The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 3, 1934 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 3, 1934
Page 10
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The Algona Upper Pea Moines, Algona, Iowa, May 3,1934 SAN ANTONIO "WIDE OPEN" EDITOR J.W. HAGGARD FINDS (Continued from Pai?e One) ors of tlifse unlawful saloons \vhil' \v? were there. One of the- crooks \va.s shot in his own saloon and the otnrr was murdered frcm a car on Broadway by a rival gangster with n sawpcl off shotgun. "Red Brrry" who did thr Innt Wiling had Just opened un "The Turf." n. new saloon and gnmbllnpr hnusp and he objected to the presence of "Skcetcr Clans, a former bootleg king, at, the grand opening of his place, claiming that he would ruin I he cor.d name o his joint. "Skeeter." who had onlj been known to have kill".! two met' said that he was just as reswctnlile n? "Red" who had a record_of killing one man only so far as knqwn. This rival- this week only This Automatic Tray given with the LANE Moth Prevention Week Chest... FOSTER'S Furniture Co. ry as to their respectability led to the killing of "Skeeter." The oapTi made such an outcry about this last killing that the mayor who is a candidate for congress was compelled to take note, and nil of the bars selling hard liquor were closed, at least for the '.itiie bring, a few days before we came home. • • • The annual "Battle of Flowers" or La Fiesta, is always tho big event in the Miring at San Antonio. It corresponds to our Drcorntlon Day in some respects and is held in honor of the heroes of Hie Alamo, whose massacre by the Mexicans in 1R3R was th--> beginning of the end of the rule of Mexico in Texas. The battle of San Jacinto won by the Texans shortly aft-rr the Alamo massacre, won indcp.ndcnn for Texas. Many patriotic meeting. 5 ; were hold during the Fiesta week am 1 , parados of different, kinds nrre stared each day. but the climax of the w;ek was reached in the Flower pa rat'- or. Friday. Perhaps three V.'.intlrM flouts covered with flowers wer" in line Mid (he cavalry and Infantn- fiom F!. Sam Houston in large numb TS added to the dignity and beauty of the thrrc mile pnrnde. which was reviewed by Oc?i. Hagood. commander of the southern division of the United Stairs Army, with the Mayor of San Antonio and other notables in th? r"vi°wing stand. We were fortunate in securing seats directly opposite the reviewinr stand in fronI of the historic Alnm.i'. Most of the floats carried a !>• vy of benu- ifnl maidens who threw blood red rr. c os o the pavement in front of the Alamo .intil the street was covered to a dep'h of several inches with the fragrant blossoms. It was a sight seldom wil- THE WEEKLY RECORD WEATHER High Low April 25 60 24 April 26 76 43 April 27 5B 2 6 April 28 82 41 April 29 82 46 April 30 87 60 80 58 May 1 C'rn. 2 Ont.s A 1,0 ON A white . .. yellow . . mixed . . MARKETS .$.35 \t, . .34 . .34 .2 ' Hops-Sours Medium weight. 200-260 S3 10 Butchers, 260-300 \\ 3.00 Prime butchers. 300-500 2.80 Packing Sows. 300-350 2.45 Packing Sows. 350-450 2.30 Packing Sows, 450-500 2.00-2.20 Lipht weight. 140 2.00-2.10 LipJn weight. 160 2.40 Light weight, 180 2.60 Cattle Canners and cutters S1.00-S2.00 Fat cows $2.00-$2.75 Calves S4.00-S5.00 Fat steers S5.00-S6.00 Stock steers S2.50-S3.50 Bulls $2.00-$2.30 Yearlings S3.00-S4.00 Poultry Hens, large breeds lie Leghorn hens 9c Heavy breed stags 5c Leghorn stags 4c Roosters 4^. Rocsters No. 1 . No. 2 . Croani ..4c .13c .22c NEW CARS LICENSED Aaron W. Steussy. LuVe.rne, Ford sedan. Paul S. Engon, Wesley, Ford tndor. Henry P. Harms, Titonka. Plymouth coach. Dr. H. F,. Woodward. Wliiltemorc. Chevrolet sedan. E. M. Smith, Titonka, Ford tudor. John Larson, Algona, Chevrolet sedan. Robert L. Boknus, Wesley, Ford tu- dor. J. E. Mawd?ley, Irvington, Ford '.nick. MARRIAGE LICENSES ISSUED Ernest J. Bonnann, Irvington. an<l Anna Kramer. Irvington. April 26. Edwin E. Davis, Leon. Iowa, and E 1 !