The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 17, 1934 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 17, 1934
Page 4
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MOTHERS' DAY TEA IN UNION TOWNSHIP Fine Program given at Good Hope in Honor of Our Mothers The Algona Upper Des Moinea, Algona, Iowa, May 17, 1934 Oood Hopt>: The Mothers Hay tea .'p:n=ored by the Union Township Mothers and Daughters club at Good Hope community room la.-;t Thursday was n delightful success. Thp following pro- pram was presented: vocal solo, the Rev. Alkn Wood; Origin and History of Md.hers Day. Ethel Smith; appropriate poems by Guest. Hollingsworth and Pesesnden. read by Minnie Snr- chett; playlet. "Mothers' Dav", Bettio and Lettie Sarchrtt, Pattle Mitlag, RdtJi, Mary Lcc and Betty Dearchs: play. "Mrs. Brown's Visitors." Norma Scott. Jean Marie Sarchett, Ruth and Mary Lee Dearchs; vocal duet. "The i Old Spinning Wheel," Mary Lcp nnd Ruth rv-archs: vocal solo. "My Mother's Bible." Lena Bennett, The pro- trram was under the direction of Ada Hofitis, Cora Reid, Bertha Snrchett nnd Vrda McArthur wns the committee in charge of the menu nnd general arrangements. Mrs. Robert. Harvey representing the club in relation to ar- rangrments for Rural Schools day is biry perfecting plans. The date is Friday. May 25. Former Algona Girls Entertain Visitors Glonburn, N. D., Advance: Mrs. Merrill Bacon entertained a number of friends Friday afternoon in honor of Mrs. Robortfon oB Herman. Minn., who is visiting her sister. Mrs. J. J. Winder!. The diversion of the afternoon was sowing and bridge, after whch the hostess served a delicious lunch assisted by Mrs. P. O. Bacon. This social event was of pnrtciular interest, to four of the Indies present. Mrs. P. O. Bacon. Mrs. J. T. Winder!. Mrs. T. H. Robcrston nnd \tm. Nannie Simpklns. who wrro girlhood fi'iends in Algeria, Town. WEST BEND NEWS Mrs. Henry Engstrom U reported ill with an incipient attack of appendicitis. In reportinrr the birth of a son to the Ed Hackbarths ]n<t v.--; : thi-. r-il- nmn erroneously rcportrri it fo be the first urnndchild on the Hinfz sid". It should have r:ad finv. grandson. Next Sunday at Good Hop-' nnd Whtffcmoro M. E. cruirehe* at (h,-. usual* time of wnrshin will bo presented another of thr> biorrrnphicil rcarlim;; from Clausson's pen "Portrait* of the Pr.'pbet"," ''-••• subject "Mlrah lhr> Preacher. Who FiM^rt thr Pnir."' Juniors bring your Bibles. Widespread damarr" wa = clone by th", high wind whirh .-.-.vy r!r~ . "rti'n'pit- ! urday. Many small buildings were un- i roofed or blown over, silos wrecked I nnd larger buildinr-s damasred. This is' the first time in the wr'Jor'.s experience thnt he hns known a wind to hlow out of the southeast with tornado char- ac'crlstics. A good sized audience enjovrd the worship in celebration nf Mother? n.'U at Good H~pe church Sunday morning. The program inc.luri-<l musical numbers by (the mixed choir, a number by the young men's choir, vocal duet. Mesdames Quintan Bjustrom nnd Ario Dittmer; musical reading. Mrs. Quintan Bjustrom and Evelyn Crulkshank: Origin and History of Mo!hers Day, Mrs. Jnke Smith; dialogue. Mab 1 Gus- tafssn and Bernice Dodds; "Our Mothers." Florence Dodds. Sacrament of baptism wns administered to Ruth Ann. infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs J M Elmore. Phil Dorweiler nnd Guy Stover spent Saturday at Fort Dodge. B. F. Bliss nnd Myron Boos were Fort Dodge visitors Thursday evening. Mrs. Fanny Fnlb left Friday evening for Gliicngo to visit at {he home of her son. Ehnrre. Mr. nnd Mrs. Van? Graham of Hardy spent Sunday at the pnrental Gene Graham home. Miss Irene Patterson left Friday evening to