The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 24, 1934 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 24, 1934
Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa, May 24, 1934 20 Seniors Graduate Tonight At West Bend High Exercises School Awards, Letters Pre sented; Class Day Last Friday West Bend: A class of 20 seniors wi graduate from the West. Bend hig school this year. The commencemen will be held this year at the lug: school auditorium Thursday evening May 24. Prof. H. C. Harshbarger o the department of speech at the stat University of Iowa will give the nd dress. The graduates are Marcelln Mfrrt? Oonald Jacobs, Donald Cobb. Adella Faber, Rlckie Sand-r, Ruth Blair. John Schutter, Lester Generich, Margaret Berninghaus. Irene Mikes. Florence Fo- lr-y. Margaret Hinton, Ralph Maberry H-flen Watson, Mcrna Anderegg. Caroline Faber. Fred Kucker. Edward Mcrsch. Lester Balgpman nnd Lydla Thoman. The baccalaureate sermon wa- doliv- <red by Rev. P. M. Dobbcrstein. Sunday evening at the high sshool. Tho pirls' giro club .sang and Irene Mikes •••ang a solo. The clays day was Friday afternoon nt the high school. The stage was a Rarden scene with tlv? senior? seated nt tables, After the class history, characteristics, prophecy and will wore lead, a toast was drank to "Our Alma Mater," followed by the cla-^s song, "Follow the Gleam." The tetters and awards were presented to the students on the basketball teams. Those who had major letter before were awarded stripes in their s-enlor year. Those v:ho received stripes were Donald Jacobs. 4; Lester Generich. 2; Helen Watson. 3; Merna Anderegg. 3; Margaret Berninghaus. 4; Rlckie Sander. 1. Those who recriv- ed major letters were Maxine HofTert. Grace Conde and those receiving mino lett-crs. Jean Johnston. K&therin KOSSUTH FARMS AND FOLKS Loufe Smith and Edward Allen, Fief-* Representatives (By 1/roU B. Smith) Jchn Geerdes. who owns a 160 acr farm about 3 miles southwest of Swe City was fixing fence around his ho yard the other day when I stoppe there to are him about his taking 01 paper so that he might keep track o things that are going on In this bi county .-f ours. Needless to say. Joh was interested and. the rest was th .isual procedure, it is a good thing fo Mr. Geerdes that, the government ha lot put n limit on the amount of calve le can raise tills year as hr seems t >e having extraordinary good luck. H lad one cow in the barr. with a fin pair of twin heifer calves. Stopped in at -o— the Gcorse arm the other day which Ls about 2 niles south of Sn'ea City. Georee wa. lot h?me but I had a s'hort visit will Mrs, Regner who was watering her arden. Mrs. RegiKr said she was go- isr to try 10 rai.«e a little garden even the weather is dry. Here is hoping •e get a nice rain soon and then al f our gardem and fluids will look bet- Richard Menke who live.s on a well nproved farm ab:ut 4 miles south nd a little east of Swea City, was •ying to finish up planting corn the ther evening when I stopped to s-~e im. Richard had just had a little hard luck shortly before I got there, by breaking one of the check arms off his planter. H? was going to flnUh up what, little ho had left by planting rnr Quick, Mae Sloan. Bob Munson and Eugene Sweeney. Tommy Hinton and Lester Generich received clorax key? for merits earned during four years o high school in sportsmanship and oth- Former LuVerne Teachers Enjoyed Picnic Dinner Here Some 24 members of the Q. E. C. club, made up of former teachers and board members of LuVerne. met at the Call State Park for a big picnic dinner Sunday. Those In attendance from LuVcrne were Mr. and Mrs. Phil Lichty. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Lichty. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Dehnert. Mr. and Mrs. Jess Lindebak. Mr. and Mrs. c. Smith. Mrs. Fay Niver, Misses Irene and Service Swenson. Opal Morrison and Norina Partridge imd Mr. and Mrs \ Burtb. Those in attendance from Algona wero Dr. nnd Mrs. Janse. Mr. nnd Mrs. B. T. Agard and Mrs. Anna Skinner. Miss Ange. Roordn of Clear Lako and Miss Kate Skinner of Fort Dodg? completed the list of those present. Following the dinner, Miss Irene Swenson was elected president of the club for another year, with Opal Morrison, secretary and treasurer. J. Lindebak, A. BurtLs and Mrs Phil Lirhty were elected as a board of directors. gooooooooooooooooooooooooo § ST. JOE NEWS g oooooooooooooooooooooooooo John P. Bormann Dodge .Saturday wher.• .Ml:; removed. Commencement, exerc.-i.scs in St. Jo- wpli ;chi>nl will he h'-UI Monday "ven- niK-. .May 28th. Mr and Mrs. iv-n Phyl.-.eii and fam- ilv o] Uncle \v-re .Sum!,.-,- vL-lloi>, at the (i"orne .Sc-ha'.ler hoiiie. T!: - .'Iel)a.'-,'i:i!i and Ac tin v.en ainoij!; !ho.-.. li- m he;< v. to l.o. I I.slaii'l Tliui-Mlay to Ii Carl Limn, who farms a 226 farm 2 miles east of Swea City was busy planting corn the other day. and as hp was olantins up to tho road I which had ought to keep- them pretty busy f,hs summer. —o— George Mogonson is farming a 450 acre farm this year about 1 mile easi and "4 mile north of Swea city which is owned by the Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. A couple of the company carpenters w.rre there checking up on lepairing that needed attending to this summer. They remarked that the house needed shingling and that several other buildings needed new sills, etc. Geo kind of took the wind out of their sails by asking for some built-in furniture. —o— At the Jake Smith place, about four miles south of Burt, the high winds of Isst week blew down about 20 trees and (ore oft* a hay mow door, as well as tipping over the broodrr house. —o— Another re-ul; of high winds recurred at the Robert Ackerman farm, ab- Twenty Years Ago News Taken from the flies of the Upper D Moines-Republican for the week of May 27, 1914 John Lamuth had bought two lot. northeast of his r&sldcnc? on Diagon al street. A miscellaneous shower was to be Riven the next Friday evening: for Miss Mary Holtzbftner by Mrs. Jo? Holtzbauer and Mrs. Moor* Smith. A new elby well had just been completed. The nrw well was about 1000 feet deep and would produce about 200 gallons of water per minute. The hardest rain of the season hnd occurred Saturday night befor?. The ground hnd been thoroughly soaked and a bountiful corn crop was looked forward to. Miss Carrie Durant. one of Algonas' teachers, hnd been visiting the Cedar Falls schools the previous Thursday and Friday and her pupils had had n two day vacation. Lee Nugent l*ad taken first In the broad jump nt the state meet in Mollies, the previous Saturday. record was 20 fret. His inches. He was out „, which had a tile block basement, wa blown off even with the hay mow fioo ind a hen hous? was also blown doivn Ar. Ackerman was out planting corr ind Mrs. Ackerman had just left th 5arn after turning out some horses The building missed her by not over ? eet. the only Algona entry in the meet. become thp bride J. O. EIGHT GRADUATE AT LONE ROCK HI J. M. Blanchard Presented Diplomas to Class Last Friday Lone