The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 12, 1934 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, July 12, 1934
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The Algona Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa, July 12,1934 W&t Algona dipper Beg jWomeg 9 North Dodg» Street RAOOABD ft WALLER. Publishers. •Mend to Second Claw matter at the postofllee at Algona, Iowa, under act of Congress of March 3,1879. Issued Weekly. SUBSCRIPTION RATES IN KOSSUTH CO.: One Tear, in Advance *2.00 Mz Months, in Advance 1-25 Months, In Advance 60 Subscriptions Outside County, $2.50 per year, strictly in advance. Subscriptions Payable in Advance. DISPLAY ADVERTISING, 30o PER INCH Compositon ,6 cents per Inch extra. OTHER EDITORS •Xet the people know the truth and the eonnlry ta Bafe."—Abraham Lincoln. SWIMMING POOL SUPERVISION A little six year old boy was drowned in the municipal swimming pool at Estherville last week and the management of the pool is being criticized for the tragedy. It is said that there wa.s no life guard present at the tim? of the drowning. At the lime that the pool was built In 1927, a. little lad had been drowned in the Des Moines river and it was thought that with a supervised swimming pool all such tragedies would be impossible. The Estherville Enterpise says that the people have had supervised swimming, "but it se-ms that of late there has been negligence In the supervision. So much so that- there are many who say it is close to criminal negligence, not on the part of the attendants, but those who employ them. There are times when there is not suf- flcent help at the pool and this death happened right at one of these times. The public seems to be aroused over the fact that the youngsters are not given better supervision. They send their children to the \ pool with- the understanding that there are life guards on hand to take car? of them and they expect that service." It Is always easy to criticise and quite often the criticism Is unjust, but certainly when swimming pools are built to protect children from drowning and parents entrust their children to the pool in the belief that they "Dicks" Attacks Ar* Welcome EmmetEburg Democrat: Senator L-. J. Dickinson hns been announced as one of the principal speakers for his party in the state grneral election campaign. Such an announcement may be just cause for congressional Investigation to determine if Democrats are hand-picking their Republican opponents in the forthcoming oratorical tilts. In other words, no selection of a Republican spokesman could be more favorable to Iowa Democrats. "Dick" has overworked his army of secretaries in attacking every New Deal measure now helping Iowa business men and Iowa farmers. Apparently the Republican national committee feels he deserves this chance to croon a swan song. Mark Sullivan is Fair Webster City Freeman: Mark Sullivan says It would be a good thing to reduce the democratic majority in congress, but a bad thing to give the republicans a majority In other words. Mr- Sullivan is of the opinion that President Roosevelt should have congress with him the last two years of his first term. For the genera! welfare of the' country, that looks like good sense. However many republican congressmen have cooperated with the president and voted for most of the laws he wanted. These republicans deserve reelection, a fact which the democrats generally should recognize. A College Education Fort Dodge Independent: The editor of this paper was one of those fortunates—or unfortunates— who po* a college education, including a degree. And we have spent most of the time since "getting over" it. Not but that college did us some good, perhaps. But we have had to forget most, of the things we learned there, and one by one we have had to let go of the attitudes we acquired hi