The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 21, 1934 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 21, 1934
Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa. June 21, 1934 WRST.'FV WFtXTC! *r x. MA WO Miss Gladys Haverly returned liomp last week from Renwick where ?h? hart spent two weeks visiting at. the liome of Miss Candace Packard. Paul Flahrety and Tom McMahon were guests Sunday at a sumptuous chicken dinner at the home of Mrs Charles Downs and son, Edward. Members of the Methodist Ladies' Aid met this weak Wednesday afternoon at the church parlors for a pot luck lunch and business meeting. Mrs. Ralph Bauer returned home from the Kossuth hospital the fore part of this week bringing with her her little infant daughter, Marlene Therese. Bill Tjyons of Des Moines spent Sunday here visiting at the home of Albert Renos. Mrs. Lyons has been here for the past several weeks visiting her parents. Miss Dorothy and Margaret Haverly. •both employed at Fort Dodpe, arrived home last week for a short vacation with home folks, the Henry Haverlys and others. Erling Flom, assistant creamery man i at the creamery at Mornincr Sun. spent i from Saturday afternoon until Sun- ' day vLsitirwt here with his parents, Mr and Mrs. H. H. Flom. Miss H-?len Funnemark. home economics teacher in th e Rake consolidated school, has returned home for the summer months with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Olaf Funnemark. Mr. and Mrs. Olaf Funnemark and family were gu-?sts Sunday at the home of Miss Blanche Hendrickson at Ottosen. Miss Hendrickson taught the Funnemark school the past year. Mr. and Mrs. Vee Mullin and family drove to Kmmetsburg Sunday to visit at the Gordon Carpenter home. Two of the Carpenter children returned Th« Carl Franzrn. Arlo Druvson and Will Sturdlvnnt family planned n pic- j nic Sunday in ob.servanc-? of the Fran- TTpns' twentieth wedding anniversary. Due to the unfavorable outdoor weather conditions the picnic, was held nt the Dawson home, nnd a v-rry nice time was had anyway. The Misses Imelda and Alvina Foertsch arrived here last week for a visit of a weok with their parents. Mr. and Mrs. Will Foertsch before returning to Milwaukee Thursday night to resirme their work at the St. Francis convent. This is their home visit before taking the vows of the Sisterhood. Miss Candace Packard and Miss Margaret Looft left last Tuesday for a two weeks' visit in Chicago and Cleveland. Ohio. Margaret will spend her time with her sister, Grace in Chicago, while Miss Packard drives on to Cleveland to visit an aunt. Her mother has been In Cleveland for the past nine years visiting her sister. Mrs. Max Stutter and children, nnd her mother, Mrs. O. M. Hu!j"r and a friend. Mrs. Hammond, all of Mason City, jpent Sunday at the home of Mr. arid Mrs. E. M. Htibor. Tho two older S-.uder boys. Jimmie and Dsnn'e. remained for a longer visit. Donald Studer. son of Max Studer, fell from a two weeks aeo and broke his arm. H M. Noi.ert Kni. Kenneth H.-mlt (J. N". <;raliam l.ouls CctsklnK- H. II. IMcyei-. )'. M. christon Aaron stotissy n n. Mover, hounftr iynar.i \viervand. bounty "II. . l.ounty __ . bounty ___ J__"_T_ bounty __ bounty _____ "__" mortpaq-p ______ ~ son niortgviffo mortgatro Mrs. Ix-c (). Wolfe. assisting- \vtth ovaniM ______________ 1'cnrl Wlnslmv with ________ __ __ ____ , .Mrs. Irvfn C'linpinnn, asgl.itinfr" with exams _____________ Maud- M.- ll.-inn.i nsslKtlnjr with cx.ims ___________________ Mrs. .;. If. XVartier. board of education meeting _________ 1>. Hart, board of education meeting __________________ IT. H. ][. Murray, board of education meeting __________ V. J. Liidwig-, inoptlnpr ________ Walter Viniilt inoctlnir ______ H. F. Schultz mcetlntr _______ \V'm . Mc.vpr, mr-otlng- _______ "L" K. O. Mann post In nr duarantlno slwn ____________________ Mike W.'isrner. jiosUnR- quarantine sipn __________________ Millpri Jensen posting quarantine .10 1.30 .20 .r,n c.oo .111 3.00 3.DO 2.TS r, .00 IB.20 G.OO 9.BO 5.20 3.40 IS.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 15. French Lumber Co sup _ Jake Keller labor .Simmons labor •IMnI Simmons lahor ~~_ I" ... NO a — S. JI. I.-rcneh i.iir C'o. supplies Urnln No 7— S. n. French Llir Co supplies Albert Young: repair work Ken Ifopkes labor Dick Haade lahor 22 2. l>raln No. 20— S. n. French Llir Co supplies Urnln Nn 4fi— Lawrence Malaven lahor C. C. Scharlaeh Inhor nrnln IVo Bl— Henry fflaun lahor nrnln Kit fiO— Northern Lumber Co supplies _ Mud Hanson lahor nrnln Kn 78—. S. B. French Lmnhcr Co supplies 1 6.05 22..ti) ao.10 17.10 2.10 4 .3 15.0 r. ,r, 31.4 2.J 8.0 31.hO H. J . (i. I'. V L. C. l-'i-cd with the Mullins for a visit at their cousins' home. Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Meurer and two children spent Sunday at the Henry Aman home at Algona and brought home with them Mrs. Meurer's mother. Mrs. Elizabeth Lemkee, who wiU be here for a week's visit. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Gibson and family of Lone Rock, and Mr. and Mrs. Ktmer Gibson and Charles Gibson of Austin, Minnesota, spent the week end here at the home of their patents, Mr. and Mrs. Zack Gibson. Mrs. Silas Skow entertained for h-cr company Sunday, the Frank Johnson, Fred Bentele, and Herman Carlson families, Miss Anna Johnson and Herbert Johnson and Hele, Eddie and Pearl Johnson of St. James, Minn. Herman Carlson and daughter, Edna, left Saturday morning for Kensington, Minn., to visit at the Arvid Carlson home. Mr. Carlson will return this week while Edna expects to spend the winter months with her uncle. Mrs. John Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Smith and family of Goodell, and Mr. and Mrs. Mark Smith and family of Harcourt, were guests Sunday at the home of theu- daughter and sister, Mrs. Leo Bleich and family. Earl Punke hung out his "shingle" as produce buyer over the w*?ek end and will be found at th« Corner building east of Benton's Cafe where he will at this writing is getting along nicely. Sister Herminngild. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hauptmann. visited from Saturday night until Thursday here with her parents, before going on to Milwaukee to spend the summer months at the St. Francis convent. Sister Herminagild is a teacher at Emory, South Dakota, and returned to Wesley with Sister Lydia, who had spent a week at Emory visiting her mother. Rev. Muhleman, the district superintendent of the Methodist churches, will be here next Sunday morning to deliver a sermon at the regular church hour of ten o'clock, and at Sexton at eleven o'clock. He will be back in Wesley for the evening services, giving a talk on Tennessee mountain people along with the showing of 1900 feet of pictures on the same subject. A cordial welcome is extended to the public to attend. The members of the American Legion Auxiliary meet this week Thursday night for the month of June meeting Hlrs. Robert Welter will act as hostess. Mrs. George Aldrlch, Fldac chairman 3.00 1.20 .so n.oo 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.0(1 2 .(111 3 4 . Id) 2.2 r, 1.00 3.2". I .110 s.r.ii S. 2il I 7 . I fi lit. S3 Johnson hoard meeting __ Ifeikcn hoard of review Nelson hoard of review Knufsen hoard of review 1'etcison hoard or review A. J. Chrlstcnsen board of rcviev* Fred Kruoirer unclaimed fee S. P. Kikholm. rcKi^trar i, T-;. \Vortnian registrar II. It. Drcyer registrar 22 Aliie (Iiethcn registrar II. A. Thompson registrar .. \Villlam Hnykon registrar H. H. Finneli registrar 2-2 Adah Carlson registrar Arthur Hof registrar Fred A. lliekniann rcin'straf _I 1-'. W. /Ciller coroner's fee K. A. Kvans coroner's fee /.ion Office Supply supplies Typewriter Kxchnnsre supplies Western Duplicator Sup Co. supplies J Metropolitan Supply Co. supplies K . I>. .la.mes supplies Remington Hand Inc repairs I'lnk Supply Co supplies Kemlnffton I!and Inc supplies Sturdlvant I'uhllshlnir Co sup Frankel Carbon nnd Itllihon Mfg- Co. supplies Nelson Hardware supplies Geo Holtzhauer repairs i.c Pratt Kloctrlc Co supplies I 14.2 West Disinfecting co supplies 2S.2 Lee O. Wolfe publishing notices 45.61 Bancroft Register publishing- proceedings etc 123 Advance Publishing Co publishing proceeding: etc 133.46 Haggard & Waller publishing- notices 7.r,o 4B.2 3.7 21 .0 12.7 «.r. 52.3 Klipto Loose Leaf Co. 44. 4J suppHos 975 55 buy anything along the prouuoo line. At present he is representing a company at Forest City. Miss Emma Studer returned home on Saturday from Cherokee, where she went to attend retreat of the Missionary Association of Catholic Women. Mrs. Eunice Mrrusal, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Studer. stayed with her grandparents during the absence of Emma. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Looft of Seneca are the proud parents of an eight pound boy born to them Sunday morning, June 17th. There Is one other child in the family, a boy two and a half years old, Jackie. Grandmother Bertha Looft and Johnette are at the Loaft home. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Ricke of Morgan. Minn, are the parents of an eight pound daughter born June 8th. She has been named Florence TVrvsa. He came to Wesley Monday morning to remain at his parental home during the critical illness of his mother, Mrs. Henry Flicks. Mr. and Mrs. Halvur Flom, Jr., drove to Cedar Fails Sunday morning wh'-rt? | they spent the day visiting at the harm- ; of their friencU, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey I Gibbxs and family. Mrs. Gibbs was formerly Mi.