The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 22, 1934 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 22, 1934
Page 4
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The Algona Upper Pea Moines, Algona, Iowa, March 22,1934 Milwaukee Tries Out New Coach on Sioux A new and luxurious passenger day coach was operated through here this week on a demonstration trip on the Milwaukee road's Sioux. The railroad contemplates acquiring a fleet of 50 new day coaches of a similar type according: to local rail officials. The design of the car, both interior and exterior, is a departure from the conventional type of construction. Although of the usual dimensions the seating capacity Is about one third le^s than the present type due to more space between seats and the instaiia- atlon of smoking lounges. Wider windows and a new ventilation and heating system has been provided. The car body is or a new all-welded steel type with rounded roof, and Is about 50,000 pounds light?! than the I present standard coaches in use. V^ for Easter 2.95 Md 3.95 Wide & handsome Pedaline and sisal body hats. Hcrfe are 400 tof the season's newest and smartest hats. If you want to be truly chic we advise you to buy several especially before we are forced to raise our prices. The ELITE AD Ready for Spring ! With a Full Line of the Famous Leonard Garden Seeds in Bulk '<" and the Ferry Seeds in Packages We have one of the largest displays of Bulk Garden Seeds ever shown in Kossuth county, and at prices, in any quantity, so that everybody can afford to have a garden this year. Come in and see this beautiful display. Lawn Grass Seed in Bulk and Packages We also have a nice line of Mandeville and King Flour seeds this spring. Garden Tools of All Kinds And remember that you have only about a week more to take advantage of the five piece aluminum set offer, that is given with every range sold during the month of March. Nelson Hardware / Algona, Iowa. UtWVWVWWVWWWVUWWtfVWUWMWP Weather Drops to 46 in Texas City, J. W. Haggard Says Who hasn't received a postcard picturing a hotel, with an arrow pointing to a window with wording to the effect that this is where a friend is staying. Well, J. W. Haggard, editor of The Algona Upper DCS Moines, vacationing in San Antonio, went the old hotel postcard one better. "Bill" sends us a clipping and picture of a big Shrin- ers' street parade. In the picture, taken at one of San Antonio's busiest corners "J?iU" has placed an arrow to identify him. TW cutlines say that SVere 1,600 People «n ^corner. Mr. Haggard nays further: "I stood there an hour while one of the most colorful parades went by. It was the national Shrine directors meeting and you know what a wonderful show they put on. Many a band and drum corps marching ... it was a big day, and the nigh* made the "sound of revelry' more realistic. The Honorable Haggard was an interested spectator. *•• "The weather has been fine down here most' of the tune since we came. Yesterday it was 85 but today Is was down to 48. Some change. A "north- er" is on its way they tell us. When it's cold In Iowa and the wind Is coming from the north it cools off down here somewhat. They are picking oranges and grapefruit in the valley right now. The fruit all has to be off the trees by April first. "Albert Ogren Is playing 18 holes of golf every day and is looking fine. Albert expect* to go home the first wees In April, he says." Well, San Antone may have nice weather, but if it was any nicer than it was here Monday, it had to go some. 44 at St. Patrick's Party in Cresco Cresco: Mrs. Wllklns entertained 44 on St. Patrick's day evening in honor of her husband, E. C.'s birthday. Bunco was played. Decorations were in keeping with the day. Reported as Improved Mrs. Lewis Wlldin confined to her bed for seven weeks with stomach and kidney trouble, is reported as slightly improved. Arthur Is gaining nicely and sets out with the aid of crutches. Mrs. Teeter Entertains The Mothers »nd Daughters club was entertained last w«ek Wednesday by Mrs. D. A. Teeter. The members present were 14 and there were six guests. The meeting opened with a hymn and roll call. A lengthy business meeting was held this being the first day meeting. The next meeting. March 28. will be with Mrs. P. L. Miller. There is to be election of officers. Mrs. L. E. Potter of Algona came on 8u cday for a few days' visit at the home of her son. H. I*. Potter. Mrs. J. M. Cox entertained ten Sunday guests at dinner in honor of her grandson, John Miller, on his 14th birthday. Mrs. Lloyd Martin returned home on Friday evening after four days' visit at the home of her parents, the August Harigs, at St. Benedict. Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Wllklns returned home Thursday after a week with the latter's atster. Mrs. L. H. Cfcawford and family at Minneapolis. Will Baker came Wednesday evening from Kanawha after assisting in settling of his father's estate, spending the night at the O. H. Potter home and leaving for his home at Bruce, near Brookings, South Dakota. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Runchey were Sunday visitors at the Herbert Weber home at Esthervijje recently. Messrs and Mesdames Otto Laabs and Tom Reid of Good Hope and Mr. and Mrs H. R. Erown of Aleorrn were callers Sunday afternoon at • the C. H. Potter home. 4 Local Men at Baseball Meeting Four Algona baseball entfmslaste, w*o relumed from a meeting at Fairmont, Sunday, seemed to feel that there was food for thoojtht In connection with tfce entry of an Algona |«eam In ttie Iow*-Mln»e- sot« league, now In the process of formation. The men making the trip were Mel RAenbatoer, Jkn loot, Joe Kelly and Stewart »•?***_. A complete report <rf PW I***"* organisation plan to b*ta* ims."*™ here this week, and win give ran det*U» of the wherefore* *** why* of the new setup. Spencer. Charles CHy, Mason City, fWnnont, Albert Lea, Anstltt, Ertnervnie »dFore»t City are other cWea Interested In the project. Dairy Producers to Meet Here Friday There will be a meeting of dairy producers of Kossuth county, at the court house in Algona, Friday, March 23, at 2 p. m. Ewryone interestedI in the dairy business should attend this m There' will be one delegate elected at this time who will attend the State Dairy Producers meeting held in Des Molnes, Monday, March 86. This meeting is being held for the purpose of discussing a dairy production control program and is being called at the request of the State Corn-Hog Control as. soclatlon. Ledyard Boy, 3, Ha* Eye Removed Alvin Brandb, S, »on o! Mr. and Mr*. Herman Brandt, returned to his home near Ledyard Friday of last week, following an operation performed at Rochester. Minn., for the removal of one of his eyfs. He hftd a tumor on the back part of the eyeball, and the removal of the eye was thus necessitated Friends of the Springfield township family are hoping fofr » quick recovery of Uie little fellow from the sad misfortune. Chilton Home at Irvington Menaced By Fire Saturday on March 15, Mrs- Auwrt Johnson celebrated her elghty-flrj* birthday and in honor of the occasion, several nel«»- bors and relatives caned to helpjrnalte the day a Pleasant mwje^lwr. [jresentwere me Harry Winkle fan-...., -----_ in* duufthters of ^_i oh S£P.- ^ iruests were Mr. and Mrs. Chris Olson, Mr and Mrs. Jena Christensen and tie- LOT RoWson family. The gueBts ftfrlv- ed totte »««§«& a 2l£j?* 11 ^ u $ r supper. Miss Zettft Winkle, grand- daagfcter of MW. Johnson, who wortw at TOrt Dodge, sent a lovely *>«<"** of flowers and many other useful gifts were received by Mrs. Johnson Mfty she celebrate many more such festive occasions. Spring Prescription for your Car Twenty Years Ago News Taken from the flies of the Upper Des Moines-Republlcan for the week of March 18, 1914 The Algona hospital was receiving its annual cleaning and painting. Mrs. E. J. McEvoy was visiting with friends and relatives in Emmetsburg at the time. Chris Knudson and wife had returned from an extended visit with friends and relatives in Denmark and Sweden. Mrs. M. P. Weaver and Mrs. E. E. Conner had visited in Des Molnes. The former visited her sister-in-law, Mrs. Mae Bruner. