The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 21, 1934 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 21, 1934
Page 4
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CLUBS HOLD BIG PICNIC; CRESCO. UNION, PLUM CREEK REPRESENTED Moines, Algona, Iowa, June 21, 1934 TOE Four Corners Club Also In eluded in Annual Festive : Gathering Cresco: Tw?ntr-one from the Mothers and Daughters club aftended the picnic and program at the Ambrose A Call S'ate Park Thursday Th° Plum Creek Literary society and Four Corner and Union Mothers and Daueh- ters club enjoy !h<> event annually t>v> proeram iconsi?t«d of a medley of songs, three reading, tan dance and two ' — ' " — - • and Willard Gr*>r=c-n of Alenns wrr? eu-v-ts Sunday of Mr. and Mr?. E C. Wilkins and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brandow and Mrs. Peterson of Oirafonrsa Minn., were callers at the W. H. Brando*- home and visited the Wes* Bend srotto. SEXTON NEWS ^o^c««50<«sK*sx^ O'?o Newman has b~n having dental work done in Aleona the past week. Mr. and Mr?. Mack Wi" and little LI-yd mm? Sani-c^r ^v.-nlne and 3 ~. t-..^., i <_«MI»I«.^, irtu Uiiiic*? ana mi.-. .n<ii,rv i>i*.> ;uici Kiu* 1 two plays by the Union and Plum! ?on - LI -5"d cnnn° Sani-cVir ^vsnine and Creek ladias. The Cresco club wasl-'P^"* over Sundav a', t!:? horn-- of hi* hostess with Mrs. E. c. Po:ter. pre;>-i moth * r - ^"- Sarah Wn? and famiiy" dent, and Mrs. D. S. Wildin. rhrU-m ! Mr?. \rarv N<-*-nan -r,,"- »,,,% ._ K' rR DO ; ""--*~"-r355i ho dent, and Mrs. D. s. Wildin. rh^.i— and Mrs. O. S. Moore in charge of 'tb'r- refreshments. Mr. and Mrs. Nick W.iener ncT dauEhter. Th-:r no— l-a-" t--~ children. Duncan Frascr has returned snd ! = now at the home of hi.- i; ; <?c n Mr= E C. Poi>r. " ' ' Miss Alice Gillineham b«-ein.= wo->-' again this week *nd as maid for Mr-' : L. J. Dickinson in AJe3r,:>.. ' ! Chas. and Wilbur Ptotter of Boa'- t«neau. North Dakota, were visitors on ' Monday at the Will Runcb-ry home. Mrs. E;tella Sabin of Aleona accom- i., . panied h=r son. H. I. Sabin and fam- ! ±~" . wee!s ily to Spencer Sunday for a visit at £? OTr ' f the Dr. P. D. Soloman home ' T""™'"" .'. Mary Newman ten: tnck to h«r : -rr^ in Ale'na Sa'.urd'.v n:orr:ntr j ter sn-ndine th« winter 3r,d fprine 1 her daueh:cr. Mr=. Jam — Br'--\>r : of tcxn." "*"'' ' Mr'- O'c-;r Kirrrm-:.! --~-' =-- cays ]?..~: w •:•:-•: a* :h- ;-,-,-- ' nf --c r •l-T. Mr?. Amy Smith. •*?=•' r~f"V L*J ^ CALIFORNIA'*] NEW GOVERN. OR — Lieutenant Governor Prank F. MerrUm, who •wee««<l«d to the "let of tfte f«i verner Rolph, MSS^ !&*§ LV< a !;-,•- = rear W";-r. d Mrs. A:;i^- K Han-n Mr. and chldrcr.. Ksthryn and LW."""•sv-^- -. 'Mr. 3.-d"Mrs! C. "L E^- >- 1 "'T-Ji i i fair.iir nor:hens; of Bri:t frj:--^ if-i i tf moon. " I 1 Mrs. W. Z. M;;:«r w=-- to SS-->"s C i'T i " week ar.d v;s:t-:d a few days '" ' of her daue 1 -.:.-.-. Mr? Thornton. She m /IN F-J at! Ph;::p - - - •- *• »«* *« 11 *.! l*JO W. L. Martins in Algona. Miss Irma Broadweli of Minneapolis came a week ago Saturday nieht to assist in caring for her mother. Grandmother Broadwell. at the home of her daughter, Mrs. M. C. Worster. Several from here attended tfv fur- eral sen-ices at the West Bend Apo*- touc church last week for Herbert Gcr- ber of Flood. Montana. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Dave Gerb.»r. Truman Dunn of Da, Moines and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Dunn of returned hrrre Sunday Clyde Martin and wife of Oaklyn i ™ n ™ brin ? in ? Ti!h her. her New Jersey are expected here mtt '"" week to visit at the homes of his brother, here and with his parents, the •if. Gun eases' ison. Colorado, came Saturday 'o v!5i £ e ™,. The Iadics are s 1516 " of Mrs.'b B. Wiidin. