Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 28, 1896 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 28, 1896
Page 4
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Jolio Gray's CORNER. On all klucls of llRht weight underwear, Ml styles a ail prices for- men, women •nd ehlldrt'ii. The extreme warm weather has so fur made this a good nu- derwear season, and John Gray i? the place to lie suited. DAILY JOURN-A Published ovary day In the week (except ^Monday) by tho Loffanaport Journal Company. W, S. WRIGHT President A. HARDY vice President C. \V. GRAVES Secretary S. B. BOYER Treasurer PERSONAL Marion yester- Ji:is voturnod lo'Ko- Price per Annum Prlco per Month ' S-I.SJ 40 G'eatest Discovery or the 19th Century. IJr. Toiiffiiu'H JfKW I1KMKUT Mfillciitud Air Kor the Cure of Citturrh, AHthtmi and all Pnlmomiry Diseases, It lias no equiil for Slrkuml Nervniu llend- fccbo, l.ooo.uou people ole iinnuiilly from the abovt? niimeil rilHoases. w " s SHlIer llnd (llo > wh-vi Jlwiiaitert Jlr Is ./fEDICATEO A 1 * isuiirnnieecl to cure jou, • •dleuU-'l Air mid Drug Co., Richmond, Intl., U. S. A. II Is the best remedy on earth for La .....)pe. It will give Immediate relief Md will effect a cure -where all other Mmedles fall, •old by B. F. Keesllnjr. O.llcln.1 Paper of City anil County. . (Kntcred aa soconil-cltiss mall-mutter at the LiOgansporl Post Olllcc, February S. 1SSS. E never put upanv Flour under any other Brand than our OWD. w Oar Magnolia Patent Flour Is Guaranteed to be Twenty per cent betrpr thim miy otlier flour made iu the State. Peru Milling Co. KROEQER & STRAIN, Undertakers & Embalmers. CIO BROADWAY. JERSEY ICE CREAM, Best in t'je City. Little Candy Kitchen, 314 Pearl Street. All of our fine bon boDS 25c a pound TJ-iljlJSDAV, MAY i'S, 18%. MR .CARLIST.E'S l.Ml'UDEXCK. Tire i'mipudeiioe of SccTL'l.-u-y Is iiiiiminjr. "Why should he fall; .on MiKim-oV Who cunlidos in his views? Mr. Carlisle caua cipher. His repnvts iii-u imtnishvurihy. Con.iriT'sw i.-'uoros His siH^f.'1-stioi'is. Advice fi-mn Mr. Ciir- lisit 1 is iinperiliieiicr. in view o!' hi* failure to liiiiu;st.Iy report (rcjiMiiry f-nndi- tions. In JSi~)3 Mr. Carlisle iHTilicled a rev- oiim! deficit of .Si'S.OOO.OOO. Ri-c-eipfs wore short .$00,SO;i.2(U, Tho dilTeroiic-u of $-11,803.201 was not l.iy him aecomit- c>d for. No foretold a surplus of .?0.120,059 for 1S95. A late revision fixed the deficit for that year at $20,000,000. Foresight was shown hero. Thoro was u dolieu'iicy. It amounted to ?J2.805,223. For a natural distorter of facts Mr, Carlisle did well. A miss of only $22,SO">,'2~o was ,111 achievement for him. Sue] prui'oinmuccs base his st.-indins as at a Wo, sound financier, to be considerec as n candidate for president. For the fiscal year to close In six weeks n shortage of .^2,000,000 is cor tain. In 1S04 Mr. Carlisle promised ; surplus for ISOG of !?2S.S1-.(,020. Hi srnoss .misses Jt about ,?GO,S1-J,920. Flvi mouths afro he conjectured again, fij,'- ui-iii.i: expenses ?17,000,000 in excess o! receipts for 1S90. Tic only misses it by about .?15,000,000. This man of nerve calmly pn. a surplus of !?G.OOS,927 for 1SOT. Tho serious part of it is thnt there is no hope, inulcr existiu£ Jaws, of auythimf but :L repetition of mimis-.shovvin^. Secretary Carlisle has not made a popular Jilt. He surely mistakes the ctriimblin.ee of mutinous Democrats for an encore, for ho repeats his act. If every Carlisle button was a jroldon oaprle, piled Iu the hollow of Democratic incompctency, the treasury would slill yawn hungrily. Ed McConnell day. ' Clias. £, Moor koiuo. '• ,.