The Oneonta Star from Oneonta, New York on August 4, 1917 · Page 5
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The Oneonta Star from Oneonta, New York · Page 5

Oneonta, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 4, 1917
Page 5
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STAR, SATURDAY, AUGUST 4, 1917 OTSEGO'S OFFICIAL LIST COMPLETE LIST OF ME.V SCBJECT ' TO DBAFT FOB FEDERAJQ ABMV. Tittle Doubt That Future Drafts Will Be Made from Tills List, Takhiff n-i.iwA vot Examined 'or U»e Pres- 1 11VT*3 -" v cut Coiiscriptiou. Below is given the complete list of , he men between the ages of 20 and 31 who h a \ e registered in the county of'otsego under the conscription law. This list should be preserved for ref- rence as no doubt f u t u r e drafts will ba made therefrom. The men who ha\e"been summoned for the first draft u n d e r the plan for an army of 500,000 men are given first and separated from the balance of the list, so that one can readily see who have been called and who remain lirst on the list for the second draft, which it is expected will follow within a few months at the longest. FIRST DISTRICT. Those drawn for the first army and to be examined at once are: ' - 8 George 3. Clute, Oneonta. 438 Sanford A. Disbrow, Jr., Oneonta 1436 Harry Howland, Oneonta. S=i4 Monsur Koury, Oneonta. 1S"S DeForest G. Rossman. Worcester. 1095 Walter A. Rider, Laurens. 1455 William I. Rife, Oneonta. -S3 Geo. Andrew Carr, Otego. 1813 Eugene Teetsell. Worcester. 1858 Charles B. Deuel, Otego. 175' \llen Robert Chappel, Unadilla. 1117 Ira Leonard Pierce, W. Laurens. 157'' Harry Lee Bundy, Otego. 1748 Henry H. Lockwood, Rockdale. S3' Philip J. Moore. Oneonta. 337 Chas. Thomas Vaughn. Oneonta. 676 Arthur Nelson Stockley, Unadilla ·75 Frank B. Mulkins, Oneonta. 509 Frank R. Porter. Oneui.U. 1185 Aubrey Wesley Saxe. Milford. 564 Clarence Augustus Dunne, Oneonta. 945 William Turner, Oneonta, 596 Birney H. Wells. Oneonta 1"07 Wm. Stanley Warner, Gllberts- ville. 536 Harry L. Randall, Oneonta. 1495 Burt C. Prindle, Oneonta. 548 Daniel Warner, Oneonta. 126 Clarence L. Slade. Oneonta. 1679 John W. Georgia. Maryland. 1»37 Btji.j. Jacob Wilber, Gilbertsville. 784 Howard Wm. Edmunds, Oneonta 1732 Lewis Fink, Schenevus. 755 Clark Eaton, Oneonta. 107 Clyde H. Farrington, Oneonta. 1546 Arthur B. Bennett, Ofego. 1563 George L. Bidwell, Otego. 1369 Charles Smithbur;?, Oneonta. 616 Ray Melville Gallup, Worcester. 373 John Theodore Andricopoulos, Oneonta. 1676 Leroy VanDeusen, Maryland. 1266 Lacey H. Woodward, Gilbertsville 775 Ora E. Bedford, Oneonta. 4S6 Delbert F. Layman, Oneonta. 692 Howard Jenson Waterman, Unadilla. 600 Louis G. Murdock, Oneonta. 810 S. Arthui Baker, Oneonta. 1539 Stanley Earl. Wells Bridge. 1682 Ellas F. Leib, Maryland. 507 Florace B. Pratt, Oneonta, 309 Lodovico Leander Lockwood, Oneonta. 437 George \". Thomas, Oneonta. 1324 Clarence Eugene Cowan, Norwich 604 Earl H. Winans, Oneonta. 43 Robert D. Primett, Oneonta, 1763 Leonard Cooper, Unadilla.' 1548 Neil Estes Lasher, Otego. 1264 Earl Sylvester Thurston. Otego. 1066 George G. Marlettp, Mt. Vision. 924 Sidney W. Holder, Oneonta. 420 Francis J. McGuiness, Oneonta. lftl4..Tony Chickerell, Oneonta. . 1178 Geo. Andrew McLean, Milford. 514 Harry J. Perrine. Oneonta. 433 Emerson Augustus Goodrich, Oneonta. 1329 Melvin Oscar Iverson. Mt. Upton. 10 Leon M. Pearsall, Oneonta. 1045 Joe David, Oneonta. 1031 Raymond F. Hogan, Oneonta. .1705 Henry D. West, Schenevus. 1331 Chas. Daniel Johnson, Gilberts- vine. 1685 Scott Townsend Hubbard, Maryland. 487 Timothy F. Sullivan, Oneonta. 1282 Floyd Henry Tiffany, Gilbertsville. 1323 Floyd William Lum, So. New Berlin. 1847 James Frederic Jenks, Otego. 797 John F. Lange, Oneonta. 140 Geo. J. Scherrnerhorn, Oneonta. 1536 Frank S. Harwood, Wella Bridge. 1723 Benjamin G. VanWie. Schenevus. 1779 Francis D. Meeker, Unadilla. 1236 Howard Walter WriSht, Oneonta 432 Orville M. Cronkhite, Oneonta. 18 Horation F. Powell, Oneonta. 652 Raffaele Misiti, Worcester. 927 Peter Barody, Oneonta. 14S4 Basii R. Anderson, Qr.fnr.t". 739 Geo. Raymond Bugbee, Unadilla. 1751 Calvin W. Gates, Sidney. 601 Willard Cutler Wells, Oneonta, 1322 Harry Jay Leelon, Mt. Upton. 1146 Ford E. Eckler, Milford. 1103 Nelson L. Roberts, Laurens. 1395 Earl Joseph Walters, Oneonta. 606 Clavton James Holmes. Oneonta. 182 Lester Haines, Oneonta. 1771 John Chambers Rankin, Unadilla. 513 Peter Demopoulos, Oneonta. 46 Frank P. McCloskey, Oneonta. 1020 William Flynn, Oneonta. 1651 Chas. E. Chamberlain, Maryland. 1099 Leslie V. Rose. Laurens. 1636 Fred C. Reller, East Worcester. 223 Ira Asa Silliman, Oneonta. 1441 Jacob P. Eckart, Oneonta. 117 Reginald Cundy, Oneonta. 602 Edw. Richard Polley, Oneonta. 390 Gregrio Franggrane, Oneonta, 75 Paul John Roman. Oneonta. 1818 Wilmer L. Harris. Otego. 772 Lee A l b e r t Wolcott, Oneonta. 1456 Daniel M. Rose, Oneonta. 721 Rasmus Edward Nichols, Unadilla. 1419 James T. Finley, Oneonta. 786 Richard M. Coller, West Oneonta 1549 Elery A. Lent, Otego. 1476 P h i l i p D. Verbeck, Oneonta. 280 John A. Canning, Oneonta. 1292 Lewis Clinton Curtis. Gilbertsville. 972 Antonio Sicone. Oneonta. 9S3 Mike Nader. Oneonta. 757 Oscar C l i n t o n Scott, Oneonta. 966 George Allen Hunt. Oneonta. 868 Samuel J. McWhirter. Oneonta. S32 Schillai Guiseppe, Oneonta. 379 Lyman S. DelaMater. Oneonta. I , 6 0 Luigi Bachetta, Otego. ·542 Melvin E. Hitt. Oneonta. 194 Andrew Jackson V a n B u m b l e , Oneonta. 874 Jesse G. Peaslee, Oneonta. »»2 Clyde F. Bresee, Oneonta. 