The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 29, 1934 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 29, 1934
Page 2
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JThe Algona Upper Pea Moines, AJgona, towa, March 29,1934 &fje 8lgona dipper lies; Jfltotttea B North Dodge Street HAOOARD A WALLER, Publishers. ka Second Clara matter at the postofflc* at Iowa, under act of Congress of March 3,1879. Issued Weekly. SUBSCRIPTION BATES IN KOSSTJTH CO.: On* Tear, In Advance $2.00 Six Months, in Advance 1J25 Tare* Months, in Advance 00 Subscriptions Outside County, $2.50 per year, strictly In advance. Subscriptions Payable t ln Advance. DISPLAY ADVERTISING, 1 S«e PER INCH Composlton J6 cents per Inch extra. odds and ends ODD THINGS AND NEW-By Lamo Bode "let the people know the troth and the eenntry to nfe."—Abraham Lincoln. A TEAR OF ACTTVITT Algona and Kossuth county can look forward to n year of activity and public improvements, things to make the path of life more 1 pleasant, and the Joy of living a bit greater. In Kossuth county, one of the projects for which it would seem everyone should wage a hearty campaign, is the conservation plan for Union Slough. It may not succeed; bub it would eeem that a permanent Improvement of this kind, aiding in the reestablishment of wild Hfe in Kossuth, should receive united support. It would be an improvment for the present and future generations. In Algona, several very worthwhile projects have been advanced. The Algona Community Chib haa taken up the matter of placing a beacon light atop the new water twwer. It would certainly offer a friendly welcome to any and all who chance to come this way after dark. And, the lights for the athletic field eeem to be on the way. and are another civic improvement that seems to meet with general public approval. All that is needed now is to get the cooperation of the park board, school board and city council, and the lights go up. There are probably many other worthy projects, like the above, which should go to make the year 1934 one of •ottvtty. Let's on up the gears and get under way. We hare a fine city; let's maintain H that way. BORAH BLOWS OFF Senator Borah, genial gentleman from TJtah, who can be counted upon to put on a good show every time he arises from his seat in the senate, has again come into the limelight. Speaking over the radio recently, the Idaho broadcaster roared flre and brimstone against the administration's plan of controlled agricultural production and efforts to cut down production. He said it was all non- aense; that It would not work; that we did not need a Dennis Pratt may soon become known as the sage of North Thotlngton street ... he recently made the philosophical remark that there was no use in having a dog- if you did all the barking yourself. Joe Bloom is quite a pool player, but he can't stand it when an opponent socks the 13 and 15 into the same pocket on one shot . . . P. s. That shot cost Joe 15 cents. "Spring Is here," but as Lloyd Bohannon remarked In pri Drift his overcoat about his ears, last week, she mnsta catgfht cold on th* way. • • * The Saturday Review of Literature contains the following ad clipped from a San Francisco newspaper. "Is there an intelligent non-Rotarlan man around San Francisco interested in meeting a youne women who Is fed up with wlsecrackers? Satiated. 1 Maybe she needs the non-wisecracking attention of a good Kiwaniar,. Simfle—Useless as a moth ban m a iradfet colony. Adolph Zukor, motion picture producer, recently made the statement that motion picture producers cannot afford to take chances. Evidently Adolph was not associated with the producers of George White's Scandals. And maybe another trouble with the girls of the modern generation Is that they are too easy to get and too hard to get along with. A picture of the first Algona high school football team graced one comer of the Des Moines Register Iowa pictorial section, Sunday. The boys looked sort of familiar Chuck Nicoulin, Hal Cowan and Abner Long are the only ones of the group still in this vicinity, a scout reports. The iaceing effect and the