The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 26, 1934 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 26, 1934
Page 2
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The Algona tipper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa, July 26,1934 dflfje gUsona Upper JtatfjHotaefi B North Dodge Street HAOOAKD * WA1ASR, Publishers. •Mend M Beoond Class matter at the pwrtofflc* at Algona, Iowa, under act of Congress of March 3,1879. Issued Weekly. SUBSCRIPTION RATES Di KO8SUTH CO.: One Tear, in Advance *2-00 MX Months, in Advance 1-25 Three Months, in Advance 60 Subscriptions Outside County, $2.50 per year, strictly In advance. Subscriptions Payable in Advance. DISPLAY ADVERTISING, SOo PER INCH Compositon J5 cents per Inch extra. AN APPRAISAL FROM FAIRMONT In a recent issue of the Fairmont, Minn., Sentinel, somebody or other had a little spare time on his hands, end used it In going through a list of exchange papers and appraising them. They commented on this paper as follows: "Algona Upper Des Moines—A dandy weekly, worth all and more than It costs us as news source and otherwise. Excels most weeklies In Its style of news writing and display. Chuck full of interest on every page. Is inclined to be editorially timid. Lots of readable wisecracks. Thinks the O. O. P. could save the nation with one hand tied behind its back." The first few sentences sounded pretty good, and the last somewhat startled us ,in view of what we think has been a pretty independent editorial policy. But If our editorial policy is timid, we're glad to find out about it. "Let the people know the truth and the cenntry Mfe,"—Abraham Lincoln. AMERICAN VS. AMERICAN Fighting against a foreign nation has a certain aspect of patriotism that has helped to keep wars alive through countless years, false as the feeing may sometimes be. But to find Americans battling Americans, as is the case in the tragic strike elements on the west coast and other more nearby sections, is anything but patriotic or heroic. General Johnson, commenting on the strikes, says that they n-ever got anything for anybody. General Johnson must certainly know that there have been times when strikes were the only way in which labor could get any kind of a hearing from capital, and that only by collective and united action could the workingman obtain justice from the mogul at the top of the heap. But in the present era, with labor's working hours cut on an average of 15 per cent (by General Johnson's own figures), and with every effort being made to run a social democratic form of government on the theory of the greatest good for the greatest number, the strikers seem to have no grounds for complaint. An Australian communist organized the longshoremen to stan the original strike; other labor unions, caught In the strike spirit, have followed. Sober, level- heded and recognized labor leaders have isfused to cooperate. But hot-headed men, who see a chance to enhance their own power, have managed to lead their fellow men into all kinds of trouble. While the United States is struggling to pull itself out by the bootstraps, while every group of citizens is being given a chance to present its own views and criticisms of administrative action, and while labor especially is being given a very fair "break," it would seem that there Is little place In the scheme of things for these "flies In the ointment" that are causing trouble. odds and ends Notes on a Honeymoon Taking a honeymoon trip reminds us of that slogan for Cracker Jack ... a person doesn't realize what a cosmopolitan country the United States is until they