-& Hazel Sage who taught the Axel Johijusoii rural tcliool easu of town a ftw years ago. with th? assistance of other members, is sponsoring an English silver tea in the Legion rooms this week Friday afternoon with bridge as the diversion of the afternoon. A program on England will be given, followed by the serving of tea. The pure bred Brown Swiss cattle sale held at the F. M. Wolf and Sons farm last week Tuesday was attended by buyers from as far away as 125 miles. Twenty-one head of cattle were disposed of bringing the gross receipts to some $1600.00. The highest bid ran $105.00 this being for a cow and her week eld calf, with $76.00 being bid for the ne;:t highest. One little calf was cold for $49.00. The Wolfs are well pleased with their sale considering the times, nnd shortage of pasture everywhere this season. Herbert Johnson, who has been a the home of his brother, Edwin John son, at St. James, Minn., for the pas year, and Edwin's three children, Hel- IIOAI) CONSTRUCTION FUND A. Roliorts bridge o J. A. Hoherts bridge Ag-ent C. ll. I. & Pac Ky Co. freight C. A N\V. Uy. Co. freight I 99.00 241.IB 3S6.8! C. & NW. Ily. Co. freight __ 61K.71 Wm. I,. Barker janor *ioodnifin Hundsness Inhor Win. F. (ironhach lahor I .S. D. McDonnld lahor .Toe Helderscllpidt labor ~ '.'•"red J. Coon Inhor i Hirer Young lahor I Albert Yoiinfr labor . _ 2 1 * ',0 Leroy H. Klbcrt labor Francis N". Kll*-rt labor _ -M t; r , ItoKer I-. Klhcrt labor "s r.o Walter Klhcrt labor .-( • John KohUvcH labor _ Si'crlwck Printing Co publfshirTe notice 4; . : , 0 UC'Sley News-World pub notlCl) 4:;.M> I-enton Hei'orter pub notice. __ 21". .'.'7 Hurt Monitor pub notice _ 1 :i '10 Wilson Conerete. Co supplies __ 2;o;.7.i Hnrton Warner Co supplies 1 l>il Wheeler Lumber Undue (•,, H1 ,p .jr,;! r,,; Wheeler Lumber llrlduo Co sup f.uil.CS IIO.VI) MA I.\TK.\AXCK Fl'.\l> -', .00 I .70 .Oil .00 7S.30 7S.OO r, s.;, o 27.'JO en, Eddie and Pearl, spent from Saturday morning until Monday morning at the Herman Carlson, Silas Skow and Fred Bentele homes. Upon their return home Monday they were accompanied by Miss Anna Johnson who remained until Tuesday when Mrs. Skow and Harold and Mrs. Carlson and Clifford drove to St. James to spend the day at the home of their brother. Miss Magdalene Sartor, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Pierre Sartor of Titonka and John Bleich, son of Alfcert J. Bleich of Wesley, were marrkd at the Magnolia Catholic church Tuesday morning at ten o'clock of lajt week. They were attended by her sister. Alice Sartor, and his brother, Arthur Bleich. Thf bride was dre.ssed in a pink Mlk .suit with a large picture hat and white, accessories, while her bridesmaid wore a powder blue suit ami white accessories. Both wore shoulder bouquets of orchids and Johanna roses. Following the ceremony a wedding breakfast wa,s enjoyed at, th-r- home of a iricnd. They left the .same day for Chicago to viMt her sister, Mercedes, and to we the Worlds Fair. Mr. Bleich is utt-iulunt at one of the .'cnu.v ,s:a- tioii-s at Titonka. Hu briti;- Uuu'ht .•>ch':ol at Magnolia, for u number of yrars. They will make then- hoim; Titonka. Oliver Ynunir labor _________ Clle.slrr Alum i/.-itrol _________ I AiiKiixt Itomer lahoi _________ I o. II. Din-ku-ortb «uppl<<s City of Algoiiii light servl.-u __ Peter \Ve/d<.rt driigKlng _____ Hunt Itoiuur labor Jt NW. Jty. Co. frelBbt II" I-'. Uonovan Insurance ____ Power Co. lleht service 2.7 17.. S! c u. Interstate K'liKeno Meyers labor ." HIIBO Gade labor 2—1 Jo« M. KuMcr Inhor _~ Kdwln llaker patrol _ John S. Nelson patrol " 7 Klmer KwlnR patrol < ): I. II. Montgomery patrol "i "J ,'lydc Sanders patrol 6! Mlko linker patrol ~ ,;; loiiri H.-iii.solninn patrol I ];i Win. l.). Ludwlif patrol I 7,J I. I.. Wi.rliy patrol 1 . |.'uehsen 111.00 II .-] 10. a 40.0 Dick linnilo labor V- llrnln Ko 82— Thpo I>orenbtish labor Itnlph Miller Inbor nrnln !Vo M— John Oriusby labor <!uy Ash Inhor Drnln No 85— Ttvti) Hanson Inbor , Northern Kumher Co supplies nrnln JVo 87— Georpre Onken repair work I»rn!n JVo (N>— Pick Haade labor l>orcnl>usli. lahor S. 11. Flench Co supplies Urnln IVo 01— Ocorpe Onkcn repair work H. French Co supplies I>r No OS— Abo A. Carter labor I>rnln No nn— S. H. French Lumber Co sup llrnln Xo !>»— S. It .Fieneh Lumber Co sup nrnln \o I 111—. Abe A. Carter labor WiJson Concrete Co supplies l>rnln Xo I2B— Abe A. Cat-tor lahor Drain No. 1 ;!2— .Tohn ornshy labor C,uy Ash labor llrnln Xo 135— Theo. Dorcnbus'i labor U.ilph Miller lahor Drnln No 157— S. II. French Lhr Co aiipplleg nrnln No Ific— Northern Lumber Co supplies H-K IVo 2-3H S. B. French Cn supDlies H-K JVo 3-46 — Fred Mnyland labor John Ormsoy labor Chng Anderson labor III"_~ Guy Ash lahor H-K No ;l-5fl— S. -B. French Lbr Co supplies H-K No 5-87— Hnns Smith labor _ E-K Joint No 2— Paul Simmons labor Jake Keller labor 3 L.afe Simmons lal>or _ ~ Trl No 84— Arnold Klatt labor Ch;is Glaus labor W-K Xo 35-89— •d Slater labor W. Uenson labor _~ k rtando lalior _I_ Albert Young labor IIU 4S.OO 30.00 6.00 2. i r, ~ 1.05 38.On iz.nn 1.21 is.r,r> 1.37 1 .