The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 24, 1934 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 24, 1934
Page 3
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The Algona Upper Pea Moines, Algona, Iowa, May 24, 1934 ITEMS RECEIVED TOO LATE FOR PUBLICATION LAST WEEK ST. JOE CARDS DROP OPENER TO BODE, BY 14 TO 7 SCORE Cardinals Will Play at Irv ington Next Sunday Afternoon St.. Joe: Tli- St. Joe Cards dropped the opening gamn of the season Sun- oay to Bode by a score of 14 to 7 The game was marked with some heavy bitting on both sides, but most of the runs scor;d were unearned. Bode started a rally In the third, when with one pone and ah easy double plnv in sight the Cardinals muffed the ball and this rally netted Bode four runs. Brans- gardner of Boete and Wagiwr of st Joe connected for home runs. Christian and Espeland did the hurling for Bode while Torgerson and Schrieber did the receiving. Klein and Wagner were on the mound for St. Joe with Thul and Thj]ge.s doing the catching. Miles of Livermore and Stearns of Rutland did the umpiring. Next Sunday the Cardinals play Irvlngtpn at Irvington and th; rolldwlng Siihda'y they open the season on their own ball park by crossing bats with the fast Livermore club . Receive First Communion Sunday, May 13th, will be a day long to be remebered by eleven little children of this parish, who recriv-d their first Holy Communion that morning at 8 o'clock mass. In the evening May d^votioas were held and the little children were enrolled in the scapular. Those in the class were Helen Becker. Alvina' Frcilinger, . Margaret Kramer. Stella May Reding. Adam Bcrtc. Robert Cunningham, Ernst. Berte, Maurice Reding and Alvln Loss. Mary Lou Margaret B:cker. Marcella Agnes. Have You Tried Hormel's Wieners? For Snle County. iii Kossuth Anderson Bros., Akre Oroc, Bonacker Bros., Titonka H. R. Zonuch, Whittemore A. j. Kranse, fenton M. B»»m»ii, Bwt A. A. Droewler, Bancroft 19-23 Bormnnn and Germatne B'cker repre- seted angels and escorted the communicants to the altar. Marojorie Gales. Marjorie Cunningham. Elsie Zeimet and Martha Thilges were flower girls. Bertra Thul spent Sunday with Alvira and Alice Reding. Ray Becker fpent. several days last week nt the James Becker home. The Tom Devines spent Sunday at the De Vaul home In Eagle Grove. Some of the telUldren are absent from school due to the chicken pox. Adolph Koss. who is employed near Algona, visited with friends here Sun- dny. Viola, Rosrlla and Ray Mueller from Whittemore visited with friends here Sunday. A number from here attended the funeral of "Cap" Smith in Algona on Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Philip Fourage and son. Joseph were Fort Dodge shoppers the first of the week. Dominic Zeimet and niece. Retrlna Kruechtr of West Bend spent Sunday with relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Frlders from near Algona visited with relatives and friends' here Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Nick Reding and their children were Sunday visitors at the Mrs. Lucy Wagner home. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kramer and family were visitors Monday evening nt the Nick Thilges home. Marie Gisch,' Susan Zeimet. Henry Zrimet, Jr.. and Prosper Frlders were Fort Dodge shoppers Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hammer and son? weiv Friday evening visitors at the Herbert Benge home near Bradgate. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Hanlfan, south of Livennore spent Sunday with the former's mother. Mrs. M. Hanlfan Mr. and Mrs. Phil Roethler and family from near Algona were Sunday rtf- ternoon visitors at the John Friders home. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Thul and son. Robert, accompanied by Mrs. George Thul spent Sunday, visiting relatives ir Bancroft. Mr. and Mrs. Jnko Garmann anc Mrs. Bennie Kurth and daughter, Joyce of Blue Earth, Minn., spent Sunday at the Wm. Reding home. Herman and Julius Becker and Peter •»nd Joseph Becker went to Lost Island Thursday to spend the day fishing They reported good luck. Rev. George Theibald, Joseph and Peter Becker, Alvin Kloln. Orville Wagner and Bernard Thilges were Friday afternoon shoppers in Fort Dodge. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Thilges and daughter and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hammer and sons' were visitors at the John Hammer home near Swea City Monday "vening. District No. 6 dismissed .school Friday for the summer vacation. A school picnic was held on the grounds Sunday. Maxine Devine of near Algona was the teach-er. Mr. and Mrs. .E. J. O'Dell of Bancroft, Mrs. Ed Hammer of Swea City and Mr. and Mrs. Victor Hammer were Sunday evening supper guests at Uie Wm. Hammer hom«. Banns of marriage were published on RUBY RIDDLE, CHARLES SCHICK WEDATLONEROCK Ceremony Performed by Rev. S. M. Gladstone Sunday P. M, Lone Rock: Charles Snick and Ruby Riddle were married Sunday at 5:30 p m., at the home of the bridegroom's parsnts. Mr. and Mrs. Watson Shick by Rev. S. M. Gladstone. The couple was attended by Harold Gross and Beulah GifTord. The bride is the second oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Riddle of Burt and a graduate of the Burt high school class of 1933. The bridegroom is the only son of Mr. and Mrs. Watson Shick of Lone Rock and is a graduate of the Lone Rock high school with the class of 1929. He is at present assisting his father, who is but- termaker in the Lone Rock creamery. After the wedding ceremony supper was served to immediate relatives, and Rev. and Mrs. S. M. Gladstone. Sunday for the first time in St. Joseph's church for Mary, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Fisch of St. Benedict and Mathias, son of Mrs. Frank Weyciert of St. Joe. Auxllary Jndevs Posters Tlie American Legion Auxiliary met Friday at the home of Mrs. Glenn Sharp with Mrs. G. A. Sharp hostess. The poppy posters made by the school pupils were judged by Mrs. L. E. God^ frey, Mrs. A. A. Kriieger. Mrs. N. L. Cotton. William Knoll, Jr., won the first prize, Juanita Wegener, second and Wayn.? Tyler third. ' The Auxiliary ladies presented Marjorie Jensen, the youngest Auxiliary members with a 5-year diary, as Marjorie "won first In the county spelling contest The Auxiliary meeting will be held the second Wednesday in each month during the summer months instead of Friday. Mothers' Day Program The fifth and sixth grade pupils gavs a Mothers' Day program Friday afternoon under the direction of thUr teacher. Miss Behrmann. The mothers of the pupils attended. Children who took part in the program are as follows: Doris Mae Blanchard, Earl Farris. Mary Ann Flaig, James Rath, James Orviclc. Viola Sprank, Terrence Padgett, Wilma Marlow, June Rahn. Juanita We^rner. L-onard Rogers Dorothy Jensen, nnd Mary Jane Hofius. Classes on Tour The junior and senior class accompanied by Supt. L. E. Godfrey. Alex Krueger, Harlan Blanchard, Mrs. Oscar Earing and Mrs. A. A. Krueger drove to Mason City last Wednesday. The two classes visited the Decker meat packing plant. Globe-Gazette office,, ice cr;am factory, cement plant, telephone office and the Hamilton School of Commerce. Dale Earing, Harold Farris. and Leon Larson, who are also taking study accompanied the classes DRAIN AND REFILL WITH ~rn itl- IT'S PAST TIME TO SEND SLUDGE, the OIL-EATER, ON HIS WAY! Continuing to Drive With Winter Oil Costs You Money Daily • It's high time you changed to a heavier motor oil—<u on economy move! Lighter