college. Whatever we know today, and whatever chance we have of amounting to anything is direcMy due to hard digging, and not to what we got out of college The Sales Tax North wood Index: Not a few newspaper and more pubic speakers aie declaring that the sales tax is really a replacement tax. Attention is called to the fact that between four and five million dollars will pour into the state treasury during the present month of July. It is claimed that money derived from sales taxes will greatly relieve the taxpayesf. That may be so. It seems, however, that the proof or the disproof of the slatement will lie in a comparison of the two years' tax 1DD THINGS AND NEW-By Lame Bode •will be guarded from danger by those in charge of the payments—this year and last. We should know at the pool, there should always be a life guard or some one ' • at the pool at all times wten children are in the pool. The Algona pool which was patterned after the Estherville pool, has been carefully supervised we think and the lives of the thousands of little ones have been properly protected by life guards. HITLER, THE MURDERER Clarence Harrow last week called Hitler, the German dictator, the most dangerous man in the wortd, and said that he should be killed for the good of Europe and the world In general- We think that Darrow spoke truly. Hitler ia apparently more dangerous than Kaiser Wll- helm was In his palmy days when he thought he was ordained of God to rule the world. The Kaiser undoubtedly was so egotistic that he believed that only himself 'TIS fit to povem the world and if the world failed to recognize what was good for them, It was his duty to force his ideas on the world by force of arms with terrible slaughter. The World War with its millions of dead was the result of the Kaiser's egotism. Is it possible that the world will allow another egotist to wreck nations and again kill off the young men to satisfy his own lust for power? During the past week Hitler has ruthlessly killed perhaps a hundred of the prominent mvn vt Germany because he thou ght they tlireatcned his supreme power In Germany, or had said something in criticism of his ruthless rule in that country. It seems that anyone who had questioned his actions were dragged from their homes and faced a, firing squad without any semblance of trial. Many were shot down In their own homes and In some instances their wives were also butchered without any reason. Has the world returned to barbarism after hundreds of years of civilization? It is such egotists as Hitler and the Kaiser that, cause wars and they should be exterminated as ruthlessly a-> they kill any who dare to oppose their ambitions. Hitler dares not go anywhere without a heavily armed bodyguard and even at that he will likely die by an assassin's bullet. Germany and the world would be well rid of Hitler. CACTI COUNTRY- OF THE 202 U.S. SPECIES OF CACTI, 96 GROW IN THE STATE or TEXAS FILM SNOW- SNOW" IN THE /MOVIES IS CORN PRESSED AND FLAKED. ELECTRICITY FROM LIGHT ELECTRICITY HAS BEEN PRODUCED BY PLACING DIAMONDS IN POLARIZED LIGHT. will take a six months' course at the Williams Institute of Embalmers. Mrs. Newel acwmpanied him and they will rent a furnished apartment and do housekeeping during his stay. Shelby Weisbrod has been employed in his place with the hardware company. Mrs. Leonard Kressln, Mr. and Mrs. Helmuth Mindeman and daughter, Dorothy, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Kressln jind daughter, EHee nof Barney, North Dakota, and Mrs. Robert Pompe also visiting here from Barney and Mrs. Mary Mittag were entertained at a six o'clock dinner a?, the home of Mr. and Mrs. August Meyers In -honor of the latter's birthday anniversary, Thursday evening. Mrs. F. H. Egler end daughter, Mary Jane returned home from a two week's visit with the .former's sister, Mrs. Frank Hicks and family of Omaha. Mrs. Eigler's son, Derwood, employed in a Oriswold drug store, accompanied them home to spend the 4th of July. On Thursday his brother, Paul, Elsie Kohlwes and Virginia Huskamp took him back to Griswold. They returned home the same evening. Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Zwlefel, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Voigt. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Voigt, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Larsen, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Zwlefel and families and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Menz of this place and the F. E. Weisbrod family of Emmetsburg picnicked at the Emmetsburg park last Wednesday evening. The gathering was a joint celebration, being the 4th of July and also anniversary of Willie State Asks Bids on Road at Whittemore Ames, July 6.—The state highway department today called for bids July IT for bituminous surfacing of 1.4 miles on primary No. 44 from U- S. No. 1& south to Whittemore. On July 16 the commission will receive bids for 64,000 feet of snow fence, 16,100 posts, 284 bundles of tie wire and 4,000 gallons of radiator denatured alcohol. WNU Berrlc* next tax paying time. Wants NRA "Ditched" Estherville Vindicator: The administration is weakening on its NRA program. All hail. But why not come out flat-footed and say it's a complete flop and go back to where we started. President Roosevelt is open minded enough, or should be to do this. He said on the start that some of his efforts were experiments and if not found workable would b? rescinded. It is an opportune time now to cancel the NRA effort, while public sentiment is at fever heat against it and the President must know by this time that a law can't be enforced when the public believe it to be oppressive. • • • Non-Partisan Primary BaCot Titonka Topic: If Iowa had a primary ballot without a party designation, democrats would not be nominating republicans or republicans nominating democrats. It would give the voter an opportunity to vote for the official he believed would be best fitted for the office. For instance, if four men were candidates for county attorney, the primary ballot would contain the names of all four men. If the voter was a democrat he would vote for one only and that candidate would be a democrat; and also, in the same way, if he were a republican or a Faxm-Laborite. It gives the electorate an opportunity to vote for the best men for officials and his choice of candidates. • • • No Working Men Here? Titonka Topic: Reports come from Algona that a new labor organization has been formed and that a new Farm-Labor ticket will be presented to the voters of the county at the November election. The Topic has nothing authentic in reference to the new organization. But with two golf clubs going strong at. the county seat there would not be sufficient number of real working men at the hub to form an organization. A big percentage of th? citizens of Algona are golf fiends instead of hard working men. The lawyers, preachers, editors, ritir-rd business men and farmers would not be classed as laboring men—and wher;- would the timb'.'r come from to form an organization? The Man About Town Says IT MAKES l)S DANCED MAD! It makes us good and mad. sometimes, and we wondered if anybody else ev:r feels that way. We mean one evening a short time ago when we came around the corner of a downtown MrwA, nft-r Kupper, and found three Mate cars parked there. Each wu-s new, one was a V-8, the second a Pontiac straight 8, and the third was a new Ch vvie, and each one \vas from a different department of the state government. What excuse- is there for having so many wts of state officials—we'll honor them and call th m ofli- ciaLs—-••omeli:!n'.> VL litar ]X-op:e call thorn prirxsites. rur.