1300 Clarence James Musson, Gilbertsville. 1 5I? Eugene Knapp, Maryland. -98 Leo Edward Ganghan. Oneonta. 7a Floyd Lyman Gridley, Worcester. *'** !e Sylvester Cross. Unadilla. 1-94 Porter W. Carvin. Otego. Subject, to Future Drafts. Those subject to f u t u r e drafts are 114. Dorr Edward Fritts, Mllford. Cl rte Eckler Manzer. Maryland. Lnc O. Carr, Oneonta. Charles W. Wight, Oneonta. Earl J. TenEyck. E. Worcester. John Xorka, Oneonta. Cecil A. Stearns. Unadilla. Ralph William Henderson, Oneonta. Judson G. Abbott. Oneonta. Cilenn Wood, Oneonta. Glen L. Youmans, Wells Bridge. -,llhp : -t Lucius Rushnell. Gilbert svillp. Edward A. Casey, Oneonta. 13S4 343 UK: 33 903 9 13 1.-.31 452 356 James H. Whalen, Oneonta. 1843 Lynn Crawford, Oteco. 530 William J. Powers, Oneonta. SOS Theodore Kohinke, Oneonta. 1114 Marry C. Dyer, Laurens. 1470 Elmer Cooley, Oneonta. 645 Roy Anthony Judd, Worcester. 21? ?*a r ry V Krom. Oneonta. 620 Arley Edward Brooker, Worcester. 1334 A r t h u r Hamilton Musson. Mt. Upton. 550 Philip B. Becker, Onsonta. 16'1 Alfred Johns. E. Worcester. 574 Albert E. Fitzelle, Oneonta. j 31 Arlington Hamn, Oneonta. 1432 Hammond B. Parish, Oneonta. 1727 LeGrand Palmater, Schenevus. 981 Charles A. Napper, Oneonta. 1848 James McMyne, Otego. 1570 M e h m L. Chestney, Otego. 1817 William Henry llHyn^s, Otego. 770 Clyde Richard Whipple. Oneonta 882 Andy Safatlno, Oneonta. 677 Hurbert Barnes. Unadilla. 749 James Earl Strain, Oneonta. 1868 Oliver Lewi^ Lull. Oneonta. 1509 Robert Warrin, Oneonta. 1211 John Edward Bennett, Cooperstown Junction. 525 Francis E. Wilson. Oneonta. 1417 LeRoy Matthew LeVeille, One- cnta. 1574 Melvin F. Gillett. Otego. 760 Oscar R a t h b u n , Oneonta. 183 Max Friedrich Altrecht Hartmann, Oneonta. 56 Sylvanus K. Todd, Oneonta. 1276 Harold Albert Davis, Gilbertsville. 1791 John Marell, So. Worcester. 792 James W. Callen, Oneonta. 5 Leo H. Brewster, Oneonta. 350 John O'Brien Oneonta. 1580 Claude L. Hubbard, Otego. 54 Nicholas James Georgitsos, Oneonta. 870 Harold Parker, Oneonta.. 1714 William S. Hawkins, Sehenevus. 549 Ralph Nelson Allen. Oneonta. 1132 Paul Henry C awford, Portlandville. 440 William Suitor, Oneonta. 1485 Otis Jeremiah Bailey, Oneonta. 1674 Frank M. Hitchman. Maryland. 741 Ralph Emerson Van Kleeck, Unadilla. 1054 Fred Konachowitz, Oneonta. 1275 Charles Russell Brewer, Gilbertsville. 711 Edw. Francis Graham, Unadilla. 1022 Carmine Antonio Givia, Oneonta. 841 Fred Le.., Oneonta. 638 William James Gain, Worcester. 1032 Leo Ireland, Oneonta. 623 Anthony D. Butler. Worcester. 269 Charles Weed, Oneonta. 685 Waller Charles Ostrander. Rockdale. 1141 Dwight Daniels, Milford. 1314 Fred Coon, Gilbertsville. 1016 Sadie Koey, Oneonta. 1688 Glenn Chamberlain, Maryland. 335 Nazeareno Fraboni, Oneonta. 1430 Charles James Curtiss, Oneonta. 493 William W. Kleeman, Oneonta. 1358 Harry N. Colyer, Oneonta. 923 Claud H. Whiting, Oneonta. 1305 Rockland Barnhart, Otego. 341 Edmund J. Whaley, Oneonta. 1007 Sisto Sardiello, Oneonta. 1764 ifroMSjf. T m m h u l l , Unadilla. 391 Worfljfc'fe. Wood, Oneonta. 1366 Clauef4,T." Herring, Oneonta. 353 Donara Chopin, Oneonta. 970 Foma Kuzmitz, Oneonta. 637 Robert "VV. Conklin, Worcester. 1675 Reuben B. Hacker, Maryland. 360 Alex Eignor, Oneonta. 1657 Carl T. Cornish, Chaseville. 1217 Thomas Granaty, Colliers. 571 Seymour Burrell Fritts, Oneonta. 1873 Maico Yarria. Unadilla. 488 Clarence J. Fey, Oneonta. 1543 Lewis G. Buchanan, Otego. 704 Theodore Ernest T oomis, Unadilla. 72 E. Lester Townsend, Oneonta. 1709 Matthew J. Brady, Schenevus. 356'Ordurdillio Carsi, Oneonta. 113 Arthur J. Kenyon, Oneonta. 1067 Fird Gradv, Laurens. 12S Clarence B. Hill, Oneonta. 679 Lewis Cole, Unadilla. 805 .Frank C. Robinson, Oneqnta- 11 Oscar W. Butts, Oneonta. 900 James D. Short, Oneonta. 1617 Carl Morizillo, E. Worcester. 363 Howard Ramriek, Oneonta. 1287 Arthur D. Gould, So. New Berlin. 1142 John Drimack, Millord. 1765 Ralph Marble, Sidney. 6 George James Georgitsos, Oneonta. 327 Peter Rivino, Oneonta. 664 Everett D. Elmer. Worcester. 93 Stephen J. Naveretta, Oneonta. 1448 George W. Jeffrey, Oneonta. 1722 Alvin D. Borst, Schenevus. 937 Ervin H. Cronk, Oneonta. 1557 Eliier Ransom Hoyt, Otego. 1744 Whitney II. Joyce, Unadilla. 1112 Truman In ing Rogers, "West Laurens. 345 Recco Molmari, Oneonta. 1593 Grant D. Holmes, E Worcester. 1355 Floyd A. Crandall, Oneonta. 103 David Hanson Woodward Jr., Oneonta. 1585 Leon MacDonald Hopkins. Otego. 1221 Millard J. Osterhandt, Oneonta. 1102 L. Gerhard Kirkegaard. Laurens. 1625 Melvin VanBuren, E. Worcester. 55U Isaac J. Bookhout, Oneonta. 1563 Leon G. Trask, Ot^go. 154 Lewis Henrv DriBgs, Oneonta. 1281 Ellis Wood Tiffany. Gilbertsville. 51 Charles Melvin Griffin, Oneonta. 717 Delos Franklin Robinson, Unadilla. 1057 Oren Quick, Oneonta. 1256 Harry Searlcs, Mt. Upton. 1073 Claude A. Hand, Laurens. 30 Charles Scutt, Oneonta. 199 Carneld Smith, Oneonta. 388 Frank Fraboni, Oneonta. 1423 James Price, Oneonta. 1716 Charles W. Hubbard, Schenevus. 773 Claience Wyran Chrispell, One- · onta. 60S V a u g h n E. Parmelee. 4-i.; Millard B. Weeks, Oneonta. 519 Edmond Monroe, Oneonta. 1730 Glenn A. Ludlam, Schenevus. 25 John II. Woodword, Oneonta. 392 Allen S. Youmans, Oneonta. 889 Edward J. Snyder, Oneonta. 383 Eugene Conant Alger, Oneonta. 1166 Frank Russell Fritts. M i l f o r d . 1712 William B. Wigley, Schenevus. 588 Burdette Guy Shutters, Oneonta. 856 William J. Baird. Oneonta. 705 James Willard Lewis, Unadilla. 1346 Ralph F. Hackett, So. New Berlin. 