The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 12, 1934 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 12, 1934
Page 9
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BURT P. T. A. MEETS I TONIGHT; TO HEAR TALKON MOVIES discussion of Effect of Films on Youngsters to be Topic The Algona Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa, April 12,1934 Burt: A meeting of the parent-teachers association will be held at the Bel- tone theatre Thursday evening of this •week. XVie following orogram will foe «iven. There will tie educational monies, a paper, "The Effect of Movies on the Junior High Pupils" by Mrs. H. •A- Thompson and a talk, "Who is Res- •ponsible for Good and Bad Movies" tov INT. I. Morness. XlUrd Death in 3 Months Willi«? Schaeffer. a former Burt boy died unexpectedly on Monday of last -week at his home in Minneapolis. This was the third death in the Schaeffer Jamily in less than three montJis There is only o»? brother. J. A. Schaeffer left of five brothers. Wedding Date A number of friends and relatives gave Mr. and Mrs. F. O. Stow a, surprise Jast Thursday evening in honor of *heir 31st wedding anniversary. There were about thirty present and & good time was enjoyed by all. Refreshments w?re served by the guests. Msr. Mayme Hoflus has been quite ill the past week. Joe Belts visited his mother, Mrs Augusta Beitz Saturday. Mr and Mrs. Walter Soi-ensic-.ri are enjoying a. visit from his fa trier. Mrs. Will Carney will enfre-rtain the Birthday club Thursday afternoon. The Que-sn Esther girls will ent-ertain tneir mothers on Friday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Gross were dinner guests Sunday of Miss Clara Sria-osr. Miss Hel?n Thompson taught Miss Lorena Peterson's school Friday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Merrifielci of Algona called at the C. S. Coffin Home Sunday. The Ladies Aid will quilt at trve riome of Mrs. M. J. Ryerson "Wednesday of next week. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wille of Algona spent Thursday evening at the F O. Stow home. Mrs. Minnie Whitmuss beg^ari work at tri'? Alonzo Schultz home near Bancroft Mnoday. Darlene Stott spent Thursday and Friday at the home of her aunt Mrs C. I. Mansmith. The girls" glee club and the mixed chorus won excellent at Ames in the contest Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Armstrono- O f Livermore visited at the Jim. Ar-rrxsti»ng home here Monday. C. B. Ohipman attended a district undertakers- meeting at Hiimt>oldt on Tuesday of last week. Mrs. Harold Roba and daughter Crace of Lakota visited at the O C Allen home Saturday. Gordon and Rodney Giddings. sons of Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Oiddings are both ill -with pneumonia. Mrs. Lillian Sigler, Miss leather nc- Manus and th-eir brother, Edwin drove to Fort Dodge Saturday. John Emerson of Titonka visited with friends her-e Saturday. He stayed over night with W. J. Davison. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Olson ar»d their daughters spent Sunday at trie Harry i R.ahn home at Lone Rock. £P xcecxce ' ::Kf!c:KKsex ^^ o —————————— CAN YOU H, STO llGH-POWERED CARS — Crowded Streets — Fait Traffic. Will your Brakes stop your ear? 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Guests -were Twresdames Burlingame and daugriter. Eunice. Robert and Wm. Run- chw?y and 3VT. E. Blanohard. School wa-^ resume<i in Irvington last Monday. Leroy Johnson is reported vory low at this writing Monday. Younar Oewey Skillingr and Helen Seifert ar« the lat>est viGttms of the pink eye. ^ The Cressco Embroidery club met with ^Tr.s. Olevc Stewart on last Wednesday afternoon, Mr. and M:rs. F*rv of Algona wer~ visitors Sunday with their daughter, Mrs. O. L. Miller. Edward MTawdsley -w^as a business caller in O*?s a/Toines this last week, in connection -with the new dairy code. Wm. Leigh and son. Robert of Minnesota, were visiting last week end with his brothers. Richard and Sim of Irv- ingrton. Gail and Helen t^orraine Wolfe, the youne: children of Mr. and Mrs. GeorRe Wolfo. are the newest victims of the chicken oox. Friday evening the Star class will serv- a five cent social to the general public at the church annex. Serving will commence at seven. Farmers in sceneral are busily en^ag- ^d in their fields talcing advantage of the warm -days recently. There are a few reports -where tho seeding has been complet-ed. Miss E;i^ie EcroJ. E^ rot Van Sten- br-riar. Mr. and Mrs. Oran Hudson and Mr. and IVlrs. F»nul Hudson wore entertained for Sunday Oinner at the Edw. Wolfo homr~. Mr. arid ATr.