The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 22, 1934 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 22, 1934
Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa, March 22,1934 Short NEW SHORT WAVE SETS WILL BRING IN EUROPE, ASIA Local Radio Man Foresees Untold Improvement In New Field .Radio Now Brings WbrJd Broadcasts to Kosssuth Not many years ago the fortunate Algona family was greatly thrilled at tl»e reception of KFT, Los Angeles, California. How many nights of listening far beyond the regular bed time were «3>ent in listening for these magic •words, only to find it impossible to convince the skeptic that they .had been really heard. Today's radio scoffs at such reception, according to John Shirley, local radio dealer and enthusiast. RF1 can now be taken as a matter of course, «nd It 10 not now uncommon for casual friends to greet each other with: "I heard Rome this morning." "Did you? On what wave length?"—-without skep- tkfem, but mere curiosity. Mr. Shirley anticipates more for the future. He continues. Spain In 1-20 Second Probably the first foreign stations to be tuned in on one of the new all-wav* radios wail be Madrid, Spain. Spanish music or speech will respond to a dial- Ing of 30.4 meters where there •will be the characteristic "foreign" sound which resembles wave motion. After an interval dependent upon the lengtb of the program the listener will be thrilled for the first time by "Ay-ali- «oo, Madrid, Kspanol" followed by an announcement in perfect English, "This te broadcasting station EAQ, Madrid. Spain." What greater thrill could there be than hearing these words and realizing they are circling a quarter of the globe and reaching the listener in less than one-twentieth of a second? This station is then logged and can be tuned in almost any afternoon. Berlin, Oermany. will quite possibly be the second triumph. There is often news given in German with many references to Herr Hitler—sometimes trans, lated into English for American listeners. The program ends and after a moment of suspense the listener hears the German Identification—a group of chime notes, repeated for two or three minutes. This da followed by announcement in German and then in English. With a strong German accent: "Hello, Asia! Hello, America! These are German Short 'Wave Stations IXJA and DJB broadcasting. We are now -using; our new directional antenna for America, and would appreciate hearing; from any listeners in Asia and Amerl- Cretzmeyer Tops Scoring of High School Cagers Panthers Bow In First Round of State Cage Tourney team didn't) Koesuth. county can shower nothing but praise on the Ledyard tarn. Tney played mighty clean basketball, as is proven by the fact that not one personal foul waa called on the Kossuth quint during the state turnoment game. A summary of the Ledyard scoring follows: Ledyard— Pg Ft Pf Thompson, f 2 0 0 Warner, f 0 0 0 Lloyd, o 1 2 0 Moulton, g 2 1 0 Brandt, g 2 0 0 Barnes, g 0 0 0 The go to Waterloo, it went to Cedar Falls, but Waterloo was only a few miles away, and it was a. "Waterloo that awaited the gallant lads from Kossuth who lat valiantly but fell in the first round of tfae sta.te> basketball tournament, last Thursday evening. Coach Lauritzen's men ix>wexl to an undefeat- de Martelte- team, 34 to 17. Martelle was also eliminated in a later round. MarteUe hxtd a. siae advantage, and Ledyard was unable- to get going but with every m«.n ttsuSte. next year except Thompson, star fox-ward, the Panth- may again be toctcfc in the fray. Total 7 3 TWO TICKETS FILED FOR WESLEY VILLAGE OFFICES; VOTE MONDAY daaaleal from London London (the broadcasting te *e*Oljr do&« from Chetmaford, •ents its programs on several different •wave te"gt*v In listening to them one Is constantly aware of tibe *>tt*"t± <rf governmental control, for these Brltlati JEknpire programs are - of a different vein than American productions-. There are more operas, more symphonies, more news flashes, little so-called popular music, and no advertising. 1ORO. Rome, Italy, possesses a fascination for the average short-wave listener. Here all of the announcements are given in Italian, though the veteran listener noon learns to identify it because of its announcer — a woman. Vatican City broadcasts, while short. are also Interesting, and many of them are given in English. Moscow, 17. S. 8. R.. sends its special program to America, on Monday. On this day English is spoken. The remainder of the week: is devoted to Russia. with a very occasional announcement in English. The real hound for distance will now Cnd his Sunday morning sleep disturbed. Then it is that Sydney. Au^- traial, is on the air ... at the uerriole hour of 4:3O a. m. VK2ME, Sydney, and VK3ME, Melbourne, which is the same time on Wednesday morning, speak KngLUh, of course, and send their greetings to American listeners. VK2ME signs off the air with the call of the Kookaburra bird — which probably Rives the greatest thrill in radio reception. Prom Australia thei programs come> half-way around the world — perhaps coming around from both directions. 