-» Martial Kuovoi-.'has'returned to Mou- t.k-cllo. /" ,T. II. riuiros-e was at Lafayette yesterday. Harry -Radon' of Delphi was hi the. city yesterday. M. "SVJnfli'Id is at Mnnticello on' EEJECT CONVICT WOEK. Action of Managers of Grant Monument Fund at San Fi-ancisco.. Prison-Curved Mntcrlnl for Bn«i 1.0 Be Kcplucctl by <>th<;r (IranStc Prc- •purotl by. J-'reft und Hoiicwt The "Twin Comet" and "Little Giant" Lawn Sprinklers. BEST HADE Unique, Efficient, Labor Savins. Will •prlnkle four times greater area than any others. Highest award at the Chicago Exposition. E. STEBBINS MFG. CC, Bole Manufacurers, Springfield, Mass, F«r Sale by all Hardware and Rubber •tores In the United States. Spring Suits. Good Goods and Low Prices, the Combination that Wins. ® Made in the Latest Styles,] ® W. D. CRAIG 4>6 Broadway. Second Floor. Iu 1SD2 Democrats predicted that "Cleveland as President and n Democratic Senate would : rcduce r expenses and lowor taxes. Fijrures' expose the (also prophets. In 1S92 the' nation's debt, reduced ?290,000,000 by : Harrison, was $580,020,330. Two'-years of Clove-laud- tern made it ?7.1G,202,OCO.' The interest in 1S02 was $22,S03,SS3, nnd in 1S03 was !?29,140,702. It'ls nnudless to study the bond sales of ISOG to see.that tho prospects of 'the De-mocraitlc party nrc no blacker than the present outlook fin- lowered taxes and diminished debt. ,T. H. Tyiu'r was at Tiptou Sunday to visit IMS .family.-.. : ' Adam Kolker visited at \Vabash the firs I of the week. - , Miss Il.-itfJe- Clary rotlM-ncd Tin.wl.-iy from HiuillaiKton. .Tohn Clifton was here from Pern on business yesterday, William OlJne u-C Monrieello was hero ye.sterday ou business. Lewis Miii-Jin IMS xone to-San Marclal, New Mexico, lo. loeiitq.'. Goorjre W, SeyboJd went to .South Bond this inorjiingf on Vmxlnuss; Dtck Mallo-y has returned to Wabasii after a visit of several, days here. M'r. and Mrs. JannJs Miller of I'ly- inontli are v.lsilijug-i-nlHit.i-ves here. Wan. Gmtlwie, a business man of MOJJ- Oicello, was In Lojjnuisport yesterday. Jacob Schneckunberscr of Monticello had business iu Lojransport yesterday. . ' Mr. ,Tohn DUK.IB, jr., will go to Youn.a; America soo.n to spend his summer vacation. itr-s. Artliin- Stuart went to Lafayette i Tuesday called by t:!ie iJIncss of her . sister, I AViJl Bott a.iurdaus'hter Ruth of Sun- City wore iu the eitv:,Tuesdav vlsit.i'iia The managers of *l-ho Grant monument fund at San Francisco 1m vc decided Unit the Goldon G.'ite-purk statue of COD, Grant, the g-ruat leader of t-Mo union armies, fhu!l rest on u pedestal of granite carved by free nif.Mi. Tho authentic intelligence published, lo the effect that the pedestiiJ of the monument, had been quarried mid dressed by Llie convicts of Folson: I state prison created widespread com! '.r-ent a.nd evoUeu ninny expressions oi regret that'the manngers of the monument fund had not employed the labor of free and honest workhiyinen in tbo enterprise. -The more the subject was discussed the strongrr became the conviction that the prison-carved material should be ejected and other granite sub-' stituter]. Accordingly, on Wednesday eveninf;' it \va.s decMcd to cast the prison stone aside nnd put in other material. In pursuance of this decision orders have been p-iven at the park to remove the objectionable grajiite base fvon: the site and to abandon -\\oyk at Folsora on the Ktoiic coping 1 designed to surround the- wonnment plot. This course on the prrt of tlie Monument association will be eommendeO. IS IT A VIOLATION OF TREATY? Highest of all in Leavening Power.— Latest V. S. Gov't Report ABSOLUTELY PURE now' the water anil gas arc ponreu throng 1 !! the pipe with no sijrn of aba-tc- ini.