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Palkenhalner ond children had visited relatives In Mason City and had seen the play, "Ben Hur" which had been produced there. The previous week had been demonstration week in Algona. In nearly every grocery store coffee or cocoa with wafers and crackers had been served. The DeLuxe barber shop had been sold by Robert Norton to Elmer Hartshorn and E. T. Stevenson. The two lad formerly been employed by Mr. Norton. It had been reported In this paper that tt» Bancroft Regbtfcr had stated Bancroft was a very wealthy city Waving had a balance on hand February 28. 1913. in their city funds of $81,585.47. EASTER is a week from Sunday Knowing Our High Standards of Quality— You'll Realize That Here Are Values Smart Spring TOPCOATS New Fabrics, New Styles at a New Price! The Iowa Automobile Dealers Association had been in session at Des Molnes the previous week and L. Dickinson, then of <the Algona Auto Machine Company, had been elected vice president. The annual Iowa Picnic had been held in Los Angeles wrtft about 30,000 present. Mnay acquaintances had been renewed and in some instances they had discovered they had been working within a few blocks of each other for some time. A letter hnd been received from John O. Smith describing the day. Among those who had attended the show, "Ben Hur", a<t Mason City were: Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Dutton, Mlsa Elizabeth Miller, Mr. and Mrs. M. P. Hag- fcard, Mr. and Mrs. Al Pallcenhalner, Mr. and Mrs. E. J. McEvoy, Miss Josephine McEvoy, C. M. Qulnby, Miss Elizabeth Holtzbauer, Misses Carrie and Chris Wemert, J. B. Johnston, Vernon Hohn, Beth B. Dairy and Sid J. Back- Irvington: Considerable prevailed at the MM. TBomas Chiiwn home north of Irvlnirtori, «»««»»;: ter dinner a fire WM discovered next to the chimney which caused considerable damage. Due to the quick work of Mrs. Chltton. with the assistance of Louis Scheppman the flre was soon extinguished. _ Kn. Miter Head* Aid The Ladies AM nek* net J"* Thursday and election ox officers was the business of the day. <»««"*}: ected were Mrs. Earl MUler. president. Mrs. O. L. Miller, vice PM'MdeJrt-Mrs. K. P. Honey, secretary »nd Mrs. Prank Dltsworth. trewmrer.T^MXt meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. en Terhune with Mrs. Wickwlre assisting. _ Mrs. Bert Sankey has been elected Irector of the Oalbralth school. Mrs. John Cox entertained five boys unday at dinner in honor of Ker prandson. John Miller. The three vear old daughter of Mr. nd Mrs. Carl Brown was operated on "or appendicitis last Sunday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Dye and family f Mason City visited Sunday at the %alph Latce home, the ladles being sters. At a recent meeting of telephone line umber 17, Ernest Bormann was elected resident and Sim Leiga. secreUry- Teasurer. Herman Platt was elected school director of the school district south of rvington, commonly known as the Lou ohnson school. Mrs. Peter Ilalsrud is rcsuppratlng rom a broken limb sustained recent- v while assisting with wall papering t the Steve Loss home. Mrs. Ben Terhune recently received word of the serious illness of her mother. Mrs. J. P. Henderson of Rochelle. HI. Mrs. Henderson has visited her macy times and her friends hope for speedy recovery. In making a correction relative to a tatement made regarding the death of Stewart Green, a news item stated Mr Green was the oldest son, of James Green, whereas Mr. Stewart was the bird child, the oldest being Wilson who now resides in Minn. The Irvington township school board met Monday, March 19, the old directors closing last year's business and the new ones being sworn Into off lr* Mike McEnroe was declared director in dls- rict No. 2, where a tie vote was held 3c was also elected president of the ward for the ensuing year. Lawrence Hutchins is secretary and Hal Skllling. treasurer. Mrs. Allen Burbank. housekeeper for the M*"*"'* family, was pleasantly surprised last Thursday «venln» when several relatives from Algona called to help celebrate her birthday. Those Included were Bert Cronans, Morion Burbanks, Elmer Phillips, Claude Sampsons and the Wm. Taylor families. The evening was spent Informally and later lunch was served. New Tires Are a Safe, Economical Investment GOODRICH offers the New Golden Ply Silvertown, a tire that ends the cause of blowouts. Silvertowns 6 ply Srtr under tread under tread 7.05 490-20 7.30 450-M MO 7.75 475-19 MO &SO 500-19 10JSO 925 525-16 1L5S 10.45 550-18 12.60 Cavaliers 6 ply under tread 450-29 W.40 450-21 ....? *•'• 175-19 500-19 52S-1S '•*• 650-18 8.10 Special* 30*3ft O. 8. 