The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 9, 1934 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 9, 1934
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HISTORICAL DEPT, fiM3 OFnOIAL CTTT AND COUNTY PAPER Awarded Highest Honors as "Iowa's Best Weekly Newspaper" By State University of Iowa, 1933 gUgona Upper ©e* jUtotne* WEATHER Grni-raiiy fair, showers with tutts above nofmal. Established 1865 ALGONA, IOWA, THURSDAY. AUGUST 9, 15M4 Ten Pages. VOL. '.V2.~ NO. 32 COUNTY BUDGET FOR 1935 CUT $74,667 ROBBERIES HIT 2 KOSSUTH TOWNS ON SAME NIGHT Crack Whittemore Creamery Safe, Steal Load of Goods at Ledyard SAFE, AND HAMMER ARE LEFT IN FIELD Thieves Take Assortment of Clothes, Underwear at i Tice Brack Store Thieves, possibly the same ones, struck in two places in Kossuth county last week, getting away with $10 at the Whittemore creamery, and a considerable quantity of merchandise at the Tlo? Brack store at Ledyard. Both robberies occurred early Thursday mom Ing. At Whittemore, the loot was all in casru The robbers broke fovtJo 'the creamery and dragged the cream-sry safe out into a nearby fleld, where they proceeded to attack it with a sledgehammer. Thsy obtained their money and fled, leaving the sledgehammer behind them. Even Take Perfume At Ledyard, the thieves broke in a panel of a back door in the Brack general store, and did a thorough Job of ransacking. The articles taken consisted chiefly of clothing, such as 30 pairs of shoes, boxes of hose, shirts, underwear for both ladies and men, ties, an assortment of infant's wear and even perfume. The thieves evidently became alarmed before computing their Job, because they left several bundles which Algona Woman Uses Scraps Discarded for 128 Quilts Ice Cream Party Slated Saturday By Jimmie Neville All children under 12 years of age are invited to an Ice cream party In the new addition to the Neville Spore, by Jilmmle Neville, Saturday, August 11, between the hours of 2 and 4 o'clock, Jlmmle will play the role of "Granpa," and in making the announcement gays: "I want to see all my little friends, hear them laugh and talk. A child's laugh is the sweetest music and tonic in the world. It is romething money cannot buy." POSTOFFICE SITE A MYSTERY AS OFFICIAL LEAVES But Choice Has Narrowed Down, Survey Indicates; Report Submitted Mrs. Warren Baldwin Has Been Doing Work for 18 Years MOST OF THEM GO FOR CHARITY 'W>UV4*V«^ •<««*• «j*- ••" •» i -™ i i -^- — rear door, or possibly a truck. Finger PrtnU Fail Sheriff Dahlhauser was called Thursday morning and an effort was made to take finger prints, but the prints were too indUtlnct to be of any value, the sheriff's office reports. Ribs Torn From Man's Spine in Automobile Upset Joe Garmann of St. Benedict, was seriously injured in an accident which occurred just east of the John Frank! place ou the McGregor street road, Tuesday noon, when his car slipped from th-? grade and turned over into a deep ditch. Garmnnn's body was bruised, his ear was nearly cut. off by flying glass, and lie suffered the painful injury of having three ribs torn loose from his backbone. In a dazed condition, he wa-s found by a tenant at the Frnnkl plao , who called the sheriff. Medical ulientlon was given, and he was rushed ID iho Kossuth hospital where flrsl old was rendered. Just how Ihe accident happened was not known a* the injured man was in no coiiditi-in to be qu- slioncd follow- ig his mishap. Tracks showed, however, that trie car had edged loward the shoulder of the road, and then suddenly dropped Into the ditch. Klassie Case Held Over After Trade Name Controversy While Algona und Kossuth county merchants scratched their heads in perplexlly over the question of wlifclh- er or not they had filed their trade. nanv In compliance with the Iowa code of 1931, 3. H. Klassie of Renwick, owner of the Algona Motor Sales here, had his case continued when H. H. Stanb-ry, who tiled tee infurmalton against him, failed lo appear. Mr. Stanbory was reported as being tick, Justice P- A. Danson was informed on Tuesday. A warrant for Klassie's arrest was Issued lasi week, charging him wilh engagine and conducting a business contrary to the