The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 17, 1934 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 17, 1934
Page 8
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FORMER ALGONA MAN DIES IN N.D. "Lew" Weaver Popular Al-jr/O.^rwr,, ^^^n^no"™- gona Boy of the '90's Stricken by Diabetes The Algona tipper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa, May 17,1934 Kowuth Car« Will Be Checked This Week for Defects "Every car in Kossuth county will be Many old Algona friends were shocked and saddened when the death of Ing an intensive campaign to correct all defective brakes and lights on the (county's vehicles. In cooperation with the American Legion the Motor Vehicle department Is carrying- out a state wide campaign rttempt to minimize motoring: through a complete checkup the week of May 6 to Famous Billiard Player is Coming Johnny Layton, world's champion three-cushion billiard player anda former world's pocket bUliard champion, is to appear here at Barry's Bil- SENECA NEWS Robrrt Tait, expense 30.40 Ralph Elbert. mdse 2.60 Algttna Ins. Agency, ins 100.001 Water Fond nOAItn OF SUPERVISORS ORDER FOR DESTRUCTION OP NOXIOUS \VKKDS AND MOWING OP HIGH WAV'S It roaolved by the Board of Sup- Hftrley Hoecfc, Jr.. had the misfortune I **«"* Ostrum, salary salftrv .inn ervisors of Kossuth County, Iowa: '._ ?1J_ '' .?:„ That In accordance with the provl- 115.00 /slon's" of "chapYpr™246 oY to fall from a pony and was unconsci- I Hft rry Barton, salary 111.00 mi! it ID hereby ordered: the pr the Code i ?' . in a free exhibition. May Layton la lie had suffered for several years. Inspector Brown listed all Algona garages and service stations where re- considered one of the greatest all around players in the same. He has held the three cushion title eleven thnes, with a high run record of 18 In national competition at three cushion billiards. Pollowng a cus for several hours. Laura Mitchell, salary 95.00 Earl - - - l of 1 - Thnt n " ,, W " P(1S fowinsr in the yR shall be cut nt least twice C»le« li^te B Weaverwl* b^f in Vm.P^ """r* ™ m f ° r ButhwtaS ^ ..-...« nn ..».,. """i in Algona sDectfOn. If nrnnrmnrori r» v K^ ™._ spectfon. If pronounced O. K. by N. and Pollv WeaVf.7"°a^-"r,A'""*h' cnanics nt these garages, the cars wilt very t£S?J& ^S^S°S^. t "^ JZJSL^H"-*"' *«*- chars - and located at Sleepy Eye, Minn., as nianager of a lumber yard, afterwards going to New Rockford and Sherwood, Worth Dakota. In the same capacity. /or e rr^nfrare a e r n- ' 3®°®°^ gapd in that business. He leaves his wife, thrpe sons, Harold and Wilfred of California, and Jerome of Ohio one daughter. Louise, a sister, Mae Scunner of Des Moines and a brother, "Mart- well known and prominent Algona bu- nnd ng *7*ATnl 1101 inter man nepiemoer ji», i».n, an __,i *-„ i ._ "•• *M./u |nli noxious weeds shall be cut and de ana fam- Badger Meter Mfg. Co., mdse. . 11.88 stroyed by the owner or occupan Fairmont I Reliable Brands mete 20 58 /whether on the property or on the ad „ . - , Lelghton Supply Co.. mdse'.'.'.':: 108JO U±ld* t™$H* ay> * ei ™ n lh * datC m«f t, . Mr - and Mrs. Ornle Behrends. Jr.. Wlgman Co., mdse 38.68 "smooth Wk. Buckhorn, wii match games In and daughter were visitors at the Orte Crane Co., mdse. .. 13070 Mustard. Quack Grass, sour or Curie. ' ' Hu ' ben hoa * 8t ^ ne »«* """""» ' »."* Machinery & Supply' Co.', ' 1°%*- ^tf* ^ t! ^ T ^T r»« 36.891 Thistle, and Sow Thistle between the three cushion and pocket billiards. _. „ _______ _________ ,. , Grace McGregor and Anna and Lor- I "otsford Lumber Co., mdse ..... 