Rock: Commencement exercise? were held in the school gym last Monday evening. The presentation of diplomas was mi'.f- by J. M. Blnnch&rd Muriel Long, June Bierle, Ruby Chei- and. Dorothy Biersted 1 ,, Harlan Marlow, Verne r\»elcen. oordon Priebe and Phillip Ri.llv were the graduates. (By Edward Alien) stopped and talked with him n few moments. George remarked that he beJfevert his oats were not more than half n stand and that if the dry weather continues much longer things will be grtting .»'rious. —o— Art Peters?n. who farms a IfiO acre farm about 4 miles south of Swea City. Ls getting along nicely with his sprinr: work this year. I noticed lie had his man blind plowing the corn with a two-row to keep ahead of the weds. Mrs. Peterson is doing her best to raise nice garden this year but with .such dry weather cur b'st efforts .srem to be )f no avail. Another thing that i- bothcrlng Mrs. Peterson's garden is the cut worms which are unusual in dry vcather. Sam Weaver and his son were busy planting corn and dragging the other day. but not so busy but what wo had i short vLsit. The Weavers who live ibout 2 miles east nnd 2 miles north f Swea City are farming 320 acres' Elmer Glave, east of Corwith was tting the ground ready to plant so> eans the ether day. Elmer figures ley will pay out. No doubt h- has the pht idea. F. M. Wolf, living southwest of Wesley. raises Brown Swiss cattle, and has a fine looking herd. Mr. Wolf is having a sal? on somo of his stock in the near future from the appearance of (V stock the sale .'hculd go well. — o — While working around the vicir.'ty of Algona the other day I oanv across Clark Orton. Of course. Clark i.s well known in Kossuth county, having Irld the office of county clerk of the district court. He Ls nicely located in the timber and very much to my liking. He states he is setting out" quite. a lot of nursery stock this spring, _ Q__ M. J. W.V. youth of Wesley, one of the busy farmers, was helping the Mrs. in tho garden when I stopped there. Team work should make a RODC! Rar- When I called at the Jam's Flaherty home near Wesley. I visited with Mrs. Flaherty, as Mr. was not around at the time. She was taking care of the clothes so. of course, was busy. A. M. Kunz is in th? general mercantile. business at Wesley. He runs a good up to date store. Mr. Kunz i.s cne of our new subscribers. SCHOOL AFFAIRS, FUNCTIONS END YEAR IN WHITTEMORE SCHOOLS \u-nt t i i.' or t In- hud hi., toii- Mrs. H. E. Woodward Home Scene of Benefit Bridge Party Width-mure: The 4th and fish pr.icl-- pupils of th- academy held i.ia-ir an- iiii,il plav Monday evemn:;. 'me pro- I'l'aui was: .-on;;. -A C'.reiu, in the llarn' ; hum ron.s monolov.n •. Aim i <;en-\i-ve C.'airy;'., Pa Pl-iv, I'ontball Mr H-idi'e. Jolin M'lr-: Mi-; Baby girls were born to Mr. and Mr.s. John Stier. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Haack. and Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand Bierstedt. recently. Mr. nnd Mrs. George JerRen.s mid f.imlly of B;-nd have moved to Whittemore and have settled in til 1 west part, of town. Mr. and Mr.s, Gem family and Lillian Ku •••>(-"!: end U.dtiiv,,' Mr Mi: Kii ek'-r a: Ann-:, of Frederick Shaffer, attorney a; New Hampton th-rn, the previous' Tuesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Shaffer are now living in Mason City and hav two children, a son and a daughter. Th» largest class in the history of th fchcol was to be graduated at thi time. Fifty-seven pupils were in th class. 