code. This law requires registration of ft business trude name in the county recorder's oHicu. It Is generally conceded here that fifty per cx-ia of Ihe local business hou&.s had not filed their trade names, bul many of them have done so alter this case came up. The law seems to b; one about which the general public knows very liltle. Justice Daitoon said he would continue the case until Stanbcry hiuutll could attend Ihe 'hearing. j W Liltle is manager of Hie motor ' firm here for Klassie, and suid that he understood the Hade nani--" had been Hied in accordance wilh the law. _ Seek Bancroft Man on Forgery Charge A warrant for the arrest, of Hugh Ltttuuc-r of B-ncroft, wanted by Hancock county officials on a bad check clvinji- was iosuei.1 la^t w.cK. Ill- eh^e' concerns a $& cn-k ea,hed by the Richardson Tire tiiup at lintl. A ,.),;,,,„. Hi.,! :.e purchaM'U a Used tvu' In Maion City under an assumed nanij.- and puld for il wilh a forged check Although many an Algona resident would have given a great deal this week to know more about the potential site of the new postoffice, J. T. Nelson, postoffice inspector, left town yes- terda'y with 1h e secret of where he really thinks the postofflce will go, locked tightly In his breast. Mr. N-slson came to Algona the first of the week. He had pictures taken of all the sites offered which will be considered. He endeavored to g*t all bidders to drop their prices. And he departed, with his material and pictures, which will be forwarded .to a joint committee JW» the wwtofllce and" treasury department* *t Washington, who will in turn make a final decision in the matter. That the postoffice department likes to have south and we«t light in the wvifToornK of It.s postofficps. was one indicator dropped by Mr. Nelson. However, anyone can name a score of new po-stoffice buildings which have not taken this into account in the selection of a site. He also stated that he believed all of the prices asked wore. high enough. In the meantime, your guess is as good a.s ours, with the choice of sites certainly narrowed down to about three: the Kossuth Implement corner, tho present horseshoe court on North Dodge and the corner Just cast of tho Norton Lumber yard. The horsrshoc court corner Is nearest the center of activity, population and th-? business district, bul Nelson stated lhat the deparlment would not need ths old laundry or garage building Just north of the Unner Di"s Moines office, and that if tlif.-y were to remain there, they would certainly be a serious eyesore to a now nostofftce, and might keep that -site from being selected. No Kick on County Corn-Hog Contracts Heard Here to Date That the Kossuth county corn-hog contracts were having cl. ar sailing at. Washington seemed evident Ihis week. No word regarding overstatements, the bugaboo of some other counties, had been received here Wednesday, leading lucal officials to believe lhat this county's contracts were being approved. The early pay riders were also approved, mid the committee felt that if such was tlx- case, the remainder of the contracts were O. K. A E. Clayton, chairman of the coun- ly committee, and O. A. Boniktetter, secretary, attended a meeling, Monday, ut Ames. Infc»-mation regarding compliance was received by the cummitlee ihia week. The second payment on the contract, which is scheduled for November 15, 1934. cannot be made unlil the first certificate of compliance has IK en executed and certified to by the producer, compliance supervisors and the county allotment committee. Tlie control association is anxious to gel necessary inspeclions marie and forward proof lhat individual contracts are complying with the t-erms of the contract and its ruling. Farmers are asked lo have Iheir record books ready for Irispeclion by Ihe farm supervisor who will assisl in the checking. 