The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 22, 1934 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 22, 1934
Page 12
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The Algona tipper Des Molnes, Algona, Iowa, March 22,1934 Hurt by Shot Delbert Rlke of Burt had a close call last week with a gun. The discharge ftem the gun hit an overall button below the left shoulder and ricocheted (across to his arm where it lodged in the flesn. Later he was given medical treatment and reports were that the injury was not serious. THE WEEKLY RECORD ALGONA MARKETS Corn, 2 white , $.31 2 yellow .35 2 mixed 34% Oats 28 Hogs-Sows Medium weight, 200-260 $3.85 Butchers, 260-300 3.75 Prime butchers, 300-350 3.60 Packing Sows, 300-350 3.25 Packing Sows, 350-400 3.10 Packing Sows, 400-500 2.75-3.00 Light weight, 140 3.00 CREPES for Smart Debs Jg95 The spring social calendar calls for lots of dresses like these— new crepes with bright splashes of taffeta plaid or silk prints. Many of them are with Jackets— whoh means a double opportunity to wear them. CHRISCHILLES & HERBST FASHION APPAREL PRINTS for April doings 5 95 8 95 Lots of new ones have just come in—the smartest things that ever bloomed on a March day. Bright, pert flower patterns—ruffles and pleats at the necklines —clever flt through the waists and hlpllnes. Chrischilles&Herbst NEW SUITS say it with SWAGGER 85 to Sleeves lit smoothly, armholes are swing strain-lit and dashingly from the shoulders. The smartness o£ these new fashions are hero—at a price you can't hope to equal elsewhere. Tu all the newest, weaves and colors. Sixes 12 to 20. Chrischilles & Herbst Fashion Apparel Here's How to Save on DRUGS &6ttC&tirj&tt(j<yaMjfJ{j(s(jfjt%t&jt}(i&&ti& f J 0 I! you 'r>- H '.r.riJty .< r .of>- I>jf jou'il rcfy>gn;/'; lii-; «.-cf>:.oir.;ts rtijr<v.ti.V:a bt-1 -•*•. We've f.Ltihfcd (jffji/iary \x\tri, M> Hiak/: ii. tit: oHcringr- t-' i( -' value:, ii4 urug hs.vU.ij-y. Kituixu Facia! Tissue, Lig Uic 16c 1 Box Jasiuiiic Face Ponder, 1 buttle Jasnijuc Perfume both fur 69(J Maac-do Almoiul Hand Lotion, IB ounces 48.: 1 pt. M. I. 31 Antiseptic Solution 5Ut 1 Pt. La flair's Shampoo Casti'e 4'jc Woodbury's Facial Soap jOc 1 Ib. Ciuuiioua Talcum 1'ovidtr 23^ 100 Hobait'i Asplriu 'I abU'tb 33o Laiubon'b MiueJ'al Oil ,</i gal ^1.19 PauUn'g TtHjth Piu>te, large tube n^ price's EJK.OUI Sails, 1 pound 13c 5 U>». Pure Epsom Salts 39c HankeU's Milk Magiuaoa, 1 pt. ^7 t ACaeter'K Cod Liver Oil, 1 pt 4U t Glycerine and BoaeuaUr CYaig, 4 ouiitcs m t Kurd'* Kubbuie Alcoliol, I pt '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.UK Gifts for Eaitt-r aj Caiidy, toatcr Ferfuuies ajul taster Card*, K. D. JAMES Light weight, 160 3.25 Light weight, 180 3.50 Cattle Canners and cutters 50c-$1.5/ Pat cows $1.75-12.50 Calves $3.00-»5.00 Pat, Steers $4.00-$5.00 Stock Bteers $2.50-$3.50 Bulls $1.50-$2.25 Yearlings »3.00-$4.00 Cream 24c WEATHER High Low March 14 41 12 March 15 58 32 March 16 62 31 March 17 55 15 March 18 33 1 March 19 58 23 March 20 78 31 Poultry Hens, 4% Ibs. and up 9c Hens, under 4^4 Ibs 7c Leghorn Hens 6c Springs, 5 Ibs. and up 9c Springs, under 5 Ibs 8c Leghorn Springs 5c Heavy breed stags 6c Leghorn stags *c Roosters *c Eggs No. 1 16c No. 2 13c NEW CARS LICENSED Frances J. Hauptmann, Wesley, Plymouth coupe. H. B. Gibson, Algona, Ford sedan. A. W. Shaser, Bancroft, Chevrolet coach. Mrs. Ralph P. Elbert, Algona, Chevrolet coach. McEnroe Bros., A/gona, Ford tudor sedan. Alex C. Evans, LuVerne, Chevrolet coach. Nick N. Thllges, Bode, Chevrolet sedan. i< *** Edw. Dehncrt, LuVerne, Chevrolet sedan. Dr. J. B. Wlnkel, Algona, Chevrolet coupe. Carrol A. Wander, Algona. Nash-Lalayette coupe. Emil Mlttag, Algona, International ruck. Mrs. E. D. Johnson, Graettlnger, Ford coach. Herman Franzen, Titonka, Chevrolet coach. C. B. Huff. LuVerne, Plymouth sedan. Guy Carlson, Wesley. Chevrolet coach. M. J. Welsh, Ledyard, Chevrolet oupe. Helen Relmer, Wesley, Chevrolet oupe. Fred Seefeld, Wesley, Ford tudor. J. "L. Grattidgv, Wesley, Chevrolet Tuck. Milton Burlingame, Algona, Chevrolet coach. MARRIAGE LICENSES ISSUED