The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 3, 1934 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 3, 1934
Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa, May 3, 1934 Prize Winning Essay, "Peace With Security", Is Reprinted Algona Academy Sophomore's Work is Second in State Contest MAHGARET NELSON A PIDAC WINNER ; By Margaret Nelson, daughter of : Mr. and Mrs. Leondard Nelson, whose essay printed below won second place in the State FMac contest. She Is a sophomore In St. Cecelia's academy. PEACE 'WITH SECURITY One of the outstanding questions confronting the American nation, as well M the rest of the world today, is that of peace with security. To Young America the way this question is settled to of vast Importance since It is for the security of the men and women of tomorrow, as well as of today, that statesmen throughout thp world are studying: the peace question. To my mind one of the greatest ob- stacfes to laying any permanent and souure foundation for future peace is the disarmament question. Disarmament is imperatively demanded — but there is no •u&s talking to a sensible people about disarmament while the rest of the world remains armed to the teeth. Moreover we must be practical enough to remember that economic relations are actually at the bottom of nearly all international disputes, and if economic conditions cannot b-s stabilized, peace cannot be stabilized either. If other nations continue the policy of relying upon ormameht no sensible people can do otherwise. Multiplying armament, however serves merely to intensify the general sense of insecurity, to diminish the general stability. Peace and security can be found only in the development of an enlightened public opinion in support of the institutions of peace. Militarism is the Same the world over. It is not a hankering for war. It is a definite theory, namely, that national security rests on the nation's armed might. The more armed might — the greater the nation's security. The second best army or navy is almost as toad as none. Every nation cannot be the strongest nation and failure to keep up in a race in armaments leads to fear, hatred, military alliances and ultimately war. Tlhs is not merely my theory; the World War made it history. Increasing armaments mean actually increasing the general sense of Insecurity. Security, acording to the pacifists must be sought by the nations Jointly. Unless all are secure, none can be. Therefore it is a very grave matter of policy, now being decided in Washington in this matter of enormously expanding our naval and nir forces. The bill has passed the House; the final decision rests with the Senate and the President! To promote peace there must be mutual trust and confidence, on which all emulation to founded, between nations. It should be the task of statesmanship to devise means of bringing about more amicable relations as a basis of better understanding. The world must proceed on the theory that education should precede legislation, and accordingly educate its people ofr peace. I am a believer in the World Court. aa a specialized peace organ of great value, and think thai, as such it deserves the support of the United States. It is a direct answer to the appeal that moral right be substituted for the material force of arms b? replaced by the noble and peaceful institution of arbitration. The World Court held its first session on June 15, 1922. Originally there were twelve regular Judges, who were expected to meet onlv in periodical ses- ciona. The unexpected volume of business, however, soon induced them to remain in permanent session. Prom the material I hav« on hand, I find that up to June first, 1933, the World Court delivered fifty-three decisions. Undoubtedly this figure has grown a great deal larger up to tiro present date. A goodly number of these decisions bore on conflicts of a •rrtous nature. Whole nations have gone to ware lor lesser disputes. But a fairly prompt submission of the international conflict to peaceful settlement has prevented affairs from growing to dangerous proportions. The World Court, like every other human Institution is not perfect, but to wait for perfect peace machinery is to wait indefinitely. International justice as well as domestic Justice can miscarry. But the nations, who know the folly of modern war and the blessings of international peace realize there is more chance of getting justic-e already, through the existing peace machinery than through war. Truly enlightened nations feel that war. at best. usually decides which side is the strongest but not at all which side Is in the right. And while tlie battles of reason fought in the halls of the Peace Palace are not nearly so thrilling and spectacular a* were some of the battles of the World War (and consequently make poor copy for our newspapers) , they offer an utterly saner solution of international difficulties and save the useless, needless and calamitous sacrifice of our young men. as their fathers were sacrificed in the great War of Nations. Three international problems today are therefore international arbitration, international security and international disarmament, and most prominent statesmen feel that disarmament waits upon security and arbitration. Before the people of the earth can be expected definitely to scrap the machinery of war or even substantially to reduce armajiinents (the machinery of war) the peace machinery needs to be developed and mad* more attractive to this world of nations. A mere outlaw- r yof war. without giving the world an efficient substitute for war is clearly Inadequate. A truly effective machinery Oi' international arbitration is the prelude to world securty arid world disarmamt nt . It is recognized throughout ti\e world that America is the key to world peace. It is the task of the American peace movement to see to it that our country is adequately prepared for its great Then the entry of the United States into the World court, even with, stiff reservations, would add to the peace of the entire world by giving it yet greater prestige and efficiency and by inspiring yet greater confidence in the truly splendid instrument of world peace. Then perhaps the problem of bow to attain "peace — with security" wight be adequately answered at last. Lakota Man Has Runin with Footpad According to the North