-iit. The effect at times, when the nccumulatcd g\'is breaks out, is like tl-.at of an electric fountain. The matter in 1hesc parts is considered one. of the wonders- of the world. Henry IV'ttit nnd .'ftiJiirs Connci 1 . jr., of AValia-sh visited Logansjiort fi'iend.s Tuesday. Pah-oilinan Win. Solidci- has taken a month's l:iy-oll' and is visitjng in old The Indianapolis Sentinel says: "Why bother about McKliilcy's views on money? He has no money, and It is not necessary tlia.t he should have any views about It." The Sentinel's editor has money. Government money, $20,000 a.year. He is bothered a.bout Ills views, too. Recently he put in a front breadtli of changeable material njid his sou.ud aiouoy clothes are being madu over for wear in the silver diggings. rfenUicky. I AttoiTiej- 3/iHlon and (lie law linn of Can- & Can- werejiere from MontlceUo n business yesterday. Wabash riaindea.ler: .Tosepli Kreis. f^Lofransport was registered at the Tromout this afternoon. Plymouth Ne-ws: Noble Rohrer spent; most of last week nt Lopransport and Kewanna vlslti-nfr friends. Rochester Republ-lcau: Jke Onstott iul Geo. Wigmorc rode to Logansport. \f\ their wlioeLs, Sunday, thence to. ^enssolaor and Montioello for a short isit. , ., Peru Totimul: Fred George of the Logansport .TouniaJ, was bore yestonlay and today "W. D. Pratt and Rnfus f/. Magee, of Logsmsport were in the cltj' today. . Peru Chronicle:-'.To.hu Lintuer visited p ! pe ls * 1 i are , ai „ , ,. ,.,-.' "'any time in the friends at LoKaiisport yesterday. John was dressed up like .a dude for the occasion ,'md bis friends say ho is shortly to: bo married. ' Ft. Wayne Jom-nal: Mr. -George F. Wild, of Jxifjajisport, fi srraduate of the. PuLIadelphiia ColJe^e of Pharmacy, has taken a iwsititon as iprcscriptlonist at Mordh-mst's dnig storr. ScuBii'.lon Over tho Use of Urn: Dulluts by SimnUtrdH In Cubit. i It is said that J. C. Creelman nnd Frederick 11. Lawrence, who have been | representing New York newspapers in ; Cuba and have : just returned, have in I their possession brass and copper-tip i bullets which it is alleged tic Sptin- I iiirds have-.been using' in Cuba ag-ainst .' tlie Cubans. The use of such missiles is said to be prohibited by the Geneva I treaty, and Croelman, it is declared, will take flhese samples to Washington, vlierc they will be laid before the United States g-overumcnt. In rcg-axd to the statement published in New York ns to the. alleg-ed illeg-nl use of brass and copper-tipped bullets by Spanish troops in Cuba it is ascertained by''Washington ofliciaJs that there is nothing 1 in the Geneva'treaty or fljp-'other like convention, to •n-Jiich the United States is a party, preventirj'g- •the use of brass or copper bullets iu civilized warfare. Copper-tipped bullets ai-e used, by nearly oil civili/x.-d nations to'-dny, the object being: to prevent the mel'ting- of the lead in the air under the tremendous velocity of modern projectiles. STRANGE GAS WELL IN OHIO. LOVING CUP FOR HARVARD. J'rcmjntcd Ijy Unite:! states Hfllltiiry Acud- cjny FooLb;i;t AMsofnittion. narvard has rreeivod (he silver lov- inp- cup prcstfiilcd by the United States Military Academy Kootbal! association, nnd it is ):ow on exhibition nt Cambridge, Mass. The eup is about eight inches high, measures about tJiy sumc. in eircuinferer.ee, and is valued n.t $.'iCO. On fhe panels are scenes i-ola-ting- to Inst year's football game between the cadets a.nd tha Crimson loam. Wesi Point o-.Tere Harvard $SDO. a.s a guarantee for a game, in lieu of pale receipts. The Harvard warn,upon hearing- Mint no admission charge was allowed, and iJiat the cadets would have to secure tho money by subscription, refused to