576 Carl Thomas Wilcox, Oneonta. 9 4 4 G i o v a n n i Patone. Oneonta. 1866 Leonard Sullivan. Otego. 1SOS Harold J. Bellow, So. Worcester. 1677 Andrew G. Gobel, Maryland. 122 John Cornell Harper, Oneonta. 17S3 Joseph A r t h u r Bloor. Sidney. 642 George L. Trainor, Worcester. 9.J9 \ l i i n L. Bingham, Oneonta. 1B39 Frank M. Napoles, E. Worcester. 2 ' 2 Geo. Walter R a t h h u n , Oneonta. 1713 Lewis R. White, Schenevus. 906 Erwm D. Alger. Oneonta. 1337 Leo Burt ureslin. Otego. 700 Allen Edward Clark, Unadilla. 1250 Hubert F. Thomas. Gilbertsville. 1195 J o h n W. Soden. Milford. 297 Verner E. Graves, Oneonta. 321 H u n t i n g t o n S. Paiish, Oneonta. 7116 Harry Rella Oles. Unadilla. 1628 Berl A l t o n Temple, E. Worcester. 707 Orra J. Kins. Unadilla. 3 4 2 5 Horace B. Nye, Oneonta. 1002 Donoto Bolclo, Oneonta. 1151 Howard L. Turner, Milford. 1101 O l i n A. Waters, Laurens. 368 Charles H. Thomas, Oneonta. 974 Angelo Ciaramello. Oneonta. 1698 Harry Roe, Schenevus. 320 Harry M. Pla.ce, neonta. 930 Horace Edgar DeForest, Oneonta 926 K l m e r M. B e n j a m i n , Oneonta. 1010 Trofin rConohowich, Oneonta. 1857 \Villard D. Dingman, Otego. 919 Frank J. Bovit, Oneonta. 656 Edward Leon Partridge, Worcester. 1339 Earl Eslcy Brightman, Otogo. si ; Ronald Boyd VanTassell, Oneonta. 1175 Francis E d m u n d Shultis. Milford 1070 Seward F. Germond, Oneonta. 738 Edward I-Crastus Mllln. U n a d i l l a . 1167 S q u i r e A l o n z o Taylor. M i l f o r r l . 1 0 9 7 R a y m o n d O. Tillcy, Laurens. 1131 Earl Wellrnan. Milford. 1234 John Harold Chaee. Portlandville. Arthur Day, Unadilla. Fred Jarvis Clarke. Oneonta. Philip Bogdashich. Oneonta. Wm. II. Lawson, W. Laurens. 17S1 1360 84$ 1118 121 $62 Amelia Mostouano. Oneonta. 1638 Winnie D. Utter, Richmondvllle. 1406 Edwin Grant, Oneonta. 257 Homer Walter Cooper, Oneonta. 1824 Sylvester John Thomas, Otego. 110» Ray Edgar Truman, W, Oneonta. DeForest Wilber Jngerham, One- , 155 Chas. Lestsr Vaudewatker, One- ] 221 1537 1474 1414 1616 292 822 504 1064 1205 1510 1091 470 312 1507 1729 lo.'G 1284 90 191 4 7 7 1187 1179 753 onta. | onta. Frank Raymond Barton, One- i 284 Chester McAdam*. Oneouta. onta. Orson E. Hungerford, Bridge. Vernon Lake Roberts, Oneonta. Lewis Walter Hodges. Oneonta. 133 Jay Sagendorf Lawson, Oneonta. Wells 807 Lynn C. Horton. West One,»nta. 867 Joseph M. Kelly. Oneonta. 930 Edward J. Scnibousky, Oneonta. _ _ 1S5 Thane Mitchell Smith. Oneonta. Oakley W. McMullen, Worcester. 139S Pearly Hanlon. Oneonta. Martin Munce, Oneonta. , 265 Barton Chas. Williams Oneonta. Claude B. Goodnough, Oneonta. I 285 Frank VanHousen, Oneonta. Frank N. Sigsbee. Oneonta. | 1720 William G. Boardman, Sch«- David Brown, Laurens. i nevus. Claude Leslie Kelley, Oneonta. , 1785 Leslie M. DeForest, Unadilla. Ralph E. Gardner, Oneonta. | 1313 Urban Hanson Brunn, So. New Berlin. 1602 Dayton Babcock, E. Worcester. 1119 Carmeno Marabba, W. Laurens. 1SG4 Raymond E. Redington, Otego. 1051 Earl Edward VandarwarKer, Oneonta. 560 Grover Edw. Calkin?, Oneonta. Fred A. Strong, Laurens. Thomas J. Bayle, Oneonta. Nicholas Chicorelli, Oneonta. Fred Lester Bedford, Oneonta. Glenn H. Deal. Schenevus. Harry Miller. E. Worcester. Curtis O'Brien. Otego. Halsey Leigh Palmer, Oneonta. I 303 Pizza Gaetono, Oneonta. ·Percy Baldwin Smallin, Oneonta. | 553 Arthur M. Dudley, Oneonta. George Hotaling, Oneonta. A r t h u r Wra. Wilcox. Milford. 79 Roy De. Weeks, Milford. Ernest Granville Rathbun, Oneonta. 130 Roscoe B. Weidman, Oneorjta. 858 Ezra Burgher, Oneonta. 168 Samuel Martin Nichols, Oneonta. 1023 Milton E. Derhammer, Oneonta. 1774 R o b e r t W. Xichols. Unadilla. 424 Reginald A. Covell. Oneonta. S40 Nicolo Belrt.if 1 ". Onecr-.ta, 1347 Charles Southard H u r l b u t t , Gilbertsville. 1511 Jacob Archibald Cook, Oneonta. 1188 Ora J. Worth. Milfora. 657 Donald James Platts, Worcester. 173 Lewis William Smith, Oneonta. 300 Russel B. Irish, Oneonta. 278 Antonio Finoguari, Oneonta. 1622 Henry G. K u y Kendall, E. Wor- 1240 Lloyd" Earl Saunders, Gilbertsville. I 524 Ralph S. Wyckorf. Oneonta. j 911 Mikle Rupp. Oneonta. 1172 Mark M. Barton, Milford. . 532 William Dumond, "neonta. 1517 Leon Ray Loekwood, Wells | Bridge.' ! 1S51 Paul R. Wykes, Otego. 1139 Franklin Ottoway, Maryland. 1214 Johnson Lee Telt'ord, Maryland. 336 Sylvester Vicidomini, Oneonta. 212 Harold Monroe Barnes, Oneonta. 1357 Augustus C- Donovan. Oneonta. 49 Watson Davis, Oneonta. 8 Arnold E. Hopkins, Oneonta. 1707 Origo Cuttemello. Schenevus. 1160 William Mercer. Milford. 1192 Paul Brown, Mllford. 1660 Jessie James Coe, Maryland. 305 Scott Lockwood, Cneonta. 1143 Guy Leon Eckler. Mllford. 551 Linn H Bresee, Onoonta. 1632 Frederick P. Liedkie, Maryland. 1433 Benjami; Rowland, Oneonta. 1640 Josse Roe, Worcester. 179S Harry Truax, Worcester. 622 Floyd Manley Baldwin, Worcester. Ernest Harold Lane, Oneonta Burton Trautnor, Oneonta. Peter Antonus Stensland, Gilbertsville. Russel B. Aunger, Mt. Vision. Frank Mills, Oneonta. Heber J. Gilpin, Oneonta. Earle T. Elmore, Onsonta. Lynn Baker, E. Worcester. William E. Carr, Oneonta. Nick Pinti, Oneonta. George Barber, Gilbertsville. Harry E. Eckert. Oneonta. Fred Beardsley, So. Worcester. Chester L. Price, Oneonta. Frank B. Ferguson, Otego. Robert Losacco, Oneonta. Charles Scott Harrington, Gilbertsville. Thomas Mclntyre, Oneonta. Karl F. Stacks, Oneonta. George L. Hontz, Oneonta. Charles W. Dietzel, Oneonta. Harry C. Blake, Oneonta. Harry E. Hawkins, Oneonta, Carleton Pomcroy, Unadilla. John Jas. Carson, Oneonta. Howard T. Bradner, Oneonta. Lewis Good-speed. Milford. Janarino Giovanni. Oneonta. Stanley Cornell. Laurens. Hugh Joseph Diamond. Oneonta. Geo. B. Applegate, Portlandville. 