The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 19, 1934 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 19, 1934
Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa, April 19,1934 SPORTING EWS of Algona K-BaU League Formed For Season, Officers Elected BRUMIACE PICKED TO HEAD TEAKS Rising and Hemphill Are Other Newly Chosen Officials SIX TEAM LEAGUE FOR YEAR LIKELY The Algona Wttenball teague for 1934 was organized last Friday evening at a meeting in the American Legion hall, •with representatives of all teams ex- wpt the Phillips "66" aggregation pre- .sent. O. D. Brundage was elected president, Vaughn Rising was named secretary, and Phil Hemphill was elected secretary of the organization. Mart Weaevr was present and as a member of the park board, assured the league that lights would be Installed at the athletic field adequate to make the jflaying of night kitenball possible. Teams represented were the Hub Clothiers, Sinclair Oil, Skclly Oil, Al- sona Upper Des Moines and RCA-Vlc- tor. Bob Williams represnted the Hub. Leo Dahlhauser the Sinclair team, Ernie Godfredson the Skelly Oils and Ed Holewk the RCA team. Ib was decided that the league would Appoint an official scorekeeper this season, and a playing schedule was to be drawn up some time soon, perhaps this week. No great changes in the rules from last season were made, except that a roster of team members was to be presented to the league before the start of the playing season, and poaching of lilaycrs by one team from another was to bo taboo. Games are also to start promptly on schedule time, and the league president nnd directors arc to have supreme power in case of disputes. With th-s lights assured, the prospects for the sea«>n arc bright, and n live league with hot competition and larger crowds can be expected. More tragic last Letters Written by Dying- American So'dfers to Their Dear Ones, Will Be Published in Next Sunday's Chicago Herald and Examiner. Be Sure to Read Tlmie Gripping; Letters and More Pages of Uncensored War Pictures. 1933 Season Summary of Algona Municipal Kittenball League Strike Outs Walks Tb Pet. TEAMS RECORDS—SEASON 1933 Team Ab H Runs Hr 3b 2b Ib Phillips "66" 740219159 4 11 33171 53 47 286.295 Skelly Oil 688201120 8 14 27152 66 45 280.292 Algona Ads 68019312113 11 38131 70 53 292.283 Algona V. D. M 740208158 8 15 35150 90 55 297.281 Gamble Stores 552138 58 3 9 19 108 90 43 181.250 B. C. A.-Victor 510124 44 4 4 14 102 57 24 158.243 Team W L Pet. Phillips "66" 19 4 .826 Algona Advertisers 15 7 .681 Algona U. D. M 14 9 .608 SkelJy Oil 10 13 .434 Gamble Store 4 15 .210 R. C. A. Victor 3 17 .150 Phillips «66" Players G Ab H Hegarty 7 19 8 Gress 20 65 27 Geo. Lee 22 82 23 Frank Smith 23 77 26 W. Gregson 23 86 27 J. Watts 21 61 19 C. Bruns 20 63 18 Boy Lee 23 76 21 M. Miner 8 12 3 Jackman 16 45 11 Arent 10 32 7 Gordon Kuhn 22 63 13 Parsons 16 39 7 Runs Pet. 4 .421 14 .413 18 16 19 13 9 22 4 8 .344 8 ,218 11 .206 9 .179 Ml .337 413 .311 .285 376 250 Skelly Oil Players G Ab H Benner 24 73 30 Cretzmeyer 5 15 8 W. Stephenson 6 13 5 T. Stephenson 24 71 26 Smith 15 44 16 Benschotcr 20 62 18 Post 12 36 10 Sheppard 19 54 14 McFadden 21 60 15 Eckart 720 5 Godfredson 23 66 14 Kanouff 11 33 7 Hannegan 17 37 7 Griffith 20 54 8 dimming!; 11 36 5 Runs Pet. 19 .410 .533 .384 .366 .366 290 .278 .259 .250 .250 .212 .212 .189 .148 3 4 18 8 11 2 13 8 2 7 9 6 7 0 .139 U. C. A.