6.05 ist h <Ja>- of June and the 1st day o ST. JOE NEWS (Crowded Out Last Week) Mr. and Mrs. Bex Austin were dln- ier guests at Good ntely known by his Intimates, "was" of "a Sunday ' Denial disposition, always seeing life from the bright side, laughing and cheerful always, he made many warm personal friends, wherever he went, who will mourn his early death at the aco of 57 years. ' The body was placed in the receiving vault at Mlnot, and (he burial services will b? held later when the three children can all be at home. There are many in Algona who will drop a tear in kindly remembrance at the passing of an old and loved friend. Has Unusual Luck Digging New Well (Crowded Out Last Week) Mr. and Mrs. John Thul and faml- y were Sunday afternoon visitors at he Nlch Elschen home near Algona. Sister M. Geonfcene returned to Pocahontas Wednesday evening after a short •isit with relatives and friends here. Rev. Luke Becker, A. s. B., returned to Conception. Missouri, Wednesday ev- „„.„„ after seve,.;,! days , n ^ ^^ H of Swea •* I Ralph Post - ^rt and dray ....... 14.71 Mr. and Mrs. James City were Sunday afte,..^,,. ..mins an*, . ,. ™,_ * the home of Mrs Doocy's parents the rte , !ph E">«t. repairs 7.35 Fred Jensen family. P"*"". Ine Lalng & Muckey. repairs 13.2S The Junior and senior class play. Frank Green 3 *** 1 *' **"" p,°S, SSffiSPSd'** g : t ££ fc as:::: y ' P. W. Green, dogs Mr. and Mrs. Ole Johanson and their N. W. Bell Telephone Co., service daughter. Leorre. were Sunday visitors Kohlhaas Sc Spllles, mdse. at the Art Spear home at Sherburn, [Ralph Elbert, repairs Mmn ' Tom Akrc, rent S. Shoofly. Burdock. Cockelhur. AVIld Velvet Weed, between tho lot August, 1934', and between the 16ti <1ny of August nnd the ISth dav of .September. 1934. inann 4 - T ''nt ff the owner or person in con- juo.uu trol of any real estate fall* to mow all 54.00 (weeds from the roadside as herelnbe- 5400 I fore provided, or fnlls to cut, burn or ,'«- otherwise destroy nil noxious weed* J -"" rturlnff the period hereinbefore set out, 3.35 tho trustees, round!, commissioners, .38 lor board of supervisors, as the case 17 n l nTh V he, will cause the highway to 10.42 jcut and destroyed and the expense of Mr - Mrs. Oteorg» Thul visited "Jim" Knoll was under the weather with the Peter Schumachers and Mike a couple of days last week with an Thuls at Whittemore Sunday after- attack of the German measles. noon. * il . A , Mo £ hCTS ^y tea fa beln 8 he'd by Mrs. J. B. McNcill, Mrs R Fitch the Mothers and Daughters club of Un- and Mrs. J. Patterson attended' Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Paterson and j Jease Umbenhower. care of dump 12.50 " al<1 mowing or destruction,'including Mrs. Paterson's narents. Mr anri! Jesse Lashbrook. salary 70.00 In p owners thereof of Mrs. Paterson's parents, Mr Mrs. Henry Schuler. 5550 an ai . . e an a ion township at Good Hope community day farm bureau meeting at Alrona room this week ThnraHou last TiuurHa.. ° i»iB«nm and nv over the unexpected early completion of the new wen he started to dig last week. A vein of sharp white sand was struck at a llttte over 100 feet, which proved to be twenty-five feet thick and carried an abundant supply of ' the to a of 85 feet. The completed well fa 133 leet deep, much shallower than it was expected would be necessary to go. Have you tried our Thrifty Wash — Klrecbj Laundry. Phone 267. 