Kossuth Record of Lakota, all Lakota Is feeling its oats after n sensational affair. Monday night of last week, when a local man was held up and robbed by an armed gunman. The victim was Henry Denzel. who was returning from a card party. As he reached the railroad tracks a gruff voice told him to put 'em up, and Henry reached skyward. But he had left his money at home, and the bandit then ordered him to lead the way home. Once inside his home, the victim suddenly ducked away from the bandit and called for help, but received several blows from the footpad as he did. At any rate he saved about $80 that he tucked under his pillow. Brooder House, 500 Chicks Destroyed Penton: K. K. Johnson lost a brooder house and 600 little chicks Friday night by fire. The fire was discovered late that night by a passing car. It was discovered in time to save two adjoining brooder houses. IRVINGrTON NEWS Mrs. John Simon west of Irvington, has been suffering from rheumatism. Cap Smith's condition remains unchanged. He is now at his home west of Irvington. Mr. and Mrs. Forbes StiHz and I>swey Skllling were Sunday visitors at the Ray Pitch home. John Mcllhattln arrived Tuesday from Lanark. HI., for a visit with his sister. Mrs. Sam Reaper. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Taylor called on Sunday at the Jake Maasdam home visiting Mrs. Allen Burbank. Mr. and Mrs. John Ditsworth and family were Friday night supper guests at the Prank Ditsworth home. Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Miller and family vkfted Sunday with their friends, the Jule Studer family of Corwith. Mr. and Mrs. George Lee and their niece. Ruth Stewart, visited Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Ben Terhune. Lee Turner, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Turner of Algona was the guest Sunday of his friend, Bobby Qeigel. Several from this community attended the funeral of Rosalie Loss Tuesday morning at the Catholic church, in Algona. Mr .and Mrs. John Bock PS have in- Mailrd a phone in their residence south of Irvington. Their number is now 17F121. Thirty-three were present at the Aid last Thursday at the Annex. Mrs. Cox and her daughter, Mrs. Earl Miller were hostesses. Mrs. M. E. Blanchard and her daughter-in-law and two children visited on Tuesday and Wednesday of last week at Lone Rock with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Olson and their daughter, Ardene, and Mr. and Mrs. Loyal Young and family were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Seeley. The Friendly Hour club will meet next Wednesday with Mrs. Hansen, south of the Fisher river bridge, on the Airline. Mrs. Opal Barker will be the assisting hostess. One of the largest parties ever given was rwld last Sunday at the St. Joe hall honoring Anna Kramer, daughter of Sebastian Kramer, whose approaching wedding to Ernest Bormann has been announced. Approximately three hundred were present. Week end visitors at the George Johnson home were Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Ross of Britt. Mrs. Ross is Mrs. Johnson's sister. Other visitors were Howard Clarke and Mrs. Clara Thlssen of Janesvllle, Wis., Mrs. Thissen is a sister of George and John Johnson. Armor Lempke purchased 800 baby chicks last Friday from the Wellendorf hatchery in Algona. In previous years Mrs. Lempke has had more than a thousand baby chicks but decided not to go into the chicken business so extensively this year. Mrs. Lempke is very successful with her poultry raising. Mrs. Vern Barker entertained Sunday at a birthday dinner honoring Mr. Bark«r. Mr. and Mrs. Barker attended church services and upon their arrival home the guests had all preceded them there. Those who enjoyed the courtesy were Mr. and Mrs. John Bockes, John Cox. Earl Miller, Wm. Metzens, Wm. Boldridges and the Hansen family. A-delightful time was enjoyed by all. Mr, and Mrs. Joe Kramer and Mrs Kramer's three brothers, W. P., Joe and Martin Lentsch of Fort Dodge, left last Friday morning to attend the funeral of their mother at Winford, South Dakota. Other relatives from this vicinity who attended were Mrs. Lawrence Gisch and son. John, Mary Beiser and Kathryn Deim with Mr. and Mrs. Mike Peffer and two sons who reside east of Algona. ORDINANCE NO. 2*4 An Ordinance Repealing Ordinance No. 280 of the City of AlfTona. -lowaj and KatabllBtilng Bate*. Kulea and Rvg* illations for tho Government' of Electric Lilfcht Consumer^' and Others \Vlth- In th« Incorporate Limits of the Cily of Algonu, lowu, and 1'rovkllng for a Guarantee Fund. IIK IT OHDAINBI) HY THK CITY COUNCIL, OF THE CITY OK ALGONA. low A: Section One. That Ordinance No. 2:10 of the City of, Imva, bvt and the name in hereby repealed. .Section Two. Tlnit all ele.ctrl<- current furnished by tlie City ..{ Algomi, )''Wii, lo consumers whall be supplied thr.uigh ineterH n-id the rule lei each iiKiimer (said rate inclndr.s .state tux and 1'. S. < Jovernment tax except as !o current furnished farm lines and IIM itherwlse provided) shall be us, follows: I.lglll IlBlf. First 40 k. w. hrs. per moiuli per k. w. In-. 7Vac. Next t',0 k. w. his. per month per k. w. lir. 6 Vic. Next sun k. w. per month per k. w. hr. f. Vic. All over 4iil> k. w, brs. per month 1 per k. w. hr. ic. A discount ol '-"> per cent oil the iibuve rates will be allowed If paid on ur before the liiilh nf llie month In which tiie account became due. .Minimum charge of 7fic per iiiunth, >n which there l.s no discount. MKII Itfttri*—-Nf|»«riitf Mrter I-',,r each k. w. hi. per niuiiU. per k. v. hr. :iV4c. .-\ dlscuulit uf ^. r i percent on the above •ale* will bo allowed if paid on or lie- fore the 2<>lh of the month In which lJie account became due. Minimum charge of ft tic per in,,nth, n which there is no discount. Optional ItHle-—H-nldeucen Only KlrNt r,u k. w. brn. per month per k. ,. hi 7c. All over '1,1 k. w. hrs. per month per k. w. hr. :ic. A discuulil uf _'T, per cent un the ab- e Will be alluwed if paid nil before tlie "Dili uf the liiulilh in which the iic'.-uunt l»ecaine due. The cusluuier must sign a yearly eun- tra.