spend the week end at her home in Hampton. Mr. and Mrs. Riley drovr to Livermore Tuesday afternoon and called or. their son. Charles and family. Mr. nnd Mrs. Fred Simmons rind their children of Rolfe fprnt Sunday nt the Arthur Simmons home. Mr. nnd Mrs. Wm. Hundrrtmnrk spent the work end n:, MarsahlHown at the home cf the former's mother. Merle Stover returned Thursday evening frrm Sioux Falls. Sou:h Dakota, where he was consulting specialist's. Mr and Mrs. Paul Montag are the pvoiid pnrent.s of a daur.hter bern on Saturday. Thry now have two rl.iugh- :ers. j Vcnv Miller, who attends low.i P;a' Tcnchr-r> Coil cr in Cedar Falls, sn^r ! Sunday wi;h ris parents. Mr and Mrs C. C Miller. Th" Delta Alphas nv. ••( :it th; hcnK of Mr-. Edna Tin me T'-.-n-sdav '-"ii- ing with .Mr.;. H.-IVJV. .Mis.s- Mnn:nrr' and Mr?. Milton \Vo-;o as h.vtcsscs. Xoy?$hig dogs tvt never owned one Jtas oHtpttfuprrstitimt tttputt the rigM- on first. of- JANET GAYNOR r Roof Fire at Miner Home The flre department was called out nbout 6:45 Monday morning to the L. A. Miner home on the corner of Call and Phillips streets. Sparks from the chimney arc thought no have started the roof flre. Although the blaze was quickly put out, quite a large hole had been burned around the chimney because the shingles were so dry. r,i TI the -ve !: '-:;.) ;V .'i ••" Ei'mir:!''- fro:'' '.' •• C'.i three •.-.i"k- -f:.' •) to;::Mr. and Mr:; K! : rvp tfin stale, .-.p^-i; the ^ frici-.ds l;--r.\ Mr; K'ir Jived !:' - rc a niitiih-i i.f Mrs. Tempi- .-nd j--, v,>-;i er resident '. J. C. Scurr nnd his Future ^nr.^r- clriv:- to Ames Thursday to :;:(rnd Hi" Future Farinej-i convent i n b inn held thn-o. The boys inakinr: the trip were Ro'and W:it"on. Loui^ O^rnin':lnu^, Benton Carter. Orvill ' Fuch.>ei-. Win. Hoffcrt. Irvin Bonn-tetter and Paul Harms. Thry mimed Satu.--l:iv eydi- . h's ;o sp"i;d i S,'v i< tr, I i-.-' i'i ,'i\m: c-.-.r couivr. of \Vashi-i"k end with 1 fo-mi rlv ;.i;-s .I'M a^ -n-A-n by old- PICTURE a pirl as sweet as your mother, yet as sm.irt as a college professor. Unassuming, shy, almost bash- fnl. So rimiel she hesitates to cro>s the street alone. A girl TV ho has become one of the most talked-of actresses in all the worlj. and yet not let success turn her head. .. who remains winsome, unsophisticated, modest and simple There you have Janet Gaynor. Unlike many great stars who thrive in the limelight, she a< nully shrinks from the puhl.'C c.i/c... even ro flic cvrcnr ot having her lunches served in the seclusion of her bun- i;.ilow on the lot. Hut being the type easily rccognired, people ofrcn stop her in shops ami i.ther public places to tell her liow wonderful she n. Ar such times. Mis; Gaynor is always pracious and only wishes they would not use so nv.ny superlatives in their compliments, Her w\-\!;-cnds and tv.r.-; o:f .ire nsu.illv «pcnt .it her cot-,: at S.i;it,i MonkM Ik-.i^i S:ie loves M s« ini. .in,! sa-in"-? :n ;;i ••!( Lii;S for a pr! ot istr sii'C .. . l-c;nr ; : -^t .1 tn o\er live Icct ull and \\eir!i::i:- about 101' r->""' m =*•* J(' Her appetite is tliVriminatinfi and d.iinry I fcr hair is golden brown and she his wonderfully expressive brown eyes Janet reads dramatic literature and poetry, and believes romance is the Icy that unlocks every lic.itt in the world. She is convrr<jnr, through study, with all /amous heroines of fiction and history. One of her greatest interests is music, and she sinc;s exceptionally wdl. While she seldom misses a concert at the I loll) wood Bowl, she likes ja;z as well as classical music. After completing her education, her mother wanted her tt> fn on the sra^c. bur she preferred a business carter. However, oll'ec work proved too monotonous and confining, so commerce lost a ,:;ui<!im; .mrcl. Mrs. Gaynor finally her way and two days before Christmas ly:| rhc family moved to Hollywood. 