The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 3, 1934 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 3, 1934
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HISTORICAL DEPT, OFFICIAL AND PAPER Awarded Highest Honors as "Iowa's Best Weekly Newspaper By State University of Iowa, 1933 Established 1865 Upper Jltomes; • WEATHER P.irtlv elotidy; possibly .'boners; rnntfnmvf mfM (rini)rrn.;iir.^. ALUONA, IOWA, THURSDAY. MAY .!, 1<>:H —Ton VOL. :'.•_>. NO. IS TRIO HELD FOR KOSSUTH FARM OUTRAGES SEVEN CRIMINAL CASES IN COURT HERE PAST WEEK Man Charged with Rape of Girl Under 16 at Dance, March 17th FOUR BOUND OVER TO GRAND JURY Shades of the Past—Charge of Bootlegging Piled Local courts and county officials put in a busy pair of days, Monday nnd Tuesday, as seven cases of a criminal nature- were begun, tried or concluded. Elmer Steil wa.s bound to the grand jury, with a bond llxed at $1.500 by P. A. Dnnson. justice, on a charge of rape of a girl under 10 years of age. Through his attorney he waived a preliminary bearing-. This case involvs nn affair alleged to have taken place at Sexton. March 17, a Saturday night. Two versions of the story are presented. The Tlrl in question stntc.^ that .she made? two trips from tlv dnncc to n car with 6tcil. and thai he gave her a drink of pop nnd something else mixed with it, nnd that the mere serious nftermnth r-rsultcd. Stci! admitted sitting in tin- car with the Rirl. but denied that he was fruilty ol the crime with which .she charges him. In the meantime. County Attorney Maurice McMahen inve,sti$>al- rd the- r;port that after the dance the girl was taken home by a proup of six or seven other mcn, but declared that there was no evidence for the filing of a rarx: charge against these men. although there might still be dcvelop- Bwata from this nngVof the mffarK Chicken Stealing Charge A. B. Pannkuk of Prairie township was also bound over to the grand Jury. After a hearing b. fore Justice Dan.Min, On a charm: of .stealing chickens from the Alf Studer properly, near We.siey. The hearing was held Monday, and the defendant was bound (jver after pleading nol guilty, with bond fixed nt $1,000. Deputy SherUi Casey I.of.s found three chickens which had been sold, and upon taking these chickens to the vicinity of th-? Studer farm, lurn- ttiem Two of the chlck'-rs High Schools in Kossuth Ready for Commencenent Exercises During Month Named Director of Federal Reserve immediately started for, and entered the chicken house, and the caso «-d partidlly on this evidence. Ambrose McBride wa.s arrested by Deputy Loss, Monday and a charge nl drunkenness lodged against him. He was fined $5 and costs in the court ol H. B. White, Monday night. Ira Miller and B. S. Griffin, both of Spirit Lake, entered pleas of guilty to charges of pvand larceny, and were sentenced to indeterminate periods rif not exceeding Un years by Judy-' DcLanci in district court. The men were :ir- re.'ted last week In connection with filbert of between 100 and 150 hides frimi theSwca City Rend<-rinu Works. Charged with HootleggiiiK John Asa, Burt. was ord. red committed to the .state asylum at Cherokee, ufter itn iivanltv hearing tlu.s wei'k. Frank Vayi-tte. who has been makini-, his home in thi.-, vicinity olf and on for the past f w years, was bound over to the fraud jury on a charge of breaking and entering, in connection with several broken windowh m the Hunkii!