The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 15, 1934 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 15, 1934
Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa, March 15,1934 Hundred* of lowans at California Picnic (Continued from Page One) Wagner Bacon, and Mr. and Mrs. O. If. Harper. There was a large delegation from Bollywood, including Mrs. Nellie Gray JBkwyer and her daughter, Gwendolyn Bowyer Norrte, Mrs. Loii Micotdin Quinlan, Mrs. A. D. Clark, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Horan and Elizabeth Pel- lows. Prom Upland came E.- E. Miller, and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ding- «f. Prom Pomona came Mrs. Prank Henderson. Mrs. Ross Stebblns, and J. H. Doderer. Mrs. Cecile W. Asher and Harry J. Winslow came from Riverside and C. I». Vortices from. Lynwood. Mrs. R. D. Temple, Eunice Parrlsh Barnes and Mary H. Hoffman-Dugan came from Anaheim. Mrs. Uoyd Smith came from Bell. Mrs. Prank Wilson came from Lorn it A. and Georgia M. Horse from Burbank. From San Gabriel there were Fred Erickson, Pearl Fisher Erickson, Albert Erickson, Emma J. Kelllng, and Mrs. Eleanor Blong, and from Hot Springs, John Van Ness. Mrs. Jennie M. Anderfon and P. B. JUoyd were there from Compton, and Henry Whalen from Beverly Hills. from, Alnambra there were Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Anderson, and Alex White, iormer Algona lumber dealer. Many from Las Angcle* The delegation from Inglewood in- «tuded Mr. and Mrs. Stta Mollnder. Mr. and Mrs. Arnte T. Hovey, Clarice 3C. Hovey, Ethelmer Hovey, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Edgren, Mr. and Mrs. R THE WEEKLY RECORD WEATHER High Low March 7 28 12 March 8 34 9 March 9 25 11 March 10 28 2 Mflrch 11 40 12 March 12 70 29 March 13 62 29 ALGONA MARKETS Corn, 2 whit* 2 yellow 35% 2 mixed .'. 35 Oats 26 Hogs-Sows Medium weights 200-260 $3.85 Butchers, 260-300 3.75 Prime butchers, 300-350 3.60 Packing Bows, 300-350 3.20 Packing Sows, 350-400 3.00 Packing Sows, 400-500 2.75-3.00 Light weight, 140 3.00 Light weight, 160 3.25 Light weight, 180 3.60 Cattle Canners and cutters 50-*1.25 Pat cows $1.75-$2.50 Calves *3.00-$4.75 Pat Steers *4.00-»4.75 Stock steers tt.50-$3.50 Bulls *1.50-*2.25 Yearlings *3.00-$4.00 Cream -S4c Poultry Hens, 4% Ibs. and up 9e Hens, under 4% H>s 7c Leghorn hens 6c Springs, 5 Ibs. and up 9c Springs, under 5 Ibs 8c Leghorn springs 5c Heavy breed stags 6c Leghorn stags 4c Roosters 4c No. 1 15c No. 2 lie NEW CAR LICENSES M. H. Palkenhainer, Algona, Ford tudor. Klrsch Laundry. Algona. Ford panel truck. H. J. Presthus, Bancroft, Plymouth sedan. Walter Slmonsmeler, Swea City. Chevrolet coach. Will P. Brown, Algona, Chevrolet coupe. J. R. Schutjer, Titonka, Plymouth coupe. MARRIAGE LICENSES ISSUED Gilmore Nelson, Jackson, Minn., and Marie Argabrlght, Curlew. Iowa. Leo Butcher, Gibbon. Minn., and Ruth Mlnnick. Cosmos, Minn. Logan J. Bennett, Ames and Eleanor H. McMilHn, Ames. 50 Standard Oil Dealers, Men Hold Big Meeting Here A lively program and .dinner was enjoyed by about 50 representatives and dealers of Standard Oil products at the Algona Hotel, Tuesday. W. D. Howie, bulk station salesman, and H. C. Hargreaves, Algona agent, had charge of local arrangements. Miss Valeria Pickett and Miss Ruth MtKee presented a tap dance of unusual grace and beauty, while Alice Rtet drew tremendous applause with two selected readings. Among the dealers present were Geo. Elbert, Frank Kohlhaas, D. C. Mahan, Verne Storm, Kenneth Harris, Harry Harris. G. R. Cook and James Stacy, all of Algona. The meeting started with a program at 3 o'clock at which general sales plans and methods of giving; better service were discussed, and an advertising program introduced. A general tone of optimism was displayed by all oilmen, both those from Kossuth. and