41 girls and 16 boys. The clas. play. "The Dream That Came True. had been under the direction of Mis. Louise McCoy arid was to be given a the Call Theatre. The printing of the primary election jallots had been completed in this office the previous Monday. The print - ng had been ttv largest job that year since the primary law had gone into effect. The total number of tickets srinted had been 13.220. Heretofore lie numb:r had been 11.000. Lute Fairbanks, Mrs. George Benler and daughter. Esther of Wesley had >een riding in a car. driven by the alter, when they reached the speed of 0 miles per hour. The sp:ed was so Teat that she had lost control of the ar and plunged into a fence, break- ng off a row of fence posts and a tele- ihone p:st. Lute received bruises when e was thrown from the car but no one as hurt otherwise. Several automobile accidents had occurred at about tills time. One car, occupied by Prof. Grey, manual training- instructor at high school and Miss Lila Wagner, instructor in room three at Central and Fielding Perry, had slid off a grade in going around a tram of horses and a wagon. The horses had become frightened and in order to get out of their way the driver of the car had come too close to the edge of the grade. No one was injured except Miss Wagner, who .nifTered a nervous shock. Lone Rock Team Wins The community picnic held Friday it the school nous-? was well attended, t closed another school ycnr. A bose- iftll gsme between -3'Tea City and Lone lock teams was n'nyed in the after- loon. the score being 5 to 11 in favor f Lone Rock. Two 111 with Pneumonia Jimmy, little son of Mr. and Mis. >11 Marlow. and Marie, daughter of fr. and Mrs. Ello Rfthn is ill with neumonia. Others on the sick list re Bernard Genrich. Viola Sprank. nd Frederick, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Newbrough. The Busy Friday club will meet with Mrs. Wm. Leeprr Friday afternoon. The Ladifs' Mite society met at the home of Mrs. Fred Genrich on Thursday afternoon. Supt. and Mrs. L. E. Godfrey were Sunday dinner guests at the Fred- crick Scliultz home. Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Rice visited Mr. Rice's sister. Mrs. Sam Ford at Fort Dodge last Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. August Lampe and daughter of Ventura were Sunday dinner guests at the Jack Quinn home. Marie Godden. who had been 111 with pneumonia, at the Larsen home In Burt. was brought home Thursday. Mrs. Schlceman and daughter. Margaret and Mr.s. Odegaard of Estherrille vi.'if-d a; the W. J. Cotton home Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Jensen attended 'he fuiv:ral of Mrs. Jensen's cousin, Ruth Shaw at Graettinger last Wednesday. George Long started working in the The I. B. Wortman family were Fairmont visitors last Saturday. Tom Kftln of Algona was B guest on Sunday at the 8. P. Powers home. The Dr. Murray family visited with relatives at Buffalo Center A short time Saturday. Wm. Leslie and son. Walter were business visitors at Des Moines last Thursday. Clarence Koppen who Is with the COG at Decorah. was home for an over Sunday visit. The C. A. Winters nnd Russell Winters visited with relatives at Fort Dodge one day last week. The Dale Dundas family of Armstrong were here Saturday evening visiting at the Laura Penny home. Mrs. John Dettman returned to her dome at Burt Sunday after spending 'hree weeks at the F. O. Nltz home. Miss Lena Gutknecht was up from Mason City to spend the week end at 'he parental August Gutknecht home. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bruer and Miss Marie Kroneback spent Sunday after- icon and evening at the Wade Ball lome. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Winter nnd klr. and Mrs. C. A. Winter were guests Fr day even'ng at the home of the Vade Balls. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Bruer were dinn-cr guests Sunday at the home of Mrs. Bruer's brother, John DeVries near Forest City. Mr. and Mrs. E. R,. Worlcy and Donald spent Sunday at Mason City, with Mrs. Worley's parents. Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Bailey. Miss Johanna line, who Is employed at Minneapolis visited from Friday until Sunday here with her parents. Mr and Mrs. H. J. Kline and other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. George Lewis and Ml", and Mrs. carl Lewis and little daughter, Delorls, of Eagle Grove, spent Sunday at the home of George's brother, Frank Lewis. Mrs. F. O. Johnson fell and broke her right arm while roller skating at Interlaken In attendance at the local school picnic. It caused her considerable pain for several days. Mrs. I. E. Wortnian, Mrs. Julia Wortman, Gertrude Wortman, Mrs. J. E. TJkena, Mrs. Wm. Aalderks and Miss Artene Lewis were at Swea City Thursday evening to attend the commencement exercises. Miss Jane Carlson was one of the class. Mrs. Wm. Turley returned home last week from Chester, South Dakota, where she had gone to attend the funeral of her Httls nephew. Bobby Peteh, Mr. and Mrs. Petch accompanied her home and spent a few days at the Turley home. Mrs. c. R. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Smith drove to Clarion, Sunday taking Mrs. M. Kent who had been visiting here to that place. They spent the day visiting relatives there, and Mrs. Kent took the train from there to her home at Cedar Rapids. FOR SHERIFF I am a candidate on the Republican ticket for Sheriff of Kossuth County, suoject to the will of the voters at the June primaries. Your vote will be appreciated. W. H. Ricklefs Titonka, Iowa 10-22* White's Grocery Lawrence Frederick >OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO<X*OOOOOOC>< I CRESCO NEWS < i Too Late for Last Weeki a good horse on Maah.-; ,,nd J. H. Frasor last Monday. John Simn-on was at Amos week bo- fore last. Tile C. E. Lrhmans .-pent Sunday in Dos Moine.s wilh their daughter. lola. Mr.s A. E. Spi-ar of Sherburn. Minn., vLsitecl relatives hrre \vt-ck l> fore Mi.'s Monica S:uder of Cor with Is ;<..l.-tJJ)K Mr.s. O. L. -Miller witli h'-r h'usfhold du ie.s. Mr.;. L. K. 1 , .Mr., Harvc .Minn . a fit op. 'T 1 I. 1 . I'liin day t.) . i, ml th. Mr and Mr.-,, H. in i- iv- < i W;.:"--:!. I.;i|;c er n nd : I:M;UV \. i < , (l'-l:e\ je\.- rii... ():i:_.<-r •; John H< . I-:.-:;M";i| .S(h':,i. u-h- rh; line! 'I!. 1 - A I-.:.. !K nina'].'." .: .u v 'i'ni:- '•<•..,,; !;• \' I Kill- (.l-.lilll ill- .Siind.r, ( liter th" fk r .\r)/./u the Litter ji.irt of In/.t. wi-el and Mrs. Kr- : .Mr., !• -.,;-! p. i t , r . Grandma Burcl-.v li Hi;;! v lefi for, 111.11:..-, ,-b ut I::.- . ain,.. i! .Su-'id.r.- ' I), r:'.--r. M;, Mr. th Mr ^t- ;ih ;, I. . ;. ;-;,.-. ,' '' K ' n'.'i !.-,-ni i'-l'.el- a tv.r, ;<. , ;;.,- ' : ' •',> '• i'-t'•'':; I,if hi rn..i. '!::•• Wai.i McW.-i'. n.i.'i.' . <j .1 I-,-:, ; ,-. .U:d I):,!-. . -.-..,- . ,,,,.. ( ; ; .' - -'.r- al ';.