- iiing around the country? And 11 i.s r.o special rap a'. the democrat:,, who an- in. because the republicans, who are out. u.*-d the .same plan during tlu-ir tenur-. Well. Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer, :t you net ab mad a.i wt do .vome- times when we .M«- the.v MiHjGUily dn-.'-s d and .-,lick looking individuals who an- livins; oil public taxes, you'd feel like punching toniethlug, v,:.ioh i.-, the way we felt. Trying to Meer legion PoliiU-s Des Moinc.s RtgL'-ier: A dL'patch from Im;;,;nap lis says that Die little (jioup of "king maker.-." in tin- American Lt-Bion (Hanton) MacNidt-r, piul Collnu, Murk McKee, and so oni are "laying the (.rrouiidwurk for eltctlun ol a national commander opposed to Roosevelt and the new di-al.' 'Die American Legion is an ostensibly democratic organization mot Democratic with u capital L>i and can do us it pk-ast-b. 11 it wants to ;iuior^- :he new deal, or condemn it, or remain iieUtnU a,-, H lias in the pa.-.t, that l=> the Legion's buMneso. Liut th>-rr are several things about li.u Indianapolis rumor that can properly be observed, Tilt- first U. that the "king maki-rs" liUiii.e.'.s is a very rrdty i gend. but probably greatly cxaggi rated. Ol courM. there an- ijohuco.-, in the Legion JU.M a- then: ale in any huge, national organization. It ii true tiiat boiru- of the chiefes-l ol them are R.publicans, thri'.vd and relatively powerful Republicans. It is true t:.u;. Commander Haves has been louring the country making fcljeeciits in "whicn his contempt for c.-rtaui ramifications of the new deal wa.> hardly CJiiceaU-d. Nevertheless the rank and file in :he Legion elects the conv ntion ct-lit r aU\'!. and they usually unell political rat.-, pretty quickly. It is doubtful'that the "ting maki rs" or any c-eli- rd troup would hoodwink ;hem v-.ry long now , to Turner Left Sore Spots Fort Dodge Independent: We know that many people honestly believe that Mr. Turner, the republican nominee, wa's Riven a raw deal when he wa.s defeated for re- elec'.ion in 1!)32. They .say that the'-iicU' aimed at He-over wa.s not meant to hit Turner, also, and that the governor wa.s entitled to a .second te/m on hi.- record, a.s the fr:end-> ol Gov rnor Herring f'.el that he i.s entitled to a second term. If that, is true, it is water over the darn. However well mtentioned Turner may b;-, he is not now in povition l > [jet th • unified .support of -he people of Iowa that Herring i.s receivu:','. Hio past, admiriLstitition, his race against CoHU-h, Iff: too laa.'iy wound) that wiil not heal ever night. * * * Disgusted With NKA EM.lK-rvill • Vindicator: The iiovermmT:- i., fixing -price.! for t:.e print-.-ra and has e.-'..-.blL-.iied minimum chaw.-, lur j:,b,, which .t in-is'.-, mu.-.t be adhered to or the \iol.itoi.i Milfer a .'e'.tiv penalty i:r,pond by tl. cov.-rn- lii"iit. At :he .same tin.'.- [ill; (-'ouTiiinelil .si.vs the punt- i r.i j-hull not mak" a pru • under the minimum agreed I) bv the a;!:i.:i:i->tra'.:on, it i.s prin'.niL 1 t nvi Io[>. -.1 in W.i hini;to!i and M-llni;; them to the public at coM.-id- er.iljiy below the co..t of production. 'Ihe taxpav,-r.s of cour-e make up t:.c .shortage .so :l.nt a lav rc<: l' -w can buy their envcloix-s below what they hh'-ulc! be .sold lor. Such mcoiiM.stency i.s what muke.s the average printer di.sgu.sted with th • NKA and all other puce fixing .schemes under the government's, New IX-al program. • * * You Said a Mouthfu 1 , I.te O. Titonka Topic: Twenty years ago every pr." office- in the county was lilled with editors, which im-aiu at that time that thv coi:!?r<-.,-ii:cn of tin.-. diMiict h.u; ihu.- Mi]j]x*rt. • ither rU'l.t or wr-' n;.'. <-ver\ tune he came uo lor election. Now only one democrat editor in the c un- tv hit.-) been appointed to "iu- ollice, im.-anmg th,.t the «diUn.