tnJie any guarantee, hence l,he presentation of the cup. DIVIDES THE CONTRACTS. Secretary of Jfavy Herbert Pl:icc« tho orders for Plato Armor. Secretary Herbert has settled nil speculation as to his action with reference to the bids submitted by the Carnegie and Bethleihcm Steel companies for furnishing- armor for the battleships Kearsarge and Kentucky by dividing the contract betwoen the two firms on the basis of the bids on the separate exhibits, the firm submitting the lowest bid In each of these divisions getting the contract for that paa-- ticular one. Under this arrangement the Carnegie company was awarded the manufacture of 3,007 tons of armor at a total price of $3,860,513.20, and the Bethlehem company, 2.G53 tons, nt$l,- 4G2.101.SO. n«Dled' and" educated. T-'ollowtnjj me marriage the pair were on exhibition in various dime museums, and in that way accumulated quite a fortune. On their last visit at Huron Chnska'a.nd his wife wore good clothes, brilliant diamond:? and handsome jewelry. All these, together with the inoiiCT- and Chaska, himself, have gone, and the former belle oi \Yxishmgton society :iow livos near Carthnge, Mo., a deserted and destitute woman, with three children dependent upon her for care and support, 'The aid society of the .Methodist church has assisted her very much and is now raising money <o send her arid her children to Nebraska, where she has friends who will lo~,k after her. She i.oanxious the. public should forge;, her and her mar- ri?ge with Ch.-iska, tlic Sioux Indian. WILL DEMAND REFORMS. Tho Term* on Which Iho Cnltcii State* Will Sottlc Chinese Outr»cc». A New York Herald special from Washington says: The Unitod States will demand more from China for the outrages upon American missionaries during the riots of a year ago than the payment of a money indemnity. It has b<>ei;- practical];, 1 decided to demand the inauguration oT such reforms as will prevent a repetition of tho outbreaks in the future. The two demands will be made simultaneously, and probably within the next few dr.ys. The department is waiting fora report from Consul Ilixon at Shanghai, before taking action, and this is expected to be received at the department by ahnostany mail. AMERICAN TRADE THREATENED. by RAYS FIND A BULLET. Water and FJamc InHulns: from tho Satat Sevou-Inch Pipe. Wator anil burning gas shootinghigb into the air out 'of the same eeveu-inch •ht that may be seen >il fields abouta mile south of WapoJconeta, 0. Seven weeku ngo the Horseshoe Oil company begun to drill for oil. In a few weeks they struck Trenton rock, and pofng 30 fee't deeper into the sand brought up a great flow of gas. The pipo was now 1,400 feet below -the surface. The well was shot" with nitrog-lycerin and this liber- a.ted'the water, It was abandoned, ami A A preacher took advantage of an Invitation to preach the baccalaureate sermon at a Western eolloKO, and bawled calamity rant, predicting; the overthrow of a divine government and a sacred constitution. It is sad to learn that the prattler is a minister, and speaks often in public, fife was squelched with 'tt'csi- erti vigor, which is consoliujr. MILLION To be Given Away in Articles of Real Value to the Users of Tlic Hon. gi. Sliccrin c.innot train with the silver flank. He was asked by Gov. Matthews to bo a deJegate-at-larsc to Chicago, but the free-silverltes placed tacks ou r.hc trail, and his ambition was puiictured the first'whirl. The D. H. Baldwin & Co.'s Music House. Baldwin piano, Ellington piano. Decker Bros, piano, Flahcr piano, Valley Gem Dl»no, E»tey orgaiis, 1-In.mIlton organs, Any of thlu muke sola for cash or easy .payments to suit purchaser. Pianos