Arnold Domek went to Oakdale this week Tuesday where the latter will tatee treat- mentv Martin Petti wiH take Mr. Donahue's place on the threshing route. Mr. and Mrs. Bonner Iverson and family, former residents of near Penton, now of Oraettingier, visited Sunday evening at the W. P. Weisbrod, Charles Stelnbach and William Donahue homes. Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Schwartz and children, Karl James, Robert and Betty Jean and 'Mr. and Mrs. C. P. C. Laage and Edith La&ge were entertained at the Hans Wilberg home at Rlngstcd, Sunday. The Rev. and Mrs. J. T. Snyder, and daughter, Phyllis, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Stoeber and daughter, Gladys, Mrs. Wilbert Holldjorf and Ardls Volgt returned home from a week spent at the Bible conference at OkoboJI. Harold Schlei, younger son of Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Schlei, was operated on for appendicitis at the McCreery hospital at Whlttemore last week Wednesday afternoon. He is rapidly recovering and expects to be home in a few days. Frank Curry and Ethel Webber of Belvldere, Illinois, came Saturday for a week's visit with the former's mother, Mrs. Emma Curry and his sister, Mrs. P. J. Weisbrod and family and other relatives here and at Estherville and Armstrong. Mrs. Elmer Weisbrod left Wednesday to Join her brother, Elmer Luedtke of Britt and her sisters. Mrs. Wm. Ax and son, Lloyd of Garner, Mrs. Geo. . Schoenwetter *nd Mrs. Arthur Schoen- j wetter of Liberty. The group will drive to DeRldder. Louisiana, for a two weeks' visit with another sister, Mrs. Carl Suckow. Henry Schneider, Sr., was guest of honor at a birthday anniversary surprise party at his home Saturday evening, July 28. Those in attendance were Mr. and Mrs. Everett Hartman and Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Hartroan of near Hurt, Mr. and Mrs. H. Schneider and family and Mr. and Mrs. Herman Schneider and family. Mrs. O. O. Kitchen and son, Clyde Keith of Mason City and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Kent and daughter, Betty Jean of Omaha and Bemlce Lindsey of Carroll who have been spending « few days' vacation at the parental H. C. Lindsey home. Joined the former's husband at Splcer, Minn., for a few days before leaving Friday for their various homes. 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Folks Union: Mrs. Myron Schenck returned to her home in St. Paul Saturday after an extended visip \\ith relatives, and friends. Slit; was accompanied by her .son, Horace and wile. Mis. Hclientk Inv.-; \vilh her daiUfhltr, Maurt---, who t< aclu.vs in the public .•chu l.s of fc>t. Paul. Maude is .-pnid- iiiu JUT vacation in Chicago where aliu is hoite.-s ul the Prairii.- Fanner radio .s'.aiion at the Worlds Fail- but will re- .-unie ixr teaching ill the fall. Her sl.:- l'. r, Loii had been an employee of the Prairie Fanner lor several years. Mrs. Cliff Aalfs Mx-nt Thursday evening with her ijareiiu, Mr. and Mrs. Chc:>u-r BaiK-y. Lucille Bode spent from Wednesday until Friday wi'.li Ida. Mae Gard- iii.-r of Plum Ci'ink. Mrs. Kenneth Wight and children of Clayton. New Mexico, arrived Sunday e'vt-nint," for a vLit with Mia. Wight's pannui, Mr. and Mrs. Chester Bailey. Mr. and Mrs. August, Slayk* en'er- i.a:i<d Iti ix-latiw-s at a family dinnei'- Sunday. Thoce attending wtjv Mrs. Majjyie ti.aylc and daughter. Winifred of Cylinder. Mi's. George Sla-'l-- and t:.rei.. u.iUghUTjs of Cylinder, Raphael riia^le of Philadelphia. Ml', and Mia. Ki.jiici.-. t>!-ijile uf iSeiieea. Ml.-,. Carrie blagle and daughter, C'H ilia of Strawberry Poiiu, Iowa, and Mito Cl-ua ZaLtleli. Here You Are, Girls a lV\v <>t' lhe many nc\v, smart styles ilia! ai'i 1 lirin^ unloaded at Neville's Shoe >toiv. Xe\v iiiimliers arriving every (lav. Yoll \vill lie [il'ollil In o\s n a pair of t IH-M- ne\v, iiji in the minute inodi-ls. Tln-y ha\ <• heell Selrrled \\ itll JJlvaV rare. The lit. the iini.-.h, the .-nap — they have i) all and they are ahsolllteU" the Jiltest" rival ioll.S iii feminine footwear. Sizes -1 l,, <». Widths AAA to <'. Jimmie Neville The Shoe Man

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