^. Martin Becker of Plum Oreek: township visited friends in Irvins?ton la.=;t Friday. Their many nc- quaintaj-ioe« are alix-riys glad for tlvir return vi-sdts. .•5toelc buyers \verc? abitnilantly plentiful tri<^ j>ast xveolc in tills communtiy The down-ward tro^d of prices sotinis to stirr»ulntc trad-". < for someone elso side the fi\2~rnor>. Mrs. J. c. Mnwdfiloy nnd .^on. Richard I-: f t last Sunday night to visit with Mrs. Mawdsleys r>arents the Wcilers of Reinbecic. Iowa. They returned to their home Saturday morning. 'Wm. Ftutledge is visiting: nt the home ( of his grandson. Robert Spurceon wlio lives on the Rutledge farm. Mr. Rut- iedg« arxticioates a. visit of two or three we-rks in this comjnunity. Mrs.^-Cora. Virgin sisiter of Mrs. Cl«rvxs ^rtwrwr&xrt. motored laat Sunday to the hoa*e> or her daughter. Mrs. Thelma Footo of Hasting. Nebraska. Mr.s Virgin will remain indefinitely. Mrs. J«£ary Terhune. sister-in-law of Ben Terhune. visited here last week, returnirvpr to Eagle Grove on Friday evening for a. fur-t.h-er visit with a sister be-fore- returning to her home at Mendota. ril. Mr. and Mtrs. Elliott Skilliiifr drove to Oatedale latst Sunday and Rosulie I-oss. daughter of John To--.'; r<*tunictl noITle -with tliem from thp sanitarium wherf she ha^> b-eii recuperating. TIic rrwiny frie-ud.s of M^ss Rosalie art- glnd to hear of lier improvoment. Airs. AJice E>ury*«a li;x.s born vLsitiiiK her daughter. Ivlr^- Elmer Dyt- at Mas, n C-'ity litst. Tuesday t-wiiinVr \Tr. juul IVIrs. r>ve brought tluMr two children Keith arid &etty. to visit at Uie L aK o«- for th«- w -pk. The M;IAOH City schools are e-njoying tlioir .spring vacation now. Irl nniiltmg <t eorvectioii for an error occurring m litst vw> t-k'.s issue an item wa-H not^?d whereby Geo. Huckman was pre-sjd«-nt of rural telephone line No 3. Mr. Hs»clcnia.n was an officer year but not thii>. Ralph Brown is t lie ne^r presiding orTict-r and du • credit is Kiven. liirru &«i^s Stuby Koi-jpke and \Yilfr«'d Col<>- \fc-ert? Sunday callers at the cluis. r^hom<p. Othv r Irvington vLsitors Pixrsoiui home and ult^> tlu-ir h Parson^ and family, mcliut- n«-\v babv daughter which liu^ Ma.ry Ellen. Uer<- will bf sorry to h<-ar (if trif cntioal itliit-Ssc, of Henry GeiKfl of R.---H\viek. futher of IS/Irs. Harold Scott who formerly Uvt-d her.-. Mr Scott was til,- r». > r> i U it r dt-t>«jt a.jj«-ii! here several Vf^i^> <*&•>. Iwlr. Opt-iyt-1 has bft<n ill for : .--oriit- t;in.e» a.iid ouiv recently ha.s ius ail- '"-"-tir. t>t.-c-n ciiueJiicj^f d a.s anemia. Ntr ^:,n A^i-.- JF^ank IJiUsWorth uc- tiijj-i ni«.--:i tsy M j- ijnd Mrt>. Efiw Oita- J1 " t: - -»*;« --on I>oii:ild of Kurt, visited Iii> Ft-itor ut Jackson. Minn. -liOiiy Hjirry ij> a^socialt-d with How. u \Viitiiiii.s in ix bakery. Tin- boys rc- ir-i o;_i-int--ss a.j, vt-ry Rood. Other vis- Jl " J **JL J^ieti^-ii SuJiday wert- Mr and uiui duuj£hU-r.>. oy iit- On LUVERNE CLUBS HAVE WEEK OF ACTIVITIES, SOCIAL MEETINGS Delegation of Music Pupils Competed at Ames on Saturday LuVerne: Music was the theme of the afternoon at the Progressive dub held Friday at the home of Mrs. Harold Phillips. Each member gave in answer to the roll call their favorite song. Mrs. Eaddeley gave a paper on "Music in the Bible" and Mrs. Irvin Chapman on "Music in Edutfatiton." Two musical selections by Mrs. R*y Stone were very much enjoyed. The following officers w--re elected for next year: Presktent, Mrs. Harold Phillips: vice president, Mrs. Maynard Spooner; secretary, Mrs. Irwin Chapman; treasurer, Mrs. Wilma Mosher. At the close of the afternoon a delicious lunch was served by the hostess. LnVernc Boy Broadcasts Richard Niver went to Ames Thursday where he took part in the music contest. He was