The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 19, 1934 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 19, 1934
Page 8
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The Algona Upper Pea Moines, Algona, Iowa, April 19,1934 FreelGarden Seeds Are Now Ready For Distribution In Kossuth County Belief Project Being Han died Through Legion Auxiliary Units APPLICATIONS ARE NOW ACCEPTABLE Work Worthy of General Support; Will Help Needy Families Free garden seeds, for distribution to f hose applicants in Kossuth county who meet all qualifications, are now ready, it was announced Monday by W. E. McDonald, county relief chairman, who represents the county in this relief work and Mrs. Ida E. Larson of Swra City. who heads a committee of American Legion Auxiliary women. In whose hands the responsibility for tlie project haa been placed. Applications for the s?eds should be filed with J. M. Moore, relief overseer of Kossuth county, or with any member of the Auxiliary. Last year there •were 250 gardens in Kossuth county raised from this form of free seed distribution. No Pay For Work "Helping others to help themselves" is the slogan of the movem-cnt. according to Mrs. Larson. None of the people connected with sponsoring and helping the project are getting any pay for their services; they offer their time as a community service. The seed Is furnished by the state, and each individual who Is on the relief roll is requested to sign an application blank when he gets the seed. With the application blank each person also receives a garden chart and other helpful information on gardening. Apply to Unit Heads Local committees will be the presidents of the various Legrion Auxiliary units, and two unit members who are permanent appointed service community chairmen in their respective communities. Mrs. Zada Naudain is the KOSSUTH FARMS AND FOLKS Ward McWhorter, Ixmfct Smith and Edward Allen, Field Representatives Albert (By Edward Men) Keller, northeast of Wes Bend, has a mighty fine place and i. certainly a cordial person to meet. Al bert Is one of the progressive farmers in that vicinity. He has the materln on the ground for the erection of new corn crib, which leads a person to relieve that future. he has some faith in !he unit president of tlio Algona chapter. The project is not new to Kossuth county ns lo-st year the board of supervisors purchased the seed and E. R. Morrison, ex-county agent, aided in the plan which was worked out through tho Rod Cross committees. The work ocrtalnly deserves general public support, nnd the women who are devoting t-hcir time to it have a RTC-at deal of credit coming for their public service. 738 in State Get Jobs Through Service A total of 738 persons were given employment in the state through the efforts of the National R-ccmploynvent Service last week. The local office above the Iowa State Bank building is .still taking the registrations of unemployed persons, T. A. Trauger, Interviewer, says, and employers can flnd a ready list of applicants for any sort of job by calling the office. H. N. Kruse Iowa State Bank Building. Insurance Surety Bonds Aetna Accident Tickets George Hanselman, just west of Albert Keller, is another good farmer in he same vicinity. He was busy help- ng his wife get in the garden work when I was there, and judging by the "Xpert manner in which the work nas being carried on, it will produce ev- rything that could bo expected in the garden line. While driving through the neighbor- tig town of Srxton a few days ago. I Topped in at the Fred Neahring flil- ig station where you always receive he best of service. .