'What more could be asked for distance ? Big Field In Snort VY'*ve Certainly a great part of the future of radio rests in the development of short-wave transmission and reception. There haa long been the need, but only recently has there been a. means of satisfying it. The whole "standard broadcast" band from 2OO to 650 meters contains only 96 clear channels of broadcastng-. Several hundred stations are now operating on these 86 bands, and as a result stations are crowded and there is much interference. By way of contrast the band from 10 meters to 2O metei.5 contains 1500 clear channels, very few of which are now being used- The future stations without doubt will be placed somewhere in these short-wave bands, where there is little crowding and less interference. This means, however. tUat in tf»e dial space where one station comes in on regular radios there is a possibility of being fifteen on short wave. This has held back commercial development, though now special diais have made tuning much less of a problem One may be sure that short-wave broadcasting is here to stay. The foremost manufacturers have taken it up and are developing it greatly, practically all radio receiving set. manufac- turra are now showing their foresight in offering the public all-wave radios within the price range which the average citizen ran reach. What is left to be done in radio? Tone, selectivity, sensitivity, and. fading have been conquered. Now experimentation is being done on private line <feeam transmission) conversations; transmission of power, radio control ot trains. ° J Ttfr r '^ s . and automobiles; television; surgery, and numerous other fields. These may not come today or •cmozxow, but within toe next few cte- mrtita ir*"" will nnd radio the dominating factor in hi* erifflt^^^e. _ Citizens' Ticket and New Deal Ticket; .Arouse Interest Wesley: Two tickets have been circulated and fllecl for the town election which •will be lield Jt*ere March 26. The Citizens! ticket carries the names of the present incumbents as follows: Mayor, John Hutchison; ttreasurer, Henry Kunz; assessor. X. -A_ Gerties; councilmen, H. J. Ba-aley, A- L. Kleinpeter, Matt Laux:. A. M:. Unease and Emil Wester. The New X>eaJ. ticket calls for Mayor. F"r«ston Olia.j>in; councilmen, R. C. Bauer, James XTod&es, Julius Lorenz and J. 1*. Meuer and Swan Nelson. TTtfc Birthday Swan Monson celebrated his 77th birthday anniversary Sunday and In observance of tl*e occasion two dozen friends and relatives {Fathered at his home to help pcuas the day away. Mr. Monson came to 'Wesley on May 5, 1883. direct from. Sweden, -where he was born, and h&s made "Wesley his residence for the- xMtata fifty-one years. He has trie distinction of having held the Job a» Janitotr of the public school tiere for the x>ast thirty-four years, having: startted bis tiiirty-firth year on March; 1. Th\i» Is a. record which cannot perhaps toe equaOled in the state. The local sebool btxiXdiner was erected 189S. and be- ba» »cc.n the attendance _ neor more to almost a Lwo ^iHif>ri[Tr rt SFfr^tffl*ff KI \• att^ndanco. lArs, «< ct****"f y«*r Osyr ****y 99T I^W(IB*^^K _^^^^P ^^^^^^JJ. V^M^MI mmm KxaMMMM' fiR ^glP^^BPP ^|^P ^p^^P^H^^BW^ on Jcme 23, 1B3O. and since that time two of £&Sc* sons, Edward and Albert *nd J^Itycft-'m family have been vrith **«»*^ There are two other children livixtor. Oacsur of Oarner and ACrs. Anna Dow of ^Uoirc Falls, South Dakota*. There) are t>en grandchildren. His many friends here •wish him an abundance of good htealfcib and many more happy birthdays; to come. Mr. and Mrs. JET. XV. Xx>ebiR and Mrs. Ed. Zx>ebler drove to BAason City Friday where they sp»ent th»e day. Mr. and IhCrs. Oeorsre -Aldrlch and Jerrold and loirs. X^. I-.