look at the names on tombstones . . . newlyweds just can't keep the fact dark—even the filling station attendants seem to be in the secret . . . why Mason City runs that crooked, awkward street car system will always remain a mystery ... a sign In northern Michigan advertised 22,000 acres of something different; an Iowa farmer, used to good, rloh soil, tillable on every acre, would think it was different: 22,000 acres of hi!l and vale, sand and scrub timber, which should be turned back to the Indians . . . nothing like having a good secretary to keep track of the roads and other details of a honeymoon. Including an expense account (which by the way fizzled out and was forgotten after getting; to Chicago) . . . the Canadians are now getting even with u?. A few years buck we discounted their mcn.y; now they are discounting our?, and charging 32 cents a gallon for gas besides, although it's a big gallon . . . just in time for a big Orangeman's eel: brat ion in Ontario. Borne of the boys seemed to think we had driven especially from Iowa for the occ.uion. and acted like long lost brother?. If they v.-cmul have d the password. .we'd have been Mink . . . Canadian rccnery i.s not marred by millions of biiltoanU . . . i-..s we pa.'-^-ed d'.xens of good fishing lake:, could not i.r-!p but think of Algona'. 1 great fish<rmen. C R. , Roy I.!jus:ioin, Gail? Towne and Izaak Walton Weaver . . . Gucrnws at the World Fair imrr.tdiateiy made us think of Jud;;c Quir- ton . . . made the mi.>':ike of grains into a .scoou r rae»? with the voung lady on the nndwa 1 ". one hour Inter managed to get her back out i'.ito the midway; a regular Barney Oldfleld in skirts . . . and a pleasant little jaunt up into \Vi.iC. ii.-.ia. b loiv heading for home and the tall corn . . . ymoon.s .-i-.ould be a regular ytaviy feature of e\vr\body's 111-. w> opine, and ai!<r M (-IIIL; and cart;ally studying all the various bruits on parari'- at Niagara, your., truly was po.s!tiv-.- that lie wouldn't 1iacli-. i-ven. ,:di! fret Pa,il (if tiic- ri•-,! nt i.n '.vi;: be \v n. A la:: ii.>:.;•• u:v (-I.IM r v. .i - l.-.i.nan. H. Mi!V r.-s : n bili!;. of the \Verk OTHER EDITORS Judfre Faville Roasts Moratorium Emmetsburg Democrat: Judge Faville paid his respects to the New Deal. He has no time for a party which repudiates contracts, which would do away with the good old Constitution. He recalled that the state of North Carolina had worked its way back to prosperity after the havoc of the Civil War, not by repudiation and new fangled ideas, but by hard work, sacrifice and intelligent planning. The same can be done in Iowa and the nation. He Is against telling a man how many chickens he can raise and to whom he can sell his milk. H-? Is strongly inclined to the old fashioned ruegcd individualism. The judge predicted that the republican party would be swept back into power this fall and that it would remain in power for another fifty years. He was tired of th-? workings of the brain trust. He was afraid of the fearful debt that is being placed on the backs of the American people. Judge Faville was widely cheered at the conclusion of his remarks. * • • Champion for Bonnstetter Whittemore Champion: Representative Bonnstetter paid the Champion office a pleasant call Monday afternoon. After spending an hour talking over with him the various issues of the day, and the work done at the last session of the 45th general assembly, we are more than ever convinced that because of his clear cut, unbiased ideas, and Insight into th-? taxation problem, that we will support him at the coming election. Mr. Bonnstetter has proven