585 1464 1257 1077 781 1415 10a5 1634 358 323 1343 1439 1804 S57 1554 1401 1303 963 438 S7S 1059 441 880 1776 357 23 1173 331 110S 492 1201 565 800 1747 1447 1049 1442 715 961 539 349 1396 561: 1407 501 102 1411 875 1780 714 1528 86 1024 1291 871 1341 1558 1043 1606 1 1320 Bridgo. 1690 Geo. 1. Atkins, Schenevus. 1156 Wilson H. Chesney, Milford. 1393 Fred C. Frommhagen, Oneonta. 1593 John AY. G a r v e y , E. Worcester. 1830 Josiah Perry. Otego. 555 Carl Bedford. Oneonta. 978 Pava Coyko, Oneonta. 1260 Wm. J. Kelsby. Gilbertsville. 506 W r alter IT. Coburn. Oneonta. 15SS Jesse L. Wilson, Otego. 1591 James E. Dante, Jr., E. Worcester. 16S6 R a l p h N. B a n n e r , Maryland. 1,{91 Edward Bertram Hoye, Oneonta. 1272 Chas. Valantme Morris, Gilbertsville. Ferris C h a r l e s Russell, Wells Bridge, William A. Price. Oneonta. Charles H. Babbitt. Oneonta. Harry Reynolds Cole, Unadilla. Charles E H i l d i c t h . Ur.adilla. Dnniel Casey, Oneonta. Flurrio A. J u c l r l , Oneonta. Domenicco Proti. W. Laurens. William Osborne. M i l f o r d . Louis Thaycr, Oneonta. Eugene A. W i l l i a m s o n . Oneonta. Douglas Stuart McCrum, Oneonta. Pcott Decker. M a r y l a n d . Frank A. U n d o r m e r , Oneonta. Clarence Edward Smith, Unadilla Harry J. Alger. Oneonta. S m i t h Simpson lime, Wells Bridge. 156 Basil K l b e r t Woolheater, Oneonta. Peter Soncdale. Oneonta. J. Eflvarrl H i t j , Oneonta. Karl Brooker. Kichmonrlvilie. Webster J. Birdsall, Oteso. Wm. A. Livingstone. Oneonta. Siclnoy Shutters, M i l f o r d . Floyd Wallace, Oneonta. Walter K M a r s l a n d . Ologo. E v c i e t t K. Dunne. Oneonta. Chas. Lester Howe, Cooperstown J u n c t i o n . George M. Simmons, Oneonta. Henry II. Hastings. Schenevus. S h f i i n n n M. Lorcman, Onoonta. Eaniimd Henry Walker, Port- l a n d v i l l e . Arthur Charles Dibble, Oneonta. Philip.L. Maples. Oneonta. Lynn P. Earl, Unadilla. Wilber Hecox, Oneonta. Edward Henry Dyer, Oneonta. Lewis A. Walters, Oneonta. Louis D'Imperio. Unadilla. William H. Fitzgerald, Oneonta. Louis Stadelbauer. Walter _* Morrison. Oneonta. Roy Will Delancy, E. Worcester. Robei'. Bruce Colburn. Onuonta. Victor A. Stalker, Oneonta. J. Wesley Merritt, Oneonta. Curtis L. Peck. Oneonta. Warner Dunshee, Oneonta. Anton Podinak, Oneonta. C uu B. M i l l a r , Unadilla. Lewis Sylvester Joj ce, Rockdale. Leland Cutting, Wells Bridge. Charles W. Chesney, Oneonta. Benedetto Decasquele, Oneonta. John Root Frone, Gilbertsville. Otis W. Planck, Oneonta. Fred Benjamin. Gilbertsville. Karl I Joke, Otego. George Henry Waym-in. Oneonta. f Daniel S. Corlow, E. Worcester. 11 E d w a r d L u t h e r Butts, Oneonta. F r a n k l i n Devine H u r l b u t , Wells 4;:r. 681 713 1478 )" 3 1121 1150 450 1390 113 1 6 5 R 1472 725 1004 1321 1034 SOS 3 6 0 4 1T.71 780 11SI! 267 1550 567 1218 421 1700 940 1232 1254 169 4 3 R 1477 396 989 1702 1301 1 1 0 7 1270 211 Lester Banner, Oneonta. 1435 Myron Wiest. Oneonta. 1784 Walter Bloor, Sidney. 1163 Paul Daniel Schreiber. Milford. 146 James King; Bradt, Oneonta. 843 Isadore Bacoon, 'Oneonta. 1050 Raymond D. Sherman. Oneonta. 1370 Albert Misner, Oneonta. 1379 Charles A. Bidwell, Oneonta. 1008 Archie D. Avery, Oneonta. 229 Andrew F. Germond, Oneonta. 410 Lee Whitbeck, Oneonta. 299 Peter Galantt, Oneonta. 1075 Ray I. Bouton, Laurens. 11S9 Geo. Henry Witlock. Milford. 730 Matthew Charles Bernard Nolda, Oneonta. 58 Julian B. Jackson, Oneonta. 1443 Thomas W. Ward, Oneonta. 1654 William VanDeusen, Maryland. 150 Leon Albert Chafe. Oneonta. 19 Tracy A. Bard. Oneonta. 400 Grover Cleveland Stanbridge, Oneonta. 1347 Henry Clapper, Otego. 1S75 George N. Angell, Mt. Upton. 1320 Aston Rickard Sorenson, So. New Berlin. 4 Grant M. Bishop, Oneonta. 1859 Willard Elderkin. Otego. .1871 Edward A. Riley, Oneonta. 1733 Herbert H. Stark, Schenevus. 115 Lewis W. Ensign, Oneonta. 832 Jesse W. Collier. Oneonta. 1180 Leon Willis Green. Milfora. 206 Leland John Congdon, Oneonta. 1855 Edward H. Burroughs, Otego. 228 Wm. Henry Terrell, Oneonta. 1489 Barzilla T. Piercf. Oneonta. 136 Harry George Lambros, Oneonta. 872 Walter S. Petre, Oneonta. 430 Fred M. Brownell, Oneonta. 328 Elmer E. Rowe, Oneonta. 965 Charles O. Taylor, Oneonta. 96 Edward C. Ferns, Oneonta. 1513 Charles William Connelly, Wells Bridge. 896 Elbert J. Price, Oneonta. 109S Wm. Webb Sanders, Laurens. 624 Erwin Vincent Hunt, Worcester. 570 Vincent Arthur Farone. Oneonta. 1021 Joseph F. Gorgrant, Oneonta. 544 Harold I. Tabor, Oneonta. 747 Ray Sedric Xoumans, Unadilla. 1269 Frederick August Myers, Gilbertsville. 1258 Frank W. Polley, Gilbertsville. 929 Alex Root. Oneonta. 1508 Henrv Hiram Clough, Oneonta. 1194 John'Wresch, Milford. 138 Wm. John Marvin Blanchard, Oneonta. 1667 Louis Rappie, Maryland. 1199 Otis Kilts, Portlandville. 16ID Giacomantonio Glionno, E. Worcester. 1794 Menzo C. Dart, So. Worcester. 91 Charles Harrison Odell, Oneonta. 838 Alick P. Bovit, Oneonta. (33 Ervin Bell, Worcester. 1416 Charles F. Kohinke, Oneonta. 861 Fodey Kozel, Oneonta. 633 Ira Ferris Merrian, Worcester. 1326 Leone May, Holmesville. 712 Dominic Gregus, Unadilla. 17 George Howard Belfleld, Oneonta. 802 Stanley Royde Miller, Oneonta. 1255 Olin Townsend, South New Berlin. 691 Glenn Scribner Whitaker, Unadilla. 378 Albert B. Davis, Ojieonta. 10S3 Stephen C. Hoose, Mt. Vision. 237 John A. Opel, Oneonta. 