district officers from Mason City. f. Langley, Lloyd Keith. Keith and Kyle The large delegation from Los Angeles included Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Larson, Nora Behrmann, Mrs. F. R Orthel, Charles A. Mollnder, Miss Agda Swanson, Dr. C. M. C. Walters, Mrs. Banna Dolley, Mildred Peterson Jacobson, Mas Emma Erickson, Ethel M. Woer- tendykc. Mrs. J. A. Raney, W. C. Bella, Mr. and Mrs. George Schnell, Mr*. W. J. McArthur, Mr. and Mrs. Ray C. Tuttle, Mrs. D. E. Howe, Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Swanson, Mr. and Mrs. •O. 8. Holdrldge, Mrs. Christine Ger- thards, Fanny Grummons, Theodore H. Raotiov. Sad!" Miller Nelson, James Yale, r, H. J. Thompson, C. J. BrVi,, .Mrs. Vesta 8. Andrews, Jean- «tte Obok Barker, George Sutter, Anna Jaoooeon Ong. Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Han- SHOP NOW atA&P 14 o«. bottle* C. * G. PURE CANE SUGAR JV 49c Beet Sugar 10 Ib*. 47o BEST FLOUR Pillsbury's B? ft 99c BLUE LABEL KARO 2S, 5 - 23c Bed Label, No. 5 can 25c Choeotot^ VanJBa DccKrt KRE-MEL 3 P^ 10c Baking Chocolate HERSHEY 1? 11c KETCHUP HEINZ 2 SPAGHETTI HEINZ 3 SOUPS—Assorted HEINZ 2 CUCUMBER PICKLES HEINZ £- - UNEEDA BAKERS FIG BARS 2 n* 21c SHREDDED WHEAT TOILET SOAP LUX 4 CRYSTAL WHITE SOAP 8 DRIED PEACHES DRIED APRICOTS 2«~25c KELLOGG'S CORN FLAKES 2 MAXWELL HOUSE COFFEE ib. COFFEE BOKAR » 35c 25 c 25c 19c - 11c - 23c 25c 10c 23c - 29c na, W. P. Junger and Helen Hayden Denman. Mrs. D. S. Steers was there from Monrovia, and Mrs. Harold White, registered from the U. S. S. Pensacola San Pedro. Mrs. Margaret KeUing Golden was there with her mother from San Gabriel. They formerly lived at LuVerne. Steve Dunn, an old Irvlngtonian, who never misses one of these reunions, was there but failed to register. Cousin of Lois Schenck Mrs. John Hanna was accompanied by her sister, also by her daughter, who Is visiting her, from Cincinnati, Ohio. I believe they failed to register, but I had a delightful visit with this Ohio cousin of Lois Schenck. I told her I clipped the story about Lois' interview with Mrs. Roosevelt from the Algona Upper Des Moines, and sent it to the president, to give to the "Plrst Lady," as a Christmas greeting from a friend of Lois. Both time and space prevent further comment, but you can be sure that everyone had such a memorable day that they will soon be looking forward to the summer reunion In Long Beach next August. Farmers Elevator at Fenton Pays $3,500 The Farmers Elevator company held its annual meeting Saturday at the Fenton opera houste. TWe auditor's report showed a dividend of 3,500 to be paid out to the patrons of the Farmers' elevator. Jacob Henifel, John Light and E. J. Frank, the three directors, whose terms expired were reelected for three years. The board of directors then organized their officers for the coming year. They are: president, Jacob Hengel; vice preB- ident, E. J. Frank; secretary, A. H. Meyer*. Grass-Field Fire Makes Merry Blaze A flre on the ground owned by FloyO Newvilles. Monday afternoon, burned off considerable dry grass and corn in the field. No serious damage was done, although the fire department was called when the Barnes looked for a time as though they might reach an adjacent home. Conservation is Theme The Rotary club was entertained, on Monday noon, by a discussion of the etarly conditions In Kossutti 'coukity which made wild game plentiful. Melzar Haggard, Ed Rlst and Gaile Towne all spoke, the first two with reference to what Union Slough once meant as a game refuge, and Gaile Towne with reference to the results of game man- igemcnt and refuge work. FOR TREASURER I hereby announce my canddlacy for treasurer of Kossuth county on the Republican ticket. Ycur support at the June primary will be appreciated. C. W. PEARSON Algona. ' 11-13' - 21c Redeem Folger'a Coupons Here Fruits-Vegetables 3 Ibs. lie tt>. lOc Head Lettuce, ;iz« 60 2 forlSc Cabbage ........... 