The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 28, 1934 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 28, 1934
Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa, June 28, 1934 ffiVlNGTON WELL FAMILY REUNIONS Parsons, Ditsworth, Raney Gatherings Include Folks From Irvington Irvlngton: The Parsons clan held thetr annual reunion Sunlday at the Merrltt Burtls home near Burt. Those from this vicinity who attended were the Morris Parsons family, Ted Harrs and Sumner Parsorte. The Ditsworth clan also assembled at the State Park for their yearly gathering. There were over a hundred present. Those from Irvington present were Mrs. Sam Rea- uer and her brother, John Mcllhattin, Mr. and Mrs. Frank bitsworth and Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Reaper and their daughter, Bernioe. The Edward Dlts- worths of Burt were also present. nated their hogs for cholera although no cases have been reported. In several instances there has been sickness in some of the herds. Mr. and Mrs. Steve Loss, Jr., entertained a number of friends last Thursday evening with a dancing party at the shelter house in the Call State Park. Mr. Loss, Sr., has completely recovered from his recent operation. Mrs. Fred Genrich and children of Lone Rock visited two days last week with Mrs. Genrich's parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Blanchard. Mrs. Genrlch's four year old son. Bernard, remained for a week's visit with his (grandparents. Everett Von Stenberg was employed several days of last week aft the Win. Dodds home north of Hobarton. The Aid society will meet this Thurs- dav at the annex with Mrs. M. L. Hontey and Nina Schlchtl as hostesses. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Miller have named their new Infant son, Bernard Floyd The Millers have three other children two girls and a boy. Jog. JGrarrfer'a Imofcher who resides In the St. Joe neighborhood, died last Sunday evening. Funeral services will be held Wednesday morning. The manv friends of Arthur Benschoter are sorry to hear he has again suffered a severe Illness arid has been compelled to remain In bed. Betty Mae Miller, only daughter of "Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Miller was suffering last week with Infection In a limb sustained while riding her pony. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Erymanni and Mr. and Mrs, Taylor of Pontlac, HI., were -week end visitors at the Alvin Weber home. Mrs. Krymann Is a sister of Al- •vln. Mr. and Mrs. John Bockes and two children Kenneth and Joyce motored to Fort Dodge Sunlday to visit Mrs. Bockes' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Stumbo. Mrs. Marie Scuffham attended the Royal Neighbor district convention at Estherville last Wednesday. Mrs. Scuff- liam was In the drill team which won first place. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Devlne visited on Sunday at the Sim Leigh home. The Devlroes are former residents of this locality but now live north of Algona on the paving. Some in this community have vacci- Many Visitors at Burt Homes Make Social Activities Burt: Mrs. P. L. Dremmel and Mrs. Ella Harr accompanied Mr. and Mrs. FloycJ Dremmel to their home in Aurora, Illinois, for a visit. B. W. Brooke and family spent Sunday at Interlaken. Mrs. Gerald Brace has been ill with throat infection for several days. Over 125 attended the guest day put on here by the Methodist ladies. Mrs. Melissa Trunkhtil celebrated her Tip on How to be "Socially Correct 5 Livermore Gazette: "Wedding invitations and announcements," says a large display advertisements on the back page of a club woman's Journal, published at Des Moines, "to be socially corset should be engraved." And a lot of women gaze at it popeyed and believe it—or rather believe what It implies—that It will be socially Incorrect and that you will not be received or recognized unless you get engraved stationery—preferably of them. And not one lady in fifty, in the average country town (and this is no reflection on their knowledge 1 of printed matter) knows or can explain the dlf- erence between engraved and printed tationery, both of which nil the same place and serve the same purpose—ex- ;ept when they come to pay for it— ,t which time they learn that fifty in- 'itations from the humble print shop :ost a matter of five or six dollars and from the engraver, twenty-five or thir- don't think you are going to be Mr. nnd Mrs. Mnrion Paulson, Ole live northeast of town spent Sunday Flom. Mrs. Silas Skow and Miss Anna jevening the jruests^ of her parents, Mr Johnson drove to Boone Friday to ni- ~~ ' "" * " ""*" tend the convention held by the Swe- 86th birthday week. on Wednesday