The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 10, 1934 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 10, 1934
Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa,, May 10, 1934 Earl Hesley W*ds— Earl Hesley, young Algona business' - vear or m ore I brcn operating independently the past, man. and Miss Irene Whltcomb of Os- Dgc were married last Thursday, May 3. at high noon. The single ring ceremony wns performed at the home of the bride's parents. Mr. and Mrs. W. R Whitcomb, in (.he presence of fifty guests, iatrd. The Rev. Ellis of Osage offic- The bride wore a gown of ankle length pink taffeta and carried a bouquet, of r.~se. c . She was attended by her cousin, Miss Marion Otto, whose dress was of blue taffeta. Mr. Hesley was attended by Kenneth Whitcomb, a brother of the bride. During the ceremony Miss Cleola Chapin of Orchard, Iowa, a cousin of the brids". played the Lohengrin wedding march. Other music included "O Promise Me" and "At. Dawning", played softly by a trumpet soloist. After the cermony a wedding dinner was served at the home of the bride's parents. The new Mrs. Hesley is ft graduate of the University of Iowa, where she was n member of the Sigma Kappa social sorority. Mr. Hesl'-v is the .«on of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hesley of Britt. He came to Algona about three years ago and took chnrfre of the Mid-Continent station. which lie and Carroll Johnson have Mr. and Mrs. Hesley will be at homo after May 15 at 22 East McGregor street. Plum Creek S. * I/. Society— Th" Plum Creek Social and Literary society held a meeting last week Wednesday at the shelter house in the Auxiliary Open Party— The American Legion Auxiliary entertain:d at an open meeting Friday night. The subject for May is the Poppy and Mrs. Antone Didricksen gave a paper on the same. Violet Norman gave a reading "Lest We Forget" and Mrs. Theo. H<rbst sang two solos. The following people gave a poppy skit. "Lest We Forget": Mr. and Mrs. Tony Sorensen. Mrs. Matt Streit. Mrs. W. P. French. Mrs. Ted Larson. Mrs. O. D. Brundage. John Momyer and George Dutton. At bridg? following the lunch, Mrs. Ray Stone and C. A. Joynt restate Park. Lela Seely and F<?i n j ceived high prizes and Mrs. John Hard- Young were hostesses. Election of officers was held with the following results: Lela Seely. president; Peir Knox. first vice president: Lydia Samp son. second vice president; Fern Young third vice president; Ethel Johnson secretary and treasurer and Nina Taylor, corresponding secretary. Mint Taylor then read a pap-rr on "Feirs of Childhood/' after which lunch was served. The next meeting will be held on May 16 at the home of Sadie Hopkins. This will be guest day and a one o'clock luncheon will be served. Nelsons Entertain Bridge Club— Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Nelson entertained the members of their bridge club Sunday evening at their home. Following' an evrning of bridge playing Trst prizes were awarded to Mrs. W. A. Barry and C. A. Joynt, Mr. Joynt also received the travel prize. A lunch was served later. PERMANENT WAVES Tlio Zotas inai'liineloss permanent wave is not, just an experiment when given in this shop. We have been giving them for two years and are thorough Iv ar<|iiai?itcd with the reaction of Zota's solutions. Why take a chance when you can have an experienced Zotas' waver at the same priee. Special Croquignole Wave $2.25 We specialize in Genuine Eugene, Realistic. Ileli- eone and Zotas Permanent Waves. Marigold Beauty & Cosmetic Shoppe Phone 801] Algona, Iowa. Call Theatre Comfort First at the Call. It's Cool at the Call. Wed., Thurs., Fri., May 9-10 11 The new star from Russia Anna Sten in "NANA" It's outstanding. Saturday, May 12 Children's 10 o'clock morning Matinee 5c. Hal LeRoy in "HAROLD TEEN" The serial and Scrappy. You will get the flrvol Scrappy book for coloring and prepare to mail for the prize. Regular 2:30 Saturday Matinee Hal LeRoy in "HAROLD TEEN" Surial and Scrappy. 