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Runchev took Mrs. Ella Grant of Elgin. Ill to Greenville. Sunday. Mrs. Mary Runchey of Algona accompanied them and visited the latter's brother, George Holdren near Sioux Rapids. x» Th< T, D K s - Wlldins - Fred Dunns and Mrs. Ruby Hagie and Mrs. Cora Mantor of Algona and the Floyd Bacons of Burt, all went to the Leonard family reunion of the ladles' mother, M's Anna Leonard Phillips of Algona at Webster City Sunday. Daniel, brother of L. A. Potter, arrived Sunday from Boattenau, North Dakota, accompanied by his sons, Chas. and Wilbur and three daughters, Myra, Catherine and Ethel. Two daughters, Aria and Evelyn stopped at the Twin Cltlea to visit their aunts. Messrs, and Mesdamea Ben Hynds, i Mr. and Mrs, Jo'.-r. Ste:ner of De< M:ines came Friday ?venins to visH a few days at the hom; of Mrs. S:ein- «r's uncle and aunt. Mr. ard Jfrs. B E. Sanders. Mrs. Steins is a niece o' Mr. Sanders. Dorothea and Calvin Pasier went on Sunday morning to Forest city wh*n? they win visit for the suauner with .heir grandfather. Albert, Pas:ey and tlvir unc'<e and aur.t. Mr. ar.d" Mrs John Azersfci and family near there. Sexton Lid::s' Aid will be entertained rx-r. -?<?•<; Th-jr5c,'v af:er- June ?8:h. with Ntr< Ray B ;ack Mrs. Laura Franrj: acting as host- L N "" S f WITH QOINTUP- tLETS — Por five hundred •""7 "° *** ° f " ulntu P'«t« JAtelre Olenne, of Callandlr; (Canada, are ctlll Mf . , n(J i souno. I SPORT COSTUME |WEAR_ThlI^4et young thing It all Mt | for • ctrvnuou* g«m« «* croquet. %it m -he home of Ray B'ack Evervo-ie J' " ra-t and north of inviHd. Mrs. E.v-k> McMahon and famiiv accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Ambrose Lickteicr and family. Mr. and Mrs Wm Hartley and Mr. and Mrs. Geortre Aman. Thecla and Walt-rr, pleasantly surprised Mrs. McMahon's sister, Mrs. E. A. Branagan and family at their home in EmmeLsburg Sunday, the occaMon being Mrs. Branagan's birthday The day was certainly enjoyed by all, with plenty to cat. Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Sanders accom- janied by hLs nice", and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. John Steiner of DCS Hoines. took a picnic dinner and en- oyed the day Sunday at West Bend at the grotto. In the evening the/ drove on to Mallard where they vis- ted with Mr. Sanders' brother and Mrs. Stelner's father, Mr. and Mrs Qlen Sanders and family where the Steiners remained until they go on o Pennsylvania in a week or so. ^^1 ~~* "^«W^ W »'.«W*«»^. ALUMINUM SPEED AND POWER— Famout racing drivers depend upon aluminum cylinder head* and pie. tone to Increate power andepeed. A well-known V^ engine power* thlt race ear and Chet Miller of Speedway fame Ic pointing with pride to the Bohnallte aluminum cylinder head that raited Itt power from the etock rating of a little over 90 to nearly 150 horeepower and flave the ear a epeed of 110 milea per hour. Bonn «opper lead bearlngc supported the whlrlina crankahaft. In place of the usual babbitt metal. at Kelly Field San AntBni- w«a made poaalble by the • u' ar " h '* "' W tvp « Neiv whites Summer Smartest Stylos, Sandals, Pumps, Tics Fabrics at $139 t $1 95 SS ^f H $2 -°° to ^-00 Sport Oxfords at $L75 ^ $395 For Children and Growing Girls _.$1.00 to $2.50 Genuine Keds. for Everybody. For tennis, golf, hiking, all kinds of sports. Also everyday wear 91.M to Brownell Shoe Co. ST. JOE CARDINALS SfflnWWEST BEND BASEBAIL TEAM. SCORE 6-0 A. Klein Pitches good game Peter Becker Socks a Homer St. Joe: The West Bend nine fell K,nT the P' tchin * °t A. Klein last Sunday and lost to the St. Joe Cardinals by a score of 6 to 0 J. Schriner on the mound for the West Bend team pitched splendid ball, but had poor support from his team mates. Petrr Becker, first baseman for the Cards connected lor a home run. Banwart from West Bend and Irwin Priders of St. Joe umpired the game. Next sun- aay the Cardinals play with the Wesley team at Wesley. Due to the rain the Irvington game was called off This game aril! be played at a later date. A kitttn ball game followed the baseball ffarr.t Sunday alternoon on the local diamond between the Western -•••.'