Lead Daily Call from Lead, South Dakota on September 25, 1903 · Page 4
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Lead Daily Call from Lead, South Dakota · Page 4

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, September 25, 1903
Page 4
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Lead Daily Call. LEAD DAILY CALL COMPANY, Proprietor. I. . CROW Eoitm and Mhuu TELEPHONES: Harrison. 257. 31ack Hills, 612-2r. aNiQN(WlCABE,l FRIDAY, SKPT. 25. li3. ' The question which most agitates the female mind nowadays is how to comply with the dressmaker's decree against hips. The sultan expresses regret that his Turkish troops should have been 30 cruel. He could hardly express delight, though he may feel it. Perhaps Senator earmark's plan of depriving the negroes of citizenship is to facilitate John Temple Grave's is heme of deporting them. A spanking machine is in use at the Minnesota state training school. Most mothers, however, prefer the old- fashioned, hand-made article. Tom Johnson is out after Hanna'a scalp. If Tom wants to secure a trophy of his skill at the chase he should go after somebody with more hair. Senator f'annack says he will pro jose to repeal s fifteenth amendment "jitst to Btiitt the discuHsion," The senator is quite likely to be gratified In deciding on an early meeting of congress (he president probably had in mind the len.'ih of time it will take Senator Morgan to deliver his inevitable speech on the canal questiun. "His heart Is In the right place" Is 4111 expression not (infrequently heard and well understood. But Colorado produces a man whope heart is not In the right place and of whom this fan he said without any reflection upon his character or disposition. The doctors are very much puzzled over the fact that his heart has dropped to the lower rigid side of his body. The man who has undergone this unique experience hays he doe not know why hi heart should have changed sides, but, so' far js he knows, he hasn't. CALAMITY CAMPAIGN IN OHIO. In his campaign for the seuale Mark Jiiinna Is apposed by a democratic reformer named Clarke, who enjoys the distinction of being the first and only gold-bug democrat to receive the support of Colonel William Jennings itryan. Mr. Clarke has followed democratic precedent and raised the flag of calamily. around which he appeals to republicans to rally. He gives as his chief reHsoii why ropnldicuns should vote the democriitic ticket the startling prediction thai the whole country is on the verue of n liunneia! collnpse. This Is the same reason Mr. Bryan gave his hearers for deserting the republican parly, and It is based upon the theory that when a candidate bus nothing that will appeal to the reason of a voter, the proper thing to do Is to play upon his f"urs. So the blunder made by Mr. Rryan js to he repealed, and the calamity campaign is on in Ohio. It seems that the more experience the democrat u-leaders hae. (he less they understand the people. If there is ever a time when the people of this country do not want the democrats in power, it is when a financial collapse is due. Past experience has shown that democratic victory and financial distress m) hand In hand, and if Mr. Clarke succeeds In convincing any one that a panic is coining, lie will at the same time furnish the voter with additional roasous for not voting for him. Mr. Clarke could have selected no better means of pleasing Mr. Hauna than by adopting the calamity issue. v"' RIGHTS OK AN EMPLOYER. "Playing the races and all other forms of gambling, immoral conduct and the excessive use of cigarettes jirefltly impair one's usefulness. The Vest business houses in the city do not desire the services of those who practice a ny of t hese t h ings. Not ice is liereby given that any employe so utilising himself is subject to dismissal." Six of the largest of the many large firms la Chicago have recently adopted the context of the above rules as the standard by whhh their thousands of employes are to govern their mode of living. The young meu who play the races, smoke ciga.etu-s to ex ess and indulge in any of the other forms of vice which are liable to in- apaciate them from the Intelligent use of their faculties, will find out that they will have no place on the pay rolls of these firms. This resolve in the part of these business corporations raises the question as to whether or not such coropratlons have the right to control the goings and comings of their employes out of business hours The average young man. although he may not be in the least inclined to follow the horses, dally with the little .dims of red. white and blue, or look upon the frothing mug too often, does not take kindly to any sort of espoin-aee over his actions outside of his office hours. He contends and stronely Asserts that if he does his work faithfully gives all the time demanded and applies the entirety of his energy and Intelligence to the special details al lotted to him. that once his desk 1 closed and his office door sfcuts behind liim. his relations with his mployer cease. That outside of his capacity as in employe his employer has nouiebt to dictate his behavior or control his mode of living. A And that is just where the averVee young man makes his great mistake. 