422 Howard LaMont, Oneonta. 619 Harry Gordon Hodges, Worcester. 1038 Frank Daniels, Oneonta. 344 Pierino Luciano, Oneonta. 1766 Frank E. Alger, Unadilla. 824 Hiram D. Weatherly. W. Oneonta 442 Harry LeRoy Edmunds, Oneonta. 1213 Clark Wellington Morris, Oneonta. 1799 R o b e r t Hotaling. So. Worcester. 202 Charles George Palmer, Oneonta 164 Roy William Prindle, Oneonta. 268 Henry J. Witthoft, Oneonta. 272 Earl A. Haskins, Oneonta. 1198 Francis E. Culver, Milford. 1248 Cyris H. Ward, Mt. Upton. 1174 G u r n e y Carl See'ber, Milford. 964 Vasily Marko Havriluk, Oneonta. 866 Eugene F. Mannion, Oneonta. 593 William Burke Wroth, Oneont' 407 Joseph H. Walton, Oneonta. 262 Deforest Benjamin Wormuth, Oneonta. 886 Harry Thomas, Oneonta. 1820 1'red L. Hungerforcl, Otego. 1561 Guy it. Barney, Otego. 1772 Kenneth H. Hull, Unadilla. 137:: Lee W. Murdock, Oneonta. 1405 Paul Hamilton Church, Oneonta. 883 Burgess C. Wilson. Oneonta. 1161 John Albert Martin, Milford. 1S61 Harry J. Ford, Otego. 769 Raymond Church, Oneonta. 1152 Ford Harrison Tubbs, Milford. 776 Clifford Wm. Silliman, Oneonta. 1380 Victor Bibeau, Oneonta. 1293 Ernest Church. Gilbertsville. 566 Pearsall Frank Dutcher, -One onta. 581 Fred Stone Gunther, Oneonta. 1777 Leon A. Albrecht. Sidney. 311 Anthony Chicorelli, Oneonta. 3 2 2 7 Howard J o h n Jeffrey. Oneonta. 124 Ross Wheaton Larrabee, Oneonta 481 Elmer E. Eglinton, Oneonta. S95 Roger Calvin White, Oneonta. 744 Richard Berg-en Webb, Unadilla. 379 Wliiiam J. Moore, Oneonta. 582 Wm. G. Knickerbocker, Oneonta. 1409 Leon Gardner. Oneonta. I IS76 Joshua Sawyer, Worcester. ' 3 7 4 0 Clarence Williams, Unadilla. 3 3 6 7 Guy E. Merrill, Oneonta. 829 Ford W. Arnold, W. Oneonta. 240 A r t h u r Bernard Cobb, Oneonta. 1028 A b r a h a m Halieel, Oneonta. 499 J o h n L. Sullivan, Oneonta. 1011 David F. Kane, Oneonta. 590 John Geisolmann, Oneonta. 1105 Harry V. Dunbar, Laurens. 441 Barney Calkin?, Oneonta. 636 George Richard Carroll, Worcester. 3 7 6 0 Charles K. Codington, Unadilla. 1S77 Angelo Oamposeo, West Laurens. 735 John J. Ostrander, Unadilla. 3 8 6 3 Leon R i v e n b u r g , Hamden. 634 David H e n r y M c M u l l i n , Worcester. 3 5 0 4 William J. Morgan. Oneonta. 326 Leonard R. Robinson, Oneonta. 3 5 7 5 Earl J. Widger. Otego. 1433 Willard Howe James, Oneonta. 447 Burr B. Chamberlain, Oneonta. 1728 Sawyer T. Chase, Schenevus. 76 Seymour Fitch Robinson. Oneonta. 1319 Isaac Blou Webb, Gilbertsville. 1592 Orrin B. Griffin, Worcester. 672 William Mnhoney Whitbeck, Worcester. I 1363 W i l l i a m G. Cross, Oneonta. Howard Townsend, South New! 949 Martin E. Decker, Oneonta. Berlin. ! 1350 Robert Russell Cairns, So. New Earl Delameter Barney. Oneonta I New Berlin. 1 S 2 3 W i l l i a m II. Sheldon. Otego. 393 Domenico Zaunarelli, Oneonta. 993 A r t h u r Fisher, Oneonta. 1306 Harold J. Brownson, Gllberta- villc. 3313 William J. Ostrander. Oneonta. Fred M u l f o r f l , Oneonta. Ralph C. Stewart, Oneonta. Alexander Francis Carson, Oneonta. Leroy K. Bissoll. ~.. Worcester. Walter Roman. Oneonta. Roger W. B r o \ h n l m . Schenevus. J o h n B l r r l s n l l . O i l h e r t s v i l l c . A u s t i n I n K r i i m . I.aurons. Robert Holmes, Gilbertsville. 1048 R i r h a r d Eckert, Oneonta. 1065 R n v m o n d B r n w n . Laurens. 853 Clarence O v p r f l e l r l , Oneonta. 1181 Wm. Alonzo Hughes, Oneonta. 1545 Eugene H. Brown. Ote«o. 1490 Archie Walter Crandall. Oneonta. 1811 Ward Arnel Strobed:. 'Wcrce«t«r. 1413 Chas. Burnett Damaschk*. On*. onta. 1767 Herbert H. Twitchell, Sidney. 158 Benjamin David Harrie, Oneonta 778 Homer Isaac Wardwell. Oneonta. 1 Howard E. 4ckart. Oneonta. 1S7 Earl Deloss fc-t's, Oneonta. 52 William D. Miller. Oneonta. 105 Earl Albert Edwards, Oneonta. 650 Giovanni Mercuri, Worcester. 1420 Ernest D. SmltjB, Oneonta. 1553 George W. Dleball, Otego. 836 Pasquale Mangillo, Oneonta. 36 Edward W, Perrault. Oneonta. 13S7 Richard Grigg. Oneonta. 1491 Laver;.«, Howard Hotchkiss, Oneonta. 985 Irvin J. Stevens. Oneonta. 352 Robert H. Watson, Oneonta. 418 Charles Hitchcock. Oneonta. 920 Ozias J. Boyea. Oneonta. 456 Charles Kundle. Oneonta. 806 John E. Hay. Oneonta. 1176 Henry Jennings Carley. Milford. 1717 Chas. W. Noxon, Schenevus. 416 Harry R. White. Oneonta. 617 Floyd Harrington. Worcester. 526 Joseph J. Dailey, Oneonta. 609 Frank S. Graham, Worcester. 613 Rccco Alvara. Worcester. 316 Howard Decker, Oneonta. 274 Albert Morse. Oneonta. 1S37 John W. Kymers, Otego. 948 Buell D. Dibble. Oneonta. 1283 William Vanakin, South New Berlin. 968 Edward H. Smith, Oneonta. 1719 William Odell. Schenevus. 1353 George A. Munson, Oneonta. 1S21 Mark James Emerson, Otego. 546 Hobart W. Tillson, Oneonta. 1154 Millard B. Armstrong. Milford. 766 Abramo Caparelli, Oneonta. 756 Harry John Halstead. Oneonta. 734 Floyd Eldred Ostrander, Rockdale. 1072 Elmer R. Center. Mt. Vision. 511 Frank W. Dana, Oneonta. 205 Arthur Cole. Oneonta. 1576 Merle R. Smith, Oteso. 913 Emmett R. Gillespie, Oneonta. 860 Philemon Koot. Oneonta. 342 Earl W. Vard, Oneonta. 934 Lawrence J. Dailey, Oneonta. i t i O G. Paul Shippy, Oneonta. 427 Anthony B. Gibavicz, Oneonta. 666 Leland Lauren Robinson, Worcester. 241 David Maples. Oneonta. 40 Wilson H. Hettig. Oneonta. 1327 George L. Carvin. Wells Bridge. I63J John M. Allen. Schenevus. 572 Milan H. Jackson, Oneonta. 100 Howard B. Potter, Oneonta. 3 0 7 6 Robert A. Clark, Laurens. 1138 Guy R. Ashcraft, Milford. 157 Grant Blanchard Zeh, Oneonta, 236 William Crandall. Oneonta. 1745 Ezra P. Judd, Unadilla. 1309 John S. Seward. Otego. 