The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 22, 1934 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 22, 1934
Page 6
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The Algona Upper Pes Moiites, Algona, lorn, Jfarch 22,1934 ttPfie 3lgona dipper Jie* jUtomeg 9 North Dodgw Street HAGGARD ft WALLKR, Publisher*. BBitiaB M Second Clam matter at the postoffice at Alton*, Iowa, under act of Congress of March 3,1879. Issued weekly. SUBSCRIPTION RATES IN ROSSUTH CO.: One Tear, In Advance $2.00 MX Months, in Advance 1.25 Ibree Months, in Advance 90 Subscriptions Outside County, $2.50 per year, strictly In advance. Subscriptions Payable In Advance. DISPLAY ADVERTISING, SOo PER INCH Oompositon £ cents per Inch extra. odds and ends •tet the people know the truth and the country I to B«fe."—Abraham Lincoln. I A LAUGH A DAY As Uie saying goes, laugh and the world laughs with you; cry and you cry alone. There is something about a good, hearty laugh that eases up the burden of ordinary existence, and he who can provoke a good laugh, or a little merriment now and then, is doing his good turn. Professional laugh makers give many of us a pain In the neck, to speak in plain language. But the individual who exhales an air of pleasant and agreeable good nature, la doing all those with whom he comes In contact a favor. Laughter eases the tension, the worry and the seriousness of ordinary affairs. There might be room in some of the budgets being arranged for the unemployed to include another classification, and give those who are out of work but still capable of spreading good cheer a Job of promoting wholesome laughter. Another St. Patrick's day has arrived and departed, and although there may have been an overabundance of enthusiasm in some sections, Marshal Frank Green reports all was calm and peaceful hereabouts. There is probably no race with the combination of humor, sharpness and wit that the Irish possess, and it is probably for that reason that folks of all nationalities enjoy helping to wlebrate the day of the Shamrock's patron saint. • * • A neighboring paper had a good laugh on iteelf recently. Three lines of type from an ad about new spring suits somehow found their way into a creamery advertisement. The newspaper received a letter from a farmer which ran something like this: "I lost two darned good pigs last fall because of pneumonia, and I am afraid some of my cows are going the same way, but I seen your ad in your valuable paper which says that they now have suits of all wool for cows, will you please send me one for a holstein of about 76 bust measurement and horns. Allow a foot or so for a calf and I would prefer oxford gray." Something that is hard to find is * mend wno will forgive, and then forget to keep reminding you of it. ODD THINGS AND NEW—By Lame Bodo A THEORY OUT-OF-DATE Many politicians cling to the antiquated theory that a weekly newspaper must, be a partisan political organ. Some of them Just don't seem to be able to get it through their heads the conception of a community newspaper as a non-political, quasi-public community Institution. They can understand that a librarian who happens to vote the republican ticket can still conduct toe public library on a strictly non-partisan basis, but they can't tumble to the fact that an editor who happens to vote tiie democratic or republican ticket can run a newspaper on a policy which rises above partisan politics. Herein we discover another difference between the politician and the statesman. HITLER AND THE RIDDLE A fact not discussed in the United States, yet most important in the outcome of European affairs, is that France, England, Germany and Austria harbor the same dread of communism as practiced in Russia today. Hitler uses this fact as a trump card in his now difficult game of foreign relations. He knows that unrest •eethes below the surface of practically every country in Europe. Recently he haa seen it break out into action through rioting and civil strife, particularly in Austria, where the government is ready to fall into the bauds of the strongest party. Hitlerites say, "Nazism is the direct antithesis of communism, therefore anti-Nazi propaganda is communistic propaganda" which may sound to us like a childish riddle, but which, surprisingly, influences the governments of France and England to suppress any anti-Nazi demonstrations or propaganda. HKJer hopes to pour oil upon the troubled waters in Germany. He understands the psychology of hate—and how it unites those who bate. A Good Job for Rney Long News reports have it that an effort is being made to discover who is responsible for kicking over the brass cuspidors in the line of march between the House and the House office building at Washington. • • • There is considerable talk about the restoration of wild life in the United States, particularly hi the Mississippi Valley. We may be wrong, but there are some places that the government won't have to worry about. • • • Reply of the Week A short time ago the editorial columns of this newspaper slipped in a little remark relative to politics. From Whittemore comes the following observation and reply: "I see by your last issue you tell us elephants eat about 22 hours out of every 24, and wonder who is going to feed the O. O. P. elephant. If this be so, it would be grand if we had more elephants to consume the surplus and less Jackasses. Very truly. Carl Ebert." • • • A health expert says that proper diet will enable one to arrive at a ripe old age. Yes, it may, but you don't know it's the proper diet until you've arrived there. • • • Famous Last Line—Money cheerfully refunded. COSMIC RAYS BOMBARD THE WITH ENERGV OP 40 BlUfON VOLTS.