- ske barbei- .shoi). eurlv Monday niorn- intf. Major C. F. Six-chl heard ti.-- C4lS(>. Cecil Koe'ikc. ulu; ha > bi i-n In in,'; in the buildini: on Huuth Dodye .-.ireer. known a.s the Bicycle .-.hop. wa.s bound over to the jrrand jury, ali r :i hearing in the mayor's coiiri, on a charue nt ljuotk|;i.;i!!j\ Bund \MI.S lix- t-d at $500. Supervisors Met At tilt, 1 rt ^ular county board int'ctin^. Tui&day, the Miperviaois handled the usual biujine.-.h, c.f allowing bilU. Frank Williams, former preskKnt of (lie Town State Bank, hi Algona. and vice president of an Iowa. City bank. wa,s recently named n director of (he Federal Reserve Bank in Chicago. NEWTAfSETUP CALLED SOUND PLAMOR STATE Earl Dean, Mason City, Tells Why Measure Doen Not Justify Undue Criticism Earl Dean, p presentative in the state frum Cerro Gordo county a forceful talk in of the three-point tax bill recently passed by the stat..i l.'irl.-lature. before the Rotary club, Monday noon, in the Algona hotel. Mr Dean called the bill thoroughly sound and very equitable, and he attacked the >,lun of Harold Knut.son, You Wouldn't Throw Money Away - - - - -- iPit'ty per Cent of a nowspujx-r'b value is the news of community that it contains. --Tl;e other fifty per c.nt of iu> vulut ii Ihe advertising nies- sageb that it carries. Merchants who advi-rtise have something t;j offer — their prices have to be right, arid tlit-ir merchandise as well. -Shop through the ads and foll u*e of your home newspaper. , Clear Lake candidate for governor on tho republican ticket, a.s havim? no relation whatever to net income or profit, beinjj based entirely on grass business whicli, he claimed, had no rela- -n whatsoever to profit in many casi,-;. "The .sal-'s tax." .said Mr. Dean, "i.s a tax on everybody, evenly, although Mi? rich man, who buys more and gets more cxpen.sive goods, naturally pnv.s more. The net income tax Ls arranged to obtain a tax from those who are earning enough income to pay Ihi.s tav, and Ih" corixjratlon tax is one that, pir.s a .'enarate tax on large industries." Mr. Dean'.s sine- rity could not be daibted, and he presented his material in a clear and iutere.<tini; manner. At the roiu.-lu.sion of ihe talk he nave .sev- • ral pleasant melodies on his ban|'i. Mr. Dean and Earl Hall of Mason City are two members of th,- now famou-- "Hii-'.ty Hinge" quartette. Ladies Night of Kiwanis Observed i:ii;la was ladle-,' iii.ilil lor the local Kuvani.s club, and member > r. ported one of [he be. L tniie.s ever. I-Jven Ji,e Ijl.Hiin. -,\li, <-,,.; pro-jram eiijirman for tin- oce.'.-ion. Mated that it wa.s on-- ot the i«-.-.t pj-ouraii;.-, i\er luuleiluki u by the local i;n'mij. A dra'Ainy wa.s made l)y ine.|ibei-.s to .-(.- which one ot th-- li, lolier', wivi s Ih.-y .slr-uld brhi;;. and alter tr.e arrival ol all KUe-,:.-. a bull.-, tupper wa:> .ser\ed a! tin- A!;:ona ho-nl. Follow Jin that a Monte Carl,) .H-.