3 Ibs. lOc FOR SHERIFF 1 am a. candidate en the Republican ticket for Shita-ill of Kos- euth County, suojtct to the will of the voters at the June primaries. Your vote will be appreciated. W. H. Kicklefs Titonka, Iowa 10-22* LOCAL NEWS Matt Lamuth, manager of Swift & Company, made a business trip to Fort Dodge Monday. Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Nelson and fam- llj- were guests of Mr, and Mrs. Paul Grames at Bancroft Sunday. Mrs. Nlta Issaacson. daughter Mrs. Kenneth Samp and Bridget Oaffney were callers In Fort Dodge Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Lon Wright have returned from Rochester where they went last Thursday for Mrs. Wright to have a check-up at the Mayo hospitals. Dennis Goeders gave a taUc Monday evening at the Dllg League meeting at Spencer. This meeting was sponsored by the Junior Chamber of Commerce and over 250 were present. John Goeders waa able to be downtown Monday for the first time ilnct he waa taken sick with the flu a month ago. Mrs. Ooeders Is recovering from her Illness and ls able to sit up part of each day now. Miss Beulah Hartshorn returned today from Des Moines where she had been attending the Iowa Hairdressers and Cosmetologists meeting since Sunday. While In Des Moines she was a guest of Miss Hazel Roalson. Mrs. Cora Virgin and Mrs. Irene Oil- more recently recently from Lafayette, Indiana, and Chicago. Mrs. Virgin had been called to Lafayette to attend the funeral of a brother-in-law, O. M. Virgin, The ladies made the tiip by auto, Mrs. E. B. DeZellar of St. Paul, accompanied by her son, Pat, and tv.-o daughters, Mrs. Metcalf and Mrs. Fr?.nk Showalter, visited at the home of her son, Ed DeZellar, here over tlic week end. They returned to their home on Sunday evening in St. Paul with the exception of Mrs. Showalter who continued to her home in Supulpa, Oklahoma. West Coast Cagers Play Here Saturday The Pasadena Majors, a west coast all star basketball team . is scheduled to play tiie Kossuth Boosters in the high school gym, Saturday. The game starts at 8 p. m. The Califomias lost to the Harlem Trotters, 37 to 25, at Des Moines on Monday night, and the outcome speaks for the calibre of the Invaders. The revamped and improved lineup will appear against the Majors. 11 Get Jobs Here Through New Office Seven men and four women were placed in permanent jobs during the past week by the National Reemployment office, located in the Haggard & Peterson building, it was stated by Manager Trauger. The office urges all unemployed to register, especially those qualified for housekeeper or maid Jobs, as many such requests for help have been received. The new office phone is no. Hospital News General Hospital News George Henry of Algona entered the hospital Wednesday afternoon of last week for medical treatment. Dale Diden of Corwlth had his ton- removed Friday. tltc OUnrrtltes Baptist Ohuroh Arthnr 8. HMwr, paMor The sermon subject for Sunday win be as follows. 'A Kirtfs BeereVX^ Prosperity" at 11 a. m.. and "An Ann of Flesh Against An Arm of Love' at 7:30 p. m. Special music at both services. Sunday School at 10 a. m. B. T. P. U. at 7 p. m. Wednesday night Bible study at 7:30 o'clock. Church of the Nasarene A. W. and Hate! trwta, pastors The revival closed last Sunday with a full house and a glorious service. Next Sunday services at the usual hours. 9:45 and 11:00 a, m. and much time will be given to reports from the convention at Council Bluffs this week. Seciftl service for the young people at 7:00 and a special evangelistic service at 7:30 Sunday evening. Prayer meeting each Wednesday ev- ning at 7:30. CLASSIFIED ADS Wanted $25 for Information leading to teaching position in rural school. Write "OWB" c-o ttifls office. 