The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 26, 1934 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 26, 1934
Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa, July 26,1934 FIRST RODEO HERE DRAWS BIG CROWD Few Injuries, But None Prove Serious; Performers Married The Clyde Miller rodeo closed on Sunday after drawing good crowds at Ihe fair grounds for four days. The show opened Thursday evening and showed each evening and Sunday afternoon. Attendance at each of the \yeek day performances was estimated at about 1200 and the Sunday shows drew about 2000 eaclt The rodeo showed here on a 75 per cent basis wlUi the fair hssodation rtv oelvlng 25 per cent and paying for lights and some advertising. The Pair Assocation expects to clear around 4100. Everyone who saw the performance declared It a good show. The acts included bull dogging, fancy riding and roping, high school horses, and buck- Ing broncos. There were also special clowning and riding acts. The show carries over one hundred head of live stock including a number of imported Brahma bulls and steers. Performers Married While In Algona two of the performers put on a little extra show of their own when they were married at the James drug store Saturday. Marjorle Roberts of Strong City, Kansas, and Eddie Boysen of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, were the contracting parties. Justice H. B. White performed the ceremony In the presence of a num^ ber of the cowboys and girls who (crowded into the store. The bride and groom were each dressed in riding clothes, with white silk shirts and white ten gallon hats. A mWnight Wedding dinner was served to 15 guests at the Silver Grey cafe that nlghjt. The Fair Association, the James drug store and Mr. and Mrs. Miller, owners of the show presented them with gifts. Several of the riders received injuries of more or less minor nature during the show. Blackle Rucker of Silver City, New Mexico, received a dislocated shoulder while riding a bronco. He was thrown against the fence as he tried to Jump from the horse and will be unable to work for two weeks or more. BnEdogging is Tough Red Breckenridge of Lawton, Okla- home, was hurt while bulldogging a THE WEEKLY RECORD WEATHER High Low . .89 70 70 72 73 73 July 18 July 19 97 July 20 99 July 21 100 July 22 99 July 23 99 74 July 24 99 71 ALGONA MARKETS Corn. 2 white *..S4 • 2 yellow 53'4 2 mixed 52'4 Old Oats 37 New Oats 36 Hogs-Sew* Medum weight. 200-800 *4.00 Prim* butchers, 300-500 S.W Packing Sows. 300-350 3.40 Packing Sows. 350-450 3.30 Packing Sows. 450-500 300-3.20 Light weight. 140 200-2.20 Light weight. 1W 230 Light weight 180 3.30 Ottte Fat cows 1.75-2.25 Calves 3.00-4.00 Pat steers 4.50-6.00 Stock steers 2.50-3.50 Bulls 1.50-2.25 Cream 23c PonUry Hens over 4% Ibs Hens, under 4% Jos Roosters Ducks lOc 7c 4-5c i • • -4-Bc Turkeys ............................ 9c Springs over 3 Ibs ................. 14c Springs 2 to 3 Ibs ................ 12c Springs, under 2 Ibs .............. lOc Leghorns ......................... lOc Eggs No. I ............................. 13C No. 2 .............................. 9c NEW CARS REGISTERED L. M. Merrit, Algona, Ford Tudor; W. H. Trainer, Burt. Ford tudor; W. B. Williams, Algona, Dodge sedan; W. A. Blelch, Algona, Ford Tudor; Chas. Lehman, Algona, Ford tudor; Wllma Wbstfall. Allgona, Ford tudor; John Beiscr, Algona, Chevrolet tudor; Geo. Hnnselman, West Bend. Plymouth coach; Chas. Seymour, WhlUemors, Terrnplane sedan; Wallace Donovan. Wesley. Ford tudor; Ben F. Felt. Wes- Ifry. Pontlac sedan; O. F. Strieker, Irvington. Chevrolet coach; W. G. Mrftillough. Algona. Chevrolet ambulance; Albert Oranwjw. Algonn. Chevrolet conch; H. W. Becker, Algona, Chevrolet sedan: Fred Schroeder, Lakota. Ford