- 40 TIMES THE HIGHEST ENERGy OF Ofttf PENETRATING RADIATION/ NOTES NEED . POWER <T REQUIRES 25 TIMES AS MUCH EN T10 MAKE A NOT6 PtVE OCTAVES HIGHER HEAffD WITH £<?UAt FORCE. Of CORRU- IL.J GATED RUBBER SEWN UNDER EACH CORNER MAKES RUGS StlftPROOfi OTHER EDITORS The Man About Town Says TOO MANY "CANTERS'* The country is saturated with "canters". Chaps who Just can't see that anything can be done. Suggest a worthy civic movement and up pops a canter. Advocate a campaign for better government, local, county or state and several canters get busy. Which leads us to wonder how George Washington ever got his job started and finally finished. And Lincoln, history records, heard canters who shouted "it can't be done" until hia cars became calloused to the refrain. And we might continue down to the deeds of much less moment and even to the small problems of local concern, and the canter still performs true to tradition. There are times when one doubts the use of endeavoring to run a fair, square and honest publication. But eur own conscience would probably feel worse if we ran it any other way. Too Many Post Office Holidays Northwood Anchor: A Mason city man, writing to Uie Dally Globe-Gazette, complained one day recently that he was unable to get his mall from the post office on Washington's birthday, a holiday, without extra expense. The writer has sympathy for him; the writer believes there should be mall facilities every day in the year just as there are telephone and telegraph facilities. Especially when Sunday and a holiday fall together should there be a day of service between. Since the Saturday half holiday in larger post offices has been inaugurated it has happened that post office patrons living on rural and city carrier routes have been deprived of their mail from Saturday forenoon until Tuesday forenoon. Such a lapse of service seems entirely out of keeping with the purpose for which post offices and the mail service were established that of affording prompt communication between persons located at different places. • • • Senator Patterson Spencer Reporter: The Reporter is pleased with Senator Patterson's announcement that he will make the race for the nomination for lieutenant governor in the June primaries on the republican ticket. In all of the essential qualifications for this high and responsible office there is no man in Iowa who stands higher than Senator Patterson. He is a born and bred Iowa dirt farmer. His entire life has been spent on a Kossuth county farm Both by education and experience he is highly qualified for this place. He Is a graduate of the state college at Ames. He served three terms as representative from Kossuth county and is in the middle of his second term as senator of the forty-seventh district composed of Kossuth, Emmet, Palo Alto, Dickinson and Clay counties. There are few, if any, men in Iowa as thoroughly grounded In a knowledge of our state constitution as Senator Patterson. He is a man of clean life and the highest Integrity. We make these statements from our own knowledge and acquaintance with the man and his work. Surely there was never a time showing a greater need for the exercise of those old-fashioned virtues of character, integrity and experience than the present and we should look for these traits in the men seeking pub- l P Recently we heard a woman describe her husband as "the patientist . best natured soul that ever lived." It sounds, also, like laziness. Peace is still raging among the Democrats of Iowa. A reader wants to know how in the world folks in a small city enjoy themselves during the winter months. He'd be surprised. General Electric and Westinghouse Refrigerators No Belts No Brushes-No Stuffing Boxes-Nothing to Oil aUr ^ f ab ° Ut 95 P6r ° ent ° f Ref "*r- Eemember the Sales Tax goes into effect April 1st PRATT ELECTRIC CO. Phone 1 70. So appealing was the show "Eskimo" to Mart Weaver the first night of its schedule that he went the second time to see it. • • • Smith, Pickett, Mitchell and Williams the four occupants of the car that went into the ditch coming home from the district basketball tournament, are having a hard tme keeping their temper in place. • • • According to the Dea Mofaes Register Tola Lehman was winner in another popularity contest in Des Molnes. Tola was one of the most charming