The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 22, 1934 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 22, 1934
Page 7
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the Algona Upper Pes Moines, Algona, Iowa, Fefr 22,1934 UNCOIH, LEDYARD, PORTIAND, BURT 1 PROJECT GROUPS MET LAST WEEK Mm. A. Q. Smith, Mrs. Frank' 34 at Union M.-D. Byerson, Mrs. Tom Berg Are Hostesses Twenty project leaders from Lincoln «ad Ledyard townships met. at the fc«ne of Mrs. A. Q. Smith on Tuesday Jtefcrnary 13 for an all day meeting. Those attending from Lincoln town- Alp were: Mrs. A. T. Buckels, Mrs. • Walter Sachs, Mrs. Ben Heyes, Jr., Mrs. Louis Sachs, Mrs. J. H. Warburton «wmty chairman; and the hostess, Mrs. A. Q. Smith. Ledyard township was ••presented by: Mrs. J. B. TJkena, Mrs. Howard Jensen, Mrs. J. E. Telcamp, lire. Art Anderson, Mrs. Frank Lewis, Mr*. Walter Hans, Mrs. Jerry Heet- township chairman; Mra. Julia man, Mrs. George Winter, Mrs. A. Nltz, Mrs. J. H, Rolcomb, Mrs. fts. EJggertn, Emma Outknecht, 4-H •Mder and Mrs. John Heetland. In the afternoon pictures of the croup and leaders were taken for Achievement Day posters. Slodjr He** of Bprtng Mra. frank Ryerson was hostess for tte fourth Home Management lesson *w Portland and Burt townships on Wednesday, February 14. Buying problems in the buying of springs, mattresses, sheets, pillow cases «sd blankets were studied. Proper method of making the bed and Its care were also Included. SpecUl laundry problems were also discussed. ^At noon A covered dish luncheon was served. Those present from Burt township •were: Mrs. W. A. Peters, Mrs. Alvin Anderson, Mrs. O. EL Banting, Mrs. m. H, Staley, Edna Staley, Mrs. M. O. Richards and the hostess, Mrs. Frank Ryerson. From Portland township— Itra. E. B. Dittmer, township chair- Wan; Mrs. Erna Trunkhill, Mrs. B. M. Peterson, Mrs. Hans Koestler, Mrs. O. X. Slgsbee, Mrs. Ray McWhorter, Beu- teh Larsen and Mrs. Evelyn Graham, Visitor. Mrs. Graham was formerly an outstanding project leader for Portland township. * Spi ut£ find Gtaaps Meet lira. 7Um Berg of Hebron township was hostess for the project leaders of Sebron and Springfield townships on Mday, February 10. Lesson three, Home Laundry Problems and lesson four, Acquiring a Comfortable Bed, were studied. Special attess was given to that of management problems. Those attending were: Mrs. Grant Baldwin, Mrs. Donald E. Lyons, Mrs. X. M. Thompson, Mrs. R. M. Elchorn, Mrs. Lee Kessel, Mrs. Oeo. Beenker, «D of Elmore; Mrs. Oust Nelson, LlUle Nelson, Lakota; Mrs. Oeo. Smith, Buf- Sato Center; Mrs. O. 8. Wharton, Mrs. O. F. Schultz and the hostesses, Mrs. Tom Berg of Elmore, Minn. 4-H Mrs. L. H. Hansen was hostess to the «trls of Rlverdale township Saturday afternoon, February 10. A new 4-H otab was organized. Officers elected W«re: Agnes Karels, president; Wanda Hansen, vice president; Mabellne Miller, secretary-treasurer; and Lois Barr, historian and news reporter. The new •tub was given the name, Rlverdale Royal Workers. Mrs. L. H. Hansen was elected local leader with Miss Annetta Karels, assistant leader. Mrs. Hansen served a dainty luncheon following the meet- tfg. Those present were: Wanda Haneen, Agnes and Annetta Karels, Lois Barr, Mabellne Miller, Mrs. J. M. Patterson, county 4-H committee member, Muriel Leaverton, H. D. A., and the tostess. Club Meeting; Dr. Bourne is Speaker Union: Thirty-four ladies and guests of the Union Mothers and Daughters club enjoyed a meeting at the home of Norma Bailey last Thursday afternoon, Feb. 15. Laura Hohenstein was assisting hostess. The club meeting was opened with a piano number, "Spanish Gypsy Dance" by Evelyn Cruikshank. She also played the accompaniment for the club song. Kathryn McCall gave two piano selections. A talk on various diseases effecting the human body of an Individual was given by Dr. Melvln Bourne, on of Union's progressive young men. He answered questions which the members wished to ask. The president appointed the committees