1 tcrc she attracted immediate attention. In fut. tli,- day a!"-<.rC;hri;ti.nas found her workm,- in puriTf, .yid <!-.c ha-n't Ivcn idle since. There- i; a pc:f, ,:ly The Bay View club met with Mrs. Cecil Baughman. Tuesday with fourteen members present. Th^ president. Ida Miller, presided and roll call was current, events. Bu-inew meeting followed. Mrs. Emily Fisrrr and JQS-- phine Mikes were appointed flower committee. Mrs. Whitforri gave her back work. 'Town Grows up." The hostess and Elizabeth Foley furnished entertainment. Ida Ml Her won the spelling contest and Myrtle Oerhart the city guessing contest. Club adjourned to meet June 5th with Hattie Jacobs. LEDYARD NEWS spent Sunday in Give Jewelry for Graduation Girls' Wrist Watches $15.00 and up Boys' Wrist Watches, $10.00 and up ELGIN WRIST WATCHES—A lov.-ly n.-w HIM bountiful styk-s ami reasonable prices. Latest Necklaces $2.00 and up Necklace and Ring Sets $4.50 and up Bracelet and Ring Sets $4.00 and up Bracelets $1.00 and up Tie and Collar Pin Sets $1.00 Watch Bracelets 50c, $1.00 and up Manicure Sets 50c, $1.00 and up Compacts SOc, $1.00 and up Cameras $1.00 and up Fountain Pens $1.00 to $8.00 5-Year Diaries 'Purses and Sets Lusby's Jewelry Store Lloyd Iialven-on W'indom. Minn. Mrs. Edward Knonrr was a Fairrmin'. raller ); week Tuesday. Mr.*. A. E. Lauritren wa.s in Algona last Wednesday f-hopping. Mr. and Mrs. Jack McDonald c.ilkd in Bancroft Friday night. Mr. and Mr.s. Ed Recce and family were Blue Earth shoppers Saturday. Mrs. J. T. Welfare nnd Mr.s. Charles Hilferty were Algeria, shoppers Friday. Clifford Jenk.s, who has Iron working in the east, returned home Saturday. Mrs. Henry Dyer and sons were in Elmore Saturday having dental work done. Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Carpenter drove : to Minneapolis Sunday to visit relatives. Mrs. J. A. Devine of Bancroft visited at the McDonald home last Monday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Schultz visited relatives in Elmore last Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Roy Link and Darrell and Mrs C. Strand were Elmore callers on Thursday. I Mr. and Mrs. V. A. Barrett and son •pent Sunday with Mrs. Barrett's parents at Llvermore. Mr.s. J. O'Keefe has bet-n in F^nton the week at the bedside of her mother who i.s very ill. Mrs. Glenn Yahnke entertained her parents Mr. and Mr.s. Julias Jeasen of Buffalo Center, Sunday. Mrs. E. G. Rich and Mildred of Fairmont, Minn., were calling at the L. W. Wicmer hom-e last Monday. Mrs. George Thompson and Kenneth and Mrs. Edward Halverson and Tilmer were Algona shoppers Saturday. Mrs. Edward Campbell of S-neca cam- Saturday evening to visit this week at the Worden and Engelby homes. The bu.-, men of Ledyard played kittenball 0,1 Grant Center Pricfty afu-rnoon during the la-st day of school Mr. and Mrs. Zweifel and children of Corwith viiited Sunday at the G<-o. Thompson horn- and attended the baccalaureate .-ervices. On Thursday afternoon tii- M. E. Ladies' Aid was til'erlamed bv Mri. (icortrc Moultr.n a', her home About 40 frirnda and nu-mbt-rb attended. On lait Monday afternoon ihe town ix-oplr were called to in.,, Glenn Beru><.- IIOIUL- to help put out a tire, which ha<l ap;jiin-ntly started Irom a faulty jjiove pipe. The tire wa-i put out tx-fort much damage was clone except, 1:0 the furniture in their front r^om. On !.!.<••!. Werln \s<i;,y ev-.'nim: th ba.'.t;r bail teams rrav;> a kitchen shown- lor Mi.;< CSt-nevii-ye Kitl.y. tlicir chaperon f.