The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 12, 1934 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 12, 1934
Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa, April 12,1934 €0 Attend Annual West Bend Presbyt. Church Meeting West Benci: The annual meeting of C 1 ?.. * >resbyterian church was held Thursday evening. A 6:30 dinner was enjoyed by more than sixty members and friends. After the dinner, the business meeting was held John Stone was elected new Sunday School superintendent and Margaret Hayne. assistant pianist. The other officers and the teachers were reel- «cted. One new trustee, Prank Lockwood, was put in and two elders, C. C. Miller and John Stone were reetect- ed for three-years. Rev. Arch Conde, the pastor for three years, was rehired at the same salary. Mr. and Mrs. Don Sinclair of Spencer spent Sunday in West Bend. Dr. and Mrs. I. J. Weber returned from Omaha Tuesday where they spent Easter. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ohlerklr.g and children spent Sunday at Eagle Grove •with relatives. Mrs. Carl Volis was a business visitor at Rolfe Thursday. She has a class of violin pupils there. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Stover of Rodman called at the home of his mother. 'Mrs. Alice Stover Sunday. Teddy Munson spent the week enrt visiting at the home of his parents. He attends business college in Mason City. Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Wenntng and two children spent Sunday visiting at the home of Mrs. Wenning's mother, Mrs. B. A. Morey. Mr. and Mrs. Luchsinger and family of Graetting-er spent Sundaj at the home of Mrs. Luchsinger's brother. Raymond Wilson. Mrs. Sue Watson and daughter. Helen were Fort Dodge visitors Thursday. Miss Ruth Watson of Des Moines canie home with them for a short stay. Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Williams came home from Ashton. Iowa. Friday morning. They have been visiting their daughter, Mrs. Bangert, for about four weeks. Leo Minger left Wednesday evening to join Bobbins Brothers circus He works as advance agent. He has been spending the winter with his father, Frank Minger. No magic is necessary. Swift & Company maintains a nation-wide, daily cash market for eggs—and for butterfat and poultry as well. Incomes of farm homed must eooie from consumer*, who are, frequently, hundreds of miles away. It is the tank of Swift & Company to find these consumers, to learn their food wants and to carry their orders —and money —bark to the producer of food stuffs. OU OUGHT TO TELL ALL YOUR. CUSTOMERS TO SELL. THEIR, TO SWIFTS Every day thousands of farm patrons deliver egga to Swift & Company produce plant*. Tbeae emta are carefully^ packed and kept under refrigeration. The beat go into Brookfield cartons. /A CASE OF /BROOKFIELD I CARTONS- MY •^ AND HOW MANY EGGS? CUSTOMERS PREFER THEM Swift & Company salesmen — an army in themselves — are con- •tanlly Kecking new outlet* for the egga bought at every Swift plant. By selling both meats, dairy and poultry product* on the tame call, by delivering in the Mine truck, distribution costs on all products are cut* The fanner, through economies in handling,transportation and sales, receive* • large part of what the consumer pay*. Daily price quotation* at the plant* represent closely what the housewife is wilting to pay the country over for egg** ''*• the low, but neeewary, costs on the way. Swift & Company pro6ts are small —over a period of years they have averaged a fraction of a cent a pound of all products or a dozen egg* sold. Swift & Company ntact trith «ar« (Aow 35.OOO o/ »M«iC, jMMul^r§r and dairy product* g ee*/«r* 982 HOTEL Newest JWproof Hotel Conv«nt»«» W •>• *ARA6E Coffee Shop *. «M*t W ••* v»otil»t*d food (hop. wfefy yew iMtbt* MM*. Sp«cHri CM K. *•«.«» M wU M wed *Sc. '1 AND UP MO COVtfc CHAMti. * P. M. «•« Dine and Danco SPANISH VILLAGE SI.M StMk SS«1 Twenty Years Ago News (Taken from the fites of the Upper Des Moincs-Republican for the week of April 15. 