who will be in charge of the federation meeting held at the Congregational church in Algona, March 6th. Ada Hoflus is chairman of the decorating committee and chairman over all. Marie Bode is kitchen chairman, Winifred Jergenson, dining room chairman, Nan Ward, program chairman and Carrie Bourne, reception committee chairman. Oueste of" the club were Mesdames Arthur Cruikshank, George Boevers, Austin Gardner, Stanley Gardner and Misses BUsborough, Winifred Friday, Evelyn Cruikshank and Kathryn McCall. The next meeting will be held at the home of Mary Keefe, assisted by Marie Bode. Roll call will be Interesting Places I Have Been. A book review, "Forgive Us Our Trespasses (Lloyd Dogulas) will be given by Mary Wood. Music will be under the direction of Mrs. Wood. Whittemore Farmer Use* Potash on Alkali Land to Advantage Henry Helmke, Whittemore, Iowa, In cooperation with E. R. Morrison, former Kossuth county agent, demonstrated for himself and his neighbors that a higher yield and better quality com can be obtained by treating alkali land with potash. An idea of the difference in yield can be obtained by noting the difference In amount of corn In the two baskets, harvested from a row of treated and one of non-treated corn. New Secrete of the Surete, the Trench Detective Police. Another Article In a New Series of Revelations by H. Ashton-Wolfe, the "real Sherlock Holmes" of Parto, Will Be Published In The American Weekly, the MaiMdne Distributed With NEXT SUNDAY'S CHICAGO HERALD AND EXAMINER. Furniture Sale at the house on West State Street. SALE IS NOW ON Complete line of household furniture. Morten Pedersen Farm Credit Group To Meet Feb. 23 The meeting to discuss the Farm Credit Administration Program for the organization of a Production Credit Association to serve the farmers of Clay, Dickinson, Emmet, Kossuth and Palo Alto counties will be held at 10:00 a. m., in the Kermoore Hotel at Emmetsburg, Iowa, on Friday, February 23, 1934. A representative of the Production Credit Corporation of Omaha will be present to conduct this meeting. Pupils and Teacher of District No. 5 Enjoyed Party Union: The pupils and their teacher, Mary Gisch, of District No. 5, enjoyed a novel valentine party last Wednesday afternoon. A valentine box was the center of attraction. Then the pupils, bringing the necessary constituents to make ice cream Including crushed Ice. started their task of freezing their own ce cream. Cake made by the mothers was served and needless to say It will be one day marked down In the column* of school day memories. A •&&- lar party was held at the school house in District No. 4, where Miss Kathryn Price is the teacher. Visit Arndorfer Family A group of neighbors dropped In on the Joe Arndorfer family last Sunday evening and surprised them with a farewell party^ Cards were played and lunch was served which was brought by the guests. The neighborhood is sorry to lose this family from their midst but hope success will follow them In their new location. Dlxom Have Fire Scare A small fire scare happened Monday morning at the Orvllle Dlxon home when some clothing lay to close to a stove pipe hi an upstairs bedroom, started a fire which burned a hole in the floor before being extinguished. Mrs. Lawrence Gisch has be-^n sick with the flu. The William Byno family of Fort Dodge spent Sunday at the Loula Bode home. Geo. Boevers and son, Donald, were business visitors at Mason City last week Wednesday. Mrs. Frank Hoflua spent Friday of last week with her mother, Mrs. Garret Dearchs who Is recovering from an attack of pneumonia. The Floyd Bennett family will be greatly missed by their neighbors as they left for their new home at Lake City, Iowa, Monday. The Joe Matille family from near Corwith will move onto the farm which will soon be vacated by the Joe Arndorfer family, who will move to a farm in Crescc township. A very pretty kitchen shower was tendered Miss Capitol* Gould Fen. 11, at the home of Mrs. Leot» HanseUnan in Algona. Twenty