The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 22, 1934 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 22, 1934
Page 5
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* utchll » »« the week end. a visitor in . Mr and MR,. T . a Kirach were |n « Moines on business Saturday and Sunday. n<! M r- fa? 10 * 1 Shumway week end in Des Moines on Mrt. Charles Waney bf LIveTmore guest of Mrs. Esteila Sabln ™ - Vlc Hertl * were evento * at the a 1 " 1 .. W. Little spent and Wednesday in Des Moin- at the auto show. Ll* und 5 8 len toaay for , Iowa, where her father, p B. Horn, is seriously ui. - guests of Mr. and Mrs. James watts at a dinner Sunday. 'l-, M - OIesen of'Humboldt, mo»•* f W. Little, arrived Sun- . , for a visit with Mr daughter. ' an<1 the J*nert« M'rTc"^ JTSuttT to Dea Moines Thursday and Friday .. M* 8 - '• D - E- Sheehan has been ill ttwjpast week with the flu but is almost completely recovered at this tlm«> ^f-J?^ M* John McDowell and itors of the former's mo- end. last wens at party held at the Jt Friday night. A ^played. . - ijT— ,-'• ' .Specht and the -_ brother, > A. W. Behrends, via- their rajothet Mrs. Wm. Behrends -.^otintato take,.Minnesota, overthe we** end. *• . ,-. , .If* OhaMte>naney of Uvennort tad T4u»rf fl w .^ her (ftM M ji "^ —---j-,1—» the KdBBttla nospw .J^^^^^r.^wnta* Mrs. J. F. Biggins and Mary Catherine Cain of Fort Dodge returned home Monday morning after vlsHtag since Friday with the latter's father, Marvin Cain. Otis Barr returned to Sioux Fall* South Dakota, Sunday evening arter ^pending the week end With his father, John Barr. Otis Is a student at the college there. Rev. and Mrs. M. A. SJostrand and Rev. Swanson of Swea City returned Wednesday from Harcourt, Iowa, where obey had attended a ministerial meeting since Monday. Mr. and Mrs. c. F. Specht were Buffalo Center visitors Friday. Mr. Specht attended to some business and Mrs. Specht visited at the home of her brother, Martin Behrends. June Adelle Aman Is now employed as wstetant operator at the Morrison Beauty shop. She graduated from the Iowa School of Beauty Culture at Des Moines recently. D. D. Monlux, deputy custodian of Grand Lodge of Royal Arch Masons or Iowa, held a school of Instruction at Charles City Thursday. He was accompanied there by A. W. Behrends. Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Van Atetyne and children spent Friday at Eteiore where they attended a dinner given in (honor of the former's uncle, Jim Hand who celebrated his 84th birthday. Mr. and Mrs. F. A. M. Frost celejrat ea Hieir wedding anniversary and also ^SH** "J^ay Sunday. They The Algona Upper Pea Moines, Algona, Iowa, Fefr 22,1934 • *° n> Wecl ' vere Wests of Mr and Mrs. C. E. Maxwell at Eagle arove «"«» Mrs. L- M. Merritt and Mrs Brundage were in. Des Moines H 'Mon<Jay where the ladles a Presidents' and Secretaries Legion Auxiliary conference at the Sa^L.* 4 *- *?*"•«* attended the »?eung» held at the Fort Des hotel Mrs. Ted Larson, Mrs V. V. Naudain and Mrs. A. H. Stock drove to Des Moines Monday and attended the conferenc that day and •-*..._•?* * 5SSK-. ***»• Kail* Horlgan accom- the Ledyard schools. panied them and visited her mother. fWVWWWWWI 'VWWWVWWWVrWW Spring Beauty Wttuld you like a coiffure created iust for Marigold Beauty and Cosmetic Shoppe i wwvwwwyvwwwwvw BASKET GROCERY Monarch Finer Foods FLOUR. 49 Ibs. All guaranteed iFree—$11,000.00 in Cash and 7 Automobiles Simply for naming silverware illustrated on coupons in every sack. Ask us for details. Gold Medal Flour, "Kitchen-tested" 49 Ibs. 241/s Ibs. $2.12 $1.09 WAX PAPEB Z roH limit, IDo roll. 40ft.5c LUX Toilet Soap S bar limit 5c bar OXYDOL Two JOc pkgs. lie TEA Upton's green, two 33c pkgs. 34c PINEAPPLE Large Nov 2H can 17c each BEANS Van Camp's Pork it Beans 5c can Try Basket Brand Products—Quality Merchandise Get » Pound of Monarch Finer OofTee Today Algona's Finest Food Store. Fred Kent was a business visitor in Des Moines Monday and Tuesday. Dr. R. A. Evans returned Saturday from a short business trip to Roches- Mrs. EInora Peck Is seriously ill suffering from heart trouble and a bad cold. Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Duffy visited friends and relatives In Whittemore Sunday. Ada Flene was visiting over the week end at the home of John Schulz near Irvington. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Bennett drove to Des Moines on business Friday and returned Saturday. Reed Anderson of Spencer was a visitor during the week end at the Homer Anderson home. Mrs. Joe Auner of Des Moines was a »4L to ^£ ver the week end of Mr- and Mrs. Theo. Chrlschilles. Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Ferris and little son, Gene, spent the week end with relatives In Forest City. Rev. P. j. Brarier was entertained for dinner at the home of Mr. and Mrs August Huenhold Sunday. Mrs. Jacob Johnson of Wesley visited her daughter, Mrs. W. J. Becker, from Friday until Sunday, evening. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Crawford of Whittemore were dinner guests Saturday night at the Howard Oarey home. Mrs. Amu Eckhart and son, Joe, of Dolliver, Iowa, visited here at the home or her son, Bruce, over the week end. Mrs. P. J. Braner left Saturday forenoon for Hubbard, Iowa, to visit with ner brothers and sisters for a few days. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Weaver, who moved from here to Mason city lecent. ly. visited here with their friends Sunday. rs. Wallace MacDoguall and little son, Bobbie, left Thursday for i few days' visit with her parents at Mason .Mf-^and Mrs. Robert Danson of Corin AlRona with re- was here on busi- W. B. Mason —Cut Courtesy M. C. Globe-Gazette After 25 years a rural mall carrier from the LuVerne postofrice, W. B. Mason, .widely known Kossuth resident, passed on to his reward, Feb. 100 Funeral Jselrvicjes were held Monday, Feb. 12. Mr. Mason had estimated that during his years of service he traveled far enough to go around the world nine times. Four children survive. ness. iifSf*' ^^S- L - c - Ostwinkle and Ji« * m ^ F** y of Des Molnes were Sunday visitors at the a H. Ostwinkle home. Wayne, son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy BJustrom, has been ill the past week with tonsllltls, but is Improving at this writing. Mrs. C. J. Nugent and two girls, Elizabeth and Jo, of Spencer were guests over the week end of her father, Fred Anderson. Loretta Howie made a business trip tp^Des Moines for the week end. She far as Ames by Ruth Bishop, who la teaching in the Eagle Grove schools now, spent the week end with her parents, Mr. and ors. A. A. Bishop. Bess Agard, of Toledo, Ohio, sister if Burdette Agard. returned to her wme Sunday after visiting here for UMS past two weeks. Miss Antoinette Sonnstetter was call- Hazel Eckland Is a new part time employee at tine Ktrsch Laundry. Dick Glrres of Mallard spent last week with Herman Thilges of Bode. M. E Johnson of Swea City was in Algona the first, of the week on business. Si** d to Rochester BundkVi>«^,.I^;Th" Mr - and Mrs. Henry M. Thllgw «?•!*? r«9Sssz*&. 2^«*5!^M^£ Ed Holecek was In Des Moines on Thursday of last week looking after business matters. ' Ed Hill of Mankato was a visitor the first of the week at the home of Mrs. Charles Lathrop. T. H. chrlschilles was confined to his home the greater part of last week with an attack of the flu. Harriet Thurston, Who la 'teaching in Akron, Iowa, spent the week end at the M. P. Haggard home. • H. C. Orr returned Sunday 'from Morrow, Kansas, where he was called by the death of his mother. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Smith spent Sunday of last week in Webster City where they visited relatives. James Cooney Is a patient at the Kossuth (hospital where he submitted to an operation for hernia Monday. John Kohlhaas, C. W. Erickson and Virgil Qooper tatended the hardware convention in Des Moines last week. Cleone, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Worster, returned home on Wednesday and is recovering nicely from an appendicitis operation. Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Thilges, • •I We are receiving many inquiries from cash buyers, for Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Grain for seeding purposes, Hay, Machinery, Poultry of various kinds, Eggs for Hatching and many other items produced or used on the farm. •:.. If you have any of these or other items for • sale, or expect to have at a later date, come • in and list them with us. If you can't come • in, write or call us. • • McDonald & Co. j Iowa State Bank Bldg. Phone 120, Algona • See Us Also for The Best List of Farms in g Northern Iowa and • ^m Government Loans on Farms and Chattels. Mrs. Otto Bonnstetter. Rev. and Mrs. C. Paul Carlson drove o the Twin Cities Monday where Mrs Carlson will visit for a few weeks. Rev Carbon returned Wednesday. Mr and Mrs. H, A. C"Kld,n of Emmetsburg returned to their home Wed%£$*?$!!* ••St*5S a! y*l' M »wtou« mght at the W. H. Qodden home. Mr. and Mrs. Mehsar Falkenhainer, acompanted by Mrs. Peter Chrlst&nsen, eft for Sioux City Wednesday. Mel«ar to attending a State Druggists' con- "ention. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Rlchter and baby and Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Engelby and son, Orville, all of Elmore, Minnesota were Sunday guests at the Ross Coleman home. i ™ Mr ' I?