-t tu pay a minimum charge of f^.Tf. per month, un which there is nu discount. Oullouiil llulr»—\|>lirliilrul House. Kirsi Hi k. w. hrs. per apaiti:ici» per moni h per k. w. hr. 7c. .All ovci In k. w. bis. per apartment per iimiill. per k. w. hr, :lc. A discount ol :T, per i-elil on the ab- c rales will lie allowed if paid un before the Jlllll uf the lllullth In which Ihe account became due .Mliiimiiiii charge ol IL'.UO per apartment per muntli. with nu disctnmt. This rate applies tu apartment houses with all apartments un one meter. CoiiiluerclMl Heat HiiU ItefrfigrruUuil HtttVM First Ion k. w. hit*, per month per k w. hr. Sc. All uvcr lull k. w. his per munlh per k. w. hr. Mi.-. .\ discount uf J5 Per cent on llie iiliovt- iiilcw will he alluwed if paid un ur lid.,ic llie IMth uf the munlh in which the accuullt became due. Minimum charge uf $^.00 per month, un winch there is nu discount. I'oncr llalvx First -Jo k. w. bra. per h. p. connected per month per k. w. hr. Tic. Next 411 k. w. his. per h. p culined- etl per munlh per U, w. hr 3'^c. Next 40 k. w. lira, per h. it. cunncd- ,-,t per month per k. w. hr. ;ic. All over HID k. w. Ins. per h. p. con- ni;cieil per month per k w. hr. i'«c. A di.seuunt ul -u per cent un tlie aliuve rates will he allowed if paid on or before the l!Ulh uf tile munlh in willed the account liecame due. Minimum charges a.s fulluws: First ^r. Ii. p. connected, Tin- per h p. per ni'uiith. Ne.vt '.'& li. p cunnecti d. .~jUc per h. p. per munlh. All tiver ail connected h. p. 'jr.c per h. p. per munili. with nu discount un liie minimum charge. l.'ulm I.lue IlaU-« FnM luutl k. w. hrb. per munth per k. w. hi. melded ut city limits 4c. All over luuu k. w. Ins. per inuiilli per k. w. In- mdeied at di.v limits 3c. All transfurmer core lu^a per munlh per k. w. hr. i%c. A dis-.-ounl uf L'5 per cent on the ub- ove will te allowed if paid on or l,.foro the IMlth of the monlli in which the account became due. Minimum charge per month of 11.75 per connected, oJi which there la no discount. All electricity used shall be measured by metciH installed by the city but ijurcbased by the cobriumer und shall be maintained at the expenuu of the cut. turner. All electricity used by fttrm lines shall be measured by meters installed by the city at the city limlta anil owned und maintained by the city. All accounts for electricity furniuhed become duo and payable on the tenth day of each month, except when demand for payment la made or the party Is leaving; the city, then In that event, the Burnt; Khali become due and payable un demand, ur on the date of any readlnK. All accounts not pnld on or before the 20th of the month In which they become dm* nhall not receive tl.e discount hut nhall be payable In the Rms* amount. All accounts paid on or before the until of the month In which they become duo shall he payihle In the net amount fixed by this ordinance. Consumer* falling to pay an.v s-t/in due the clly for electricity furnished may he denied further service by the city and the City .Superintendent shall cause said service to he discontinued until all sums due tl.e city My the customer fiir service rendered are paid. Section Three. That each consumer of electricity shall, upini demand, pji y to the City Clerk iif the ci:y of Aluona, liuva. nt least iri.iiti to he held by the City of AlKona, Iowa, as security fm- nyinent of all MIIIIIH <|uc ur to become due said City of Al^ona, Iowa, from said consumer; sitld sum less any sums due the City of Al^ului, luwa, from said consumer, shall be refunded to the party paying same, or his as.NJ^ns. <ui demand when such parly ceases to be a consumer. If a consumer of electricity upmi demand fulls i,r refuses In pa V tile City Clerk of the City of Al^ona. Iowa, nt least to be held by the City ol AlKolla. Iowa, as security for payment of all sums due or to become due Fiild City ,,f AlKona. Iowa, from said cnn- Hiimer. said consumer may be denied furlhel- service by tl.e t'lty and the City Superintendent shall cause H.iid< service to be illscnl) t hilled until said mini demanded by the City Clerk is (laid. .Section Four. That when a residence ur place of business has been dlscmi- necled. a charge of $:t.illi will be made liv the <'il>" for rccmmecllnK said residence «i| place of business. Seel Ion Five. Consumers- ol' chilli. current fur power must slun an agreement to llSe electric eurleilt fiir pu\V- er fur one year at least, and the parties su fallinit to use electric curieiit fur one year for powe,- shall pav t.. the City uf Aluunu, Jowa. as liquidated damaKcs In addition to the amount due and payable fur electric current used. the minimum rate per month fur the months they failed to use electric current tor puwer during said year. Consumers uf current t'ur puwer clianKin^ locations shall \i.i\- tu lie City uf Ahtuna. luwa. the cust tu the Cite uf makiiiK said chaiiKey, Se.tiun Si.\ This ordinance in accordance \viih l.ivr. -shall take cllect ,tnd he in full I'urcu fium and after n.-. I.J.-.II publication. Adopted and passed by the Citv Conn, eil of the City ..I' AlKulia. loiva. lhi> _'iilh day uf April. I'.i:i4. AliAII CAIU.SON. City Clerk. Approved by me tills jGlh day ol A p ril. I!KM. C. I'' SI'KCUT. Mayor. N \N< i; MI. -.•:(.'. An iirdlnance iOsta hJIshiiiK Kllh-s and UcKulai luns fur InslalliiiK Water S.-i- vice. MakinK Connections with Waler Mains, and Fixing Itelilals and the Collections Thereof, and I'l o vidin )t; a IVn- uliy fur Tlie Yloluiloii Thereof. !!!•: IT' i iltliAlNKIl |!V Till-: CITY COI'NCII. OK THK IMTY UF AI.fJilNA. IOWA: Seetiun One. That the lulluwiim rules and icisulaliuns shall he cun.-id- eid a pan uf the cunuact \vith c\i'i> person vviiu takes water supplied !.v tile ('its' uf AlKona, luwa. thruuKh the city water wurks. and every such pel.sou Wlio takes Mat. r shall he cunsld.-re.l as having e\pl .'.--sed Ills aXleclllelll lu lit; bound (hereby. In this ordinance the words "Wat.i \\oili.-" ur "I'ily U'aler Works' shall lne;in tl.e Ciiy uf AlKuna. luwa. ailing: ll.lulIKh its cjuallfled ujjicels. Section 'l'v\u. That aupll(-at ions l.ii wat.r service cunnectiuns must h. niaile in \vritliiK to the Sniieriiiteiid.-iii uf VVati-r \\"urks by the owner or a^- elit uf the prupelty lu be served. Su. h application shall slate the ulilelul huur-e nuiiiber ur numl-erti of tlie premiss I" be served, the si/.e uf the pipe rcqim- i-d and Ihe approximate ii.cation ulure such service will enter the pi.ini.