- Lease were Mason City visitors Friday afternoon. The members of the Methodist Ladles Aid are planning: to hold a bake sale on Saturday, Ma-rch. 31. at the Kraus store. Mrs. ACarfe XCunz and children and Mrs. Bertha 8 -Looft drove to Des Moines Saturxiaiy -where they transact- d business. Gordon K.unz, -who Is employed at the state capitol at Des Jdoines, spent the end here -writh his mother, sisters and brothers. Miss Mabel Trawler, instructor in Uie Belmond school, srnent the week end here visitinjr at the home of her sister, Mrs. John Hutchison. Mr. and MCrja. ZXo^vard Hanson and daughter of CTlear X^alce spent a day last week visit4n«r at triie Oarl and Theron Kansen homes. Miss June Hudson spent the week end at IVJason City visiting 1 her mother, Mrs Piaxel fixadson. -«rho is employed at the Judge J. J. Olaj-k home. "Williaxnv Henderson and Mrs. Maynard l«Jall took Mrs. Henderson's son, Jaxnes to :For-t Dodge Saturday, where he consulted f>.n eye specialist. RdLr. and MM-S- S*raxjLk "Welter and family of Sheldon sr»ent a day recently vls_ iting their parents rxer-e and the family of nis bro^trieir, ftuf us at Corwith. Rev. and Mrs. Bej-ntsen and family drove to Huston, Miirxn., Saturday where Sunday they a. trended the funeral of a. friend. Tlie jBerntsens returned home Monday. •Coach "Willert spent from Thursday nighc until Siinday a-t the Iowa State Xeachers College a.t CTedar Palls where •he attended tiae state basketball tournament. »tr. and MCrs. €7hai-les F". Proehlich and son, John motored to AWllliarns on •Wednesday a-nd visited until Friday at the home of their daughter, Mrs. Lawrence Ricfce arjtd f fvmily. fyfr and M_rs. Joe? Drummer are the parents of a grirl born to them Thursday afternoon, of last week. His folks, the FVar»if Drxuaomers of Haverhill, soent Sunday -wrxth them. Mr. and JMLrs. T^mll "WTester, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Xtdon-son. &.nxi family of Garner were en-fceart^M ned at the Albert Monson home Si.irvria.y in observance of the 77th birthday axxnive-rsary of Swan Monson. Mrs. Vincent H>a.iig:lan. and daughter, Nancy Ann aoocap«unied her father, C. A. Lawler of Wode-n to t^finneapolis for a nve day visit at the h-osue of their sisters <**>** dau^htejris, returning home Hours dsevotions -will be held at the St. JTo^sepJ^'s CJatholic church VH»trtnT>*"g Friday naorning with a seven o'clock >y»g»> -»7r.«»jcjip *»»-^ oontirtuing until Sunday evening at 7:30. »ati»er Wag- by a iry? _f ^ff^Ann^y JEUIUB returned from toome near Sex- **eea «ince Friday and T>M»'iriug ^•ww.w in mm^p •»*• born tc- Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Taylor are the parents of a baby girl born to them early Wednseday morning last week. Ml&s Mary Kain, registered nurse of j strpm averaging seven points a game. Star Center Averaged 9 Points a Game; Sellstrom Has 7 Point Average Charles Cretzmeyer, star center of the Algona high school basketball team led hia team mates in scoring during the 1933-34 season, records compiled by Coach Kenneth Mercer, show. Cretameyer was closely followed by Captain Bob Sellstrom, however. These records Include district tournament The scoring records for the season follow: Cretameyer, center, 195 points. Sellstrom, guard, 179 points. Ruse Me/din, forward, 89 points. Shackleford, guard, 79 oolnts. Bob Spencer, forward, 58 points. Bob Post, forward, 48 points. Dick Poet, center, 10 points. Stewart, utility, 10 points. Bruns, guard, 9 points. Larson, utility, 6 points. H. Medln, forward, 5 points. Shiltz, utility, 2 points. J. Spencer, utility, 2 points. The average scoring per game for Cretzmeyer was nine points, with Sell- Algona, and Miss Verna Kerrlns are at the Taylor home caring for mother and daughter, and taking care of household duties. Supt. K. R. Rowley, Principal Helen Reimer, Miss Looft, Miss McConnell and Miss Beck attended the North Central Iowa Teachers conference held at Fort Dodge Friday. Miss Packard was unable to attend due to eye infection and Instead spent the week end with her parents at Renwick. Rev. A. J. Wagner drove to Whltte- more Monday morning where he was present for the reading of the first mass of a young priest ordained into the priesthood at Sioux City Sunday. Tuesday he attended the first mass which was read by Rev. Quinn at Bancroft, who also was ordained Sunday. Fourteen members of the American Legion Auxiliary met at their regular meeting Thursday night with Mrs. Kate Kennedy as hostess. The next meeting will be held Tuesday night, March 27th due to Thursday being Holy Thursday, with Mrs -Ann M. Kunz, hostess. A joint meeting of the American Legion and Auxiliary -will be held at Tltonka Tuaeday night in April. During the course of the season the scoring was evenly divided with nearly all of the regulars having games in which they were leading scorers. Other interesting material is disclosed in the record of free throw attempts. The way the boys ranked in their free throws follow, with the first figure denoting the number of tosses, and the second figure the number successful. The figures below do not Include the district tournament games. RUBS Medln 13 24 Bob Post 10 21 Bob Spencer 18 29 Cretzmeyer ..., 37 80 SeUstrom 33 59 Shackleford 20 38 D, Post 11 17 Bruns 