-, i.o'.v vrit_- mure iixiepeiid- ntly than in unle- belhuii tiay.s. Under '.lie pnsei.t political regime- the cuit ,rs are printing their own '.hoti^:.!--,. win-re y- ar,-, ago tiitir political movements were restrained by a pc.-^ibl-- loredo:ure ol the ollict if they \ not yood boj.s. Is It any wonder that Howard Fredericks, the John Deere man, is a successful salesman? Here's an example of one of his lines. A nearby farmer called at the office inquiring for fly spray- Howard showed him their best brand and added the words: "It's the same kind that Canada used so extensively last year and by the first of January there was not a single fly in the entire country." One of the spectators who took keen interest in the act of Jumping in bar- lels at the fourth celebration was Velma Glllespie. She was scrubbing the porch with the pail of water setting on a lower step when unconsciously she placed her foot in the bucket of water and went rolling down the stair. Velma expects to practice the act for perfection but Is reluctant, about public appearances. Two Algona boys provided a Grove Cochran act for the Doan basebal team Sunday. George Kanouff was on the mound and struck out three men. These "were all that faced him o he might have had a better mark. Th game waa abbreviated by rain In the second Inning. He was greatly assisted by the fine catching of Gene Pearson, who it Is understood can wlpgle his ears similar to the great Mickey Cochran. One of the most beautiful songs released the pa-st season wa.s entilted "By a Waterfall" Some locnl people are lnclin-'d to change the worlds- "Watcr- fall" to "Water Tower." And, at the rate of nightly happenings, the tower is expected to fall most any time. For in:idc information call on Paul Bell. FENTON LEAGUERS OFF FOR OKOBOJ1 Epworth League of M. E. Church Spending Week at M. E. Camp Grounds Penton: Many Epworth League members of the Methodist church left on Monday to spend a week of prolt and pleasure at Lake Okoboji where they will attend the Epworth League Institute being held at the Methodist camp grounds this week. The group Included Rolin Oeronsln, Ardls Voigt, June Weisbrod, Isabelle Weisbrod, Edward Lindsey, Verabeli Ulfers, Hadl?y Bailey Laura Boettcher, George Skare, Alvina Laabs, Gene Newel, Donna Jean Bailey, Herchel Hartman, Dale Weisbrod and Paul Voigt. The group will be supervised by the pastor and wife, the Rev. and Mrs. J. T. Snyder assisted by Marjorie Bailey. Bruce Tanner of Des Moines was a rtcent visitor at the home ol W. J. WeLsbrod. Virginia Huskamp came last week from Minneapolis to spend the 4th of July with home folks. Dr. and Mrs. S. W. Meyer are the parents of a son born July 4th at the General hospital in Algona. One of the overlooked features an the tour was the harmony trio ! on the profrrani of Friday night's ride. ' Mary Ouderian. Phil Kohlhaas and j Jnki- T itschcr compo-ecl the trn who«e ' I <.;i:<rins.' brought trreat app!au-o which ! ' tt-.tilii-d the music was of the b'-st. I | • • • | I Do you know what a friend is? What I i.s meant by good fellowship and a ' I r.clchbor. Over in the .side of town ; ! a li'tlt- l;-d;- in-iphbor happ. wcl in f n a ' 1-imJlv for a visit. While there she wa.s ' 1 IHII-.'<T. rl in Mi-vice. The Mori: bronchi Mary Ann, d&ugluer of Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Bohn Is making a two weeks' visit at, the Ed Dehnert home in Lu- Vcrne. Theodore Weisbrod who recently submitted to an appendicitis operation at a Fairmont hospital, returned horn-clan Thursday. R. A. Goctsch, Raymond Priebe and Piiiilinp Osborn drove to Nashua last wet-It Tuesday evening to visit with friends ov:r the 4;h of July. Ruth, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. \V. P. Weisbrod visited last week with her grandmother. Mrs. J. C Krc&ensky, and other relatives at AJgona. E. A. E. Laage visiting here from Ero:ten. Minn., and