The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 19, 1934 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 19, 1934
Page 10
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The Algona Upper Pea Moines, Algona, Iowa, April 19,1934 Mid-Continent Men Met Here Monday A meeting of Mid-Continent OH Co salesmen, dealers and agents, was he'a here Monday evening in the I. O. O P. hall, with representatives present from within a radius of 25 miles. B. K. Schmidt of Waterloo, L. B Rogers of Speno?r and Louis Lynk of Algona were among the officials on the program. The speakers emphasized the new motor oil and motor fuel that the company is putting on the market. There were about 30 present. Q-oes to California Mrs. B. M. Southgate left Tuesday with her son, Dr. Paul T. Southgate for the later's home at 50 Santa Ana Avenue, Long Beach, California, where die will maJce an indefinite visit. Is New Assistant Art Nordstrom Is now assisting at the I>alrd <fe McCullough funeral chapel. He had been employed at the Richardson Furniture Co. for the past flve weeks. A Correction In the account of the death of Mrs. Raymond Anderson last week It was Btated that she died from tuberculosis of the throat. The malady should have been given as heart trouble. Card of Thanks We desire to thank our friends for their kind and sincere words of sympathy in our late bereavement.—Mrs. Van Dorstan and children. Bowling League Winds Up Season The Algona bowling league concluded its season last week, with the Fnrmevs taking first place. The league results and standings with the exception of the last match follow: Farmers 35 Phillips 34 Colts 32 Courthouse 28 Coryell 27 Barry's Gang 20 22 26 28 29 32 40 THE WEEKLY RECORD LOCAL NEWS WEATHER April 11. trace of rain, snow and sket 42 April 12 47 April 13 51 April 14 61 April 15 56 April 16 61 April 17 72 34 29 28 30 35 28 35 Friends of Mrs. Gladys South will be nterestod to learn that she has a posi- ;ion with the ready-to-wear department of the Killian store In Cedar Rap- ds. She had previously been with the Swagger Shop In that, city after leav- ng the Chrischllles & Herbst store The L. A. CruikshanR family took heir daughter, Eleanor, to Des Moines where she took the train for Nnshville Tennessee last Friday. She has a' posl- lon as registered nurse In the Van- ^rbilt University hospttal which she held for one winter two years She has been nursing in this vlcl- also gently for the past two years. Mrs. Floyd Saunders returned last Tiurxday from Bloom&eld where she las spent the past seven weeks with ier parents. Her father has been ser- ously 111 during that time and Mrs. Saunders helped to care for him. Great oncern was felt for him because of hla dvanced age. He Is over 82 years old, but he is now unproved and getting along somewhat, better. Mrs. Tom Akre and son. Donald, and Mrs. W. K. Ferguson spent Sunday in They Here re SEAL-0-MATIC Tubes They Don't Puncture WHAT IT IS^x Ames where the former visited her granddaughter. Bernadine Johnson and Mrs. Ferguson visited her son, Lewis, a student at the Iowa Staie College. Lewis has been made chairman of the advertising committee on the Forestry magazine, an annual publication of the college. This is a great honor and [>ewls has been fjetremrJy successful in filling this place. Mrs. Anna Skinner returned Saturday from Fort Dodge where she has spent the winter with her daughter. Kate, and is again living in her home on South Minnesota street. Mrs. Ed Johnson is also rooming with her again. The R. 5. Blossom family, who lave resided in Mrs. Skinner's house, moved their household belongings into Mrs. M. J. Keneflck's home on Worster The Scal-O-Matic tube is an exclusive Goodrich Product. The plastic rubber compound on the inside wall of the tube grips tightly around tacks, nails and other sharp penetrating objects, preventing the loss of air. Then, when they are pulled out, the nibber compound immediately seals the hole?. I WHAT IT 1. Seals punctures. jj 4. Easy riding. 