himself a leader at the state house and is certainly "no small potatoes." The citizens of Kossuth county have done a noble job in supporting him in the past, and there Is little question but what he has gained further political strength the last two years. He is an exponent of tax revision, and promises to have something to say on this subject in the near future. • • • Frarier-Lemk* Bin Eldora Herald-Ledger: An interesting note on the much discussed Frazder-Lemke farm mortgage bill is contained in Paul Mallon's "News Behind the News" column for July 5. He says: "There were quite a few congressional eyebrows raised when Mr. Roosevelt sign?d the Frazier-Lemke farm mortgage bill. The truth is that certain administration leaders in congress wer? permitted to understand they could pass the measure because it was certain to be vstoed. One admlnstratlon kader spread the word around the senate room to that effect. "Most insiders believe that the president did intend to yeto the bill, but changed his mind at the last minute, believing that he could prevent the collapse of the farm mortgage markets by a conservative administration of the act. The administrators have received their White House orders to go very slowly." • • • Enforce Speed Laws Sioux City Journal: It i.« reported thnt there has been n noticeable increase in reckless driving. Cars fire traveling now at higher .speed than ever before, -which may b^ reiponsible for at least a part ol the increase in accidents. New cars are high powered and capable of malting 75 mile. 1 * an hour or more. Improved brakinc dees not offMt the danger of unrea.sonable high speed Mich nr. Is indulged on the- highways of the country, mr.ny of which are too narrow or winding for preat safety. Strict enforcement of state ant'. Iccal laws is urgid a- a mean; to check accident inertases. ODD THINGS AND NEW-By Lame Bode LATKA NATIVES Of NOATHEIW SIBERIA PRACTICE LATKA. OR WINTER SLEEP, LIKE BEARS. THE PAMILV SLEEP rwENtr-Two MOORS A DAY, RISING ONLY TO SIP TEA AND EAT BLACK BREAD JVIN6 LONGER EATING FOOTS ) I CONTAINING CALCIUM ff AND PHOSPHATE HAS BEEN POUND NOT ONLY TO BUILD STRONG BONES BUT TO OF*. SET OLD AGE. GOLD AND SILVER. GOLD IN THE OCEAN WOULD COVER THE CAPITOL GROUNDS AT WASHINGTON A THOUSAND FEET OEEFJ WHILE THE SILVER WOULD COVER CENTRAL BM?K, MY., OVER A THOUSAND FEET. The Man About Town Says Whiskey Ton High Garner Signal: If '.he pre.son; exorbitant .state liquor .'tore- prices ar<- continued in Iowa, this state will soon brcome a mecca for all the b'otk'g<?crs of our adjoin- ,r.'.; .--trite:. Th • one bis reason for many of who vot«•{' f-'r the repeal of the 18th anv-ndmer.t, v;a.s the I'.immntion of tlie DO'.-MOBKCT profession. Accord.n; to a statement printed Tuesday morning in 1;" Des Moine.s Il''qi.-ter. the state f f Iowa Is charc- ir.-' approximately 50 >> r cent more on 53 identical brands of liquor than the .'tate cf Washington. Tlie Iowa state ;.-:ic" .s hiah <-nou<:;h ;.o the bootlegger can, and will pi•.•••!>T by underselling s'ate pric s. We were of the opinion that the .state of TOUT, was [.I'jnp into the liqucr business, not with the .MIIK!*- pur- },<"•,• of m;ikinc rnon'-v. but with the idea in vi -w of pro- ni(i".n n ' real temperance by putting the unprincipled bdo'.li-_• !-(-r out of biNine.-.s. It would M---m that the pre- !t:i' .•::>! liquor c ntrol commission has different ideas. It ini-i ahvav.s b'-cn our contention the prohibition d'ii. during its duration, wa.s th" of makini: li.ird ;;q:;or <innl:( n, out of hundreds of thousands of the < :i:.rv.'-iii) generation, who. otherwise, never would Jiave ta-t ct 'lie inind-d.'