girls were present. A strong bull pen is good life insurance, provides a way to keep herd sires until they are proved and can be constructed at low cost, accord-' ing to dairy extension specialists at Iowa State College. The above* pen is on the Matt Birker farm near Vinton and Is built of home grown oak posts and pipes from an old boiler flue. The pipes are fastened to the posts by bblts with a curved end. KOSSUTH FARMS AND FOLKS By Win Harris, Farm Editor Philip Tmmerfall, of Prairie town- j ship, was well pleased with the results of bis sale last Thursday aft. ter It was all over. The stock sold well although the machinery didn't bring as much as he expected. A capacity crowd attended the auction. The weather was ideal for a aale, and many bad to park tbelr can out on the road. Win Banto Mr. Immerfall Is through farming and will move to St. Benedict. About the neatest and cleanest farm yard that I've seen In Kossuth county Is that of •Fred Seefeld of Wesley township, and that's saying a lot. There wasn't a thing out of place. Evidently Fred and the Mrs. spend a lot of effort Keeping their place at its best. William Myers and family, fourteen in all, will move March 1, from Algona to the farm now occupied by Ray Slfert in Irvlngton township. Mr. Myers was raised on a farm and will be right at home in the new location. Joseph Knecht of Whittemore township had a bad time last week Installing new brake drums and bands in his car. The new drums proved to be too wide after he had put them on. The old drums were badly grooved and would not hold. Mr. Knecht is a brother of Conrad Knecht who lives in Irvlngton township east of Algona. — u— In spite of her warning to the writer of this column, Mrs. Fred Geigel of Irvington does make delicious ground cherry pie. It's an Inspiration to wood cutters, as George Hackman and Ed Mawdsley will testify. There must be no censorship of the press, Mrs. Gel- gel. A pack of dogs attacked a sow on Leander Studer's farm in Irvington township one night last week. The dogs tore the sow viciously and it was doubtful whether she'd live. Herman Maahs of Whittemore served In the Motor Transport Corps during the war. He was fortunate and was not sent to France, but he acquired a lot of. experience •ervinK on this side. For several months he was stationed in New York as a truck driver, He recalls that at first the army men were not subject to arrest by the New York police, and, as a consequence, they had great sport with their huge lumbering trucks. Herman teJls of one fellow who delighted in bumping street cars off their tracks and then dragging them back on again by means of a heavy chajn between the truck and car. Police restriction finally put a curb on the fun, but, Herman says, the New York policemen are good scouts. —o— A big, white Jackrabblt raced my old coupe along the road recently, and believe it or not, the jack won the race. —o— Roy Crawford and Jim Weir of Lotts Creek township recently exchanged farms. Roy wanted a smaller place than the one he was on. Paul Leaverton and I were both stranded in Lakota last Friday. Paul burned out a bearing in his engine; I was in need of a tire or two and none was to be found. We do our own Lens Grinding. DR. F. E. SAWYER, Opt. AK*», "A Specialised insurance Service" The Algona Insurance Agency O. R. LaBarre Low Rate* Quick Claim Settlement* Surety Bonds—Loans—Investments Poone 66 . 1st Door Nona ot low* State Bank. Miss Gould received many lovely Rifts and a dainty luncheon was served by the hostess. Friends of Mrs. Emll Stoffel will be glad to learn that she has Improved sufficiently from her recent attack of pneumonia to be able to alt up part of the time. She will remain at tha Kossuth hospital, however, until she is completely out of danger. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Gardner and baby daughter and Mr. Gardner's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Austin Gardner and son, Ronald, were guests at a card party at the Vern Gross home last Saturday night. Others presjut were Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Gross ar.d sons, George, Willard and Robert. A farewell neighborhood party was tendered the Leo Sankey family who will move to a farm near LuVerne. There were four tables of cards and xhe evening was completed with lunch being furnished by the guests. The Albert Butterfleld family from near Irvington will move on the place vacated by the Sankeys. Mrs. Jens Sorensen entertained last Wednesday at a miscellaneous shower In honor of her sister, Capitola Gould, who is to be married In the near future to Keith Strayer also of Union. Twenty-three ladles enjoyed the courtesy and the afternoon was filled with events appropriate for the occasion. The color scheme of pink and white was carried out in the lunch as well as in the decorations. The bride-to-be received many beautiful presents. The NOTICK OK- FHUBATB UK WILL. STATE OF IOWA KOSSUTH COUNTY, sa. No. 8815 la District Court, January Term 1934. To All Whom It May Concern: Tour are hereby notified. That an instrument of writing purporting to be the !a»t Will ana Testmuent of Mary E. Arnold, deceased, dated February 4, 1927, having been this day filed, opened and read, th« 5th day of March 1934. (• fixed for hearing proof of same at the Court House In Algona. Iowa, before the District Court of said County, or the Clerk of said Court: and at nine o'clock A. It of the day above mentioned all person* interested are hereby notified and required to appear, anil show cauie If any they have, why (aid instrument should not be probated and allowed as and tor the l**t Will and Testament of said deceased. Dated at Algona, Iowa. February I, K. J. McBVOT. Clerk of District Court. ALMA PBARSOW, Deputy. E. c. McMahon, Attorney. <-$ couple will reside on a farm a, mile south and a mile and a half west of Burt. LONE ROCK PAIR SPEAK VOWS AT BURT, FRIDAY Carl Wiener and Inez Lewis Wed; Mrs. Wiener Was Graduate of '32 Class Lono Rock: Cflrl Wlrner nmi In; Lewis were married nt. Burt Fridnv bv | Rov. Rtclrmnnn. Tlicv wrro attended bv the brldcsrroonVs parents. Mr. nrui Mrs. H. A. Wiener. Mr.". Wlf-nrr is the oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Prank Lewis of Lone Rock nnd was pradiinted from the Lone Kock hia'i school in 1932. Carl is the oldest yon of Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Wiener of Lone Rock. The Ladles' Mite society will meet with Mrs. Gladstone Thursday afternoon. Charles Zollcr of Lakotn spent the week end at the Frederick Schultz home. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Shascr visited at the Harvey Rath home near AlKona on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Claude SlRSbee of Burt visited at the Ray Blerstedt home on Sunday. The CVIstlan Endeavor ret at the home of Rev. S. M. Gladstone on Sunday evening. A. A. Kruejrer attended a Standard OH business meeting at Emm<;tsburg last Wednesday evening. Etta, little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rath, has been srlouslv ill with pneumonia the past week. Mrs. Art Davis of Emmetsburg visited at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Pettlt Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. P. M. Chrlstensen and son, Merwin, attended the funeral of Carl Paetz at Algona lost Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schultz and their daughter, Mildred of Emmetsburg visited at the Em 11 Kraft home Sunday. The Busy Friday club met at the home of Mrs. J. M. Blanchard Friday afternoon. Mrs .Watson Snick was the assisting hostess. Mrs. Richard Walsh returned home last Wednesday from Jollet. 