2 - Big Time Vaudeville Acts - 2 Holly and Hoyt, in singing. Dancing and Fun. Also Miss Zee Dyac, world's renowiifd inentaliM. She will answer all questions from the stage. Also MLs--> Zrx- Dyac will br in the Theatre Lobby between all show.; so answer priva'.i- que.->tion.s. No cr.arge for this service. Sunday and Monday, May 13-14 See them in the most hilarious —*' 1"V romantic comedy of tht season/ JOHN :>*'CENTURY CAROU LOMBARD W«ltcr Connolly — Roicot K«rnl '--- '- «6/« »«>« >u«t.i fc» •-- " •-• ll.»r-C«ol I M.I'.jH.nd the Sia<:r - 'i k- <u'.> --' Holly and l|.»yt ringing, dancing uii-.l :ind Tuesday, May 15 BANK NIGHT Wed., Thurs., Fri., May 16-17-18 Bin TRUMPET BLOWS 4DOLPHE MtHJUU ffUNCES URAKi 'I1irilliiig--»'OJidfrlul bt-i- ilu- bull tighus Iur Uie tors', tuiu H>. r.ty of beaU in Lobbies :!ur all on vhu- Big Night. Coming Wed., Thur«., Fri., May 23-24-25 Geo. Arliss in "HOUSE OF ROTHCHILD" WALLACIE grove the travel prize. » —::— Mother of Pre-School Children A conference of those mothers whose children will start to school this comins fall will be h-ild tomorrow (Friday) ai 2 o'clock at. the high school. Miss Antoinette Bonnstetter will bo in charge of the meeting and will outline and explain the "Summer Roundup." All children who will begin school this fall are to be examined early in the summer and any physical defects found are to be corrected before school begins again. This will Igive the child a chance to study without any retarding influence because cf ill health. Sixty- six mothers are expected to attend the meeting. Ministers Gather— Tho Presbyterian ministers of Kossouth county were entertained Monday evening at the home of the Rev. A. English. The gathering was the monthly fellowship nvcetlng. Those present were Rev. ana Mrs. S. M. Sladstcne of Lone Rock. Rev. and Mrs. S. H. Aten of Burt. Rev. and Mrs. A. Conde of West. Bend and Rev. and Mrs. C. Paul Carlson and baby of Algona. Til-.- next meeting is to be held in July at the Dollivcr State Park in conjunction with the Fort Dodge Presbytery. LUVERNE TEACHER CET^ ARMSTRONG PRINCIPAL POST Miss Swensen Will Teach in Swea City; Miss Partridge To Onawa LuVerne: Miss Irene Swenson. who has taught in the LuVerne school the past four years, has been elected as junior high principal in the school at Armstrong for next year. Miss Bernice Swenson will teach in the school at Swea City. Miss Norma Partridge will teach in the school at Onawa. Supt. Evans. Fred Graham and Ruth Smith have b?en reflected to the LuVerne .school. Mrs. John Zwiefel is recovering from her recent illness. J. L. Lichty and Sever Lund attend- fd a Masonic meeting in Algona Friday- night. Mr. and Mrs. Jess Lindebak wore visiting relatives in Ellsworth Wednesday. Wilford Jones of Minneapolis visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Jone over the we-:k end. Invitations are out for the wdclini of Miss Frieda Knopf and Henry Zwle fel to take place May 13th. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Marty went t< Colfax after Lewis Merkle who ha.. be:n there taking treatment for rheu mat ism. Mr. and Mrs. Dick Wermersen anc family moved this we-?k from the Bai- Mi. and Mrs. Joe Craig and Mrs Mayme Craig of Llvermore visited on Sunday at the W. F. Godfrey home They were on their way to Mason Clt; wher? Mrs. Maym« Craig will remain for a visit at the home of her son, Arthur Craig and family. The following rural school pupils took eighth grade examtion at the schoo house Thursday and Friday. Lester and Leslie Kubly. Lawrence and Helen Baumgartner, Alberta Frantz, Dorothy Downing, Mary Shipley, David Coleman and Shirley Blumer. Miss Amber Rogers, daughter of Mr and Mrs. H. E. Rogers, who has been taking nurses' training at the Mercy hospital in Fort. Dodge, graduated on Wednesday morning in a class of eight She received the •cholarship. Mi Mable Nygaard. another LuVerne girl daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chris Nygaard also was a member of the graduating class. Titonka Farm Hand Injured at Discing Titonka: George Profperi. who is employed on the farm of Gordon Hansen was seriously injured Wednesday morning while he was discing in a field. The horses