hand-painted letters on the uniforms caused quite a little comment. Coach Mercer could have used a few men last fall with the physical proportions displayed by the first Algona Bulldogs. * n*w» ««m says that the Iowa Mayflower d««M*an«a are «e. m*«t at Spencer thfa week. We dovbt If the town wffi be Mr enovtfi to accommodate the ECONOMY DRIVING- MOST ECONOMfCAl. SPEED AT WHICH TO DRIVE A CAR IS *0 MILES PER HOUR, OIL, GAS, AND TIRES CONSIDERED. MISSISSIPPI PEARLS THE MISSISSIPPI Rvtt BUTTON INDUSTRY YIELDS *U- UABIE PEAA1S AS A BY-PRODUCT FROM THE RIVEftMUSStl SHELLS. BULLFROG/ A BULLFROG TADPOLE DOES NOT MATURE FOR AT LEAST Two YEARS. . JOE ANNOUNCED We understand that the girls in the cast of "Lela- wala." high school operetta, had some trouble getting into the costumes of the Indian maidens. Just goes to show that the modern miss is faring better m the way of fodder at the daily meals than did her red-skinned predecessors, or else that costume house didnt take into reckoning the results of the wholesome Kossuth county life. cut in production, etc. He may be right about some of his views. Senator Borah is quite a farmer himself. He has a ranch In Idaho, you know, and if you've been to Idaho you know what kind of a ranch it is. He raises a splendid crop of cactus on his ranch, and he haa some of the very finest sand to be found in the whole country. The Union Pacific railroad has a whistling post at the station near the ranch—the station's name is Borah, by the way TO* tralna whistle every time they go by. Probably to frighten the jackrabbits off the main line as much as anything else. Now the way we look at this thing. If land such a« Borah's was allowed to etay In lt« natural state, and if irrigation project* which cost a lot of money were not attempted, and thus put into production a large area of land not suited by nature for production, there might not be a need for reduction of production in tillable areas such as Iowa. But Senator Borah haa plumped con- The United State* has wasted time and money trying to pu& land into production that la not needed right at present. Let Senator Borah we a little common sense and flght against THAT bit of tomfoolery. THE IRELAND OF THE PACIFIC The Philllppine Islands now practically have their own Independence if they want it. The senate passed the Philippine independence bill, and the measure at this writing awaita only the signature of the president. The bill gives the Islands until October 1 to decide whether or not they want independence. This little Ireland of the Pacific has offered us plenty of complications, ever since we proved to the world that Spain was a third rate power. The question haa two point* of interest. First as concerns the future of United States relations with 'Asiatic powers, second, as concerns the importation of the product* of the Philippines which vie with American grown products in the local markets. The Philippines have been a far Hung outpost of the tLf/^ „ * f ^ Potable to keep. Some folks say tbey are a protection against the Japanese. Justwhy is something hard to flure out. except the poteibility of it* use as a coaling station for sea squadrons but th° next war is going to be in the air, not the sea whv«rff fb ,T n ~ 5klnne<1 latt3 want to rule Uxanaelves. why not let them. Of course we'll probably have to send n the marines In a few yean, to quiet things down but I "no^tZ"T 6 T ^ llt back •"** e "J°y life - *™> a possibility of saving a little money for a change. PRETTV GOOD TO IOWA The national recovery administration has been pretty Kood to Iowa. A statistician recently compiled figures which £how ed that Iowa pays about four-tenths of one per cent of the entire income of the federal government wWch il a drop in the bucket, to A movement is on foot at the bachelor's table to require all members to be under a rule of compulsory attendance and periodic reports. Joe Lowe made the suggestion in view of the fact that spring is coming on, and several of the men have been acting very peculiarly Keep the brethren in line, Joe. • • • Famous last line—First door to the right. The Man About Town Says