The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 8, 1934 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 8, 1934
Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moinea, Algona, Iowa, March 8,1934 w BULLDOGS PAIR WITH BELMOND ATMASON CITY I.edyard Booked to Meet Graf ton is Class "B" Fracas s,,hco> Bulldogs, « yard quint, coached by A B Lau«i l ke u off with Kono » i n thc sectional baskeMjull tournament here last Thursday, Friday and Saturday, to Keep the honors in tho cage sport in Kossuth county. Algona won two games defeated Emmetsburg and Humboldt to take thc class "A" title, while Ledyard waded through a little tougher sledding, to oowl over Livermore, Feulon, Bode ?.« d Benwl *. wd take the class "B" title. Both teams will represent this section in the district meet to be held the latter part of this week in Mason City Pairings in the district meet are as follows: Class "A" Algona vs. Belmond. Mason City vs. Hampton. Class «B» Aplington vs Corwlth. Grafton vs. Ledyard. Thc Bebnond team boasts a squat of men over six feet tell, with a con ter who is six feet, four inches, bu Ooach Mercer said, "I iBilnk we can take em." He wasn't saying that fo publication, but the locate will be in there pitching. A victory over Bel mond will mean that Algona will pla\ Mason City (which is expected to defeat Hampton) for the right to go to the state basketball tournament, where tne state champions will be decided. The scores of the sectional tournament Jiere last week follow: Class "A" Humboldt 45, swea ctiy 24. Algona, 45, Emmetsburg 12. Humboldt 44. West Bend 20. Algona 28, Humboldt 13. Class "B" First Round Bode 58, Dakota City 9. Fenton 16, Lakota 15. Ledyard 27, Livermore 26. Lone Rock 32, LuVerne 26. Renwick 29, Seneca 11. Thor 25, Titonka 30 . Vernon Consolidated 14, Woden Second Round Bancroft 19, Bode 50. Pcnton, 20, Ledyard 34. Lone Rock 17, Renwick 55. St. John's H. S. Basketball Team of Bancroft —Photo by Peterson's Studio—Cut Courtesy Bancroft Register The St. John's high school basketball team of Bancroft is pictured above. TJie team, under <!he able leadership of Ooach Pohlman, had a successful year and is looking forward to an even better season next year. -."S?/ 0 * 1 left to rlB* 1 *—Bettering, Murphy, Balder, Kramer, Becker, Bolster and Devlne. Front row, left to right—Welp, Shiltz, Saunders, Coach H. Pchlman. 27. FOR SHERIFF I am a. candidate on the Republican ticket for Sheriff of Kossuth county, miojeot to the will of the voter* «t tbe June prt- raariea. Your vote will be appre- W. H. Hicklefa Titonka, Iowa 10-22* Here's Ail-Star Team of the Coaches and Officials at Sectional A poll of some coaches, the officiate and qualified observers, but no members of the stiff of this newspaper, picked the following all-sectional basketball teams, Saturday night, at the conclusion o/ the sectional tournament. CLASS "A" Second Team Fults, First Team Swea .R. Medin, Algona Kttman, Humboiat f Danstrom, Emmeteburg Oretzmeyer, Algona .c Krumm, Swea City ovi i 7 ! 0 ™'., fJ 11 * g Bransgard, Humboldt Shackleford, Algona g Schultz, Humboldt CLASS "B" First Team Thompson, Ledyard f Block. Renwick • f Lloyd, Ledyard c Baker, Livermore g Jrandt. Ledyard g Second Team —Warner, Ledyard ..Robinson, Renwick . Roepke, Livermore Cayler, Bancroft .Lockwood. Renwick Titonka 35, Woden 33. Third Round Bode 24, Ledyard 34. Renwick 31, Titonka 20. Finals Ledyard 38, Renwick 34. Jgona Led Humboldt All Thc Way Algona, in the class "A" final, go way to an earl/ lead of 5 to 0 in ost's pretty basket and free throws y Cretz, Post and Medin. Post lee QT the second period with a tip-in shot and Shackleford and Cretz ran tha score to 13-6. Spencer replaced Post Shackleford dropped, in another, and SellMrom made good • free throw. Crete looped a basket as the gun Bounded to end tflie half. The score at the end of the first quarter was Algona 7, Humboldt 0, and at the half IB and 6, Humboldt being held scoreless, after Algona had run the score to 22 and 11, with Spencer, Schultz and Sellstrom dropping in free throws, Brans- gard tallying a basket and two free \ "A Specialized Insurance Service" The Algona Insurance Agency O. R. LaBarre Low Rates Quick Claim Settlements Surety Bonds—Loans—Investments Phone 55 1st Door North of Iowa State Bank, throws and Shackleford swooping In * nice play for a basket. The entire Algona team played nice ball in tho flnal period with Medin's work and Shackleford's great all around play featuring for Algona. Bransgard was outstanding for Humboldt. Algona held a decisive edge and won, 28 to 13. Summary: Algona (28) H Medin, f R. Mcdin. f Bruns, g ................... o B. Post, f .................. 2 Spencer, f .................. o Cretzmeyer, c ............. 3 Shilts, c .................... o Bellstrom, t-g ................ \ D. Post, g Shackleford, g Fg Ft Pf 000 1 0 1 1 1 0 B Crops Reduction Plan Offers Chance To Rebuild Pasture An opportunity to build up Iowa's over-grazed pastures Is offered In connection with the government's crop adjustment programs, according to E. S. Dyas. crops specialist in the Iowa State College Extension Service. The tendency in Iowa has been to crop land "for all it's worth", with the result that most pasture land is overgrazed. Even with reduced numbers of livestock, Iowa can ettslly stand to have more land in pasture, "Now is a favorable time to expand and improve permanent pastures," Mr. Dyas believes. Many farmers, he says, who have had to use bhelr best land for cash crops may. under the AAA. profitably seed some good land to pasture. Turning cultivated land Into permanent pasture tends to decrease rather than Increase the total supply of livestock products, according to crops specialists in Washington. This is because nn «ver«g*> «w of posture produces only about one-half aa much feed as an acre of the ordinary corn-wheat-clover rotation of harvested crops. Decreasing production in this manner actually Increases net income, in a pasture experiment where cows were fed on harvested feed the dally milk production averaged 30 pounds per cow. When the same cowa were turned on good pasture and the harvested feed was discontinued they produced only 27 pounds of milk a day. When the cows were eating harvested feed they were eating expensive feed. When they gathered it themselves off the pasture they were eating cheap feed. As a rule, according to crops specialists, pasture feed costs only about one- fourth as much as harvested feed. The cost of producing a pound In this experiment was less and the profits correspondingly greater when the cows were on a good pasture than when they were on harvested feed. Iowa Machinery K Supply Co., mdse ......................... 99 Edwin L. Wiegand Co.. mdse. . . 2.57 Burroughs Adding Machine Co., contract ...................... 1573.00 Burroughs Adding Machine Co., mdse ......................... a.50 Terry Durin Company, mdse. . . 18.82 Westinghouse Elect. Supply Co., mdse ......................... 21.86 Robert Tail, labor ............ 240.00 Malleable Iron Range Co., mdse. 232.10 George HoltEbauer. mdse. ...... 3.00 8.44 40.48 9.07 . J. A. McDonald. P. M.. envelopes H. W. Post, frt. and dray ..... Ry. Express Agency, express . . Spencer Cement Blocks Works, 42.00 Western Union, service ........ 4.28 Norton Machine Works, repairs 98.82 N. W. Bell Tele. Co., service . . 17.05 Clapp's Master Service, repairs 1.50 Skelly Oil Co., gas and oil ____ 1.38 Mill Owners Mutual Ftre Ins. Co. of Iowa, ins ................... 