—i C. W. Rawson. Irvington depot agent, s another genial gentleman whose ac- uaintance I rx?wly made last week, like a majority of railroad employees e is rendering the best of service for he Northwestern. —o— About the middle of last week I topped in at a place on the fourth mile northeast of West Bend, and who should I meet but Roy Depew. a former resident of LuVerne. Roy has a herd of Brown Swiss cattle, headed by a double grandson of Merney's Colkge Boy of Lake View. Any one contemplating the purchase of a fine buil should sec Roy. as he has seme real, good ones, which can be purchased at a fair price. —o— Joe Thoman. near West Bend, was cutting up planks last week, and although I noticed the work. I completely forgot to ask him what he was going to da with them. What were th-:y for. Joe? —o— At the M. P. Bonnstetter home, although Mr. Bonnstetter was not home. I enjoyed a pleasant visit with his wife. Next time we hor>o to meet M. P. The Bonnstcttcrs are one of the newer sub- west of Titonka. He is sowing 50 acres of oats, although I suppose he is through by this time. Bill has been marshal at Titonka for the past J4 years, and Is now out for sheriff. His terms In office have been marked by law and order as well as the retaining of the respect and good will of his fellow men, and that's saying a lot for anyone who has been an officer of the law for 14 years. —o— Henry Bruns is building a new house and barn on (.lie 120 acres that he farms in conjunction with his regular 160 acre farm. The plnoe wll be occupied by a Mr. and Mrs. Fahrenholt Mrs. Fahrenholt Is a sister of Mr. Bruns. Henry had the misfortune of breaking his arm this winter while cranking his truck, and his arm U still feeling the effects of the jolt. He has two men to help with the spring and summer work. Marinus Christensen was busy eating dinner the other day when I called on him to visit. We made a trip to the barn after he was through eating, and nspected his ponies, as he called them. He said he was in the pony business, and he had me wondering about it until he showed them to me. They were •ponies" that weighed from 1600 to 1850 pounds, and when we measured Jie largest pony for a new collar we found the animal needed a size 26. which is some "pony.' Seeing Mr. chris- ensen call them ponies makes us won- NAT'L FARM LOAN ASS'N TO ACCEPT FED. MTGE. BONDS As Settlement of Loans Now In Process of Closing, Hatching Says t ^i, i, Hutchins, secretary-treasurer of The Algona National Farm Loan Association, has received notice that all receivers of closed banks and deputy mangers of S. p. m Iowa banks have been advised by D. W. Bates, state banking department superintendent, to accept Federal Farm Mortgage Corporation bonds in settlement of-loans now in process of closing with the Omaha Federal Land Bank, in which the banks are Interested. "If applicants who have received no tices from the Omaha Federal Lam Bank to get their creditors to sign th* bond acceptance request 1 ?, will get in touch with me, much time can be saved in closing their loans," H. D Hutching, secretary-treasurer said. Under this rfrrangemeht, creditors will receive a guaranteed bond of the Federal Farm Mortgage Corporation It will mean that loans can be closed immediately and creditors will receive a type of security which is tax exempt guaranteed by the government both as to principal and interest, and a security which they can turn into cash at any time. It appears to be the logical method of financing the needs of agriculture and of obtaining wide distribution of the bonds. H. D. Hutchins, secretary-treasurer stated that advices received Oils week indicated that the bonds are selling at par and above. "I am anxious that we get our loans closed as quickly as possible, and our office force is working night and day to cooperate with our applicants. I have been advised that there pre still sev- enty-flv? million dollars In loans approved for Iowa," he said.