tudor; Clarence Willen, Livermore. Ford tudor; W. P. French. Alsronn, Ford tudor: Helen McEnroe, Algona. Ford tudor; Fred Peterson, Swea: City. Plymouth sedah; Don White, Algona Chevrolet coupe; Earl Chambers. Corwlth, Chevrolet sedan; Elmo Barber, Whlttemore, Dodge truck and Arthur E. And-srson, Swea City, Dcdge sedan. MARRIAGE LICENSES ISSUED Tenry Froehling, St. James, Minn., and Leona Rieve, St. James, Minn., July 18. Edwin J. Boysen, Stoux Falls. South Dakota, and Marjorie Roberts, Stony City, Kansas, July 21. Ivan L. Everett, Spencer, Iowa, and Helen Barger. Lakota, July 21. Joseph Culbertson, Algona end Ella Ewaldt, Lone Rock, July 23. George ErTien, lakota aid Annie Rlppentrop, Lakota, July 24. Fred Mahoun, St. Paul, Minn, and Mae L. Carr St. Paul, July 24. steer, but was not disabled. Eddie Hovfnkamp of Fort Worth was also hurt bulldogging but expects to be back in the next show at Philllpsburg, Kansas. Joe Losen, who was champion rider at the World's Fair last year and who is a brother of Mrs. Vic Grugan, the clown's wife, fell as he tried to pass under his horse while it was running. However his injuries were not serious. The little seven year old Grugan boy and his fancy riding pleased the adults as well as the children. He Is the Eon of the clown and Mrs. Gugan who worked with her husband In the whip act. No. 2 cans 67c NEW PACK PEAS 6 WALDORF TISSUE 6 -"* 25c Grandmother's Sugared or Plain DOUGHNUTS £?10c KRAFT CREAM SPREADS Kay, Pineapple Cream, Pimento, OUve Cream 5 oz. jar . 15c Old English 5 in. •4 Ib. I7c Extra Half pound 33c Extra Back Tea, > 4 Vb. Sic, > 4 !b. lc 2 Ib. Ic Ib. 40c Grandmother's Big Twist BREAD loaf 2 ' 9C White House E V A P. MILK 0 ^ ns 1 / C cans Del Monte PINEAPPLE 27c '" 31c SLICED, No. * n 2i, tan 1VC CRUSHED, 2 No. SLICED, 2 No, 2 Campbell's Vegetable Beef SOUP 2 '-ails 15- HED MALAGA GRAPES, '• IU» U5c LEMON'S, biie 3UU ttuim 3ic CHANGES, &U* 'im . doien 23c CELEKY .. each 1(K lb 1.13 ROYAL BAKING POWDER «„- 35c SUNNYF1ELD FLOUR ™ 1-77 IO\A FLOUR ^ lb 1.70 I'lLLSBl'RY'S BEST FLOUR £' GOLD MEDAL FLOUR % SHREDDED WHEAT 2 RAJAH SALAD DRESSING £ QUAKED MAID CHILI SAUCE 2 LT RAJAH WHITE OR CIDER VINEGAR 2 £«r t'NEEDA R1KERS' CHOC. NUGGETS *• SUPER ' "" SUDS 2 ^ SCOT TISSUE 4 CRYSTAL WHI' SOAP 10 fALMOLIVE SOAP 4i 1.13 23c 25c 27c 15c 23c 15c 29c 27c 18c PRIME ALBERT OR VELVET TOBACCO - lOc AJi].oi_..'.(.t--;:R-i.l: TUJ.L- Ui A. >>c K (i;. IA.H-. NBC' NcfAoot. Mo:i- •.:.r. J,.;v 30. ATLANTIC & PACIFIC TEA COMPANY DIVISION Prebyterian Church Rev. C. Paul Carlson, Minister Sunday School at 10 a. m- Morning worship at 11 a. m. This will be the last Sunday morning service before vacation Everyone is urged to be present next Sunday morning in order that we may have a full attendance. Trinity Lutheran Church Rev. P. J. Braner, pastor English services at 9 a. m. Sunday School and Bible class at 1 a. m. Since the pastor will preach also at Garner Sunday, the time of service was changed to 9 a. m. The Ladies Aid will mett next week Thursday with Mrs. August Schmidt. First Lutheran Church M, A. Sjmtrmnd, pastor The Womans Missionary society will meet tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 at the home of Mrs. Rosewall. with Mrs. Alma Nelson the assisting hostess. Confirmation class on Saturday at 10 a. m. Morning worship next Sunday at 9 o'clock. Sunday School n?xt Sunday ta 10 a. m. Bancroft Lions Hold Get Together Bancroft: Around a hundred enjoyed the Lions picnic Sunday held at Terraof- Park. Many went swimming, while others enjoyed the ball pr.ine between Arnolds Park team and Bancroft. What remained of the dinner was finished in the e v:ning, and when it wn.s cooler the gang made merrj tin the different amusements. All who attended