OTHER EDITORS On the EHherville Front Esthcrville Enterprise: We understand Councilman Mickelson says If we make him trouble, we will also be made trouble. Well, we have always taken care of our- ^t V ^S?iT e » Dresunle ** can - We cannot quote his exact words but you can guess at them. We made he and Mr. Kllgore a proposition last week to the city wtflch the attorney general says Is a vtolaUon or «ie law, then we would be gtadlto pay back what they tSJdteL, 1 ^ ~&y* A £ th £, c l ty J We wwUd do thttt «* gardtew of whfether they think wf owe it or not. Whilei we mOde the proposition In good faith we did not feel that we w*e in any danger off having to pay the city ror Kilgores wduW amount to aiout two thousand dollars and Mlckebbns. we believe, rUns over six hundred. .Mii,?"^ 0 ^? n *? ld that KU 8 or * ««l Mickelson were not selling the city ariv more. If that Is the case they must not be making any purchases or they are doing business cut of the at* We find the hardware «WherVS? u I 7 "L{I!«i? el Vh 8 a " ytnln K to ""> clt y- Of course there is a possibility that they may be all stocked up in ad- VfltlCv. Someone complains to the county attorney about the council selling and we get the blame for the whole thing We can tell the names of people who have fllcd corn- h£ Jfti t d ° " Ot kfl ° W what thev wrote ihc officers, but still two members of the council are of the opinion that by going after the writer that is all that is necessary some time when we arc in Des Moines we will pet the complaints and publish them in order that the public may ^^h^H* *? . are only 8lvtnB them tne n 6 ' 5 as we find it. Further, let us say that is what we Intend to keep on aoing. as long as we publish the Enterprise. Your Name In The Paper vrrJTH erm0r ? °* zett * : A farm « living in a near by town recently received a postal card from the Universal cUp- P ill Bureau in New York, saving that a newspaper "tipping^concerning him wo..Ud be forwarded for a quarter IH U" g to see what the New York paper might have said about him—perhaps even feeling- a bit famous— the farmer cent the quarter. Four days later he clipping from hi? home town paper, saying he hU aunt—a.s he did every month. to run a gvp clipping bureau. Such rackets have rnnma up widely the lart few years, for the only outfl? needcTu L!±/^ d '^ a ™>r the como,ny. y a few oW new£ Complaint* from motorist* have been coming in about some young fellows who are breaking white and green hot. | ties at different sections of the town on the pavements. Sometimes this glass permitted to lay for two or three weeks before it is removed. Some day somebody is going to pay for these mis- I demeanors. County Attorney McMahon locked up! Wouldn't that make a good heading m big black letters 1 Well that's the course of events. Wonder how he likes it? Retribution? No. Just a light case of scarlet ferer. • • • The penny ball gam machine on the outside of the Rudy Tletz sandwich shop was recently opened for refilling. Those interested had a neat surprise. Instead of a penny for each plcco ot gum there were well over a hundred washers and slugs. Van Abtrne WM tf«e audience at a concert of a male duet Saturday night and Sunday morning. Although he enjoyed the singing he admits he is not a Judge of good music Banns For Laura Hzlbert, Herman Becker Are Announced St. Joe: Banns of marriage were announced at St. Joi«nh's church for the first tune Sunday for Laura, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Matt Hilbert. and Herman, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Becker. Both are well known young people of St. Joe and win llw on the Dunwhy farm north of Live-more. Marie Gisch returned home last week Wednesday after several weeks at thi 1 George Becker home. Dominic Zeimet and his niece, Begins from West Bend visited with relatives In this vicinity recently. Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Fuhrmann were Sunday evening visitors at the John Thill home near Whlttemore. Mr. and Mrs. Mike Von Bank from West Bend were visitors Wednesday afternoon at the Mrs. Lucy Wagner home. Mr. and Mrs. Nick Reding and son, Bobbie from Whittemore were Thursday afternoon visitors In this vicinity. Kathryn Thllges from Lc Mnrs returned to her home Wednesday after several weeks visit with relatives and friends. Mr. and Mrs. Nick Hubertv and son, Vlnril. from near St. Benedict were Snndar visitors at the parental Willam ThBiiea hom«. Adolph Kass, who has worked in this vldntty the past few years, visited with friends in tftls vlclnlly. This year he Is working at Ataona. Mr. and Mrs. Ftter Sehmltt and son. Thomas, accompanied by Steter M. Ror* ense and SteMr Marie Celine were Fort Dod*e shwjwrs Saiurdat. MO* Rrdin* shttwwi cattle to CM ca*o last Saturday. Mr. R*dinjr and brolhw w*nt to Chicajto with them. ,>r returned hone Wednesday. xsabttte Kfeltoer returned home from Pwt Dod» Mercy hospital Sunday »f- teraoen wnore *iw had vndercoae an ten ftr atKMttdtttte m*ntlr. and Mrs. JTjrt Wanx-r acoonv -*~-«* Atvtn LtVMjrtK fttUft LAvdHIUIC ,,. Chert*** Sand** to spend the d»v with Mr. and Mr*. On* BosftDa. Mr*. Wfccrw and Mrs BwaJt* ai* cfetm. Mr. HERIFF «n < Sam thfeift tor Sharffl «t CtmNp, softjwt t e* w*»* «t a» TWB- -rote wffl I* «ppre- wOJ Mr. and Mrs. Joe Stattleman an<5< daughters, Laurine and Helen and Joe Volfiner azjd Joe Schad were Port Dodge shoppers Friday. They also visited with the Peter Von Bank family. Mr. Von Bank Is a brother of Mrs. Stat- tleman. Four-H Club News The Union Alethean 4-H club met at the home of Fern Gisch, March 24. New material and gardening plans Were discussed. Roll call was answered with 'Health Rules I am Keeping." "Why Can" was discussed by all jjf the girls. •Labeling and Storing Vegetables and Points a Successful Canner Must Remember" was the subject of a talk by Bernlce Dodds. Record books were ex- pin Inert and music forms studied. The meeting adjourned and a delicious lunch was served by the hasten. After lunth an hour was spent In orchestra practice and singing. The next meeting will be at the home of Ruth Bestenkhner, Saturday. April 21. Thursday evening, March 32, Robot Stewarts entertained a number of their friends at a card party. Rose, white and yellow was the color scheme for the lovely lunch, served late in the evening. Peterson Studio The finest work— of <ualitv Weddings Confirmations Graduations and Baby Pictures a Specialty A choice of the finest, exclusive mountings of newest style—obtainable only at our studio. Will P. Biwro Manager. Lenten . Lenten devotions thte week In the St Joseph's church will be at 1:30 p. m. Good FrldayT Given Birthday Svrpriae A number of relatives and friends gathered at the George Thul home on unday evening. March 26th and from here proceeded to the Harold Thul ipme and surprised Harold on his 25th irthday cards were the diversion of .he evening and lunch was served. New Arrival at Hammer's Mr. and Mrs. John Rammer are the sarenta of their flwt child an eight and ne-jiaii pound (rtrl born *"* we*k nn •uMday. Mr. Wm. Met^S u ou-toS « ™******* «nw. -nwfnfwit were Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Thilges. ***• -. •—- ». ••• M^BWV» UVW tO fllid tllC fellows with a bit of optimism. Tuesday bank nighU at the theatre Marvin promises to give a percentage of the prize money, if he wins it, to the party who pays his way to the show. So far he has succeeded In finding a so- called fish each Tuesday. That Idea comes next to the Drake estate, but then, there are people who will indulge. While other, .it around and growl waiting for the government to help tnem. Bud Barnard, manager of the JL ° am We store, has quietly gone about, his business and made good He is enlarging hU «tore capacity, the stock and using extra help. This sort of a business man is an asset to any town. .. P° n<t '««*» to read the editorial, tnla week. Among them you will find possibilities what could be donT to aid the town and county if someone will the ball a-rolllng. Just a spark Vialt at WWttemore ad Mrs. George Schaller were I more. MaSa^rScha'UeVdSugti'teV'of Mr and Mrs. Schaller. has beSn at the Monarch home the past several months attending to the household duties Mr Monarch Is a cousin of Mrs. Schaller. ' tlaTc U ar 8 'L^ 1 ee?pSav d * "<* P ° n ' thWe a r E$aWS5£* * Wek Ot ,i The ^. To ' n Dev'nea entertained relatives from Eagle Grove Sunday? 