—Adv. THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS PROCEEDINGS Auditor's Offirp. „ . , April 2. innt Hoard or Supervisor.* of Kossut County met in regular session with, nl members present. Hoarrt proceeded to read minutes o last remilar session nnd all adjourn sessions. Motion lij- Hetkpn anil <won<l ). HaUe.mnn that minutes of the lust reg session all adjourned sessions IK approved ns re.-id. Ayes: All. on motion Uoanl proceeded (o mid) nnd nllmv hills. Motion liy <U.ileejnan nnd second In Cosiirove that the follnn-lnir resolntioi Io adopted: scribers to The Algona Upper Des Moin-rs. (By Louis Smith) George Sonnenburg. who lives in the fertile area about four miles straight north of Titonka. was seeding outs en I g-ot there. Although it was a little mudtlv. George was n little afraid of the weather and was hard at work. We had four horses pulling the .seedpr wagon. I jumped in bcsid-? him and we made several trios along the field, with rne helping to keep the seeder full t>y shoveling oats. Had a lot of fun. but hope too many others don't read this and have odd Jobs handy, when I Bet there. However, I enjoyed talking to George, and also taking hU subscription. —o— E. H. Wirtjes. located just south of Lakota, was laid up with UK? flu for a spell. Ed farms 280 acres at home nnd another 160 up the road a way toward Lakota, and we'd sav he had plenty to do. Robert Kruse lives southwest of Buffalo Center about eight miles and has 240 acres to handle. He was hauling out an old straw r/:le bottom, and a-s the morning wa-s cold I warmed up a bit by helping him. Bill Ricklefs Ls farming a placo originally owned bv the Collins Land Co. dcr what he'd call them if he started raising horses. (By Ward McWhorter) Chas. B. Thatcher is one of West 3end's best known farmers. His place s located just north of town on the main road. He happened to be gone he other day when I stopped to see , but I met Mrs. Thatcher who was busy washing. Mr. Thatcher I? presi- lent of the West Bend Fnrrnrro Crcam- ry and a merr-.Ler tf the bo.irj of di- ectors of the Iowa State Brand Croam- ries of Mason. —o— One and one half miles straight south f Lone Rock. I turned into the drive f a very well kept, farm home. The ign on the mail box read. "C. M. Gross, breeder of Percheron horses/' If you irr a lover of good horses, drop in" at he Gross farm and look over the herd of Pjrcherons maintained there. Mr. Gross wa.s working land J'.ist south pf own EO I vLsitcd with Mrs. Gross who was busy fretting some brooders ready for sonic 300 chicks due to arrive snort- y• —o— While driving down the gravel road west of Hurt. I saw Will Stoutrnber? Jiisily disking with his row crop tracer. I wanted to stop 1 and chat with him aur, having been a farmer once and Having owned a tractor, I remembered :hat they burn fuel while you visit and if you stop them they are sometimes hard to start again, so I drove on by with the intention of a visit after the crops are in. —o— In a recent visit with Mr. Butts, th/> Wesley banker, I learned that they would celebrate the 50th anniversary of the bank's foundation In a few months. Wonder how many banks are nble to say this has happened to them? —o— Ira Hulbert, south nnd east of Lone Rock was busy sowing oats Monday morning. Due to the corn-hog program he was forced to sow oats on pome fall plowing, but it waa working out very nicely, and Mr. Hulbert predicted a good crop providing the weather was normal. HRSOr.UTION WKEKEAS. Kosstith Coimtj: hns entered Into a oontrnrt with Margaret Iluttim Hr.