1914). A baby boy had been born to Mr. and Mrs. John Byson the previous Sunday. Excavating for Dr. Hartman's new residence in the west part of the city had begun. This house Is now owned by Dr. Arlo Adams and family. The building boom had struck Call street and A. K. Cliff and J. A. Paxson wens adding porches to their homes. Lewis H. Smith was also adding a big roomy porch to his residence. Joe Stufflick, of St. Benedict, son of Dominic Stufflick, then one of the prominent farmers of Prairie township, had been quite seriously injured in an automobile accident the previous day. There had been much sickness among the children that spring and the doctors were kept pretty busy. There were a good many sore arms among :he school children caused by vaccinations. The Algona Gun club was to hole regular weekly practice shoots each week the coming summer beginning a that time. They were to be held on the club's shooting grounds east o the Northwestern depot. | John Bohannon and family had been planning an extended visit the coming summer to his boyhood home in Norfolk, Virginia. They expected to visit in New York also. They were to be gone about two months. A pruning and spraying exhibition was to be given soon in the Charles Nlcoulin orchard south of the high school. A large crowd was expected and the Upper Des Moines had quite a write up stressing the importance of a well cared for orchard. A. J. Keen had installed a milking machine. It was run by a gasoline engine and could milk three cows at a time. Some little difficulty was experienced at first in educating the cows to it. but Mr. Keen has said ths»t the machine was giving general satisfaction. The state had just distributed the auto tax and Kossuth county had received an allotnrent amounting to $9.735.04, which had been about 60 per cent more than the allottment made just a year before. The county was to spend about $14,000 on the county roads that year. The previous Saturday had been banana day in Algona. Th|ree grocery stores had been unable to agree about the price to charge per dozen. The price was first fifteen then fourten. then twelve and finally nine cents. Every- jody in Algona had eaten bananas the following Sunday. < Mrs. Wm. K. Ferguson and Miss Mildred Carter had given a one o'clock luncheon the previous Saturday In honor of Miss Katherlne Paxson and MLss Irene Wilson, who were to be brides the coming summer. Miss Paxson is now Mrs. Fred Schaeffer of Mason City and Mias Wilson is Mrs. Frank Warner of DM Molneo. "The Changing Chinese," a. novel entertainment, had been put on at The Call Theatre by the Presbyterian church and a large crowd had been in attendance. Rev. Smiley read a sketch of the religion, customs, history and habits of the Chinese and during the reading a number of scenes were pantomimed by the cast. A net profit of $80 had been realized. *oppy Day Started From McCrae Poem "A poem Inspired it and a little lady rom Georgia started it." said Mrs. HuRh Past, poppy chairman of Hagg tm- t of the American Legion Auxiliary. describing the origin of the custom of wearing poppies in honor of the World War dead, nt the Auxliary's poppv eadquarters in Legion Hall here today. With a corps of assistants. Mrs. »ost is completlngr arrangements for Poppy Day", Saturday, May 26th. when r*e Auxiliary will distribute poppies hroughout the city. "While serving on the staff of the V". M. C. A. overseas headquarters at Columbia University in November, 1918 Miss Molna Michael, of Athens, Georgia, received a copy of a magrazine containing Col. John McCrae's poem, "We Shall Not Sleep.' " explained Mrs. Post. "Touched by the poem's reference to poppies growing between the rows of crosses in the war cemeteries. Miss Mi- cria<>l decided to wear a poppy in honor of the war dead. She purchased a number of poppies and distributed them among the workers at the headquarter, starting a custom that has spread throughout the world." R. homo Sunday nf_ nt the J tornoon. The Ledynrd find Lincoln Farm FUi- roan will hold a joint meeting this rk Friday evening at HIP Prcfbytor- inn church. The time is »-t for about 8: 15 and a collection will be taken to help defray the expenses. Rev. John Benson and son. Sterling of Aiken, Minn., and Mrs. Chos. Olin of Essev. were over night visitors Friday at the c. A. Winter home. They wore rnrouto to Aiken where Mrs. Olln was to spend n month with her daughter. Mrs. Benson. The