-^ion v.a School Programs, Banquets Fill Youthful Hearts With Anticipation 70 AT HIGH SCHOOL, 26 AT ACADEMY High school seniors in Kossuth county were busy preparing this week for the remaining days of their high school careers, to be climaxed Mils month by graduation. At Swea City High Twenty-five will graduate from Swea City consolidated school, on Thursday, May 18. Dr. Edward Stciner of Griri- nell college, will deliver the commencement address. Baccalaureate service-; will be held on May 13. with Rev. G. R. Seimans as the speaker. Th ior-senior banquet .is May 11. Graduates are Lucille Anderson, Thclma Appc-it. Vcra Bnker. Jane carl- son. Edith Dalit, Vernetto Ditsworth. Inn-? Larpon, Myrnn Mogenscn. Helen Poole. Ardella. Hovey, Edna Simmons lo Edwards, Howard Krumm, Dorf I.arnon. Roy Bravendcr. D. W. Fulls. Theodore Hund.sness, Elvin Kwanson. Harold Hewitt, Charlrs Hutchlnson. Alpona IIi(sh Class of 70 One of the in the lo:>1 prhool history will be graduated, Tucrday. May 29. Prior lo the com- ncnccment exercises, tho junior-senor banquet will be held Saturday, May 12, class night, May 21, nnd baccalaur- alc sermon on May 27, with Rev. M A. Sjostrand as the speaker. Dean Seorge. P. Kay of Iowa University will deliver the commencement address. The senior class follows: Barnlcb Baivwtert, .Oorvalce Beard Verona., Benson, Ruth Black, , Lucille Borfe, Elnia Boettcher. Charles Cretzmeyer, William Devlnc, John Ferguson Ada Fiene, Arlcne Fraser, Mervin Gardner. Dennis Gbeders, Ck-orffia Anne eigel, John Greene, Nettie Grubb Ida Halpin, Jane H-:mphill. William Hilton. Charlotte Hilton. Mary Helen Hudson. Carol Ilutchtns, Jon a Id Hutchins, Ronald Jenkias. Kahryn Keith. Dorly.s Knmi-en. Elnorn YOUNG DEMOCRATS ORGANIZE COUNTY GROUP ON FRIDAY Paul Hammil Named President; Mrs. Bradley, Seeley, Sherman Other Officers MASS MEETING CALLED FRIDAY Colflesh, Turner on Week's Republican Program in Kossuth County Ila Lelfert. Ralph Lindhorst. ; ertrude Ixuifr, Prances McEnroe, Kathryn MeEnro; 1 . Ruth McKc-.', Pa ye Mc- Vlurray. Ann McNeil. Lawrence Mason. Russell Medln, MTX Miller, Rutli Muckey. Gertrude Nel- n. Vi'let Norman. Howard Nordstrom. lichard Nrrton, Myrtle Olson. Helen 'a-'tx. Donald Parsons. Valeria Pickelt, Esther Pratt. Beuna Raney. Robert Ri- •ard.son, Vernon Sands, Esther ichmlel. Ruth Schmlel. Virginia Schobv. Berie Schulz. Robert Selhtrom. Richard hacklefcrd, John Shilts, Harlan Sicn- E'U.tyn Srrjtrv. Robert Spencer, larjr.ire- Stepheiison, Charles Steven- m. Ruth Stewart, Adine Thompson, laurice Thompson. Bernard Yeoman, lice Zcigler. St. Crcflia Academy Commencement exercise, at St. Ccce- a academy will be held Sunday. May The s-nior class of '.NJ includes atherine 811- it, Catherine Selzer, Rit.i >ooley. Margaret Lichter, Ireiu IH. LueiV Dole, Frances Wn At an organization meeting of the Voting Democrats of Kossuth county, 250 cnthusinslic young men and women were present to participate in the orRanmalion and hear Judprc F. D. iglv.n of Albert Lea. Minn.. r?vtew thi; democratic administration lo date, iiul urcc the continuance ol th. 1 recov- ry profrram. To fail to return the pre- ent incumbeiit.", wcukl be to r-'turn to ti.e days of 1920, the speaker stated. Thos-: 1 elected ns tcmijorary oJIIcrrs were Paul Hainmil. Algona. pr sicirnt; Mr-'. Franei.; Ilratlley, Banr.rolt. vice president; Jim Ciiolen, Whit;'inore, •'c- retary; and Henry aliorma'.i. Wesley, treasurer. San Antonio "Wide Open" Town; Gangsters Rule the Roost J. W. Haggard Finds Girl Bartenders Used as Lure By Saloons in "Dry" State HAS BEST AVIATION FIELD IN WORLD Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Haggard of the l^ Upper De.s Moine.s newspaper, •rived home from San Antonio. Texas, Friday aft-.r an eleven weeks' vi.