12* For Sale FOR SALE—Home grown alfalfa seed, Dakota No. 12.—Julian Arndorfer, 421 N. Wooster. 11* FOR SALE—Manchu soy beans; Illini soy beans; white blossom seed clover. 3. O. Keagle, Titonka, Iowa. 11-16* FOR SALB-1931 Ford coupe.—Algona Auto Market. West of Court House. 12 FOR SALE—1931 Essex coach.—Algona Auto Market. WJeat of Court House. 12 Trinity Lutheran Church P. J. Braoer, pastor Sunday School and Bible class at 10 a. m. English services at 10:80 a. m. English Lenten service next Wednesday at 7:30 p. m. Confirmation instructions, Saturday at 10 a. m. Koarath Hospital News Erwin Deiber, 10 months old baby, Titooka, entered Friday and underwent a minor operation. Wto. Hutchlnson of Wesley submitted to a major operation Saturday morning. Dean Andrews of Algona entered on Thursday to receive treatment for a dislocated shoulder which he suffered when he fell from a horse. Mrs. Peter Ttulges of St. Joe underwent a major operation Friday morning. Ceward Thornton, Irvlngton, underwent a major operation Saturday morning. Mrs. John McMahon of Hutchtas gave birth to a baby boy which died a few minutes later, Friday night. Sever Christensen entered Thursday for medical treatment. Mrs. Robert Loss of Algona gave birth to a baby boy Sunday morning. Mrs. Clarence Woods of Algona eq» tered Sunday for medical treatment. First Lutheran Church M. A. SjMNMDd, patter Confirmation class next Saturday morning at 10:00 o'clock in the parsonage. The Ladies' Aid will conduct a bake sale at the Nelson hardware store on Saturday, beginning wt 10 a. m. Let's patronize our ladies. Sunday School and Bible class next Sunday at 10:00 a. m. Morning worship next Sunday at 11 o'clock. Please remember to bring your Lenten Sacrifice for the Emergency Appeal next Sunday morning. Methodist Church A hundred seventy-seven men and boys were present for the Father and Son dinner last week on Wednesday evening. Rev. Edwin Pruitt of Emmetsburg gave an inspiring address and the several music numbers were greatly appreciated. Mrs. Bishop's Young People's class are having a meeting Wednesday evening of this week and the Homebuilders class are meeting on Friday evening. Presbyterian Church Rev. C. Pan! Carton, Minister Sunday School at 10 a. m. Morning worship at 11:00 a. m. Christian Endeavor at 6:30 p. m. The communicants' class will meet Saturday morning at 10:30 o'clock in the church. All members of the class are urged to be present. FOR SALE 1 piano, 2 Monarch „ ranges, buffet, and din- f ing room chair, gas and oil stoves. Furniture Exchange 1st place east of Library FOR SALE—Red clover seed.- Calhoun. 4F11, Algona. -Ross 11-U FOR SALE—Oak posts, 6, 7, or 8 foot. Seasoned and butts chaired. lOo to ISe apiece.—Clark Orton. 10-11 FOR SALE—White Navy Beam. I Ibs., 80c.—Henry Braun, AlgCrta, 10-11 FOR SALE—A few new, an porcelain, coal ranges. While they la«* $89.80.—Bjugtrom's. . »-tf save that cream with a VegA separator. Users biggest booster*. Medium size, $77.50. Terms—Bjustrom's, Algona, Iowa. 3*tr EAR CORN FOR SALE—At 40fl per bushel. Sound yellow corn. Located center of Plum Creek township,—J. W. Haggard, Algona, phone 230. 3-tt FOR SALE—1930 Ford tudor.—Al- gona Auto Marfcet. Wfest of Court) House. 1* Miscellaneous Have you tried out Thrifty Wash.— Kitsch* Laundry. Phone X. «-tt Lost-Found LOST—Brownflrish setter dog. ticn Point. Answers to nai Kear Rich Point. Answers to name of Brownie. Any information appreciated. —Geo. H. Johnson, Algona, m. l. It* Here s me Perfect .Foundation Tor Your .Backless rormal! It has practically no back at all! The lower back U of two-way- stretch elastic for comfort. Lace molds the bust to a youthful contour and extends over the diaphragm and to center back in a decorative line. The front panel u of peach batiite. $£• Model 3789 O GOSSARD Chrischilles & Herbst OUIi;l.