<• A .. fja ..I: h 'riebe Bros, grocery store. Rath is working in the Schultz store. Mrs. Ethel Benjamin and Victor Vhalrn of Dollivpr were married at Algona Saturday. Mr. Whalen is a ru- ai mail carrier out of Dolliver. Otto Jensen, son Russell. L. R. Rodrick. Alton Pettlt nnd Hans Nielsen vent to Bow String Lodge in northern Minnesota Saturday for a ten day flsh- "K trip. Church will be at 9:45 a. m Sunday. May 27th Instead of 10 o'clock, the regular hour, as Ringsted wishes to have thoir services one-half hour earlier than usual. Orville Rosendahl of Superior visited at the Win. Krausc home Saturday. Mrs. Krau'/e accompanied him home for ever the week end and from there she went to Ayrshire. The following enjoyed n picnic dinner and fishing at High lake Sunday: Mr.s. John Rath, son, Lawrence, tho Harvey Raths. Wm. Raths, Ralph Hulberts and Albert Shasers. Gladys. Ella and Arl 'ne Larson and uncle. Andrew Sorenson. all of Decorah. visited at the Arthur Prlrrx 1 home from last Wednesday until Satin day. Leon Larson, who attended Kh -chool her*- tho y ar. and r-. Arthur Prii-b" accompanlecl them. Mrs Kin; ne ir.flus i-nlertain^d the thiM following at. a jiarty last Wetlnesdnv home of | r' ft-nidon in honor of her daimh'er. Kiif.ciiia Ma''\ Ktli birthdav: Mrs H • ' I'.u-on. and datml.ter. Kr a of Al' iia: IXnuld inn! H.irnl.l N-lson. I.,u- 1 '! i r.'' r:.--. l.iiill.-i Ack'-niri-.-i. P » .Ann .Sliar.'i. C';iroline HrhrmmbiTp. P;ir- ' lin • Rath .ind Hel'-n Jen;eii anc! nls> l-'.il!'ei'.!'i .\f ,e'.-. ;rhnol I'Tirhcr. M' 1"' r-"i:ri. H'III I'holrh-r Here is j u ,i vvliat i:\cry .Man, lV»i»an .tint Cltld Has Kern U'ail- i'<K fur—A Century of l^rogrcss Si)uveriior Kdition I'lU'.l-: \\itli the Suij(»uv rhi< i K o H,-r;t!d : ,i,j f.\. r of .May :;7tli. Week End Specials Corn Flakes, lOc Crackers, white. 2 19c Corn, .'! cans 25c Peas, ]>er can lOc Matches, (> boxes _. 23c Green Tea, one pound 29c Coffee, Butternut. 1 ll>. __ Oranges, '2 do/en 33c 35c 10 Pounds Sugar - - 49c ° = 2^£^ gooxnasxttf^^ We.l- WASH SUITS For Summer Wear Me cdol and comfortable Kv- •rywliere men are adopting the washable suit idea. They are smart appearing when ''•tly laundered by us . .. • prices are IJ.V for men's suits and ")(),- for ladies' suits with small jackets. I'll.-lie L'lJT. aundry '•-I'' : '•••: M. ren and Mait'.n.;.i n Siind.iv in . i U'r Mary I'hylli,-' T: e li!l.l!i ei.,, iiiia! ( .Mr t<> L.I.I 'I J.•-.:.. i,, and Mr., airi Mr Alpi.oi.;-- 11,-rte and Sil .111 Ilerle ,<i it;,- Sunuav ;o spend 1 :.e M. i>eot;llu 'eler Mueller ai.d Mr. unu family Iroin Mr lainii.-, ID Tcmplei.nii l day with aioU' Mr. and Mr;-,. and Mi-6. Nick Whittenioiv were vi.-uor.s 'I'ue.sti.iy iv- t-ninfc' ut tiie Win. Hi-ding i.oiiii- Mr. and Mr.s. William Hai.uii-.-r and .SOILS wen- Sunday vi. itui.s ut ihe John Hiuniui'j 1 liouie Dear S'A't-a Cil\ ai.d with trw? E', J. O'delli in Kaui-roi; Mr, uiid Mrs. Ooui ^c Thul wen; \i.-,- iU/rs m Baiicro/t Suziday ijevcral o! the St. Joe SlSlel-S accun:p.,lii,-il tin-Ill lo viiit wiUi Ihtr Bauci'oii fci;.>U n, Mr. and Mr.s. Juke Marti and ; >oii. John, of Weil Bend, viiUi-U the O<ti. iJchullcr huaie lui,t Uc-.k WL-sJnt.-dii. Mra. MaJ'ti is u biiU-r ot MJ-J. StJuU- H-r. i;ldt;v I n iiav on ijiism.-.-. 111! Ml- Haloid F...,. I „,,. ; h,- ol a babv e.iri born Sumla-. Mr and Mr.-, Ciiarle.-. Meyer ot Webb lo'Aa. u-itrd Mr. and Mr.= Herman <i.ulv .Sunday. Hieiiard Hengel oj Kent'-n i., in the MeCjevjy hcx-,|>lial .-<-r;iin.-ly nl «AI % |I :nte;,una] trouble Mi' and All'i. tltno iiaiU-r ami lain- llv .'.JKIlt tin- week end W.tll relative.- at (.'ry;,ial Luke, Minn Mr and Mr* JW-uh Cull, n and their (laiiL-lrer, Kitncia Ann .sjK-nt Sunday with ivlativrs at Kmn.