111., where she was called a few weeks ago by the death of her mother. Mrs. Wm. Krause has be?n on the sick list the past week. Her daughter, Mrs CJifiord Meyer of Corwlth has been wiih her since Thursd.ty. Mrs .Charles Morris, Esther Godden and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Genrlch drove to Ames Sunday to visit their son. Maynard Genrlch, and Mrs. Morris' daughter, Vera. The following visited at the Wm. Krause home Saturday and Sunday: Mr. and Mrs. Orvttle Rtosendtthl of Superior and Mr. and Mrs. Forest Rouse of Ayrshire. Mr. and Mrs. John Sorank drove to Des Mblnos Sunday whbre Mrs. Sprank will attend an Auxiliary conference. They were accompanied by Julia Qulnn of Bancroft. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hawks of Seneca, Mr. and MM. Edwin Hawks of Marshall. North Dakota, and Mr. nad Mrs. Melvln Hawks were Sunday guests at the home of Mrs. E. M. Hawks. Jim Murphy and Albert Hutehlnmm *eeomp*nted two; car loads of cattle to Chicago last Wednesday and returned Saturday. Saturday ten car load of hogs were shipped out of Lone Rock. Dorothy Dacken, Philip Bellly and Kathryn Stebritz will represent Lone Rock high school In the declamatory contest to be Weld at Fcnton Feb 28. Seneca and Burt will also have speakers at this contest. Miss Evelyn Behrmann, fifth and sixth grade teacher was absent from school Friday afternoon, as she took her sister, Mrs. Russell Ditsworth to Des Moines to enter a hospital. Mrs. W. G. Flaiff taught in her place Friday. Former Teacher Here Dies in Des Moines Miss Glenn R. Ogden, former Algona high school teacher, died last Sunday of pneumonia at the Iowa Lutheran hospital at Des Moines. Miss Ogden was instructor in history and special curriculum at the Roosevelt high school. She taught history here two or three terms about twenty-three years ago and will be remembered by many. BURT NEWS ™&3&a8®Qa^^ § BANCROFT NEWS (Crowded Out Last Week) Mrs. Tom Garry had two tables of bridge Tuesday night. Mrs, A. W. Kennedy won high, Mrs. Joe Fox won second and Lorretta Merrill won cut prize. The ladies were served a delightful lunch. Mrs. Merwyn Holding held a card party Thursday evening fo*. her lady friends. Mrs. Tony Futh won high, Mrs. Isabel Saundier.-;, second, MlsS Clara Nemmers, low and Mrs. A. W. Ktrnedy won guessing prize. A lunch ai served after cards. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Barenthlne will move in the near future to Algona, where they will make their new home. Mr. Barenthine was formerly employed In th Mayer & Guide implement shop. He will leave for Algona this week and the family will Join him later. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Recker, Sr., entertained ten tables of bridge Friday evening. Mrs. Matt Kramer and Joe Menke won high, Mrs. John Brink and Peter Reiter won low, and Mrs. Wm. Vaske and Otto Vaske won the guessing prize. A sumptuous lunch was served the party. Mr. and Mrs. Merwyn Holding entertained three tables of bridge at their home Tuesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Boettcher of Burt won high, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Recker, second, Mr. and Mrs. Luther Fairbanks of Eurt, low, Marion Chipman of Burt won the guessing prize. A lunch was served later in the evening. Sunday evening the Young Ladies' Sodality held a basket social which was a great success. Cards w«ie played until 9:30 when the baskets were sold and the highest basket «oid won a prize. Frank Droe&sler won the prize, paying two dollars for his basket. Those winning in cards were: Mrs. p. H. Mcscher. high and Lenander Menke, high; Mrs. H. K. Lampe and Mike Rustemeyer, low. In bridge, Mrs. Francis Bradley and Henry Ewoldt of Burt won high and Clara Nemmm and Al Fuchs, low. This is the last of the card parties lot the season. Mrs. J. E. Clifton is in Montana at the home of a sister, who is ill. W. H. Smith is staving at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Emil Pierson. lona Mover gave a party to a number of her friends Saturday evening. Mrs. Tillie Dexter is visitinfj at the Raney Putz home near Truman, Minn. Leo Fox will move his family on the McDonald fnrm north* <i r .t of Burt next week. The Methodist Ladies' Aid will have a baicc sale at the cream station o.i Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Isenbereer of Decorah spent Sunday at the J. O. Isenberger home. Your old radio is worth $20.00 at Gamble's, on a new Brunswick Console. Newest in the radio field in cabinet design, Tuning Features, Tubes and Chas$49.50 exch. Radios as low as $12.95. 