-.2 C.70 32.10 i s 2. i r, 4 .30 j 3.75 4.80 I Bt.O 31.5 3.5^ 1 21 6..V l.r.S 1.' 1.00 1.10 10.72 10. y> 10.35 13.80 Tl. Sorenson ^t Co nrov S3.30 Wm. Itaker 4.50 T. nil.sborouKh S.<IO M. C. li.on Davp Ilass 4.00 Mrs. C. K. Johnson 9.00 Clara Ncltzel Ifi.OO Mrs. a. Sctfert 2.00 .1. stephenson 4 . SO B.88 7.98 7S.OI 7.1.1)0 . 10 ,:io 7S.OO Fuehsen patrol ____ 74 Oi> U'eir patrol ___________ 71 Oil 'etel- Mnvlek •3't-ll \V. Mill,, •hrr.'rd Holme . I-'. (Juinn 1 U-ep.-r p.itn.l _ •-<tcr .Mine patrol _ ,ir Karintr putrol .11 I'elilt |,,,l!ol _ A. Laiiioreiix p.itr bur A . Fisher pati l>. I', |..-iti • .Mioar.l liihor •'••.!. ii . I;, iiner lai.or -•••nn Mvers l.,bor inler .1 . V.i.-ke l.,l,,.l id itrol I patrol Kl 1 at THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS PROCEEDINGS "rank W. SenneiT attorney fee I. H. White J I- fee 'arl Dahlhauscr sheriff , U J. Hover \ fee _II '"rank GCJKC) ivitne.s.s for- !!_! Muss witness f(M> N'civville con«jta(ile fti»_J Danson J I' fee ihlhaiiscr sheriff ~ Smith witness fee Icnry Knncn witness fee _ _ l".-.lter I Inn* witness fee _.I .ll.ert llosnia witness fee 'earl Smith witno-is fee ~ Jmory Smith witness fiv 22 uren.-i' Swift witness fee vln Sc hult?. witness fee _ _, Irs. C'liai KxKurtlt witness" fee II. lloleoml, witness fee 'rank i'.ieen m.irslial ' II . Sheridan .1 p fco~ ~ C. F. S[,eeht mayor I'. W. CtriMMi marshal _ Carl Diililhuuscr sherfff 1NSA.XF. KUNli"" B. J. McKvoy clerk's tvn Mary Hoscnstell escort (.'. If. Cretzmeycr commissioner! Ii. II, White commissioner Carl Nahlh.-iuser Hlicrlff'w feo _I A. Wlnkel commissioner K. Moyer witness C. MeMabon roinii)ls»iirn"<»r" T II I'-KADICATIO.V FUND Dr. It. K. Weber vet services I-red Traub cattle Indemnity Dn-yor * Wlllr.-tt cattle linlenm 1-. A. Selioby cuttle indemnity Art Ti,-t7. eattle indemnity KnJph, Walker Jr. cattle tmluni'* .'irl Anderson en t tin indemnity H. Ilnt-KCi- cattle lndenin._ U . liasnell catiie Indem Hutchison eattle Indcinl Jensen, cattlo Indemnity n eattlo Inilemity ,u eatt.lo indemnity Itavn eatllc In.leliifilly- •IMIOIl t-'UNII HiMpital earo is.:>o II. JO :•. no .7(1 .70 r..7f, :u.r,o 7. or, 3. :>.) •i. MI 3.r> D '* . Tut :i. MI 3.r,o .'i.:.» 3. r>o .85 6.60 «i . Ul) .10 L. IJ. K. w. It. M. I. IV ."has Jn lennaii ilo II. 53.3', ir,.7r, 2 ;i. Ti 2 D.OO .1.00 3«. 40 .1. IK 19.00 28.44 .'12.1)9 11. BO 30. 27, 10. Supplies 2.17 J'ostnR-o : 2. S3 Ixiren Brown provisions 1__ J.ewls Olson . K4 Mrs. Fred Klein 3.36 F M Stoner 1.68 W. T. Pllchor provisions H. Cook 2 94 Mrs. C. K. Johnsoon 5.01 Graham's Store supplies Lewis Olson 1,49 Gocrtci's Co sup Amy Johnson- 2.40 Hub Clothing Store supplies 28.00 Clara Nelt7,el 2.00 F. M. Stonor 26.00 J. A. Brotvnell sup Mrs. F Klein 1.50 K. D. James supplies 22.33 Mrs. Van Dorston 22.02 It. J. Dtlttnn .36 Emma .lucliem eleanlnsr house F M Stoner s 00 SnixrvNor Dl.trlct No 3— If. Crntzinoyer medical care 217.00 -Joe l > rospcrl . r.o 00 Carl Syverson 75 00 SSolil.i Pannkuk 122 00 rohn nr. Kpncnck medical care Poor children A. Iievine, mcdicnl carp of Jerry Knnpptr 2S 50 \r>ssuth hospital, hospital care 206.50 Xeld.'i I'annkuk 110.50 Joe Prospera 11.00 Donald Syvr-rson „ __ll", 00 -alrd ,t McCttlloiiffh fiuicral service Carl Carlson i. If. Fuchs funeral service for .Mrs. Chris Anderson fifi.OO ^o Hauls: rent Georpe llanlir 10.00 Icrman M'lse sup. John B.-ihr, vennedy Hros I'o. prov. Jerry Knapper , •oedcrs Company supplies Inmiii Knudson transportation Walker Girl H. W. \VaUnce> meiltcnl care Mrs. Anthony UramlKvinett 22.50 Bahr 6.00 and allow bills as per .schedule of claim hereinafter written: SVItRnVt.K OF VI.AVH8 COUNTY FUN1J Aftionn Chas. Morris commissioner and session lSfi.10 W. S. CosR-rove commissioner and spssion 170 W. K. McDoneld commissioner and session F. J. Balpreman commissioner and session __ P. J. Heiken commissioner and session ~_ Northwestern Bell Tel. Co. telephone service Helmut Grioso bounty Klmer Afa<, hounty ______________ 161. SI 157.20 47. 2f 2.10 .40 Tax Service Co. tax service work 130.00 56.2 7".. 00 1. 0.50 6 '.00 John Kossuth hospital hospital care Kiifrene Beenken 25.00 Wm. Hutchison 23.00 Mrs. H. !A. Grand^anett 15.00 Soperrfnor Dln<rlcf No 4— J. A. Devlne medical care Mrs. Eug-ene Cnyler's daughter 7.50 Mrs. Fred CKlel daughter 2.50 uohn Schneider daughter Mabel Doss 3.00 Mrs. i.