* ****• D ' A ' Barnard drove to Winnebago. Minnesota, Sunday where they visited the latter's aunt, Mrs. C. A. Norman and grandmother. Mrs. M. E. Van Arnem. Miss Helen Ostwinkle, R. N., of Rochester, Minn., spent the week end at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs C. H. Ostwinkle. since her graduation last June, she has been doing special duty work at the Mayo hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Ed DeZellar and son, Jlmmle, returned last Tuesday after! noon from St. Paul after visiting there since Saturday. Mr. DeZellar's parents. Mr. and Mrs. E. B. DeZellar, celebrated their golden wedding anniversary on Sunday. Mr. and MM. Louis Lynk, accompanied by the latter's father, w. H Wolle of Belmond, who met the Lynka here Saturday, spent the week end in Sioux City with Mrs. W. H. Wolle. Mrs Wolle Is staying with her two grandsons while their parents, Mr. and Mrs C. J. Wolle, are visiting in California. Adrls Anderson, after a somewhat prolonged illness, was able to resume her work at the H. & O. Wonder store Monday morning, she will work only In the morning for a time and Irma Dee Roupe wllj take her place in the afternoon. Irma Dee has been assisting at the store in the absence of Adris. Mrs. W. G. McCuIiough, Mrs. W P French, Mrs. Floyd Saunders, MK W E. Hawcott. Mrs. Violet Bensch o ter Miss Lola Scuflham, Mrs. Joe Grt'»n- bcrg, Miis Laura Mitchell, Mrs, Bob Harvey and Mrs. Casey Loss attended the district meeting of the Eastern Stur at Emmetsburg Friday. Others from here went over in the evening. A ten pound daughter was born Sunday morning to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Barton. They have one other child a daughter. Mr. Barton's sister, Mrs Roy Burkett of Fort Dodge is caring for mother and baby. Mrs. Barton's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hauptman of Wesley, came Sunday noon, and Mrs Hauptman remained for a few days. Mrs. A. L. Long, Mrs. T. p. Harrington, and Mrs. E. W. Lusby left Friday for Grinneli where their daughters are students in college. They wer e accompanied to Marshalltown by Mrs w vernon to visit her daughter, Mary Eli-' A. Foster, who then went on to Mt a«wth, a student at Cornell college. The four ladies returned to their homes Monday. John Ward, who makes his home with a sister, Mrs. Earl Reed, northwest of here, left for Jeanette, Pennsylvania, where he will help his sister Sylvia Ward, pack her belongtogs. MtS Ward, together with a toendTboth of whom have been doing settlement work In Jeanette. will leave soon for Chin* as missionaries under the »««"»» *»»»»*^*»"«'« t *urj **&••) C»t*Vt OW44) tlVltttnHf BW* tended the wedding of Creta Taylor and Gene Relter at Bancroft Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bloom and little son, Dick, left Tuesday for Mason City where they will spend a few days with Joe's mother, Mrs. Sam Bloom and daughters. Tho Neville Shoe store is being pap- wed and painted tfcto week. The new decorations will add much to the appearance of the store. Carl Willason and Ms men are doing the work. Mr. and Mrs. John Ooedera have been ill for several days with tbe flu, but are reported as on the way to recovery. Mrs. Henry Aman is helping to care for them. Mr. and Mrs. D. Loveall and daughter of Brazil, Indiana, arrived Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Loveall's sister, Mrs. Bert Deal. They will visit here a week. Mr. and Mrs. Burton Arrowood are the happy parents of a five and one- half pound baby girl born February 20. The baby has been named Jacquillne Annette. Mrs. Arrowood was formerly Joan, five year old dmuthter of Mr and Mrs. DonaM Hnt<-htsoft, contracted ft severe cold a tfiort time ago which developed Into aei»te kidney trouble. She has been quite serlously'ill but at this writing Is improving. Gertrude Keneflck left Monday for Minneapolis where site expects to find employment. She has been working in the Kossuth Re-employment office. Gertrude accompanied Rev. and Mrs C. Paul Carlson to Minneapolis. Dr. and Mrs. Fred Bunker of Paton spent Sunday In Algona with the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. 8. Lindsay. Mr. Lindsay is recovering from slight stroke suffered several days agio and Is able to be about the house. W. J. Becker, T. H. Holmes, sr.. H. A. Norman and T. H. Holmes of Algona and Carl Karnnizel of Britt drove to Des Moines Sunday where they attended a state meeting of dry cleaners which was held at the KIrkwood hotel with about 250 present Mr. and Mrs. Lew Owen came home Saturday from Des Moines where they had been called the week before by the llness of their grandchildren, Joan and Jarbara Housh. Barbara has been ser- ously ill with pneumonia and Joan has been having trouble with her ears. Mrs. Edythe L. Dalley writes from New York where she is taking special work in search of new beauty aids for Algona women and sends an advertisement whidh appears elsewhere telling about some of the new things she will have for her patrons upon her return from the east. James White of Manilla spent the week end in Algona at the Alfred Norman home. Mrs. Norman returned with him to Manilla and will spend a month with (her two daughters, Mrs James White and Mrs. Joe White. At the James White home she will make the acquaintance of her new grandson. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Peterson of Spirit Lake stopped in Algona Friday to call on old friends. They were on their way home from DCS Moines where Earl had attended tlhe hardware convention. Earl was auditor of Kossuth county a number of years ago, but has been in the hardware business at Spirit Lake for about ten years or more. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Pearson and Mr. and Mrs. H. B. White drove to Waukon Wednesday morning to attend the funeral of Keith A. Roggensack who was killed Sunday evening near Waterloo when he was struck by an automobile. Roggensack was employed as a state checker a few years ago and was located in Algona for several months. Mrs. Qus Jantech of Montrose, South Dakota, arrived Saturday evening for an extended stay at the P. V. Mathison and Burt Arrowood homes. Mrs. Jantsch is a sister of Mrs. Mathison and visited (here six yearajtgo. Mrs. Janisch was guest of honor at an oyster supper given at the Arrowood home tfonday evening in celebration of her twenty-eighth wedding anniversary. Killed Near Waterloo Keith A. Roggenaack, 30, who formerly lived in Algona where he worked for some time, was killed Sunday night by an automobile near Waterloo, the driver of which did not stop. Roggensack was to have been assigned to work for the Regfcter & Tribune near Oelweln. Ray Kresensky Gives Rotary Talk on Poetry Ray Kresere?ky entertained the Rotary club. Monday noon, with a talk on poetry and an Interpretation of poets as he knew them. Poets are not long haired, dirty finger-nailed individuals, he said, but human beings, who find a chance to express themselves in writing. He read several poems of his own, which were mnde doubly Interesting because he gave the background of inspiration which brought them about. The way that poetry was formerly taught in the schools came under Mr Kresensky's flre. He declared that t*»e method formerly used, but now in the process of change, was such that students never wanted to read poetry again. Miss Sarchett Reducing Winifred E. Sarchett was In the office several days ago and announced that she had begun fasting to reduce her weight on Feb. 7. She says her goal Is a 30-day fast, but she does not know If she will be able to continue to fast that long or not. She Is in excellent health so far, and is not weaknixl ns yet. Another Largo Shipment of Folger's Coffee and drip grind coffee pot. A real coffee pot and one pound of coffee, nil for 98c KIDDIES—This is for you—just cut this adv. out and bring it to LONOB Food Shop and get a CORN Loly Pop FREE SATURDAY. LONG'S Food Shop Wants Your Eggs. < &x®y&o&<^^ Free - Free Coffee and Cookies SATURDAY Afternoon and Evening Come in and see the new Globe Ranges in the 1934 models, and watch them in actual use —everybody is invited. The serving and baking will be done by the "Baptist Ladies" who will also have a full supply of pies, cakes, cookies, etc., for sale. Nelson Hardware Algona, Iowa. . . Ruby Mathison. John Loss returned Monday from ohta. of China with an old couple who hav« not seen * white person fer two yew» Sylvia £ a graduate from the high school Joton will, betide them to pack, drive them thro country to tfe» Pacific COM* from they wfll fooito CtUaa Iowa City where he bad spent a few days with his daughter, Rosalia, who is a patient at Oakdale Sanitarium. Rosalia has been gaining in weight and is improving nicely. Matt Lamuth, manager of Swift & Company produce plant, made a business trip to Port Dodge Tuesday. Next Monday he will go to Chicago for a week to attend the annual meeting of Swift & Company. Mr. and Mrs. George Platt left on Wednesday for their home in Neosho, Missouri, after spending a week In Al- gnoa with relatives and friends. Geo. gona with relatives and friends. George's father, a former well known Algonlan, died at Neosho a few weeks ago. , FREE Candy SAT. at the CORYELL Service Station i block south Iowa State Bank No purchase required Ju»t Drive In We know that what every .smart woman wants most in her suit is knockout tailoring—and that's what we've stressed most. Shoulders n't smoothly and sleekly, the way they're supposed to this season. Waists are snug and belted-iii. There is fullness-to-the-front witli dash and sweep to it, in the real Paris manner. Most astonishing of all is the price— 'way below what you'd expect for this quality, style and workmanship.

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