2. Prevents Flats. jj 5. Performs satisfac- 3. Saves costly tire re- jj torily at all speeds, pairs. |j 6. Fits all rims. Let Us Tell Ton About It at 1 Clapp's Master Service li" ..t. £ rr'i.. n i TT- .... . fjwwfi West of The Court HOUJW. Buy Miles Not Gallons n !n<v_r<'i;in .•ial will rh.- Jmt L'iv<- you fin- Kl Itli-'i turn- in a n (*'><il your iiiutur. that OKDIN'ARY full irallmi ftirr^ HI \ Kirn Sjic- liiio docs i pay fur. Make your Mileage Test NOW—or let us tell you about our cooperative plan. "Buy from Yourself—and Share the Profits" Let us tell you about it. TRACTOR FUEL—Works Like Gasoline. We guarantee it. Ask us. K. & H. OIL CO. ALGONA MARKETS Corn. 2 white ................... $.31 2 yellow ..................... 31 3 yellow ..................... 30 Oats Hogs- Sows Medium weight, 200-260 ........ $3.30 Butchers, 260-300 ................ 3.15 Prime butchers, 300-500 .......... 3.00 Packing Sows, 300-350 ........... 2.60 Packing Sows. 350-450 .......... 2.50 Packing Sows, 450-500 ............ 2.40 Light weight, 140 ............ 2.00-2.10 Light weight, 160 ........... 2.50-2.60 Light weight, 180 ................. 2.80 Cattle Canners and cutters ........ $1.00- $1.75 Fat cows ................... $2.00-12.50 Calves ...................... $3.00-14.50 Fats steers ................ $5.00-10.00 Stock steers ................ $2.50~$3.50 Bulls ....................... $1.50-«2.25 Yearlings ................... $3.00-$4.00 Cream ......... . ................... 20c Poultry Hens, large breeds 1 Ic Leghorn hens ..................... 9c Heavy breed stags ................ 5c Leghorn stags ..................... 5c Roosters .................... t ...... 4c No. No. 14c lOc MARRIAGE LICENSES ISSUED Fred Meyer. Whittemore and Adella Mittag, Fenton. April 14. Delmer Lamb, Wlnthrop, Minn., and Gladys Nelson, Winthrop, Minn.. April 15. NEW CARS LICENSED Leo L. Miller, Algona, Pontiac s;dan. H. W. Schulte, Fenton, Ford tudor. A. J. Krause, Fenton, Chev. seJan. Louise Magnuson, A'SMia, Chevrolet coupe. Algona Coop. Creamery, Algona. Chevrolet truck. Ernest Voettler, Fenton, Chevrolet sedan. Carl Oahlhauser, Algona. Chevrolet coach. Metropolitan Life Ins. C;>., Fort Dodge, Chevrolet sedan. Mrs. H. L. Ollmore, Algona. Chev- rol r t sedan. Ray McWhorter, B'trt, Ford sedan. W. F. Perkins, Al^on*. Plymoiirh CP&Ch. V'RI A. Ward, Wes'ey, Dodge tnitk. Ft a M fc'e..nedy Bancroft. Hudson sedan. The Man About Town Says treet, Friday and are downstairs apartment. occupying the WHITTEMOKE NEWS Gene Schoonhoven Is on the sick list his week. E. C. Jackman was in Austin on JusirKss Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Oliver visited Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hansen Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Codv are the His friends are glad to see parents Friday. Elmo of a seven pound girl born on Barber and Herbert Ziunach nicked a load of cattle to Sioux City Prlday. Mrs. Frank Burke went to New- Hampton Sunday to attend ihe funeral t an aunt. Rev. SUhmcr and wife and two children went to Davenport to visit relatives recently. CLASSIFIED ADS For Sale FOR SALE—1928 Pontiac coach.