1 2 H. Medln 1 2 Shiltz a 3 Stewart 0 1 In the number of personal fouls committed, Sellstrom was the lead-off man with 46, Crete had 34, Sbacklcford 33, Rusa Medln 16, Bob Post 26, Bob Spencer 27, Dick Post 10, Bruna 7. Stewart 3, and H. Medln, Shuts and Larson one apiece. Phillips Team in Big Bowling Spurt Another week's play In the bowling league lias not changed the position of the leading taems. but the Phillips "66" outfit, has pulled -within striking distance of the lead. The standings as compiled below do not include any matcJies bowled this week. W L Pet. The Farmers 29 20 .383 Pnilllps "66" 27 21 .563 Hank's Colts 25 Court House Rats 23 Coryell "70" 22 Barry's Bowlers 19 The slim margin between the leading teams has Increased the interest, and the boys are reported to bo bowling their heads off. The sport has certainly gained a good hold In Algona, and Is a mighty good, clean form of exercise. 23 .617 25 .479 26 .458 29 .396 WESLEY NEWS Evelyn Erlcfcson and Paul Qarman represented the Wesley school In the large orchestra assembled: at Fort Dodge Thursday night when a concert was given for the benefit of the visiting teachers at the convention. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Oarman, Miss Packard and Supt. Rowley drove down Thursday evening for the performance with Evelyn and Paul returning home with them. Friends of the Ruth B. Kunz family arc delighted to learn that three of her children, Ruth Mary, Madeline and John P., had major parts in an operetta, "Sailor Maids" given by the Holy Redeemer dramatic club a( Madison, Wisconsin, recently. Ruth Mary took the leading part, "Prances Marie," and one of the Madison papers featured the operetta jby having her picture printed In connection with the write- up. Clarence Seefeld is nursing an Injured arm due to being kicked by a horse he was leading home from a Stop Getting Up Nights! This 25c Test Free If It Fails Use this bladder laxative. Drive out the Impurities and excess acids which cause the Irritation that wakes you up. Get a regular 2Sc box of BUKBTS, made from buchu leaves, Juniper oil, etc. After four days test, If not satisfied, go back and get your 25c. They work on the bladder similar to castor oil on the bowels. Bladder Irregularity Is nature's danger signal and may warn you of trouble. You are bound to feel better after thjs cleansing and you get your regular sleep. E. W. Lusby, Druggist, Algona, and W. J. Denton, Druggist, Tltonka, say Buk- eta is a best seller. nearby farm sate. Oon Swatwn is R?- •tistinor with fnrm mules. Clarence i* having considerable horse experience since one of his horses died the week before the accident with Mitf newly purchased horse. Rfly Thompson, son of Mr. nnd Mr*. Ira Thompson, formerly of Wesley, but more recently of Britt and Oklahoma where winters niontiis arc spent, was married the fore part of March to Miss Edwina Wren of Stevenvllle. Montana, Ray is a brother of Harry and Huron Thompson and Mrs. John Wellland, Jr.. and Mrs. Russell Nail. Miss Marie RJtchmeler of Port, Dodge spent most of last week at the home of her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Studer, assisting as nurse to Mrs. Studer who has been quite 111 for the past several weeks. Mrs. Bertha Ritch. mrirr and another daughter of Iowa Falls spent from Tuesday until Satur- clny at the home of her parents. YourWants tnkon cnre of nt once. Our stock of Heating. Plumbing, Shrpt Metal material and Pumps make this possible. Holtzbauer Tin Shop 117 S. Dodge Be Well Groomed (or the Easter Parade Follow the lend of the thrifty' and wise nnd make your old clothes look like new for the Easter Parade by sending them here for a good cleaning and pressing, our expert methods restore life and original colors to fabrics—and our expert presscrs will put your clothes back in shape. Call 537 for home pick-up. MODERN Dry Cleaners L HOMES *•*<* LOTS V IT TAKES MORE Than a Bit of Ground and Brick and Mortar to Build a Home Into that home—YOUR home—must go the ingredients of thought, and of knowledge. This organization can help you plan your new home, as you want it, and protecting you against the needless expenditures of useless materials and labor. From the designing of the blue prints to the completion of the house itself, we are at your service. Let us talk over with 3^011 the possibilities of your owning a home—just the kind of a home that you'd want, at the price you arc; willing to pay, and on terms that are astonishingly easy to meet. (If desired we can assist in financing) H. R. Cowan & Son Contractors and Builders na'ss '-^7.&u¥^ ~\f, - flPP ^IPWRsff (HM^ ^PflBMpMllMpp 1W

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