girls in Algona while In high school. Now if brother Charlie only possessed some of that surplus he no doubt could sell some more Fords. • • • After listening to an honest man discuss phases of Father Coughlin's speech Sunday night the Monday paper reads that this was the first scheduled broadcast that OoughOin had missed In eight years. One or the other is wrong. Faltt> in another human being id lost. Discrepancies will creep in. • • • The big window In the shop of Tony Ghuel is an ideal location for sharpshooters. Just In case the bank has trouble with holdup men. Tony delights in demonstrating its possibilities. His friends are persuading Tonv that his window is not such a logical place and the best thing for him to do is to see that the window is tightly closed and for him to keep away from it. • • • The annual hibernating ways of Paul Wille have come to an end. These sunny days have brought him out and Paul is getting the park in shape for :he Bumm?r rush of visitors. The wln- :er visitors whom Paul helped through the winter are various breeds of birds ind some wild animals. More Interest ng than humans. • * • Dick Bhackleford has a faithful old 3 a !i ln v. hl ? blc v cle - He pedals awav daily which probably helps to keep him n fit condition for athletics. However, he old bus needs alterations because Dick should have a "Bicycle built, for wo." j • • • Last week Milton Dahl was tinging he blues. He was waiting for a delayed elegram. One of those ships that nev- Jr come In. By Saturday night the blues were gone and he was laughing and joking like the old time Milton. • • • Get yonr ashes hauled.. Alert high i school boys are forming companies of ' two and three and are taking orders ' for spring vacation. Help the boys and I help your backyard. • • • Del Mahan haa the bandage off the finger which he got in the way and had a part of it removed unwillingly. Wouldn't it be fun to sneak up behind Dell and touch the tender digit just to see him jump? • • • Al Borchardt didn't agree when told that Bill Dau?han was the best golfer in Algona. Al says that red headed Irishmen will have to show him. There is a chance for a friendly argument which can be setUed without that bit of jealouiness which all famed stars like Bill are subject to. Show me, Al. WEST BEND NEWS MLss Ruth Williams is back again at her duUea as junior high teacher after three weeks' absence. Mr. and Mrs. A. D. deal and son spent Friday at the home of their daughter, Mrs Myron Boos and family. Misa Colletta Cunningham has bfien quite ill the past week with a siege of toiisiUtis and is able to be about again. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Eisler spent Sunday at, Uvj home of their granddaughter, Mrs. Victor Dau ueivr Whittemore. Mr. und Mrs. Gene Graham and their daughter, Caroline, drove to Des Mcin- M Sunday and spent the day with their daughter, Mrs. Stewart FaUis and family. Mr. and Mrs. N. J. Peterson went to RociiesU-r, Minn., Sunday where Mrs. Pvt-erioii will consult doctors, she has been quite ill for over two months. They were accompanied by a brother- in-law, Fred Slaughter of Burt, who drove his car. The Bay View dub met at the home of Mrs. Ida Miller. Tuesday afternoon, March 13, with eight members present' HoJl call waa "Wit and Humor". Mrs'. Fern Brown gave her work, "Our Animal Friends." This being stunt day Halt!* Jacobs and the hostess hud charge of the entertainment. The club adjourned to meet March 27th with MuCreefy. 28 AT ENJOYABLE UNION M.-D. CLUB MEETING. MAR. 15 Election of Officers Slated Next Month; Next Gathering at Good Hope Union: The Union Mothers and Daughters club met at the home of Mrs. Minnie Sarchett last Thursday afternoon, March 15th with 28 ladies iresent. Clara Crulksbank was assisting hostess. The club sorig was sung and roll call was "Noted Americans wno .Came here as Immigrants" and was well responded to. A paper. "The Present Immigration Policy of tb« US" was given by Anna Marlow. Another >aper on the "Amana Colony" which to ocated near Iowa City In Iowa and Johnson counties, was very interesting and was given by Veda McArthur. This colony which is a religious order now wns 26,000 acres, raising raw mater- ais as well as manufacturing them to upply their needs as well as some extra for market. The order, whloh at one ttane carried very strict ruUncs. *•* ch * n * e d «• way to our modern living methods. The president appointed the nomination committee as the election of oftt- Week End SPECIALS Apricots, 1C No. 2V4 can ............ Iwi. Cookies, B. P. D. ft Scotch, 2 Ibs Egg Byes Paas-Trfa Aart. pkg. Paae dime jkg. 13e to iChOcolate, Her- 1 0l/_ shey baking, % Ib. call fa/2C Sugar, 10 lb. cloth bag Mackerel, Van Camp's, 2-12 oz. cans Coffee, Council Oak, per pound Herring, Holland OA _ mixed, 9 lb. keg ........ O*7L Cake Flour, Swansdown, pkg Satina, c per pkg ................. «JC Mustard, 1 C quart Jar ............... 