had a grand time and hope for another picnic torn;; time in the future. Sister of Bancroft Woman Stroke Victiiri Bancroft: Mrs. Mayme Baker of Leon, a sister of Mrs. George Carmean, passed away Sunday morning up town and done her shopping and was feeling fine wh«n around eleven she had a stroke and relatives were Immediately summoned, but she never regained consciousness from the time she fell victim to the stroke until she died. Mrs. Baker was quite well known to the people of Bancroft., coming every vear to visit her sister, and all who knew her were shocked when the sad news was heard. Mrs. George Carmean and son Evans, drove to Leon Saturday when they received the call, and Mr. Carmean and daughter. Georgia, loft Monday afternoon and remained until after the funeral which was held Wednesday. Mtss Helen Bryden Is attending school In Cedar Palls for a few weeks. Mrs. Refine Rossman oi Cylinder spent a week here with friends. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Scholtes visited relatives In Sioux City a few days last week. Mrs. Walter O'Hurn and two children cf Sioux City visited last week with Mrs. Josephine Becker and Mrs. A. H. Foth. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Elliot of Rockford arrived the first of the week for a week's visit with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. George Carmean. Mary and Martha Mescher left on a two weeks' trip, stopping at Dyersville to visit an uncle, then to Chicago to attend the World's Fair and visit their sister, Sister Mary Camillus. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Schwartz left for home last Thursday after a week's visit and the Misses Betty and Patricia Sheridan accompanied them for a liv days' visit and from there they will gt> to Green Bay, Wisconsin, for a week's stay. Mrs. Ambrose Kennedy, Mrs. Eva Kennedy, Ray Brink and Merita Gilbertson drove to Arnolds Park Monday and John and Edward Kennedy, Vernon Doose, Lawrence Deiterlng and James Sheridan who remained there over night, returned with them. Roy McGulre, Emmet Devine, Margaret, Mildred and Mariana Deiterlng drove to Des Moines last Thursday and remained unti] Saturday. On their way home they stopped at Ames and Philip Sheridan accompanied them the rest of the way home for the week end. Notice To Whom It May Concern: Notice is hereby given that application for commutation of sentence or pardon has been presented to me in the case of Emdry J. Brownfltld, No. 13534, Anamofa, who was convicted of the crime of Entering a Bank to Rob, November, 1930. in the County of Kossuth, and sentenced to Imprisonment for life. Said application is based upon the following grounds: 1st—Because the trial judge has recommended clemency. 2nd—Because the sentence of life is too severe in this case. That said application will be presented to the Board of Parole, in accordance with the provisions of Section 3818, of the Code of Iowa. Dated at Des Motnes Iowa, this 20th day of July. 1934. CLYDE L. HERRING. 30-33 Governor. Notice to Contractors for Enlarging Irvington School House Bids for enlarging the Irvington school house will be considered by the Irvington township School Board Wednesday, August 8th, 1934. Plaas and specifications for the proposed improv- ment may be secured from M. H. McEnroe. The Board re.serves the right to rt-Jec: any or aH bids. L. C. HUTCHINS. 30 Secretary of Board. Illasili For Sale POK SALE~At a bargain. 191!9 mode) A Ford truck with 4-.sp<-Hl tran.sins- Mon. Call at U22 -North Ti.cvmgtfjn St. •JCT FOR SALE OR TRADE--1'J2'J Pontiac coach.—Algona Auto Market. West of Court House. FOR SALE—Genuine Hoover vacuum rltant-rj,. $L'4.D3, ur.e ><-ar fcuaraiitee — BjUitroir.i. 30 . 31 FOR SALE—Spring 3 Ibfc ami up. 65c t-aer..