4»Jtf room this week Thursday. " I last Tuesday. A large number of members and Mr. and Mrs. Carl Satern guests were present at an enthusias- Jimmte and John Shrlner'ui noaman tic meeting the Ladies Ald at the nome L-ere Sundav dinner guests at UiToteo of Mrs. James Knoll last Thursday. Schaller home. *, , le ^* ht and a half pound boy. Monica Fourage, daughter of Mr and Marvin Herman, born to Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Philip FouVage was absent from Ed Hackbarth last Tuesday evening has school last week due brought Joy to both parents and grand- and ear trouble parents. He is the first grandchild on Mr nnn Mr<= t ». «. ,. the Hintz side. L.™- and Mrs John Fuhrmann and denT ^J°r^ „?•*«?; |^?^r^af^eTonn fflS we Council Minutes Algona, Iowa, April 26. 1934.—City council met in regular session on this day at the city hall and among other things allowed the following bill- Electric Fund J. W. Kelly, salary $145.00 Leo Bellock. salary 12900 Tom Halpln. salary ' 12000 Walter Gorman, salary 12000 H. E. Stephenson. salary 11500 Ray Barton, salary 11500 C. C. Wright, salary '".'.'.'.'.'." 7000 Adah Carlson, salary ,35.00 38.40 5350 salary WUlard Gregson, man & team. Willard Gregson. man & team . Elliott Skilling, man & team... 57.00 [ Elliott Skilling. man ife team Fronk Sklllnlg. labor Oliver Bakken, labor Louis Hagg, labor Clear Lake Sand A; Gravel Co., sand Clear Lake Sand & Gravel Co.. sand BoUford Lumber Co., mdse. .... Kohlhaas & Spllles, mdse. ........ Forbes Petroleum Co., gas oil frt on 47553 534.63 now of Burt, was brought home near Whittemore .. has been under treatment by a ciallst there for a complication of dl- *«** received word on seases. Mrs. W. I. Dodds was taken to the Kossuth hospital Tuesday morning for treatment of heart trouble and other ximpllcations. She has been acutely ill I rtf\nn ff**. afternoon of the death of John 3t. Paul. Funeral services Wednesday morning. Hoffman, implement dealer of e delivered a new John Deere purpose tractor Monday after- and Casper Thllges. K " . White Eagle Oil Corp. f u »l oil . . 38634 Standard Oil Co.. gas & oil .... Westinghouse Electric Supplv Co. * 370 Harms Oil Co.. oil 1.93 C. M. St P. & P.. frt on sarid . 80.71 . . . M. J. DufTy. Treasurer, taxes . 19.37 J. F. Behlmer. mds*. tie owners thereof. S. The County Auditor br nnd Is hereby directed to cause notice of tho mnk- Infr nnd ehterlnff the foreRofflnpr order !o he published once In each of the official newspapers of the county. Adopted this 10th day cf May. 1934. Ayes: all. Motion by Helken nnd second by Cos- 26.40 IKrove that following weed commissioners be appointed In the following districts: AlRonn Inc.—Frank Oelstel. Hancroft Inc.—Tony Doleschal Hurt Inc.—Walter Stewart. Hock Inc.—Jim Ackerman. Prant Tp.—Harry Curtis. Irvlnftton Tp—IT. B. Frftnkl. Tralrle Tp.—John Arndorfer. Sherman Tp.—Sim Leigh. Ayes: nit. 24.64 | 20.30 15.75 10.90 Lloyd Hsubuck et al. labor 40.35 B. A. Thorpe, repairs 29.18 Westinghouse Electric Suppiy Co ' l]40S mdse Westinghouse Electric Suppiy Co. mdse. Week End Specials 25c lOc 19c Salmon Steaks Superb. 1 lb. flat can Breakfast Cocoa Baker's, '& lb. cnn Chocolate, Baker's *& lb. cake Sum-It-Aid 5c boftife makes K ra|. 23c bottle makes 4 gal. Frute Ge] , per pkg Cake Flour, 91 Robb-Ross, pkg. Li 1C, Kellogg's Flakes, OO^ Whole Wheat. 