1 JC Salmon, 2 tall cans ......... Crackers, 2 pound box FLOUR First Prize, 1 CA 49 lb. bag ........... l«t/«7 DRINK DELICIOUS YERBAVIDA Instead of Tea or Coffee Anyone suffering from headaches Nervousness, Loss of Sleep, or Stomach Trouble, should try drinking delicious Yerbavida n place of tea and coffee. ThU remarkable beverage known as the "Hant of Life." neut- arlizes the poisonous adds in the body, relaxes the nervous system, corrects &tomach distress and brings about sound, refreshing sleep, in a short time you will notice a great improvement in your bealth, your nerves will be steady, and you will be full of BCD and vitality. Yerbavida is inexpensive, too. A large package, enough for 340 cups can be obtained for only $1.00. if your local druggist cannot supply you, accept no substitute but send 11.00 direct to Yerbavida Sales Co., 613 Southwest BJdg., Los Angeles, California. Or a 20-page book "The story of Yerb- avida" free on request. For Sale at Lusby'« Drug store. cers takes place April 12th. The committee is composed of Norma Bailey chairman, Edna Crulksfianlc and Cora Bacon. Lunch was served by the hostesses. The next meeting will be an evening meeting at the community room at Good Hope church March 29th with the young people in charge. The committee Is Lena Bennett, chairman, Kenneth Gould, Ira Kohl, Dorothy Keefe Etta Bacon and Milton Marlow. They have a very good program prepared. Hairy Ward, New Director Harry Ward Is the newly elected director in district No. 4, succeeding Mrs. Alfred Schenck, who has held the directorship for thle past five or six years. Mrs. Prank Thompson was a caller at Llvermore last Thursday. Mrs. Garret Dearohs spent the week md with her daughter, Mrs. Prank Hofius. The Louis Bode family were guests Sunday for dinner at the home of Mrs. Bode's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Lamuth, in Algona. Miss Dorothy Keefe entertained a iroup of young folks Friday evening of ast week at three tables of five hundred. Kathryn Bode spent from Friday until Sunday with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. John Lamuth in Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Famus and son, Bennie, of Wtlmar, Minn., were guests t the Ben Gould home recently. Mrs. lamus Is Mr. Gould's sister. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cruikshank spent last Wednesday evening with Irs. 0ruikdnainkto parents, Mr*, and Mrs. Fritz Granzow, in Algona. The Ben Gould family were Sunday dinner guests at the Albert Butterfield home, who recently moved to the farm vacated by the Sankey family. Mrs. Mary Keefe and daughter, Dorothy and son, Robert, motored to Win, nebago, Minn., last Wednesday, spending the day at the Leo Keefe home. Milton Pierce, who is working for Alfred Schenck, had the misfortune to get his hand caught while changing a wagon box from the running 1 gears and mashed one of his fingers. Mr. and Mrs. Jens Sorenson entertained last Saturday evening hi honor of Tony Sorenson's birthday anniversary. There were three tables of flvte hundred. Those pesent were the De- ios Gardner, Albert Butterfleld, Tony Sorenson and Ben Gould families and the Will Nelson family of Lone Rock. High scores were won by the honoree and Mrs. Ben Gould, the low by Mrs. Delos Gardner and Albert Gould. A pretty lunch in keeping with St. Fat- rick's day was served by the host and hostess. H.N.Kruse Iowa state Bank Building. Insurance Loans Surety Bonds Ask tTs About Our Aetna Accident Tickets "Insure la Sure Uwuranoe" Phone US. Bead the U. D. M.-R. Want Adc, Save on Interior Painting! HOUSEHOLD Renov/zing EVENT Amazing — but TRUE the wall finish that can "take it Th* Thrifty WitlwU* Well Rnl.h Now, lasting, colorful beauty in • soft lustre finish that can "take it" From Semi-Lustre's porcelain-like surface, bot grease, ink spots, finger and pencil marks, wash as if by MAGIC. Even steam does not effect it Unexcelled for use in bathrooms, kitchens, stairways, halls, recreations rooms, etc. 12 beautiful tints. SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER THIS EVENT ONLY _ QUART REDUCED TO ALSO GAL. 5/>CC/A6-$2.89 89 FREE! Tk« Hem* Decorator Contains 70 tothtntic bom* color «e*«m«» by Betty Wood, famous interior decorator. Get yonr free copy at our (tor*—today. Paints for the Home Beautiful! S-W FLAT WALL PAINT S-W ENAMELOID 7 * «»• $1** H tA 75c *. $1.30 ,*. S-W FLOOR VARNISH We PU $|.25 *fc S-W VARNISH STAIN 75c Pi. $|.25 <* SPRING SPECIALS THATSAVftflv S-W LINOLEUM VARNISH Special, This Event Only I QL D«» *»41\j In. Bn»t», $I.5O H.24 Cleans Surfaces Safely S-W LINSEED OIL SOAP Flazoap, a 100% pure linseed oil io»p, U the ideal cleanser for all painted or varnished •urfacem. Renews lustre. Event Special a ifc. c.», 6o« LUSBY'S Drugs & Paint PA I N T H E A D QUARTER S-W FLOOR ENAMEL Highest qualit/ durable eo.m.1 for interior wood and concrete floors. DrU« quickly. Cotaw in 10 rich shades. """*«« Special. This Event Only Aft I Qu*r* of Fleer Ea.m.l r.Jut.d i o O%TC We do our own Leu Grinding. DtL F. E. SAWYER, Opt.

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