40 Applic&nts for Old Age Pensions Nearly 40 applicants for old age pensions in Kossuth county have been received lo date, E. J. Butler, counly auditor, revealed Tuesday. The appli- calionii will be inspected by the county old age pension committee, coiisisl- ing of Tom Carmody of Whittemore, Mrs. F. L. Tribon of Algona. and S, N. Carter of Swea City, and passed on to DCS Hoines. The maximum income from an old age pension is $2(5 per month, and the payment ij lo siurt Nov. 1. Schoby Back Home C'hesU-r Schoby, fanner injured in a fall lusl week in hi> ban), south of Algonu a 1 w miles., wjs released U''-m th-; Kossuth hospital •' What do you do with your rags? Some of you, thinking of previous days, will probably say that you wear them. But just what do you do with those left over dresses, suits, bits of cloth, etc.? Do you store them away thinking that "some day I"l mkae something or other for Junior of Susie? Sime- day! But that some day never seems to come to most of us and the odds and ends of material are frozen -assete which collect until in despara'ion we bundle them up and throv/ in the city dump. Ihis Is a story about a woman who put to good use alt those let*,-ov- ers and ocltsves thit one of the reasons we are going through a financial crisis is our heedlessness of that phrase, "willful waste is woeful want.'' Uses Many Designs Mrs. Warren Baldwin, wife of Al- gona'a widely known former drayman, has made 128 quilts in the last 18 years from the scraps other people had thrown away as useless. These quilts are made on an average size ol 2% yards by 2% yards and are sewed on a machine. The designs are intricate, pretty, colorful and most of them are made up by Mrs. Baldwin as she sews She also saves Illustrated quilt patterns from magazines which she sometimes uses. Some of the designs usec which will be familiar to other quilt makers, are: Sunflower, Nine and Sixteen Patch, Morning Star and Japan Plate. Quilts with designs such as these are macte of prints, but silk stockings are used to make the "bis cult" quilt which gets its name from the puckered squares In It. At on« time a clothing merchant In Algona Knowing Of MrsrBaldwln'g hobbr. sav ed scraps of material sent him <u packing around bulky objects trom eastern cities and presented them t her in a huge box. Mrs. Baldwin has saved a few of the quilts In whicl WPTP used these scraps. AH of Mrs Baldwin's handiwork shows good taste originality, neat work and an eye fo color harmony. A very special quilt mnde by Mrs Baldwin for her granddaughter con talncd large squares on which wen embroidered the flower and bird o each of the forty-eight states. Thi. wa.s an elaborale affair and look mori time than other quilts. Mrs. Baldwin, however, was unable to mak-.- any definite estimation as to the time each quilt took to be made. Was 75 Saturday Friends, neighbors, relatives, strangers and the poor and mvdy, all benefit from Mrs. Baldwin's never ille hands. She carries on extensive charity work an dtwo years ago -sent quilU 10 each of 18 de.slitute families in flood-.strickrn Mississippi and also litil) pounds of clothes. These clothes, gathered by Mr. Baldwin in the cour.-e of his duties, which «re .still wearable are cleaned and given away and others are rlppr.d apart and ui-ed ih Die making of quilts and comforters. One interesting fact noted by Mrs. Baldwin was the suiUs and other clothing thrown away by boys who had graduated from high school and were about to enter college. Mrs. Baldwin oby-rved her seven- ty-flflh birlhday lasl Saturday and is a firm believer in work. Quilt making is not her only hobby. A garden, in which he spends a great deal of her lime In Ihe iutnmer among her flowers, a fish pond with its numerous large und small gold fish, Hire-- canaries and her vegetable garden together with the hours spent at her sewing machine fill up the hours of Mrs. Baldwin's busy and simple, but happy days. Teeth Knocked Out In Algona Mishap Fred Claude. Britt, had several tetth knocked out and was badly shaken up and bruised in an auto ;u-cHi.-iH which occurred yest-.rday morning at the Dingley corner. His machine and another car driven by Bernard Brings, collided at the corner, and the impact threw the machine Claude was driving uo on too l::e ;U-p.s in th_ parking in front of the Dingley residence. The car, which belonged to the Algona Mo- t.r Saks, was badly damaged. Claude- was trying il out with the inttntion of buying. Claude was ibrown down under tiR- sleering wheel when the cars struck. and could nol -help stepping on Ihe ac- c-clevutor which gave lUe cur added tnomenluui as il nil the high curbing at that point. All the windows i" the car were shattered, and the car was badly damped. !;• Umbenhower Up Again__ Jess Umbeuhower had a wan ant .served on him again jesterday. chary- ing him with drunk and disoideriy conduct and Ihrealenii-g bodily injury to Mary Guilder. Bingaman Gets 30 Days WHda Biiigamaii. Alyiia, wa.