3 pkifs /IOC Kellogg's Flakes. _ A« Bran, pkg jC. Lightning Wax, Parker's, 16 oz. bottle Dill Pickles, quart jar Shu-White, bottle Jet-Oil Polish. bottle Sweet Pickles, quart jar Shinola Polish, Dime cnn Toilet Soap, Camay, 4 oak .s .. . Oxydol, large pkg American Lye, :t cans Laundry Soap, 10 bars Matches, 3 boxf.s Block Salt, per block . for the past week. Her daughter, Mrs. w ° rd was received here Saturday Claude Seeley, has been with her since _ of the birth of o baby boy born May Sunday. pnh at the Matt Becker home near Burt Services of a special character will h infant was baptized Mark Matt- be held at Whittemore and Good Hope Methodist churches next Sunday In Nicholas B:ckcr left Wednesday celebration of Mothers Day. Friends | m orning for Trinity College, Sioux City 6.91. 14.98 23.72 791 2.48 106.74 having blooming or desirable foliage plants will add to the beauty and pleasure of the occasion If thfy will bring them for decoration. Mrs. Wm. Treptow received word Saturday evening of the death of her brother. Charles Madden of Marshall. Minn. He died of heart disease while away from home at St. Paul. Mrs Treptow went to Haifa Sunday night remaining with the Joe Maddens until Monday accompanying relatives to Marshall that morning for the funeral in the afternoon. £O n UJC i/» IDC ivriise Iowa State Bank Building. Insurance Loans Surety Bonds Aik Us About Our Aetna Accident Tickets "Insure In Sure Insurance" Phone 125. H, W, POST Dray and Tranfer Storage g of all kinds. S Long distance hauling. Every 5 load insured against loss or datn- g SKP. Kquippod U. do all kinds of 0 draying and hauling. g S2-IX after .several days in this vicinity. He accompanied Rev. Frank Ilg to Gran- vilJe. Theresa Miller Is spending this week at the John Frideres home after having completed her duties at the Chart's Hoffman home In Alg=na last week Next Monday she will begin work at th" Phil Kohlhaas home. The Frkndly club held their monthly meeting la.«;t Wednesday at the Lawrence Hansen home. Twenty-six ladies were present. Th« next meeting will be held at the John home with Agatha Thllges assisting hostess Mr. and Mrs. Nick Reding and family of Whttemore. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Schumacher and baby and Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Schumacher and familj of Gilmore City were Sunday afternoon vstors 0.1 the Mrs. Lucy Wagner home Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Cox and fatn- Iy from Cedar. Minn., spent several days the week with relatives here rh- y had c:;me to attend the fun- ^ral of Mr. Cox's sster, Mrs. Edward Capeslus. who wa.s buried at Livermore Wednesday moniing. Mr. and Mr.-i. Joe Schall.T. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Hogan of West Bend and Mrs John Origer. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ki/ch and .son of WhitJtcmore, and Mr. and Mrs. J. Vollmcr and Joe Schad W'TC Sunday i-vening .supper guovs at the Jo,. Htattlcman honw. Clar-nc>. Willgcn accompanied Harold Hoth. Oa-tu Hagg and Rawllji Neu of Whittemore and Mr. Burtman of F.muietsburi? to Fairmont. Minn., to at- th<. Ham Pasta, a gathering of radio amateurs. A demon.stra.t.ion on 5 me- ti'r triin.smu.slon was also given. Quality cotton Products " cv mdse The Van Meter Co., nidse Electric Supply Co.. mdse. .. ' Kennedy & Parsons, mdse. Cooktite Ring Sales Co., jndse. Manzel Bros., mdse Malleable Iron Range Co.. mdse 20900 White Eagle Oil Corp. lubricating oil S. F. Bowser & Co.. mdse General Electric Supply Corp mdso WeJtinghouse Elect. & Mfg. Co., 115.68 25.45 11.16 mdso. Pulton Iron Works Co.. repairs'.' 