The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 24, 1934 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 24, 1934
Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa, May 24, 1934 ^*a : + "•- ' ^'^'•^^' ; i'%^^^:>4- ; gj^j^>-i;';:s^;^-.';i- GlassifiidiAds For Sale FOR SALE OB TRADE—Purebred Guernsey sire, high grade cows. Horses, hay or grain. Phone 9F23.—A. Gillinp- ham. 21* Dozens of new summer dresses at Jl.OO and $1.95 each.—The Elifre. 21 WANTED- Girl companion. Am past 30. single farmer. Address replies to J. R. care of this office. 20-24* Miscellaneous FOR SALE—Two outboard motors, 3 h. p. Johnson and a 4 h. p. Evinrude. —Clapp's Master Service. 21 FOR SALE—Clouse Outs, one No. 150 (5 cu. ft) Majestic etectrlc refrigerator $110.00 and one Majestic range (green enameled with reservoir) $110.00. —A. H. Fuchs, Bancroft, Iowa. 21-22 trsKD BtrrcK CAR FOR SALE—one of the best used Buick cars in Algona is offered for sale at about one-seventh of the cost price. The car is mechanically perfect and has always received the best of care. Anyone interested, should inquire at the Upper Des Moines ofTio?. Save that cream with » Veen separator. Users biggest boosters. Medium size, $77.50. Terms—Bjustrom's, Al- gttna, Iowa. 3-tf FOR SALE—1929 Ford tudor.—Clapps Master Service. 21 FOR SALE—1931 Chevrolet coupe.— Jf.i E. Dyer, 108 So. Hall St. 21 Wanted ' BOARDERS WANTED—Mrs. Hugh Pierce, 415 W. McGregor. 21* WANTED-Qullting. Call at 439 N. Williams or write to Mrs. Laura Long, AJgorw, 21* Cress for Lieutenant, governor. 18-22* RADIO REPAIR SERVICE—Guaranteed workmanship, reasonab'j priced. Phone 99—E. A. Genrich. 18-22* Have you tried our Thrifty Wash.— Kirschs Laundry. Phone 267. 18-tf Lost-Found LOST—Box containing light blue silk dress. Between Wesley and Algona. Finder return to this office. 21 LOST—Ford tire and wheel somewhere between Algona and Wesley. Finder leave at this office. 21* Two New Teachers Coming Next Year Two new teachers will be on the public school faculty here next year, Superintendent Lalng announces this week. Miss Maxine Jones of Des Moines will teach the third grade, replacing Lorraine Peterson. Fern Pederson of Randall will teach a grade class in a special reading clinic. Both are under 26 years of age, Mr. Lalng also stated. "Dawn Dance" Booked A "Dawn Dance" has be?n billed for next Tuesday evening at the Surf Ballroom, Clear Lake, with Chick Be and his 14 bewhlskered House of Dav id Sheiks playing the music. The dan« starts at ten and ends at two a. m. S-ssh We'll Let You in on a Big Secret ANNEX Positively Will Open on Friday June 1st with a complete line of bargain offerings never equalled in Algona retail business. Special market trip to buy the best and cheapest silk dresses in the United States to retail at $3.48 $4*88 Get ready for the biggest bargain event of the season. Location — First door south Steele's new clothing store. Watch for full details in next week's papers. That Combines Price with Satisfaction The entire printing department of The Algouu rppcr Des Moines is at your service in your printing needs. For lit- t It-jobs or for lug runs of extravagantly planned literature, we are equipped to .serve yuu. Our Prices Will Please You. Let Us Bid on That Next Job. The Algona Upper Des Moines ^hrischilles & Herbst Annex to Open June 1 Announcement is being made this week of the opening of the Chrtschillc-s r Herbst Annex which will be located his year back of the new Steeie cloth- ng store. The Annex has proved to be popular summer event for bargain unters during the past three yearr. The opening date will be Friday, June T. H. ChrischUles left Wednesday vening for Chicago on a special buying rip for the store. r#F TOTAL POPULAT/Otf OF THIS OLD WO/VJ> OF OURS IS NOW ESTIMATED AT~ TME£MP/X£ STATE BUILDING- N.Y 12*2 FEET HIGH TALLEST BUILOMG M 8SSTORESABOVE THE STREET AND 2 BEiDW. HOUSES 20,000 TENANTS' HAS 62 ELEVATORS AND COST fSO, OOO, OOO Martin Bonnstetter 