of last Mr. and Mrs. John Crawford came Saturday for a two week's visit at the J. H. Graham home. The Lad'es Aid will meet July ffth owing to the 4th of July being on the regular meeting day. The Auxiliary ladiea and children en- loyed a cradle roll picnic at the Chas. 3cott home Thursday. Mrs. Lance Relbhofl la caring for the Jttle baby of her sister while they are to Chicago attending the fair. Barbara ^Thompson celebrated her birthday on Tuesday of last week by entertaining a number of friends. Dr. W. T. Peters and Dr. C. J. Clapsaddle drove to Clear Lake on Thursday to attend a medical meeting. Dr. M. L. Lichter. a veterinarian o) Algona expects to open an office here at the Clifford Schrader tin shop this week. Maybelle Gray and Nelda Volen- ty. So disgraced if your stationery Is simply printed, at the home shop. The decrees of society need not be strictly lived up to In order to save you from losing caste. If they were, you would have to have your toenails polished and painted, according to today's papers, which say that "manicured toenails mark the well dressed society lady." The toes on the feet alluded to are, obviously, in sight sandals being worn on the bare feet. And by the way the toes are not manicured, but "pedicured" — get that. But you may still wear shoes in this man's town, an neither paint your toenails or pedicure your toes; and we venture to say you will not be ostracized. Same thing with printed and engraved stationery. You will be socially correct in these days of depression with either one. dish Froo church. Anna remained in Boone offending the rrteetihfrs until Monday morning whon she nnd a friend left for Alamo, Texas, to visit at the Johson parental home. Her mother. Mrs. Nels M. Johnson, has been ill and confined to her bed for the oast week. tine left Sunda'y night for Chicago Wh-eTe they will attend the World's Fair. Marilyn and Billy Boetcher celebrated their birthdays Monday afternoon by erttertalntng a number of their friends. Mrs. Gordon French and two children of Wayne, Penn., arrived Saturday to visit her parents, Dr. and Mrs. W. T. Peters. Mrs. Elizabeth Patterson accompanied Mrs. Howard Patterson to her home in Billings, Montana, where she will make an extended visit. When In need of glasses have your eyes thoroughly examined by DR. F. E. SAWYER, Opt. Miss Ruth Hodgson's Sunlday School class of girls held their monthly meet- ng at the home of Marie Bahllng with Eknore Elston assisting hostess. Lloyd Schenck, Jr., the six year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Schenck, has been ill with throat infection but is getting along nicely at this time. Mrs. Robert Callies, Mrs. Carl Callles, Mrs. Floyd Ltchtenberger and two sons. Bob anjB Wallie, called ait. the Fred Carter home Thursday of last week. Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Peterson and daughters, Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Thompson and daughters were dinner guests ^ ele j Br1 at the home of Mrs Gertrude Thomp- Sunday, son Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Jones drove to Mason City last week Thursday to get Mrs W. E. Stoutenberg, who has been at the hospital where she had her tonsils removed. Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Mansmlth and son, Victor went to the Fred Dorsey home Sunday where the Mansmith families met to celebrate Mrs. Mansmlth's and Mr. Dorsey's birthdays. Mr and Mrs. O. W. Schyver left on Thursday of last week for Denver, Colorado, where they will visit their daughter. Dr. and Mrs. Louis Bisgard. They drove through in their car. Miss Phyllis Clifton of Armstrong has een visiting friends here for several ays. Sunday evening she returned to er home accompanied by Betty Walkr, Arthur Mitchell and Myron Chipman. Clifford Joes, brother of Harold Jones •as recently married to Miss Vivian avenmeyer at Morris, Minn. They ailed at the Harold Jones home Sat- rday while enroute to their home a Fort Dodge. Mrs. Francis Budlong and Mrs. Roy Budlong and children called at the W. E. Stoutenberg home Sunday. They lad been to Algonla to visit Miss K«el Budlong, who was Injured In a fall while cleaning house. Mr. and Mrs. Con Hansen of Mankato spent the week end at the W. L. Stott home. On Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rlngsdorf and Mr. and Mrs. L. VI. Boettcher went to th eStott homd where they all enjoyed a picnic dinner. Mr. and Mrs. Harvard Graham and ,wo children of California arrived on Wednesday to visit Harvard's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Graham. This is the flrst time Harvard has been here since going to California twelve years ago. The following 4-H club girls and club leader