--trovin? poL-on. During that : :•:• • : t! - i-ver (/bh'jiiii,' pooU'-i.'^''!' was "Johnny on the ;-.-i l ' ',; : h :.!-, wait.-., which chiefly of raw ,!:• hi ; t;..- in i n. -idiou-i and .•iii:l-(.' intcxi- i ...•!.•••• ,-n .i:k .-. 1:1 in Am< rica. 'ii..- 'n- .i,' :,-:;^i-r iias r.'i qualms nl (i c< :u-v -!.;!•-: (.:.• •• !,;•:•• An\(in>- \u,o lia 1 - the piiei- can .-i-ciin: ,.i.()- V>: in:,' Aintlua w:i.'- t'i!d i' could r.'t Ivivi- '. -.:'a'!i..- i'.'jiK rs lit any d'-.-ciiptiun or i::ncl. .*,"t-;.r bftr r :::.-- ;•.•;> Mit'iit. Ti.c (jld K-nerai'.on 'f b*-er cirinki r.> .•(.i.n i-.i.i.ii.'-nei-d tlie habit of sijikini: tr.e n<-.-.r bi-i-r wi'h i .-v :-.!f-ii-;!. Tin: younger f.'eneratior. would not be th.-ir eld r.s. Cnilriren of 12 ye-, i.- i.r a; <• j <(.:'• t nuiiuii alru':.f)i for two bi's. tf> .'•jKke a j 'if nei.r b' ( r.-.. 'i'tias a iiabit. wa-> ciia'rii li.r tin.- [ i raw a:i(.!K-l that will conm'.ue -AUii in;-.:,:, 'f ! -mill; i> ople until '.i'.i-ir death. I n '.in' ]ii"-i-nt prices a.-ked bv tilt- .-;' ,-'i . t!-,i-re :.~ not a i'!:o:-' ft | t-::i:' I.-, c/n tiic- run and tl. - numie to be at tlii-ir jn> i ev. • iati t.t Wa.'.lnn;.'t ,n can s'l! inlirxu a'in%' p^-r ciiii inidrr t:.e pncv eii.i/-' (i :.i IDW... , !n- >:i'.n: and. at w-- ••'• it. tii'i ..-: ;he i (,.-,:ii(.' aivay witii ihe boutU'.''-( r- and at i. - (.'rac;..aliy chani'e tiie raw a!c(,-hi/j appt- <;u/'-n.v to j-.omeihii.g more miid. Smftty, the jeweler at Lnsby's Is fortunate to have someone who wishes him the best of luck. He received, through the mail, a rabbit's foot with a card tied to one end on which was his address. The foot was sent from the world's fair and carried no return address or the name of the sender. • * * One of the features of the rodeo was the clowning before the performance. Betty Backus and Mrs. Don Smith were caught as principals in one episode with the clown. Fun for all but not for Betty, as she emerged from the fray with a paintend nose and cheek. • • • The Orelnneyer lawn possess two fish pools. Onp of them has contained two human ftah besides the regular kind. The maid in Docs home had occasion to step into the pool one night with the result that her foot slid along the sloping bottom and carried her body to the deepest part In the center. Thursday night Win Scott was delivering a message to the same home when he likewise stepped into Ihe pool and clicl to the bottom. The next day h-? was seen to be eating fl'-h. Several time reports have come in that someone is taking the fish out of the pools about the city. This may clear up the mysteries. • • ft The father of two sons recently purchased a baseball can at one of the- local stores. When .showing it at home- to tile boy who was to wear it the younger brother of nin: years asked where the cap was bought. Not receiving a prompt an.v.ver he asked lor the cap and took a smell of it. "Oh I know, you bought it at Joe Bloom'.,," • • • Ear'y one morning a cowboy rode his pony up town and lunched at a cafe. Citorge Kanoull who La<l attended the .show decided he could r:de a.s -,vll as some of the prote.-'ionaK He mouii'Vil and rode to ih- fair grounds and back. Only a lev: minor briii; e.-, marked hi.-, act. I' is a puzzle h w hi.s l:p b-came vvo'.'.--:i be- cau.