.its arul Becker's Phillips 66 team ISM* was 6 to 4 in favor of the *rn Beauties Sylvester Egle and RtUhng were the battery for * Wtitern Beauties. Prank Bormann :-. La-*T(rr.t* Becker were the battery T u.e PbUJ:pi 6« learn. Art Werden .:i<rrrr.oje and Nick Becker umpired ga-T.e. \:.<-. Bt union of the Becktfr 1am- atu-rnoon at '•'•T-'- A ,:• - over night vklt, returning home on Thursday evening. Mr jind Mrs. George Thul, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Thul and son. Robert Mr and Mrs. Adolph Fuhrmann, Mr and Mrs. Sylvester Wagner, Richard Thul and Edward Klein fpent last Thursday at Lost Island. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Gales are the parents of a baby girl born Friday, June 15th. The infant was baptized Rosann Margaret, by the Rev. Luke Becker. Sunday afternoon. Sponsors were Mr. and Mrs. William B Devine. The Gales now have a family of two girls and one boy. TITONKA NEWS &rrz HOTEL N Minneapolis Newett JWioof Hoid I-ort Jar., 'I'.rr. of t:.* Grove. week nr.n t: LV', ;r.- (: fin. To:n r>- Torr, Trainer of Burt was a business taJJer Monday afternoon. T D. Sietsema of Waterloo was a JWneis caller Tuesday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Jo nn Poueben of Rolfe »-re Titonka business callers Tnurs- lay, Dr. Roy C Ball attended a veterin- >' convention Wednesday at Me- csville. Rev. L. C. Gartner, chaplain of the CCC camp at Hibbings, Minn., was in Titonka Tuesday. ^ Mrs. William Boyken and daughter, were gueits Thursday at, 3ntt > Aid meeting of the Luth- Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Cooper and Ir.tle oaughttr, Myrna Rae. spent the week end ut Albert Lea " City voting and E. J. Van Ness, Rodney and Katherine Van N-ess were here Tuesday even- Ing. Mr. Van Ness attended a meeting of the bank directors. Mtss Viola Hike returned recently from Ames where she has attended college for the past year taking a course in home economics. Mr and Mrs. Lawrence Doege and family spent Sunday visiting Mrs Doege s parents, Mr. and Mrs E. L Tuttle at Albert Lea, Mlnn ' *" lj ~ Mrs. L. o. Gartner and children Ruth. Dorothy and Paul left Wednes- rf -" for Hlbblng. Minn., where they spend the summer with Mr. Gart- Mrs. Roy Budlong and Mrs. Frances Budlong visited with Miss Hazei at the Kossuth hospital at Algona and found her recovering nicely from her recent accident. nhiM andTTMrs ; Ora dy Smith and their children, Harris and Gladys Ann left early Tuesday morning for points in Missouri They expect to begone for wo weeks. Mrs. Wm. Peterson entertained he' Sunday School class at a slumber par- y Monday night at her home east of own. The girla pitched tents and lept out of doors. Mixa Elken Brown, daughter of Mr nd Mrs. Earl Brown, who liv,- west ft i^'7 M taken to tne Ko«uth hos- ttal Wednesday afternoon, to be oDei- t«d on for appendices. Baptist Church Arthur S. Iiao«r. pastor The vacation church school will give a program Friday at 7:30 p. m . The h,M, 0 ,., m i^ open for lnspecUon at of the program. Everybody the is invited. Preaching MTvice Sunday morning at 11 o clock. The union service will be n m at the Presbyterian church at 8 p. m. Sunday School at 10 a m B Y P. U. at 7:15 p. m . ' ' Re . : .i: from e Ti.fcob^id is ej.joyii.g a father. AnUjn Theobaid D«*c« SPANISH VILLAGE CONVENIENt'TO EVERYTHING of Hif^ux Ci;y. Ktbert Hoi:zbau-i-r of Algvni .