Mr. and Mrs. C. F. C. Laage and daughter, Edith were entertained at the Henry TJaden home near Algona Saturday. Mrs. S. D. Edwards, who has been i visiting for the past three weeks at the home of her brother, S. E. Strali-y and family, returned 10 her honi-- in i Indianapolis, Indiana, la^t week Mon- ' day. Donald Weiibrod ncc&mp.inif c 1 by his the birthday Voigt. Members of the Walther League of the St. John's church of Fenton attended the eighth annual rally held at the Algona public school July 1. Their part In the prorgam Includ-fd the following reading and musical selections, accordian solo by Edna Struecker, German folk song by Hildegaarde Kagelitz accompanied at the piano by her sister, Tusnelda*, pinao duet, Military March by the Kabelitz sisters, Blind Girl of Pompeii, reading by Ruby Hantelman, a piano solo, Majestly of the Deep by Hildegarde Kabelitz. The July and August birthdays of the members of the Methodist Aid so- j ciety were celebrated by holding a community supper in the church parlor last week Monday evening. The proceeds exceeded $14. A program of moving pictures was shown through the generosity of District Superintendent Muhleman of Algona In the evening. They were pictures taken on a recent trip through the southern states, and were very interesting as well as educational. Hostesses weffe Mesdames H. J. Bteder, W. J. Weisbrod, W. R. Wolfe. F. J. Weisbrod. G. W. Newel, Ray Stoeber. John Light, John Bellinger, A. H. Meyer, C. H. Oeronsln. O. J. Ranney and Clarence Kohlstedt nrd Miss Agnes Goetsch. A family gathering was held Sunday at the home of Mrs. Carrie Voigt honoring her sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Ed McAdams and two children, Bessie and Henry, who are visiting here from El Monte, California. Those attending were: Mr. and Mrs. Henry Boevers and daughter, Lllas; Mr. and Mrs. Philip Weisbrod, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Steinbeck and son, Lyle and daughter, Myra, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bettln and family of Burt; Mr. and Mrs. Paul Klenz and Mrs, Mae Voigt and children of Welcome, Minn., John Planning of Ringsted, Mr. and Mrs. George Boevers and son, Donald of near Algona, Mr. and Mrs. Homer McAdams of Rippey. The Ed McAdams left Tuesday for their home in California after a two weeks' vacation spent visiting relatives In Fenton and the surrounding community. TITONKA NEWS _C3X8&®X®X^^ Titonka and Good<:ll played baseball at Titonka Sunday afternoon. The Indians won by a score of 3 to 1. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Adamson Sunday afternoon about 4 o'clock a baby boy, the first boy In the family. Mother and babe are doing nicely. Mrs. Maria Reynolds and son, Frank left by auto for Iron River, Wisconsin, early Monday to be at the bedside of their daughter and sister, Mrs. Lew Briggs, who was reported to be dangerously 111. The Memorial and Gold Star Division of the American Legion Auxiliary unit of Titonka, with Mrs. Mary Sartor as chairman, assisted by Mrs. Thora Cosgrove and Mrs. Madalene Lamoreux will entertain in honor of the Gold Star Mothers of our community at the Sartor home Thursday afternoon, July 19th. Invitations have been sent to all Gold Star Mothers and Sisters. A special program Is being arranged and all members are urged to attend and pay homage to the mothers of our World War heroes. jiv:' "f ;i r' r 'f"o". Kincf I..' 1 >;« -ii •'.slai-mii!,' by' n.Mji'-r iiuil taking th.- r.ur. ir.g the vounL'-U'r. Dictatorship or Democracy Fort Dixigt Me.-.->eiigor: Once t-venus in G(.-r- Kemtmber Way Ba<k When. Jike— Brt-cia Nows>: Wv art- not f<<-"o '« u ' ] l "i;yo to conduct, but. any:,iie u-!.o l(^i-s n tiypial-.b. k-tting them t-'yp U«'iii out of it. ^> 'o i-j.vaK witliout taking it by lorte. 1.5 i>ot t-iaiiiici to ha-.t it rtturned. and IOUHIK-.