1h$ office attache who is familiar with all of the allurements which tnveigle a man from the paths of sobriety and lecency has not much fear, for he is either always on the lookout for the discovery of his weaknesses, or he is clever enough to cover up his tracks ami keep hidden for a time at least-his irregularities.. It is the average young fellow, of fair bringing up. of respectable family and good habits who needs the care and attention of those for wiiom he works. It has always been a conjec ture on the part of nopl who think about it at all. as to where, and how, rhe army of young men workers spend 1 heir spare time ami evenings, Em plovers no longer entrust tha- welfare of their clerks out of their minds and think that their duties cease when they pay them their, salary for value received. They are now wanting to know for their own interests, cer tainly what liecomea of the clerk whose salary is in two figures when he is at leisure, because the two-figure man is generally the young, inexperi em-ed one, and to save him from him self is the aim of his firm, it is to be hoped. The employer has Just as much right o protect his interests outside of btisi ness hours as a father has to demand the whereabouts of a son who is under age. If a firm knows that a clerk spends his spare hotirs In pursuits that are almost sure to end in his ultimate unfitness for a position of trust, it is up to that superior officer to save that fellow's credit and thereby make him of value to themselves. While It looks as if such a proposition must necessar ily be a selfish one. It cannot be called entirely one-shied. The firm which protects itself by in sisting upon fairly correct behavior from its employes is doing to these same employes an untold good by showing them what It means to keep Hway from bail company and not spend their salaries In riotous living. These firms Imve the right of it, all right RESPONSIBILITY IN BALKANS. Sioux City Journal: It is to be fear ed the Maiedonians and Bulgarians in their present plight are receiving considerable more sympathy than the actual situation in the Balkans . would seem to warrant. Nobody over here can pretend to know with accuracy what is going on In the "cockpit of Europe." but there is enough on the record to indicate that the sultan of Turkey Is not wholly to blame for thfl existing unpleasantness. It would not be surprising to hear that he is no) at all to blame for (he massacres and out rages which are being so lavishly reported by correspondents who are making the most of their opportuni ties. There is obviously so much flc- ion mixed In with whatever fact may be available that the whole fabric i hrown under suspicion. It Is a matter of frequent criticism over here that the civilized nations of Europe should stand Idly by, and permit the Turk to wreak his will upon he Christian population of Macedonia. Surprise is expressed that Russia and Austria should serve notice on Bul garia that she will have to fight her own battles if she insists on going to war with Turkey. In this connection he fact, of course. Is that Europe has indorsed the stains quo iu the Balkan peninsula, and the Macedonians and Bulgarians in trying to promote war with Turkey are defying Europe at well asthe sultan. It will be recalled that the so-called revolution in Macedonia was fomented ry a crowd of adventurers known as the Macedonian committee. This Is the same outfit under whose auspices an American missionary was held in captivity for several months and finally released only upon payment of a heavy ransom, Neither the Macedonian committee nor the Macedonian peon I e could gel a very strong letter of recommendation form their European acquaintances.. SOME BLESSINGS OF GFIEF. Don't grieve but since you must Brieve, learn that there Is good even In grieving. Alas for hi in who Is too blind to see that there is something more than grief in grieving! Perfect happiness is the great desire, yet we could never realize happiness but for Its contrasts with griefs. Just is we never could realize sunshine