oils are subject to faster and faster consumption as the mercury continues to rise. Besides, if you have been using ordinary oil the chances are that there is trouble-making tludgv in your crankcase right now. You know how the ugly me«s called Sludge fouls the oil filter and lines—makes piston rings stick and causes costly pumping of oil — slows down valve action, bringing wasteful lo&s of gasoline power. So get rid of sludge, once and for all, by having your crankcase drained at a Standard Oil station—then refill with IsocVis "D", the anti-sludge motor oil You'll have •4 economical, sludge-lea* summer and a clean, lively, -•* efficient engine. j|? ISO-VIS "D" 23c<>* HUH flOetAl TAX lCa<|t TOTAL 26c STANDARD OIL SERVICE AIM Otetrtbut*n «f Attw Tlr«» Muriel Long Is working at the Clarence Theasefeld home. Tbomas Murphy was overcome by gas from a truck one day last week. George Sears of Orinnell spent the we>rk end at the I. W. Nelson home. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Genrich attended the last day of Vclshca at Amos Sit- urday. Arthur Pj-ieb? made a business trip to Sioux Falls. South Dakota, last Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Emil Kraft attended .he funeral of Harold Borchardt at Fenton Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Emil Kraft visited at the Herman Reisncr home in I^ott-f Creek one day last we^k. Mrs. John Ruth and son. Luwrenr •-. visited nt the home of her «on, Harvev Hath, near Algona Sunday Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Hauck of Huni- boldt nnd son. Calrcncf, visited nt tin- Fred Genrich horn* Sunday. Mr. nnd Mrs. J. F. Whitney of Chicago arrived at the H. E. Micha home last Wednesday for an extended visit. Mr. and Mrs. Otis Sanders and family visit*; d at the home of Ills brother, Wm. Sanders near Swea City Sunday. Gordon Blanchard, a student at Cedar Fails college, spent the wec'k end at the parental J. M. Blanchurd home. Henry Hai'twell who has been in the hospital at Algona the past few days for medical care, returned liome Monday. Mrs. Hoy Jensen, Mrs. John Sprank and Mrs. W. G. Flaig attended an Auxiliary meeting at Fort Dodge last Tuesday. The junior and senior classes and the school faculty were enlertainod at a party at the L. B. HollisUr home Friday ev. nlng. Banker and Mrs. N. L. Cotton and Mr. and Mri. E. M. JensJn drove to Sioux City Monday to attend the banners' convention. The baccalaureate were held at the tchool gym Sunday evening Rev. S. M. Gladstone was the clergyman in charge of the services. Donald and Harold Nelson entertained their tcliool rnaUs at a party Saturday afternoon which were the flrst, second, third and fourth grade boys. Mr. and Mrs. I. W. Nelson and sons and Mr. and Mrs. Eugeive HoHus and Drink YERBAVIDA YOUR HEALTH DEPENDS ON IT! If your nerves are jumpy and you cannot deep, do not let this condition continue or you will ruin your health. Yerbavlda Tea will relax your nerves and let you sleep. Not a drug, but a very beneficial beverage that you will prefer to either tea or coffee, for stomach and Kidney troubles it is unsurpassed. A 20-page free booklet, "The Story of Verbavida," may be obtained by writing to Verbavida Sales Co., 612 Southwest Bldg.. LOS Armies; or a large package of Yerbavida—enough for 240 cup*—can be obtained for $1.00. For sale at Lusby's Drug store. —Adv. daughters were Sunday dinner R'le at the Emtl Kraft homo Saturday. Mr. and tars. Calvin Householder and family were Sunday dinner giio.its at the home of Mrs. Householder's brother. Rex Wolfe at Fenton Sunday. Mr. snd Mrs. Charles Morris nnd Mervin Chrlstcnsen drove to Am-rs on Sunday to visit the Morris 1 daughter. Vera. who Is a student, nt the college. Mrs. Wm. Leeper and son. Roy and granddaughter. June Rnhn drove lo Estherville Saturday, where, they consulted a specialist concerning June's ear. Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Padgett and Mrs. Wm. Krniise were Sunday dinner guests at the horn-? of Mrs. Rinse's daughter. Mrs. Forest Rouse and family at Ayrshire. Mr. and Mrs. I. w. NeX'on and sons and Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Hofius and daughters were Sunday dinner guests at the parental H. J. Bacon home in Algona. The Busy Friday club met at th-e home of Mrs. Jack Quinn Thursday afternoon. The next meeting will be at the home of Mrs. Wm. Leeper with Mrs. Emll Kraft assisting hostess. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Laabs, Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Borchardt, of East Chn!n, Mr. and Mrs. Chester Hoppe of Truman. Minn., and Mr. and Mrs. Harvev Lnabs of Fairmont were dinner guesU at the Emil Kraft home Saturday. Friday Is the last day of school and a community dinner will be held at, noon. Each family is to bring a covered dish, sandwiches and dishes for their family. In the afternoon a baseball garnle between Lone Rock and Swea City' ball teams played. Bob. Georgetta and Roberta Davison and Peter Ohlert of Mason CJtv and Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Roderick and family were Sunday dinner guost^ nt the Robert Dransfeldt home. Mrs. Margaret Davison who has been visiting at the home'of her daughters, Mrs. L. R. Roderick and Mrs. Robert Dr,acs- feldt UK> past few weeks, returned to Mason City with them. FRIEDA KNOPF WEDS HENRY ZWIEFEL SUNDAY BANCROFT NEWS Adam Wllhelml went to Ames '.this week to take a two Weeks course in cow testing.' G. S. Undcrkofler is doing relief work nt the local drug store in Buffalo Center this week. Paul Bernhard. son of Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Brrnhard had his tonsils removed last week. Chas. Baker was operated on a week ago for double hernia. He is still In tine Wonke hospital but exppcts t6 leave soon. Kenneth 'Devine, Lawrence Deitering. Maynard Wolf and Lftwrence Becker drovo to Ames this week to visit Emmet Devlne who attends school there. and also to take in the school's spring festivities. Mrs. Walter Dltswor'th, while trying to clean up some of the dual collected from the latest dust storm, ran a needle into her thumb, to the bone. Some patience on her part and .the needle was successfully removed, however. A good many from 'this vicinity attended the dance last Tuesday evening sponsored by the Irvirujton baseball team. The Friday night dancing club was also well attended. Ceremony Performed by Rev. Whittenberg at Brides' Home LuVorne: Miss Frieda Knopf, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Julius Knopf and Henry Zwiefcl, younger son of Mrs. AugiisLa Zwrofol were united in marriage Sunday at four o'clock at the home of the bride's parents. Rev. Whit- trnbrrg. pa-stor of the Lutheran church officiated. Th.« living room was decorated in pink and while. The brirt? was attired in a shell pink gown. Miss Florence Hintz was bridesmaid and was attirrd in a nile green organdie gown. Tile best man was George Knopf, bro- tbrr of the bride. Orville Ramus played a hymn as the bride and groom took Uieir place for the ceremony. Following the ceremony Orville Ramus and Win. Knopf sang, "What a Friend We have in Jesus." The wedding dinner was served by Misses Sylvia Becke- and Carmon H«se. Mr. and Mrs. Zwiefel will mafc? their home in the Kubly residence. Mr. Zwiefel Is employed at thp L. F. Smith produce company. Mothers' OTtfb Program The J. J. Club met Friday with Mrs. Albert Hcftl. The program kader was Mrs. Chas. Wolf. Fourteen members and one guest were present. The roll call was "Thoughts of