The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 3, 1934 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 3, 1934
Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa, May 3, 1934 YOUNG HERD IS HIGH IN COUNTY TESTING ASS'N Dreyer, Schoby, Patterson Herds Also Bank Near Top for Month A. W. Young, four miles <nst of Algona. was high for month of April, c R. Schoby hns the four high cows, ac- esrding to the report made by Chester Benson, tester for the Kossiith No. 1 Cow Testing Association. Following is the average milk and buterfat production of the five high herds In the association: Milk Butterfa A. W. Young. 6 cows 1068 36.8 A. A. Dreyer. 8 cows ..1093 35.9 C. R. Schoby, 27 cows 1023 35.3 Mrs. Elsie Dreyer. 19 rows . 873 30.7 J. M. Patterson. 26 cows 890 30.0 Following is the buttcrfat production of the six high cows: Butterfat Nigger, owned by C. R. Schoby .. .7R.O Rcso, owned by C. R. Schoby .. .S3.5 Floss, owned by C. R. Schoby .. .60.9 Ruby, owned by C. R. Schoby .. .57.1 Pontiac Shylock, A. A. Dreyor .57.0 Patsy, owned bv C. R. Schoby .56.1 The cow making the highest income above feed cost was Nigger, o" - ned by C. R. Schoby. $12.83. The herd making the highest average income rwr C0 w above feed cast was, A. W. Young's S4.92. KOSSUTH FARMS AND FOLKS Ward McWJiorter, Lonfa Smith and Edward Allen, Field Representatives (By Louis Smith) John Drew was not (n sight the other day when I drove Into his yard on his place about six miles north of Bancroft, but a little fellow said daddy was in the machine sh?d. Had quite a time locating him at first, as he was In a triple box wagon, tipping and butt- Ing seed corn and with good weather he ought to raise a bumper crop this k'ear. —o— Charles Hansen is one of the old ime farmers located in the Bancroft erritor.v. Charles began farming in 1895, four miles north of Bancroft, and moved 22 years ago to his present lo- :ation on the north edge of Bancroft. He has a fine house and well cared for lot of 15 acres. During the course of our con versa/I Ion, I spied sotnetWng hat looked like an automobile, and e Informed me that it was a 1909 Jefery Rambler, a two cylinder outfit with lie motor under the middle of the car, nd operated by a cliain drive. He aid that at one time th? machine was apable of traveling about 40 miles p our. and that he had never had uncture lay find while driving it. Charles his auto mighty valuable Now is the time to begin thinking about next, winter's supply of hay. If your alfalfa patch killed o'ut, sov benns makes a very good substitute hav crop It Is next to alfalfa in feeding value and Is equal to it in protein content. Granzow Rehired J. F. Ornnzow has been reengaged for snoth-er year to teach music in the Cor- wlth school, following two successful years at the work. The election was »nade by the board last week. me time when some pioneer celebra- on is looking for old cars for a pnr- dc. Although the pasture and oats crop do not look so good to Henry Fox. four miles north of Bancroft, he finds that quack grass seems to be as thriving a.= ever, and he has decided to even things up a little by patches of th- inking grass. out the worst He was fixing Trees at Mawdsleys Irvington: Clarence MawdMev motored to Hampton last Friday and purchased som-e evergreen trees and shrubbery from the Earl Ferris Nursery Co. replacing dead ones that h-e had previously set out on his farm home H. N. Kruse i Iowa State Bank Building. :j Insurance i; Loans :| Surety Bonds Ask Us About Our Aetna Accident Tickets "Insure In Sure Insurance" Phone 123. up his two row corn cultivator when I drove in. and we had a pleasant visit. L. C. flatten and his sons are farming a half section about five miles northeast of Bancroft. I had ommit- ted to copy his name down on my list. and wn.s therefor? furorised to flnd that he was taking The Upper Des Moines. but it was a welcome surprise. Mr. Hatten very hospitabily invited me to remain for dinner if I could eat what they were used to. Just, as (hou<?h I was used to something with a fancy French name, and all I can say is that the Hatten family who are privileged :o sample Mrs. Batten's pies are certainly a lucky group, because she had an apple pie that, makes my mouth water every time I think about it. —o— | Harry Looft was hauling rocks out of a field on his place about eight miles north of Bancroft, and I can't say that I wa.s sorry he was haulin? the load in. because alUiough I would gladly have helped him, if there Is anything I hate worse than rocks it is more rocks. Harry seemed to be catching up on a f?w odd jobs around his farm so that when the weather pets settled ho will bo ready to get at his corn planting. We might add that Harry is one of the aggressive type who has not thrown up the .