111 with Heart Trouble Martin Bonnstetter, well known man, and father of Representative A. H. ionndtetter, has been confined to his bed for the past two or three weeks, uffering with heart trouble. At lost reports, Mr. Bonnstetter's condition was very serious and much concern is leh or him. Mr. Boniutetter is 73 years >f age. One of his daughters, Mrs. farold Brown of Des Moines, arrived Friday and is still visiting here. Methodist Church Rev. C. V. Uulw, pastor Sunday School at 6:45 and Memorial day services 10:45. THE WEEKLY RECORD WEATHER High Low May 16 8J> 14 May 17 96 5t May 18 99 65 May 19 97 64 May 20 97 .64 May 21, .02 Inches rain 87 57 May 22 7* 42 ALGONA MARKETS Corn, 2 white $.43 2 yellow 38 2 mined 37V4 Oats 37 Medium weight. 200-260 ........ $2.80 Butchers, 280-300 ............... 2.70 Prime butchers, 300-500 .......... 2.60 Packing Sows, 300-350 .......... 2.20 Packing Sows, 350-400 ............ 2.00 Packing Sows, 400-500 .......... 3.00 Pigs, 140 ........................ 2.00 Pigs, 160 ......................... J.2O Pigs, 180 ..................... :;.. 3.40 Thin Cows ................. $1,00-11.50 Fat cows ................... $a.OO-«.75 Bulls ....................... $1.75-$2.25 Fat cattle ................ $4.00-$8.00 Miockers .................. $2.00-13.50 Veal calves ................. $3.50-»5.00 FOR RENT—Furnished house for 3 months or a year. Phane 399. 21* I say. Neighbor, have you seen th'- new Crest Tire at Gambles. They're modern tires—Built of toughened rubber—with flneit safety traction tread— and such economy, 21 No. 1 .............................. 13c MARRIAGE LICENSES ISSUED Victor Whalen, Dolliver, and Ethe Benjamin, Armstrong, May 19. Matt Weydert. Bode, and Mary Flsch, Irvtngton, May 19. Oco. Kutlna, Manly, Iowa, and Clara Jirsa, GlenvlUe, Minn., May 19. Arnold Hilbert. Whittemore, and Lorraine Combes. Cylinder, May 22. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••H Used Cars For a small amount of money, you can acquire one of these cars. Always glad to nhow them. Look 'cm over. 1931 Model A Tudor, a real buy 1927 Oldsmobile Coach, cheap 1928 Ford roadster, special 1933 Ford coach, a clean job 1926 Buick coupe Willys Knight 4-door sedan, worth the money. Kent Motor Co. TKUMS ••••••••••••i Phone 434 immmmmmmnmmmmmmmmmmmm NEW CARS LICENSED J. C. Mawdsley, Irvington, Ford truck. E. P. Martin. Algona, Cnev. coach. Charles Cretzmeyer, Algona, Dodge coupe. Edith Hayenga. Fen ton, Ford coach. Virgil Schroder, Hurt, Chev. coach. N. W. B?U Tel. CO., Algona, Ptort coupe. O. J. P. Vogel, Hurt, ford coach. R. A. Smith, LuVerne, Plymouth coach. Dr. T. L. Williams, LuVcrne, Plymouth sedan. Hoyt Raney, Algona, Cher, coupe. Axel &ick.son, Armstrong, Chevrolet sedan. E. C. Peterson, Swea City, Chevrolet sedan. R. J. Vaughn, Whittemore, Plymouth sedan. Leo Thllges, Bode, Oldsmobile sedan. Lucille Peterson. Algona, Ford coach F. C. Bailey, F«nton, Chevrolet coach Fred E. Genrich, Lone Rock, Fore 1 tudor. Leo M. Arndorfer, Corwlth, Terra- plane sedan. L F. Smith, LuVcnv, Oh»vrolet truck. J. A. Kamus, LuVerne, Chen-cle tnick. Algona Ice Cream & Candv Factory Algona, International truck. Kent Motor Co.. Algona, Ford truck. Stanley Grei.ner, Algona, Dodgs se dan. C. W. Pfrlebe, Penton, duvrole coach. Mrs. Fred FlMfl, Lone Rocfl, Chev rolet coach. K. D. Jame.s, ft^fQn*. Ford tudtr. Paul Robin.son, BnU}(pite, Ford tudcr Hanson Rt'paJT''itosp, Lakota, Chev rolet coach. Maggie S. Dorweiler, West Bend, PonMac sedan. Swift <Si Co., Algona, Ford truck. Werner Strucker, Whittemore, Dodge truck. James Hansen, Brltt, Ford pickup. J. N. Willger LuV«rne, Chevrolet coupe. E. L. DeZellur, Algona, Chevrolet coach. Hck-n Seeley, Algona, Chevrolet sedan. C. R. La Barre, Algona, Chevrolet sedan. Henry Madetske, Elmore. Ford tudor. New Ulm Lteiributing Co., Algona, Chevrolet truck. Little West Bend Girl 111 With Convulsions Bend: Little .Tuanlta Sntern wr,s taken very ill *i'h convulsions. Saturday