-Uburg. i'-HjK-ia Weir ar.d Viola Balgeman. '^liu are ul LUVerne. vuatt-d i.ert- a J'lOit tune Tut-xluy utU-rnoon. Mr and Mro. U-o fci.SL-r oi IX: a Moin... and Mr and Mr.-,. Otto Etaur und Aith Mr. and Mj-s. Albert Ki&rr 'I'iiiny-twu buys und ^irls made- their on Mr. ') -; K.I . :, -'.'•'t Mr- if.. •. Ml- l-'led K ai.d Mr Au" number of iricudb and U,t tile JOcx.'])!! home Sunday t-veiliiiK W iurprLse Mrs. i w Staittleman. the ocx<u>ii>u bt-lng ht-r! u ". birthday. "it- Mr, and Mii. Koy 'lliilKca aiiii Dur- K-ne iiiid Leonard MuiiUiei vkiiud witij tile John Hiuiuiiws iiesif S*ea O'lly holy communion Sunday iiiornmjf -'^iat St. Michael'a Cutiiolic church. and M«. Lawrence Bruiideii and Hobby and Joe of Wliiting spent evk end vmii Mr. and Mr.s. M. (.' and the Jolui MuiiLhei lutully al Lt\J- Wl- c. MJ--,. fiui Culivu tjaturduy -«.-riuu» 1 Hand noi cull-.-d txj iin- alu-ritoun by tin; J of hvi ,,L,ter, Mrs. Frank .'-'I emiilii'l. Ml nir.iU.-r. Mi and •'•ii ai.d fan.iiv Mr Kibi-rt Mr ;,nd Mr.s 11.. hiiji j-' A 11- in Alton Wedne.s- ittendin;. the t.ii.eral ot Mi:, An- enrier Mi., t>(inn-r wa.s tne mo'•( O ) and Hu.iiard Mr. Kolla-er, ai.d Mi , Aiii/iu.t li i in H: I) d - nly a lew anVli' r tr ai t altaek •inn Mr A H HJ 11,14.-. '' .ii' 'ir n, I at !h<' lien ino\'-d mi,> I.uVerni.. ia.-t wt Ml aii'i Mr. M W Fund iaincd Mr und Mrs. I/t-roy Kenili lannly ol Ikuitron. Mr and Mr Hold Kllxit Mr and Gaughter. Mis. Win enter- nd md Marilyn of Al^oi.a. uiui Norbert iilltx-rt and Joan of LuVt-nnr. Mr and Ii .'.ch and family and Mr. and Mrs Roman Ewt-nbaciier and lam- iiy of Wliilu-inort- at dinner Sunday in lionor of Arnuki Hilbert and Lorralne Cornb.-,. who are to be inarrit-d thji week First Lutheran Church M. A. S>o«tnuuJ, Coniiiaiatiun ciaib at 10 o'tluck ui LutUer hall, Sunday School nt-xl Sunthty ut. 10 a Morning worbiuu next Sunday a- o'clock 11 i.> i.-,ti-d by her Ji-.U-r, Mi.^s Kuiina Haliin. gave a kitchen .-,/ifiu.r tor her. it being a burpr; :o h r Thirty-live Kue.-,Ls enjoyed the n<-jit. Hefie.siinunt.s were .served Mr.-.. Uainu.s *a^ Mathilda liahin, sister ol Lmina and Me.sdamei Uwenger and O<.|inann, IXjIph Miller drove lo Grume!! Sun- Hay accompam-.d by Misses Albc-rta Gio.A-nbuch, Grace Miller and Ruth Jackion. all teacJier.s. The tw.'< latter teach in tr.e Algona hiijh tchool and Alberta at No. 4 here, known M the i j ar.s(in.> tchool. Tile two fonmr visit< d at th..- Albert Gro^enbach home Miss Miller viiiiltci her lolts at New Sharon and Mihs Jackion with Arba Long, a fatudent at Grinneil Cbllege They returned Sunday night Mr and Mrs Fernley Kunchey o( bni/ictbbui'K tpent Saturday night und Sunday at the ho«it- o/ Uie former'* parent. Mr. and Mrs. Will Runch*y. and the lutier'i Barents, us. and Mrs Arthur Gibb... A brother Stanley of Iowa City came Saturday night. The former's brotn<r, LyU; accompanied by Glen Llttreli and the MliStas Doria fteinbltr and Dorothy Shoemaker, all Uudeutb of Morningside College at bloux City, i>peut Sunday evtoing at Lylc'a home, all Ui honor of Mothers' day. Mrt GD^bs with l>cr motiier, Mrs. Tiios Doujilass in AJgwia. uly furmer jeiidenu here. Spring Remodeling . . . of Home* and the Improvement of Farm Buildings I» On NOW Let Us Help You Plan These Improvements VVY have a Jarj?e sto«k of fence, steel posts, barb wire, ereosoted posts paint and many other items tliat you will need on your farm We arp ,7n' loading a car of creosoted posts at this time. See us. ' F. S. NORTON & SON Phone 229. t**** 0 ** 0 *^^

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