but t'or shaiTnws and periods of darkness. It is In the spring, when the gloomy winter has just gone, and in the au-'utiin. when the winter Is near again, that we enjoy sunshine most. In midsummer, when the sunshine is really most perfect, we enjoy It the least because of the lack of contrast. The human mind does not comprehend perfection except through imperfections. We could not know happiness but for griefs. Grief has value all its own. He who has been altogether ilad is but- half-made: his poor life '.acks completeness. He Is incapable if realizing real gladness. Arielbert von Chamlsso's "Peter Schlenilhl" Is a German classic. It Is a little story of a man who sold to the devil his shadow. That, he thought he lOnld easily spare nothing else was so uMeWy useless. But poor Peter soon found out that with his shadow gone a Inind of sympathy between himself and his fellow men was gone also. Men feared hint and women fled with him. The sunshine that fell where his shadow ought to have been, divided him from all mankind. He learned that in a man's shadow Is that outward expression of himself which shows thit he has been touched, like others, by the light of heaven. The little story Is hut a poet's whim. But in it the true philosopher may find a deep well of meaning. Many a man has sold to the devil his griefs and thought it a good bargain, only to find himself in the same isolation from human sympathy as did the man without a shadow. The man who can drown his cares in drink may think he has a good bargain with the devil, but he is burning his bridges behind him on the road to death. The headache and the heartache that he denies himself are the only holds that nature and spirit could have upon him for his rescue. Pal nin the body is the stricken nerve's a"eal to the brain and the heart for help. Grief Is the same sort of natural appeal to one's spiritual forces in time of disress. Heeded, these natural appeals lead to higher health and hiaher happiness. Disregarded, they are but signals of decay. He who has no griefs can soon sum up his joys. He who feels no want ought quickly to set about an inventory of his needs. He would find a lot of them. The fact that he has not felt them proves his inanity and his lack. His shadow is not working. Where there are no griefs there is no inspiration and little activity. There may be a semblam-e of activity, but Hrtle real accomplishment. "You don't know how this privation rouses me." said a great writer. "What privation do you mean?" - "I mean this going wfth only one meal a day because I have no money to biiy more." There, maybe, lies the secret of' the fact that the men who have produced most of the world's great literature trained themselves in garrets. Omaha News. SEALED" BIDS WANTED. The committee representing the skating rink proposition request sealed bids to be left at the office of Joseph Feeney, up to and including the hour of 2, on the afternoon of Thursday. September 24th, on the following: Grading and removing 1,000 yards of dirt, more or less. Furnishing 150 perch of rock more or less to be delivered on ground, also bid as to cost of setting above 150 perch of rock more or less, in wall. Rock and other material to he furnished to be of a good and substantial kind. The committee reserve the right to reject any and all bids. E. MAY, W. BARTLETT, J. S. GRAHAM. DAVE MORGAN, M. C. CAMPBELL, Coram itee. NOTICE. All subscribers to stock in the Lead Skating Rink company are hereby notified and requested to fneet at the Golden Star club rooms on Saturday evening, September 2t, at 9 o'clock for the purpose of organizing, electing di rectors and transacting other business that may legally come before said meeting. E. MAY. W. BARTLETT. J. S. GRAHAM, DAVE MORGAN, M. C. CAMPBELL, Committee. BIDS WANTED. Pealed bids will be received by the undersigned for (he erection of a mas onry wall In front of property on Main street until 1 o'clock p. m., Monday, September 28th. 1903. Location and dimensions may be obtained at the residence, where bids will be received M. CHAPMAN. 40fi Main St. FEARFUL ODDS AGAINST HIM. Bedridden, alone and destitute. Such In brief was the condition of an old soldier by name of J. J. Havens, ver sallies, O. For years he was troubled with Kidney disease and neither doct ors nor medicines gave him relief At length he tried Electric Bitters. It put him on his feet in short order and now he testifies: "I'm on the road to recovery." Best on earth for l.lver and Kidney troubles and all forms of Stomach and Bowel Complaints. Only 50 c. Guaranteed by Dickinson Drug Co. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. Miss Qrace, of piano. 