lor rent, organs for ront Second-hand plunoa for sale: J50, JCO, J75, JOO, J125. Sec- ond-hnnil organs: J15.00 to ISO.OO. A flno Jarjro ulxt, Ellington piano, worth S373, -will to g-ivcn away absolutely froo. piano now on exhibition and can bo scon at •«ny tlmo at our room, corner' of Third ••treot ana Broadway. Come learn our lerms and tak« n number for thlj jjlano. B. * OTKHMAff. * SO.V Cor. 3rd and Ur The party that opposed the law under which workkigmcn were prosperous a« they never were before, cnnno't prove, this year tlia't it pities the laborer. Is Sir. AVilson a.- candidate for .tho Democratic presidential nomination? Where is Sir. Wilson? Chewing and Smoking" Difficult Operation Klado Easy bj A Roont- gco I*liotos:raph. Dr. F. C. Schaefer, professor of clinical surgery of the Northwestern univfcrsity medical school, ChJcng-o, performed an interesting operation last week before the students. Lo£t December a colored man uamod James ifnrphy, living nt No. Ml Suite street^ was struck in the right leg by u bullet fired by a policeman at on escaping biirg-lar. The bullet entered the outer side oi Murphy's leg, just obove tlic knee. He was taken to the county hospital, but probing failed to locate the ball, and ns it did not cause wu<ih pain no incision was made, and in a few days ,hfi was discha'rg-cd from tho hospital. A short time ago the Jcp became BO painful that Murphy had to quit work. He consulted Dr. Schaefcr, who persuaded him to try the experiment of locating the ball by nit-ajis of the Uoentgen ray. He consented, and the photograph was made by Dr. O. L. Schmidt, Dr. F. C. I-laroisch and Paul Brectxt, nt No. 103 Adams street. After an cxposuro of two hours B priiit was obtainwl, which plainJy located the bullet in Uic highest point and flesliieet part of the tJii b --h. iibout rjino ruches niove tlic epot where the bullet entered. It ha<1 Ktrxick the bone nod g'lojjtx.'d obliquely upward and in- vrftrd. The picture obtained is said to bo ttio moat RuccwtifuJ ever taken oi tho upper ptu-t of tlic tWgh. The location of tlie bullet la, tlie piotiograph a«d« tie operation for Its removal a very xiraplo one, luntiug lo»3* than tnrec aninut«B, but without tlie photogmpih it would ha-i'e bceu Citjvmely diffiouU if np»lBjpoiifiiblw toflncl the bullet.' Flonr Eiports to Ecuador Shat Off Kxorbltnnt Frcljflit Ratoft. The American flour trade at Guya- quil, Ecuador, is suffering very seriously from Chilian competition, according- to a report received at the'state depart- menf from' George D: "Dillaid, United States consul general atGuyaquil. The merchants explain that since tl-e Pacific Mail line has now no competitor, it has put up the freights so high that purchasers cannot afford to order from San Francisco. Mr. Dillard thinks this stale of things will continue until the consumers begin to complain of tho poor bread made by Chilian flour, hut as the Chilians nre constantly improving their methods he advises American shippers not to wait for that event. "If the people here,"* be adds, "once become reconciled to bread made of Chilian fiour our exports of flour to this market will almost entirely cease." MORE PIGMY GRAVES. Farmer Lapping Unearth* a FInId Rich lo Ai-cbacoloK-lcal Troainren. Farmer John Lapping-, whose plow the other day uncovered the graves of several pig-tnies, who inhabited Waynesburg,- Da., thousands of years ago, spent the day looking for more graves. By dusk he had uncovered 20 of them in a field that is rich in archaclogical treasures. The skeletons had been placed in the graves unprotected by masonry. The licads had been beet forward over the breast and tlie limbs had been drawn