afternoon. Sh? wns rushed to ihe doctor and waa «r>c< nsclous air ivght. but :all'ed up some 0:1 Sunday nrd seems to t,e improving. The infection is in the middle ear where PUF has formed. She is the 18 months old baby daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thor- stoii Satern. HALLIGAN'S CREST COFFEE SOC 1-Ib. Vacnnm Jar ... It is a very good piece of goods. The quality of our other groceries such as "Richelieu" and "Baby Stuart" Brands can not he surpassed at the prices we are asking for them. Also cheaper grades and lower prices can be had. AKRE'S Phone 290-291 and use our Free Delivery Service 'Q&XX&X^^ 0<>AO.OO.O/>O.OO£M>:^O.OO.OOO.O:0.OO0^^^^ '£> § 0. O JOHNNY LAYTON world's '•'> ciisliion Hilliai'd <'haia])ioH will give an g exhibition at f> Editor and Party off For Auto Trip Editor Roy Hutton oj the Bancroft Register and Mrs. Hutton, together with Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Kennedy left yesterday lor a month's automobile trip throuKh the south and east. They are making the trip in the Huttons' new Hudson car. They were to go to 8t Louis, then on to Louisville, Kentucky, in which vicinity they were to visit the famous Mammoth Cave, then on to Memphis, and up the Atlantic coast through old Charlestown and other historic cities of Revolutionary days, to Washington, D. C., where the Hut to as will visit their daughter, Miss Doris who Is private secretary to David Lawrence, Uie grtat, political writer. From Washington the party will go to New York aJJd Boston. The return trip will be by way of Niagara Falls and through Canada to Detroit. It will be a won- d.rful trip and all of the newspaper boys will join in wishing Roy and the whole [jtirty tiie time of their lives. Barry's Monday, May 28 at :i::H>]'. M. FitKK. OPO.O.Q&OaO.O&OAO Laura Mitchell. St/tlla Mae Bre«n anc Ireue Vauclt attended a convention of Wtt-Tan-Ye clubs, held at Osage the early part cf the week. They return** hoiui- Tuesday evening. They represented the Algoiia. club. Her Rights Every lady in this community has a right to life, liberty and a pair of those beautiful new slippers Jinunle Neville Is Belling so cheap. Yesterday a woman looking at them in the window was heard to remark, "I will have a pair of those smart slippers if I have to sell the old man's hip boots to raise the money." Every body is buying them. There are thirty different styles, all sizes to 9, widths from AAA to C. Your Choice Any Pair Women know quality and they like pretty shoes. No matter what else you have on you are not dressed unless your shoes and hose are up to the minute. We have a wonderful bargain this week in a pure silk full fashioned hose at 49c. Jimmie Neville THE SHOE MAN $2.39 More people drink A&P coffee than any other coffee because there is no better coffee [ at any price EIGHT O'CLOCK COFFEE 3 Ibs. 55c BED CIRCLE COFFEE, Ib. 21c BOKAK COFFEE, Ib. 25c BAKERS r™*™ C SWANS DOWI Port ItoMtieo, I*e- pk*-» 2 f< Calumet Baton* Powder, pound :HOCOLATE *j b - 19 C M ££ "* 24c >r iic Grape Nt^ta, pkf • 17c Port Bran Flakes, pkjr 10c . . .25c Oerto 25c PUFFED WHEAT, Quaker, 2 pkgs. - 17c BLUE BARRELL SOAP 5 bars - - 19c CRYSTAL WHITE soa P/ 1O med. bars-25c SOAP FLAKES £2? 5 Ib. box - - 27c HIRES ROOT BEER Extract bottle - 22c LIPTON'S Green Tea ^ I5c *f 23c RAJAH Salad Dressins 2 pts, 27c £ 23c WORTHMORE Gum drops 3lbs.25c lb.9c SPARKLE Gelatin Dessert v^« 3 pkgs. 12c 22c 43c 35c 45c 15c 18c 2pl<gs.25c 25c 2 ±T 29c C 18-ox. 3 can,, No. 10 can No. 1 QUAKER MAID BEANS PENNICK SYRUP Golden DEL MONTE Red Salmon 2 ^ can WATER APRICOTS No. 10 can SPAGHETTI Sca n 2 cans - CAMAY SOAP 4 cakes - Puffed Bice Quaker Booth'. o Sardioes 3 CflHS Gorton'* fj Codfish * Xitompttou'i Malted Milk cl i b 39c Bananas 1 5 Ibs. 25c Jumbo Cantaloupes, size 45 3 for 25c Pineapples, size 30 each 15c Carrotts bunch 5c Tomatoci 41 ? pound 17c fHl CHEAT Al IAN IIC ft. PACIFIC TEA "CO, M.ddi, v,,,,,,

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