*>wls Larson care of Marie Godclen Mrs. Auirust Beltz care"of"Dar" rel G«lst Estello Blanchard care Lrla Olson A. H. Kuchs funeral" services Helen Schneider Richard Potratz rent Henry Meyer Hood's Cash Store provisions Mrs. Doss Morrll Brothers provisions "for A ilierirman Wrode «t Krause (,ro< i en" provisions for J. Brisks V. A. Murray fuel Mrs, Joe Kramer fi.41 A. Koppen loios Mrs. K. 0<lel 3.51 Mabel Doss JI. Coller 2..2 Mi's. Krickson I-Mna Jolmson . 4 ;i Mrs. Cnylcr _. 4.43 mma Knudsen transpnrtlnir Kv- erts Rlrl . G. ClapsaiMIc medicjil care" Fred l-a.vreii7. family 70.50 Marie tJodden 27.00 Mrs. Kd Sanderson 1.00 Julius itriKKf 5.50 . 1). .liimc.s supplies foi Mrs. AiiKUSta Heit7. Nii|u*rtli>or DUtrlrt No ~5— - arry (Jralii Co. fuel Harold . H. Welfare supplies foTVlraT JorRensim j "'"" v ' aKt rent Cbas 4.07 1.5S 4.84 2.H5 11.4 r, :n.i;r, 14 . 1', I rs. euro M rH DUlrlc No ~Z-~ AiiJitor 1 \>j : 2.40 H.6I no Alj-r- 3.00 New el liusch Irs. Mary ^VelJ8ter cara ot Noel Kntwlatle CKNKKAI. POOR" rank .McFall .servlnir notice «ster Hanson, potatoes American Hod CJOKS supplies Swift & Co supplier N. It. Mc.Vutt spraylnif trees"" ll., labor lle-.-mploymont Bureau t<xi>enso <itKiri{o Gundor, labor O'eoi-Ko U'llloy sprayiiiR- treua"! COt'NTV FARM Frank I,. MHIi-r liKlit service John HfnnliiK Inbor ~" \Vnlter Hunt Jr. hay _ , \Villi.-tm in-own supplies '222-2L T!MH Akre provisions ZI-ZI l,rahain Companv suiiplii-s Ml.-iliach Clothinsr Co. HUpphos Jalncs .supplies _ ICohlhaas <t Splllea suppllus .Velson Hardware supplies . _T" 1-1) I'l-att Kh-eti-ic: Co. supplier s'-'O -Matt MurthH supplieH 7 j| Ki..-siitli County Implement Co supplier , f) ,., Mike l.<i-s. oats _ •*••!)'~>n Mr, Fl.-d CeiKle si lies 2.22 ~\'.no llu«ll Ualley sei-d corn _ I 00 lioval ' lull" (ul (•,,.. supplies.- 5'J/jl FiirnJtui-u Comnany I'efl U'erator __ •>'.« -n l!|.:-i>I.VKI»: That tlie eounty'Tutdl- ••r L; I.eieby urdere.l and diieete.l to I.'. 1 ! 55. HI 12.50 2.01 4(i.7'i r, .00 2 I . Sf) Ifi.OU 1 1 . JO.00 02.00 1.00 02 . IS 5 12 :i.:i:i 19.70 Paul J. Cody, weed comm. H. C. Lunnlns nunrantlne O. TJ. Thoreson <iuarantlrie John N. Konellck, medical care of prisoners i Lainpr & Muckey. repairs Jenkins Fergremann Co. sup Vera K. Sehwfetert. labor Omaha School Supply Co. sup Kocli Brothers Co. supplies Klipto Loose Leaf Co. supplies F,'. 'J. Butler, delivering- ballots F. W. (Jreen labor FT. A. Van Alstyne labor WMttemore Champion, printing- ballots Alex Kadisr election board P. M. Christensoii election board Arthur 1-:. 1'rlobo e'c.'tion board W. U. FlaiR- e'eptlon I'Orild Amcrjc.-in I.c-R-ion 1'ost Ixme Hock i-oom rent O. A. Jensen election hoard . Klchard Krumm election board A.V(>I J.^rickson election hoard M". J. Kennedy election board . Jj. Thoreson election board <.». B. Hlsk election board (s 'Anderson election hoard Chester Johnson election board Fred K. Dutton election board_ Fred I^opeman election hoard C. C. Anderson room rent ' U. F. chambers election board A. A. Schlpull election board F. I. Chapman election I ma re! 63.00 Frank Clnpsaddle election board Anna B. Murray election hoard A. .1. Kason election hoard H. C. Allen election board Harry IJchty election board J. L. Llchty election board 14.50 Arthur A. Hof election board Town of LuVerno room rent O. H. Jensen election board r. F. Engrosser election board Joe Crowley election bonrd Mlllen Jensen election board J. W. Holll/f election hoard _ 31.25 A. T. Paulson room rent Ely Anderson election board 17.60 Frank Uacobs election board . R. Newton election hoard 12.00 c - H. nialr election board Flora O. Col well electon hoard 71.50 W. C. Nelson arranging booths John Frlderes election board 6.00 Henry normann election board J. H. Fraser election board 13.60 Wm. Runehey election hoard John Bnrmnn election board 13.2.1 T. !••• 'J'horeson election board J. 1'. Peterson election hoard 9.39 Joseph Von Hank election hoard 41.64 •->. H. Undo election board K. I>. -Simpson election lioard i Ktl Droesslcr election board A. II. Lnppe election bonrd Anton Stork ejection board John Hellman ejection board F. H. Me.scher election board H. w. Huba election boanl Art Lester election board A. Gutknecht election hoard ... Dr. H. 11. Mm ray election honrd H. D Mussman election board J. U. Smith (Jcetion board Karl K. Ourcn election lioaid Krn.t L. Tin-Icy election hoard II I.aura Iloseiiau election board <>lK-a -Uortman election board „" City of I-akota room rent _, J. H. Watburton election board Leonard Seibold election board H. F. Kdwards election board «. H. Pattorson election board Hcrt Coder election board - -» John F»th Hprayinfr trc<> " 'INiin HeUl ele<-ton board 2222 ^ V * l u t-'rulkahnnk election board i^i,^ p n]r! , on piection noar( i 3.10 2.50 9.86 7.75 .SB 30.76 22.80 17.113 36.52 63.80 25.60 3.00 Ort n.oo f. .70 11 .70 11 5.711 5.70 4 .SO 1 .80 1 .SO 80 10 2.0! 7.8; 4.G5 : 3. IF 3.IS 3.U 4.30 1.20 3.45 3.45 3.15 3.15 6.00 8. SO 6.30 6.30 fi.MI) 6.30 3.00 6.30 ,30 .30 .30 .30 .00 .80 .SO ,80 G.80 4.80 10.00 15.02 101.00 10.29 3.9t; £.00 1 . i . r,n sn 10 .". . 