— JgonA Auto Market, West of Court House. 16 FOR SALB-1928 Chevrolet coach — Algona Auto House. Market, West of Court 16 FOR Sale—1931 Ford coupe.— Algona Auto Market, West of Court House. 18 FOR BALE— Horses at the old Cosgrove barn.—C. L. McVay. Phone 791. 16-17 FOR SALE—Four choice yearling tfolsteln heifers. Burt, Iowa. See E. C. SchwieUrt. 16 We are in oositlon to furnish super bred Leghorn baby cockerels for hatch- cry flocks of any age for Immediate delivery. Second hand Slmplexes.—Wel- lendorf Leghorns. 16' Mr. and Mrs. John Schumacher of Bancroft spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Kelley. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Farrell and family were visiting relatives in Em- iTKtsburg Saturday night. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Dahjhauser of Algona were visiting Mr. and Mrs. John Bisenius and family Saturday. Mrs. C. L. Cavanaugh visited a few days in Des Moines the past week with Mr. and Mrs. Gene Cavanaugh. Mrs. E. J. Butler and daughter, Ruth of Algona spent a few days tbx? past week visiting Mrs. Roy Crawford. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard O'Brien and family visited Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bauers of given City. Mr. and Mrs. James G-:elan and son, Jimmy, were in Fort Dodge Sunday vis- Ung Mrs. P. J. Schiltz who is ill. Alice Hantleman of Fenton, who was seriously ill with pneumonia, was taten o the McCreery hospital Wednesday. Fred Lehman Is able to go up town now after being confined to his home all winter, him. Mrs. Roy Crawford and son. Jimmy and John spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Butler and family at Alfona. Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Elbert ,ughter. Marilyn of Algona visited on Thursday with Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Fandel. John Simpson, who was operated on a week ago at the McCreery hospital, was abk to return to his home Thursday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Brunner, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Jensen of Mason City visited Sunday wtth the ladies' parents. Mr. and Mrs. R. H. FbmeQ. Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Button and Prank Button of Estherville visHed Mr and Mrs. L. W. Swanson Sunday. The men are brothers of Mrs. Swanson. Patricia Weir, R. N.. was called to Rockwell City to care for h«r aunt Mrs. will Blacey, who was quite ill. Donald Weir and Herman Kollasch took her there. Mr. and Mrs. Theo. Knecht, CharlM Salz and Mrs. Joseph Loebach returned Tuesday from Lenore, Illinois, where they went to attend the funeral of their ilster-ln-law, Mrs. Henry Salz. Mrs. J. P. Elbert accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Elbert, Mr. and Mrs. James Elbert and daughter, Shirley of Algona to Springfield, Minn., where they visited Mr. and Mrs. Ed Elbert and family. Mesdanvts W. T. Oliver, Nona Butler, Jim Butler, Tim O'Brien, Leo Kollasch, R. W. Oliver, Alice Calry, L. W. Swnason, Roy Crawford and Miss Lucille O'Brien attended a miscellaneous shower Friday evening in Algona in honor of Catherine Cavanaugh at the home of her sister, Nellie Van Allen. FOR SALE—Chevrolet business coupe 1931 model, excellent condition. Just checked over.—Mrs Muriel Leaverton, 210 W. McGregor St., Algona, Tel. 763. 