8 Mr. and Mrs. Nek Godfredsen and family were gursts Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Prtn Loift, Tho Portland Progress club met at the home of Mrs. W. L. Sfoit on Thursday of last week, Th» Fortnightly club met Wednesday afternoon at the homo of Mrs. Erwln Scliwictrrt. Wlllnrd Stow and Stanley Black went to Newton. lowfl. Frldav where they will look for work. Mr. nnd Mrs. W. L. Stott nnd two sons were guests at the Fred Ringsdorf home last Sunday. Mr. nnd Mrs. Ira Hnnsen nnd children were dinner guests nt the Gerald Brace homo Suuriny. Invitations nre nut for the crlrbrntion of the golden wedding of Mr. nnd Mrs. E. H. Stalrv. on Mnrch 5. The ;t?thodlst rjuiiv'.i choir will t.ike pnrt in n imi-Me contest which will bo held at AlROiin next Sunday. Mrs. H. A. Manas nnd Mrs. Lillinn Sigler spent SitndaV at Lone Rock nt the Charles Morris home. Virgil Schrflder, W. A. Rndekc nnd Dale Kenrns left Monday morning for DCS Moines to attend the auto show. Mrs. Al Staehle went to Dos Moines Thursday night to visit friends. She also visited her nephew, Paul Krlethe, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Orl*w nnd 3 children went to Armstrong Sunday to visit Mrs. Griese's mother. Mrs. Dundas. Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Hobson and baby visited at the home of their parents. Mr. and Mrs. D, T. Hobson, last week. The U. nnd I. Circle met Wednesday at (he home of Mrs. Tom Trcnary with Mrs. Floyd Duncan as assisting hostess. Mrs. Leo Fox and children .'pent Saturday and Sunday at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Go;rge Groham. Mrs. B. W. Evanson of Story City has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Clara Olson and also brotliers, Roy and Myron Melnzer. Harold Smith. Ernest and Richard Lavrenz. S. J. Johns and Ed Sanderson are working at carpenter work near Dexter, Minn. Mrs. K. J. Smith had the misfortune to have one of her hands quite badly burrvd while cleaning a skirt wltti gasoline recently. Rev. N. L. Richmann and family and Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Blelch were dinner guests at the R. A. Blcich home on Monday evening. Mr. and Mrs. .Wm. Schram and children from near Titonka spent Sunday with Mrs. Schram's parents, Rev. and Mrs. O. B. Mitchell. Mr. and Mrs. Ted Rlngsdorf, and Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Schenck drove to Des Moines Saturday to attend the Legion and Auxiliary convention. They returned home Tuesday. Mrs. A. A. Graham came last week to visit relatives and to attend to business matters. Mrs. Graham has been at Sterling, ill., caring for her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Stone. The ladles of the Mite society are serving their annual birthday dinner at the church Thursday, Feb.'22. Everyone is welcome to come for supper, a program will also be given. The following Burt people attended a dance at Algona on Friday night of last week. Mr. and Mrs. Henry actt- man, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Brace, Miss Lottie Hawoott. Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Stott. Mr. and Mrs. Ross jjividge. Mr. and Mrs. Jess Dusran, and Mr. and Mrs. Beckworth. Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Cunningham of Elmore, Minn., enlled n: the home of Mrs. Cunningham's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Julius BrlRBS. They also called at the B. V. Daniels home. They wertf nroute to Algona where they visited »t the homes of Mrs. Fanny Cunnine- hnm nnd John Briges. Mrs. C. B. Mitchell entertained her Sunday School class nt her homp on Frldav nfternoon at, a pnrtv given In lionor of Mrs. Llovd Stevens. Mrs Stevens will move the Intfrr part of 'ho ivork to n farm near Srvea Citv The Stevens will ho erratlv missed bv thoir friends here and their work In "hr rhiirch. Lincoln Stewart of Lvnd. Minn , wa> ml <-d here last. wr r k bv the spriou illnr?.