3227 Terry-Durin Co.. mdse 753 Line Material Co., mdse. .. 35 90 FENTON NEWS 15.38 9.95 7805 Burroughs Adding Machine Co mdse Ernst Thiel. meter readine N. W. Boll T-le. Co, ser\-ice Bot-ford Lumber Co.. mdv. Kohlhaas & Spilk-.s, mdse Pratt Electric Co.. mo>e A. H. Borchardt. mdse Hesley & Johnson, gas & 0 U . .^ Harry Wilson, mdse. ... ' 40^ Don Palmer « al, refund dcpo?i: 20400 Gene Meyer r. *t al. labor 248 85 J. A. McDonald. P. M.. postage 10300 State Board of Review. sales permit H. W. Past, frt. and dray '! H. W. Past. frt. on lubricating oil H. W. POST. frt. and line material Wc.s'rrn U;iKn. service Ry. Express Agency, express K. D. James, mdse Skelly Oil Co.. gits' <t' oil . Barton Thorp", repair. Cre>-co-Unlon Electric Co 'sign" Robert Tail, labor Sk*U.r CHI Co.. gas & O U 193 Deep Rock CN1 Corp, gas & oil . 7.19 Tire Service Co, mdse i oo Christensen Bros., mdse 187 Advance Publishing Co.. print^ - — • 2445 S^WWP Ptnid J W. Kelly, salary 35 00 Oliver BaWcen. labor jj 30 Elliott Skilling. labor 960 WUlard Gregson. labor 9.60 Eagl? Tron Works, mdse 8«.2t Roy Larson et al, labor 19740 B. A. Thorpe, repairs 14 40 H. W. Post. frt. and dray 75 Fb« Fond C. C. Wright, salary 45 oo Algona Insurance Agency, firemen policy 94 50 Skelly oil Co., gas & oil'.'.'."" 2 47 Clapp's Mastor Service, mdse. . 4.50 Algona Fire Company. 8 flres . 24000 Ftre Equipment Fund, transfer 2000.00 Swimming Pool Pond Botsford Lumber Co.. mdse i 30 Sewer No. 1 General Fund, traasfer 126 64 . .„ Sewer No . 2 .^General Fund, transfer 4fi.87 Sewer iFnnd No. 3 Genera] fund, transfer ... . 172.32 Sewn- No. 5 General Fund, transfer 25242 Sewer No. 6 General fund, transfer 153.22 8«wer No. 3 (2nd wt) General fund, transfer 1023 67 Par. Dfat. No. 1 General fund, transfer 49055 Par. nisi. No. 2 General fund, transfer 39472 Pav. Dlst No. 5 General fund, transfer 4395 Heckart St. Sewer General fund, transfer 5163 City imp. Pond 1D22 Paving city, transfer 3666 17 1922 Paving DUt. 2A. transfer 27674 Bond Fund General fund, transfer 3438.37 Sewer No. 3—3rd etc. Geneial fund, transfer 151 74 Sidewalk Fund fund, transfer 21.20 frccinct— AlRona 1st Motion hy Bnlnrernan and second bjr Hrlkcn Ihat contractor's bond of J. V. Klhert for $3,B91.00 and M. T. McQuIre for $1S,480.75 he approved. Ayes: all. Motion hy McDonald and fecond by Bnlgreman thnt a refund of |.BO rnail tnx he Rlvon S. M. Gladstone Fcnton Tp. beomisp of hrxvlng paid same In T,ono Rock Inc. his plncft of residence. Ayps: all. Motion hy McDonald nnd second by Bnlffeman that Cosurovc be appointed ns committee to make necessary repairs on Prnln 99 and 157. Ayes: all. Motion by Knifeman and second by Oosffrove thnt HelKen be appointed »» a committee to make necessary repairs on Dr. 3, 4, 20, 24, 80, 80, 85, 129. Ayes: Motion by Helken nnd second by Cos- Krore that Baljremnn be appointed n* a. committee to make, repairs on Dr 95 11« nnd ir.-K. No. 8. Ayes: nil. Motion hy McDonald nnd second by RaltJKimnn thnt the appointment of H. B. White ns delinquent tnx collector a» mnde by M. .1. Duffy. County Tretinur- er. for the yenr 1934, nnrl ho'nd for tt,- 000.00 be approved. Ayes: nil. Motion by disprove and second by Inljfemnn thnt McDonald be nppolnte* n« committee to mnke repairs on Dr. il. Ayc.s: nil. Motion by McDonnld nnd second by folken thnt pauper notice be nerved in ,loe nnd Oeo. Heddlnger, Dnlmiir Benner ntid Oeoriire Davis. Ayes: nil. Motion hy ITelkfn and secoml by Con- rrnve thnt n refund of 13.00 he irlven Dick Steenhnrd. Ramsey Tp. hecfttisn f worklntar nna paying sntno In year !