he was driving ran awwy and IK* fell under the disc. He suffered many cute about the legs. A doctor was call>d immediately and he was taken to he hospital at Algona. Mrs. Godfredson Hostess— Mrs. Andrew Godfredson was hostess to her bridge club last Wednesdaj afternoon. High score prize was woi. by Mrs. Bert Cronan and low by Mocla Rrc.field. Mrs. Godfredson drew the travel prize. On Saturay night Mrs. Godfrcdson. Mrs. Rrdfield. Mrs. Walter Dale nnc Mrs. Fred Powell entertained the same club and the husbands at the Godfrcd son home. Bridge was played at four tables. Mr. and Mrs. Mahoney won th<? two high prizes. Mis. Harry War-1 Hostess— Mrs. Harry Ward was hootess to the n.ombcrs of her 1A tliday ciub nt a o:ic o'clock luncheo.i Friday >ihir:i sh;- entertained in honor of Miv. D. i">. Pax-son's birthday. Mrs. I'a>:;on was presented with a birthday present. Tlio.=c present played brkjjp in th-^ afternoon and scores were i:ept to b" settled later. First C. C. Party May 22nd— After several mo:ting the social committee announces that the opening party of this year's Country Club season will be held on the night of May 22nd, This first party will be sponsor:cl by the board of directors. A list of the committees for the parties to follow will not be published tnis year. Club Has Weiner Roast— The .Algona. Calf club met with Lowell Samp last, Saturday afternoon. There were 24 members of th-e club present with their leaders, Chester Benson and Marion Soults. After a business meeting the boys went over in the pasture by the soft water pond and had a weiner roast. Bridge Club Meets- Mrs. M. A. Bartholomew entertained her bridge club last Thurtday night at a bridge party. First prize was awarded to Mrs. W. P. Hemphill and Mrs. Lloyd Wellendorf received the low prize. Mrs. A. J. Schnepf and Mrs. Fern Hordgrovo wore guests of the club. Bridge Club at KLst Home- Alice Rlst entertained the membfrs of her bridge club last Wednesday evening at her home. Bridge wa.s clayed during the evetning. Mrs. Richard Schmitz of Storm Lake and Mrs. Mell Peterson of Long Beach. California, were guests of th« club. Idle Hour Bridge CT.ub— Thf Idle Hour Bridge club member.; were entertained last Wednesday at a one o'clock luncheon by Mrs. S. B. Fn-nch. Bridge wa,s played following the luncheon and Mrs. Dg WtMti- re- ctivtfl the travel prize. Mrs. O. H. Ogc Entertains— Mr-:. O. li. OI;L' A';i-. !,():-.«•.':, t.i 1 n>:i.. jjiU-r.. 1,1 })(.-]• bridge club .'ai'. Tiuud- (iiv i '. i.ii.?. Bridge -A.I.S [jla\* .1 jiid Mr--: r-!-;, Mf-Murrav r«-c<-iv.-ii th- h:i:li rr,r«: pnx- I/J-A- sf-on- :>: vtv •,v<-r.t 10 Mr;,, ilti.ry B-ck'T. ; Jry Burti.s residence into the W. B. Ma' son rpsidence. Billie Chapman. DeRay Lichty, Florence Thompson and Janette Henderson have been absent from school on account of measles. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Woito of Lawton Mr. and Mrs. Milton Woito of West Bend spent the week end at the parental W. H. Woito home. Jack Holdcroft entertained a few boy friends at his home Saturday aftomcon in honor of his birthday. Lunch was served by Mrs. Baddcley. Mrs. Ray Stone. Mrs. Harold Philips. Airs. H. C. Allen and Mrs. A. L. Spooner attended the Women's Mis- ionary convention held at Garner on Friday. Barney Gardner ran a corroded wire hroiiuh his little finger Monday morn- HK while at work in his garage. The wire was removed and the finger taken re of by Dr. Corbin. Mrs. Peter Sorensen enjoyed a visit from her brother. John Hogan of Great Falls. Montana. Saturday and Sunday. This is the first time tlvy had seen i each otlxr in over 40 years. ' Lut^ Miller moved his house this wrrk to hi.s farm three miles west and three miles north, using the steam en- Bine belonging to the Blum-r Bros. Herman Meyer and Fred Tiede. Fay Niver who is working in Omaha and Ins family are moving to Omaha as £oon as school is out. Their son. Richard, is a member or the s?rad- uatlng class of the LuVerne school. Miss Pern Allen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Allen, who has been studying music in Minneapolis the past two