1168 Wm. Elmer VanAIstine. Milford. 214 Nelson L. Hawkins, On-inta. 629 Charles Everett Simmons, TVoi - cester. 647 George Umbach, Worcester. 864 Louis Biro, Oneonta. 1492 Thomas F. Monahan, Jr., Oneonta. 29 Harold C. Smith, Oneonta. 1530 Ray mend L. Bundy, Otego. 918 Rudolph Adamsek, Oneonta. 1530 Owen A. Cuyle, Wells Bridge. 533 Albert L. Boyce, Oneonta. 1159 Benjamin Lynn Manzer. Milford. il"'j Thomas M. May. Wells Bridge. 1370 Harrison Lee Stile. Oneonta. 1397 Paul J. Favalion, Oneonta. 114 Thomas G. Evans, Oneonta. 151 Ethelbert Veness Miller, Oneonta 1336 Charles Lewis Filer, Otego. 1487 Lester Flint, Oneonta. 1359 Richard F. Durkin, Oneonta. 61 Charles W. Coats, Oneonta. 1834 Harold M. Briscoe, Otego. 603 Alphonso Parshall, Oneonta. 618 Robert M. Henry. Worcester. 1684 Harry W. Morah. Maryland. 1829 James Clark Sloan. Otego. 1463 Wilford Samuel Mtllingtoti. Oneonta. 986 Benjamin Salisbury. Oneonta. 1505 Fred G. Cole, Oneonta. 209 Gerald K. Atwater, Oneonta. 1110 Reuben Perry, West Oneonta- 777 Harry W. Seward, Oneonta, 33 James Harold Harrison, Oneonta. 1480 Alonzo Curtis Merritt, .Jr., Oneonta. 1671 George Henry Knapp, Maryland. 32 Alfred A. Smith, Oneonta. 954 Raffaele Colons, Oneonta. 1533 Harlie J. Deforest, Wells Bridge. 1071 Frank L. Knight, Laurens. 134s Palmer S. Curtis, Gllbertsville. 1564 Eugene E. L. Cobb, Otego. 63 Charles Harold Winne, Oneonta. 994 Harry M. White, Oneonta. 758 Addison Ellery Sessions, Oneonta 1278 Clarence Dorr French, Holms- vtlle. 362 Karl Jacobs, Oneonta. 1842 Ernest Coon, Otego. 1170 Clarence Eugene Sargent, Miltord 816 Wellington Livingston, Oneonta. 371 Peter Anthony Verrlos, Oneonta. 1559 Clarence Austin Terry, Otego. 529 Leon W. Owens, Oneonta. 1498 Edward Odell, Oneonta. 64 Lee D. VanWoert, Oneonta. 382 John Arnbroae DeCourey, Oneonta. 224 Rowland Firth Sipley, Oneonta. 1835 Harold A. Jester, Otego. SIS Arthur G. Germond, Oneonta. 1534 Roscoe C. Wilber, Wells Bridge. 762 Louis Theo. Rathbun, Oneonta. 931 Robert D. Lake. Oneonta. 1013 Peter Stadler. Oneonta. 1042 George Vargello, Oneonta. 449 Matthew H. Newcomb. Oneonta. 1241 Robert Millard Halbert, Gilbertsville. 41 W. Leon Hamilton, Oneonta. 1S74 Linus Everett Pearson, Unadilla. 48 Francis H. Marx. Oneonta. 38 Chas. Eugene Borden, Oneonta. 742 Frank Delancey Vervalin, Unadilla. 640 Arthur S. DeLong, Worcester. 127 Earl Sewell Hoyt, Oneonta. 10S6 David Marble, Mt. Vision. 1481 Mike W. Cummings, Oneonta. 1643 Silas P. Osborne, E. Worcester. 668 John Reise, Worcester. 88 Floyd Cummings, Oneonta. 1494 Benjamin Harrison Ward, Oneonta. 1797 Ray A. Allen, So. Worcester. 1074 Morris S. Kimball, Mt. Vision. 1518 Reniff Cutler Merriman. Wells -Bridge. 743 J u l i u s Kowach Warner, Unadilla. 827 Clifford C. Beams, Oneonta. 3 2 4 2 Wm. Earl Smith, Wells Bridge. 1038 Joseph B. Johnson, Oneonta. 1386 William G. Clarke, Oneonta. 976 Samuel Layman, Oneonta. 473 Robert G. North, Oneonta. 1683 Stanley W. Skinner, M a r y l a n d . 1614 3 r red L. York, K. Worcester. 287 Walter Gildersleeve, Oneonta. 586 George Muskovin, Oneonta. 260 Charles Neebe, Oneonta. 527 Frank A. Smith. Oneonta. 254 William Govern, Oneonta. 446 Louis B. Capron. Oneonta. 89 Herbert C. Getman, Oneonta. 1726 Fredie Minster, Schenevus. 1197 William Daley, M i l f o r d . 932 Earl Worden, Oneonta. 1204 Gilbert Crounse, Maryland, i:;77 James Edward Crider. Oneonta. 863 Grover B. Pidgeon. Oneonta. ."58 Warren C. Cross, Oneonta. 451 Michael E. Donlln. Oneonta. 745 Otto Nelson Westcott. Rockdale. 573 Harold Grant Foote, Oneonta. 1789 Carl A r t h u r Mitchell, Charlotteville. 1742 Samuel Wright, Unadilla. 1137 Lynn Daniel Smith. Mllford. 1306 Chas. Erastus Green, W. Oneonta 308 Carlo Giordano, Oneonta. 429 Leon J. Blakesloy, Oneonta. 1833 Frank Charles Briscoe, Otego. 1703 Jay D. Shaut, Schenevut. 1451 Ransler J. Houghion. Oneonta. .383 Walter F. Crandall, Oneonta. 1787 Frank Cornstock. So. Worcester .608 Clarence E. Strain, E. Worcester 459 Ralph King Searles. Oneonta. .814 Joe Clark, So. Worcester. .055 Soslno Vitorlo, Oneonta. 1225 Raymond H. Barnes, Coopers town Junction. 394 Floyd Krlerkln. Oneonta. 1025 Maxin Ermoluk, Oneonta, U 417 Dorr Stephen Ludlam. Oneouta. 354 Edward Daniel Whaley. Oneonta 445 John J. Chaae. Oneonta. 1497 Harry E. Powell. Oneonta. 1819 Fay Bowen Hopkins. Otego. 1609 Reid Holmes, E. Worcester. 217 J. Rollln Hauze, Oneonta. 1615 Glen Marble, Worcester. 259 Frank Eugene Leonard, Oneonta. 1295 Justin M. Carvin. Jr.. Otego. 1756 William Helen, Jr.. Unadilla. 1068 Philip Keruey Georgia, Laurens. 1374 I v a n Grant, Oneonta. 126$ Benjamin Franklin Hendrickson, Gilbertsville. 1631 Maurice L. Alvord, E. Worcester. 1450 Philip Misner, Oneonta. 32? Saverio Pinti. Oneonta. 1120 Jesse E. Brock way, W. Oneonta. 1365 Howard L. Odell. Oneonta. 242 Albert Richard Osboru, Oneonta. 1333 Phillip Fozzone, So. New Berlin. 15S4 Frank Emet Hamilton, Otego. 702 Delbert Crandall. Unadilla. 232 John Brace, Oneonta. 597 Clifford Eugene Walsh, Oneonta. 694 Frank William Cole, Rockdale. 198 Frank Kelly, Oneonta. 1421 George Robert Scott, Oneonta. 131S William Dewitt Curtis, Gilbertsville. 1018 Steve Kuba, Oneonta. 1066 Elmer D. Cady, Maryland. 799 Harry M. Eakeley, Oneonta. 671 Leonardo Deluca, Worcester. 563 Leon A. Case. Oneonta. 1621 Stanley S. Cohn, E. Worcester, cester. 195 Paul James Gardner, Oneonta. 1061 Walter Melins, Oneonta. 145 Douglas Earl Bailey. Oneonta. 1310 Benjamin James Rowe, Gilberts- vine. 98 Harold R. France, Oneonta. 053 Frederick W. Dommermuth. Oneonta. 