16-18 $20,000 and Two Team" r**d a Chicago Tribune hendMnel Or. Olbson read the article about a perfect bridge hand and gave it to Dr. Fox. Drs. Fox and Winkle with Earl Vincent and Harold Patterson conspired and set up a "cold" deck on Tony Ooeders. Tony thought it couldn't be beaten so he bid and bid and doubled and redoubled but In the end Dr. Fox took the game There were no stakes but Tony believes a perfect hand can lose. • • • Art Miner carried * beautiful black eye for «. couple of weeks and had a time explaining how it came about. The old faithful door story was the alibi. At States caf«, Dad Ryan, well over seventy-old enough to be good, had a shiner about the same time that Art did. Dad had no alibi and does not care to tell. Neither has anyone found the cause. • • • On an inside page In an out of the way corner of this morning's Registef is a story about an Iowa boy meeting sudden death by being hit with a kit- enball. KJttenball is known as the soft ball game and is becoming one of the leading games. Don't be fooled. It is dangerous. If that boy had been injured In a high school football game it would have been heard "round the world. • • • Butch Trainer, the local Armour meat salesman, attended the dance at Bancroft last week In company with his wife's sister. The sisters are twins and tho resemblance is so strong It is hard to tell them apart. Butch had the time of his life trying to explain the difference to his friends and those in doubt are still that way. • • • If yon are a good democrat and don't get in on the Job of running the liquor store don't loose faith In your party. Charlie Murtagh reports that there are 250 applications In from Algona and .•iclnity for this one piece of work. This s a tough soot to be in as Charlie puts t. but in the end the lucky fellow will be appointed by the state liquor commission. A piece of meat pot Vic Steti In a peculiar situation Saturday night. A ricnd of his had the package to be de- ivered and when he suddenly was called away he gave it to Vic to deliver. Vic stopped to talk on the street and hen did not remember where the meat APRIL—the month of opportunity at Gambles. April Sale now on. Flat wall jialnt, 11.00 gal. Linseed Oil, 89c gal. Johnson's Auto Wax, 23c. .22 cartridges 3c. Inner Tubes 85c up. FOR SALE—Yellow blossom sweet clover seed.—Fred Schmidt, Titonka. 16 FOR SALE—Thor el-fctric Good condition.— G. F. Towne, ing and Heating. Phone 379. Plumb- 1U FOR SALE—About 350 bushels of yellow corn. Located in Plum Creek township. 40c a bushel Iiujuit*' this office. 15-tf OPENING DANCE Hobarton, April 19 Aaron Hale and His Orchestra—Eight Artists FOR SALE—Two upright and one grand r<claimed pianos in this vicinity, can be bought at a sacrifice. If interested, writ* at once to Kimball Di.s- tnbuiors. Box 291, Fort Dodge, Iowa. 15-16 FOR SALE—1933 Ford V-8 Tudor. like new, $465.—Kent Mtour Co. l(i FOR SALE—Chevrolet »145.00.— Kent Motor Co. good. 16 FOR SALK -1927 Chevrolet coach, good shape, $50.—Kent Motor Co. 15 FOR SALE—Manchu soy beans; mini soy beans; white blossom seed clover. —S. G. Kragle, Titonka, Iowa. 15-18' FOR SALE—A few new, all porcelain, coal ranges. While they last $89.50.—Bju-itrom's. 6-tf Save that crtarn with u Veca separator. Users biggest booiters. Medium size. $77.50. Tunns—Bjuitrom's, Algona, io*a. 3-tf For Rent Singing Trios Novelties Modern Dance Rhythm FOR RENT-Good 6-room house with large. fi:;e chicken liou* and 25 ucrt.s of good hoi; tiijht pasture. Clos to .'cl'.ool.