1 0 r, . i o 11.10 5.10 5.40 5.40 5.40 F. C. Hcerm.inn election room __ Neva. Mason election bonrrl C. II. neilly election bonrd V. J. Sands election board .le-innr-tle McMurray election board Blanche ('rose election board __ Lenra St. John election hoard __,- CJeorprc J. lOlbert election bonrd Kva M. Curry election hoard (.Jeo J. F.lhoi-t: room rent Frank Geifrcl election board F.llzaheth Holmes election hoard C. C. Scharlach election bonrd \V. H. Gtlhrldo election board A. H. Stock election bonrd HoJen Hestenlehner election board Claire Keith election board i Mary >?, Kaln election bonrd Catherine McCall eleetion hoard Ida LeITert election board Thos Kaln election board H, 'J. Bacon election board Bvelyn I'otter election hoard Bertha FJ. Johnson election hoard 3 Ida C. Yafrer election board Oscar Norman election lioard Alfred Kresensky election hoard f. F. H lien hold election hoanV rank Knhlhann election t>oard Stewart McFadden election board Kenneth Hardt bounty L fafrirard * Waller pub proc etc Sophia Tjarlen fTtist fund Where Garng-o supplies 'Vaitor I'etoi'.son bounty ^erklns Hros. Co. supplies _j >tntt 1'arrott * Sons Co sup COURT FUND J. H. Sheridan .r P fee Keller constable Hutchison mayor Johnson marshal fee Dahlbauser sheriff _ _, T n Kn.vmrATioiv F~i:ivn 3r. Archlo Whitlow vet services 301 .10 -i. C. Duddlnsr cattle Indemnity 13.20 N. llubhard cattle Indemnity 15 34 H. Wnlkfr r-attlo Indemnity 53. 32 HOAl» CONSTRUCTION FUND : <fe NW HY CO freight 209 72 A NW MY CO n-elffht 1S2.R5 t. M. Smith enKlneer 245.00 3on T. Nufient nsst engineer 140 00 Milton McFadden rodman 78 00 C A NAV TIY CO freight on Ibr 15S.75 J. V. Elbert Rrradlngr project No. »9 680.40 J. V. Elbert srading- project No. 38 226.80 J. V. Elbert grading- project No. 7 *21.20 ' fOorRo I^ooft labor . 63 00 Haffg-ard * Waller gravel letting- 2>0 LuVerne News publ notice 13.62 Wheeler Lumber Bridge and Sripply Co. supplies 1181.80 Wheeler Lumber Bridge and Supply Co.. supplies 178« 4g ROAD MAINTKNANCR FUND Northwestern Bell Tel Co.. telephone service Jerry Neeland labor Allen Carr labor C & NW HY CO freight I_.I Otto Ohm road superintendent Central States Electric Co.. llarht service _, H. R. Hays labor Albert Looft draggrlngr Wm. Fritz drag-gin? Cecil Thoroson dragging Albert Kressln dragging "nko ohn arl 'arl Dr. 4.20 4.20 3.45 3 . •! 5 6.00 5. (iff 80 80 20 20 20 SO 80 4.20 4.30 4.35 4 . KS 4.35 00 3.00 3.00 4.35 4.35 3.00 3 00 .r,o 120.52 4.1. S3 1.4t .20 1 ::7 3S.17 3.50 13.55 4^00 2.25 70 21.97 25 "R 9 50 38 '93 20.00 i ol 10. 7S 12.25 9.24 2.00 l r>0 arr.iiits for .,11 bills allo ellni,' as per --.Seheilulo lieicinbclor.i written a.-i eaeii u-.dlviiHi.-il bill. 'Ayes: by MeUonaJ.I ;i ,,,| ,,,,.,„„! II, at tlm roll. mini? art) e,,, ,,,!,., [ i,, [,,.. V .,, 1I)UH l( r ' i.ii,jr 11. -1 i. ,,.,11^.,^, tax tc . Tilt C...I. ]..l of »OU\).uii Jl.DUU.OH b Motion \>f i Heiken that s. U:k> 18. liluck &. Jiviiiitu 1933. Ayci: All. MuUou by Hulkcll that a. ix-fuuii be jjlvcli i^ township. b<_->- ,{ i.Lu -- ,jf ;,,.. . Ay«_-j: Uutlou by McUuUuJiJ tiaa«t>lii^ii that T. A. T 1500.00 iuldici-'ii civrUjlj lot 5. t,;c«.'k 82. urljiG Inc. Ayes: All. Motion by Hcikeii ii Coayroio tbjt tiit; follo ritftit of way cicuii/tiuu Uraiii 1JU Kraut Ktiku All. SB 1 / -87-30 Ajre AM. 1 7 .1C COf.NTV . M, lJoliu.l,|. Kiira l.,j.U',tf CJ that LOiia or W. !Hiui K . or ___ il.irtoii W,.riioi Co." VuiT~I _I I. I). AJam.1 Co .supplies _-"!! l^ll l.s Cook Tractor i iijuiu- i' ui t <.' \Miilt! .. _ _ _____ .'Ulneiy jfc .Sup Co sup'- Uiju MaclULu i Supply Kloctrii; C,j "t Ston L-I- J.u/uly ' ' u. N i . '.i!!,,., k.J 1-eJll Joii'n --Cut 20.00 14 .0'( Kll Hurbank It. __________ Cba.lll.oli C u slij)l4lca"-III ~ IX-iijj oil Lubilcaut Cu. am.t,lici Jictf tort IJocljiu C.j. auu^llcji __ Koyal -40u- Oil Co au^iilica __ Standard Dll Co-, au^ylicsj ____ Pocrl«ja otl <_x».. oapclioa ______ Hoyu.1 "loo" <J,I Co. aunnlici .... Pca-iutulk <>U Co. auoiiUus ____ H. A. Wuaauld auppllui _____ Collerutc Material.-. Cory »uj>pliea VJ lloou toucitto Co. aufculica -- VYhiXilur I-iiiubtr Uridije & Sun Couu>al.y. sui.pll^i UUAlNAGti fc'UMU n < i, Lu Bud S7.1U 3 C A . Clurk p Kobcrt Buwuiaii 5 .00 1 .01) 1.25 ilia. 6 t itl^tC'JJiili I Q Olaou ------ ^ <<• cr.i.-u^bcU -- " 3 AUchuu ItlcliarU 2 • Stoner i 2S.60 n . , Hoard -our.ty .•ml,,-,-, Board •xr ouj.,i.,n On inotiu Aliiomit HlH'c f-j.j^ .0.1 rd adjourned ".SUH.. ui o I-!. J . Huth>r, <'..iiniy Auditor. Aii'litor's or/iee, June 11. 1934. supervlM./r.