\AI, NOTICE April Term. 1934 IN TIIIO I>ISTFUOT rTHTKT OP IOWA, IN AN1> KOI I KOH.StJTH COUNTY Kinllle Wiirmhler. I'lalntlff. v». A. F. f'urnin. unmarried, Almee Well, et al, J M r.-n.l.iiitH To TJIIO UKFKNIiANT. A1UKU WHIT.: Vuu an- licn-liy nullfled that there t» now mi 111*; in the offK-f of thft *,'lt;rk of UK; IH.ilrlrl C.jurl of K'ruKUIh (.'.11111- ly. liiwu, the I'ullllun of lilt; phtin- tlff (iHkliiK jnOKini?rit In lirm BKalnst tin; Suiitliwfxt <Jimrt':r (S\V ',i ) of the Snutliwi:Ht Quarter t.SWU) of .Section Klevtn HI), TowiiMhlp Ninety-four CJti North, Canm- Twenty-t-lK'H <-(», W, of the Fifth 1'. M, for tliu sum of Flv.- ThoUHHinl KlKht llunilo-'l Ki-vellly- two ui.'l I'.I-IOO llollarn HT,»7.MS) td- KI-HKT with lnt.-rt-.-t from April 2rnl. 1H::4. u( I'iKht |n-r it-lit 18 per cent) per iiitnuni. I'ritiK t),i; amount due on a certain note ^jveii bv the defendant, A. F I'urran, and on*; Nellie M. Cur ran to Kd Wuiinhler for Five Thouuand Dollar* l l">.iiuo uu» under date of Octoher 3rd, I'.ilT, due January 1st, 1!C:K, and extended to January 1M. 1'J,I3 and aleo ahkl Judgment for coal* IneluiiinK an altor- neyh' fee for plaintiff's attorneys as provided by law. I'lalntlff further asks Decree for the foreclosure of u certain real estate mo.rtKaKe Klven hy the Bald A. K. Curran, mid Nellie M. tJurrml, to uecure the note ahove dehcrihed under date of October 3rd. 1917. covering ti.c above described premises, which inort- Kage waa recorded in the office of the Recorder of Kossuth County, luwa, In Hook 70 of Heal Estate Mortgage* on 1'ufju 153. I'lalntlff further prays that said judKnient be decreed to be a flrtt. prior, superior and paramount Hen u^alnst the moitKajjed preiiilaeB anU that whatever rlKlit, title or Interest the defendants, or any of them, have in «alJ prt- that the same be decreed to bu junior t<j ti.u lieu of plaintiff'* mortgage. Plaintiff further asks that the rnort- Ked premises btj Bold at (special Kxe- cullou Kulu In tho man net provided by law and that on and after the date of sale all of the right, title and Interest of the defendants In and to nail iiiort- Kagcd premises be forever barrel and foreclosed except such rights of ru- deinpllon as are expresaly provided by law and that If said premises be not redeemed that tho Sheriff placo the purchaser in possession thereof. For further particulars see 1'etllion on IHe. Now unless you appear Hereto and defend on or before noon of the second day of the next term of said court, belnK the April 1SLM term, to be held ut the Courthouse In Algona. Iowa. In nald county commencing on the 2nd day of April. A. I>. 1934, default will be el tered aKaln^t you and judgment and d cree icinlcud thereon in accordance with the prayer of said Petition rfUI.l.lVAN. McMAIION & 1.INNAN, D-12 Attorney* for Plaintiff Setting the Style Pace with Values Like These Easter Specials SUITS AND TOPCOATS $20 SUITS new today TOPCOATS 4O 85 _ selling at lit ™ 50 Misbach Clothing Co, V/ANT W^^ ' Swaggering We Will Go ! dnisdiilfos S Hvtal This is a suit year—not for many seasons has this smart article of feminine apparel been so popular, HO becoming, so altogether "chic". Swagger suits are here in both navy and novelty tweeds (tan, blue, grey) in a variety of fetching styles and jacket lengths. Size ranges, too, are complete from 12 to 42 and you'll surely find just the right model for your figure in this large showing. Priced— $12.85 to $29.75 Harness We have a number of sets of harness in stock. High grade, every strap guaranteed. These harness are offered at a price. While they last at 1%" traces, breeching with iy 8 "-20 ft lines. 4 tine manure forks 12 qt. Daily „ Pails, 3 for KoMhaas & Sipilles

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