—McDonald ii C'j., lowu SiaU Bunk Bldg.. Phone 120. It Wanted . WANTKl)—m-.hScil chitkt.ns ut th , .Slatt-4. Cafe. Pl.olic 4m 1 OcUlleuien, Ic tax. ik; ai.d Ic tax. lOc WANTEI>--Work repaii'inj} or dean- njS U[) electric nic>Lori or c-leclricul up liaiioi. Julian Aradorfcr, 421 Noitl \«ITUT. oi- 1 III:AIIIM; us Ai'l'l.K t- TION p»it *i rnourri -I'd <-<IMriioMisi: AND Mii-ri.i: IMIKIIT- KU.MOXH *i:< i m;i> HV < HAITI:!, MOIt'l'IMliK* In I In: lll.vtrlct I'Klirt i>f J"K; H. W. jii "K nt II, i- >l>li'h t^ wn Mini ifH. .Sujji-r luii-inl, ni i,f liauk- Kmit; of Inwii. IMulnllrr, v: vliiKK Hank, ,-:i. liiuidht inl.nit. Ml,ir» an, I Cn-iliiui-H of it., viNK" Bank, SI Ili-in-dii-t Til WllilM IT MAV i'i>N lifl Y.III ar.- licifliy n w in nh u, iii>. i.i ll,i; lilMtrlrl I'. ,1111 l\in,atilii I'uiility. tli ,-,! II, at tl.i-rn .- ,,i [I,,. r|,.|k r Inwit. in an. I t VISIT OUR I SEE THE FRIGIDAIRE '34 THAT USES LESS CURRENT THAN ONE ORDINARY im B)ULB i. \V. ItalCH, .Sii|ifiliilclnlriit pif l'..ii.k iiB ppf the Statp- nt IPJW.J. as llvfi'lv-.r ! U.i- I'I:I,|,|I..'H Savliix* Hank, St. HP-IH-11(1. I-p\va. uskinK that liv l,p- authipri'/. -*1 IP fp,iiii,i <-in i^'- ami H,-U|P: ct-rlani in- l,-l,l, ,|i., srf ,,wcil l.y A. li. ami Hi-rllm i'.-iilp-ii IIPT umi Vh-l.irl.i Ai mlurfLT I" HUH plalipliff. ai-«Mjnlii.,K 1.. tho l.-rina iii.l <-»nillll»ii8 s,-t out In iialil Appllfu- !|p>n lu wlili-h you ar»; l.uruipy ip:f».-irc'l tor furilji-r |jurili>u)ur». VIPU uri.- furllii-r ipi.Hfinl I I,at tin- Ipi-i.rliiK P.u *;il,| Ap|illi-:illi,ii will IP.: Ip.t.l il llj,- CPHII Ihtju.s,.. In AlKxliu, Kp'xautli I'pppinly. IPPWU. uii the L'llli play ut Aj-ill. A IP. l'.i::i. ut 1 ./.-I.,, k t, in .m KU|I| lav. at whlp'li (inu: yi,ii may it|>pt-ur ainl MIP*\A' tau.sp- If any you hav,- whv an PJI- Ip-r hliolll.l IIP,! b,; flitrl t.-pi u U t I orl/.ill tf ^alpj np-t I ip-lli,-ljl«. l>. W l!.\TI-:sl. •iiiix-iliitfiiilcur ut (i.uikluK at Hi.- ••( Iowa, at* HP-P-, Iv.-r «,f tli<< l'.'p,|>li- SuvliiKK Bunk. SI. )!p-iit,l|p-l l,i J'.y .1 .SI HiTh.-l, l-;xainliii-r In i'| avK«'. Why Get Up Nights? USE BUCHU AND GIN Make Thi» 25c Test It is as valuable 10 the bladd-'r as cas. to;- ctl to the bowtls. Drives out ini- puritie.s and t-xctiss acids which cause the irritution resulting in gttlng up mghU. fretjueni, desirt. kg jjaiu-i and backache. On account of thi? alcuhol uj* juniper oil from which gin is made. Aik for Buketb. Uic bladder laxative also containing buctiu etc. AiUr four days, >U' not your druggist »U1 rctunj your 25c. You are bouiid to tJuti> butter alu-r this ch-uti^iug. E. W. Lu&by, Druggist, Algona, and W. J. Den ton, Druggist. Titonka, say Buk- tU u, a beat seller. was to RO. Re took tt to the wrong address and then came back looking for tlw party that gave him the meat but couldn't find him. It looked like Vic wouldn't go hungry for a day or so. • » • In Ms spare Moments Dr. MfcCttrkte has made one of the finest lots of fishing baits you will ever see. He has « small lathe which was used to make hundreds of flies, frogs, pikeminnows, etc.. which are finished much better than those on the market. Doc knows how to use them and delights In explaining their various uses. Those remembering Roy Marty know how baseball minded he is. Today, as is his annual custom on the opening of the big league schedule, a letter came containing his pick of how the teams will finish. And, as usual, odd as it may seem, he never has them right. We know a lot of others that try this little trick and come just as close. ... Beam Pearson haa * way of arranging his private affairs. A party w« going- to call him at a certain place over tone distance. Beans had to go tw wpfK without receiving the call but he left: word with another fellow to receive it. The call came and thte Is what it was about. "O. K., same place," a feminine volos said. DANCE at Sexton SATUKDAY, APRIL 21 Fefttnring Jumbo and His Six Special New Features-Gentlemen, 39c, and Ic tax, 40o J Ladies, 9c, and Ic tax, lOc 50 visit our s P ri "« Show""""~ *"8 a °J **c why eirery- Plm fniiti one's talking about the UELJVtRED Frigidairc'34. 