701.42 Water Fond J. W. Kelly, salary ............ 65.00 Frank Ostrum, salary ........ 115.00 Harry Barton, salary ........ 1 1-2.00 Laura Mitchell, salary ........ 95.00 Badger Meter Co., mdse ........ 11.88 H. Channon Co., mdse ......... 97.92 George Holtzbauer, mdse ....... 1.08 H. W. Post, frt. and dray ..... 2.18 Laing & Muckey, mdse ......... i.eo Earl Bowman, labor ............ 78.00 Sewer Fond J. W. Kelly, salary ............ 25 00 George Gunder, labor ......... 2.40 Oliver Bakken. labor .......... 10.80 Frank Skllltng, labor .......... 2.40 Erick Nelson, labor .......... 13.50 Pestotnik Oil Co., kerosene ____ 11 28 Elliott Skilllng, labor .......... 6.40 General Fond Frank Green, salary ............ 108.00 H. A. Van Alstyne, salary ____ 54.00 H. A. Van Alstyne, salary ..... 54 00 F. W. Green, dogs ............ 3.50 LuVerne Produce Co. Has a New Manager LuVerne News: S. F. Phillips, for many years a respected resident of LuVerne, and Sherman township, has accepted a position as manager of the LuVerne produce station' .taking the place made vacant by the resignation' of Arthur (Smiles) Knopf, who has been manager of the station since last June. Mr. Knopf intends to work for the Ime being at least, for Fred Aldrlch if Rowan, who this week commenced he erection of a barn at the farm iwned by Mrs. John Zwelfel to take the ilace of the barn destroyed by flre abut Christmas time. Mr. Knopf did a ery good business, but he likes the utdcor work better than the Indoor. N. W. Bell Telephone Co., service 33S Thos. Akre. rent .............. 10 42 Supreme Paint Co. ,mdse ..... 47.04 Clapp'a Master Service, charge 2.00 Meyer 8c Wenthe, mdse ......... 4.53 Jesse Lashbrook, salary ...... 75 00 Jesse Lashbrcok. salary ...... Elliott Skilllng. man and team 16.80 Elliott Skilllng, man and team . 33.60 Oliver Bakken, labor .......... 20.40 Oliver Bakken, labor .......... 16 80 George Gunder, labor ........ 49.80 Frank Skilling. labor .......... 35.70 Clapp's Master Service, mdse. . . 4.85 Tire Service Co.. mdse ......... i 15 Austin Western Road Machinery Co., mdse .................... '. 6.72 Mona Motor Oil Co., gas and oil 10.48 Kossuth County Implement Co., 2.00 2.46 1.97 Hugh Post, fi-t. and dra^ . . Mid-Continent Oil Co., kerosene ., . Advance Publishing Co., printing 29 33 O. R. Cook, gns and oil ........ n.18 laggard <fe Waller, printing ____ Tesso Umbenhower. care of dump Cook, mdsp 12.78 10.00 50 9 FfiT 0 0 1 n o ft 1 0 5 9, Kt,+ 10 Ft o o J o o o o ? 5 ill 10 Pf 1 o 3 o 1 1 2 1 12 Its 11 When in need of glasses have your eyes thoroughly examined by DR. F. E. SAWYER, Opt. lows. After months of wear How does your suit look? When your rait u "MADE TO MEASURE" your chance* of getting laager Ufa ana better fitting qutlitie* •re much greater than if ready made. A made to meaiure »uit U "tailored" to fit every curve and contour of your body—hence there U no undue ttrain on any part of it and no unughily wrinkle*, or early wear and tear. Hare your cult made to meaaure fur Humboldt (13) Campbell, f Pitman, f Torgerson, f iBnnon. c •lewlsome, c lanson, c Schultz, g '..'.'.i Iransgard. c Ledyard Trails But allifs at FInUh Ledyard was ahead. 12 to 9, in its nal gome of the sectional, but trailed Renwick at the half and at tho end of the three-quarter mark. In the fourth frame Ledyard's two baskets tied the count at 28-all. Robinson's free throw on Thompson's foul kept them one point ahead. Warner sank a basket and Brandt tossed in a free throw to lead, 31 to 29. Black tied in a free throw, and Warner pulled a sleeper shot; Brandt followed with a bucket from the center of the floor, and Ledyard was ahead 25 to 30, with but three minutes to go. Robinson and Warner each laid in a long one apiece, and Bla^k scored a dandy basket. Moulton's tree throw was the final point of the game. Ledyard's fast breaking, aggressive outfit had to win from three of the toughest teams in northwest Iowa to take the tournament . It could be vall- a "money" team, coming through with great play to win when points were badly needed. Summary: Ledyard (38) Pg Ft Pf Thompson, f 3 i 3 Warner, f 4 o 1 Lloyd, c 6 3 2 Moulton, g • i i i Brandt, g 2 1 I Council Minutes vxxxx^^ Algona. Iowa. February 23, 1934.