-iyton and Kenneth llrayton her husliiinrt. and Nina Dntton. wliluw. to eonfi-ey Ix>t Two (2) ami Lot Four (I). Heetlon Klevcn (11). Township .Vlncty-flvo (9S) North. Haii(tc Tu-pnty nine (25) to Kosauth County. Iowa, in eonsiderutlon of tlie nlxivo conveyance. KoHHiith County has agreed to pay thr said Nina Dntton, the following: TVn l)<.llar.s (J10.00) p«'r month us lone ;is shp may live. Kcsxiith eoiinty :iKrifs In pay cost of last illness anil iMiriai of said Nlnii jiiittun. !<<• It Ki'solved liy tills Hoard of Su- |,e-i-vUor« that the Deed tn said pi.ii.erty lu» ai'rt>j)ttHl . Aili>:i^ry| thi s second day Ayi-s: All. Motion liy Cosirrove nnd Mv lleiki-n that $!iO').»l) l»>nd of H. H-Mi-d.sley. a.ssossoi. AlKon.i Jni-., .viproved. Ayes: All. Million |.y MePonaM and sernlld ' that M.irtlu tiy H. lie f»r the v.-.-ir 1H3.1 mi I y nn i-liM- -notion li.i -d liy Kain taxes .11. Iliix-k !IB, 4 east of hiKh- ] ,,, i.iiillH'lnlcil liv a. In\v.i. Ayes": dlourned to uno Farm Adjustment News A digest of current developments In the agricultural recovery program. The corn-liof? campaign has Jiut closed but another is showing ujj on the horizon- the dairy adjustment program. • • • The corn-hog signup closed with around 170.000 contracts .signed—in the neighborhood of 95 jy.-r cent of the eligible MKrw-rs. Committeem. 11 are now biwy working with the static Board of CALL April 15-30 THEATRE Algona, la. WKSTEUN i:i.K(Tl!lC WIUK KANfilC SOUND (.'.ill til-- nearest teli-phon- op-.-n.tor whi.-r. y.u w:.,h L> kiri*- our pro- They ii.iw t;.e mlonnation. SllIl. Moil., April 15 16 Tuesday, April 17 B: : o .Show 1 ct'uugliiiit, "'Hit, Fighting Pric-st" in "-MONKY ' - liuddy Uoiji-rs a.rtd lli s Hand in "Nt.\V KI.M. KIIV'JH.M" 'J, GruntUiui Kite'-, "KKNNhl, KlNUiV' » N'ew New* 5 .Mi; key Mouse t. W. f. 1 ield, in "YOr'JlE TKl.U.\<; .MJi" BANK I>fcl»4>SIT NKiHT "BLOim MONI.Y" IU1 I^eroy in ••Jr'IC'l TKK PAL.-\t'Ji" Wed.-Thurs.-Fri. NOR.MA SHEAKEK ROLT April 18-19-20 "KifTiuf Saturday, April 21 Tile iu Sun.-Mon., April 22 23 Tuesday, April 24 -^ 4 Star Picture York c;iy to cro'A'tti. On: >! Ule !J-|j«.x- b.xt Jl! April. VICTOR MUI.AOLEN liORtd KARLOKP "LOST 1'ATKOL," l-ANNY f Ma-XA KUCXiLEa -.MtLOUk' IS -eU Hou.->e Sliowboat MAKY BOLAtil) SFEING" KARBAHA S' 1 ANWYCK in ••GAMBLING L.4DY" .Special iMlie* Baok. I>e|wtut Wed Thurs. Fri. April 25 26 27 Saturday, April 28 Sun. Mon., April 29 30 AL JOI^SON iri "WONDER feUUDlE CANTOR in Tfclimcolor Musical "WHOOPEE" iRi.'vivtU> JFuck HoH in "THE WHIKUPOOI,'* KAMON NOVAKRO LUPK VKLEZ Ui Uie Pulitzer Hriit: -LAUGHING Wiunter BiUtter ill "STANU W^Uucc Bocrx in "VIVA iu "HAltlt-. SAC KJb£" UP ANU I'litliK VILLA" ANU UIS tory In checkiin; contracts prepara- to making adjiistmenUs. < l>. in . llciard c.f Snpcr- i"irsi;.iiit to ,>iii-iiinciit «itli .ill incmli<;rs present. .Million l.y ,M<-I),ii).-ild ,iii,| Hf.r-oml l>r liali_.-inan that Hoard of Siii.ervl.iois jHU'.-l'.isi' SPH-II ton., uf fertlllxcr to IK- u-i.-d l.y eiiiinty on |...t.iii,<-M iroin Al- l-' and KI-.-O l'»ni|,,-inv AlKona iuua. '.\M.S: All. Mccllon l.y Mi-liona.ld .-Hid s, eoinl l.y ('osuron, thai ,i snlili.-i'.-< c \i-ni|.l inn 'if ii,. nneii Mr.s. •\Vlll.n,n»e DIC-K- iiis-iin ,,n ss SKI,, -i:, :ir, •;;, | All i i;),,,.