Mothers' Day." Poems on "Mothers" were r-:ad by Mrs. Lawrence Miller. Mrs. Irwin Chapman gave.the History and Origin of Mother;' Day. A picnic was planned to be held Friday at the farm home of Mrs. Wm. Heftl. This will be the last meeting of'the club for this summer. Tuesday Club The Tuesday club held its guest day program at the cimmunity hall. There were 34 present. The program- opened by singing America. Address of Welcome was given by the club president, Mrs. J. O. Marty; reading. Josephine Holdcroft; solo. Florence Hof; reading. Mrs. Opal Morrison. After the program. Miss Florence Hof had charge of the social hour. Guests of the club were Mesdames George Hanselman, Grant Jennings, Edw. tx-hncrt, John Brink, Do Rae Godfrey, Harold Phillips, Elsie Sleussy. Ray Stone. Emll Meydr. Ernest Wolto, H. C. Allen, F. I. Chapman, For Treasurer M. J. DUFFY I will be a candidate for the office of Treasurer of Kossuth county on the Democratic ticket subject to the will of the voters at .the June primaries. Your support will be appreciated. 20-21-22 Fred Merkle, Harold Sorrnscn. Wilma MoslKr and Mrs. Opal Morrison. At the close of pleasant afternoon n dainty two course supper was served at tables arranged in the form of "T. C'." The cemetery association mot Thursday with Mrs. I. H. Benedict. The community picnic will be held on May 25th at the Alexander fftrm. Miss Betty Holdcroft of Sioux City .•pent Sunday at the Rev. Wm. Bsdrt--- ley home. Mr. and Mrs. George Stoddard of Renwlok visited Monday at the Wm Bigging home. Mr. and Mi's. Everett. Gn.ston are the parents of a taby girl born Wednesday, May 9. Mrs. Ray Stone is visiting at Mu> home of her parents, R«:v. :ind Mrs Schroeder at Cedar Falls. Thp senior Epworth League hr>ld a party Monday evening at the homo of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Nenl. Mrs Vnrgeson came Saturday from Akron to .'pond the summer months at the home of her son. Mr. and Mrs, Lionel Eustncr-. Rev. David Lang attonriod conference last wr-r<k. Mrs. .J;ikr Hubor. who has ivcn wlt.h her sister in Kansas City the p^t year and a half has returned. She Is visiting at t.lir honv nf hrr .son. Mr nnd Mrs. El win Hubor. Mr. and Mrs. M. .T. Ciodfrry of Oh.lp- in. Mr. nnd Mrs. .Too Craig and Vinle*; Craig of Livermore. Mr. nnd Mrs. Do Rn- Godfrey wore Sunday dinner g at, the W. F. Godfrey homo. I ;un a candidate for (he republican nomination for supervisor in Ihe 41 h district, and vour vole and su]>port will be ap- ]>reci:i1ed. Paul A. Nemitz Fenton 17-21* Keeps Food Fresh and Wholesome It d.M!s not disturb the flavor nor Mir composition of 11 ic. air. The thin Him of water on the ice prevents the air from becoming dehumidified. Have ns till your ice box regularly with our sanitary Ice. We deliver when and where yon want. it. Algona Ice Cream & Candy Factory I'hone 270 Algona, Iowa. **»~: &H MELLOWED BY AGE Enriched by Tradition Fine beer can't be made over night. Behind fine beer must be age —and tradition. HUlNVIilSUH is richly endowed with both. Anheuser-Busch began brewing in 18*59. BUDWKISKK was created in 1H76. Its unforgettable quality was so outstanding that in the International Exposition in Paris in '78 it won first honors from all the brews of the world. It was awarded the gold medal at the World's Fair in Philadelphia in 1876, at Amsterdam in 1883, at New Orleans in 1885 and Chicago in 1893. BUDWElSER's greatest distinction never has been matched by any other brew anywhere—the biggest selling bottled beer in history. ANHEUSER-BUSCH > ST. LOUIS For those who m>iktt living a fine art 50J \OnJcr by tbt Can /or four llame r Budweiser KING OF BOTTLED BEER ^—. *.. tw E. L. Hatten, JBritt, Iowa, Distributor *'.fttft •-

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