- zaocth Keller, Lakota, Iowa. April 30. leased and the dead heroes of the Alano could not have been more bcauti- ully remember, ri. of our slay and we took the oppirtunity I to see and hear her. She certainly has a wonderful personality and is still bcatitifiil and magnetic, although it Aimee Scmnle McPhcrson Hutton w, 1 ivinu n series of revival meeiings n he Muntcinal Auclitoriiun (he last we Things You Need Now! ({.-mien See (>iiinti Sets s ill Nearly everyone stops at— Motel KIRK sMoines A Room and bath for two and a half" Nelson Hardware said that she has had her face "lifteri" once or twice, whatever that is. She wa.* dressed in white satin with a black scarf and spoke simply but with a powerful personal appeal to about 4.000 of us slnnrrs. She had an entrancing manner and a bird-like motion o'r her head which was very graceful. It rnnde (his writer think that it war, about time for him to go forward to the "mourners bench". After the sermon I paid my lesp.cts tr> Aimee upon the stace ami had n shor flint with her. When I told her that I was an old friend of Attorney Kci Adam. 1 ;, who obtained her divorce from Mutton recentlv, she was very cordial. We .-t.M-cd in Antonio a few day.- loni; r til,in \ve had planned in n-dcr a!tr-nd the dedication of Alamo Downs, a np-.y rar" track ekrlH miles out f tli" city wha-h had b'vn eonstnict- fd at a cost of OVM- a half a million (icilai-.-;. Tin re were l.'j.OPO ]> < pic out or thr fir/-; d.iy's racing and fioyc-rnnr Ma" F' rriiMui and member.-; of her t.ifi' '.vrre in attendance and were niy- n a n c<-ntion at tin- C.'inb HOII-P jiN I) trrr th" raeint: program s nrivd. Our party of four had M-al.; in the club house at a ro • '.S, but the crowd j \vrs 'o d"!i'-e tin: re v.v rxchaivr- j •d li!i!)i lor box ;. nis in th" fraud ,':'and. It w:i» a beautiful atarnnon and tli'- l-.ii-'-- aiirl colorful r[-o-,\-(l nnd- 1 tlv . cei':" or,,-. n,-yer to b.' fo;-"/itt ,->n. Tlvr > jwrre =ry n rac?-. all riinirn!' r;'.C'\>. aiu: | if w.i-; .'-..iid thrjv \\-~r-' f v.'r f--'yen i luindred of the b'. 1 -! blooded hors n .s of :outh on thf i'1-oiind.s for the (ir r hi dav; of racing. Thri-e \\»\ha|.-s piuhtv or a hundred book m;U:-T each race. No', b'ini; familiar with piri-muiui 1 bP'.tiim .-chrmp \v« were a little Mow in gettinu into thp bfttinij. but alter th- first race tve mniiairrd to (rot up $2. the ti-ual bet. on filch race. \VP usually bet on a hn-so to "plac<-" and tiu> poor nair u.-tially "placed" from the rear. Mrs. Har.'irnril County Meeting of W. C. T. U. on Tuesday The Kossuth cainty W. C. T. U. will hold a county institute at Algona in the Congregational church Tuesday, May 8. afternoon and eight o'clock. evening at three and A covered dish lunch will bo served at six o'clock. Miss Mary B. Ervin of Z-:nia. Ohio, a national field secretary and world superintendent of the Loyal Temperance Legion, will speak. Mrs. Edith Kessler of Swea City tion. heat! of the county organiza- -H Training Schools A girls' 4-H training school will bo h Id in Algona, at the Lesion hall, next Tuesday, starting at 10 a. m.. and a q econd school will be held at Bancroft-, in the public school, next Wednesday i the same time. Many From St. Joe