^ .7. Kilu-inal plat. AUima In.-., and t'onnty Auditor issue, a rc-fimd nf Tc.r nrst half of ta\i-s paul in ItKII. A.v.-s: All. Motion l.y llalni-lnan and serond i'y lliMki'M that iiuarterly re|>ort. of feinx <il K. .1 . llntler. C'ounty Auditor, K. ). McKvoy. Ulork of DtHtriet 1'ourt. Cur! Kahlliausor, Sheriff of Kossuth Oinntj- J. .1. Dm.ley, County Keeorcler. be un|.roved. Ayes: All. Motion liy Italfjeinan and seeonil liy I'oNBnive that Cla.-w "C"' l.eer l.erilllt I... Issued to AllKllxt A. Nelson. .Spnoeil loiva; II. .1. Sankey, Call)! aitli. Iowa and Win. II. iiuvlne, St. .ICKI. Iowa.. Motion l.y CoHwrove and .sec-ond liy Miliolialcl that II. M. llaiisen I.e itlvpn reliind ,)l J..M) l.e.ici tax li,-.-;uiso linj siiinii tvlc-e m i:.;;.: i n Ay.-s: All. Motion l.y M.-l loii.-iM and sc-i-i.nd tiy llelki'ii that refuiiij of J.r.i) |,,.a<l tax and S.1U interest I.e Klven U. J . Slew- am from AlKona Ine.. I.e.-ausi. i.f j, inn .•..•inn- twieo in lu: 1 ,.). Ayes: All. .Mullein l.y and sc-eulnl <•OM.II.M- ;hat !>. .ml. On si.ldli'fs exeui|>- Ilnu l>e Klvi-n Kdw.nd " N 1 , N'W 1 , .-.-.-. ii; '.II TlR=Or.UTION TO FIX A I>ATR FOR THK, INITIATION OF I'ROCFIK.D- INGS FOR THK ISSCTANCR OF *ir.2.0no I'HIMAHY ItoAl) UKPUND- I.VC, liD.N'OS OF KiHSStn'U COUNTY. U'llKliBA. 5 :. KosRiitM County. Iowa, has outHtandinii bonds Issued for jiri- ni.'ir.v road Iniiu-ovemont purposes In tlie .iKKieuate amount of 11.12.000. which l>y tlu-lr terms uro optional for ix;tlre- ment as of May 1, 1931. dated, niuntier- pa and benrlnff iu> follows: Inlrrml Mnlr Noinlx>r* nai Aunr. 1, 1928, r.76-755 Inel 4 S per c. IK-t. I. I!I2S, 7G4-S35 Inel. 4 >, por May I. I'j29. 8:16-1035 Inel. 5 per c. ind WIIKHKA-S. responsive to Senate File Number 10S of the ActH of tlie Extra •iesslon of tho Forty-fifth Assembly of I own. low.i State Jliijliwny (Joniini.ision ins prepared and adopted u compre- nonslvo plan for the flnaneinK of coim- y prlmnry r«ad Imnded Indol.twlness outstanding Noxenilicr 1. 19S3, winch •Ian contemplates tlint said outstnnd- Mtr honds to the amount of lir,2,DUO bp •efnnded ns of May 1. 1»;||, and WHKHHAS. It Is deemed to tho lH\*t nterest of said County that said out- tandlnR bonds in tho sum of Jir.2.000. •earliiif IntPrest as aforesaid bp rcfund- d by the issuance or a like amount of 'riinary lload llpfuncllntr llnniH a lesser rate of Interest, and it is »-.-essary at this time to tnkp action or the issuance of such Primary Koad tefiindliiic Honds and to Ktvo notice lu.ieof ,-,s roc|iilre<l by fhaiiter '::t of hi' C' of Iowa: Ml\V. TIIKUKI-'OUM. UK IT Ucsc.l.-- ert hy the- Hoard of Supervisors of K«.s- uth C'ounty, Iowa: "I'Ctlon I. That this Hoard of Super- tsors inr.-t on the second day of April '•<<! at the Court House, at Aluona. .1. Ill -..Ud county, at t.'ll n'clnek A. I., at u-nli-h tiin,. and place pl-nci-od- ms uill in. Instituted and action tak- n fur flu? Issuanr*' uf i'rlniarv Koad lefiindliiK- Bonds in the principal aiii- unt of H.'L'.dOU f.,r tlie purpusf of rc- C-IIIK and i-efundin^ as c.r May 1 l'.ij|. (Continued on Inside of Back Page) Leslie M. Carl, federal -statistician and chairman of the Statj Board of Review, reports that serious overstatements of 1932 hog numbers is evident, though there is a .smaller degree of overstatement, In the 1933 reports on hog numbers. He says that adjustments of about 15 per cent in sow numbers will bo nece.shary In some counties. Quoting Mr- Carl, "The fact that early payment contracts ihoiv K r eat<r ir- ri-fularily than reyttlar payment contract.-, in .some counties Ls evidence i f heavy over.;iatement on tlie part oi some producers." Overstatement on )io;; number.