mothers of the domestic science girls and the Acorn and Priscilla club members were invited to the school last Thursday afternoon where the girls put on a play written by themselves, including a stylo show of garments made by the girls at. school. Mrs. E. A. Wortman. Mr. and Mrs. Russel Winter. Tabe Lonts, Hulva Sanden. Mrs. Andrew Jansen, and Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Rippentrop. visited last Friday at the homes of Michael Winter and Earl Goodnow and families at Mason Ci!y. Tabc. stayed for a more extended visit. Mrs. R. L. Williams, Mrs. I. E. Wort. man. Mrs. Harry Mussirmn, Mrs. Guy Beemer and Mrs. Connie Roelfsema mot last week with the Thursday club and the W. C. T. U. at the home of Mrs. Carlson at. Sxvrn city, to mak^ nionts for tl>* county rlun Ti'd- eration mretincr to bf held at. SWPK Ci:y n May. The LedyUrd township Farm Bureau was entertained last evening nt. the lome of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Heotland. LAKOTA NEWS Mi-- J H. Hoionmb was tho lirWss. A nrnftram was eivrn. Afr.Ud of the Bio; Bad Wolf" I by N'ormn and Vplmn Heetland Knt.hryn Rrrschman. Recitations werrj given by Tris nnd Florence Heetlnnd. and a ,»nl.-> by Gertrude Wortman. WHITE'S GROCERY WEEK END SPECIALS Corn can fir Pork and B«-ans 5c Tomatoes 6c Pumpkin So Flour, 24 Ibs 79c Potatoes, peck 23c K. Bran. 2 for 15c K. Corn Flakes, 2 for l!»c Pickles, qt., dill 18c Pickles, <jt. sw«>et 23c Matches. 6 for 21c Macaroni, plqc 5c Pranot Bolter, qt 2-1o String Brans, 3 for 25c Starch, foundry, pkp Be Lard, best, 3 Ib* 25c Soap. lAnndry, 5 for 14c OatmenJ, lire., 2 for 25c iVrric. Iff., 3 for 16c Mustard, qt. 13c ChPesr, Cream, |b IRc Conr*. Ib 18c Tea. Rfrcn, Ib 25c No. 10 Pears 39c Mrs. I. E. Wortman was on the sick list over the week end. I. E.. Wortmnn spent several days in Chicago on business last week. F. T. Lewis was ill last week, suffering from a severe case of the quinsy. Little Miss Deloris Nitz spent Saturday nigh^ at the home of her aunt, Mrs. Peter Brucr. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Ley were visitors ast Sunday at the Albert Smith home at Fort Dodge. Rev. and Mrs. O. H. Frerking and Miss Dena Rippcntrop w-cre Algona visitors last Thursday. Russel and Raymond Winter and Dale Estle were business visitors Saturday at Swea City. The Rev. Killians of Woden were entertained one night last week at the home of Rev. and Mrs. A. F. Boese. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Johnson spent Thursday and Friday at Des Moines. where Harvey attended a school of instruction. Mrs. C. A. Winter, adn Mrs. J. R. Heetland and daughter. Merriam and Florence were visitors nt Fairmont last Saturday. The youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Weaver west of town, lias been Notice to Contractors Sealed bids will be received at the ffice of the County Auditor. Algona. owa, until 1:30 P. M., April 12th. 1934, or grading 62 miles of local county oads involving approximately 450,000 u. yds. of earth excavation. Bids will x: received at the same time for the ason's supply of gasoline or approximately 100,000 gallons. Bidding' blanks nd additional information may be seared at the office of the county engineer, Algona, Iowa. Aarch 27th, 1934 E. J. BUTLER. 3-14 County Auditor. Last Letters from Dying Anw-rt- can Soldiers To Their Loved Ones WU1 Be Found Every Week in The Sunday Chicago Herald and Examiner. Also Pares of Uncensorcd and Authentic War Pictures. quite ill for the past week suffering from pneumonia. The George Geerdes family of Frost, was here Sunday visiting at the home of Mrs. Geerdes' parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Geerdes. Max O'Keefe, who attends college at Esthervllle, spent a weeTs's vacation here .ast week with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Oran O'Keefe. Rev. and Mrs. O. H. Frerking drove to Manly last Wednesday evening to meet their son, Norman, who had hitch hiked from Dubuque. Miss Lena Outknecht returned to Macon City, Sunday after spending a week's vacation here at the parental August. Gutlcnecht home. Miss Anna Sleeper who Is assisting Mrs. E. A. Wortman with her house work, spent Saturday night and Sunday at