184 Arthur J. Baker, Milford. 801 Thornton E. Marble. W. Oneonta 286 William Hoyt. Oneonta. 573 Krvin Lee Fisk, Wells Bridge. 390 Water Thompson, Oneonta. 44 Edward Dana Mix, Oneonta. 226 Geo. Benton Shearer, Oneonta. 1746 Barlow T. Loomis. Unadilla. 7 Charles G. Brownell. Oneonta, 846 Stanley Onsaka. Oneonta. 398 Pasquale S. Staltari, Oneonta. 216 Marvin Matteson Hatcher, Oneonta. 8 4 T Mike Ossite. Oneonta. 302 Charles Irving Jackson, Oneonta. 26 Harry Smith, Oneonta. 1S44 Alton John Sheldon, Otego. 1123 Domenicco Laurens. Trapparro, West 662 James Leon Langdcn, Worcester, 475 Julian Vandeworker, Oneonta. 641 Giovanni DiGilormo. Worcester, 1661 Clair Ernest Robinson. Maryland. 1392 Geo. Elmer Butts, Oneonta. 1749 Allen I. Lane, Unadilla. 1104 Walter C. Gardner, Otego. 239 Paul Henry Davis, Oneonta. 1500 Wllroy James Hammill, Oneonta 506 ChaHes E. Williams, Oneonta. »t,£ T. Patnode, Oneonta. 942 August Leonard Lindstroai, One- ·' onta. 1701 Harrison Claude Hardy, Schenevus. 1145 Edward Oliver. Milford. 1860 Arthur C. Flint, Otego. 975 Edward S. Schwanlnger, Oneonta 1274 Harry Mortimer Young, Gilbertsville. 82 John Harry Taylor, Oneonta. 478 Thomas F. Busteed, Oneonta. 1429 Wallace Blake, Oneonta. 479 Grover Lee Emerson, Oneonta. 55 Robert L. Johnson, Oneonta. 592 James Richard Mead, Oneonta, 461 urlo \V. Reed. Oneonta. 1315 Joseph Harding Gould, So. New Berlin. 1512 Glen Abram Oles, Oneonta. 480 Dever W. Perrine. Oneonta. 1364 George M. Case, Oneonta. 1209 Earl Squire, Oneonta. 1127 Geo. Amos Turner. Laurens. 674 Lamond Lambert, Worcester. 1581 George W. Hughston, Otego. 1630 ·William C. Warner, E. Worcester 1826 Harold Andrew Starr, Otego. 372 Edward J. VanHousen, Oneonta 42 Allen Phillips, Oneonta. 431 Harry J. Fitzgerald, Oneonta. 1428 Howard Dorr Yager, Oneonta. 106 Harold M. Graham, Oneonta. 639 Agostina "Ciccla, Worcester. 425 George T. Evans, Oneonta. 1230 Alfred Winne Sickler, Oneonta. 1092 Myron E. Stanton. Mt. Vision. 1627 Milo A. Crouse, E. Worcester. 21 Fred Lewis Beach, Oneonta. 423 Geo. Edward Gllmartin, Oneonta 1469 Emrys Thomas, Oneonta. 1754 Jesse J. Hotaling. Unadilla. 1144 Leonard -Curry, Milford. 1618 Ernest C. Neer. E. Worcester. 1216 Harry Everett Green, Portlandville. 452 Ka.rry L. Ralney, Oneonta. 158C John Perach, Otego. 1299 Floyd Rae Hendrick, Otego. 1594 Albert Head. E. Worcester. 23S Harold Victor Dietzel, Oneonta. 1080 Francis J. Casey, Laurens. 1437 Chas. Grant Valentine. Oneonta. 1493 Milton R. Whitney. Oneonta. 1226 David Bennett Hill. Oneonta. 1479 Ernest P. Colyer. Oneonta. 1338 Claud Chase, Gilbertsville. 1649 Otis G. Blencio, Maryland. 1795 SamiulB J. Gallup, Worcester. 176 Emdes DlFiore, Oneonta. 1711 Joseph P- Brady, Schenevus. 415 Leon E. Woodcock, Oneonta. 1467 Fay Edgar Kelley, Oneonta. 409 Seward D. Robinson, Oneonta. 1597 Harry Eckerson, E. Worcester. 453 Alvin Misner, Oneonta. 973 Philip Sencevech, Oneonta. 1773 Sidney W. Rew, Sidney. 1822 Irving B. Starkweather, Otego. 890 Sam Waker. Oneonta. 294 Wesley McMullen, Oneonta, 1579 Lamont Waring, Otego. 408 Harry D. Peet, Oneonta. 1231 Warden Samuel Woodcock, Portlandville. 804 Lee G. Parish, Otego. 230 Frank Lynch, Oneonta. 271 jerry Di Joy. Oneonta. 375 Dominick Angellottl, Oneonta, 1424 Walter A. Ihlefeldt, Oneonta. 65 Ray Hamilton VanWoert, Oneonta. 282 Hosea Butler, Oneonta. 1458 Harry Wesley Burtis Oneonta. 1800 Frank Truax, Worcester. 1158 Nelson Harold Scott, Milford. 1605 Orra J. Cohn, E. Worcester. 988 Harry D. Roe, Oneonta. 1516 Irving Ethan Stillwell, Wells Bridge. 1806 Harry John Walsh, So. Worcester. 1069 Christian S. Klrkgaard, Laurens. 751 John Wm. Nolda. Oneonta. 1796 Einvin B. Grueber, Worcester. 1046 LeRoy M. Decker, Oneonta. 1663 J o h n Wehsir, Maryland. 615 Frank C. Gregory, Worcester. 1029 Frank L. Hotaling, Oneonta. 455 William A. Champlin, Oneonta. 833 Michael Constantino. Oneonta. 1757 Percy Bourns. Unadilla. 4 S 3 Paul H. C. Jobs, Oneonta. 883 Miko Hanna, Oneonta. 1087 Walter E. Dunbar, Laurens. 1598 Melvin Brooker, Richmondvllle. 346 Scott A. Olrnstead. Oneonta. 1251 Harry Raymond SImonson, Butternuts. 1404 Joseph D. Vlrnette, Oneonta. 457 Leo Stalker, Oneonta. 1262 Clayton W. Stevens, Gllbertsville. 62 Orlo T. Callanan, Oneonta. 207 Clarence Lewis Avery, Oneonta, 67 James Lloyd Compton. Oneonta. 846 Raymond Chase Tyler. Worcester. 1750 Frank B. Early. Sidney. 1081 Albert C. Stanton, Mt. Vision. 528 Jack C. Yaeger, Oneot] ta. 912 Mlcklel George, Oneon ». 1327 Byron Balou May, Holmesville. 77 John Francis Bradley, Oneonta. 699 Harry Arnold Lteheg. Unadilla 1758 Glen M. Casey, Unadilla. 248 Arthur Clinton Terrell, Oneonta. 521 Dennis J. Sullivan, Oneonta. 695 Charles Lester Sowles, Unadilla, 947 Arsenl Thoroch, Oneonta. 614 Edwin Bassler, Worcester. 1382 Vernon E. Andrus, Oneonta. 1134 Stanley Kipp Martin. Mllford. 1544 Hazel Harvey Preiton, Ot«*o. . 1«5S Harley If. Houston. ICO Anthony Kelly. On*onta. 1252 Donald Taylor Tolea, Ot«tro. 283 Guy S. Beach. On«onta. 1471 Leonard W. Daniel*, Oneonta. 1514 William A. McDonouh, Oneonta, 1027 Mirable Domlnlco, Oneonta. 1737 Ernest Green, Schenevus. 1003 Sam Murat, Oneonta. 817 Buel A. Smith. W«»t Oneonta. 1855 Henry W. Francis. Otego. 59 Alfred Ogden Ingerham, On*. onta. 1831 Frank L. Colegrove, Oteco. 815 Perry Becker. Oneonta. ·., 1126 Otto Windegger. Laurens. 612 C. LeRoy Goodall. Worcester. S69 Ray C. Pearson, Oneonta. 1538 Robert E. McClenon, Well! Bridge. 1599 Arthur J. Boughton, Worcester. 1637 Howard Brooker, Richmondville. 