-*- Loses Pocketbook, But Gets It Back Within 24 Hours Lone Rock: Ralph Prebe had the misfortune to lose his pocketbook last Friday while he was unloading coal. It contained a number of dollars and valuable papers. Saturday it was returned to him. showing there are some honest men living yet. Mrs. Mary Roderick visited at the Walter Thompson home Thursday and Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Otis Sanders and family visited relatives at Renwlck on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Thomsen visited at the John Thomsen home at Royal Sunday. Jfesaie Stebrita of Bancroft spent Sunday at the home of her mother, Mrs. E. M. Hawks. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hauptman of Corwith were Sunday dinner guests at the Roy Jensen home. Donald son of Mr. and Mrs. Ora Hulbert Is ill with pneumonia, Leona Bicrstedt, R. N., is caring for him During the storm last Mrs. Hftttie Moore ftnd Viol* and Leona and friend, Bjelyn Kemp <rf Waterloo vldted at toe Prank Macwnber home Friday on their way home from Yellowstone Park. Mrs. Moore Is a sister of Mrs. Macumber. W. O. Flalg drove to Boon* Sunday to tafcs Mrs. Flalg and daughter Joan, who went to Oskaloosa from there for a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. T E. Lewis. Mrs. Flalg's sister, Miss Jeannette Lewis, who l\as been visiting at the Flaig home, returned home with her. Mrs. AJex Krueger and daughter, Muriel Long, accompanied by her mother, Mrs. M. E. Blanchard drove to Waterloo Friday where Muriel entered the Waterloo School of Beauty Culture. Mrs. Harry Tarbell of Waterloo, who had been visiting friends here the past ten davs returned to her home with them Friday. The following enjoyed a picnic supper at the State Park near Algona on Thursday: Mrs. Fred Oenrlch Mrs. Alex Kruesrer, Mrs. Watson Shlck. Mrs. J. M. Blanchard, Mrs. Glenn Sharp. Mrs. W. O. Flalg. Mrs. L. R. Roderick. Mrs. H. J. Rice, Mrs. G. A. Sharp and Mrs. Harry Tarbell of Waterloo. It was In honor of Mrs. O. A. Sharp, who is moving to Dayton. Fenton Young Folks Win Honors While at Methodist Camp Fenton: Those attending the Methodist League institute at Okoboji returned home Monday feeling they had spent a profitable and pleasant week. They regretted however the tragedy which occurred afrPlllsbury Point which marred their pleasure at the end of their outing. A number of the group were present when the bodies were being rescued. Among honors receives by the group were that of Isabelle Weisbrod, who was awarded first place in the 25 yard race for the beginners class in swimming. She will receive a gold medal for her skill. Also Marjorle Bailey was selected as one of the delegates to the National Council of Youth to be held at Evanston, Illinois in August. Four of the group namely Donna Jean and John Bailey, Claudia Voigt and Dale Weisbrod were given diplomas for a three year attendance at the Institute. On Sunday they were , Joined by most of the remainder of the league members, making Fenton s attendance on Sunday almost perfect, i The William Boettchcrs of Burt were entertained at the E. C. Weisbrod home Sunday. The Lutheran Evangelical church at Fairville held Its annual mission festival Sunday at the Robert Wegenor grove. Oscar Zwiefel of Des Moines left last Tuesdav after having spent a week of vacation at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Zwiefel and with other relatives. Richard Hengel was in town last week the first time since his serious illness of more than three months. He is still weak from his long illness and his friends hope his recovery will be rapid. The C. B. Brookers of at Sexton Women Hosts to Wesley Last Thursday About 40 women of the romnmntty were emtertsaned Sn Methodist Ladlea Aid their Guest Day held in their church Thursday afternoon of last- week Altogether 124 were registered. and were entertained during the afternoon by a well planned mognm. Wesley's part of the program