-r*r,t the fua of last aetk with hi., cousin L/armin Hammer. Bobuy Rediiig, iO n of Mr and Mrs Nick Hcding of Whittemor e t>ptr.i laat week at tile John B. ReUmg home. Mrs. M. Hanifan and Tlioiiiaj are spending the week with Bernard Han- ilan and vfife toulh of Liveritore. Mr. aiKi Mrs. Jw*ph Kramer and faoniiy from ii*ar Algona were Sunday visitors at the George Bormaca home. Rev. Luke Becker left Sunday evening for Conception, Misaourj, after a several weeti' visit with relatives and friends here. Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Fuhrmann. Amelia and Adeline Erpelding and Bertha Thul ipeoj. Utst Weduttdiy at pilot Knob north of Britt. Mr. and Mrc. Alex Ei&chen and family aud Jake Ktachrn from near St. Benedict were visitors at the Anton Becker home recently. Mr. and Mrs Otto Hennifan of near Lixholic, Mi tin . arrived at the home of Mis. Lucy Wagiier Tbur«Uy for d uiurt visit They »cre vioiUire u.t the Herjry Thlj **^ Keep Your Summer Suit Clean and Fresh Ww Hauiuifc/i iptjii eidjy «.t tii e pa. tin Uil ho/tt i.c^r BfiidjjiiU: 'I Herbert By seudiug it to us regularly to be washed and ironed. We make a specialty of men's and women's wash suits. You will find the work high claus and reasonably priced. Kirsch Laundry PLoiie 207. Joe au o****^^*****^^ &KR$Q!>OXKf9&a^^ | LUVEBNE NEWS Colemati-Koepke Wedding Lu Verne: Wilford Coleman of Lu Verne and Miss Ruby Koepke of Irvington were united in marriage Thursday at the home of the bride^s uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ditsworth at Irvington. Rev. English officiated. At present Mr. and Mrs. Coleman will make their home with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Coleman. Feitzke Reunion H. E. Peltzke, accompanied by Roy and Jimmy Peitzke of Webster City and Marjorie Thompson of Eagle Grove were In attendance at the annual Pelt- zke reunion last Sunday held »t the H. R. Peitzke country home near Clear Lake. About 65 were present for the picnic dinner and program which followed. August Kersten of Clinton, Minn visited last week with his sister, Mr Fechner. Walter Hunt. Jr.. and Elmer Kub ly are attending the fair in Chicago a this time. Roy Grnmc-nz of Indiana is visitin at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frr Baumg^rtncr. Mrs. Vera Hanson from Wiso-msin i visiting at the home of her parents Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Ramus. Mr. and Airs. Irvin Barton and fam ily visited Sunday at. the home of Mr and Mrs. Tellar in Fort Dodge. Al Miller. Milo Miller, Irwin and Harold Hof left Saturday for several weeks' ashing in Minnesota. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Chapman and their daughter of Omaha came Saturday for a visit at the F. I. Chapman home Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Smith visited over Sunday at the home of their son Mr. and Mrs. Hoyt Smith In Dexter, Minn. The Methodist Ladies' Aid met at the town hall Wednesday. The hostesses were Mrs. O. B. Alexander and Mrs. H. C, Allen. A baby girl was born Thursday to Dr. and Mrs. A. J. Eason at the Mercy hospital in Fort Dodge. She has been named Mary Suzanne. Miss Edythe Gardner retun-cd Friday to Los Angeles, California, after a two weeks' visit at the honu of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. Gardner. Mr. and Mrs. Ira Benedict and son, Danny of Milwaukee, Wis.. came on Saturday for a visit at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. I. H. Benedict, and with other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Peitzke of Minneapolis visited at the H. E. Peitzlns home for a short time Saturday. Mr. Peitzke, an attorney at that place, la a nephew of H. E. Peitzke of LuVerne. RevJ. Gfcorge Banna of WMmftr. Minn., visited Friday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Thompson. Rev. and Mrs. Hanna were called to Renwick by the death of Henry Gelgle. Mrs. Geigle and Mrs. Hanna are sisters. Mr. and Mrs. Allen Thompson and son, Mr. and Mrs. Ted Henderson and family, Mr. and Mrs. La Verne Jeffera and daughter and Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Oleson and family visited Sunday at ;he Howard Henderson home In Clear Lake. Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Godfrey and family. Mr. and Mrs. DeRae Godfrey, Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Godfrey, and Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Godfrey and son, Bobby, enjoyed a picnic dinner Sunday at the iome of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Craig la Livermore. First Lutheran Church M. A. Sjostrand, pastor Confirmation class on Saturday at 10 a. m. Sunday School next Sunday at 10 a. m. Morning worship next Sunday at 11 o'clock. The Luther League picnic will be held nrxt Wednesday. Going on a PICNIC 1 Then you'll want some of our delicious rolls—we have the long kind that just fits frankfurters, also frosted ones, individual pies, potato chips, cakes, cookie?, macaroons, slired bread for sandwiches. Wilson Bakery Basket Grocery 14th Anniversary Sale, June 20-21-22-23 __ Quality Foods at Reasonable Prices ie Powdered Sugar, 17 3 pounds 11 C Prunes, O| No. 10 JlC Peaches or Bed Pitted Cherried, No. 10.. Peaches, Libby's, 2 No. 2% cans Peas, Webster, No. 2 can Beans, Cut green,' North Beach, 2 No. 2 cans Pork and Beans, 5 cans Dill Pickles, quart Jar Green Tea, Lipton's, 33c value, % lb Binso, large package Soap, P. & G. or Crystal White, 10 bars Sanka Coffee, per pound. Pears, No. 10 , Bran Flakes, Posts, 2 packages Jello, all flavors per packages Certo, per bottle Taffy Bars, Coconut, 2 lbs Ginger Ale, Liine Rickey, White Soda, Boot Beer, Orange, in. 24 01. plus deposit 1UC Fruit Nectar, Boot Beer Extract Orange Slices per pound Marshmallows, _'_ 8-oz., Harriet Clark .'. Pop Corn, shelled 4 pounds Sugar, 100 Iba. cane Sugar, 100 lbs. beet 25c 25c lOc lOc lOc j qr *t.»JJ j 71- *t. I J Baking Powder,, 1 c _ 1 lb IDC 24 lb8 - FLOUR $1 - 19 - 49 lbs _______ $223 n, 3 ? EDAL ' M lb8 " $L09 ' 49 lb « _____ " $2.12 UNISTA, 24 lbs. 95c, 49 lbs. _ II TO PETEB PAN, 24 lbs. 85c, &ifall"\"~lM Your radio tells you every hour about ~~ MONARCH FINER FOODS Yacht Chili Sauce large bottle Castup, large bottle Tomato Juice, large can Tuna, Yacht, Club', light meat, 2 for Shrimp, two for Pickles, Nancy Hanks Corn, Yacht (jinb, golden Tea Siftings, No. 1 Brand, lb. Coffee, Vac-lit Club, fresh, 2 iba Sardines, Yacht Club ... Pears, Monuivh," No. 2V4 can Beans, Yacht ciuh cut green. 2 lor IP IDC BASKET BRAND PRODUCTS^ Preserves, pure, lG-oz. tumbler, cherry, strawberry, and OP a-aspberry .............. (+ JC Salad Dressing Qt. 25c, Pt. 15c, ^pt. 9c Sandwich Spread, A^ H pint ............... JC French Dressing |C^ % »iat .......... r?. ijc Sweet Pickles 24 oz. jar 26c, 8 oa. 16c Olive and Dill Pickles, picnic jar Olives, Stuffed Manzanuia, large Olives, large size. 22 OZ. Mustard, 9 oz Peanut Butter per quart Peanut Butter. 2* OZ. ... Peanut Butter, plat ' lOc 25c 29c lOc 28c 25c |7D I JIT NEW POTATOES, 15 Iba. o ln TOMATOES, 3 pounds ------------------- f£ LEMOMB, lajgeji^pe-r'dozen":""" ---- ""^ MEAT—CANNED AND FRESH SALMON, pink, * tail can. ^^ ««»* nvr*aM VKAt UOAJf. UW,^ % Jw^Ur 'sb* ............................ «*> rOTTKO MEAT, Uttofm, Ti^STrt* ........................ »" RING BOLOGNA ....... *"*"•»*•»«» ....................... «„ BEET CHUCK BOAST, per pound ................................. *» Choice Beef Boasts and Steaks ...................... w ^ c WE «I CUT TO

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