Attend Ordination of Rev. Luke Becker St. Joe: Eighteen relatives and friends from this vicinity drove to Conception, Missouri. Sunday to attend the ordination to the priesthood of Rev. Luke Becker, O. S. B., Monday morning. April 30th. The impressive ceremonies took place in the Abbey church. Bishop LcBlond impressed upon his soul the indelible character of pri-rst for all eternity. Father Luke attended S'. Joseph parochial school here, and he received all his higher -education. It was there that he received a penchant for :niblic speaking nnd dramatics. He en- toreri the novitiat-? in the fall of 19i!9 nnd the following year was sen; to St. John's University for his theo'ogical (raining. The fourth and last year was spent nt the newly established seminary in Conception. On Tuesday morning at 10 rt. m. Father Luke will celebrate hsi first solemn high mass in St. Josephs church here. Rev. Patrick Cummings, O. S. B.. accompanied him here Monday afternoon. Those from h-rre who went to Conception, Missouri, were: George Becker and sons, Thomas, Lawrence. James, Raymond and Nicholas, Mr. and Mrs. Anton Becker, Emma Becker, Mrs. John Kelln-tr. Mrs. John Thul, Mrs. Sylvester Wagner. Dora Hilbert. Matt Kellnei. Aloyslus Gales, Raymond Thilges. Goo. Zeller nnd Eugene Thul. They all returned Monday afternoon. Printers to Meet Representatives or printing plants in Kossuth county were scheduled to meet this evening in Algona to discuss various phases of the new graphic arts code for tho printing industry. Must File by Saturday The deadline fcr filing of candidates for county or township offices for the primary election is Saturday. May 5. All candidates are urged to abide by the time limit and Hie as soon as possibl-?. MrOrrvoy, TJpceiver of tln> First Na- Hnnn! Hank. Tltonkn, ln\vn. asking that hn ho authorized to sell the following dpseribeit real estate, tn-wtt: The Smithpast Quarter (SK"i 1 nr Por. tlon Twpnty-elRht (28) In Township Nlm-ly-i-'lKht (OX) North. of ItaiiRe Twrty-slx (26), west of the- KITtli !'. M.. Winnplui £rn Oimnty, Town, subject to n first niortKDK'- of Twelve Thoiisnml Hoi Inrs <$>. unpaid taxes nml nil "(hfv Il.Ti«. to t?l>lip noden. for (fin sum or spvi>ntppn Hiimlrpil l>nllars ($ I TOO.OO i in I-MS-II. snld Seventeen Hundred I'ol- Inr* ($1700.00) lo bo neeepte.l in full s'-M teni'nf of rill Halms held by snlil trust nfs'.ninst tlie snltl Vl>ho linden ;.nd I.Is wlfV. MirNtenn Mnili-n. iinil sal.) Inn.I t.i l.i' ronvcv.-d without wnrrnntv nn<l wliliniil :inv 'Unbllity on thi> p:u-t of .«;>l,l trust. .Also asklnir Iio lw nulhor l-'.fil (•• s-.-II lh»- f.'llmvlne described renl> M'tnnt* 1 '! iti the County of Kossuth nn.l Slat i' of Town, to-wlt: Tlic SVuilli J[;i)f (S'*> of (lie Smitli- cnst Qiinrtor (KK'/,1 of Sorllnn Two (ji. in Ti>wnslil|i Ninety-seven f.17> jVorlh. l.Miio-f Twenty-seven f27). Wi-sl of fbe Klflh 1'. -AT., FCossnth ('i)ilnlv. l.m-i. r*-i't. :i strip of Innrl nrros-s the west end of said land 23 rods an. 1 ; n I'opt In wirttl., belns the west 23 roils and S font of paid Inml. to .totin II- (inllnitlipr. us Rroelvev of Hie <,'h!cnif' v Joint stork T.and Hnnk. for and in ron-- sidorntion of Sevcnty-Mvp Pnllnra ($r.'.- 00) to lie paid In onsh, subject to all Urns lix-hirllnBr a first niortR-njr" orr whirh thorp Is now duo nnd \mp.-ild OVPI- Fifty Sovon Hundred N'fnply-twn Iiol- !-irs' (J:.7!i2.nni phis dollnnuent Intorcst nnd tnxps. snld i-nnveynnrp to ho n-lt'i- out \vnri'nnt\- !