consisted of a quartet of voices Including Mrs. Lawrence Hanson, Mrs. Carl Hanson, Mis. James Hodges and Mr* MdSul- ty Maurine Hanson presented a piano solo- Grace and Irene Johnson sang; a duet; and Mrs. Frank Johnson Mrs. Lester Larson, Adah Simpson and Alma Funnemark composeda quartet. A verv nice lunch was served after the program. Besides the above named adies presents, the guests from Wes- ev included Mesdames F. Bentele and children, J. C. SkoW, and Fidelia, P. E. Skow, Marion Paulson, Lena Larson,. Lester Larson, Simpson, H. H. Flom, Halvor Flom, Frank Johnson. Henry Funnemark, Ole Flom, Anna and Ethel Henry Kunz. Hugh McCutchln, Ann Kunz, R. B. Hopkins, Guy M. Butte, B T Felt, Emll Wester, A. M. Lease, Robert Welter. Paul Erdmann, P. C. Haynes, Mrs. W. A. Fischer Phillips.. Carl Johnson and Raymond Hanson^ uunnf? me ejeci^iuai fciurm JMOU . me u. u. jaruuKtrs ui suii^a I,CM»«. Monday P. M. Christensen lost a vaiu- | last Wednesday for an over night vis- able steer which was struck by lightning. Fred Genrich was surprised Sunday when friends uathercd at his home for dinner to help him celebrate his birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Blerstedt attended a birthdav dinner at the Wm. Hoeck home at Bancroft Sunday honoring Mr. Hoeck's birthday. Mrs. Fred Bohn and Eunice Johnson of Fenton and Doris Jean Dehnert of LuVerne were visitors at the R. L. Padgett home Friday afternoon. Mrs. L. B. Hollistcr. Mrs. James Wadsworth, Mrs. Jav Godden and Mrs. Harrv Tarbell o£ Waterloo w:re dinner at the Martin Vant home in Bancroft Thursday. Mrs. W. J. Cotton accompanied her par nts, Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Morgan of AlKona last Monday on a visit in Vj.scon.sin. T,'linols and Minnesota. They expect to be (.'one ub'jut two weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Bicrstedt attended a birthdav narty at the Cliarlv-. OL'on h-'-me in Burt la-st Tuesday tv- eiune (riven in honor of Mrs. Biev- s'edt's mother, Mrs. C. E. SifKbce'.-: birthday. Il(;v. and Mrs. S. M. Gladstone and diiuuhtcr.-i. Marparet and Beuluh and Mr--. A. A. KrutK.r and .'on. Robert, went lo KLilem. Soutii Dakota. Friday. b>-INK rallul there by the .striou* Illness mother. r;-<- will not conk-.-, to :ul-|ol Mrs. Gladstone'. , head. I • == it at the F. H. EiRl-er home. Their daughter Billie Evelyn, who has been visitinff here the past two weeks, returned home with them. M.-. and Mrs. Wm. Buckta and two children, Jane and Robert of Beloit, Wls.. arrived here Tuesday lor a few days' visit at the home of Mr. anrt Mrs. R. C. Goetsch. Mrs. Goetsch and Mrs. Buckta are foster sisters. Of late years tlu-re have- been many | n,l piiar:: .iCiit.s l.uvilii; to | ,'..::• ..: ...i..;.vlch nutting, i i. ..- 11-.;:, ;lu.- cour: e a (o.'iipeutor. liob J.iiue., i'i.-' i!; in.-, drir-' -tore. Mat- UI.M.- tor <;ruij .-'.ore vi--rk-! -i!a;niy .-,cr.d v(;iiiig (o\]o;-> .'- v>i.'i.U v.;'.:i ioti oJ ad- CITY PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY i;:...- lil,:V 1 l.aa a rin.ohi Bob c. i 't 1:1 vice. ATTORNKVS AT LAW R. J. H::nin:"on .1. D. Lowe HAKUISfiTON & LOWE ATl'ORNEYH AT LAW Kooms 212-U lite'. Nat 1 Hank Elk ALOONA, IOWA J. W. Sullivan idec'di S. E. McMahon L. E, l.innaii SULLIVAN, MrMAIION & LINNAN ATrOHNKYS AT LAW Office over County Savings Bank ALGONA, IOWA FENTON NEWS Mvrti«- H.I.-II.-...-M.-I. o: M:i.i.i-.i|)0i:.-. <'am u K- A t:a\.-5 lia Uitit-r part of the week tor a vi.-.t at t:.c hon.i- of her .s.-ttr iiiici Dr. aiiu Mri. S. W. Mt\i-r. Aji.uiu iliOi,/ :;;•!;. I.:; i\:-a-.iu!- tci c r;. hcit i.i.-:i \VLtk wt'-» C). J . Ranii.-v. 2<:<M bu.:i.. .