up. In every instance the face had been turned toward the casts Mr. La-pping also found a diary bound in deerskin. It Lad belonged to his graud- fathcivind Uic latter on October 17,37SG, noted the discovery of the skeleton of B person not over three feet hi"h. A DUMMY 'U E'orth u GALL-TOSS£R. Spliftro Every /The only ANTI-NERVOUS, » Q Save your COUPONS (or EMPTY'B ACS until coupons appear) and get In exchange the following Valuable and useful Articles: POCKET KNIVES, i*-i -- - - - e The horseless carriage has invaded Indiana. X't was welcome-d by tlie bicycle at tho State line. A M.iflnrf ,eonii.t}- Populist insisted that Ms wife h-ivo-licr front teeth filled with silver. " E. V. Debs hns outlined his work, and R docs not include sprinting for office. « . , noyrttiBH. iff (; neiit nddltlors to line and 0 J a r l ,n l!re '" I , 8rs em lnsure cermnnent pr^ fitablo employment, (irent mone/mnker Inst ont .V"tlonnl Move liy Co , Detroit, 3Ilch. WholO The Republican platform will i up for Major McKinley's silence. Tlic Chinee proposes to secure credit for Pt'of. Roentgen's X rays. M^!lv l .ri ng :i OT -dwaie 8 :Vay"^kii' u no' / (ip 1 i- W. Staailj worl:, ,GLE\ 11BOS.. .. Rochester, N. T, Woolen losses. manufacturers arc figuring Li Ilting Chang Is coming to see Mc- Kiuley. VALUABLE PICTURES. Handtome Witor Color .Fac-slmilet, Lani. flCJipAanu Marine, nl/,o ']4xW. IV subjects. Fine Pastel Fac-slmilcs, Lnnrtecnpu dm] FjRnree, elze.2UxiM r iiicljc9 t 12 etitijccu. Beautiful Venetian Scenes, Works or Ait alzc J0i30 Inches, 4 milijecta. ' .' MagniPcenl Water. Color Qravurei, after famous anists, dze 22x28 inches,*subjects. NO ADVERTISING ON ANY. OF THE ABOVE. Suofihxccllent Worku of A rt have never before ticenofertd, Ktccpi Ttamtijk Dtnlen, atmrry high prices. The;/ are tuitable decorations far anyhome,amttol>f appreciated must beicen. ri (h IBHOICE BOOKS, Cloth Bound Standard Workt, over'l5C selected titles ; by Eminent Antliors. Popular Novels, 30o tltle» byFavoriteAnthora. TOBACCO POUCHES. Rubber, tclf-cloilng. ConvenientnjdasoM. PIPES French Briar (Quarantceu'conulnc). Jack Knives and Pen Knives, flrtt quallr.y, AinKrfciih muniifnci.mc, -Ituzor Sl^el, hand forged,diidy tempered Blades. Slag Handle. RAZORS, Highest Grade Steel. Eoliow Ground. POCKET BOOKS, Finest Qualify Lesl.'icr, Ladles' and GcntV. CYCLOMETERS, 1000 Mile Repealing. Porunyeizc Bicycle. EXCELLENT WATCHES, • Prof. Iliiiton. of Priceotoa university, has ccmplotoi tJie invention ol un .ArtificS.il baseball "twirlcr," which will be utjliwjd iu tJic training of the basfe- bali 1«ini. The invention coavsists of nn li-tm iKirnel witji u bor,> Uic circum- forcnou of a baseball ajid on ingenious npparutua by means of waicJi a bcu»- ball may ba difchH-rycd cwry 20 s«o- oudii. Prof. Ilinton. aeoompcuiiod by Ca-pt, P,r:ulley and Pitcher Altinai), gave thn invention a trial tlio oilier da v. Several \Vimtod ciic: News. Erick" Ponicroy was at. one time en- pagod in ?,i:lwauK-ce as city editor of the News. A hotel.it a Laiic Michigan resort seven miles from the city caught fire and burned to the ground. Tlic other Mihva.ukee papers reported ; he incident atgi-ea-llengT.il, but the News had no mention of it. Pomcroy c^Jied in his only reporter mid beyan to reproach the rurCartu:ui.t« slalT.. "But. Jlr. Pomeroy." ur-^od Uie writer, "I have a good excuse for failing to get that." "Darn your excuse," replied tho angry cltf editor: '-J can hire .1 man for five dollars a week to make excuses. What I want is news." balls were fu-ed bj- the "dii;:;niy." were too speedy for flesh and h but Tho "Mall Pouch" Watches aro mode by a lending American - Wutch Company . nnd arct'ffnaraiitttrf, without qualification, Ttio"ivork>i"contiL'n all Improvements up to date.. They.will wonr nnd perform \vett for s life time If only ordinarily cared for. COUPONS EXPLAIN HOW TO SECURE ALL ARTICLES. One Coupon in each 6 cent (2 ounce) Package. 