—Mrt. Xf-na Shock. Phone 2HF13. c-o Jtutll Hatl-.-rion. FOR SALE—Good 28-50 Cat*.- thrashing machine.—Frank. Sttbritz, 412 N. Minn., Algeria. 29" GARAGE FOR SALt—Completely equipped garage for tale Was Chevrolet agency. Reasonable rent—low inventory.—Johnson Chevrolet Ct>., Swea City, Iowa. 29* FOR SALE OR TRADE—1929 Chevrolet coach.—AJ&onu Auto MaJktt, Wfcit ol Court. Houie. 30 FOR SALE— Wheel chair, good Ui new.—Myrt't Turnbaugh, phone 596- J. AJgona, Iowa. 29* FOR SALE—Light Naih 4 door Be- cian. 21,000 actual miJeag-.. In tx- cvllent mechanical condition. Extra good tii'i-fc.—Algona Auto Market, West ol Court Hou..,t." 29 USED BUICK CAR FOR SALE— One of the tu-H a-Jtd Buuk cars n: Algona b otti-itd lor .sale at atiou*. onfc-iA-v- un : h of the co.-t IJIKI.-. rj.-fci.anically \r ijtct netted tiit- btit of can.. U-j«-tli-d ti.ijuicl liiuunc a IX;, ilOli.ti olliO; . FOR SALE OR TRADE—1932 Chtv- rolri coach.—Algona Auto Market, West of Court Houte. 30 Wanted SALESMAN WANTED—By big old rHiabJt- company, to sell direct to fanners. Must have car and b- willing to work. Liberal comniifc&ion. Home every night. Give references and foil details regarding, a-lf in first letter. Reply to M. O Butler, 615 Nonh Hth St., Fort Dodg-r, Iowa. 30' MAN WANTED for Rawlcigh Route of 800 families. Wrtie immediately Rawleigh Co , Dept. IAG-191-SA, Frte- pon, 111. 3o» WANTE'D— Local rtpreit-ntatlvt. Sales work. Prefer young man IB to 30. Writt cart of this oHic*. No invest- in^ lit but reference requlrtd 29* MCFARLANDS ENJOY CALIFORNIA LIFE Left Algona Sixteen Years Ago, Now Boosters for New Long Beach Home Letter to' Mrs. Wm. Hartley of Sexton Tells of Glories of the Golden West "Long Beach, California. July 15, 1934.—Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hartley, Dear friends: Are you going to let another winter catch you in Iowa, when it is so grand out here and we have so much going on. As old as we are we go to a dance twice a week most of the time and a card party two and three times a week. It Is sure glorious out here. Never could I think of living anywhere else. I have been In 17 states and three different countries— United States, Canada and Mexico, and of all the places, California is the best and most delightful to live in, in more than one' way. The climate first of all. The scenery, is beautiful. The people are different, all out for a good time and do we have it. 111 say we do. If you don't believe it, just take a little trip for your own good and come out. One trip will do as all would like to live here. More people would If more could let go. You will have to let go like I did, sell at Just what you can get some one to offer. And shut your eyes and say take it. I am thankful I did. We love It here. The quake scared some. But It sounded like a rolling thunder in the distance and everything commenced to tremble Just like a big roll of thunder in the distance. Well built buildings were unharmed, espifola/lly .frames I wouldn't h»ve anything but frames, as they are warmer and dryer. The only time that it makes any difference is In winter when we have all our rains. We have had just one good rain since May first. You should see my flowers. They sure do well out here and that is my hobby. Hope you will decide to enjoy this coming winter by a trip to California. One trip will do, aa one trip Is all It takes to decide where you want to spend your old daya where there la no snow. I have been In Long Beach 16 years and never ft flake of enow has fallen here in All that time. IWy miles from here it is BO feet deep in winter. At Camp Baldy they go swimming all the year found. One trip is all you need to tell you where to spend the rest of your life. I have made more money here than I did in