-.. s Taps or connections to tin- water maius will then be made by tl.e City Water Wurks at the following; cost. Twenty Inillui-M (120.1)0) for each tap up tu one and one-half inch iri size, provided liowevcr. that where a service r,.juiie^ more than one tap the cost uJi! be One Dollar (JJ.OO) for each addiliun- i*l tat/, Jf more than one tap is require.] by the service. TupB Bhall be paid for before they will be made. Larger connections will be mude at the uctual cost of labor and materials, plug 10 per cent for over-head expense. No tan.- or connections to the water mnlns- shnll be made hy .inyorie except fln anthorJx- r-il emp'oyee of the City Water Works. The waier tap includes the tapping of the ninin nnd extending the service tu the established curh line. iThe cost of taps arc figured from the center of the street). The City Water Work" shall run the complete service from m.iln to meter, and tiie change from curb line to the moter will be at ;idn:il cost plus. 1" per cent for over-head expenses. Section Three. That the layine of rill service ,-onnect ions and pipes, s.-i- tinij of wnter service tlxtnrts hi streets public grounds ami in prttnis-. s- served by city water, shall be made hv cmployocR of'the City Wnter Works, m- by duly license,! plumbers. Section Four. That nfler ri service connection has been laid, no plumber or other person shall mnke any attachment or connection to it to serve uther. premises so ns to connect the same with the wnter system, unless he shall procure a written permit from tin- Superintendent of Water Works spedfy- InK the pnrtleulnr additions, repairs, ur nlterfUions to he made, nnd shnll perform such work in conformity with such permit nnd the ordinances of t In- City nnd rules nnd regulations uf the City Wnler Works. Section Fl'-e, ,\ o consumer shnll ho permitted to conduct wnter pipes across lots or Inilldlnps to ndjoinitiR premises, hut «M Kervfre- pipe shnll he Mid on streets, alloys, or pnhlh; ground to the premises to he. served, /ind enter nt the front or rear of the building the mnin. Section Six. That there shnll he sep- nrntc service pipe Inid from the main to ench bulldinc wherever there Is n wnter mnin Inid In front or renr of such hnlldlnprs. Sue).- service pipe shnll ho laid In n straiisht line at riKht nnKles to the wnter main, nnd connection mnde within two lines drawn parallel to the sides of the bull.line to he served ov within three feet thereof. Where ser- X'lces nre Inid to premises where there nre no wnter mains availnhle for direct connections, n small temporary mnin will he permitted to he Inid. ns hereinafter provided tinder "Temporary Mnlns." In nil cnses each hulldlnR served must have an independent sci- vtce shut off. Section Seven. Thnt a curb hox nnd shut off for controlling the supply of wnter to consumers shnll be nlaeed on every service. Wht-n connections nre trade In streets or nvp.mi"s the stop box shnll he placed twelve Inches outside the sidewalk or sidewalk line on the street side: and when m.ide In alleys It shall he placed twelve Inches nutsldn the lot line. The cover of snld stop box shall he maintained nt the same holglit ns the side walk or the surrounding ground. Where area walls or curl) lines prevent tl.e location of stop box and shut off at the point Indicated, they shall ho placed Immediately within the nrea wnll or curh line. All slop boxes must he set on n. line <Irnwn at rlftht n miles to the mnin through the service corporation or connection In the mnin. Kvery service pipe must also have a stop and waste placed In the building within nine Inches of the point where the pipe enters the building. Said stop must have a handle or wrench attached to turn the same, and must he kept In working order at all times so that the water may be shut off by the occupant of the premises. There shnll nhso lie a te vnlve placed at the outlet side of the water meter not more than three feet from the meter, so that the meter can he taken out or replaced without draining: the pipe system. In the building. All stop cocks on the line of service must have round ways of the same diameter ns the pipe with which they nre placed, and with proper handles for turning on and off. nnd of ninkn and pattern approved hy the Superintendent of Wnter Works. The stop box used shall be of a design approved by the Superintendent if Water Works, and must have an unobstructed opening at least one and one-half Inches In diameter and fitted with a substantial cover on which shall ho marked the word "Water" or the letter "W. The outside shut off nnd stop box shnll he under the sole control of the City Water Works and no one except an employee or person specially authorized by the City Water Works shnll open the cover of such box, or turn on or off the wnter. Provided, however, that licensed plumber* may turn on or off the water for tenting plumbing or making repair*, but whenever so used the shut off rnunt hn left cloned If found closed, and open Jf found open, hy the plumber who uses it. The stop box on every service must be kept Hush with the surrounding ground or sidewalk surface, and musi he visible from the sidewalk. The stop box nnd shut oft must be kept In good condition and ready for use at all times by the owner. Should the owner neglect to maintain such box and shut off In proper condition to be used, ami It- stop box Is found to he filled up. or the Mup hux or shut off found to lie out uf repair at any lime, the Cilv Water Works shall have the right to dean or repair the same when needed without giving notice, and charge the cust hereof tu (hi- oivner. and if pavmcnt Is refused mav turn off the water in the set-vice null] the same Is juiid. )whers uf premises having water services which du nut have separate curl, stup cocks and boxes fur ouch building r which uthcrwiMc du not conform tu the iciiulrcmcntM uf this Ordinance at the time ,,f lt« passage shall he icquir- l lu pill In such curb stup , uek »r lake other changes us nre nceessnrv i conform tu these rei|Ulremelits when "n IllBll'Ueted by tile Hll peril! t emlen I uf Water Works. •Vetloii lOlglit. That portion of the u'arer service pipe fruin the water main Ihe stup hux up to une and line- half Indies in six,, inclusive, must he li'hl uf lead pipe, brass, brun/e or cup- r pipe; for two inches ur over it must lie laid uf standard weight Class C cast Irun pipe. hraHH, hrull/.e iir cupper pipe Lead pipe used must have Ihe follow- 1 Ing minimum weights; •% Inch. ;t '-j nnds; 1 Inch. 4 ! ?i pounds; 1 1.4 Inch. (', n4 pullllds; 114 Inch. :i pullllds per fuut. ami he laid In such manner and uf such surplus, length as tu prevent breakage ur rupture hy settle! it. lirass. brun/.e ami cupper pipe and llt- KH used shall be uf such strength tl thickness as tu safeiv withstand a pfissnrc uf tuu hundred puiimis per n:,i,- Inch. Copper pipe used III service connet- uis stall he cold drawn seamless tubing Ivilli a proper bending tempt i so that a full seetlun shall withstand I.