* i., detennini-d by pan.- : r,n of towiiship and county totals report" d l'> the federal census, reports 'o Iowa a.s.vt'.-i.-;or.s and by reporLs made bv farmers to tlie Bovcrnment in v».r- :oii.; .surveys. » • • Mr cail s!;-.-.,ed the ta,:t ;hat . j;j.:Uiifii!.'i will ni.-ec"l to bi- mail- in plastically e\i-ry t-ounty in tin; .-.late Hi; poinli-1 ouv that coulily all'il ni-.-nl eiiUill;!tt'-| j W!]J lnvr 'Jjf pO".V<-r t I link-all adji:. tnii-!ii., m ti'.c-ir o'.va i-.junty, cc-tt imiia: o-.'-i.^lati-n.i-!::., bv c.ji.n, . :.-i.-'i,, m..i lo eiju.:!:/.- U: • l -!ili!..- pru- ;-t .iin. • • • \ ;i, -, n, .-IMJ-C- for it.,- dairy ]>n- (iui-i.-r.-, wa.> the .subject of much <i'.;;'.'>n ill 1} rt ,!iiif_jl ti.tji".' (.-o:ifeie:ic''5 .•Id ;n ail uarl.» of tii,- Unit, U S:at..s •-t wei.-k WiiuK-.rr tile <;ulcc,:iu- of ic.-ir cc")iil'-reiir.j.s, ci.ury ;iroilure..-.', j;uv a noii.j Here are hOjue figures liuin lh<: U. S. Department of Agriculture: Milk production hxi increased 2 billion ixjund.; irorn 1MO to W2; the cow population of ^3 million is larger than it ever ha.s bo-. « before; t.'.e average price index lor dairy products is 69 as corn- IKired with 140 in 1928; tile total caih income from niiik sales dropped from $1.847 .((00 .000 in 1929 to $3B5.0W) 000 In 1932. The federal prog-ram of lending mont-y to farmers on farm warehoused corn haa bev-n extended until May 1. It for- uierly had been scheduled to expire at midnight March 31. Loans from now on, however, will be made only to farmers who have signed corn-hog contracts Acy borrower Is obliged to abide by the terms of the 1934 contract. The contract signer who wishes to borrow must furnish evidence that he hits iigiuid o contract Iroui Uie local corn-hog com- uutoee. • • • Total amount of com under seal has i-eached 260,000,000 bushels, according to reuorts from Washington. This is equivalent to about 11 per cent of the United Stated com crop in 1933. Io Iowa $$5,000,000 worth lists bteu sealed. i<r p.iy- W.slcy F. -.., i ;i(id .M pt-nsl,, M-.-ir l:.:i.!. Ayi-s- All. Motion i.y ];,ilh r fi!iiin Mrllon.ilil Uiat unlous i-ii M-iriha (;eiii-i.r,.|il I. r.i:il . Ayes: All. Motion l,y Mciionald and llfiken that panpi-r noli.-.- I,,' F.M-I--I Math. I, An-.-i: All tion liy ll.iUfinan au.| nald thai tl.i, lollouilii,' di,i,t,a|: UKSOI.l "i'KI.V -:itl-:.\S, the Hoard of IvrK.-inde of and Ni,-|iol .;« f,,r Urn Mo K0X&0 cxsoa&xiixiiff^ ^THEATRE Saturday's offering at the Caff Theatre will be a double feature, "The Lost Patrol," a dramatic action picture, and James Dunn and Claire Trerore in "Jimmy and Sally." The author of "The Lost Patrol," scenario, served in tho British cavalry in Mesopotamia during the war, and lived many of the actual experiences that the film portrays. Victor McLaglen is a heroic, indomitable sergeant; Boris Karloff is a religious -zealot; Wallace Ford believed he was an eternal jinx; Reginald Denny deserted to find a quick death; Allen Hale plays Cook, big and dumb, but a devil in a fight. In all, there are It distinct characters in "The Lost Patrol," each playing a distinctive role. The picture will mark the return to the local screen of McLaglen, and the part that he plays in this picture Is one that fits him perfectly. • • • It seems that Bing Crosby, Ross Columbo and the other sweet-voiced addles of the screen will have to took a their laurels, for Lanny Ross is In ur midst. Ross Is the "anchor man" of the Maxwell House showboat radio program and plays the heavy In "Melody In Spring," a light, romantic