-it n that southern city, where Mr. Haggard's sister. Mrs. H. N. Moon> and fam- ly have made iheir home for the past Jt) years. The Moores have a fine bungalow on Perry court, just elf Broadway m-? of the main arterial streets of the city of pel-imp^ rifltl.OOO people. Mrs. Moore is a teacher in t::e Ira Oudcn School and their mm. Stanley graduates thi:; month fr in the Thomas Jefferson school. Harry Moore re- tir d after losing a fortune in the bis flood of a tew years a no. which inundated hi:; \vho!"i;:il" sportlm: i;. od.; store air.l ruin; d a $30.000 :,tocl; of i;ood -. (Uy J. W. HasRard) Han Anlonio I-. truly a cosmopolitan cily and every naiioiv.lity in Hi world may be seen on I lie .streets (if , tlv down town yectiou. If v.-e renviu- A m-.eting has been called for Friday bcr rightly it is eslimak-d tluil about evi nnifi in the court house, at which time a del- gallon from Kossuth county will be selected to attend the slate Vi.ung Democrats meat in;; in De.s Mr.-ine?, May 7. Honorary members are e:-p cially invited to attend. Hi legates already named to the convention are Lawrence Winkel. Wade Sullivan. Paul LeavcrtoivLukc Linnan, Mr. and Mrs. M. C. McMahon, Paul Hammil, Prances Zender, Ed Bxitter, Evelyn BdflC, Meaner Rnhm, ami it i.- hoped to have a delegation from every iowiuhip in Ihe county at De.s Moinej The meeting will .start at 8 p. m. L. E. Linnan pr- .sided al the meeting last week. Two Governor Candidates Here Robert Colilesh. republiean candidate for governor, .spot:-.' a; the hi<;>] school, night (Wednesday i, and" Dan Murn- r. loriiK-r govenicr and a candidate for the nomination thi.s year on the re- jublicaii ticket, will .-peak at a ma.s.s iicellii),' lo be ii-. Id lien- next Friday •veiling at the same place. The two nen are conceded to have the Ktronij- •;.t statewide Mippoii, lor th. !r party i.initiation. Farm Thieves Hit Irvington Homes Irvinaton. From the current reports have been apparently working n thks vicinity. Mrs. O. L. Miller r - )oru-d tiie theft of about 40 hens Sat- irduy evc-nins. The Miller iamily was n Alguna shopping on .Saturday night u-nce tl:e Hull wa.s not noticed until ome tune Sunday. Alvm Weber and •ne Cape- ir:ml Jenniny.s reported the th«-U nkel, Her-!" 1 ' SO!IU ' ^ uod : "' l: > of harnf-,.'.e.s oil one-third of the population are Mexicans and nbout the .same percental!" of "niggers 11 with the rest whiles. Many of tho millionaire cil men of the ciecade have built, sumptuous in the Ohuo.s Park .suburb where nothing cheaper than a $50,000 home may b. built. Of course there are many poor people in tlw city but the bread lines were said to be considerably shorte; than those .ot itu& winter. The bualnen heir with whom"7 talked all .'eemetl ti agr-.e that business had cou.'Mdcrabl improved In tht> year. Cotton ha' iniprox-cd in price nnd good prices feu Well, The Treat Should Be on Mr. Frank Vera cotton m-:an.s Texn.-'. Texans are UKII.S in their prai. i John f'.arner, vice a n.nive Texan. pro.'peri'.y Jot practlrallv unani- of Roo.s- i-ell line president, wl:o I? . , - . adine Mali n< y, Laura Hansi-n, Man- !" :tl; 'V '"' Hunday ni^lu. frvnie,ton sel lie.steiik-lnirr, Mabel Kolil, Anna Hhick, Gertrude Baylor and Kineha Advliiii' Krp"hiin;T. Klix.ih. th I.<-ner.'-. lloi'ald Kkillllur. Oilier Kellv, Vernon Kohlhaas, Wade Hans.-n, Tom Best n- I'.-hner. John 13( .stenlei.ner. Li-rov Hlof- 1-1. Joe Dahlhail-.<T. Ray Jcin-il llaker. Micha- 1 Matern,' W.'.-I.-y ne r and Ju.-,eph Liehter. Ivight: .sfiiioi-s at l.uVeme The .-.eiiici- da.