- .shoulu i.ot IK- calltci iif^n t ' &> lo the ixjjfii.s<.- of j-iiui.iug !JH-U) (jo»ii. Any In-year olu bok knowi tiiouyh to th: tai-tliil ol th-in ai.i: r.i.ow.- wnat liit-ii- gojnt- ii. iJ '.lit ..a inanv liave <on.-, t-inpiiatized the difference between the me i.i^ci.s c-J (ui-tator.'-inp and democracy. In tin- iiM-t plac- • a dictat'.rship iuppret^seb all cnucu in. So discontent is bo'llvd up and te\ until an • xp!o.sior. tl.-i'id. en.-. In tne scio'ici iilace to forestall the txp'.Oiion th<- oictatortJiip ]),U on a i<-i^n ot terror and iut:;les>-ly "liquid.!! i"--a pi. me tinn l.r "inuraei-"— ili Icauiijy op- JX-'nellt.;. At a 'ji-jtar.oe ih:- horror of the thijjg e.scapes iis. But. ;i.<i a wiiUr in ti;r K^i!--ui.s C'n v Star j^jiiitc. oui, vshat i.u.i haij.ot.-nc<l ii. Geiui.uiy wouki i,a;e it.-, Aniericun equi- •,a:,:jjt if Pr,.,.0rnt Ko< •••.- It. a-, ocla'or, .u.ould .':U(.i'i.-:::v decide to .se.vj a i^uad f-1 .'ccji-'. . i-r\ ice :n--n to thwjt ;.d Secietury Waliaco ai.d to r ai.c .- hould M'di r c.!;.--r ;A-x-Pi' .-Hlt-n; H '-»-•. 1.1. t'-i- S- -c- irij.aij Fi<-tc!.ej' of li-v re|.->:ij- v'.iUt . C -1 .- Ol O .ol without !:..:!, (iti.eiui Huvh fc> J ;.rje:;t VIL Prtiidei iiit .-.vriii-ie .-jt.u..i;.> Jitar.. Oi.-a.-n M.i.., j. '-..:; I:.r.;OlUJ: ^ ^lii able ine.m.s are lacking f r a practical r.ur.'e. If you are a par nt there i.s more behind :he tleed than a few word.s here. Wouldn't it be nice to have friends and r.eghbors living to your home? An impromptu boxing bout was stayed b fore a few \vitnes>es between an Alirx'ia man and a LuVernp puinlist T. e Alt" man won bv a knockout in the first round which goe.s for another victor,' in ]i-ader.-hip among local competition. For future u.'^- it w"iild be to have records of sportmt; events to :-huw th- town's superiority. The t.ecrrt of the box which Dr. Mr- Corkle has been carrying around i.s known, ft entrains a model of an airplane. Doc says he has it going so it wijl .sray in the air several minutes and travel a block and a half. These little plant-.s aiv the fad of the country with several .state meets and a national meet planned 1'jr competition and the possibilities of learning more about them This hobby goes along with the others of Doc inch as fiih plug.-- and arch'.ry. • • • Mush .Spencer, Dk-k Post and Dr«n- r;ai. Mathes r.ave a pail, some rags and •<• cleaning brush which were put_to work on an automobile. After th - first job was done they uecided to put the tools bway iind give tip th-/ cleaning bll.'-ir.e.-jj. caielul. a bab--- br/v to -he hoir.e before the ar- I Florence left !a:-.t T!iiii.--ciay lor th:it f-v nt F^.e \ D(.s Moines. The former since having \ caniu; for the ' tne Malta lever has been in poor health burden nut in I and decided to go thror.c;;. a clinic avail- there in search of help. Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Smith, form r telephon. operators here, now of Wor- thmgton. Minn., called on old tritnd.-> here Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning. They wer:- on their way- home after a business trip to Dea Moines. The Rev. and Mrs. H. D. Stahmer and daughters. Ruth and r.umce and Sidunia Bkrstedt and Mt-ta Gade of Algona returned home recently from a \i.-it with Mrs. Stahmer.s parents a: Davenport and at the Century ol Pro- i feiefa.5 in Chicago. i Mrs. Eertl Borkland is enjoving a VLS- ! i: from her parents, Mr. and Mro. Lew- l.s Okon and her tUter. Mr.?. T. F. Turner of Glendale, California. 'JTiev (irove Uu'ough in their car and say t he- drought conditions in Arizona, Texas and Oklahoma, are much w'rse th:'.*i oth:r states. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard of Don- neL-on srx-n;. a few days vacation with the former';, brother and Iamily and They have agreed to be more A Fine Tribute to Mrs. M. L. Peteraen v.ouiu ..!: , b- 'Inor.k.i Topic "Such a USEFUL, CLEAN Basement!" That's what friends Bay when they see our new concrete basement. It ii a great convenience to have watertight floor and walla. Now I can keep the basement clean with much less effort. "One corner of it is fixed up as a playroom for the children and another corner makes an ideal workshop." COST BUT LITTLE The co* of changing diM damp cellw into dry, tueful room* wa» email compared with tin advantage! the iamily aecured. No matter what ton oJ improvement yon Buy be considering, we'll gladly give advice on bow to build it proper))' nod at small com. No obligation, either. F. S. Norton & Son The Home cf Building Material Algona *T HUAI.TI* Week-End Specials Iced Tea, tropical Blend, pint Jar Orange Pekoe, Council 09k, % Ib. cart. Tea Siftings, 1A r Green Japan, pound AVV. Tac-Cut Coffee, Pound can Navy Beans, 3 Ib. bag Macaroni or Spag-17|» hettl, 2 Ibs lit Post Toasties, large pkg Peanut Butter, Superb, 24 oz. Jar Graham Crackers 2 pound caddy Mackerel, tall pound can Cocoa, Walter Baker's, % Ib. can ... Scouring Pads, SOS Mage, 2 pkgs. . Tomatoes No. 2 can lOc 25c 9c Gooseberries, JTI r Mo. 10 can Tl\» Superb Milk, 17 r .1 tnll rana lit 21c 52c 9c 3 tall cans Priscilla Wafers 1 pound bag Stock Salt, 100 pound bag Corn, No. 2 can Scouring Powder, C ~ Gold Dust, per can tit Salmon, 2 tall cans 25c KIRKWODD rsMoines finctt" Good utr. .'i: i/ :: UCT, t/U..-.i.g ^td <u> u co H L .M- It i.i not ami.-i at ne lj i/m a word ol prai.-e to !-_'( ..:;; po-lir.asti.-r Mrs. M. L | i. who :vr.i (i the pa'ror.s of i oi.x-i no.-tollii-e lor over Ib y.uis. ...'-.!..,!.":. t-j ill: O! tV.t C11.-1- •.! t: « UUe \Ve b*he\e th,-. i 1 ;'(::• p.ri-olio <A the OtllW- • ;. i^- l'i making tl;e .s!a:elllelit ..-..I,; i:.i,i.- l.o 'lOUble ill the ad: ".i.i. ..I branch of thv .'A-r- ii.-.e v,ii.i capable ellic^nt, ac- u.:iiii^ ai.d K.J.U- Ui^ ^ervict Vrith other relatives here. Mr. Haast- has b en superintendent of ti.e Don- neLson school for several years. They attended thea nnua] vacation agriculture convention &;, Ames, enroute. Mrs. Leonard Kreiiin, Mr. and Mrs. Helir.uth Mindeman and daughter. Uorothy. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Kreasin and daughter. Eileen ol Barney, North Dakota, arrived last week Tuesday for a visit with the lonner'ji daughters, Mr&. Walter Krauze and Mi'i. Fred Jentz, Jr.. and other relative*. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Hanson and Mr. und Mtb. Paul Saxton rutd r.s their 4th cf July Kue^l. 1 -;, the tonner'jj Daughter. Alice and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Elbert and two ions, Jerome ;md Lk-an of Gaj-ner. '1'he Elbc-rts k-fi, W-.dneiday eveniriK and united relatives in WiutteijiOre before ii-turnlng home. MLS. W. J. We..-biod. Marjjri'.- Bai- U-y and Ella Du-yer attended a meeting ol th«,- .south hall ol Ku.>;.ulh coui:- :v'.s i--ad'-r and o!'-ij;oii.-,t:aiion t-uiu-. 'Jhe t'.vo IjtU-j- pje.>ejj:eu Iheir deiuoll- .•'r,t : l n O'ji liull diinii.-, n;a(ie fioin cani.ed iruJU. 'Aiih tariu.-.hej a^ a help tu ti.e U:ain.-> piej^arlng ut-uiuni-tralio:!:: lor Athi- \ement day. V. P Newel, juiuor uicuiber ol the I'intoli Haidwar,- company, k-lt Friday evening lor Kwisui city, where lie uamKemmmmmmmmmmmmmumummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmi It Is Economy To Buy Good Motor Oil \Vt- havi- a ruiiijiJctc line of tin- Famous NOU1JSK -MOTOlf Oil. in isi-ali-d cans—an absolutely ti'uar- autci-<l product—and for the next two weeks —as an introductory offer—we will tiive our customers an opportunity to buv this JlKill CLASS FIRST (Jl'ALITV OIL at the very low price of 20c per quart in any quantity. K'KMK.\1HKK. FOR TilK NEXT TWO WKKKS N'Ol'KSE (Jl'AKANTEK'I) .MOTOR OIL IX SKALKI) CAN'S. AND IN ANY (^'AN'TITY AT 20 CENTS PER QUART NELSON HARDWARE

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