-. Martin \Viib, i ^ 800 bu.-jii.J6 and Pi-tvr Havxn^u 1300 :i.'.cl i- ar L:i t,u(iei.i; birthda It to it.. al Tlie K. Tuttle Lukt Sj cludvti lilt W. tib.. Ed Oniii Ajbc.Rait. The RtV .,1-f: Ml. . J. T S PnyilLi accoiiiijanit-d ij." M: K. C. (" : 0-.;-.l li Ull/.'r to I..! Mr a.'-.i Mr. Mr a lid Ui t ul Bou- ol I--'.. : - : i;.; : uei:k. Aux.l/arv «.-ii]o'ii. n,s ar;a jjiii;ic uV T:.t Wi.'il-.-. K. C'. Fuu:i Hui..; Baa^.j lan.- i:(..-.-;.-oij aiii: CI.VIIL Mr i-nii Mr.-. Arnoiu Kia'.t i.i ia a n-- i.'iiiicjii ijiind,i\ i'itn.!.t' fur aijijut -'i yui.-.ti, lionorn.f! Mrc. Kla'.t's n.-ltr and i . . L..J..I Mr ai.'i Mr.-, UaMi.unu Funk who were ini:.rr:i-d Fridav at Faiiini^i.'.. Mjo. Funk w'it> I 'jj iiii-rl v IXirot:.. . i. T- u.'-i c.i.i^i:'vr oi Joi::; ;it-hi;.-i'..-. r c i n ar Algona. ' J.i., .- .;Ur Mi.: Tl laini.v Mr.- Mut ! it CirMiaa ij;<ni,n oi Cliicai'.'. ar y at tlie iiOia n-ou ,re ML. lit-;- .Mi,-. c; i .. s. C. II. ottr Mi.- it- t .- SiL- ii--iii.. Cnaiit -... . i Ti.u ijiotijer Arthur C^ an.i uiir: Joia^tiii all of Chicago on n •.^iiiiii i.c-ri- tin- b.i. t rt.l! : '.urn ho;i.c- uiiii aiLx.- attOii.j)ai.iL-d by C'iay- O! ;ii I.ioiialii Wair.rr al.'l ti.y Cit-niiirdb cuovt to I>-b'> Tiie i :a;t-r pl.i'. - 1: Aa.t-., ba^ubail :<:,.iin in i);<.- .-k'i'i loiir:.aii,ciit. TI.I-V io I ,.- .'..i:: Ci.^ Mr: ('• :- Hrl. Kuiiice Johnson .:iittrt<ii:ie.i in honor ol iu-r birinday ai:i.iv. . . ; a: v latt Wci'J:a .suav aittiooii at i:ei- iioiiu . Ti.o i.- i-nioviiiH tin- courttiv were. La- Vonr.'-- Newel, Siiirity. F-iiiiiit uiicl i'JA;li.i Frank. It iL-im:fy Fuin._-.i[ad. fit-<(i-^i.i f '•- rha; 1.1. liiV'onii-.- LaVoiitit Bailey. Mary Ann Bohn. Do- IL> J- ,n! Jjilu.-it. Conii-iia Militr and Lo'iraint ana Marilyn Wrytiitr. Ganu-o V.--H- |jia\'.a and iclrt^-.iiit JAa were ii-rvoci. A luinilv reunion wa> t.'i.lovu bv the t-..iiOAi.:ii ^:ouy al tin; Sl&lt t'ai'X. u- Aluoiui Sunday: Qhru< Widti-. 1. Mr;. Cair.c Haa.,c aiiU i.oi. : . Earl ol I-'.iir- ii.oiit. BL1 Gail and CillTuid; Mr. ar,u MJ-O. L. J. Wciibioa and Nttt:-. Mi. anu Mi.= 'Iii'-oiUie Wviibrod and ti-anud^UiiLUT B.ihe Mjuneli. U.c- li Gadt ituiulv ill ol tt:L place- and Mrt 1 ;> oou. Glenn and lain- liv of WooUtock. Pearl Haa •_• w:.o La.-j bi-tn vijitiiiK at Woe'... '.uc:: ',hv i.. ' v,v. .-: aiiii a half look In.; upi.'jr- t v of coining i,o:ne. A ian.Lv 5Iayor Speiht discarded his felt hat Monday and ear. \A- .-,••< n weaiiiuj in .c ot th .-,.- Kraiik iJuck or Brinu; Em Back Alne Jiiixjt-!.-.. Car driver^ Lad bettor \K more eautiout and nonce tiie ttoji j-ifri.s for liiat h.<: IHA-. a reputa'ion arid ti:e n.a\or may mean bminite. • • • There is going to be a big night for Aluo:.a t.lki Thur.-d.iv. Mo-,t tvery- thir.3 .'-oecial i» on tiif; program. A babtball game for twilight fans, a biy kittenball game afu-r i upper, a muin- iipai barxl concert and a dance at the lair groundi. It couldn't be posiibK- lor a cooperation on anyone cf the above events. Algoria don't do things •),at way ai been the case in former yeart. Each program b going to tufftr b-inewiiat from iu> comj>ttitor. J. L. 1JONAK ATTCJRNKY AT LAW Collections will receive prompt attention ALGONA, IOWA PHYSICIANS & SURGEONS Of all the used at the rodeo in honor of Vot . R It V,V:.n OU H :e ItubL-rt V'(^ Mr Voti:!-.r .-.-, y AStui.u.i.^' ' > li/ntrjlliuil i'l-i- Mr. and Mi a:.: M;.-. r fc'j.ii'.r, Mi. : ;,J:.;ir. Mr ..-'.. I V,'::i 1- ..ti . i a u ii.'.. by traffic rn*n and wjpa Tom Kain used the largtit. It wus> a souvenir of Carl WUia^on'i. lent to Tom for the pai ]jOv.t of pti>.ua.