* of his mother. Mrs. Marv Str- wart. Mrs. Stewnrt suffered n strok" nst week Thur?dnv and has been seriously 111 since last. wrek. Mrs. J. H Grahnm spent several clays Inst week at the W. H. Klamn home n."*lstlnpr in cnrlng for her. The Birthday Clrc.Te met at the homo of Mrs. W. A. Lndendorf last Friday In honor of her birthday. The house was beautifully decornted In patriotic colors. Each one was given a litUe silk flair as a favor by the host. Four beautiful large birthday cake were baked by Mrs. Ray Lndendorf, Miss Clara Shaw, Mrs. Lloyd Bartlett and Mrs. W. A. Ladendorf. The program consisted of patriotic pieces which, were read by members of the circle. Lydla Mansmith spoke her declamatory piece. "Wheels of Time." Twenty members were present and the following filters, Mrs. N. R Bartlett, Mrs. Ray Ladendorf. Mrs. Raymond Reid and Mrs. Carl Wauge of Algona, Mrs. L. M. Boettcher nnd Mra EHznbeth P&ttersort, Mrs. Lloyd Bartlett nnd daughter. Marcclln Mrs. Ladendorf received a cheese server and an Ivory fork from the circle and several other gifts and a Inrge number of cards. Iowa's Largest Display of HARNESS Leadership In Values Brings Leadership In Sales YES— STRUBE of Estherville Is the Man "Who Sells Harness" Look over the display nnd you'll understand why farmers ai-e driving miles to supply their harness needs. Show Fanners Valoe and! Farmers Will Boy Come up and see us, some Umr\ E.C. Strobe Company Estherville. 7-10 Notice of Sheriff's Sale KTATK OF IOWA KOSSUTH COUNTY, us. Notice 18 hereby (?iven that by vlr- tuu of special execution illrecte.l to rue, from the Clerk of the District Court of Kussutli County, Iowa, on a judgment rendered In salil Court on the i!9tti day of January, 1934, In favor of Fred L. Doty an plaintiff, and against C. B. Albright and Kate L. Albright an defendants. for the sum of Two thousand one hundred thirty-one, and 67-100 ($2131.67) Dollars and costs, taxed at Seventy-six and 11-100 <J70.ll) Dollars and accruing costs. I have K-vled upon flic- following described real property as the property of the said C. H. Albright Kate 1.. Albright, et ul to satisfy said execution, to-wlt: All that part of lot seven (7) of Auditors plat of the southeast Quarter <y;-K> of the Northeast Quarter- (NKk) of section Eleven (11) In township Ninety-five (95) liunge twenty- nine (29) which lies west of a lir.u parallel to and distant west sixty-one rods (61) from the east line of said ot , ?S ve ," (7) Wl ' st ot thu 6th Principal Meridian. And I will proceed to sell said property, or so much thereof as may be necessary to satisfy said execution, with costs and accruing costs at pub- lie auction, to the highest bidder, for cash, in hand, on the 7th day of March 1934, at the east door of the Court House in Algona, In Kossutli County Iowa, at the hour of 10 o'clock A. M , of said day wuen and where due attendance will be Klven by the undersigned. Dated this 6th day of February 1931 CARL PAHLHAUSBR. ' By c y L ep uy P. A. Daiwou, Plaintiffs Attorney 7-8 February Tire Sale Tirea have gone up but we will continue to sell at these prices during February. YOU CAN BE 3 TIMES SAFER ..AT NO EXTRA COST Goodrich Silver-towns <>Ply 8 Ply under tread under tread 7.05 7.75 7.30 7.75 8.50 9.25 10.45 45020 475-19 450-21 47519 50019 52518 55018 9.20 8.90 9.20 10.50 11.55 12.60 Goodrich Cavaliers 6 ply under tread 450-20 $5.40 45021 5.70 475 19 6.05 500-19 6.50 525-18 7.30 550-18 8.10 Specials 30x3^ O. S $3.25 450-20 3.80 450 21 3.95 Truck Tires Specials Goodyear Path. Goodyear A-W. 30x5, 8 ply _$14.40 30x5,8 ply _ _$17.50 32x6, 10 ply _24.15 32x6, 10 ply _29.80 600-20 11.60 600-20 14.00 Clapp's Master Service West of Court House Car Wash and Vacuum $1.00 Complete Grease Job 75c . Battery Chg. 50c Willard Batteries.

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