\Tid without ;uiy liability mi tlm l>nrt of suid trust. l-'oi fiirtlier partlnUnrs you nro re- ffri-pd to snid nppllr.itlou no\y on ftl--. Von nrp furllior notified Hint tin hn.'irin^ on pnfd nppitcnffon will bo hi't'T nt IkP Court llonso In Alcconn. Ko^sni'i County, town, on (he Pth dn V of ^fn \\ :u. nt 2:nil o'rlork P. AT., of snl.l <l,i>\ at ir?)lch tlrno you mnv nppe/ir nnd slion- isp. if nny you linvo. why nn <>rdoi- ouJd not be onterod n ulhoT-l^lnp sniT snips ns prnye.) for In snid nppllrn tlon T-:. Ct. MC fjrtKVRV. tiocplvor of Ilio First Nntionn) Hnnk. Tllonkn. loiv.-'. R-:nd tl:e Want Ads. 111-- 1 cnly one or the party who nod (o hayo any luck and nearly faintpd when she won Stfi.150 on a pretty hor.-r that .-lio had nick'vl out. but vhich was a rank "onts-itler" \yith rdrl? aL'ain' t him of Tin to I. Thre" Iuindr"d and ichty-Fpyen thousand f!ollnr.<; wer.' •.'.-aiiered on th^ rncintj nt Arlington Oo'.vns at. D.illa.s rinrinir tho races tho v.-.-i 1; bff-re and it looked an though thp Alamo Downs betUirr would equal ll'a:. lif.-iire b fore thp lfi-d,iy iiiet-t \vn.s lini.-hcd. Tlu- .s:at" t-ets a fat .hare of the |>"f money as w-ll as t::e bookmakers, and "ramblers cet what i., 1 f; and the f.i ; ort of b ttin:,'. The :riu ; h tak'\4 racin;; yry .'."rioii.-ly and th •oeirly \vomen a.s well as th~- men v. re all .,ut ill (heir .'-nor.- clolhes and wi'-.-.- pr-i' 1 "" 1 ' 1 " their moiify and shriekiiv.; at ' the finish like wild women. VOTICI-: «>!•* M'IM.ICATION' Kill! \l TIKIItlTI' TO .SKI,|, fl-;HT\l\ Ml:\l. MSTATK In tl... ilNni.-l i-o.irt nf Imvn, In nn.l >r Kossntli ...nnt\-. Jn lCfniit\- N». In tin. tn.-ilt.-r .if tin- Ki-i-i-l vcrsli ip nf i" Kll-sl .V:ill,,llill H:ink. rllniikil. linen. '!. At. , !i fvi'v. llrrtiver. T.I .Ml I'.-rsi.Ms tni..|-...«t..<] In the l;.-- ;'v.-islii|. i.r Hi.- Kii-st .Vtiti.iiinl Haul; CLASSIFIED ADS For Sale FOR 3AI.K -Picket. f<-nt( L. W.'lli'iHlurf. 18- Thurs. Fri. Sat. CUT-RATE GROCERY SHOP EARLY MATCHES 3 boxes 1> P. & C,. SOAP, ..10 bars 25c «;i:i..VTI\K DKSSKKT U pk« 23r CLOItOX <|l. L'.'ie t'LKANSKR '• cans He riUCKK'KS .. TISSt'K STAItCII. gloss C'AKK 11.01 K MA< AIIOM CREAM CHEESE, Ib. - 1 5c FOIt PAL.K- -Used Ford>. oy r- iuuilrd and ready to f:o; oy. rhauled J'nid ellKini.-.--F. A. Core;.-, •)<).'! \V. C-.'l- h KI-. Phone 51-W. 18 FOR -SALI-; I ~~ r; od coiuliton. l.icklKrik corn planter. Prict (1 to .v-H.-"-Fib.•: t SAI.K i;-I!' 1 ]- >rr(| riji-n for !• .v, Drouuht ili-t-p rooted •r .-talk,. Al-o oih- pun- bred b:--(.(l >o'.v -Alli'rii FOR HALK .Silv- i i:i'^ ; ,-"d corn. Al. S()H(,|Il M, pi Ml STAIt!) NO ID |-Kl'l i:A< lil.AC Klil.Ultll.s is\Kiii.rr PJ.AHS , 1,1k. I'll! MS I:I;H -> . ( III. (,oo>i VANII.l.V «)UN I'll! II) Will A 1 ( OCOAM'T si;.\\s T1-, - fort;.- 'r.nur tr:;i homo 5,'art d with tin? :-mi!mc sun lit licld:; of Tcxns. with the vpRc-tiitinn correrponding to mitl- Junr in Iowa. Cotton and rorn xvnr ab.-iit six or oirht infhc.s hipfi and nil of the brilliant Ilowcrs of tho routh wpr-3 in full bloom. I.ono iilijpr-rs with n Miif-lc niulr dottrd the lanri=rapp luzi- Iv <)!o\\inc the corn and cotton with a walking lianci p!oiv. We rrns-rcl Ok!T- h"niii by dayliitlit for the nrst timf -and w;-rp Mirnri.-. d at the beauty and apparent fertility of i lip old India!) country. MuskoiTee is a fine modern city willi wvPral f-ky.scrapprs. Then after a nicht, ride from Kama; City, back to cootl old Iowa and the daily j:nml of i>w.r>ap(r work. Tempting Rolls for Breakfast Cake or Individual Shortcakes for Lunch A Delicious Pie for Dinner Our wholesome bread .