Earl Dltsworth, Bancroft and Hazel Sankey, Burt, March 14. Carl Anliker, Algona, and Avis Taylor, Bancroft. March 17. Geo. D; FuersUnau, Geneeeo, Ift, and Edna Hanselman, LuVerne, March 19. Frank Schoby Heads Algpna Calf Club The Algona Calf club meeting was' held at the city hall Saturday, March 17th. The following officers were elected: president, Frank Schoby; vice president, Floyd Bode; secretary, El<Jon Shaw; new reporter, Lowell Samp; crlMo, Verle Pafctersota. Membership cards were filled out by the following new members: Leroy Naumann, Leroy Shlpman, Arden Orton, Donald Orton, John Miller, Paul Miller and Richard Kledn. TTnlon Holy Week services Wlh begin next Sunday evening at 7:30 in the Baptist church, nan to attend all of the services during Holy Week. Sunday School next Sunday morning at 10 o'clock. Methodist Church Next Sunday Is Pabn Sunday and cervices of the day will be planned to correspond with its spirit. We «re confidently expecting a record attendance at Sunday School and in the worship 1 services. The evening service will be held at the Baptist) church and will be the first of a series of service? Congregational Ohurch The L. O. A. claw will meet at the home of Mrs. May Harrington Thursday evening, March 32nd. with M«s- dames Haggard, Dickinson and Herbs*. assisting hostesses. Services for Sunday. M*reh 23th: Church School at 10 o'clock. Morning worship at 11 o'clock. Sermon topi*-. 'The Drawing Power of Catrwy," First Lutheran Ohurch The confirmation class will wee« fwr nstnicdon on Saturday morttteg »! :» o'clock. Mornlnjr wrreliw next SawSax a) * o'clock. Please observe tt» ffcaas* «ft| time for the smtw, Tfe* trctf s $aj?~ per will be c*lebr*t«si nest Ss*s*Svt > Trinity Lutheran Ohurch The following services will be held Sunday, as on FWm Sunday: Sunday School and Bible class* at 10 a. m. Divine services nl both lan- guages, English and German at 10:30 The T. «P. S. will meet next Taes- day evening at 8 o'clock at the chnrth. Prof. Burmeister «1H give ft talk on hto trip to the Niagara Palls. English Lenten services will be held next Wednesday evening at 7:30 O'clock. Presbyterian Ohurch fcer. c. Paul Carlson, Minister Sunday School at 10 a. m. Morning worship at 11 a. m. Christian Endeavor at 6:30 p. m. Union evening service at 7:30 p. m. In the Baptist church. Here's a triple saving—Save on your cost—save your buildings—save rour animals. Boiled roofing at Gambles 9th Anniversary Sale. 35 Ib. 88c roll. 45 Ib. $1.45. Outside White Plaintt $1.19 gal. Flat Wall, $1.00 gal. Llnseefl Oil, 89c gal. 12 For SUPERVISOR Dist. No. 4 I hereby announce my candidacy for Supervisor of District No, 4 on the Republican ticket. Your vote at the Jwne primary will be appreciated. PAUL NEMITZ FENTON. 13-13* C. S. JOHNSON'S SPECIALS Poultry Feeders 10c-15c-98c Buttermilk Feeder one gallon Waterers, fruit jar OjJi* 0<>ld Blast ' | OC Lanterns *•*•««/ Garden Seeds C^ per pkg «**•> Auto Sponges large at only Log Chains each Alarm Clocks each £1. Lanterns Complete with batter) Boor Bell - ' Batteries Setter Cans 1 QC JU«F«I | AA l.UV Flour Sieves, targe .. .......... 25c 73c 19c Ira Kohl, after having been unable to work for some time because of a broken wrist, resumed his duties as driver of one of the Standard Oil trucks on Monday. CLASSIFIED n »DS For Sale FOR SALE—200 bushels of oats.—W. E. Naudaln. 12» FOR SALE:—One yearling, registered Shorthorn bull.—W. P. Jenklnson, Algona. 12* FOR SALE—Boston Bull puppies, 7 weeks old, also Persian kittens.—Hugh Pierce, 415 W. McGregor, Algona. 12* FOR SALE—Double hog or chicken brooder house with floor.—dene Neville. 12* FOR SALE—SkeJgas stove with wood and coal combination. Kimball piano, a good building lot.—Bertha E. Johnson, executrix Maria C. Johnson, Estate. Phone 491-W. 12* FOR SALE—Manchu soy beans; Illinl soy beaas; white bl-ssom seed clover. —S. O. Keagle, Titonka, Iowa. 11-16* FOR SALE—1931 Ford coupe.—Al- Kona Auto Market. West of Court 12 FOR SALE—1931 Essex coach.—Al- Kona Auto Market. West of Cburt House. 12 FOR SALE—Red clover Calhoun. 4F11, Algona. -Ross 11-tf FOR SALE—A few new, all porcelain, coal ranges. While they last $89.50.