764 Harry Lester Johnson. Oneonta. 359 Thomas F, Cannon, Oneonta. 1583 Elwin O. Pickett, Otego. 984 Anton Norko, Oneonta. 1725 Roland G. Hathaway, Schenevus. 724 Lewis Ostrom, Unadilla. £·38 Willard J. Edmfer, Oneonta. 317 Clayton Chickester. Rockwell 587 Fred Sandike, Otego. 526 Ernest LeRoy Young. Wells Bridge. IS 15 Harry Irving Allen, Otego. 497 Charles Kenney, Oneonta. 667 Frank A. Rickard, Worcester. 1037 Kuprian Gusik, Oneonta. 463 Harry V. Root. Oneonta. 515 Frank Sprague, Wells Bridge. S3S John Raymond Wldger, Otego. 171S Orra W. Osterhout, Schenevus. 84 Otto Emil Miskey, Oneonta. 531 Walter Benjamin, Oneonta. 1770 Hugh F. Peattie, Unadilla. 46S Ei-nest C. Damaschke, Oneonta. S59 Wesley Balunis, Oneonta. 663 Buster Andrew Ellsworth, Worcester. 1807 Budd Hira-a White. Worcester. 469 Ray B. Norton, Oneonta. 245 James Nelson Gardner, Oneonta. 580 Leland D. Gifford, Oneonta. 1734 Stanley B. Groff, Schenevus. 351 Clifford Woolheater, Oneonta. 1607 Dorr A. Waid, E. Worcester. 1454 Thomas C. Reynolds, Oneonta. 1200 Raymond Jas. Shepard, Colliers. 94 George W. Tuttle, Oneonta. 1297 James Washburn, Gilbertsville. 148 ]£ATI Thomas McKcwn, Oneonta. 14 George Clifton Palmer, Oneonta. 980 Swart B. Mann, Oneonta. 109 Thomas J. Kalligan, Oneonta. 1852 Ora Sullivan. Otego. 892 John A. Ritchie, Oneonta. 1449 Lyle Ellis, Oneonta. 129S Edward C. Webler. Wells Bridge. 782 Ralph L. Milks, Oneonta. 251 Frank Aldon Kllpatrick, Oneonta 1583 George Coger, East Worcester. ISO Clarence John Hunt, Oneonta. 1389 John Rinehlmer. Oneonta. 598 Floyd Chas. Williams, Oneonta, 1846 Loren J. Hammond, Otego. 825 Laurence G. Barnes, Oneonta. 960 Mark W. Finch, Oneonta. 1670 Holda August Hacker, Maryland, 1171 John Bjork, Milford. 658 Emmett Robinson, Worcester. 1809 Hov.-ard G. Brownell, So. Worcester. 941 Antonio Larro, Oneonta, 1131 Arthur Kilts. Milford. 631 Harry M. Sehutt, Worcester. 18 2 S Harry Irving Sloan, Otego. 1040 Wade H. Tayor, Oneonta. 1177 Walter Jas. Cummings. Mllford. 879 Albert H. Higgins, Oneonta. 1695 Walter S. Bliven. Schenevus. 746 Alvin. Lyman Wells, Unadilla. 1582 Fred David Starr, Otego. 655 Domenico Petrolo, Worcester. 583 Paul Lucas, Oneonta. 1810 Willie Roe, So. Worcester. S30 Howard Emmanuel Culver, West Oneonta. 995 Francis J. Williams. Oneonta. 914 Lynn Gile, Oneonta 1551 Clifford Gvy McMullin, Otego. 791 Alwin Feuerstein. Oneonta. 69 Floyd F. Taylor, Oneonta. 1116 Emil C. Petersea, W. Oneonta. 1361 John Leslie Bagg. Oneonta. 845 Harvey H. Brayman, Oneonta. 1422 Forest Westcott, Oneonta, 1129 Wm. J, Gardner, Otpgo. 873 Paul Philllozitz, Oneonta. 1036 Francis Joseph Gaugham, Oneonta. 790 J. Leslie Francis. Onccnta. 1155 Marinus Kllby, Milford. 1210 Chas. Henry Sharrett, Portlandville. 1486 Herbert Milt .1 Belts, Oneonta. 1540 Claude Youmans, Wells Bridga, 174 Albert Robert Silliman, Oneonta, 310 Robert Black, Oneonta. 1790 v-harles P. Mooney, Worcester, 414 Earl V. Fritts. Oneonta. 763 Harry Buddy Jaquish, Westfleld, N. J. 307 Chas. Paul Grosse, Onuonta. 991 Giglio Casello, Oneonta. 1845 Emil Frederick Bohlman»» Franklin. 1302 Abraham S, Rochlin, Gilberts- vllle. 1457 Lee Lorette Firman, Oceonta. 569 Eugene Charles Fisk, Oneonta. 553 Everett P. Bond, Oneonta 1839 Frank Delos Widger, West Oneonta. 1084 Arthur W. Hoetaling, Lauren*. 1440 Lewis G. Eckert, Oneonta. 1289 Adelbert Hobart Filer. Otego. 625 Julian Menzo Howe, Worcester. 402 George C. Canning:, Oneonta. 4 5 u narry L. Sh-w, Oneonta. 161 Horace Francis Kenney, Oneonta 1009 Charles Kantner, Oneonta. 1853 Wesley James Sutton, Otego. 189 Joseph Kelly, Oneonta. S59 Noah Ernest Vredenburg, Worcester. 1743 Earl M. DeForest, Rockdale. 361 Henry K. Ahlstedt, Oneonta. 1836 Charles E. LeRoy, Otego. 709 Frank Arnold Fell, Unadilla, 909 Ellsworth M. Wasso.i, Oneonta. 129 Raymond Murdock Tucker, Oneonta. 1153 Harry L. Palmer, Milford. 1624 Harry C. VanBuren, Worcester. 1222 Cipriani Oreste, Colllem. 1578 Channing W. Poste, Otego. 213 Wilson Harris Hooper, Oneonta. 465 John F. Beatty, Oneonta. 1601 Leslie D. Bennett. E. Worcester. 1096 Charles Shutters, Portlandville. 1691 Orrin Akin, Schenevus. 1788 Arthur J. Ives, So. Worcester. 1408 Stanley Irving Stiles, Oneonta, 163 Walter Scott Nye, Oneonta. 665 Willis Levern Fancher, Worcester. 1115 Fred C. Dyer, W. Laurens. 1224 Delavan Bull. Colliers. 904 Arthur Alger, Oneonta. 1202 Otto Snyder. Colliers. 101 * Timopy Shirhka, Oneonta, 1164 Clarence Adams, Milford. 1659 Edward John Friery, Maryland. 405 Paul J. Gary, Oneonta, 250 Clarence Kinney, Oneonta. 885 Robert Stevenson. Oneonta, 1147 Harold Edven Kloster, Milford. 1562 Ralph C. Bundy, Otego, 959 Harry John Fisher, Oneonta. 329 Dominick Ruggiero, Oneonta. 628 Melvin W. Simmons, Worcester, 426 Julian E. Lockwood. Oneonta. 1452 Fred Burdete Hotaling, Oneonta. 823 Clayton VanTassell, Oneonta. 246 Henry J. Bush, Oneonta. 1610 Melvin Head. E. Worcester. 731 Howard Eldred Morse. Unadilla. 682 Dallas Elmer Marcellus, Unadilla. 768 Alva E. Walling. Oneonta. 1215 Claude Henry Trlpp, Portland- vine. 955 Leon J. Farr, Oneonta. 1315 Walter Reeves Curtis, New Berlin. «27 Ewald Herman Schoeller, Worcester. 1063 Lev! E. Akerley. Mt. Vision. 1567 Harold J. Beeves. Otefo. 99 Levl Arthur Fellows, Oneinta. 1277 Roy Franklin DecKer, Ote«*. 1482 Ira C. Cole, Oneonta. 365 Frederlco FraboBl^On**"**; 144 wiiiiam HMIT 1301 Brlce Mont*l'ri 1405 Harold Vaughn. O 113« Stanley H. Ortorne, Ml D*Forest L. Burrwe, _ 13S4 Carl Erwln Hartunf. On«om» OtM«. lEWSFAFERf

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