- ) '.f LuVerii!' uiil uieludi- four bo.\'.-> aiui lour 'l'li<", a;-.' Rol>. ria M,i .l<-r.-on. Kil- i n Nr.ii. Edilu Hint/..'Vi-1 UaMdsoll. RicJLird Niver. W.iyin- C'l.-iu t-'diiieidi-r aii:l Haloid MilU-r. T::e jnn- tr •.S'-nior baiunn-t \vi!l lie li hi May . with everyon, enter,,,, m ,o the ^.nu.' '^"^^ l - ^l b ^' ll '" li '- i -•••-'•" »'' with Ki-nmne vinovment. 1! L on May'^4. Ki-nmiii' eiijoyuiL-nt. Paul Hamil and Mrs. Alt' wnv the biy winners ion paper onlyi. and Joe Greenbjrg and Mr.-i. H y lijus- iroiu reported the big'.' IO.VM-.-. A iexU.tte led by T. H. Chn. chille.s also furniblit-d inur 1 ' enjoyment. Duane Dowel and T II. Chri.-,c"..ille.s a--.--i:-tid Mr. Bloom in handling detail:; ol Ihe a 11 air, Suggestion Made to Resurface City Streets A sub'jjL-stjoji wa.s iiiade last week by Mayor C. F. Specht lliat Ui-.- btix-ets. or perhaps ju.-t Stuto i,tn_-L-i. be given an a.sphalt coating, to cover u;/ toJiit- ut the ridges that have come into evidence th- re in tiie oast vtar or two. The matter wa^ not officially taken up by the council at its r«.-|julur meeting, la-st Thursday evening, but may in the near future. A special meeting of the council was slated for Thuriday night of thia week 10 conisidt'r applications for posi'jojw at the municipal swimming pool. At th: last council meeting plans for several repair* to the city light plant w«re pretexted, bills were allowed and a beer license was iasued to Russ Cook. It was aiso decided to round out the three corners on State street between Minnesota and Phillips street, in coii- liecWon with the new paving. Hurt -May ment v.vik Tlii- lill u- comnienot-jjKiit announce- for Hurt high were is.iucd ti:: • witli 17 graduating; fci-niors;i. radiialei are Uo;'olhy l>ickm<-yer. Suatolf, Caroline Carr, Kiciiaid Brayion. Xula Gidding.-,, Keitli Thav--, Joe Graham, Gordon Sijisbee. Blanch',- McPji'lund, Leiter Lovestud. Kliz.i- betii Kusli, Marion Gennann, aaraii Hchrot-d r. Ward Wmkie. Kdvvard Stewart, Dulo Kennedy and Pearl Wult/.. Prominent Titonka Woman is Buried Fuik/rai services for Mrs. Cliurh -> RL-ibsuincii. prominent pioiiex-r Titonka woman, were held lit "the M-. thodisi chua-ch there last Thursday atternoni. Ma-s. Keibsamen had passed away very suddenly, the preceding Monday, from a heart atlack. H-;r sudden luss deeply shocked the community, who enter into tlic- dttpeil sympathy with sorrowing relatives over her passing. Accident to Eye Crtsco: A. J. Brown uiet, with a painful accident week before last when sleel cut hU left tye while stiurpcii- ing a saw. Tha sUjfl was it-moved and we are glad to report the sight not injured and now doing nicely. uom l.a.s such ollence.s oeenr and it hoped the guilty party u.ay i-.oon b :'|ijj!' -licnded. Swea City Store to Open; Bank Comin Ki'.i.i city: Ham i(v. lad will hold a ! oui-ninu ol a department .--tor-.- I hen- on iDalui'duy, M.iy i>. H'- v, ill i cany .t .stud-; ot dry ijooits, r-.udy-to- I v.i-,1,-, .sh(-vi and notion-. Mr, Ry- ; a veteran merdi.iiit, caiue h iv tri.iu I.ina fiiove, Joiva. and lull I," |ij- I eat- d in t:.e iornii-r C. A. Holm bmld: inu'. Mi.., Edna. Aiuii'r.-ii:, lu.s acci-pt- j ed the MO ilion ;..s h'-ad cl ii:. '1 hi- liv- Mad lanilly V.ill move here at ;hr thi.- ; '•I tiie .-.ehu(>l \car. i-i.iii.-, ar,.- beiiif i)e.-i,eted to OIK n a branch bank in Ih- iunner National Hank buildnii; at an ( arlv <lale. by l.i\i and Frank Wn-iiier of Lt-djard. Mrs. Ed Capesius of Livermore Passes All's. Kd C'a>x-.