— City council met to regular MB&lon on tms flay ai vlv» city h»U, and among other things allowed the following bills: Electric Fund J. W. Kelly, salary $145.00 Leo Bellock. salary 129.00 Walter Gorman, salary 120.00 Tom Halpin, salary 120.00 H. E. Stephenson, salary 115.00 Ray Barton, salary 115.00 C. C. Wright, salary 70.00 Adah Carlson, salary 125 00 Ernst Thlel r meter reading 24.50 Forbes Petroleum Co., gas oil . 274.81 Milwaukee Ry.. frt. on gas oil 187.33 Industrial Chemical Labs. Inc., m ds p 44.41 Electric Supply Co., mdse 115.08 Terry Durln Co., mdse 27 43 W. D. Allen Mfg. Co., mdse. .. 65.42 White Eagle Oil Corp., lubricat- ln « oil 137.S1 Kent Motor Company, repairs 1.10 Fire Fund C. C. Wright, salary 45.00 Clapp's Master Service, mdse. .. 31.50 Misbach Company, mdse 5.50 Algona Fire company, 5 fires .. 180.00 A decrease in the number of sows to farrow in the spring of 1934 waa indicated in the recent report of the federal Bureau of Agricultural Economics. ^ulton Iron Works, mdse ..... Kennedy & Parsons, Co., mdse. . Standard Oil Co., gas and oil . . WestJnghouse Elect. & Mfg. Co.. Quality Cotton Products Co.. 519 68 14 05 19.06 77.10 14.84 H.N. Kruse Iowa state Bank Building. Insurance Loans Surety Bonds Ask Us About Our Aetna Accident Tickets "Insure In Sure Insurance" Phone 125. _ life. See our beautiful new Spring Mttenu ami »tyle*. Our rcauuiably law price* will ploue you. Elk Cleaners Phone 330 Oleanei-s and Tailors Since 1909. Renwick (34) 16 6 8 Fg Ft Pf Block, f s 3 2 Robinson, f s 3 i Thompson, c o 0 0 Wilson, c o 0 2 Larsen, c o 0 1 McCurry, g o 0 1 Lockwood, g o 0 1 Smith, g o o 1 CITY PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY ATTORNEYS AT LAW R. J. Harringtoa J. D. Lowe HARRINGTON ie LOWE ATTORNEYS AT LAW Rooms 212-14 First Nat'l Bank Blk ALGONA, IOWA J. L. BONAB ATTORNEY AT LAW Collections will receive prompt attention ALGONA. IOWA W, R QUARTON H. W. MHXEB ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over Kossuth County State Bank Office Phone, 427 ALGONA. IOWA A. Hutchison Donald C. Hutchison Theodore C. Hutchison ATTORNEYS AT LAW Quinby Bldg. Phone 251 E. J. VAN NESS & G. W. gTUXMAN LAWYERS Office over Iowa State Bank Phone 213-W Algona, Iowa 14 6 10 Official* Called 'Bin Clow—But Good The officials, Welch and Maxwell, deserve commendation, despite the fact that they called 'em pretty close for high school teams. However, should .fither of the two winners get into the state meet, they will find that games will be Just as closely supervised. The close calling of fouls and holding also eliminated wrestling and falling, assuring a minimum of injuries to the contestants. Add to (height of Improbability—or something. In 18 games, the coin flip showed 17 beads. Gaylord D. Shumway Edward D. Kelly SIIUMWAY it KELLY ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over Quinby ie Krause Building Algona. Iowa Phone 56 L. A. WINKEL ATTORNEY AT LAW Office in Quinby Building, phone 180. ALGONA, IOWA £. C. McUAHON ATTORNEY AT LAW Office over Quinby & Krause Bldg. Algona, Iowa Phone 128 Of the graduates in vocational education at Iowa State College from 1930 x> 1933. 90 per ceat are employed. Of these. 