-. .-eii- ti-nc-d lu 30 days in ja'.i on •' d••";-••• ol using bluspheir .11.-, .-.IM. !•''-• ''e'-' language Sunday. The 1,1 ._• w, Monday before H B. W .it---. ;v JAIL BREAK HITS SNAG: BALL BAT COMES IN HANDY Sheriff Finds Two Guests About to Depart Without Paying Board Bill TALE OF A PAIR OF SORE TROUSERS St. Joe Man Crosses Ocean 6 Times, Keeps Citizenship John Reding Has Wife, Two Children in Luxemburg, Europe SLASH IN ROAD FUNDS LARGELY . CAUSE OF DROP BUT HE IS STILL A U. S. CITIZEN K-Ball Bat Hits Homer First Time Up; Batting Average Perfect A kittenball bat, used by the sons of Carl Dahlhauser, sheriff, on the athletic fleld, came in handy for a different purpose, last Thursday even- ng at the county jail, when the sheriff found two of his inmates preparing to make a Jail-break. The sheriff had listened to the band concert from his court house office, and was on his way home preparatory to going down to the athletic fleld to witness the burro game. He wanted to take along a few cigars. As he passed the walk leading to the Jail, he heard something drop with a thud. Good Batting Average Several months ago, one of the prisoners escaped by sawing his way through the bars, and when the sheriff heard this noise, he promptly stole around behind the Norton Machine Works and listened. On the ground floor, in the southwest corner, he heard voices, and the rasping noise of a saw. The noise had been caused by a bar holding the screen in place dropping to the pavement. Getting the kittenball bat, Sheriff Dahlhauser returned to the scene of afction. "You gotta bend It more,' said a voice. The bending was accomplished and then the rear portion of a man's anatomy emerged from the window, between two badly bent bars. But the sheriff was ready, and he hit a home run, followed immediately by a triple nnd then a round otf fitiia.'hlng singles. He did not miss a slrike and Herbert Johnson, Scdalin, Mo., quickly withdrew into the jail. Used Eating Knife The sheriff found that Johnson had managed to make a saw out of a common eating knife, -so that It did excellent work. Hal Sailor of Wesley, another inmaU' held on a statutory chaise had be-'n locked ill a cell of ins own, and Johnson had picked _ Unlock, enabling him lo get ou:. Th" two planned on makin:; their break lot-ether. Johnson is held on a charge of larceny In connection with a recent rcbbery at Galbraith. Both have been bound to Ihe grand jury. Now they will both face nn additional charge of attempting to break jail. There were seven in th:- jail at the lime, but the sheriff reports tha; tin- other five men hart noUnny to do wiui the affair. John Reding of the St-. Joe community, thinks a lot of his American citizenship. In fact he thinks so much of it that he has crossed the Atlantic six times in the last seven years to hold it—and to do it he kaves behind him a wife and two children in Luxemburg. He Is now visiting friends and relatives in the St. Joe community, having left Antwerp, Belgium on his last crossing, July 12th. He has been slaying at the John Reding, ST., George Hermann section. Engine Blows Up; But Ledyard Crew Escapes Accident Lcdyard: The threshing crew on the Carl Kramtrsnwlcr run 1'atl a close mil from serious misfortune, last Thursday, when the en- Kine blew up during the run. Two of the "wagons were burned and Biro a straw stack, but forlunaWy nobody was Injured. Mr. Goet* was running th e engine at the time. Girl's Watch Is Storm Center of J. P. Court Case H. H. White's justice court was the K'.