-) of Kosguth m aii,aion witli ..I l.len W. Jenklnnon election board 5.10 Hobort A. Harvey election board r, 40 TIIOH Berg- election hoard 13 .10 I., w. Khrich election board _ 6 3!) If. O. Larson election board It. C. liaum election board If. C. Lunnlnw election hoard John Arndorfcr election Iniard Isadora Mayer election board _ tiooi-Bo Clnk election boanl 2. G. II. Ludvvltf nluctlon boanl Alf studor eh-ctlon hoard • I. M. Wittlo room rent 22 Alfred Jci-fc'ennon t-lectlon board J. K. Metoiroe electjon board _ Henry u.uiey election board C'lark Heuffham ejection board Walter H. Klamp uloetlon boainl D. M. Stowart eleetion board I'.. <>. Mann election lioard Will HiiiBsdorf ejection board I" '••. II. Dlttiner elec-tlon boanl W. II. S,.hwletert election board I.hl>i! Winter election board J. A, Sleeper Hi-rtlon board It. II. Meyer eleetion board lohn H.iekoliiiaii Blcctlon tiouril If. lire..sman election hoard J-'/ed S. (Jeilfol fkvlion lioanf" M. L. lUney eleellon board I'. Ii. FlanKI eleetion boanl _, Alvlll L. \\' eleellon boanl 'arl Iliiteliiin eleetum board Farmers <'o-o|i 101,-vat ii . HI r . 30 7.3'l 5.411 *> . 1 0 'j.itt S.I I) .1.10 .1.110 r> . 70 7.711 r. . ;n tV.70 fi.70 1 •_• . no a .no 5.70 ele 4 4 I I room rent - b b to read minutes o ml ,ill a.lluun.o iind ill.. Moti . n by H, ; ikon . '.'••" I-.'— - '' '""' '•• I'"' .-><;.•ond by e appoint 'j'.l. All. th l, M IdoW's I>oll.sloll ^^ii u-uinnuis Jun o i. i< j:jl . .u by McDonald and socond by ..iiKeiii.. n tli.,t <-lHiiiellc j/ i.o t-; »u t a -Sidney Walbu,• B und bond for ai .,i'io bo .-ip|.n,v, d. Ayi-.s: All. MoUun by Iluikuii a,iid second i.ootfrovc that Herman Uunk.siinjiur Klvc-n #a.7< refund for laai and *3 of bclnji en onuouMy Motion tjy Hul^en C'<«rfrovo that the i-iiflit of way bo ailowca; Drain No. 4 J. K. Mcnko SKV» SKii 24-»S-2'J i^2s 11,30 1931 laaa Ajre»: AOJ. Moiiua by Coa^rove and HeJkvft that cla.-in "C" bocr 'Uud ti> Cecil O. iH«Ult>y Sfc a.sae.-ised . Aye»: All iiiaii u.nd i,econd by foUowluv open dltcl No . 1932 2.2 by Becond Ijcrailt lucu, Iowa. A WM - a ° H: Yt! iu ri^ vwlun - —-is I-aura. Cuiupbull ____ " 2 00 Perry B. Tort,, o .1.1 6 ;Ju Mra. Koy Haatf _ , Ucll IJuLuakj " 2 i>. Johnson vroviisiotij II Mrs. Kluiu _________ 11~GO £my Jooiiiiou _______ "lO 09 P. (J. Haueuatciu ___ I s'oo L 1^ • Jolmsoii _____ 3 oo oti Akrc. i»ra»Uioua A V CouuoJly _______ I_I 5 ilt'j . JoLatiua Cook _, 8.00 1.60 i'J.So --_.. Motion by Baluerna.ii and second by Helkun that SfcDonald be (involuted aa coiiunlttuu to maku nucus^ajy ro , ..ira on Urula 114. Ay«a: All. iem«r» on On motion board adjourned to one o clock p. m. Oiiu o'clock i>. m.. board ot gurarvU- ora met pursuant to udjouiuuiuat with Motion by McDonald and second by HuJkuii tiiat valuations or personal Liroijcrty for 1834 bo equalized and that rullowliiii ttajuatiiiuut.i Uc made: Sonoca. townablp: Colu out) ycai- olil utx.-rfcaae4i IS per cunt. Srjrl.iiffluid tovvushlp: Colu two ruurs uid decrvaaud 16 iicr cent Ayua: All. Motion by Congrovo and BalKuuiau tUa.t Helk«u bo _ a couiiiiltUit) to uiake iiucouaary ruiTaira ou Drain HO. S5 ajid 1U2. Ayes: All On uwtiuu board proccixiud to audit aocond li Wm Stoiiti nbci-if ele l.em Mallow eb-etlon < . (i. Kwoldt lleelii.l, b •I . O. l:|i 'hards 1 le.-tion I'heo KiiieKer loom larry Sabu, cjeet|.,n I . J . I-JIU ; t e|,-, .(,,,„ I. A. I ..wem.-1-r 4-leeti -linniei- M.ilein elueti •I. N. I-lullip.s election b ' I . I "-\ Illi! election b ^- I • '•> ii -el.banii. eli-,-ti, Icnry |.;i -, l,,.|,i eleetinn b -• ''• Hut, 'Inns eleetion b 'lias II . . \nieli ubn-lloii boanl Hto Ni iiiiiiin eli-etion board '. V. llu-.-li eleetion board •'red II,, i lien eb-.-tloll b,,ai,| .._ ^ 'In i.-t 111 andt eh-etion board . Mullen II. ll;m>|.|| el, Til, ,11 l,,,ari \\". A. S,.||iaii| eluetliiu lioard •'. I-;. Tl, 0111,11, election I,, ,.,,,( I-!. «'. M.iyn.-ld eleetb.n board J-:i-ri< I'.. ll.,n.-en election bo \Slii lioyUen election board " • !'•• I! lebllt ,-le, l,o,,rd , I _ d _I Alfred Dltsworth grading 112.50 Bernard Brink Jr. labor Arnold Delperdnng- labor Kennedy Bros assignment , T /co Dclperdang labor I_ 'cell liohlnson labor Beed Hardware Httpplles loo Greenberg supplies ,. ... Roderick Auto Co., supplies 308.0(5 flotsford Lumber Co. supplies 21 71 neo Sales A Service supplies r-Fort DorlKo Co. supjilles j Austin-Western noad Machine Company supplies _, Iowa Machinery & Supply Co. supplies Tontral Battery & Klectric, CoT supplies llbb.c:ook Tractor & Eiiulp" ment Co.. supplies (Vhecler Lumber Brldgo & Supply Co., supplies _SS82 21 I1IIAINAGK FUVD nrnln No 4— •*. G. stoiiNtrnin repairs Drnln No SI— Bay A. Manjuis labor Jack WiJch lahor ™ Drain N« eo— Ja. O. Btenstrom lahor Blmore Cement A Tile Company supplies Drain fi» NO— Hay A. Mnrciuln labor _ Jack Welch labor Georg-n Ixioft lattor Klrnnro Conient A Tllo Co. sup Drain No 83— Ed Meyers labor , Drain No n3— H. G. Stenstrom labor Bay A. M.uciuls labor 2, Guorno lx»ift. labor Drain .