-Vlctor Players G Ab H D. Gels 16 43 16 Valentine 13 31 10 Evans 17 47 14 A. Kelckcr 10 27 7 Watem 10 43 11 J. Ramus 7 20 5 Waldron 15 42 10 Rawson 16 40 7 O. Ramus 6 18 3 T. Bruns 9 25 4 Hudson 17 47 7 Runs Pet. 6 .372 .322 .297 .259 .255 .250 .238 .175 .167 .160 4 2 1 5 4 2 2 2 1 6 .148 Announcing My Candidacy for COUNTY ATTORNEY of Kossnth county on the Republican Ticket, subject to the will of the voters in the primary election, June 4. Your support will he sincerely appreciated. H. W. MILLER 18-22 Algona Advertisers Players G Ab H Pearson 6 20 8 Rising 23 75 29 Selstrom 17 52 19 K. Medin 16 59 21 H. Vinson 23 66 22 C. Medln 822 7 R. Donovan 195818 P. Gronbach 19 47 14 J. Cooney 4 11 3 Bradfleld 21 63 17 P. Miner 7 18 4 L. Walker 17 46 11 Sigsbee 11 23 5 H. Medin 8 20 4 D. Shackleford .. 12 2T 5 Hookstra 12 34 5 Runs Pet. 5 .400 16 .387 .365 .355 .333 .315 .310 .297 .272 .269 .250 239 .217 200 485 .147 12 14 21 3 10 4 4 4 5 6 3 2 5 5 Algona Upper Des Players O Ab H Wltkoff 16 55 23 Agaard 14 32 11 Wand?r 18 62 21 H. Nordstrom 22 76 25 Butler 17 48 15 N. Walker 20 70 21 Mercer 6 18 5 A. Nordstrom 19 57 15 R. Waller 19 54 13 B. Medln 20 74 17 K. Samp 21 59 13 Scanlcn 16 51 11 Gamble Store Players O Ab H Woodward 6 20 10 Don Smith 15 44 15 Carney 10 32 10 Bartlett 720 6 Swanson 15 46 13 Hemphill 13 39 11 L. Samp 17 46 13 Elcrick 4 11 3' Haason 10 27 7 Lampright 16 48 12 D. Cowan 7 18 4 Barnard 4 10 2 Lynk 7 20 4 St. John 7 18 3 Dahlhauser 6 18 2 Runs Pet. 11 .418 10 .343 .333 .329 .312 .300 14 21 10 13 5 .278 12 .202 .240 .229 11 14 13 J220 9 .215 Runs Pet 2 .500 .340 .312 .300 .282 282 282 .272 .259 .250 .222 .200 .200 .167 .111 4 3 2 5 4 8 1 3 4 0 2 3 3 1 Pitching Records Name w Waldron, RCA 2 Pomeraning, RCA .. 1 Gels. RCA 0 Plnnell, Gambles 1 Smith, Gambles 2 Cowan. Gambles .... i Bartlett, QMnbtes .. 0 "Red" Smith, Skelly . .8 Godfredson, Skelly .. 2 K. Samp, U. D. M. ..11 Mercer, U. D. M 3 Rising, Adv 3 P. Gronbach, Adv. Specht, Adv 1 Arent, PhUlips 7 Watts, Phillips 1 Parsons, Phillips 10 Kuhn, Phillips 0 L SO BB Pet 12 51 22 .167 245 .333 132 116 7 18 10 5 22 7 3 O 3 6 100 56 .57 7 19 27 .222 7 12 13 .61 2 13 17 .601 016 1.000 611059 .647 172 .500 0 34 15 1.000 Oil 1.000 2 29 15 .833 213 .000 .OOC .500 22 .16' .OOC Let the Tj. D. MT.-K. estnnits cz youi next job of printing. Huick's 1934 reception strikingly resembles the insistent demand of un audience fur an encore from a favorite star. Led by an army of Buick owners, all the public is fur surpassing previous enthusiasm for Uuick. Everywhere, the talk about Buick is turning into a flood of buying. When you come to take your first ride in a Buick, you will find—in whichever type and size you prefer to buy—stunning new beauty and luxury. There is also new engineering progress ... a broader incorporation of fine perfonn- BoJj by fiiter ancc, thorough-going dependability and safety... greater ease and convenience. These desirable advantages are expressed in the new Knee-Action gliding ride as only Buick gives it, in automatic starting and other new features, in finer smoothness and quiet, with greater power. Buick builds this year's cars in the size you want to buy—119-, 128-, and 136-inch wheelbusc. AU have the same high excellence, the same flashing performance, the same famous dependability, the same advanced features. m u i c ic **• Algona Motor Sales BASEBALL LEAGUE PLAN ABANDONED Only Four Cities Willing to Enter Class "D" League At a meeting held here Sunday, with representatives of four cities present plans for the formation of an Iowa- Minnesota baseball league to play in class "D" organized baseball were de- flntely dropped. Decision to drop the Pi a ^ si J