-ne of a case. Monday. In which iwo vmng men wer-. charged with as.saiilt and battery, after they hud taken somewhat drastic steps to recover a watch bi longing to a young lady, and v.huh had been in the pi^ession of a third youth, who tiled the char;; uiMiiist the rt-lrievers of the watch. Louis Pannkuk of Titonka, a CCC worker on leave oi absence, null lUiuy Brandt of We.sley were th- pair faciMi: I "e chi.rM^-, Cluyton Schraedi-r of Hurt tiled the information. ft .....ems lhai Pannkuk and Branill li.oken Hchraeder up. according lo the sti.ry told in court her--, and proceeded to put him into an auto preparatory to bringing him lo Ihe county .sheriff. But, before they go I 1-terc the mater was somehow settled, the boys gol the watch, and Schra;cler wu-> -•ruck several times. He was then re- It -a.-xd This occurred Friday niglil. Brand! entered a plea of guilly and was sentenced to 30 days in jail, while Pannkuk was rel- ased to return to the CCC camp, bul his case was continued until he might be released from there. Algona Greys Meet Canadians, Sunday The Algona Greys will tangle with i.e Canadian Clowns here. Sunday. August 1-. at Ihe fairgrounds, starting at 2:45 p. m. in anothir novel baseball contest. The Canadians are under the dir- ectitn of Jack Hruska, former big league calcher and manager of the Liiicoln team in Ihe Nebra-ka LeuKU---. The Greys will !>lay their next three tamei ut home. On August 19. they meet Clarion in a return game h re. They will al tempi to avenge u 12 to 2 defeat last Sunday at Clarion. On Monday. AuijUht 20. or Wednesday, , AUjiiu-t 22. they will meet tin; ! City Mi'iiarchs here, and on August ; 26 will tannle \u:h tlv Old TUr.ii.-> in i v, .should pruvt: U> b-- suliu: ! lu '.he tiuiiu.- ai Clarion. Sunday. ; Jii-i..-.'," of Clarion struck -. ut 1!) b;;i- i tei';, while Bl.ilic-hal'U of Aly-lia u.t-j ! Celling down 10 the iauie \\ay. and other homes in that Gone Four Months John was born In the United States, of Luxemburg parents who like many other of the solid families nt St. Joe, helped to settle Kossuth county. Seven years ago he went back to Luxem- >urg for a visit, met and married his wife, a native Luxemburg girl. But Mrs. Reding has a fear of crossing the ocean, so John conies back every so often, to keep his citizenship. On his last trip across, he was gone four months, but came back before his ^qssport expired. Neutral in World War He says his story Is nothing compared with a fellow he met on the boat, who was going from Pennsylvania to Europe. He hadn't been back there for 23 years and he said he didn't know whether he'd recognize his wife or not when he saw her. In Luxemburg, the Redlngs live at Dlckkirsch, a city of >about 4,000, the size of Algona. The country is about the size of Kossuth county, and has an army of 200. It, with Holland was tha only neutral country hi Europe during the World War. Weather Is Ideal The climate, he states, is Ideal. The houses are made of ston-., and are always cool. The lilmponiturc never gets over 85 degrees loh, boy!), and in the winter the coldest W'.ather only manages to put <a thin layer of ice over th- ponds (oh, boy, again). Commenting on the present .situation in Europe, he .slated that although nobody dared .'•ay much against Hitler, nt '.lust in Gfcrmnivy. there seemed to be a great deal of undercurrent against him, with mosl of Europe- lined up against Germany at the present time. Hi..- predicted thai the Ruhr valley pleboKclle. to be held In 1935, would result in a 20 to 1 vole in favor of remaining with Franco. Luxemburg is silualed belw. en Hi'l- t'ium, France and O.-rmanyi and is a beautiful mountainous country where lourist travel is very heavy. Living Is Inexpensive Living ever there is ver;' in- xpeiuivo, and the way John talked about the country, it seemed that it must be plenly of fun living there. On his last trip over he took th • Europa, one of tht: newest ocean e.r-'y- hoiiniis, and reluming tailed on the Wcaernland of the Hed Slar line, a .-.lower vessel. He plans ou .staying here for a time, until lie can ev. nlually obtain a new passp-rl and again cross the AUantic ,D \ his family. Service Club Flower Show on This Week The Aluona Flower -Show, f-ponsoi'e.l by III Notary and Kiwanis clubs ol Alfona will be held AUMUM lUlh ami lllh at Algona in the building lo'»- nierly occupic-d by JIK- Bloom, across the s.reet Irom Fosters furniture Uoie. All entries are to be made on Friday, Angus I loih. and must 1> in place by 10:00 a. in. Containers with water for entries in cla.