^ponge nnd said it's no use. —o— Frederick Schultz. Lone Rock merchant, seemed to be doing a thriving business. At least I saw quite a few people around. He was getting in some found a town, which proved to be Gerled. It made me feel pretty sfieepish, until after talking with a "few others that they could recall similar incidents in -their own experience. —o— Wm. Srliadendorf, S !T miles north of Bancroft, has about us nice a set of buildings as I have seen in my travels I stopped there the other day to flnd him busy doing evening chores. A young fellow whose name I did not catch, had just purchased a new car and couldn't g?t it started. ,=o after a few minor adjustments we got it running in flue shape. —o— Most of my notes this week have been from the Bancroft territory, but I did manage to get,over toward Tltonka long enough to see Ted Rike, an old friend and neighbor. Ted is on the place where he was born; the farm his father lomesteaded of 160 acres. Ted batched it for quite a few years on the home place, but now is a benedict along wtth a lot of the rest of us. He is one of few that I have run across who has his full quota of pigs under the corn-hog allottment plan. Most of the people I meet have reported that they are nowhere near going to make their allotment, as the mortality of litters seems to be running high for some unknown reason. W. B. Leslie and his son, Walter, an ex-service man. are farming a half Etction about three miles west of Lakota. Mr. Leslie was the first postmaster of Ledyard. starting his first term in February, 1889. Although he is 71 years of age. he is still farming the place he has been on for the past 40 jears. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Brhse from near Lafeota trucked a load of potatoes to Des Moines last week. Henry Hoppe batched it while they were gone and took care of th* farm work. Glen farms 160 acres, and plans on putting in 20 acres of potatoes this year. Ed Looffs place is next to the Behse farm. Looft had a mighty fine batch of English Leghorn hens. He told me he sold most of the eggs to the Elmore hatchery. He has about 1.000 chicks, six weeks old, all doing nicely. [resh strawberries when last week. I visited him I should have had a compass or the county engineer along with me one ;vening last week, when I found myself lost just as It was getting dusk. I nquircd the way once, and followed he directions to the end of the road. >ut managed to circle around until I Iowa Safety Week May 6 to 12 CAN YOU STOP? BRAKE ADJUSTMENT on Ttre$tone STHJQO BRAKE MACHINE JHL **** This includes removing front wheels and repairing and refilling with the right kind of grease. CHECK THESE MOTOR VEHICLE SAFETY ITEMS WITH US Pedal Brakes Hand Brake Wheel Alignment Tires Ignition Horn Windshield Wiper Steering G«ar With Karli < '..nj|>lH<- SalVty Test \\Y \\'ill A»i- jusi your Li.uhts Kr.-c of Charge A,-<miing to .State Law with our Ijuilrnduhl Li^ht Tester. Tire Service Co. -VIC" Phone 856. "MAC Farm Adjustment News A dig-est of current development!) In the agricultural recovery program. "Early payment" contracts from the 100 allotment committees in the state have been reviewed by the State Corn- Hog Bcnrd of Review. About 65 of the counties have been .sufficiently in line with the board's averages so early payment contracts could be prepared for forwarding to Washington. • • • Although the AAA will not undertake I the benefit payment dairy production control program for the present, it will continue its study of dairv problems and will be prepared to InitJat-e a program if the dairy industry as a whole can agree on one. according to word received by the Iowa Extension service. • • • Tlv decision to drop the proposed dairy program resulted from a study of regional conference reports and Is In accord with the AAA* fixed policy of not attempting adjustment programs without the expressed Support of a majority. The announcement Indicates that a limited program of diseased cattle reduction and relief purchases will be financed by funrts made available by- congress. Milk marketing agreements will still be used for the benefit of fluid milk producers. • • • Two Chester White .'ow.s belonging to Ed Mollcy and D. M. Remington of near Mondamln. have failed to sit up and take notice of the pig reduction program—or they are indignant. Mol- ley'a sow recently presented the swine world with a litter of 18, while Remington's sow has 19 sons and daughters, according to a press notice. • • • Crops which are being wholly financed from other sources will not be included in first liens taken on crops as security for Federal Emergency Crop loans, arcording to a .statement Issued by the Production Credit Division of th/- FCA. • • • Farmers' debts wen? .scaled down in connection with one out, of every 10 Kt-deral land bank loans and 18 out of fv«-ry 100 Land Bank Commissioner's farm mortgage loaas made in the period from June 1. 