- Illg belli cold through I Ml degrees U-ilh- t i la.Klhu un Ihe ulitside ul tile bttil iliuii iiruuii.l ii pin the diameter uf wliich is one and une-halt times the inside diameter uf the cupuer pipe. The plllilv uf tlie cupper Used shall be al 1st II iliel v-It i lie and nine- telll l.s I'.lllfl) per cent, ami slali have a tecsile • tiength uf ;ti, null puiinds per sijiiire ndi with a minimum ctuiiKat ion on.- nth in fuur inches. The minimum veighls anil thicknesses- ut cupper si r .lee pipe per fuut length shall he as ulluws: a4 Inch, weight " ,i I puiinds thickness ll.HI',", Inches, 1 indtis, wd;;hl :is piuinds. 1 liiek ii.-.-s n it,'.:, ic.ii.-s. : Inches, weight. lIKili pullllds. Ililck- ~- n in;:, indies; 1 >v Indies, weight ila puiinds. thickness li.oTj Inch.-2 Indies, weight, 1'lllJJ piuinil'.-. Iliidi ss I,.,is:i inches; I.' lij Inches; Weixlll. iij~ pounds, thickness no.-.;! indie.-. All joints In the lead s.-ivl.e pipe tu uf the kind termed "Ftanuc Ciiit.n' Nu water servito pipe or tap lor auv ill.lint,' shall lie less thaa 11.fee- Tia i - ttis in. I. In diameter. Section Nine. When t fit-it- are lie., u inure services .>n premises the |up- IIK iron) e.ith .service musi ,,, l{,-j>i .--.;' irale. nnd no cunnecliun math.- t'luni ol.e u Il.e uther. S. tliun Ten. That s.-rvi.e piues nm.-t i." laid at lelist five anil ulle-lu.ll feel below llie surface ut the iiruund. When pipes are laid ill Streets or uromi.i- s-llbjci I lo llx.-d giudch where 111" fir- fa, e .d Ihe ground is hlule-r Ilian Hi established grades. 1 hi v shall be su laid lliev will be al least tiVc and uu. I..ill' feet I.eluW tl.e cMUblishi-d grade •Seel lull F.lcvcll. All service pipes and lixlures from tlie fctrect water main tu the pi eliiises. inclndillK. the "u'-liul .1 I It .u co.-ks at I lie main shall be. in.-'lallc.l :-lld imi! nla llie. 1 al tlie e.\p.l;s- of li.. oul.tis, and any h-;^ks or olh.-r del. . i .:i. ti.e same shall b.- |.rum|il 1 y t.-piilied by il.e Cilv Water Wurks I >cparlii»-ni and the expense ineuiletl thel l,v hi,ill he « i.aiMed aKain.-l such owner. Section Twelve. The Citv uf Ali;un:i. luwa. shall nut he '.dd r.-s viuus i;,!,- i,\ reason uf the lireaking uf any s.-rvi-e |.l|ie ur aplMiulus water coil, or for failure in the supply uf wait-:-. Sedloll Thirteen TtlUt 'ill ser\;'.pipes: that may become U-scKSs le.aus. f hiving uf larger ur other in-v. s. i- ;c,-s. ur becauae watei will nu Imu- r • lls,-,l th-'tll'^ll tllllll. IllUSt b,' bcllll- anentiy ciuhtd off ut tiie "Water main at tlie expense of the UWIier uf the If u service nipc ur cunnectiuu which is nut being uhed, hs found tu L-c K-.ik- ing, tlie City Water Works may without notice, repair or turn off tl'»; t,.j.'.i-, and charge the expense thereof tu th.: .,wn- er ol tht; property for the cun- lu'ction H'au aiud^.-. tiun Fonrleeii the Citv 01 AlgunK. r:--*-.-,\,* i!.. itutu .., .,,.,. H,,,,.. wh.-n tic. ,-•-•;,r\ . without noli.,- |u shut Ihe win.-r ,,;T j,-s- m.iins for tlie purpus.- f making T.'i.aiis or exleiisions ur for HUT .-md no daims shnll I." made ,ic.:ih,.t Hi,, ciiv ,.,- \l.-01111 liv reason of Hi" 1., , .!!(;,..;,. ,,, .-,„, ... , , .... I")" 1 '" s.-ivli ,.-!(. ,,,- from anv oili.-r iiliiM.- H-at mav i.'snll fnun shilling l w:i|. i i,,, repniriiiK, laving ur re \ing innin-i. hy.lianls or uther eon diuns The cjiy Water Works shall n.lili.Uis ale such t'.al il is pie-sibl.. When \v:i!er is -.-hnt .-IT for making Tails in |ir"lnis-,s- havinc; waltr leat- " e.iils in lii-atei •-. eonsiimeis should turn off Ihe water at Ihe has, -incut Inn ..ff nnd open a faucet in Hi.. li,,t will.! pipe nnd leave il onen mull wat- i- is- turned on. in order to protect 'iPilll: llllll tivlllri-S from excessive pit's- -ul-e from hut waler ur stenin. Section Fifteen. That pipe Inid Itni- lori.rily in streets where there are no win.-I- mains must In- laid i n the line where water mnins will be laid In the future, mid if under four inches in sl».e must be double strength calvnnl/c.l Iron pipe. Four inch pipe ur larger must be c.-ist Iron pipe. Tempornry mnlns shall • Inid nt tl.e expense of the party to • served through snme. Section Sixteen. That tin- application for water must be made by the owner nf the premises to be served ur hy his authorized ngcnt. to the Superintendent of the City Wnter Works, stating the street and number where such wnter Is desired, nnd shnll be made upon blanks furnished by the City Wn- ter Works for this purpose. If the meder Is to be installed In a new or remodeled hoildlnR ur structure, the applicant must notlfv tl e Superintendent of Water Works, nnd If all charges for water previously furnished ,,r to be furnished at such premises by the City Wnter Works have been paid, and if a suitable pine.- Is provided for the meter, then the Superintendent of the Water Works shall cause n meter to he set nnd the water to he turned on to the stop Inside (he Imsement where the owner or oeenuati' iiny turn on the wafer Into the plp- ng system and fixtures of tl.e premises. Proper record ,*im! account if end: •oi'sutner shnll lie mnde In the Cltv Clerk's office. Section Seventeen. Thnt In turning on water the Cltv e,r Algona or the •My Water Works shnll not be responsible for any damage Hint mny uc- n r hy reason of Improper fixture- pen or Improper connection:!, ur for inv other cause or cnuses. Section Kightcen. That owners or consumers desiring to discontinue i ho use of wnter slcitl give notice thereof n writing to the Superintendent uf Water Works nt the Water Works Of- Tee who shall then cause tie wnter to be turned off nnd the meter reinov- 1. W.'ifcr rents or charges for services hall he made until such notice Is given. When water service hi discontinued all ivaier rentals for suc.l servp .- shall be- cnme due and pavnbie. When n-.tter «i rvlce is again desired lifter In/iii-i lieen discontinued, n charge of one ,).d lar shall he made for turning on water nnd renewing service. Section Nineteen. consumers shnll prevent unnecessniy w'lisir of wn- er nnd keep all water oi:M.