-.s A. B, C. 1>. and E will be lunuslu-il by the tiuwer .-how c.mmiltee. There is no charge for entry. Two or li.rce ladi b will be at. hand Friday morning to receive and enter exhibits. Any amateur flow- r grower in Kossulh county is eligible to exhibit at lhi.-> show. Judging Will begin at 1:30 p. m. Friday. FILM. .seconil and third prize ribbon awards will be given in each claso by the judges. The committee hopes that anyon-- with a flower garden will sludy I he- entry anj bring in their liowers lo the s .ow. Til. re i.s just as much chaiic. to win ribbon awarda for tho.->e that have a small flower garden as the on* willi a Urge one. H. N. Kru.c is chairman of tho committee. Band Concert Program The band concert program lur ihi.- is as follows: "PtUtonaire," march: "Give ih--- Countersign," march; "Princess of India." overture; popular numlx-r; "Home Swet-l Home World O'.i-r." luiil.i.-:' : "Slurs ami Stripi-s FU;V\-T." m.-.ici.: "Tomahawk IJunci .'' Ii.ih'.m l'^<'" p.pillar nuiiibri 1 ; "Wiliium Tcil. u'.- it Die. Faces Seduction Charge ,,1 Ii..K>-l-,.U V..,., .11- tjll a t i.a: ..'' ' i - ' OFFICERS BATTLE DRUNK RESISTING ARREST TUESDAY Have to Thump Head on Cement to Subdue Buffalo Center Man Supervisors Approve New Budget in Session; 4th Successive Decrease KOSSUTH'S TAXABLE PROPERTY 37 MILLION As a result of a five mile chase, In which police officers trailed n car, 'rom the J<rwel Patterson farm home south toward St. Joe. A. L. Olson of Buffalo Center was fined $10 and casts, and the flne was suspended on rccom- mtndation of the county altorney and payment of costs, and Andy Stcin'hoff, iko of Buffalo Center, was being held pending a decision of officials as to •what charge to file against him. The affair occurred Tuesday night. Deputy Casey Loss, and Marshal Van Alstyne were called to the Patterson place when Mr. Patterson noticed a car in the ditch near his place. But before officers arrived, the car, driven by Olson, had proceed-ed southward The officers followed Its wavering tracks until they niwted St. Joe when they overhauled the inaJsms*:'" Olson proved docile, but Stefnhoff riding with him objcclcd to the ar- He made several swings at Van Alstyne. and attempted to hit Loss who clucked, and Stcinhoff's fist wcm through the car window. The men were brought to Algona and locked up but not until moro strong arm methods were necessitated to fiibdue Stelnholf. Loss hud to thump Stelnhoff's head on the pavemtnt to 'quiet >'m down be- fi re lie could get him into the county jail. Both charges of drunkenncs and re- .:islitiR an officer may be filed agaln-st Hlolnhoff ns an aftermath of the affair. P. A. Uanson, justice, heard Olson's case yesterday afternoon. County Levy Will Be Same As That of Last Year, 4.83 Mills A 1935 budget estimate for Kossuth c~unty, approved by the board of supervisors In session last week, provides for a budget reduction of $74,667. This reduction in t3v? county budget Is the fourth consecutive decrease. The budget for the past three years and for next year are as follows: 1932 Expenditures $486,688 1933 Expenditures 386,758 1934 Budget, 330,000 1935 Budget 255,333 The millage levy this year will be .he same as last. 4.83 mills in the coun- y levy. County Auditor E. J. Butler tatod. Two Years Compared A comparison of ths county budget or this year and next year, showing wnerc items have been altered, la ihown below: 1934 19J3 General Fund $ 40,000 $ 37.711 Court Expense 1,000 Poor Fund 40,000 State insane 17,000 County Schools 10,000 4,000 37,711 10JDOO 9,000 2,800 10,000 30,000 28,284 50,000 1,880 Indian Day Set For Wednesday in Town of Titonka Tin- 30th annual Indian nay will I be celebrated at Titonka. next Weil- ii.sday with all due formality and fun. An entertainment program of bum 1 music, free acts, a lent .sho'.v, merry:o-round, ferris wlie- 1, dancing and -wo ball names are on the program. Bancroft will meet Dow.-, in the atter- nooii name, and in the forenoon,, Portland meets German Valley. 