>:!.?. Ayps: all. On motion llonrd adjourned to 2 'clock I 1 . M. Two o'clock P. M. Hoard of SiipervlK- rs met pursuant to adjournment with 11 members present. Motion by Cosgrove nnd second br talRenmn flint Elmer Ifnnson bo per'- iltted to pay the principal of his taxes ess Interest nnd penalty. Ayes: nil. Motion by McDonnld nnd second by nlRemnn thnt resolution be adopted "tahllsMnc the following Secondary onrt Districts: Nos. 13!>.iriB-22I-232-23S 1-272-274-27S-27fi-277-27!)-2S4-285l29»- 87-292-29.1 with the exception of Bec- ndnry FJonrl IHst. No. 28t_nccordln,T the report and survey of H. M. .Smith onnty Knorlneer. Ayes: nil. Motion by Cosgrove ami second hr elken thnt May 28th, 19.14 nt 10:00 clock A. M. be fixed ns the date of IcttlniT for (Traveling the roads within Kossuth county, Iowa. Ayes: nil. Motion by HnlRemnn and second by rosRrove tlmt following be appointed to act ns .fudites nnd clerks of Primary Election to be held June 4th. 19,14• :nd Ward V J Sands ............ aeo. J. ........ Mrs ' F,lbert Jrd Holnici COUNTINO BOAHD ' wm ^?K k . , .......... Cntherf np McCall Will Ullbrlde ............. Hurry Nolle W.,rd .................... Tomf K«ln UlU ' > . h .. .Helmut!, HuPnhoia .......... Mary Joynt Al R ona 4th Ward ••OKNTING I)OAKI> n^C?^ N " r """' ........ Frank Kohlhuan llertha Johnson ....Stpward McFaddcn lhto Bn %, Bb . rh ........ oa.P Town* COUNTINO HOAPvD p COUNTINO HOAni) .50 27.67 1.15 704 a H 6.59 1.79 2784 435 5.83 GO.OO Will SchraiM Herman Rarhut K. ^jl&M Wm ' S1 " U Townshl » \y. D K.,,,-,,., «„„. ,,. , lawrolt Iv It. \\ ,,1(7: !,i, iy ,j K|,, lol , »\ in. Kf)milor COI-NT1NO IIOAIID <*•• '•• Xmltli n p. si n ,i K i, (rr .'. " • . l ,"'' l< ' 1 ' ''•"» Mclionalcl ('r.-.«,-o Township .l,,«Kll,,,rl .............. M. I nrry Hiililn ............ K. N. I J. stBwart _ lHo Township ...................... John p. r,.|,,rHon Kant Ix>ne nock (Hurt Tp.) o 11 I Inrfi, d,,,,. llamm ...... K»rl I'wolilt w™ S?. arl ? w ^ .......... Merlo Klchardu >vm. Ktouti-nhcnr *enton ............................... Freit \\VlDbrud ........ \v Onylor <lu» Kranne Cul'NTINC, ll(>AHIl •I<iliii I loin |tM-y Krcil Holm ........ John Ncwi'l (; .'"H..1.1 Art Zlnnel lli.rinitn Harms . . . It. 1!. Hcriilnulmiirt fierman Ithhc Wlnli-r II. H. M--VIT . . .Inl n A. .Sli.p.-r I: N.-WIOT! Kll AlKllTKIIII !•'. M. .lacoliH iJi-o. W. NyiiTiin . . . .littin KH rsit-n W. Htoob,»r .1 A SchwnrtK Fiank Kli;lpr W. nnlKPniiut Mlki- WaKMnr nt . Floy, I Colwi-ll I'. II. lllalr . .1. . A I Korklor '•Ot'NTINU HOAl;l> Chaa. nakor Paul KilSSCTH (•( icx-ry TI:I:M. in..t nnij.any 111 a 11.. 11, O 'O t^O Mr. iT v K. iui,.- fo «j Late fi.r I^i C VV,-i.-bn«l Wtfk . and Mr.-,. Cli,,s ! M ^ht .-,,-v.Mal (lay;, kl.M wc,-k r [.'.,-ir nqih-w. Uilly rsm-tt- William clifr. .sou , f M:-. ami Mr, Ilocttehcr, loiin.-r F.-n'on A'iii) w.i.s M-r:ou ly ill with piH'umonut. Mr. and Mr.-, F;,-,| w,,,Li-r City wi-n- w<-,-k . i,d t'iu-:-.t.-> al H.irrl.-i .Sw.-.-lli, w -.'\\ '• M:i\ Ilitrnn^i.i,, II illi.l I!,., 1,1, ,. Ml| '.. IKH.IN \t. M)l|| , : 11 > 'A II.- riu rt-.--idcnt.-i. j; brotictiul ! i e W. Iv i III Hi.: i r.,iiM "•• '"".'. ""- i.ll..-M I I' 1 HI,MM |.|,,-,|,, K,'- 1 'I''I' n.l.11,1 - II I. ,j,|. '."".• "Jiiii,,,i-.- f,, r il,. ' imli IIH.-IM n,,. r ..,,,, ii "in ^i i.-i.,i,,-r _•!,. urn, Jiit.ti- KITZ HOTEL ^yMinneapolif Newest JWproof Ho(^ Arm- »»d D«nc« Hi r AM e«» SPANISH VLLAGE -VFkVTH .Siot-tx-r )io;in- uuiti- K uf.,:.s Hunduj jllu- Kloi-bi-r.