-ts closed when not In actual use. If unnecessary waste of water takes places ihe CITV W'atcr Works reserves the right to cut off the supply. The Cily Wntir Works reserves the right to' prohibit !he use of wnter for yard sprinklers, elevators and large consumers of water when In the judgment of the City It shall be necessary to do so. Section Twenty! That nil water furnished consumers shall be metered. and all meters shall be furnished and set hy tlie City Wnter Works, but owners must provide suitable location in plfdnj; system for same. Meters shall be pine, ed on service pipe not to exceed two feet from the wnll where snoh pipe enters the premises. There sln'll be a stop and waste between the meter and wall, and a suitable place nrovl.leil for the meter so as to keep it drv and clean, and readily accessible at all times to the meter reader and inspectors of the Water Works. A gate valve shall also be placed on the. pipe on the outlet side of ilie meter not more than three feet from the net.jr. Ali valves nnd fittings necessary to comply with these requirements nnd to provide connection to meter, except u coupling or tlnnge ut each end of meter, shall be provided by tho owner .if Uio promises to be server!. For services larger than two inches In diameter Hie City Water Works reserves tlie right to Install two or more metei-N of smaller si/.e. Where meters are so place,l each meter shall have n valve or shut off on both Inlet and outlet pipe In addition to llio basement shut off. Where the service pipe used Is larger than two Indies In diameter, tl plumber sliall call /it the Water Work fflce for lust ructluns regarding th fittings and space to be provided for tlie water meters. In case that two or more meters nre lesired fur measuring water tu dHYer- i-nt tenants In tho same building frum une service cunnectiun, they shall be su placed that nu one uf them shall measure water which has passed ihruugh iinuthcr one. Section Twenty-one. Tint the Clly of Alguna will furnish water meters lu the rtinsunier at actual cust plus III per .-nt and Installation charges. In all cases: where mefersi are broken tr damaged by ItegllgelJ. e of owners ur /c, llp.'lllt.s of premises, ur h.v free/Ing. lint water, ur uther injuries except llu: uccessaiv wear ami fcur. the necessary repairs tu the meter shall lie mad.- bv the Citv Water Wurks and the cust ,,!' sin-ii repairs, paid fur by such uwner or iccnpant. and in case payment there- it is neglected or refused, the Water supply shall he turned off and shall ml be turned un tint!) full pavmcnt has ..•en mailc. tugetler wllh One liolhir II no i for t-irning' un the water again, liamnged meters may he repaired h'.' he Waler Wurks wlliiuiit (tint giving luliec thereof tu the uWllel' uf ple- nises served by such meter. Kveiy but water heater, and hut wat- •r stui'age tank must have a check valve un the supply pipe line and a suitable relief V.llvc ..II the ilisthalgt, ie ,,.' such heater ur tank ,\u one sh;,j| in anv way liiferferc will, the prupcr ut a wa- i-r liu-ler. and nu une ,-\cept an ami • rl/.ed enipluycc uf the Water Winks -hall break a Heal ul a meter, pi. - vi.b d. liuwevcr. lhat tiie .Superintend in uf Witter \\'ork.s may ^lanl \\ill- en pi lllllts III licensed pllllllbelS III ase uf t lUergcIICV tu break such seal in dialning pipes ur Mopping water It aks. \\ht-revei- a water mder is installed ill .1 \\alvr service ill plclllises thai Is .. I." I "inudeied. lellluVed or destroyed .1- \\ll.le ll.e service Is llisl ulll 111 Ue.t .u Hull ihe water meter is nu Iiui^.i lei tied. tile uwner ul su, I, pit llllst s •ttilli K'VC notice III WlilioK tu the Sup•i mien.lei,I uf Water Wurks lu r.-niuMi •in li mi ler, and free at less lu Midi u. I- i must tit pruvidcd al least tw,-n- \-l.ull Ii-Ujls a t I e r nolle.- IS Kl^'i -n, so l.ti Hie mi-ier may In- i cmov t d. M.-1-IS .-o taken Wlli he held in storage lu !,. i It.Ill uf the UWIler. S.'ll.'ll 'i'\v fill ;.'-t \Vo. ill case tlltle is lulll.I a.s tu llie act-Ill, i.v ot 11 \witel iieler on the part ut tiie cons inner lu- na> have Ihe Illeler tested by III.- Cltv i.i Works, al which test he may be ui have a l cpreseiitut iv»- |.M- •-ellt if he hu desireb, and II the III. t. I - i..und lu register within -' per i.-nt if being curreci, a charge uf nfiy cents •vili tie made tu pay tui a part ut the ul."l- l.u making such tests. If ih.- n. i* r is f'.uiul tu meas u i,.- mure ihan \\. i p.r cent im un a-ei ly, n,. .hargi -hall l»- made lor JllukillJi Hie lest. II m-tir slluuld lie tuUIld lu u \ er- I c^ i -t. I Hole lhail IWU per cellt thill- Shall be i |.t ..p. u 1 lona 1 iK-dueiiun made from the lle\ lulls Wilier bill. A walel III. It 1 •ball h" led tu l-egister sali.-f.ic . U I I '.- \\hell il ll-glslel's Within t U u IJ ..•r . "ii I I ii.-r cent of a. i. u i at v S. cliun TwL-nt.. -tin i.-e 'I'!.at all u.i- i-r i'ullllslied by ll...- Cllv uf AlK'-l'.' luwa. lu culislini.-l.s .-lull" he suppiud ugh meters and Ihe monllil.. lai" a.h .-onsuim-i i.--ai,i liu-lu.l. , • Ta \ and I'. S lei ^ el mu.-l, l 'i'a .'. i sliall I.,- as follows: Filst _'<'IUJ , ul..|e (,-"( ;; •', [., I 1 ..../ , I, -I. I.-ct. )•> Second L'11,11, , ulU ,ll.|e I, . I , n .T jiu.H) t 1,1.jc I I. feet l'/..v bled, that the I'ulluWinK Ininin, 11111 u.nlhly rules sluill applv wii.-n ll.. unsiimptiun at the uhuve iul.-s do.., ..I "<iua! the aiuuunis .1- full..\vs. u." .'I Meter Minimum Munlhl- Installed l;,,l..- n inch tu -U indi J t..'. i Inch tu 1 Inch l.Uil 1 inch tu 1U inch 1 r.ii 1 '-.. inch tu i; Inch -1 n,l J inch tu :>. In.-h :t.(iu ; iii, h 10 4 iii'.ii r, uu .-.r •) Invli i I, Oil lillg Watt.1 .-er\lt." I, 11 la Is t!;" JUVe rates shall lie itpplnd :,ep.ira!dV i (he cvtnrtumt.tiun of cadi ind.-r ui un the total of a fcc-t of Uleteis if plated un one service pipe in ptiialicl bu 'is 1'ipe. S-. ' ( ..n Tw. nt >•- f.-uir service sliall be divl.hd ." namely. "Mumestf"" ll". Services ll.l\ tnu "11" v.|.-t. : ..- iu. ii ,-r "mn Her .'u -< ••• -• r , -. i , te dwi Illngs shall b" ..-iis-iii.•!. d I'•• sii.-'. and all tifher s-.-i \-j. . •- -i,-:i i- siu p;l I ed "I 'onllller. ia I .Vdcr.s' on "Cuminci cia ! ' ^1-11 :.• •'..:' !u- read monthly, nnd n bill f.u \vai- , ise.l during the previous month shitl I..