\o uo—- Buffalo Center Lumber Co sup. Kd Mcyer.s labor _ _, llrnln No IO2— Bay A. Mar<|iils labor _ Jack Welch lahor IIII" no l^ooft labor Kltiiorn t'eniunt & Tllii Co mm Ilr.-iln No MB— Thompson Yards Inc .suiipllc.s Drain No I'JU Buy A. MantulM labor Jack Welch labor . ._ _" Drnln No us— BufTiilo Cuiitur Lumber Co. sup Himl Houttebc-r labor Meyers labor '22 j Drnln I3U— Bay A. ManndH lab-ir __ __ Jack U'cleh _ "I" Drain No 16 — I 1 '. G. .Stellst roin l,d (12.00 2-5.00 99. 7S 18.75 14 .90 72.25 70.91 13.91 15.42 86.91. 15.92 9.2T 4.00 8.00 6.00 42.00 5.25 34.00 24.00 1.50 2.5:1 36.00 12.00 10.00 7.50 4.r,» 2S.T.O 12.09 6 .00 (i.OO 3 . Til> 6. .r> Ol) oo 20.47 4 .00 4 !. . UO 8. Oil b.Ol) f. .•in I ,*'l I . K 0 '! . I) I 1 rd VV. II. K oi If oil b, llli II. n I-. I-'. I. rent Klnw boothi ),, I.I fie. Co rot ilk .,11 ,1 Am, i i Mill ler.,en .•-1 I, nil/, el. •r ek:i-|l ilvvii,' ell- F,IIK.ibi III HlKKIi. , \li.e M B.:iu,i..r < ...I.Wioii iioa'nt Frank W. Wl,e,l ele.ti,,,, )„,;,,,| \\iiltt-r V'.-iudi i I. .(KIII lioard Win eioetioii board .irthur K-indel eleei i,,,i board Mary Woo.Kval-,1 .-leetion board' iot\n or \VliiUeoioiu loom runt I. I-.. Is illy f.leellon board I'eter Looft ultielion board l<. W. i-'llltM elceliull hoard _"_L lieo Biiltei llel.l ,-l,,ctlon board ^ I, U. Scylar eJeeilon board I. J. Anilurnoii election board ~2 Clare M. Kiickami uluctioa txjard Ida H. Lar.sou elt-ctjon board «.. U. i'earnon ile..tiun board.. Hay Lord room rent J. J. Hmk tJectlon bijard _III D. MotiRun election board Mou^cl eluctlon hoard _ „( c irpunt«i tluctioa board Win. Wuuzul election, board Albert Bruiiii ejection boaril Win B. Flynu election board II Louft election board ~" John Ilartahorn flection board F. SchulUc olcction board of Ludyard room rent Barnus arranging booths Wtlabrod blix-tlon board B. Johaaou election board K. Kraune eluction board I. F. Newell electioa board John Dempsey t-lucUon board t . II. Bohn election board _ «. H. Drtyer election board .._ w. £J. Laaife election board W. N'owel elix-tion board "I rik Killer electon board j ?Vuton Opera house room runt >v. D. K tarns 'election boaj-d Vni KGoatler election board 5. K. Wolu oluction board II Haiuia ultctiun board Smith eletttion board election board Hawcott election board Boettcher election board ikxjtteher olCKtion board) Slaughter election board of Burt room rent -. H. Schroeder arrantflnit bootlia Btut Public library room rent AT. A. WUite election board I .Oil i. M r,. in r IMKIH FIND Miri'KKVIMUl DISIHICI' NO Mrs. Cliai K. Niniiciiiiin runt and Court eosts Halpli Fan.lei K. 1-'. Heeli inu.ll, a | ealo"~ Mrs. 'Albert Niel.son _ i Men in fun..mi ekpeiisua JelH I'. HllbelK lien, ,ll, I rt Slole IIIOVMIOIIH for 1'lai.k Stewart A. \V. Jurijens iu-ovioion.4 i,,r Fred .ScliriL-ld.-r Mrn. Anna Sankey pionsiou.,"l o r Martin Jordan B. K. Kin.^elli si Son ~pVovVs~ Hlons .Si/jinn .Mo.-iimaii fain M'l'KHVIMIH IHS'l'ltlt'T NO •Mrs. J. l.. lioliiiniiou runt for MI-H. Wilts., ilra. liuel.l.-i iiouley cxee "rent lor Win Baker family C'lias Hedeinsko r c ,,t for j ill-liners Mrs. Bertha Mm ray n.,,t 'i\,i'~ I't.ll.l Nell/.l-l . Altjon.i Coiip..|-.iin,. Cie.un, ly "co .00 65.00 3. IH 15. KJ 4G Nlll.-, relelSoli M.t.v M-viiiiK I'iUMflle Meyers __ __ 1 Mi». Amy Jolmson . __i' Mi-*. ('Lira .Nirl(/,el . ( hi I'KHVIMHl DIM IIII 1' L A.l.uii.i m. t ,11 u | Mr.,. i'ad Biibin.ioii . lii* . -'Ii 5.00 5.01) 7 .00 10. UO 10. 'ji el'lllc Siiu .lie.i fur 3 lu .'JO Oil DO ti. 00 I;.UD 11 (Jea J. H. J>. A. A. Town Albert r . J . .f.o .50 i .r.a «. '<<, G . 00 4 .5>l 4. r,i> B.UU 4.80 4.80 4.80 3.!iO 3.30 3.30 *.80 10.CO iiiudu C. i. \V. .?°^' W. W. verjia ..10 .30 .OO .00 .80 .80 . SO .00 3 00 i. 00 6.8H 4.80 3.00 3.00 O.OO 6.40 6.40 6.40 a.go 3.00 3.90 3.10 5.46 3.90 3.80 4.29 Ko^.-irii hospital, iio.^piuu Ida Walker K. L. 'Wllll.iiM.s liiulleal eai Mr». \V.ilk,.: l.y.OU Ida W.ilkt-r _. -.iU.UU llany Warliurton auniAlk-a Cor -- bi.OO Ja.iu.;.s Walker ' Alma Miullsoil c.iru of Born.-ii-.l L,. t .p,. r Mra. l^evvlri Lai .^on care Fled I«-ivrcii2 mil faul dames urovisions Mis. 1-atUiner Joe lu.Mjiii urovialuiis NO ---------- 1G.OO 2S.UO for 19 14 S for 00 bO or K. L. VVilliaiuj niodical care Jesslu John.son Ur. c. w. Luiid.iuist~~medicai in- ^i"." 31 / U H'. U J ' fcttra "n /anUly M Murray medical care U. L. Wllllaiua medical"c] Everett K. — care of Mrs. Alvln Lloyd ;".__ p. CurtiH funeral ex „ ,Kulin. rant for Art Lester rent ___ VI J. Faulkner ____ ~ "Yo nii V. MUler __ ZIIZ S J« *•[•• , ^P^tauUt provlalous «els Jeitaun __ J flo Mrs. Chan Edwards 170 " 11.24 28.60 84.00 (0.90 85.00 16.08 4.7H ?' in-' Tkhoi " D »on dental work J. w. Neville uuDDlit** ~ Itotslord Lumber Co. . 10.00 66.00 47 Rf 14 8? each Individual bill J. BUTLKtt. Couuty Auditor.

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