-:on by tiie poychol- ogy rout-.. • • * About fifteen Alsoiui painters had a i_ri io(!ttij- r in the wocxls north of town Monday night. Lto Aman wa-b liii- of ceitmomt.i, and all ihrr painttri Itft their bruihti 'it home. Co:d nnnk.s. lunch and sporto furnich- «ti liit iiinuieintr.t lor the blag party. Ano'.litr ii. being planned to tutte.^- .'ui waa tf.ii. Thai's tiit old t int i-pir- 11 and tliouid be top.ed by othtr groups. n>Jitwat;h, Jut An- t t:.t go\tri:u»ini la uli lurn.J.vd aiu to lar- W. B. QUAKTON II. W. MILLEK A'lTORNEYS AT LAW Office over Kussuth Count v State Bank OHice Phone. 4^7 ALOONA. IOWA J. N. KENEFICK I PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON j Dflice lonuerJy orcuplrd by Dr. A. L I R)M ov. r Itexail rirug More Office Phone 300 K^ Phone 326 ALOONA, IOWA A. Hutchison C. II. ( RET/MEYEIl, M. D. Surgeon A: Physician Office John Galbraith Bldg. I'hoiie 441-310 C. Tht-odore C. Hutcbikoo ATTORNEYS AT LAW Quinby Bldg. Phone 251 E. J. VAN NESS & O. W. STILLMAN LAWYERS OHice over Iowa State Bank Phone 213-W Algoua, Iowa Gaylord D. Shumway Edward D. Kelly SHUMWAY & KELLY ATfORNEYS AT LAW Office ovtr Quinby A; Krause Building Algona, Iowa Phone 58 L. A. WINKEL ATTORNEY AT LAW OHice it Quinby Building. P.hone 180. ALGONA, IOWA W. I). ANDREWS, I). O. Osteopathic Physician and Surgeon General Hotpital Phone*: OHice 187; Resident* 688 ALGONA, IOWA P. V. JANSE, M. D. PHYSICIAN & SURGEON OHico on South Dodge St. Phone No.—Res. 366; Office 660 MELVIN G. BOURNE PHYSICIAN & SURGEON OHice over Pou Office Bldg. Phone*—OHice 197 Res. 211 DENTISTS it sun- j our uit-r | der^on. oe-lio 74'.ii \ wr^ng wiit-n ,tit: j nidi 'roubltci 'w.tii -"•'J | eiiiJiUi bu^o • Mi. i ivuiu.. E. C. McMAHON ATTORNEY AT LAW Office ovtr Quinby & Krauie Bldg. Algooa.Iowa Phone 129 HIBAM B. WHITE ATTORNEY AT LAW Office ovtr Iowa State Bank Phone 206 UK. H. M. OLSON DENTIST Gas or Novocaine used for extraction Located over Christemen Store Phoue: Business 166, Residence, 470 ALGONA. IOWA ^:-;-. Jot'.'i.- ix.-o Ji< P. A. HANSON ATTORNEY AT LAW Office over Iowa Slut* Bank Bldg. OJIlce Hf.une -MiU-J Re a. 315 ALGONA IOWA I DK. C. U. SCHAAP i DENTIST J Quinby Bldg. Phone 133 j Res. Phone 174 Algona. Iowa i VETERINARIANS ~~ ; Dr. L. W. Fox Dr. J. B Winke! ! Otlict 220 Wvbt Slate btreel I Oflice Phone 475-W Bee. 475-R I Aigona. Io*a CAKHOL A. WANUEU, A'I'IXDWNhY AT LAW Over Poitotlice Phone 65 fc. 11. Judge U. V. Co)le Office o»tr Baiktt Grocery ATI OKNEYS-AT-LAW .- b»'U Algoiiii, luv.u L. M. MEUKI11 Mortician aoid Funeral Director PilOlic 11 Al«ona. Iowa Ovtr A. V. 1IEBTIG SIGN SERVICE :r Cdft Pi. i Read the Want Ads. Don't miss SEEING THE NEW W1SIG&T HOOVERS while the Hoover men are here The Hoover men can call on only a limited number of homes while they are in town. If you want to make sure of a home showing of the beautiful new streamlined Hoovers,' with built-in electric Dirt Finder, make a definite appointment by phone with us. These new Sentinel Series Hoovers have been designed by famous stylists. 'With new lightweight Dusting Tools, they offer a complete home-cleaning equipment. SPECIAL TERMS on Hoovers, with Dusting Tools, while Hoover men are here. HOOVER OWNERS Your cleaner inspected FREE The Hoover men will, on re- quent, inn|»ect otid rt<ljii»t Hoover* now inu»i:.l>ochurge. ](eplaeemrnt», it rr<|uirril, , will IKK made at lowest c«*t. Leave your name for thU kervice. HOOVER It LIGHTS a» it ficut» a* it .Siirc/K . . , , u» it Clean* .... PRATT Electric Co. Phone 170 ..118 N. Thorinjrlon Nearly everyone stops at— Hotel KIRKWQDD rsMoines "A Room ana Lath toi two *nd « h«lf"

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