-.-, me dm- nnd paynb!" Mven'x da \ s tier L nci n :oli ng. Melt-i-s ...l ••|>ume?tic" :--.-I\-i..- '.-!.:.l] be rend cvcrv two monlhv-- ; IM.I :t luh for ^-nt.M' used durine. the pt -,.%-ioii-: t v\ .. months s'hllll heeulne .111" and l.,l\.i'-!. tu-elit\ da\s after sin h readln,: If n hill has nut been paid « !•' n, ten da v s after it h -no s d l t-avalde (he water may li" shu! , I'l I "Mil tilt 1 premises Mint wh> 11 so -.fin. ff fium Ihe premises si,ill mu ...- ininitl on ngnin until all wal.-,- I.MV I all other charges due for s.|vi..-s [o the c.insiimel . loirdhei uilh M-U I»oilar for tlirnlntr on the water ha- I .-in paid. Water will I.e in. I,,-,i ,.,, nlv tluring regular \\uvkinc lu.iii . All bills fur water rents and ull.-i ,-i\-;ets ere payable unlv at th.- u" 1 .-. f tlu city Clerk. Seetiun Twenty-five. That vill be made to coiis-umeis \\-lu. ha\" paid water rents in advance when th. \e Tu.tice In writing at tie Wat"i Works Office to discontinue service nl th.- premises for which rents have been , naf.l nnd v.i'tfr not t« the MIII nit of such ;i.iyment. nnd the am- mt su refunded shnTThe based mi Hi" a.nuunt t»f wnter nst il uf Hit- ,i,u>\>cr- 1 time for which -ulvnii,-, 1 t>n \-ineii' l:a. b 'en made. V> refunds on water leiil.'i'-; shall I... read, on account of the pienos-'-s 'i.n- Ing beeji \-aennt or no water use,), unless- water hns been shut off bv the city iter Wurks upon \vrltten re>|iiesi uf tl<- uwner ur consumer. Section Twenty-six. That water service accounts shall be kept 111 llie name of the owner of the proper! v served ,11,1 tilily such uwner Shall be 1 eeumi I'/-" 1 [is the eunsimier. except where ihe tenant makes 11 deposit uf an amount of mev 111 the Cltv Clerk's Office e.pml tu Hie estimated wnter bills for Hie premises tu be served, to gun rn lit ee pnv- ment for wntor service, but In no ease shall such deposits be less than Three Mollars <t". (10). Where nu deposits are made the owner „! I).,, premises served slinlt he held responsible fur the pnvmcni ,,f all wnler rentals nnd wll uther proper charges In connection with water service tu his tenants or premises, lint •h payments will lie accepted frum tenants If tendered bv them, but ae- •eptlng payments from tenants shall lot Sllbse,|lieiitly relieve the owner frum the responsibility .if paving wnter rentals ur other service charges when Ie. Section Twenty-seven. Thnt service connections wliich nre to he used exclusively for supplying water tu extinguish lire may he granted upon I lie following conditions: 1. Application fur such connection shall In- miide in writing by the uwn- uf the premises to he .served, or his legal representative on n form furnished hy ih,. Water Department which shall Include Ihe provisions of this seetiun. •1. The applicant must furnish with the application n complete and correct drawing or set of drawings, showing the location of the premises to be supplied, together with location of all valves, pipes, hydrants, tanks, sprinkler heads, and other appurtenances on the premises, the plans to remain the properly of the City of Algona. The applicant shall nlso agree to furnish the Water Works with drawings showing revisions to piping nnd appurtenances whenever the same are made. n. All lire service connections shall be Installed by the Water Works from the street main to a point lust Inside the wall of tiie building or lu the lot line where buildings are set hack from the lot line. The owners shnll pa y tin- cost of the labor and materials' for such extensions, and ten per cent additional to cover overhead expense. All repairs to the service pipe between street main and the hnlhllng shall he done by the Wnter Works at tlm expense of the owner. The Water Works shall reserve the right to limit tho size of tire protection services where tlie ntrcet mains are of such size as to make It necessary In order to protect the public Interest.. If morn than one service Is installed to the name prnmlKCH the pip- Ing system of one sliall not be connected wllh the other, except by special permission frum (he city Cuiinei upon recuinmendatlim of the Superln- te -lit uf Water Wurks. (. No water shall be drawn from the tire service pipes for any purpose whatever except fur the extinguishment uf tires, and no connection shall be made hetu-ecn the fire service pipe system and the regular water supply of the ami valves on those outlets drain cocks, etc.. placed on the pip,.' svsteni shall be of a siyi,. Miat can he sealed by ihe Water Works Superintendent, and when any .wu,.), v.-ilvc or cuck is upclicd. the owner or ucelipant ol (he |,remises shall nidify the W liter I leparlinent so that the snme can lie resell led at once This paragraph Is nul lu he eunslriicd as pruh I hi 11 ng a rea- sumible use uf waler fur lire drills draining uf a system to prevent frcey.- ing ur uther reasonable use In connection wilh proper fire protection All lire prut,.cthin svstems •.'np- plied uilh water frum cltv services shall b, supplied exclusively with such tcr an,| nt, coiiiiediun shall he a I- ' ' ' ' 'I' e..- . 1 ,|1| I III. i.-ft >'V H" Snpel IntePtlCtM of I'M i I n,< n f. \V)M> -,vii J \-f-ir ''•> v Inc tir ,: n, „ f,,,,,, !1 "d t,- or r.-n- ' '• !'i" Sntu rni l.'cden t all " H't loi inakluir tli.. •d anv i.if.,, u,.-,,1,-,,, ,.,,„ . •- :i Mi- t lei t ! 1:" \- ,,i ;( v , ,. , v In am .-axe when Hie owner ,,,• ue.-'ili.'iiils' of ;lnv promts,.„ .,,,, r.imol lu I... using wnler from n the s,.|. v |,,,. r '"' "I!,.,' p lupuses than (ire iirutrr- tion. the water shnll be shut off from same, mull the ulTeiulcrs shall riv.. reasonable assurance before the Cltv Council, that the offense will not bo repented, and a chnrce t.f One llollnc will be r<>.mired for turning the wntor on art,.,, it has been shut off fur thl^ cnilse. A s ' ""' violation of this rule will be considered s.ifTidcnt cause for outllnjr the service off at the main an,I refusing It. reconnect same while the offender occupies the premises i, „- ,, ,.'"'" '" pnv "•" °" ot of Installing he Ire service. ,i r anv subsequent repairs thereto, within thirty davs after ca'i'is',T'' f '',[.' t ,' l ' f """ ''"' "' m ' 10 "iirTlclent the supply. " "' " " ' P flnm The Cllv Water Works reserves the rich! nl anv ||,ne to require ||,e owner of Hie premises supplied to fllrnlsi, ami Install, ,,t his expense and under .he direction of the Superintendent of \\aler \\urks. an approved wnler meter and lo keep the same In accurate operating condition Section Twcntv-etirhf. That when n temporary service is desired by contractors and builders for water' to be used uu constructive w,,rk they shnll m:. lie application to the Superintendent of Ihe Wnler Works, nnd deposit. "'"',' ,"'" ''"- v "'"tor Works, the sum' of Mite.