vere made when H was found that the league would lack two teams, as six teams are necessary to obtain n ^S 5 " D " ^^tcr 'n organized baseball Teams represented were Algona Es- thervllle, Corwith and Forest City. The latter two towns did not intend to enter teams in the league, but were Interested enough to send representatives, word was also received that in addition to Kstherville and Algona Fairmont and Spencer would definitely enter the organization, but that still left uie setup short of two teams, and after some discussion, it was decided to abandon all plans. In the mean time, however, local baseball players stated that they Intended to organize a team and plav Independent ball this summer. As no money was actually collected when campaigners made a survey to find out what support a team here In a Hague would get. there is nothing to refund and ths workers wish to thank the local business men and firms who volunteered to make a donation in case the deal went through. WESLETdRf REPRESENTS COIN CLUB CONTEST of the girls' sqiwd at a theatre party Thursday night wHh refreshments at tho Rowley home afterward. The Methodist Aid held at tlie home of Mrs. Bertha Looft with Mrs. K. R. Rowley assisting last. Wednesday was well attended. The members are mnk- ing preparations for the serving of a May supper Saturday night. May 5th. A deal was made the past week whereby Ernest Hutchtason became, the possessor of the dray line owned and operated by his father W. E. Hutchinson for the past seventeen years. The senior Hutchin.son Is 111 and confined to his home and was unable to care for tho business any longer. Mrs. Georg-e Aldrlch very nicely entertained the members of the Study club Thursday afternoon with roll call being answered by giving a "Character Sketch from a recent Book." Mrs. A. M. Lease who was iln charge of the lesson very Interestingly reviewed the book "Miss BLshop." a recent book of Mrs. Bess Streeter-Aldrlch. A meeting of the county officials and the respective pastors of clmrclKs in the county, representing the Christian Endeavor, was held recently at the home of Joseph Show, county president, for the purpose of making out a program to be given at the rally to be held at Lftkota May 6th. Mrs. Skow served a very cordial repast to the guests of the evening. With the closing of the school In six weeks, we have the usual activities in prospect. The juniors are working on their play and will present it soon. The seniors are selecting their play and wiill start practice soon after. Plan now to attend these entertainments. With these plays and ball gaim-s and other spring activities taking time from academic pursuits, parents are urged to keep their children in regular attendance to give strict attention to class work. Will Get Chance to Win Trip to Washington Club Camp Wesley: Miss Frcdrica Girres, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Girres north of town, was chosen to represent Kossuth county, in a contest to determine the state's two outstanding club 4-H club member for the year. The two winners are awarded a trip with expenses paid by the DCS Moines Register and Tribune to the annual national 4-H club camp in Washington, D. C. In June. Her picture together with seven others appeared In the Register Sunday. At Legion Meeting Those from Wesley who attended the county Joint meeting of the American Legion and Auxiliary at Titonka Tuesday night included Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Studer, Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Bonnstet- tcr, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Forburger, Mr. and Mrs. Halvor Flom. Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Lease, Mrs. Anthony Joimson. and Messrs. Ed Monson, John Hutchison, Al Roseruneyer and Joe Matern. Postofflcc Examination The vacancy here for postmaster -in the Wesley post office, was posted last week with no date set at tho time for the examination, but which usually xnncs about two weeks after the clos- ng date for applications to be in at Washngton. D. C. This date was set at April 27t.h. It Is understood that Mr. Sturdlvant, the present incumbent, does not wish re-appolnment. Royal Neighbor Party Members of the Royal Neighbor lodge icld a birthday party at their hall on Wednesday night, celebrating the anniversary of the lodge. GanKs were )layed after the regular meeting, fol- owed by the serving of nice refresh- nenLs by a committee in charge. Teachers All Reflected Supt. K. It. Rowley together with ill thu teachers in the public school, lamely, Coach Roger WUlert, Principal lelen Heimcr, MLss Candaoe Packard, bliss Margaret Loofl, Miss Margaret McOonmll and Mits Esther Bock, were etlctj'd to their re.spc?t>ilve teaching MisitiorLs Kr tu-xt, year ugnin All «m- r:ie\s have been signed and it i.s ex.- X'cU'd that, tliL-re will Ik' no rhanjfca or next year. AH were given a tlii;;.l iu iulary. will be closed on May 1O In order that the posters may be displayed b?fore Poppy Day, May 26. Winning posters in the local contests will bo entered in the state contest to be held during the state conventions and the> state winners will compete in the national contest to be held in Miami, Florida, October 22. The posters must measure 14 by 20 Inches, and will be judged on following scale: Appeal (force with which the poster drives home the message of the veteran-made poppy), 4O -points; artistic ability, 20 points; attention value. 20 points; neatne-ss. 10 points- originality. 10 points. The academy nnd pubic .?=eliool pupils have entered this contest. Prizofl in each class are $2.00 and $1.00. Wesley Baseballers Beat Lu Verne, 10-4 Opening the baseball season Friday afternoon, the high school team won a decisive victory from the LuVeme team 10 to 4. Behind the steady pitching of Erdman, the team played errorless ball. Kunz Jed the Westey attack with four hits while the LuVerne hits w«re kept well scattered. Three successive hits batters and a double by Miller in the second Inning resulted in tixr-ee of the four runs made by LuVerne. The Wesley ba/ttery held the opposition to four hits, and also setting thirteen men down by the strike-out route. Farreil of LuVerne allo-wecl Wesley eleven hits and struck out six batters. This week Wesley will play at the county tournament at Titonka. The county is divided into two sections and the winners from each section wtll go to the district tournament to be held the following week. Wesley drew « bye the first round and will play the winner of the Grant-Bancroft at, rlovon o'clock Saturday morning. Fractures Neck Vertebra St. Joe: John O'Neill had the mlsfor. tune last week to upset with his Model T Ford. He fractured the vertebrae In his neck. Send$l for the next f> months of THE Atlantic Monthly Make the most of your reading hours. Enjoy the wit, the wisdom, the companionship, the charm that have made the ATLANTIC, for seventy-five years, America's most quoted and most cherished magazine. Sfnd $1 (mentioning this ad) to Atlantic Monthly, 8 Arlington St, Barton 14-19 High School and Grades Enter Poppy Contest