-r the past year. at. .the Cecil Peterson home. Games and stmifs oc- cupircl the evening and a lovely lunch wa.-< .rrvrd by Mrs. Peten-ion. ' The senior class play "Oh. Prorr.'-'Mr" was ,u-iv. n in the hiph scJwKil iiuclitoritini Friday evening to a very larfrc crowd was a decided success in evory SEXTON NEWS ' OOOOOOOOO.OOOOOOOO^OC'OOC-'OOC-N Walter Aman of Mason City spent. the w-ek end with his ptir--nts. Mr. and Mr;. George Aman. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrrnc^ Hansen of Wcslry were Sunday dinner gucst.s at ;he homo of her mother. Mrs. May way. All of the part,i were well t Jken i H.irri.s and family. &S.'SVS£ ty°f;rs™; 4" a ,^S«-^ri;^S; parent.-;. Mr. and Mrs. George Oken and family northwest of town. Mr. and Mrs. John Miller and lit tie daughter of near St. Benedict were Sunday visitors nt the home of her mother. Mrs. Amy Smith, west of town Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Gardner anil little daughter. Donna Jean of near Algnna were Sunday afternoon visitors at 'the home of her mother, Mrs Mary Huff. Mrs. Harvey Steven entertained the Sexton Ladks 1 Aid at hex home north On last Tuesday evenln? the s-.-winpr circle held a. miscellaneous shower at the Cecil Peterson home for Miss Gcne- vievo Kitley. whose marrinRo 'to Harold Granncr has been announced for early Jur.c. Contests and games furnished entertainment during the evening. The brid-f-to-be received many lovely and useful gifts. Lunch was served by the hostesses, Mrs. L. W. Wiemer. Adelaide Randall, Marjorie Stranahan and Juanlta Underkofler. The annual baccalaureat-? services wej-e held Sunday evening In the schooj auditorium. The following program was given: processional, Miss Randall; hymn, congregation; Invocation, Rev' Depping; clarinet quareto, HanrWUa OXeefe, Alvira Halverson, Adah Tel- camp and Lillian Klinksiek; announcements. Rev. Depping; sermon. "Education of the Heart," Rev. Johnson; brass trio. Kenneth Thompson. James Logan and Tilmer Ha]v<rson; invocation. Rev. Johason; recessional. Miss Randall. On Thursday the closing day exercises of the school will be held. At two o'clock a pageant "Peace Among Che Nations" will be presented by the entire school on tht- school grounds. Following that a community picnic dinner will be served. At one o'clock the business men of Ledyard will play kitten- ball agaiast Grant Center. At 3 p. m. the high school baseball team will play Swea City. In th-e evening commencement exercises will be held with Dr. O'Brien, president of Morningside College as the speaker. Glasses Fitted and Repaired A. W. Amunson Optometrist First Door South Call Thetare. Save that cream with a Vegs separator. Users biggest boosters. Medium bize, $77.50. Terms—BJuitroin's Algona, Iowa. ' 3 _ t f DRINK DELICIOUS YERBAVIDA Instead of Tea or Coffee Anyone suffering from headaches Nervousness, Loss of Sleep, or Stomach Trouble, should try drinking delicious Yerbavida n place of tea and coffee. This remarkable beverage known as the "Plant of Life," neut- arlizc-s the poisonous acids in the body, itlaxts the nervous system, corrects about ttomach distress and brings bound, refreshing sleep. In a short tluie you will notice a great improvement in your health, your nerves will be steady, and you will be fuU of pep and vitality. Yerbavida la inexpensive, too. A large package, enough lor 240 cups can be obUiiltd for oiHy $1.00. It your local druggist cannot supply you accept no substitute but send $100 di- iect to Ytrbavida Sales Co., 612 SOuth- weit Bldg., Los Angdts, California Or a 20-page book "The Story of Yerb- BvJda," fret ou request. For fiiilc at Lubby's Drug Store. Have You Seen Our New Living room Suite Line? Il not yim are really missing something. We know