musical coming here Sunday and Monday. Charlie Buggies, Mary Boland and Ann Sothern are the other leads. Miss Sothern, by the way, is one of the newer blonde venuses that you will probably have frequent chances to view from now on. She Is a 1934 baby Wampas star. Ross, by the way, used to be a 440 yard dash champion in some college or other, so he isn't just a crooner. • • • Barbara Stanwyck, whose real name is Ruby Stevens, was born In Brook- lyn of Scotch-Irish parentage. Despite the Scotch part of It, she seams to bs willing to take quite a few chanced in "Gambling Lady," the Tuesday Bank Night offering jnext week). Barbara was in a New York revue for a time, attract attention (we can readily understand that) and got an Important: role In a play, which led to her screen roles. Joel McCrea is the leading man. Joel got his start In a high school dramatic production. He played opposite the daughter of a Hollywood director, and the director same to see the snow, saw Joel, and the rest Is history. Bo there is an element of luck to getting into the movies after all. Barbara plays the part of a young lady who was absolutely honest, because (1) she was very beautiful, (2) she was very good, (3) she was absolutely honest, and (4) she had an uncanny card sense that made her the master of any situation at the gaming table. If you want to know more about It, you! have t» see the show or talk to somebody that has. • * • The highly touted "Wonder Bat" to scheduled here for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of next week. Warner Bros., the producers of "42nd Street", "The Gold Diggers", and "Footllgnt Parade," made this smash hit. Kay Francis has the lead, with Dick Powell and Dolores Del Rio also in the foreground. Hal LeRoy, the long-legged master of the dance, brings down the house with an original series of steps.; wlille there are many chorus numbers, beautiful lighting effects and enough Spanish tangoes to satisfy your Latin blood. If you have any, or your normal American blood too for that matter. Rl- cardo Cortez, Hugh Herbert, Guy KM>bee and AI Jolson, also have parts In the picture. Congregational Church The circles of the Women's Association will meet this week Thursday. Call your char man as to the place of meeting. Services for Sunday, AorU 22nd: The Church School at 10 o'clock, morning worship at 11 o'clock; sermon topic. Some Fears We Should Not. Have." Typewriter ribbons at this office. We do our own Lens Grinding. DR. F. E. SAWYER, Opt. Iowa . IF YOU WANT MM MILEAGE GIVES IT TO YOU! DX «7JS=?£ ICT nii-i-tiiiK •! a r. -olutio iiin-i vl-ors f .lann.iry ,lnl. I'.iili n muni; ih-[iosltory i,, • [."iitoi i...^ fi,,- "i dm,: t., law, U II KltKAS. uiini aniL.uiit .. ,1 ,, ucit- i-oijnty <l .t i : I'ha.i. MurrlH, C'lialrmaii i . mi. | tho folluwlii? nauuxl Su : CubjJTilVt. Hciktrll. /milU : None. . to mid oulHiundliiK M'-*.-> of til*.- county uvulitiuc*! l,y i.-.-.i..-d for piiinaiy rouil liapiovi'uiunt iiin l> Whereupon. Supervisor Me- lAinalil Introduceil unit i-aiistd to bo n .ul ttic <u»olution liurvlnafttir Bet out. i-ntilli-<| ••Ku.iuliltloll to Ijx u (Jain lor tlio Initiation of proceoJliiKS for tho 1s- MI incu of 1162.080 1'rlmary fumlum JSouUs of Kos.-iuth county, In MIL" IIK| movud its adoption: suoocid- "1 !jy Supervisor* BuJguiuiLn uiia after duo eon.sldc-ru.Uoii tiiercof liy tlio board tlio f'halnuiiii put the uUKsUoii. anil u^i- 011 tlio roll belutf e-iiilcJ. tho following uuibcrd votud: Ayc»: All . Thereupon tho chairman doclareU ttiu -ttojutloft duly adopted. 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