years, gave a recital in Minneapolis on Saturday night. Her mother went to Minneapolis to attend. The cast of characters for tho senior class play. "Mrs. Temple's Telegram" includes Richard Niver, Eileen Neal. Earl Legter, Roberta Masterson, Edna Hintz. Cl-am. )Snyde4. Wayne Marvel Davidson and Haro.d Miller. Let Titonka Bids Titonka: At a sprcial meeting of the town council Monday evening the bids for digging the remaining section oi the storm fewer and the finishing ol the filling of the whole ditch were let to Fred C. Baada and K. I. Fisher. Baada's bid for digging the remaining 525 feet was let for $170.00 and Fisher's bid of $74.50 was taken. .UU-rri<> (> n Hritlf-r. ( lub Mrets— Mr (ir'>r j »- M >•- •*,<• \ < ':.- i;.<-:j»ry-.'", -,.' l.v- At: rnom J. J. Dooley ('andidate for County Recorder on the Democratic Ticket. Your support is solicited. 19-22 W. H. RICKLEFS For Sheriff iicpuhlican Ticket four Vote will be appreciated 4 pound Jan. Purf Preserves. Nothing but Fruit and Sugar. Finest Quality. Kxtra special per jar C9c Peaberry C0ffe«, 19c per Ib. Thda is the one you have been looking for. Regular 20c Seller. I Ib. Crackerjack Cocoannt Corn Crisp. Special 15<- per packi;*. Fill Line of Fish and Cold Meats. Moe & Sjogren 24fi Two riiuneg 217 M.f«,n Hli<h Art.'iur 111 Jill t Ix*>4l ( U?,-, -'i:..-; .' l.i,: -.. (; f • :.:<>••.. r • nUrtaiitb at Mr:-. Hurry -- A nt i.i-r irl iifi.-. F \ Some of the Hot, Week End SPECIALS at RICHARDSON'S 1' piece i'«»s'ei'ed ure aii suite $69.50 !*\)1' Sejjjnless Axininister nij. and Sal iii'da \ .\lolia\vk . Friday niilv $24.75 Fire Hits Doocy Garage, Chicken House Near Swea a .Yea <;i:y A lire ul 9 p. in on Monday re.-.ulu-d in lilt bLu'iimg ol ;t i-iir, garage and eiucke.ii houit on ilic- Pohlin farm i,juui of bweu City, occupied by G. Ijooc-y. Thf lire cepartiiit-nt oi Swta I City made Hit- run. The ollu-r ! - irm buiidinK^) wer.- .vived. It L> thuugijt probable tlii- lire was caobc-d by a ihort CUCUH in the wiring of the car. The jonior-iieiiior banquet will be held Friday. The Legion Auxiliary will serv-.- the meal. Over 1,000 attended thv formal optn- iiig of the Ry^Ud department store or Saturday. Favors in the form of earn i- tioits, candy and cigars were given ail About 1500 attended the iifth anniversary of the tinman el LuSheruii church ht-ld Sunday. Dr. A. D. Mattion uf AUtfLLstaua Theological Seminary guve the .\11 oak h piec<' room siiile, one bigest Celling numbers. Saturdav Friday onlv dining of our .*«!>.-''>() and $72.50 J>ou't jjas.s this on • Ariastroiifi's' Felt 15a ;e < Joods, !) ft. wide Fii >t <|iialil\', not a second in this store. Special Friday and Saturday only 49c per ft No freight to pay Tins is only a few of the bargains in our Big Display. Come in Friday and Saturday. Vou will save money at RICHARDSON'S Furniture Company Where Furniture Sells for Less. Briardale Store Cash Specials Friday & Saturday Only $ Regular ISc Seller, Yellow Wax and Green Cut String Beans, No. 2 cans, per can lOc Captivating Styles White is right—as far as shoes are concerned for almost, any smart. Summer outfit! 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Algona's Style Center. r jYJ'JwsfffJV'SfArffJwu'jvfffsJvsjwvw^ , Cut Rate GROCERT THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY := ^ BROOMS 3le ( OCOA 2 Ibs. 2K- VINEGAR qt. 13c SARDINES in oil 3 for 13c NAVV BEANS S I Us. 25o K. C. BAK. POW Ib. 21c MAGIC WASHER pkg. 21c OXYDOL plqr. 21c BIG BEN SOAP ...10 bars I9o AMMONIA qt. I7c CLEANSER 3 cans 13c MATCHES carton ii3o il Kirk's Hdw. Palm Olive or Camay, 4 brs. 19c PRUNES 21 bo. 19t PRESERVES 2 It*. 2lc NUT MEATS !/ 2 Ib. 29c POSTUM 8 ox. 42c SALT 10 Ib. ba* 2lc OATS Iff. pk(. 13c KAISINS 2 Ita. lie SAUERKRAUT ..2 No. 2^ 25c PEPPER '/j U>. ISc CORN FLAKES fkg. lOc PEANUT BUTTER qt 23c TISSUE, 1000 sheete .. .3 for I3o GEORGIE PORGIE .. . .pkf. 19c SALAOA TEA y t U>. 29c PUFFED WHEAT ... 3 pk«*. Zfic MILK otw 6v GARDEN SEED Bpkf*. ZSc COCOANUT y, d>. I3c "Btifliest Little Store in Town" in on UJont-fld

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