1933, through March 31. 1934, under the farm d-bt rftinanc- ini,' program, the FCA announces. OOOOOOOO-OOOWOOtfOOOOOOOOOO § BANCROFT NEWS § 6OvOOOGOOOv.OOOCOOOOOOOOO.GC' FaUu-r Sylvester Grudy attended the tuiici-jl Saturday of his brother L<-<- Conioa frum Aniuiicn.f ;U ;d Harry Hober.son were dinner gues'j a:, the J. H. Sh* ridan home Hui.dav. Harry Robrr.son LS in charge of the Ui'eumlanci Theatre i.onv Mrs. Wait Welp, .son Bobbie and drtughu-r. Marjork; visited th^ homes of Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Saundvrs and Mrs. Joe WeUj, Sr.. Sunday. The Walt. Wt-lps are from Humboldt. Mary Mtrnl. R. .N., arrived home on Friday irom Manning, to .-p-nd the week end with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Merrill. MUS.S Viola Merrill ot Algona was home also tor Sunday. Lucille Dyer, who has been viuploy- td in Minneapolis fur the Ju^t two luoiuhi,, u iiuine for a sliort wiUi her parents. Mr. and Mrs Mark Dyer. She plant, to return tu the cities mxt wttk. Miss CalUita Elbbeckt-r, R. N., and tister, Olga Elibeclot-r, R. N., drove homu from Carroll Tlmriday evening. C"alik>ta ELbbecker underwent a.n operation some weeki ago and her iiiWr. Oljja liaj, been caring for her. Olga returned to her duties Sunday. Thursday evening in St. John's hall the junior and senior banquet of St. John's will be held. The hall will be decorated hi the senior colors ai will the tttblv and table decorations. The folloning are seniors Leona Mtlkr, Muxme Guide, Frank Baker, Lawrence Detteung, George Merron, Lorctta Weber, Aim Coyne. Betty Sheridan. Kenneth IXvlue. Loretta Sinunons. Law- rx-iite Becker. Veinia. Dyer. WUafred Luppe. Bertha Sciulti;. Alice Meyers, Wlieen Kunke, Urban Kjainer, Dorothy Nurrt.-. Mary Aahc and £luier Schneider. Lone Rock Legion Post Names Officers Lone Bock: The American Legion held a meeting last Monday evening and reorganized their post by electing the following officers: commander, i. W. Nelson; adjutant. R. L. Padgett; finance officer. Roy Jensen; chaplain. Tom O'Donnell; historian. George Rath. The P. T. A. meeting will be held on Thursday, May 3rd. Tlie senior class pray. "Fingerprints" will be given Thursday and Friday evenings. The Busy Friday club will meet at the home of Mrs. Otis Sanders Friday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Zoller of Lakota visited at the Fredrick Schultz home Sunday. The Ladies Mite society met at the home of Mrs. L. E. Godfrey Thursday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. August Lnmpe of Ventura visited at the Ralph Thompson home Sunday. A. A. Krueger attended a Standard Oil business meeting at Mason City last Wednesday. Mrs. Bert G-odden went to Iowa City Thursday where she entered a hospital for medical treatment. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Jensen and their children were Sunday dinner guests at the E. M. Jensen home. Miss Elsie Willrett of Algona visited at. the home of Mrs. Frank Flalg from last Wednesday until Friday. Edith Worthington, R. N., returned home Saturday from Estherville where she has been caring for her sister-in- law. Mr. and Mrs. Orvlle Bosendahl called at the Wm. Krause home Friday on their way to visit Mr. Rosendahl's parents. Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Mortensen and daughter, Violet of Ringsted were Sunday supper guests at the Frank Flalg home. George Sears of Grinnell was a Sun-* day dinner guest at the Eugene Hoflua home. Mr. Sears is a, cousin of Mrs. Hofius. Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Helter and daughter, Harriett, were Sunday dinner guests at the M. H. Heller home near Corwlth. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Palmer and Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Bacon and daughter, Etta, of Algona were Sunday visitors at the I. W. Nelson home. Mr. and Mrs. August Peterson ot Swea City, and Mr. and Mrs. Jim Ac- k«rman and family were entertained at the Ralph Prlebe home Thursday evening in honor of their daughter. Ruth's birthday. 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