her home near Tltonka. The T. E. Dail-ey and Louis Heetland families at Algorra and the Jerry Schutter family of West Bend were vis.. itors Sunday at the home of Mrs. Minnie Heetland. LaVerne Liesveld was a dinner guest Sunday at the home of his aunt, Mrs. Wade Ball. The E. A. Wortman family came after him in the afternoon and visited a short tirw. Mrs. Andrew Bockelman was at the home of her brother. H. Sleeper at Buffalo Center, several days the latter part of last week assisting in caring for Mrs. Sleeper, who Is ill. The MLsse.s Gertrude Wortman and Mildred Barger. and Rev. O. H. Frerking, who are on the executive board of the C. E. society, attended si banquet given at the Skow home at Wesley last Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Heetland, Mrs. Tom Dailey and daughters, Dorothy and Maxine of Algona and David and Dickie Schutter of West Bend visited CITY PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY ATTORNEYS AT LAW R. J. Harrington J. D. Lowe HARRINGTON & LOWE ATTORNEYS AT LAW Rooms 212-14 First Nat'l Bank Blk ALGONA, IOWA J. W. Sullivan (dec'd) S. E. McMahon L. E. Linnan SULLIVAN, McMAHON * LINVAN ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over County Savings Bank ALGONA. IOWA J. L. BONAR ATTORNEY AT LAW Collections will receive prompt attention ALGONA, IOWA W. B. QUARTON H. W. MILLER ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over Kossuth County State Bank Office Phone, 427 ALGONA. IOWA A. Hutchison Donald C. Hutchison Theodore C. Hutchison ATTORNEYS AT LAW Quinby Bldg. Phone 251 E. J. VAN NESS & G. W. STILLMAN LAWYERS Office over Iowa State Bank Phone 213-W Algona, Iowa PHVSICIANS &. SUROEONS S. N. KENEFICK PHYSICIAN ANO SURGEON Office formerly occupied by Dr. A. L Rist over Rexali drug store Office Phone 30O Res Phone 326 ALGONA, IOWA l\ II. CRETZMEYEK, M. U. Surgeon & Physician Office John Galbraith Bldg, Phone 444-310 Gaylord D. Shumway Edward D. Kelly SHUMWAY & KELLV ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over Quinby & Krauze Building Algona, Iowa Phone 58 L. A. WINKEL ATTORNEY AT LAW Office ill Quinby Building. Piione 180. ALGONA, IOWA £. C. McMAHON ATTORNEY AT LAW Office over Quiuby & tCra-u&e Bldg. Algona, Iowa floone 128 HIBAM B. WHITE ATTORNEY AT LAV? Office over Iowa State Bank Phone 206 P. A. D&NSON ATTORNEY AT LAW Office over lows State Bank Bldg. Office Rhone 460-J Res. 315 ALOONA, IOWA CA&KOL A. WANDfcJtt ATTORNEY AT LAW Over Postofflce Ptxoue 8S W. D. ANDREWS, D. O. Osteopathic Physician and Surgeon General Hospital Phones: Office 187; Residence 688 ALGONA. IOWA P. V. JANSE, M. D. PHYSICIAN & SURGEON Office on South Dodsje St. Phone No.—Res. 366; Office 666 MELVIN (1. BOURNE PHYSICIAN & SURGEON OHice over Pool Office Bldg. Phones—Office 197 Res. 211 DENTISTS DK. U. M. OLSON DENTIST Gas or Novocaitie used for extraction Located over christensen Store Phone: Business 166. Residence, 470 ALGONA, IOWA DR. C. D. SCHAAP DENTIST Quinby Bldg. Phone 133 Res. Phone 174 Algona, Iowa VETERINARIANS Dr. L. W. Pox Dr. J. B. WinkeJ Office 220 West State Street Office Phone 475-W Hes. 475-R L. M- BflBBBITT MorUcfeui and Vuaecal Director Phone 11 Algona, Iowa Does'Your Home Need a New Roof ? come and or a Mulo Coated Shingles will interest you. Sec us— Is it a Fire Hazard in its present condition t Does it leak ? If so, talk with HP. Perhaps a new roof oi! 5XXX Red Cedar Shingles Hide Roof of Asphalt Slate F. S. Norton & Son Algona, Iowa Phone 229 Ifs CASH on HAND That Can Aid You / Cash on hand makes possible taking advantage of numberless opportune ties. Our plan provides an easy way to accumulate the cash on hand. This cash can he used for the purchase of a home, can be used for educational purposes, can be used for emergency needs of the family. Investigate our plan to accumulate this cash on hand which will carry you over the rough spots in life and will assure you adequate cash for all needs. The Algona Building & Loan Association II. It. Cowaii, President C. I{. LaBarre, Secretary- Treasurer M. <J. Norton, Viee President < r. \V. Stillman. Attorney. M. P. Weaver Members of the Board W. K. Quartou K. J. Mc A. L. Peterson

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