80 per cent are in educational work. HIKAAf B. WHITE ATTORNEY AT LAW Office over Iowa State Bank Phone 206 F. A. DANSON ATTORNEY AT LAW Offloe over Iowa State Bank Bldg. Office Hhoae 460-J Res. 315 ALGONA, IOWA CARROL A. WANDEK ATTORNEY AT LAW Over Postoffice Plume 65 J. W. Sullivan (dec'd) S. E. McMahon L. E. Linnan SULLIVAN. McMAHON & LINNAN ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over County Savings Bank ALGONA, IOWA PHYSICIANS & SURGEONS J. N. KENEFICK PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Office formerly occupied by Dr. A. L. Rist over Rexall drug store Office Phone 300 Res. Phone 326 ALGONA, IOWA C. H. CRETZMEYEB, M. D. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Office John Galbralth Bldg Phone 444-310 W. D. ANDREWS, D. O. Osteopathlc Physician and Surgeon General Hospital Phones: Office 187; Residence 688 ALGONA, IOWA P. V. JANSE, M. D. PHYSICIAN & SURGEON Office on South Dodge St. Phone No.—Jles. 366; Offloe 666 MELVIN G. BOURNE PHYSICIAN <k SURGEON Office over Post Office Bldg. Phones—Office 197 Res. 211 DENTISTS DK. H. M. OLSON DENTIST as or Novocaine used for extraction Located over Ohristensen Store Phone: Business 166, Residence 470 ALGONA. IOWA DB, C. D. SCHAAP DENTIST Quinby Bldg. p hone 133 ReaPhone 174 Algona, Iowa VETERINARIANS Dr. L. W. Fox Dr. J. B. Winkel Office 220 West State Street Office Phone 475-W Res. 475-R Algona, Iowa L. Af. MEBBITT Hartid»n and Funeral Director Phoue 11 Algoua, Iowa High School Singers on Rotary Program MUs Grace Miller, public school music instructor, brought several of her pupai to the Rotary club mertin* last Monday noon, where they were heartily applauded for the splendid profrram they presented. The group consisted of Ella Mae Anderson, Margaret Stevenson. Gertrude Lonff, Dick Shackleford. Maurice Michel, James Chubb and Donald Hutch- Ins. Selections were presented by the male tjtmrtett". the girls' trio and several mixed groups, while two very pleasing solo numbers were sung by Don Hutchins. Herman Hauberg. club president, w*« absent, nnd Luke Linnan, vice president, presided. Stallion registration in Iowa Is on tr? incirase this year for the first tltn« In 20 years. Winter enrollment at Iowa state college is about 1 7 years Proof Save with Safety d ° JUSt that when y° u P urch ** Chares in 4 ™ your entlrc investment is secured by the Ct ^ rst Mort «a^ «n Brood, local city property, all in! And , ea1ch ""» ««* Mortgage is based on a ' yed The Algona Building and Loan Association has from organization in 1 917 pald their regular ached f CVCr " and 0>eM retfuUr **<*ul«l dlvidend "" ""' m 8avlng8 8hares and 5 ^ date of ThlsAwociatlon b LooUnjr for Good CoiM*rT»l|y« Loam on 5E2T*V " ^HS 11 * «• ""M- K*nuxW, PwvhMe » Home or finance Your Present Mortgage—See the Algona Buildup And Loan ** You Can Start Your Savings Any Time With Any Amount. Our Association is State Supervised A Member of The Federal Home Loan Bank The Algona Building & Loan Association 7 North Dodge St. Phone 55. C. R. LaBarre, Sec'y-Treasurer. 4-E-O-W WHY PAY MORE March Tire Sale Tires have gone up but we will continue to sell at these prices during March. YOU CAN BE 3 TIMES SAFER .AT NO EXTRA COST Groodrich Silver-towns Gply under tread 7.05 7.75 7.30 7.75 8.50 9.25 10.45 8 ply under tread 45020 475-19 450-21 475-19 50019 52518 550-18 Goodrich Cavaliers 6 ply under tread 45020 $5.40 450-21 5.70 475-19 6.50 500 19 _ 6.50 525 18 7.30 550 18 8,10 Specials 30x3*4 O. S $3.25 450-20 3.80 450 21 3.95 Truck Tire Specials Goodyear Path. 30x5, 8 ply _$14.40 32x6, 10ply_$24.1S 600-20 11.60 Goodyear A.-W. 30x5, 8 ply _. $17.50 32x6, 10 ply _29.80 600-20 14.00 Clapp's Master Service West of Court House Phone 29 Car Wash and Vacuum $1.00 Complete Grease Job 75c Battery Chg. 50c Willard Batteries Tydol Gas Veedol and Kendall Oils

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