you'll looking for they are different and who doesn't enjoy .s (H -Jn»- and thinking about ne-.v furniture at tlii.s time of year. A new living room suite or for that matter any other j,n-.'e of furniture at house cleaning time makes the home a happier plain; to live in. \Ve are now showing our full new Spring line of IMI -niMire and Floor Coverings. Come in and see us some time. RICHARDSON'S Furniture Company Where Furniture Sells for Less. tC *** (AO£tf: *«^^ of town last week Thursday afternoon A nice crowd attended in .'iptte of the dusty weather. The, Mothers' Day program was well attended Sunday evening at the church nnd the program was very much enjoyed. Pictures of most of the mothers on display. Mrs. Sarah Wise, daughters. Nell and Mrs. Dnisilla Noble drove to Mason City Monday where they spent the day visiting- at th? homo of Mr. nnd Mrs. Mack Wise and family. Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Sanders loft early Saturday morning for Osceola as (lioy hnd received word that a wind torm had struck their farm near there inr did considerable damage. The Sexton school closed last week Friday with a picnic held at. the woods Plum Creek. A very nice picnic din- ner was enjoyed and everyone had » nice time. There were Hbout 44 in attendance. Mr. and Mrs. Evert Hodgin of Inwooef came Saturday and spent over Mothr's day with her parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. Harvey Steven and family north of town. They returned to Inwood OB Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. LK>yd Steven and little son, Harvey Duane of Bancroft, and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Phillips and their children of Wesley w?re dinner gnr-sts at i|hr> home of the ladles' mother, Mrs. Sarah Wi?e and family. Mrs. Alienist Kirschbaum received word Sunday of iihe ferious illness or her fnther. C. L. Eismman, northeast of Britt. Mr. and Mrs. Kirschbatrnr nnd two children went down Sunday d spent the afternoon. LUCKY I made a lucky deal and you will be lucky if you buy a pair of these beautiful low shoes. I Just closed a deal for 1500 pairs of H. g'. M. slippers. They were made for a big store in one of our large cities—the factory turned them over to me at a big discount for spot cash. At first they rejected my offer, but I just pot a wire saying they had shipped them at my price. They arp on the road and wil] be here some time this week. They arc brand new. jug; made, city styles in black, blue, gray and whitp —sizes 3 to !)—widths AAA to C. They were made to retail at. S4.00 to $5.00 a pair. I carry this same slipper in a regular way. It Is one of our b:st line?. You can depend on a lot of wear and style, and they fit like a glove. As soon as they arrive. wo will put, the erf;ire lot out. at one low price—YOUR CHOICE ANY PAIR AT $2.39. You save from 81.61 to $3.11 on each pair. Be on hand and get your proper size and width while the getting is good. There is abcut 400 pairs of white slippers in this lot. Jimmie Neville THE SHOE MAN Algona, Iowa. MAGAZINE BARGAINS for our Readers In combination with Kossuth county's first newspaper The Algona Upper Des Moines No. 1 McCall'a, 1 year _ $1.00 Algona U. D. M., 1 year ___2.00 price »3.00 Our Special Price ________ $2.25 No. 2 Red Book, 1 year Algona U. M. D., 1 year $2.50 $2.00 Pric« M-50 Our Special Price ____ ____ $3.50 No. 3 n. Red Book, 1 year --------- $2.50 Algona U. D. M., 1 year _ _ _$2.00 Price $5.50 Our Special Price _________ $4.25 We welcome a chance to explain this offer further at our office, or see any of our field representatives. The Algona Upper Des Moines '' Established in 1865'

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