—BJustrom's. 8-tf Save that cream with a Vega separator. Users boosters. Medium size, $77.50. Terms—BJustrom's, Algona, Iowa. 3-tf FOR SALE—1'J30 Ford tudor.—Al- gona Auto Market. Wk-st of Court House. 12 Miscellaneous Have you tried our Thrifty Wash.— Kir&ch* Launilry. Phone 237. 4fl-tl Lost-Found FOUNI> Pockelbook til AlgiJUi, con- U.IIUIIK $a. Owner can have came by wni-41ymg and paying for ad. 1U NOTICE OF HKOiJATE OF WILL .. STATE Of IOWA. KOSSUTH COUNTY. iS. No. 38U6 in DuU)ct. Court, Apr;l Term, 1934. To all whom it may concern: You are IitTiby uoliK-d thai an instrument of wnliiiit puruorUiiK to be the lust, Will and Te-tainciit of C. E. Heisti. deccas- i-d, daiud Atuil 29. 1&2U. having been this duy hied, opened aJid nad, the lUlii day of April. 1934. Is fixed for hfcariiijf proof of iAuie at ihe Court HOUJA' in AlKona, Iowa, before the District Court of said C-untv. or th'.' Clerk of fcaid Court: arid at nine o'clock A, M. of the day above mentioned all (jtrsons Interested are hereby notified ujid riQuii'L'd to aupear, and show cause if any they have, why s>^id instrument .'Jiould not be probated and allowed as and for the la.->t Will and Testament of .'jUid deceased. Dated ut AlROliu. Iowa, Maxell 19. 1934. E. J MO EVOY. Clerk of District Court. ALMA PEARSON. Deputy. Van NC&* & StilimaJJ, uttonu-ya. 12-14 Smart Neckwear 39c 98c Dressy and dainty are the new lace collars. Organdies—plain and embroidered satins, crepes trimmed with dainty lace. Round or V necklines are featured. New Silk Scarfs 1.00 Bright colors In fan effects that are popular—eaucy throws and bows also make straight styles and ascots popular. ew • ^" ™» •• ^m mm mm mm mm mm • Department Stores " Things Every Member of the Family For "Easter" CHOOSE SMART HATS FOR NOW AND EASTER For Women and Misses Every New 439 Style ' You'll find a new thrill in inspecting these just arrived ne\v models— styled in crinkly fabrics, straws, straw and fabric and other approved materials in the season's choice styles. Grained Leather Bags 69c and 1.98 Just arrived, a new sblpment of grained bags for Easter. Envelope and pouch styles in red, brown, -black and white. Smart Gloves 1.00 1.98 Capeakin and chamoisuede— •mart to wear with your new Easter suit. Sllpon style* in Mack, brown, navy and eggshell. , DRESSES Jacket Style! - High Shades! - Navys! - Prints! Combinations! Sunday Nite! SPECIAL Mai'velous Easter Creations with smart full-lenirth or finger-tip jackets. Flattering navy sheers. Stunning rose and new blue crepes! Exquisite Sunday Nites in flowing styles for banquet wear! Colorful prints and gorgeous combinations! Charming black and wliites! Dainty lingerie collars . . . new windblown details . . . clever sleeves! Dresses worth decidedly more. Easter COATS Featuring • // Exceptional • Values For || Superb dressy models. Magnificent fur cuffs or throws. Smart stitched collars ... novelty sleeve treatments. Splendid coats beautifully tailored from fabrics of remarkable quality. Unusual windblown ideas . . . new ripple collars. They're the latest word in Easter fashions. Value that you'll instantly appreciate. See Our Smart SWAGGER SUITSI Men! Save on Your Easter Apparel Here DRESS SHIRTS Fast Color broadcloth, 1 AA attached collar styles _*•"" MEN'S FANCY HOSE Novelty check and 1Q- /stripe patterns ------ 1«H» MEN'S NECKWEAR New patterns for ^{Qtf* Easter wear _________ «***' Men's run-resist ray on shirts and shorts to 9Qf* match. Choice each __ "^ Brassieres For every figure R unstop Garter Top WOMEN'S AND MISSES' Full Fashioned Silk Hosiery Beautiful quality sheer chiffon, also heavier service weight stockings. Picot top. These are without question the biggest values in hosiery ever offered in this section. Approved Spring Shades are here in Both Weights BIAS-CUT SUPS $1.00 Ecru-tinted lace decorates these attractive slips. Tijey have "California" or straight tops and come in tearose, white and flesh. Sizes 34 to 44. 25c to 49c Department Stores Girdle "Lastex" Step-in 1.00

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