9« e i°I Ke M n . er i5J rom Llvermore was It- clipping services do not M forwarded. by ledea federal treasury in various recovery moves, far more the percentage of tax w paid to the federal would entitle u s to. Naturally, it .houid caut tht call u that, , ° H /iUr Uiat U ' e £poil£ ' lf atAfcd our way for a change. JESSE JAHES IIAO A IIOKSE. the Mono' for the State Davenport I>mocm: O n e bit of action Uk<n w^'theVSa?. lh>: ^^ dayS ° f the *P?CW «£»„„ ^^r^/L^iri 1 ^^:,;^^ 'K: ^^^^----^-.-e^ucauy In th* new offlaai f .«:rvk* M.riuture of the Vate of o«7£ rTt""' 1 '^, Uit ^* *'«" I^n^ M ,te th >'-ar of wm-rrt'a T !T " 1U f l ^ UU aVt ' raee of aboul 500 °"'^ JS? J,- V '• an ' J ^ Ulwt ' Uft -- « «-t»tw i" 'he urn-,,, t'/Ul expt-nditurtas from all " and tru,t fu, d expendltuVe, w^e r^u^d by Tlie total reduction. %K 467,472, L. ni-ariy twr •'•• r^dily how they are lui, to^nTmJln .^H undtTeUnd ^"^ ****** d~, not include tht- M .i of th-. the «,e r « Hotel. CWc-io^fr cTcfmr: ^^1^^^^.^^^ ^ * -„ out it lootehie un d «^vt''thlll t e b W *i,i l r ^^ ^^^^.U^^'^ecul'^ • J^*""''' '* ^'^ We hope the wInmuwriiJors like to ride^L, .,....,. ! {ove f" nl * n . t .-. thw-e'Vill'" '? ^J ol'^vtn'"^" *„,,"? - -— -- •»—*• "»^***M**icr believd ..- put the fear of arrest in a stranger. The fellow in question began to squirm and twitch and otherwise became uneasy when Mr. Copp entered a store behind the straneer. It was the size ard a ertneas of Coop's physical build which alarmed the man. Next day Mr. Copp recognized a picture in the Des Moin- ts Register as a likeness of the fellow and he was wanted for bank robbery Dr. Bourne U working on a comma- iion bails with one of the cafes He (save a certain man some medicine to increase his appetite and the first day after taking the fellow lunched eight times. * Here Are the Best Bargains in Used Cars 1932 Chevrolet coach, like new .$395 1222 £j>*™l«t panel $135 1930 Chevrolet coupe _ _ _ $200 1930 Chrysler sedan ._ _.$285 '29 Roosevelt sedan, good rubber $85 1933 Ford coupe $465 1933 Ford tudor .___$465 Thoroughly checked arid reconditioned, these used cars represent the fullest line of all desired makes and models. Kent Motor Co. Phone 434 Algona, Iowa ,-~ R*v- Huener had a unique way In explaining the pronunciation of his name to the congregation. "He's your" or "Whose your" were the words by which the simplifying came about. James had a. hon>e. quarter millions. «?t'S.'Ssrs;3- 0 - r-L-^-s a drop to many. ' W4 "- in Iowa A wife is suiag for divorce cruckera hi bed. He shouldu i ix.. should be «hut. her huiband He Ovc-r in Ontario Just wet* a Uiird ion was burn to Mr. and Mrs. James Hogg. Now watch ionjtone make a crack about "The Three Little Tne public works appropriation of a million U nd a half dollars for construction of seadrome oU the Atlaatte Co^t to another Biinouncemt-nt of the fact Uiitt the world ta moving rapidly. Ai , ocea (l£ may b e dotted with airplane and dirigible landing nt-lds iu aid-ocean. And the government is the logical oue to conduct the t.mW It might even prove of greater Urn-lit t o munkUid the loug run than anotlier Drink YERBAVIDA YOUR HEALTH DEPENDS ON IT! If your nerve* a/e Jumpy and you cannot sleep, do not let this condition continue or you will ruia your health. Yerbavida Tea will relax your nerves ttud let you sleep. Not a drug, but a wry beneficial beverage that you will prefer to either tea or coffee. For Stomach and Kidney trouble* it it unsurpassed. A 20-page free booklet, "The Story of YerUuvlda," may be obtained by writing to Yerbavlda Sole* Co.. 812 Souihwtst Bldg., Los AageU*; or n large packagu of Yerbavlda—enough for 240 tups—can be obtained lor »1.00. For tak at Lusby-j Drug gu^j. —Adv. SPRING TIME IS REMODEL TIME £0* r sm r fc. •»-* \ ,^, V: P H: Sr* fe /rs ?*.?.: rf 4 >. 1\*4>« A*, Cx '*"l. J»M / '<• ijvU. — You cau enjoy these improvements. Let us talk these matters over with you. Phone 229 F. S. NORTON & SON CARS

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