Pupils in grade nnd high schools throughout the U. S. .soon will begin drawing posters for the American I,e- giou Auxiliary annual Poppy Poster contest, according to Mrs. Hugh Post, poppy chairman of the local Auxiliary unit. The posters will depict the Auxiliary's memorial poppy program in which poppies made by disabled veterans arc worn to honor war dcntl and aid the living victims of tho war. Local, state and national contests will bo conducted with two classes, one for grade school pupils and the other for high school pupils. Local contests Curtains and Draperies Renewed Cleaned tlioroiijjchly and perfectly. Edges I rue, corners sqnarr ami to exact size. Color and lustre renewed. Surprising how 1lioy will brighten up a room. Cleaners Phone :',:',( Tailo rs We Deliver. DRAIN OUT OILUnMG SUIDGE Change to anti-kludge !to=Vis "D"— keep sludge out— save oil ^jjEj£ 1 1 it* limn ft* rliangr to a heavier graclr of -___ uioUiroil. AIM! wbeiiyoucliaiif;*-, rrnirin- ln-r tliu: 'I'lie {;rratr-»t cuune of lii^li oil consumption iu atitortioltilr eti^iiit'H in stiutft' — »!u<i^« thai fmiltt lilti-rrt. mukt-rt vaKc-.i *lugj;i»li you I rte gui*oliiitt |M»wc*r uiui milrugr, ami ri ga to slick and pump oil. of iuIx-r llii : Y »»tor i»y n.- n >l(. r oil. 11 8. H. Klassie Phoue 714 Mr. and Mrs. Ralph TjutU-n uiv Uir MtrvnU of u buby born TutMiuy a: ihvir ana hoim> north uf town. I Mr. and MM. J. T. Af.un.-r and (.*••> ! were visitors at the hoin; of u-r moUitr. Mrs. Elizabeth Lemk..-- ut AJgomi Sunday. Miss Margan-t Flaherty, rtgi.-,ti-ri-d rse of Carroll, and a frtind hix'ut IK: weak end' with her iimx-aus, VIr. and Mr.s. J. T. Flaherty. Mrs. Fr.d Loon and infant so". IX'n- lis Kay of Swta City si>eiit. from Saturday iiiglit until Sunday visiting at tht- tome or her brother, Wallace Benton. Mr. and Mrs. Jorgen Skow, Mrs. P. E. Skow and Mrs. Marion Paulson were among those from Wesley wiio attt-nded he funeral of Rev. Southgate at Britt. Monday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Ludwig have ad- >pted a month old baby girl who has ict'n named Merliyn Joan. The Lud- wlgs live at Garner and Mrs. Ludwig was formerly Miss Florence Yegge. R. B. Hopkins, W. W. Sturdlvant, hn Hutchison, Emil Wester, L. L. Lease, Halvor Flom, Jr., O. E. Ely and "ohn Mullins attended a Masonic lodge banquet at Algona Friday night at 6:30. Mrs. Bertha 8. Looft, Margaret and Jobnette, were guests at the home of thotr sou and brother, Henry Looft Sunday at Seneca, the occasion being oiie of the birthday anniveraarieg ot Henry. Supt. K. R. Rowley and Hiss Helen Hetoer, a» qpuoaor of the girts' bas ketball ^-ftaiflfl. ftijtyr^inod t* 1 * VT 1 !-»«>-% i.* "J> in<; oil omHiiiitpUoii w l*y 1 -M*:Vid "I )" ii r* i{u^irtM !>ftw<vct <Jr.iii ioul, lint- lulu i rjui k **<"(» ttiudgp rail InuiVU "D", lli« unli- livt'ly and frtv, r«*«lu<:- tlir minimum. That'* u>>f: Ii*Hfi (tit — adil ffwrr It n the ftio.^t t coil onion run IMI \ . "" D" . . f- L U S f £ Li t K A. L I O ? A L 1C 26c I >r i \ c in tit } (iijr rl.pj.,-,1 Slau.lar.i t )il Malimi. Your MauiLinl Si'rvi*. mail will ilraiu and <-h a age to tiin i»ro|it-r jiraJc of l*»Vu "U" iu 8 iiiiuuted or lobn. 1 in a you'll bo riii of pluJgr urni voit'll ttc |> your oil uoet to liio imuiiuiuii. STANDARD OIL SERVICE ALSO DISTKIBUTOKS Of ATLAS TIMES LET US Ken L. Harris Drain that sludge out of your car and fill it with a fresh supply of Standard oil. WE SELL STANDARD OIL PKODUCTS Svipet- Service Station Corner State and Jones Sts.

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