-iu . well l.uer- niore lady, dk-u very suddenly Sunday al.ornoon at lu-r home. Mrs. CUIH-.-.UJ.J had cull,plain-d that .she d:d not lei-: very well Sunday inorniiij/, but y.,t up and prepared the dinner. Her husband then nuuie ;i trjj) lu Foil. Dixiy- and upon hi.s return found her d--ad on the kitchen Hour, she had • uivntiy .sultered a. heart attack while nu.-liu.i; ;he diiliei. Mr.-. Cane.-iu.i ii muuriu-d bv ir.-r hu:- ) band, it biiU-r. Mr.-j. Leo Biggin.-, u! Liveriiioi••-. and her mother aiul bro";- tr of C'alifornm. Funeral services were held at 9 o'e'.u ,-: Wednesday morning 111 the Catholic cliuich ut Liveniiure. :ian Antonio i.s the headcjiiai tvrs of the Southern Division of the United States Army and there are quartern! it Fort Ram Houston iX'Huip.s 20.000 infantry and cavalry. There are immense e.M-rve depots of army .supplies for th" •ntire jeuthwe. t local-d here. Then here i.s the Randolph Flyiin; Field re- •ently constructed at a co-l of manv nillions. n i.s .said to be the finest iviation field in Hie world and is called h-j " Point of the Air." Avia- ion students after llni.shing at Randolph Field are transferred to Kellcy Field, where they are given linal knowledge in UK> art of flying and a diploma. Kellcy Field i.s the famous held of the war diiy.-. and i.s adjacenl to Kan Antonio on the southwest. There are several o;h r air fields adjoining San Antonio. ineSuiting H.Hiiolc; Field, of war time davs. The military and air I rces .M>"nd manv millions of dollars in the eilv and are a great factor in the btiMiu:-.s and .social lite i f th citv. Vera won n nice little bei. of about. $I>.00 when it was determined that the new liquor stor" woii'd b.' located in the Kohlhua.s Brothers biiildiii(r. A few days before the location of the store wa<; deterinmcd a croup of four'een or fiftepn m cn about, (own placed a bet on the site that would b" r-Plcctpd. K»<-h man's P-U.TS wa.s written on a flit) of paper and ulaccd In a hat. After the usual shake-in* each one milled a slip frriu (he h;,| nm \ F M ,,k dr w rhe ICohl/aa.-; bitildin<r with (he iefiil: that he was awarded the pot of p)ld whrn Kohlhans Urns. ,sii',ned the conduct for t.h» .- tore. LIQUOR STORE TO BE READY HERE MIDDLE OF JUNE Kohlhaas Building Selected As Site; Alterations Are Under Way The new state operated liquor store will be located in the KMilhnas Bros, Oarage building, at l(i North Dodge St.. it was determined last Saturday, when the local n contract. In what is ir:w (hi garore .s'.ow room. FOURTH ARRESTED AT IRVINGTON IN N.IOWA ROUNDUP One Confesses to Participation in Robinson and Nick Thilges Attack IMPLICATES SECOND MAN IN CONFESSION Officers Seek to Solve Series of Farm Robberies With Arrests to i' located south end of tliojj'jur cases slat*. IKiily reports to HIP contrary; only one mm. Estal Anilrnt, hail ;ul- inittrd IJial he lonk part In the llohiiiKon nml Thilgrs farm home ••'Mack* anil liis stcry implicated Olo Thnrclatul in lioih cases, A. \V. Smith. Pa'o Alto county attorney f.;ii ( | in a Ions distance telephone conservation with this o(Ti<-i- WoilnoMlny noon. Joe T'lileos. al- MiniiEh susprdi-ii of brims linked up with the other men. had not confessed lo any of tin- crimes and (» •Into no ileilnit-e evidence against In'm hail hern uncovered, Mr. SntilFt stated. A county attorney's infor- inntion iiprrtVrtT A.ndrr«, Vhar»ln.