-i were Mr. alui Mi, (Jlu j Htoeb r and .'.on. Wilh.iiu Julia n tronj; ami Mr. .,ni! Mr. lt., v S'.ir •},>•: I tiilo place-. Mr, H-nry VV.ini.-r, Sr . u-luua-d i.i.-,t ;f<-k Wi-diu-.sciiiv troui a liaspiui ni .itiicrullr wlicic .-.ii -A.4,, bi-iug inai- •Vc ulci-r.s and di^bifle.-.' ,Si.<- ij at al prt-itMit. Her (liiunti!i-r Mr., Jt-.v^ O'Kt-t-ft- of LL-dy L ir(t ( -aii.t- Suiid t'<- t'> i are lor her. At lh«- iHiMtint; ( ,f liu- w.ilu.i-i I u- tiitnan League ltu-.[. ^ t - ( -k Wi-diu-.sday cv- '•nii!({. Alice Urcyi-r waa .sek-cU-d del. - KiiU; to their li-a.g-uu convention to be lit-ld at I>a\t-iiix)rt. May 'Jij-^T. fu a Uix-yx-r was naiiurd alu-rnau-. Tin- league will ctlubra'.e tht; annivt-r.->ary of the National Walther Lt-ajfue h«-r<- May 23. Mr. and Mrs. K. W. Ruske and ;,oi! Witrd William, drove to Deo Momes last wo.k iSunday iuid viaiwd Mja ftObke'6 aisttr. Mrs. Koben, Morrti and husband. On Monday they vu.itt.-d with friends in Iowa City and on Tuesday they went to Cedar Kajiids to attend the nieetini/ of Iowa deniiiU. icturntd home Thursday twnijii NOTK'E Of LK1T1NCJ Seal- d bids will bt- received at ti,c ottiot; of Uie County Auditor. Algona Iowa, until 10:00 a. in.. May 28th, 1934^ lor gravt-1 suriacltnf Uu; follon/ins Secondary- Road Districts: 139. 155 221 23U, 233. 244. 26(5. 267, 258, 259, 261 264' 265, 268. 270. 271. 212, 274, 275, 27e' ->Tj' 279. 284. 285. 287, 280, 2»2 suid 233. ia- n>lvui« 63.52S cu. yds. of gravel to load aud haul one mile; 424.600 uiuts of o*te-half milt- htul and 20000 cu. yds. of atrippu^f gravei pits. Bkklicg blauks ajid additional uiformalion uuiy be secured ii the oflice of the ommty t«- r. AJ^una Iowa , «j*y 12, 2S84 EL J. SUTLER. Auditor • M" 11 111 it i..n in. I. 1 .! :tlnl Katharnu- < Vim. iin.l i:ai-|, ,, .N''.im.-,l Hal unl. -»s „.) .|.-f,., h | innri' if Vi it th.- .«. .f i-al.l '"rt. , finili will I,, i. nrc Further upiit-itr in Mill.I IT lii-furu Minn •i> i.r Die next Jvnif lerm w hlch will c,,mri •ITI .Inn,: IS. I; •nii.ri-i| 11 nil 111 s t j ..|ir,) at I' Cha«. Kollanch . !'»;! <M I ,.i.M t D. W. Kill Is -I K. Kelly | 'in NTIM; no vi;i> J. A. Hoylar Itena KaKltinil <l>:ii. K. UutlKrlioM .11 o. f ^trHiin . . . . Claro r'arin,:tin ATulcrso* I! Ida 1 r y i n % t o • T I'laliilirr .\oTin-: Ml . '-illiaulM. .-mil . i.TIM.,I ,,r I..IMI-, will,||, ll'l 1-liV . ISI^IM llf duly •I all u.<iiiHiN I IK- DIM.- ami n Hit- f,,l|i,w- • w IIIK ill I, h. I..-IW1 Mlij-l.lli: li.i.-k ' '.\ II.I I 1 . Tlii.--(l.- IhH t-1 I \v 11 . • "ii. II..- lirsl "if H.lli iui.l •'-.jinl I'untnii i ir.iii. i-j'ii. II I..- rut iil,,l "i ....•upalil .1 ..n UK- aii- liif ,latex Tp.) .Kreii M, K If. H. 11. W. AUK. Karl Uoimy Frank I . Uuba 'lutkni-ii J! I .,:<!,.I 1,1 Cork (K«ntoa Tp.) V. T Hi ii, M "ii" M yal.l jii.lKliiei.l Inl -III"I II.-.V8' ff.-a i-r i,.,!!!'!,.,] n :ilt 6ajl . lill.Mi llll,-K,. h II llt ,,„,. 1 .i.l.Ti.l u -.l lv ," " •' "liln-.l .v anil li,f,.| •J-t of lln ,( f ur Ul ,. MU111 ,,i,i,,,.li,H-wl to ll; u t whal.-v.-r - J.>l"i V. ,-. Ilarrli.-t nlc« Mav claim or ti: juiiloi- ami lnt,:r. - lt« «li.:r- kUuvi.- Ut:IKO abovo a«t: ri-i-,>r(jK <,t j^aii] Pianilln* furllivr |i 04 |> uxc 7 3 fur »[»,- I. I-.M-I. iu:n k i; ThiM Iii"|.. Wll,I I'., nl S.,u Tlil.-ll,- .f .him: an.I || liii.-kl '('in Illi.l Wllil tr "I I'Tirlfit irst- Nflll,-. •II. CiiNHla l,l-IWt-l-ll IJlf l»t .lay of M. l,,-tw,-,i, HI,, if,, |, .I H, i.- ,lay of day AUK- ••flv. liui.lnik. Cuikt-lhur \VII.I • w,-r. Vi-lvi-l Wv.