-n i»l.Min> Dollars for a swlnr meier i,i he used un such services F'ro- vided. however, that 111 lieu of a cash deposit, the application mny he signed bv three freeholders of Algona ns sureties who will guarantee payment <u such water service charges.' and tho return of (he meter In good order The charges for such water servlco shall be at the snme rate ns other services. Ineliiding minimum monthly charges. No one shnll use water that • not measured by a meter furnished by the Wntor Works. All swing meters shall be returned to the motor room of tho Water Works he- fun- November first of each' year for reading and test. A penalty'of Five Dollars ($r,.0(l| per month shall bo charged for swing meters that nre not returned as above specified. Seetiun Twenty-nine. Thnt no consumer sliall supply water to other persons nor suffer them to tnke It except special permission from Ihe Muper- ntendont or his agents. Where such >crmlsslnn Is granted, the owner of ho service from which the water Is aken shnll bo responsible, for payment if the rates. Section Tl.lrlv. That on premises vhen- water Is supplied Irom two loiirces. the clly water being one ul' hem, the piping system for the city .valor musi he entirely separated from hut of the other source. If other than •Ity water Is (o he furnished to the pre- nlpep previously supplied with city wa- er, Ihe owner or his plumber must give notice at the office of the City Wntor Works, when ho will make this •hnnge nnd, must also cut olt the cltv water at tin- corporation coc.k and ills- •ouneet the service pipe. Premises now having direct connection between the city water supply nd anuther supply .shall forthwith dls- unnect the same. Section Thirty-one. That the Superintendent or nny other officer or employee of the Wnter Works shnll ho per- tnlted at all reasonable hours to enter the premises or buildings of consumers for tho purpose of rending meters p.n<l to exnmlno the water pipe and fixtures, niiii the manner in which wnter Is used. The Waler Works reserves the, right to set or remove a meter, whenever It IH deemed advisable to do NO. .Section Thirty-two. That no person, save and except members of the Fire Department of the Cily of Algomi. Iowa, or employees of the City Water \\urks uf tho city of Algona, Iowa, shall open any hvdrant belonging to said City Water Works. Section Thirty-three. That any violation of this ordinance shall constitute i misdemeanor and ho punishable |>v a line not to exceed One Hundred <f Itiii.fidi Dollars, or by Imprisonment not tu exceed thirty days .Seed,,n Thirty-four. That all ordl- inooN or purls of ordinances In conflict reivllli arc hereby repealed Adopted and passed by the City "l'"".'i i , "'"':".«' "' Alguna. luwa, is ji.ii, day of April. l!l;u. A7>AH CAIU.SO.V Cllv Clerk. , ',',','-'.'','*''''' liv ""' " lifl "'""' <l'iv of Ap- c. F Sl'KCHT. Mayor. MiTiri-: in- iii:\niMi o\ i:-TMii.isiiMi:vr 01- I-IIOIM.SI- - il " ' I, facing tl,,- lolluwi west corner uf said seetiun leu tlul Saltl mad tu be surfaced will, gravel ' of a dlMrlct for Owner '""'"" '" ""•""'" <"" '""owing describe,! ,,-,,! ,,.,,„„.. Fred K. .* Civ.a S Ken, ' " M '"^,!-'; M *""• Tw "- I"'"B» Fl ed F. .V Clyta ri. Kent .' N'^'^I'M ill - ".'! : ' (1 \nne I.. I'lirdy NVVl- "* ! l.-wd M. l.ari-un w « * <M-V- The Nurlhwestern Mutual I '.i f ',- "l „ V, ^ hW -* 1U F Al ll\i a nkce. \\ I I'hi' Nul Ihwestelll Mllllliil lllf,. Ins 'u. uf Mihv.iukcc, \\ Is I'lle Nul HlWeslel II Mutual hifi-' In,' 'u, uf Milwaukee \\'l^ I. A. Meliunabl ' . ' ". aid peiium, win ,,,„,,. ,,i,';,,; at their office in the ,,,ult I.UIIM- i NI'J-4 '''"* l " tt ' 1 ' 1 Ituaiti of Supervlsui s n,,. i,,,,, daV'uf Ma;vi!,vi,";;,;;-;;;:;; nme'^'pe.'uuV'i,;! 1 ,--, 0 , 1 ,;' 1 '' 1 ' 14 '•• M «» pear ami be I,,,,,I in lh,mall,, P'lsuns Inlciestcd therein may up- li.iled ut Alguna, Iowa, this 101), ,|a y of April, Il/.ll. 17-1S i: •' lll'TI.KIt. County Auditor. MITICIO <ii'- III:\IIIM; os i:s i AIII.IMIMI-.N ( . ,,!•• M:<OM,A,,V 110*11 I,,VIHI, i- N !, J» 3 ^Y;,e'f;;;S^ J («-K 1 ii Ji IUK a I I ht- stnj ( t, vvi-Ht < ui lu r of <•-< i im. r «i~ " ( , , , • <•'»• '•• 'I,,- „.„, l.u, M tuuie, 'I! si,,d 's,,,,,,, V running ,,ur,h Said load lu be suilaeed Wllh Mlavel Said .llsll id lo ii, dud.- the following leal estate; . i"'.\l! '-li.rsur, . . N-'"'l!,','!",'".' , f vu -,- S "' T«'P. Kangc Kllie I. liubinsun & \ i; Itubinsoii' . S 74 tlu' A 'uf N W '] '* "'"",- ' J . '?. It III. V llalei .................... -'W'i el. I'v .......... H.e Nuilhwe.-teii, Mutual l.if,- Ins. J ............... " K ' w! 'c.iidw,ii "::":.'::: ......... ^F'.XI-; .................. 1 '^'. '••" Dated at Algol,.,, luwa. this. ITlli day uf Aplll. I'jlt i: .1- HMTI.IOIC. <*uujity Auditor. \OTICI: in-' MI-: SKI OMIAIIV I1IIAII ItlSTKII T" Nil "'isl -Noll-'.- is h. r, hy giicn II,a! liuie |,as be. II til,,I la tl,,- v autlii.u- ,.r Is'.s.-uih Coimiv. a |,eiii,,,ii f,,r H.e eslahlis'luut lluiiug H," J.'!|..ujug d..-.jil,,,J s. , uiidm v IUIL.I- lh" -uuth. ,,-t corner i.rsectlun l2-!i:,.-Xali 11 i;i,aii.r iiiiles i ] -'- t t. Alsu beginning ai (,-,,. ,,,,,,! Saul I .-ad !.. I .- :.,n I:,.-, d S.ild ill.- I i Id L. n.. Ude ih, iu u. r I..hi, i:i-|..-l.i!',i; J F. Cllinuie'.lh SaleI. I -. I., I... lh,« I. . II Hol.-lli,-. s ..U t-. ilfe .•.•hi I' Manilas N Coin.,,:.n . . N. l:..| liul.i, ,;!! A. .ijn.'tt \'h U .1 1 L-, k. i •: il I...UK. • -:. F. ll.ihm I-:. K li.'ihm . . F. Kal.iu . - id.u " .Ma v. .•| M.i ."i- l.-:udo|c Mav. r ) and 1. C. II.LH.S. n | Sand, is .lain- Il.ittle,- K!- "II Hul.-lleU.-i. S ihj lu 111" estat-- uf Kuht rink Jo.ieph Aman ulTice (, f the co . N : .: NK', e\ liy . N'KU NVVi, 4 X ,,f .S' ; Nl-;i 4 N ,.f K-,s '-j N i-;', s u f i: v .SF.'J NW'i ...:, NK U NWli s ,,i WI L \W' 4 v.x Ky. NI-: ! J i:,i.-t ^ l.v 0 A NU' ', I'uted ut .tlt,.."-i. ,.- , 6 il.:- l.'tli day uf April, 1'j.U. li- -I BHTl, K R County Auditor.

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