2tyo. Coupons in each 10 cent (4 ounce) Package. MAIL POUCH TOBACCO IS SOLD BV ALL DEALERS. Packages (now on sale) containing no coupons willbe accepted as con- pong, "2os." Empty Bag aa oneOoupon, u ioz.'"£hnptySagas twoCoupons. ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE mailed on application, giving complete list and description of all articles and Titles of Books and WctureS-j -.also tells 1 , how -to. get them. -. • * The Bloch:Bros.Tqljacco Co., Wheeling, W. Va; ' NQ coupon* exchanged after July i, 1897. Aft<ir n slij-ht, motliUcalion it v.'as tried iigulu, and more thau fi:]fi!le<l expectation. Ten strnJg-Ut balls wen; thrown by the tuiichijic with ]>e.rfec.t.ne- curacy, :uid la.ler .in adjustjuout was added which canned the ball to curve before striking- Uie b.'^kstop. Prof. Miuton lit lends lo iierfcot tlv nrtiJiciaJ pitcher'to,.a hig-li dcgitx; anc is oonfidentof bcJnfrablc to rc,Tiil;vl« tlie epeed, direelion ."-id curves of the b.'i thrown wit.iJ.hf (frec-testprecision. Ho is hjlcrfsted ijn the sroidy of jjrojec'jl and Jus prcswit invention'\vas bcjrun in eouncction with his scientific work. Klon'fl Tall Twiallns. The latest addition to the number of London music haJI "patriotic" songs bears the title, "Don't Twist Utis Tail, My Uoys." Trmr-cr.itare In Artesian Wells. The SalirvvcrJ; artesian well, in Prussia, is 352^ fathoms in depth, the increase of temperature be- lD£ ere degree, l^ahrcnbeit. in every 54. CORA BELLE FELLOWS IN WANT. TVonwn Who Mnrrlccl Ctuui'u. tho Stonl, In P«nurj- ut C»rtlias«, BI<>A letter from Mrs. F. W. Camion, of Carthage, Mo., to licr son. Dr.' Cannon, of Huron, S. D., ffiVfB ;ia account of a visit made by Mrs. Cannon to Mrs. Siimuel Campbell, bet.ter known as Cora Bello Fellows, \vho married Chaska, a Sioux Indian, while a teacher on the reservation a few years ng-o. The affair caused a sensation. Miss Fellows beiu£ a-Wosbjijjrton city belle and highly con- i NO REST NO SLEEP DAY OR NIGHT My bunds' wore completely covered with Eczema, nnd between-my fin^™ l ' lc p k' a XPA» perfectly r.rw; I Lad to nit with both hnnda livid up, nnd n way from fJif fire. My hu^h.ind hnd to dres* nnd UJII!I-I**H iat> lilcc nimby. 1 iri^d the . b^rti 'phyn'cl.inn, but tlic-lr medlcinoB (pivo me Ho relief, and drove me almont crar.y. 1 wnu ;id~ vined to try ^'UTK-\MIA RKMKI>IKH, ocd;did RO, • although my huHb:nid h;ni to RO twenty inilc* lo pcltJiom, .'\ri noon nn he (rot back, I ui*cd tho CUTICDIIA, anil in JIG* iniiruttx after ttic Jirst application, I watt ptrfctfJy easy, nnd tfejtt soundly ait- Mat 7i?g/tt. Before I comraonced" lining the COTICUKA ifEMfiurts.r could get no cnrjo ntpht ordav. 1 could notbcarto get warm, It would put mi) In n r»j?c of Itching. , J nlwnys keep tlic CCTiounX 1 JtKMKDin) in my house now, und rocoramoiid,ihei»-io tvcrybody, because of Uiclr wonderful cllbf-t/ Yourn praU-fuIIy, AGXESM. H AURIS, Pusb, MccklcnburgCo. Va SpKEfiT CORE TnitATiiEyr FOS ToRTfRivo, Div nncKixo HUMORS. — Warm b*thnwith CUTICURA SOAP, - centJc nppllcoHont of CCTTJCL'IJA' fohttmtnt\ Ih* gmtt nkin curx-, and mild do«7§ of Ccncoiu H»QLTKNT V grf«tc»toflnimor cures. Sold thronchdut the wt>rld- Prtc*. Crrictn*, .*^; - 8oAi\ 25c.i RKPOJ.VKNT. idc.• *nil $1. POTTKK DBL'Q' AND CHCM. COHT.. Soi^ i*rop«-, Bmion.' • '• ' of" How to Cure Torturing Skin DlKtM*,** free. . :. ,.

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