-il. 1,,-nvfL-n tin. Isl • f .Inly. Il):i4. an.I il,,. IStli day of i-l. 19.N. ,in,l I,, IW.-.-T, ttie ir.tli day iiKust a ii.l II,.- ir.ih ,] 11V o( s,..,. i-r. lH'.', I. ' ' V.MII in-,- fiirihiT iiiilifl.-d thai UI,|.M< ral.l in.l,'i- it. i-uiii|iiii-<) vvllli Hi,- n- | i-olllllllhHliiiu-r will j-;,i.| w.-,-,l« In bi- di-hin/ytd and ili« , ,,M iiL.r.'i.f will l.i- t.ix.,1 u, Hi,, ,, w .-ivr of II,...- uritfifiiy: llial If ^ald tirdci' in not < ui, ;,litd \vltli and il |j,:i-,,rn,-.s ,,-,-,.. ;s-ury {, i ll.e w, .-I i.-d. H»Id erop» r on shall, by I),.- tu-.^ to AltfBl : K. J. BIJTI.KIt. ninty Auditor. vi-.-lH. any I-,-., ,,r .laiii- •numriK fruni «uvli <J t -under tin- -lalul.-. I t - .V.TUTS of ;-aid n-al i-.-- •liiy of May. 1934. • •HAS. Mouni.s. Hoard of .Supervisor!) K•^.( due . For furlli,.-r partic iculars sec said Dutl- »ow ,,n til, said paitlou 'doe- ot pray lor personal JudKui 0 |,t n.gulc»t H I. Gnmo?e uiiv O'-feii'jfanta BOARD PROCEEDINGS AuiJilor'n filTIc,-, May 10, 1934 Kuard of .Supervisor.* of Kosmith co .V{!' y ,,""' 1 »' ur ' iu ant to adjournment with all rn ,r in be- rs prtbent. Uotluii by HulKi-.imn aiid second by Jlelken that Algona In» Agency Al • Koua Iowa. l j^ uw>ird»d contract of uumpcnuatluo Insurance for toe yc»r 1834. Ayen: all Motion by MclHdiald and second by CuagroVK that the (blowing resolution rugardliiK destruction nt noxious wecda ba adopted: Plum rfe<:k I'01 -Hand I'ruirfe Itlverdale (Irvintftoa Tp.) Slic-nnan .Springfield Unio» Weslty WhlUumor* OKI-,-n "••H'.vriNIl HOAKIl II 1> . Mr.«. Wullrr l;n.s,;nui • liihll K. Smith ,<ieo. M,Hilton . . I .1 Hlnk I II MoiJMi.-l I'MI'.NTINU HoAltli I». A. I'ar|i,-iiifi . Julili llarl/,,-1 Allx-rt Iliandi II. F ICdwardu ...'.'. I 11 \V f itrljui tfin 1' M. I'lirltiliMiKi-n Alex ttudlK . .Noah K.-ltfn.'.'r 1 "" ' lien Wlnkfl Altierl i'litrulK < i K. I"lutiiili,.| s Allii-rt A. K.llpull . K -1. i 'liarimail ''or.VriN.i ]||)AIII> F. K. CluiiKuddle A -I. Kat*un Anna Murray .Henry Halley Alfred JurKe'niiuii •I K McKnroe I> M Htcwart .... K Ii. I>ltlini- r . . W. If Kcliwietert . .Join: ArmlurfiT ... . <!eo. Clnk . .Anioii .stork A. H. l"ip S pc- P • olill FrledeluH .... .Henry Hoi maun . . . . J If. Kra»ur Otto \l >>S )'*n»KU Joe Crowlejr ..A, J Klrsrhbaum . . a. J. Dovlnu Henry Elaclield . Henry Kohlliuaa Simeon ~ ' A. W. i . II. Kink . LouU Anderaon ..'. < tuatur Jolinuon O. A. Jensen .... Axel Krlckaou Hill Krumni .A. It. I'ruikuhank John I' Uyauii . . A. If. Ountufiion p. K. Kloin |j. A. EtoluIluUtf A. K. Klelnpvtur COUNTING BOAHD Mm. Ann Kltijf . Haurjr Sherman . Ikuo A. Uerdeu H. K Sciiulu . . Wm. Mey, r Frank I.udwlw ' ' COUNTIWG UOAHD Mm. W. F. Helmer* 11. <}. Hatim II. i'. 1.mining Mvln Wob.-r Mrs W M. Turlcr Art l^-aK-r II II Murra/ !•:.! I.ooft Win. Carry .Alfred Win. Kl ynn liifrt Coder Harm Dornbuxli H || l)ri.y»r W. (J. Flalic lol:n Kohlwe.4 IVler Klhei t .11 C Harry Allen UiTlity Villuir Hi.f J U l.lchty .Waller Klanip .Clark Scultmau .R W. C). Mann Ii. H. Alf Htuder . John F H Helium,) Mench.-r John Borrnarm . . Wm. Kuiicbvy . MllU-n Jensen J- W. -U f!. fjutct,l:i i Am, .John l\ ubriaann .fc'reil LoKemanu ' Uuttoa - - - -O. U Thormou U. r. KonnodV --K A Harve, - Glen Ji-uklMou fc'rtd A Ulekmana A. K. OlddlBga • - - - H»ZBI OerdU Mm. Ui.ter ' Walter Vau.t Wm. to tea Ayea: alt .On motloii Board adjourned o clock A. M MUy 28, !»$« B. J. BUTLWK. Oocaty Auditor

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