superior in clarinet. On Friday evening he broadcast a clarinet solo over WOI. He was accompanied on the piano by Miss Ireno Swensen. On Saturday the girls' glee club also entered the music contest at Ames and was rat-:d excellent. Miss Hazel Leupold. Miss Ruth Smith, Miss Irene Swensen, Mrs. Opal Morrison accompanied the glee club to Ames. Those furnishing cars were George Merkle, Phil Henderson. Fred Graham. Supt Evans, Harold Phillips and Mrs. Lund. M. E. Missionary Meets The Methodist Missionary society met In the church parlors Thursday afternoon. They had as their guests members of the society at Livermor-?. The meeting was opened by the president, Mrs. Peter Thompson, by a song, scripj ture lesson and prayer. Mrs. Ray Stone gave a report on what the society ha.s been doing. Mrs. Allen who has been at the head of the Mother's Jewels for .'everal years, presented Mrs. Harold Sorcnsen with a baby book and spoon IP. honor of havinp the boby in the society. Tb? baby was made o life member at a verv tender age. This was followed by a 3 act play in which thp following took part. Mr.s/Ray Stone. Mrs. Maynard Spoonor. Mrs. Harry Lfchty. Benona Neal, Maxine Smith and Helen Kuebler. Othor features of tho program wore ducts by Joso- phinp Holdcroft, and Beverly Smith. Maxine Smith mid Bctioiia Neal and a trio by Mrs. Ray Stone. Mrs. Harry Lichty and Mrs. Harold Sorcnsen. A ciclicious tray lunch was served by Mrs. Ralph Davidson, Mrs. Karl Noal. Mrs. Stone, and Mrs. Lund and Mrs. Spooner. The next meeting will be iii two weeks with Mrs. Ray Stone. Attend Missionary Rally The following members of ttv- W H M. S. of the Evangelical church at| tended n missionary rally in Fort Dodg» Wednesday. Mrs. Paul Blumer, Mrs", waiter Hem, Mrs. Wm. Marty, Mrs. Kd Marty, Mrs. Henry Marty, Mrs. TTed Merkk-, Mr. s..,d Mrs. George Merklo Rt-v. and Mrs. Lnngr. Miss F-sthor Merk ' le. Anna Woito. Florence Hof and Km- rna Marty. Mrs. Wm. Etpinss and family visited Thursday evening nt tho George Stod- ciard home in Renwick. Mrs. \v. H. Godfrey and daughter, Bertha of Algona spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ellis. Mrs. F. I. Chapman was hostess to the Presbyterian Laciics Aid Wedne.s- day afternoon. Refreshments were served. Mrs. GJcorge Dietzle and sons of Spencer were visiting last week at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry F-eitzke. Miss Florence Barton, who is teaching in Fenton visited over Sunday at the home- of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Mert Barton. The Girl Scouts hold a meeting at the home of Mtss Eleanor Mae Wolto Wednesday evening. At the close n lunch was served. Saturday afternoon several friends and school mates of Dale Zentner gathered at his homo to help him celcbrtao his 9th birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Geise, Mrs. Linda ei^e, w. L. Hefti, Wilma Merkle and Eleanor Mao Wolto joined the Evangelical church Sunday morning. A program was given Friday afternoon by the pupils of Miss Norma Partridge in the school room. Several mo- Ihers of the pupils wore in attendance. Evangelistic meeting will be held in tho Methodist church beginning Monday. Aoril IGth. Rev. Baddel-?y will be assisted in the singing by Brooks of Waterloo. Art Kfaft of Coleridgo, Nebraska, visited the week end with his sister. Mrs. H. F. Blumer. Sunday they were guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hauck in Kanawha. Notice of Sheriff's Sale STATIC OF IOWA KOSSI'TII I'Ot'NTV, f=M. N'oli,-.- IN lnT'-liy frli-i-il I hill liv vlr- lil>- "I" Spci-lal Kxi-filtlon ilin-clril In in.- J'I-OIM the <'li-ik <if UK- lilKlrn-l Court *>f K«tssutti ('(nuilv-. Invva. n,i :i jui)^- ni.-tii i-.-n.I.-t-i-il In s:ii.l C.nirl .,,1 u,'.. ,|,-,| • tjiy i.f April. t»:|.|. In fuvoi- nf .MK-.MI.-I I :ni Mlii K MILI I.nun Assorlattoii. AlKniia, l»«-a. MS |ih>iiilln. :u\il iiUiiin:;! Mliiiil l-\ < -li !i»-1-. as ili-fi'ti.liilil. for tli,> stun nf Kiujit 11 iiniln-il l-'ift\- ami I»I;-IIMI ($v:.ii.•'<:> l>nMiirM iiml .'