from around Burt expect to go to Ames this week to attend their 8th annual convention: Mildred Laabs, Marie and Sophie Schipull, Darlenc Stott, Myrtle Hanna, Mrs. O. O. McFarland. The convention began! Monday. ounclng the birt.h of a son to their daughter. Mrs. Gerald Ukenn, at a Wa- erloo hospital. The Misses Emma and Lena Gut- nccht and Emma and Louise Thaves eturned home Friday evening from Dubuquc where they had gone to >rng Miss H. Kleist back for a visit vith her many old friends here. Mir. and Mrs. August Peterson of Swea City drove to Lamberton, Minn., Saturday taking Miss Freda Kronbach who had been visiting here to her lome. They were accompanied by Mrs. Bruer and they returned home on Set your carburetor for... O NCE your carbmetor IB adjusted for the extra Live Power in Standard Red Crown Superfuel, you can forget about your gas mixture for the season. You'll get—and continue to get—top performance without waato of rueJL Superfuel won't vary in basic excellence, no matter where you buy. Every gallon has 70 Octane—the top antiknock in its price class. It is free from harmful sulphur and gum. It is accurately adjusted for the season. It is fresh—for it sells so fast it can't grow stale. Every gallon has its full quota of responsive Live Power. And it sells jit the price of "regular." Standard Red Crown Superfuel is carefully stabilized before it leaves the refinery and it is protected every inch of the way to your car. Drive in for a tankfui where you see th* f«™<H»* Red Crown—the most respected +»«K1«»m in motor- dom. Of* the sign of more live Power — per gallon and per M^ dollar! CB STANDARD RED CROWN SUPERFUEL- TITONKANEWS Mrs. C. R. Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Smith, and the G. B. Heetland family of Buffalo Center drove to Mankato Sunday where they met the Howard Smith family of Albert Lea and the W R. Dawson family of Excelsior, Minn, and enjoyed a picnic dinner. John and Don Wortman stayed at he home of their aunt, Mrs. J. E Uk:na, several days the latter part of the week, while their parents were at Du- nont, Iowa, attending the funeral of tfrs. Wortman's brother-in-law, Roy Ewlng, who passed away suddenly from a heart attack. nd Mrs. J. F. Fisher. Mr. and Mrs. Dean Andrews have re- unipd from their honey moon trip o Niagara Falls. Washington, D. C., nd the World's Fair. Mr. and Mrs. Antone Pannkuk of astern Minnesota came Saturday even- <f for an over Suday visit with his par- nts, Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Pannkuk. Mrs. R. C. Ball, Barbara and Patri- ia, returned Sunday from visiting with Mrs Emma Ball and other relatives at Wonrpe, Wisconsin, and attending the (Vorld's Fair. Mrs. Mnrv Opsterrelcher was taken to Mankato. Minn., where she submitted to an operation Monday. She Is getting along nicely and expects to be- home In about ten days. Mrs. Henry Rokor and daughter, Leone of Buffalo Center, visited with their daughter and slsbcr, Mrs. Guldo Sartor and little Donna Jean Sartor returned with them for a short visit. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Tuttle of Lontr Beach. California, arrived here Tuesday by auto for a visit with her sister, Mrs. To.lko Shrtsema and family. Later they expect to join another California couple and spend some time with them fishing in northern Minnesota. ™3B&8Oi&®C^^ LAKOTA NEWS iS&ttO®Xf&&£^^ guests were the Harold Madestke fam- ly of near Elmore. The H. H. Murray family spent Sunday with relatives at Forest City. Mr. and Mrs. Wade Ball were Sunday ifternoon visitors at the Ed Looft ionic. Miss June Groth of Spencer Is spending this week at the Harvey Johnson home. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Gutknecht spent the past week visiting relatives in Wisconsin. The Wm. McDermott family of Estherville vislt/ed here Sunday at the George Altlzer home. Mr. and Mrs. Knoner of Ledyard visited Sunday afternoon at the home o their daughter, Mrs. Ed Looft and family. Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Denger and Mrs Clarence Denger and daughter, Maxtne of Gait, rpent Sunday at the E. R. Wor ley home. Mrs. Harry Mussman was a guest las' Wednesday and Thursday at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Klester at Elmore. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Winter of Ma son City were dinner guests Friday a the home of Mr. Winters' cousin, Mrs Wade Ball. Mrs. G. B. Heetland and children o Buffalo Center, spent Friday evenln here at the home of her mother, Mrs C. R. Smith. Mrs Raloh Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Ma: Nitz and Frank and Louis Nitz drov to Hubbard on Sunday to visit a rela ve who is 111. Miss Evelyn Troutner accompanied b friend were here from Akron, Ohio several days last week visiting at th Gutknecht homes. Mrs. Charles Formaker, and Mr. an rfra. Herbert Claussen of Waterloo were guests on Thursday and Friday a he J. H. and J. A. Meyer homes. Judith and Charlene Schroeder are laying at the home of their aunt, Mr A. L. Borensen, while their mother In the hospital at Buffalo Center. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Bruer were enter- .ained at dinner last Sunday at the home of their daughter, Mrs. Fred Weinberger, near Buffalo Center. Other Rev. A. F. Boese and son, Henry, re- urned home last week from St. Paul where the former attended a conven- ion and Henry visited with relatives. Mrs. W. E. Carlson and daughter, Jane, and Mrs. Emma Wortman were over from Swea City, Saturday visit- lug at the Ernest and Mrs. Julia Wort- nan //*• potnr off gaUoa c*)fy. ttiJL ii«MiiJS ou c<s M, suns* «• WESLEY NEWS '&*B8&^^ Misses Isabel and Verna Kerrins were kft~and his "fat Ruests Sunday at the home of their over after him. friend, Miss Nellie frimml. ErlinK Flom of Morning Sun spent the week end here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Halvor Flom. Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Vee Alullln and family ove to Charles City Friday where icy spent the day visiting a cousin " Vee Mr. and Mrs. Julius p. studcr left unday night for Milwaukee to spend Teral days visiting relatives and riends. Mrs. Clarence Ward and daughter, •ma drove to Waterloo Saturday to Islt until Sunday night at the home of Irs. Ward's sister. Mrs. Herbert Vinnel spent the week nd at Humboldt visiting in the home f her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Vinncll re employed at tho farm 1'ome of Mrs. Has Skow. Mrs. Peter J. Haverly came up from ier home at Oelwein last Friday af- ernoon and will spend a week or lonn- r her* with h«r parents, Mr. and Mop. Ben F. Felt. Mrs. Charles Kraus, Dorothy and Charles, Jr., and her father, left Sun- ay morning for Des Moines for a few ays' visit at the home of Mrs. Kraus' ister, Mrs. John Gary. The American Legion Auxiliary mem- Mrs entertained forty women at their English silver tea in their rooms Frl- ay afternoon. The prize in bridge fas awarded to Mrs. J. L. Haverly who eld high score. Mrs. Paul Brabcc and two daughters, Virginia, 7. artd Gail, 5, of Perham, Minnesota, arrived here Saturday for a wo weeks' visit at the homes of her isters. Minnie and Nellie and brothers. Bill and Frank. Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Lease and two sons ogether with the Gilbert Benschoter amlly of Kanawha and Mr and Mrs. Arthur Benschoter of Irvlngton, enjoy- d their annual picnic at the latter's arm home Sunday. Mrs. K. J. Ferguson and three child- en of Cedar Rapids arrived here Friday for an extended visit at the home The Satthoff service station was given a coot of orange and black paint this week. Mrs. H. A. French returned recently from visiting an aunt at Canton, South Dakota. Tttonka and Woden played ball on Sunday at Woden. The Indians won by a score of 4 to 0. Dr. and Mrs. Hamstreet. Watson and Twylah. returned from their eastern trip Sunday evening. Mrs. Fred Weinberger of Buffalo Center visited her sister, Mrs. W. F. Ricklefs and family Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cllne of Lake Park have been visiting at the John Pink home the past week. Mrs. Veva Keagle and son Bobby are here visiting at the Charles Reibsamen and Andrew Peterson homes. Mr. and Mrs. John Paulson and son John, Jr., of Rolfe spent Sunday the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fisher. Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Dunmire and ( children returned Thursday from Newton where they were guests of hft parents. Mr. and Mrs. Roelfsema of Des Moines spent the past week guests of then- daughter, Mrs. Carl F. Calliea and husband. Mrs. Carrie Bonacker went to Clear Lake Sunday to visit for two weeks with her sister-in-law, Mrs. Carrie Bush. Mr. and Mrs. Telko Sietsema and daughter. Grace, moved here Wednesday from Waterloo Into the Paulson residence. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cleroans and Miss Barbara Ball visited Sunday at the R. C. Farrtngton home at Montgomery, Iowa. Charles Reynolds and son of Milwaukee are visiting his mother, Mrs. Maria Reynolds, and brother, Frank, the past week. John Stott was released from the Kossuth hospital Monday. Will Rlck- l«fa and his father, W. H. Stott drove ver after him. Mr. and Mrs. John W. Boyken who ^^ f It's a Grand Day for a Picnic ... So that* (arm folk* are glad tha (•(•phone called them together .. . ant one R telephone Is one of llio most plras things in life, especially in had woatlirr," fw m woman says. "It is a means of communication with friends, relatives and neighbors. We plan parties and family gatherings over the telephone. It helps to make one's life worth living ami means more than anything else I own." •ELL TSLSPHONS COMPANY Telephone service links farms to town— unites the community — helps everyone 8. P. Powers returned home last Friday from Harvard, HI., where he had i>een to attend the funeral of his brother. John. He also visited with relatives in Chicago and DeKalb. A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schroeder on Tuesday morning, at seven o'clock at the Buffalo Center hospital. This makes the Schroeders family of three girls and one boy. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Ukeua accompanied by Donald Heetland drove to Fort Dodge Sunday and brought back Paul Ukena and Billy Smith who had been cpending the week there at the Boy Scout camp. Rev. and Mrs. O. H. Frerking and eon, Norman, left Sunday for Jessup Iowa, after receiving a message an f her mother, Mrs. Jacob Johnson, and listers. Mrs. J. L. Haverly, of Wesley and Mrs. Will Becker of Algona. P. J. Haverly, Moran and Donna jean of Oelwein spent Sunday here at the home of his mother, Mrs. Agatha Haverly and with his wife ani then- moih- r at the Ben F. Felt home. Miss Gla- dvs H*verly returned with her uncle u> •<n<ain tor a several weeks' visit. An eight pound, fourteen ounce baby >ov came Thursday, June 14th, to make his home at the Cecil Stllle home in Garner. Mrs. Stllle will be remembered as Miss Thelma Roe, a former resident and teacher at Wesley. The baby been given the name of Robert Roe. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Price and fam- ,y of Mason city, Theodore Johnson and Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Hutchinson spent Suday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Miller at LuVerne. Verla Mae Johnson who had visited since Memorial Day at the Price home returned home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Wellik and Leo attended the funeral services of Frank Wellik, Sr., 78, at Duncan Saturday morning. Mr. Wellik was fatally injured in an automobile wreck near Garner Tuesday, dying from the Injuries at the Mercy hospital in Mason Ci'.y on Thursday morning at 7:30. Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Lohr and family and Miss Mary Hutchinson of Fort Dodge spent Sunday here at their parental home, the Mr. and Mrs. Will Hutchlnaons. Mr. Hutchinson who has jeeu confined to his home and bed is not improved and requires con^tanit .are of the members of his family. Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Harris and son, Lowell of St. Charles, Illinois, arrived ieiv last week for a visit at the home >f his sister, Mrs. Lawrence Hanson ol Wesley, his mother Mrs. John Harris at Sexton, and another sister, Mrs. Homer Anderson at Algona. Eldon is an in- tructor in music at a university in Chicago. Mrs. A. M. Lease and son, Burrell. re- urned home Friday from their two FORD PRICES REDUCED Effective Friday, June 15, prices on Ford V-8 Passenger Cars, Trucks and Commercial Cars were reduced *10 to *20. These reductions represent new low prices on 1934 models, as there have been no Ford price increases this year. FORD V-8 PASSENGER CARS (112-inch wMbase) WITH STANDARD EQUIPMENT TUDOR SEDAN .... $520 COUPE ......... 505 FORDOR SEDAN . . . 575 VICTORIA ....... * CABRIOLET ..... * ROADSTER ..... *PHAETON WITH DE LUXE EQUIPMENT $560 545 615 600 590 525 550 These prices remain unchanged FORD V-8 TRUCKS AND COMMERCIAL CARS weeks vacation at her parental home the Fred Burrella at Urbauu. They were accompanied Ivtre by her sister. Miss Myroa Burrell who will visit at the Lester Lease home. Tuesday of this week she went to Ricg&ted for a visit with a friend with whom she taught at Lake View. Florence Johnson, daughter of Theodore John&oii, who has made her home here with her sister, Mrs. Ernest Hutchinson from Uine to time, was married June 2nd at the Methodist parsonage in AlKona. to Floyd Gregory uf LuVerne. Mr. and Mrs. Gregory are making their home with his folks north of LuVeJrne for the present. Her miiiy friends here extend congratulations and beat wished. Commercial Car Chassis — 112-inch wheelbase • Truck Chassis — 131-inch wheelbase ....... 485 Truck Chassis — 157-inch wheelbasa ....... 510 Stake Truck (Closed Cab) 131-inch whe«lb«M . . 650 Stake Truck (Closed Cab) 157-inch wheelb«M . . 715 In addition to abooe, prices were alto reduced on other Commercial Car* and Truck types from $10 to $29 ALL PRICES F.O.B. DETROIT FORD MOTOR COMPANY

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