450-20 450-21 3*5 Truck Tire Specials Goodyear Pathfinder 30x5, « ply 11^40 32x6,10 ply $24.15 600-20 .;7.. IMLOO New Willard 32 volt Farm Light Plants at A quality standard line outfit at a new, low price CLAPP'S Master Service West of Court Rouse Phone 29 \ F7 V Special Styl ish Tweed 12.85 1934 Spring SUITS Double & Single Breasted Models 18.50 24.50 Commercial need supplies are the lowest In years. 40th 40th CONTINUING £ARLY SPRING SALE E- _ _... . --- - -—_._... _ -. The prices alone might lead you to think this is a clearance, but one peek at our racks of suits and tope-oats in the latest styles and in the smallest of the season's new patterns will tell you a different story. We're determined to keep prices down until your buying power is back to normal—that's why we made every effort to give you line quality, tine styled clothes this spryig at prices you eau afford to pay. Misbach Clothing Co. OHIOI.VAI, NOTICB April Term, 1934 f TUB DISTRICT COURT OP IOWA, IN AND KOK KOSSUTH COUNTY K ml lie Warmhler, Plaintiff. vs. A. F. furrun. unmarried, Almee Well, et al. Defendants. TO TUB DEFENDANT. >IMEE WEIL,: You are hereby notified that there Is now on tile In the office of the Clerk uf the Iilmrlct Court of Kosauth County, lowu, the Petition of the plaintiff asking judgment In Hem against the Southwest Quarter (KW'4) of the Kouthwcst Quarter (HW 1 ^) of Section Eleven <1I), Township Ninety-four (94) North. liangc Twenty-eight (28). West of the Fifth P. M.. for the sum of Five Thousand Bight Hundred Heventy- two anil 19-100 Dollars (»5«72 1») to- Kether with Interest from April 2nd. 1!^U. at eight per cent (8 per rent) pur annum, being the amount due on a certain note given by the defendant, A. F. Ourran, and one Nellie M- Curran to Ed Warmbler for Five Thousand Dollars its,(100.00) under date of October 3rd, l'Jl7, due January In. 1928, and extended to January 1st, 1933. and also asking judgment for costs Including an attorney**' fee for plaintiff's attorneys a* provided by law. Plaintiff further asks Decree for the foreclosure of a certain real estate mortgage Klven by the said A. F. Curran, and Nellie M. Curran, to secure the note above described under date of October 3rd, 1917, covering tr.e above described premise*, which mortgage was recorded In the office of the Recorder of Kossuth County, Iowa, In fiook 70 of Real Estate Mortgages on Page 153. riulnllff further prays that laid judgment be decreed to be a first, prior, superior and paramount lien against the mortgaged premise! and that whatever right, title or interest the defendants, or any of them, have 111 said premises that the name be decreed to be junior to the Hen of plaintiff's mortgage. Plaintiff further a..iks that the mortgaged premises be sold at Special Exe- •ulloji .Sale in the manner provided by aw and that on arid after the date of tale all of the right, title and Intercut >l the defendants In and to said mort- cuged premises be forever barred and 'oreclosed except such rights of redemption as are expressly provided by aw and that If Bald premises be not redeemed that the Sheriff place the irrhaser in possession thereof. For further particulars see Petition on (lie. Now unless you appear Hereto and defend on or before noon of the second day of Uie next term of said court, being the April 1»34 term, to be held at tlic Courthouse In AlKona. Iowa, In said county commencing on the 2nd day of April, A. D., 1834, default wilt be entered against you and judgment and decree rendered thereon In accordance with the prayer of »ald Petition. SULLIVAN, McMAHON * LINNAN. 8-12 Attorneys for Plaintiff. 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