•iml appcfi/inj; pastries will make any meal. Wilson's Bakery NEW SUMMER HATS Theyrc here—those attractive, droopy, brimmed summer hats—fashioned in straw, felt, and hair braid, with touches of ribbon and flowers to enhance their beauty. Ysu'H love the new hats because they are so flattering, so distinctive, so reasonable in price. See them in our millinery de- oartment. $2.95 $3.95 $5 An Ad I was Ju=' starting (o write an ncl giving prices of goods around the Kiore. but finu our nrices so low that I dare not. iidvertise them. These are the darndcst times I ever tried to run a store in. You dni'e ir t let your left hnnd know what your right hand is doinfr. I am :ven afraid to tell my cus- t;.m-:rs all the good qualities of the shoei and stockings that wo sell. AN a rule I tell my wile everything nnd she tell? everybody so my business ha.s b en an or/en b?ok. Lately I 'I;H( not. toid her half of it. I have even had to lie to her. I always call her on the phone when I mlsrcpr sent thing-;, it i.s safer. Otherwise it would be a bare-faced lie. Traveling men make sp eial prir'-s in 11 whisper. They seem afraid - r om<; one will catch them soiling something. The ether day a rubber .••alr-.rnan after quoting me n string of 10's and 5's wa.s still saving 5 more as he went out the door. As merchants, w? are on the open prjUrli- a new road. Nn trail, no precedent to follow. We are on ran- way but do not know where we are going. In a ;enr,« we are pioneemHr but in fac; w- are gamblers. Uiiyint; mcrchamiiso for next fall is betting your money on the b-b-tailert nag and let somebody bet at the bay. The only thing to do Is get on the bandwagon, trust in God nnd keep our digestive system in good working crd-.r. A faint heart never won fair lady and n coward was never worth a grant. If all the world loves n lover, it is equally true that all the world hates a quitter. » Jimmie Neville TICK SHOE MAN Algona, Iowa. A VOTRE SANTE PHOSIT HERE'S HDW CHEERIO SUCCESS Our DEVOE ;i IP I )i -n n in -1 r;,l i,,i, \-, ,-,- ;i lii^ >nr ' i:i1 '^ .ill I'.'iini an. I < 'I.KAN Al. I 'iu' hil. .Many i-ii>i.iiiif|--. i-.-.-.'iv alway- -la. I M lirlp y.u i,- , im • .if I il,- niiillV >al i~ )i-A'()l-; 1'aini^. Kn, -ma-Is. ,m< Bolsford Lumber Co. •Jim A:;,".;^ t.;i,j,.-r lj- Lost-Found :MI i 11. !. !- last Wanted 'A.Vim .HOII - V,: p- i ,,,.. I-,,.,! ]j,. t .'^1. - •" '.:..., -i!'« : t.--., (\ K IH \VANJ l:l; 'I, ... ;;I - I,,. M . allV ,, :1 . ;... ' IC.,'..-(i HJ (i. n.l'l;: ! ;-,l' luii tjl 1, V, t.l--(-- liDi'iX Cll.ll.i-r Fir" al. (| L.]i(.,.|- |,/| obhvaCu),,. VVJU..- A il C, c-tj thl.i Miscellaneous Civ.-:> fur Li-.-uU-iiuii: yu'.frnor. 18-22' RADIO bUlVICE al a r,-a-.oiuiblo j'icc und guuraiiiv-L-d. Piiunc- 'M. K. A Have \ou tMi.-U our Ti.rilty Wish - Kn;,€ii.> Ljuijaiv. Piionc 2<jT. la-tt WfiieiiduU" L<.yiiorisa Pu>- icks-cosloia hatclmiB. Wtik-ndorf ghoniA, Algona. ia* Order Ity the Case jar your Homo ' ^••••••••••••WP^' •^••^•^•^^ AGAIN IN DEMAND...THE WORLD OVER • fa the last eight months, more and more requests for BUDWEISER have been received from every civilized country in the world.... In the fourteen years that American beers were off the market, these «*'**» make living foreign countries still hud their own good beer. Yet, after four teen years, they again single out BUDWE1SER among American brews, because it has an unforgettable personality—identified with the fine art of living the world over. . . . The biggest -selling bottled beer in history and the demand for BUDWE1SER quality built the world's largest brewery. a fine art Budweiser KING Or BOTTLED BUR ANHEUSER-BUSCH / ST. LOUIS E. L. HATTON, Britt, Iowa, Distributors

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