>, rotilirry, has hcen filed, and the other two cases an- awailinr further dcvelmnn. nts he stated. Thllgrs. he vtated, wa-* not present at the Robinson or Nick Tbilisi-* affairs, so f u- as he coidd determine. None of the; nien admfttcd heiiiff connected with the Ilariify Kruger farm robbery case. Arrest, of three nv-n. Tunsrtav, at, Emmett'burrr. may solve thve mysterious farm attack rases which have oe- .tei -. .San hi- It. would se.'in that th • ^an: have rained the upper hand in Antoiiin. and vice (J | all kind-, :-c:,',n> wi.h .-,li",hi interlereiici- In, m the ot- | lieer., i,I On- huv. Palatial (.IK-H ,-alo-i.i, | with pi-etly vo'.ni'.r i-iil b.irt--ndi-r.-. and jwjiil*'r.s have dotted lion-ton 'r J main bUMin-.-.i .-Ire- t ol Hi-- <I winter. Ti e mn-ie. di ii'lini;: [l.Hii.'htir were inact:e,.llv on li,. I a.-, all of the Jruiit.-) ar,- cpi-ii. 'J j )ooi:i ai-- 1 mo..ily eoiHlu'"j-,-d l. I kiKAVii (;iiu ni.ii and ean;'.~l' i i erm;i:i,il n-eord.-, and t!i-n- v. <!••• t '..' I luihd.-i 1 .- ol rival cai;:'-K i - anil |,-n eji i, : (Continued (Jii Uai-k I'aj.-e) Suicide Attempt Proves a Failure Alterations ivrrc lininedial- Jy cil the bmldiiur. A baKemeni. :.';! by (ill ftf-t, will be provided, and the main floor ypace will b" 2-1 by lill fe I. The : lore \\ill nm the full length of the .i|;e. 'f'lir entire buildhi't will b'- of lirepniof ennsliudion. and a til.- wall will Kepaiale th-- (jarace trom tin- lj- f|iior store. The basement will h" .'1 (el. lour indie:, det p. anil will be U.M-J :; a wine .sti-rc room. 'Hi (ij)euiuir date ha.s hern •<•( as June 15. Frank Kuhlh.i.i' Mated ihat , i-e local linn had in.'i\-ed lo liave the lore leady lor (iceujiancy by June 1, -Hit the intervelllllK tmie will bi- jr- uir- d to Mock the .s'oie and prepari or the regular j-mi of |)u- nie:.. . The entire i-roiind tlo.r uill be it.irl or the More, and ample room v. ill lie Jiovided to care lor a.s hieh a. .1 car :).ul of liquor at one time. No d linile aim une.-iiient. ha., yet een made a.s lo who will be appoint(I the manai'.er. but ii .M-i-nr, to the (r'lieial .v-iiiuiienl that 'lein •?llcnu,-in will ij t (he appoint!! if nt. nil local people expre .,-e,J lie opinion that Tom is th - . ne who .Hi capably v'd efficiently run tie- ore in the way tli.i; n .should b • !>aii- ill- d. Fire Destroys Woods Home and Contents Fir - Tuv dav lifiyed (he ;.<i,i,-.e OeCUpi -ll IjV the l!\ The hot!.-.-' > .ird (it ill" Ricii. Ph!lh|), lie,' \\a' cumrt ltl folir j, enrst and from _cnunty In ths post number of other sfm- o;h n r sect Ions of tho Tlip thre-.- men held in the P'.do At- t'i J.iil lire Kslnl Anders of Decatur. III.. Ole Thor.sland of I!-de, and Joe ThilKes of Whittemore. Their jip'irr lien.v!o;i b'-iran with th • arrest of Anders, who was brought bad: to Fore t citv. from Illinois, on a forfter.v charge. . While there, h" iden'ified bv a family fr-m Mallard a.-; on-- of the men who invaded Iheir home and robbed them ( ,f $fi flno N(n 'in- ber. Anders Implicated the other two Mien, and a third. !.<•(> HeM-h of Hode, now .servinir a len-vear :• nt-'iiee al 1-' rl Madi'on on sliituto'.'y chanje. The ca-ses wln'cli arr involved in KiiMilh ruiinty fufliiu ; I. Itarnry Kru K er iamily. three miles n,irth i,f node, rolilifd of about S. r ),llO(). f,,u r years URO. Z. Nick ThilgrN, suuth ut \Vhitte- imirc, att.ukKl and beutcn last l»rr- cinlHr. but ni-ii were frifflilcncd a\\- uy without Ki'ttlng any inoiu-y. .'