.'isis. tax-1 ill OIM- Teacher in Union Conducts Recital Union. Miss Kathlvn Prico a recital at her home town. Lake during her Easter vacation from her duties as teacher in District No. 4. The recital w.)s a benefit for 'thrlr local library and Miss Price, who is n contralto soloist rendered several vocal selections. She was assisted by reading. The net receipts totaled $25. Tho-so from Algona attending were .Inmrs Cooncy . his mother, Mrs. Cooney nntt Miss Jennie Cooney. Frod Arnold and son from Klommo were guests Thursday of Mr. and Mrs. George Boevers. Mrs. Laura Hohcnstrin's aunt and uncle. Mr. and Mrs. Addison Mill-cr of Corwlth visited her one day last wrrk. Mrs. Geo. Boevers was at Mn.^on City the fore part of last, week nttending to property which thoy have i-rntod ther'\ Dona Jenn Gardner, small dnughter of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Gardner wa.s quite sick last week but is much Improved. Mrs. Chfster Bailpy and Laura Hnh- enstein were guests at the Mothers and Dniighlers club meeting at. the home of Mrs. Arthur cruikshank last Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Robert J. Lee. her daughter and Mr. Oxley of Corwith stopped at the Rickcr Bros, home Sunday on their way back from a visit to the grotto at West Bend. Mr. and Mrs. I. H. McNutt of Algona were also Sunday callers at th" Ricker home. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Thompson were made Rrandpircnts recently when an fi noiinrl frirl arrived at she Rotxrt t/ea- fon. ,Tr.. home near Burt, on Marrh 29. This makes Mrs. John Olson. Mrs. Thompson's mother, very huppv i^rrat, grandmother Tlip little one hns been named Mary Carol. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Gardner en- tertnined the following group of relatives at. their home last Sunday for dinner. Mr. and Mrs Austin Gardner and son, Ronald of Plum Creek, the Leonard Cruikshank and Glen Jenkinson families of Union. W. F. Jenklnso and so. Louis of C.Yeseo township and Misses Eveiyn Cruikshank and Mne Etherington. Bancroft: While crossing a rnllrondl trnek near Armstrong. Thursdnv evening Joe Sherman hit n rail that, was not level and the forocd bounced tho car. causing it to turn over three times. He suffered a broken collar bone and a sprained back. The car wn-> not seriously damaged H, W, POST Dray and Tranfer Storage of all kinds. Long distance hauling. Every load Insured against Ions or damage. Equipped to do all kinds ol draytng and hauling. n-u I I . il ,|l •IIMIK. 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Vai\ N'-ss iVr Stlllliiiin. i'lalutllT's \l- li-rn.-ys. 15-10 Now Is the Time j; To buy clothing. Stock i» nearly all in—the •I prices lower. .•-•on. ing t tx-i-ri li^- (jiiilctri-ti or Zvlr^. Alice Ouryea eii- -a a. family reunion hu,t Sunday at fiiiltiii Ca.mut>«-'ll home near Seiu-ca Sat-uj-dity S*fr. and Mri. Elmer Uyu cmldi- n ^iid li^rs. Duryea of Ma^on cxt'ove to Fort Dodge, getting the ra.«aiiy. then motoring to uJidiiy moniin« the Ralph joii^ed the others Mrs JJtison. Ove a.nd Campbell are a'i terii of iwtrji. Duryea.. They all urried to tixeijr respective honu-a on Adds Equipment Tiler JidLodex-n. £>ry Cleaners LS install - ne-*- a_nd iaj-grer rug- cleaning equip- iiatiac to it*, j>i*«-tic tiiis week. A heavi- Jy izu>vUa.c«»a. -di-yiiHf room coivuilnlng ioiirfc*ie-ii oiitt atdd oxie-haJf ixtch. coils been btalt in the new five hor;>epower Has been added to wash .ad clz-^w ott the ruxtang wat- jjrea.Uy Irn- faciutiea of die wUl enable H:t-uj to of wen- Suii- over Sniidav Mr.s. Puclmor visited with fricnd.> in Algona. Miss Ruth I^ichty was in Algonii a few flay.s lust week :t*.sist;iwj in a lawyer's ofTict 1 . Mr.s. Aiirou Stoiissv visited lirr nio- thor. Mi-.s. Hfin-y Wi'ilarid in Uritt on Friday. Mr. iincl Mr.s. LaVoril JoITcr.s are tlio b'>rn Hunriav. baby bov parcnl.s of a April !.-,(.. Mr. aiMl Mr.s. Peter Andrinpc of Or* 1 City visited ovor Sunday at the Dr. Kason lioine. Mr. and Mr.s. Beckinaii of Alton, Iowa vi.sitt-d over tile n-eek < lid at the Or. C'orbin lioine. Mr. and Mr.s. irwiii Chapman and «)ii.s vl.sitt-d at the Go. Kubt-le lionie in Goldlield Sunday. Ed Dt'lin-.rt. Cecil Huff and Jess Lindebak were business cullers in IZ>es Moinc.s T7iur.-.duy. 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