Iowa all my llf? and had n better time doing tt. Wnat is good for me I think is good for my best friends. "See." Let me know what month to look for you folks out to make us a visit. Your* truly, Mr. and Mrs. C. L-. McParland. District Logion Picnic Date Set for July 30 The annual aummw picnic an* meeting of ttw> Wjhth District Legion and Auxiliary will be hfld July 3 at Spring Lake in Owns county local adjutant, John Mwnvw n«* been Informed, and he wtahw to pawi the good n*wa on to mil mwnbws In Kossuth county. A baortMUl (r*me, picnic supper at oix o'clock, and fr*e boating nnd dancing RK> on MM> program, while- at, the b\«rtnw» «*Mon At. 7:80 p. m. an election of officer* will bp held. Re. gistwUon for ouch family will be 26 centt. Each family to to bring it* own supper, nowwr, although the program is free. Gamble Stores surely must have faith in their tires—now, they give you a double guarantee—against all road hazards, except puncture, fire and theft for 18 months on 6 ply and In addition, for life against defects in material and workmanship. 30 /vvwvwuvvvwwwvvvuvvvvt Lost-Found LOST—Pair ol note glasses on the itrttts of Algona. Finder please return to Upper Etes Molnei ofiice. 29 Miscellaneous Have you tried our Thrifty Wash.— Klrsch* Laundry. Phone 267. 49-tl Our The* car is hai always Ai.yoi.c- in', ti.t Upjji-r I Inureii ratt to borrowers was to biX ptr cent on July 1st. If you are planning on building a home, remodeling or want to rellnanc* your prttbtnt mortgage avail yourself at the lew uHertit rate plan <A the Algona Bulding & Loan Ats'n. 22-tl ImtrnaUonal Manufacturer has position Jor reliable men with car in this locaJity. Only men jnu-retted in permanent work ojict capable of earning ubovt- ordinary income need respond Apply Pitai Elcclxic Co., Algona. la. 28-29 UK. M. I. LKH'IFU VhTJJttlNAKIAN Day ,,nu i.igl.t c.ii)!>. I'J Bull S.ivt- that ennui with a VI-KS 6i-p-| Fi.<.iv ;,r.«,r. L'.-x-ii L:I.'^I b.joat.'j. MtUi- i - - .,, .„. v,TbO Ti-- B '•• r'n- A! '• K - *>- MINKEt, M ,"l,.*.a '' "'" 's-'.i' PHVbU'IAN ANU . .-.'.. .:('.. lu^d Delicious? Yes.... Every Slice Every slice of Wilson's Bread is as d:licious as bread fean be. The crust is firm, the "inwards" fluffy. Rye, Whole Wheat or White, it makes no difference . . . every piece Is tasty. Buy a loaf today. Try our pastries, too. Wilson Bakery | WUWWWW%W Important Announcement July Bargains Contine in both the MAIN STORE and the ANNEX- Owing to the splendid patronage accorded the Annex, we have decided to keep the little bargain center open until about the middle of August. New price reductions in both stores will make shopping at Chrischilles & Herbst a real "thrill." Cut-Rate Grocery CRACKERS 2 Ibs. Jar Lids 1A_ Mason Zinc, doz. _ *•'*• Oxydol 2 Ige. pkgs. 39c GREEN TEA ... ______________ £ Ib. 12c NO. 10 FRUIT Peaches __________ 42c Red Cherries _____ 49c Blk, Raspberries ___ 58c Apricots __________ 49c Pineapple 63c Prunes 36c Bartlett Pears 43c Red Raspberries __63c MACARONI, SPAGHETTI, 2 Ib. box 19c FLOUR Fireplace $1.68 Fremont's Best ...$1.72 Lucky Boy $1.78 Mother's Best ___$1.93 Kirk's Hardwater Camay, Palm, lQ/» olive, 4 bars lUt. Brand Flakes, Whole Wheat Flakes, Q,, Puffed Wheat ___ **• . 1M. VANILLA ..8 oz. jug 19c LIGHTHOUSE CLEANSER ..-2 cariTfr; JELL POWDER 6 pkgs. Miller's Crispy CORN FLAKES 2 pkgs 19c "Busiest Little Store in Town." • • M. U. GENUINE Frigidaire A General Motors Product STOP--lu Ki K ht Now LOOK—A million and a quarter more in use than any other make. LISTEN—It pays for itself in savings. See Kossuth County's Largest Display of 1934 Electric Refrigerators at Greatei Values Bjustrom's Easy Terms /wwwywwwwvww. wwwwv READ THE WANT ADS THE

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