4llti INSTALLED Imagine! It has automatic defrosting — you don't have to remember to tarn the current on when defrosting is completed! It has automatic ice tray release! In big interior is of Lifetime Porcelain and iu ouuide fiuiih i» sparkling Dulux. It has extra room for tall bottles and a frozen storage compartment. On top of all that, this Frigidaire '34 actually uses less current than one ordinary lamp bulb! Come in, today, and see why thousands of women already are boasting, "Ours is a Frigidaire '34." EVERT UtR THE 8F.SI OF THE TUB FRIGIDAIRE '34 A PRODUCT OF GENERAL MOTORS BJUSTKOM'S Gas and Electric Appliances and still we're — The Talk of the Town These new and attractive banquet and summer dresses have created a cyclone of comment— fresh, sparkling, sfcwtfui—filled with the spirit of the new season. YouTI be delighted wtth the variety of styles and materials—every conceivable creation for every conceivable purpose. There are the longer, Sunday- night lengths for banquet and dance, shown here in organdy and soft, clinging crepes—blue, rose, yellow and green trimmed with dainty organdy and lace. There are the shorter sport models. In the same variety of mater, ial and color, some with jackets, some without; pretty, useful garments designed to fill every cum- mer's need. Prices are so moderate too—you'd scarcely believe that such beautiful drexea could be «old for such extremely low prices. New arrivals «r» filling in the gaps left by the active selling of last week end. new organdya and Sunday night fonnala are here THIS WEEK in a still greater variety of entrancing colon. And light, airy taffetas have come too, Just the thing for sum. mer. When you think of NEW THINGS, think of this store—whore lm.sincss is hooming niul where courtesy and consideration po with each purchase. $5.95 $8.95 $11.50 Th« popular navy coats with the neat stitched collars $12.85 All swagger suits reduced for quick soiling $9.95 $18.50 • —— > i*^—^^^~~^***i^^^i*mm^mmmmmmmmi^^m* Rummage Sale FRIDAY and SATURDAY in my old location ACTON the Street from Potter Puroitwe Store 75 pair of Children 1 ! Shot* 2 100 pair of Boys' Rubbers '.. . 100 pair of Ladle* Rubber* ' I 25 pair Boys' Rubber Boote <i M 15 pair Li,die»' BooU .'..'.'.$1J» n Boy* Panto 25c pair Bay.' Cwi House P»lnt, WhJUi Only $L09aJl Ilard Water Soap, 10o «iie £7 Boy» and Mem Shoe* '..'... /Me p 50 Ifced Tiro», ail biies, choice, each t 100 other items that murt be sold. Joe Bloom PUBLIC SALE: Saturday, April 21, at 1:00 P. M. Kiddie Sale Pavilion, Phone 79, Algona, Iowa At our Saturday Sale we will !>ell our usual amount of live stock coniiating of horses, cattle, chickens, hogs and poultry. All kinds of furniture including a number of ice boxes. If you are looking for an let box, don't forget this offering. Lumber, coniiiting of planks 2xVs and 2xfi's K-,,11 nn- ,,r rarm m aclUnei-y lucludinjf one 9-ft. spring iro TERMS— feW. No property to be removed until settled for 0. O. RIDDLE, Auctioneer Sole Farilfon fuwt of C. & N. W. • • I l*READ THE WANT AD

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