'file Indi'an Day t 1 -. lebnitiun has a historic beginning. The town of Titonka Ix-gaii late in 18lil), and the was made there on Novem- acr «. IB!)!!, when T. A. Way purciias- .'d cigars from Ihe late Al Falkenliain- r. The fill-cent piece given in exchange for tin; cigars bears the date IBSti, und is in possession (if the Titonka Savings Dank. Indian Day, eeh brations beuan sevvral year... la'er and have continu cl without interrup- Uijii vxui-pl during UK.- Worlil War. CCC Squad Headed For Call Park Here The detachment of CCC troop.-, now loci'.led at For->t City will probably be moved to Algona to work in Call Stale Park a.s soon as they finish the task now umler way at Pilot Knob park, it was learned lu-i'e this week. The CCC company will be u.-ed her.. it is b'.-iievid. in clearing oul uniU-r- brush al Call Park, and in geneially improving 111 appearance of thai bcaii'itul W' i.ded area. But in t:.e ini-uirime. Paul Wiile. caretaker i.s not wailing tor any CCC nu u to tix up the naik. haul is con- .sUlietlllg M'UTal Iit-'.v all-ljnik ll.'e- plac-cj; at the tiark Soldkr Relief 4,000 Bovine T. B fciec. Rds. (const) 38,000 Rd. Main. <man.) ... 60,000 Rd. Main, (opt'l) 70,000 Const-Main, unan'yj ... 15,000. Cty Cash Ret. Bds. .. 23,000 C.'y Bridge Bonds 10,000 Fairground Fund 2,000 Tbtal $330,000 $255,333 In explanation of the large decrease In the road funds, which is largely responsible for the budget cut, County Audlor liull-r stated that a good balance on hand In these funds decided the supervisors against a levy as large a.s last year. The county naturally llke.s to have a surplus If passible, but a large surplus is not necessary. Tlirr« is $.'!7,711.G9-I worth of taxable property in Kosauth county, the records slilow, nuking- this county the most highly valued of any rural county in the state The county balance on June 30, 1934 nmcunteci U> $'283,049, which plus the 1DJ3 budget of $255,1)33 gives Kofsulh county $53U,:tli2 with which to do bus- nii.s, until January 1, 11)30, it was also txpluineil. Court Expense tip Court expense will jump, due partially to u lieuvy docket of court tuues p. nding and also the fact Ihal Ihe court i fund Is in arrears al th. pre- :-eiil lime. T. U. cattle testing added 610.000 to the budget for next year, bill. tins was offset by the elimination of the Mini,- amount for county bridge bonds. A study of the comparative budgets will show u few other changes of vari- oti.1 turns in various classiticalions. The estimated tax per $1,000 of as- K<f.sed valuation in VJ'M was $H.HU and for 1U3-1 comes to $0.77. If the sales tax as promised, acts as a replacement tax and the tlale levy ill mills is cut, taxpayers ^i.ould notice u fair cut in their taxes. Mr. butler aUo iHiinled out that the county uceives ubout $(10,000 as it.-i share of the gasoline lax money from the slate. Motorists feel the tax forcibly when paying it at the pump, but it is nol always made cl ar to them that a share of this money back ftr Use in county construction and maintenance. Merchants' Auction Starts Next Week Next wi-v.-k will be Ihe beginning of l. : > da\s of fun, when the second Mer- ch.mdi-e Auction, by a maj- Mity ol Algona business linns in co- i.|y. lution \vilh Ihis newspaper, geta under way. Distribution of auction money will start Augu-sl Iti, and will ! .-.:<;p Ai.ujusl 31 a i. noon. The auction ) .vill be held iii the afternoon, August _ i •! c* ' "'' °" ttle cuurt he use lawn. Gets Jail bentence !l > l -'-,.,, O r August 10 ana 2;*, luJl pay o of coupons will appear. Tilt.-.. n;a.y lx- exchanged, when clipp- < it ou:. fur five auction dollar^ in thu stores named. Auction money w'll also be given in the surcs coop-,rating Hi;u each actual purchase in an equal -imuuiit Lo the purchasv-. or with pay- meiil ul bills on account. CUUIMK.S run in the paper, however, v.ill n,,[ be i..-d-,. mable lu:- ;., L . ; . uc _ liun money by anyone under 16 itui'a ,1 .1- • Drunks Fight, Each Hurry Kggm anil John \VVbe 01 Algol!.;, Wl'le sellU-IlCl-d to 1-i ll-i.Vo 111 U.e c. Hilly Jali by H. B While. H,.--- tll'r, \v:-! ni.iV. Oil cli.ll'gi^ Ul UrUllk siieril!'-, oil ice so;i;ebotiy wa.-. lu

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