!. C. C. ItoltiiiMin home, fa*i ol' Al«olu, hi February, wlivn S(> in e.i.sli «a,s iitilaliicd alter turtu>'<- threats. Mr. ItobliiMin later uavs- '•ij away from ,-i h<-rut attack, brought on by the afTair. .Sheriff MimU'omery of Palo Aim •oiilitv .-tated that (he .-am.- laeties u.s. d bv a iMii.r in all iu.,tance.;. i e n i a (t e, lo * -: - u :- -ei'el liutlie- 'I'lin al.; of lorlni Another Candidate Out for Supervisor Swcu. City: Elmer SnuUi hai announced hia candidacy loj- iu.utj-viaor trow the 5th di^Lnct on tilt- JX-publiCLtn ticket. Thii makes 0' republican^ and twu democrats seeking ihe (jtlice ul iU- ptrvisor of the 5th dibUict. Jolin A; a. :{(). HUM liiitli d to (..'lUTol:. .- a.i an all.'rinalii ol a iii::i!i- i ariii r in llu- ,f n.hlji ry \\ a., a i'lni'1-c uf ,1 ]( bin I !l,i- i, Mr Schumaker, Irvington, Arrested; Quizzed on Woden Robbery 1. v.oikuiij at the R.iy Muni < a.s'. of Unit. He I id Mi.- .M<>!e: that he w-i., i-uin^ to th • bain and kill him.eli. Si:,- called le r hu. band, an i liny 1'jund him in the barn. ii.i.-pin-..; In,- bi_eal:.-. 'I'ln- siiiiici, at v 11:11; 1.1.1 .-, \\liin a r-ilie,- !.-a\e \\ay. Jag. A. McDonald Appointed Algona P. M. The name of Aet:n-.: l'o.-.ti,:a..u. r I A McDonald wa.s ijro--enu-d to the United atateo :,eiut.-' b\ Pre.-.ldelil Ru .-evei! lor eootirmalion lor tile lou; i.nn as pa.tinat.-t r a; Al|:on.i v. .1., -.iiiiujiiiie- <d Hi the purjer.s S.ilui',i i\ luorniu^ This mean, tiiat Jim v.ill be the Al- i-ona Mostnm.sler lor tiie next, lour >: ^r--- Ji:n hus been aetin-j |ji...slnia : r lor ;.ij. out three luonili.s and ha.-, .shown that, lie will be a Careful and i-ltici-.-ni na.--by. Hi.s uopojiumt-nt hi> receiu-d general cominenduiiun and hi- i., receiving tiie c'oni-'iatulal:oii.s of his niaiA iri. lids. "Curly "Resigns A. H. Gralloju. wiw Jio-> been in cliarge ol the oJlice for Dr. Fex lor the past 17 yt-urs. and is more lamihurl.v known ita "Curly" has resigned uaii the olfice will now be in charge of Earl Viuot-nt, Dr. Fox aimed yesterday. New Paving Work Is Weil Under Way LuVerne Planning Community Picnic "Brains" of Gang Was Called "Joe," Local Officers Say Ih.- n.'.j! n.-t',n- ,,f die I.uVVriie CijiiiiiiunM Monuay n:,.;l;i in tne li 'Mill the urojilMlll 111 Ujrti.s. lii-iiurd Wolt A iiiinL-.ler lioin faylv j .' Jveaker ..f th-- evei.'in^ A (.omiiiUiiUv ijic'iin- plaii.s now under '.vay j Gottlieb lial;. L-luiulL cont-Liet eaeii tiub, .-. With tin.- aim ul .trir luue and iin-uJiai.'iy Tin- LuVeri;.- baiiti ij;e :,inx, in of My [li.b '.v.s.-j heic! liK-h .,ein«,l -\iii e:..UUe ol A 1) ' i, el. ihi- ai ..had bv < uiiie v iiiliiei -. . I at, it d Joe Thllge,, . nj ., -J U . ,j li- V believed Joe Thil ',--, v, . . "brain.. ' uf the larni lobbery gun- VWll , J; h u-rroruui- northern lo'Aa io.~ vi .si-:, '1 ne !oeal ollicer., aiuj olllcial., knew that llu.- ruiBleader's tn.-t. I- 111 ' ^i-> "Jot-. ' u,, ,-eieral netiui.s h.ui i'-ii)eniU-rea Hearing iiiiii uiiuri-.s.wi.i bv a|.ijolJii, il denial name while UK- lubberlei ttele ill i.nd Karl (jio\e xv.i.-i '' ;n • j .inJ i trul ol ! 'I'h-v aUu .-!.,[,,( that aliiiouiiii Al.- ii^l g "! V K a " Ilhllul - > ^ iilLt -^ i"-- iiunie '"" -tl hv oj b ' at ilHelViiL-j in th.- With Kuoc,uih cuiuilv. bai.u, j Heii.i

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