502 Main street, teacher 8-ltlml Cut-rate railroad tickets sold by J. W. Currau. bought and tf Pure home-made lard, only 11 cents per pound, at Anderson's Mill street Market. 6 31tf Everything In the line of school books and supplies for city or county at Perkins.' Terms casl. 24tf For a bilious attack take Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets and a quick cure Is certain. For sale by all druggists. School books at Penklns' cover free with every book, free with every tablet. A with every slate. A book A blotter ruler free 9-41 f C E. Hawley sells the handsome "Singer" piano. As good a "commer-cisl" piano as there Is made for $200. Ml Main street. Deadwood. Mrs. Louise Kurtz begs to announce to the public that she will continue her dressmaking parlors at her home, 415 Haliroad avenue, commencing September 6. -2tf Stop. They havn't got a genuine "standard" piano in their store. Do they think people are "green ' out here in the Hills. C. E. H. 9-2it6 I WANT A PIANO. Go to C. E Hawley. 639 Main street (Ladles Ba-:aar). If you want to know when you are getting the best piano for your money. Charles Henry Collins wishes to announce that he Is permanently located In Lead and will give Instruction in artistic violin, piano, mandolin and guitar playing, at the home of pupiis or at studio. 607 Main street. 8-llml J. M. I-awreme. the saw flier Is now at No. 9 McClellan street, where he is prepared to sharpen all kinds of saws, razors, scissors, knives and all kinds of tools. Handles will also be put on saws and butcher knives, etc. 9-17tf WHAT IS LIFE? In the last analysis nobody knows but we do know that It 1 under strict law. 'Abuse that law even slightly, derangement of the ortrans, resulting In Constipation. Headache or Liver trouble. Dr. King's New Life Pills quickly re-ad justs this. It's gentle, yet thorough. Only 25c at Dickinson Drug Co. store. Tuesday, Sept. 1st, The Big Brick Store Grand display of new fall and winter dress goods, novelty trimmings, new Mercerized Waistings, and black and novelty silks. All lines complete. Designs and Colorings Exclusive. If we Show it, it's new. If it's new, we show it. Enough said, come and see the finest assortment and greatest variety we have eVer shown. ip Hearst Mercantile Go., I . SOUTH DAKOTA. I to tii U Hi kt iit ilt to h iti tf Vl Hi Hi to to to to to to to CHOCEHHSj& r ffi ff 41 ft f i) 0f ff ff if f if tji ffk ffi i$ (fit jf fl A BOY'S WILD RIDE FOR LIFE. With family around expecting him to die, and a son riding for life, 18 miles, to get Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption. Coughs and Colds, W. H. Brown, of Leesville, Ind., endured death's agonies from asthma: but Uiia wonderful medicine gave instant relief and soon cured him: ' He writes: "I now sleep soundly every night.1 Like marvelous cures of Consumption, Pneumonia, Bronchitis, CoughB, Colds and Grip prove Its matchless merit for all Throat and Lung troubles. Guaran teed bottles 50c and II. Trial bottles free at Dickinson Drug, Co. store. STOMACH TROUBLE . "I have been troubled with my atom ach for the past four years." says D. L. Beach, of Clover Nook Farm, Green field. Mass. "A few days ago I was In duced to buy a box of Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets. 1 have taken part of them and feel a great deal better." If you have any trouble with your stomach try a box of these Tablets. You are certain to be pleased with the result. Price 25 cents. For sale by all druggists. Y TTT TT TTYTTTTYT Frank Delehant, Wholesale and Retail Dealer in . . COAL . SELLSf CANYON CITY COAL MAITLAND COAL iiOUSt COAL SHERlDAfi COAL Spargo Block MO. 7 North SLEEKER ST. 4AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAm F.SCHUTZE Bakery What You Get For Cash 3 loaves home-made bread lOr St big loaves French bread 15c ' loaves German rye bread lBo We have also reduced the price on ALL KINDS OF CAKES COOKIES No. U Main St, Lead. EMPTY do not prove the stock. You must test for yourself. Our wires will stand any test. That of actual use Is the one we most desire. It will leave no doubt In your mind as to the quality of our GROCERIES They are of the "come again" kind. The foodstuffs being fresh and In perfect condition they never fall to give satisfaction when cooked. Another pleasant feature is the price. We touch lowest notch. We sell the celebrated Swans Down and Ferndell brands of flour. Chase& Sanborn's Coffee and Teas. Hazelund butter and eggs and many other high grade specialties. w ww ww WW WWPP W V W WW WWW WW P. A. GUSHURST, LEAD A. F. Mochon Co Staple And Fancy Groceries. THE BEST BAKERY GOODS. Albert Anderson Invites bis FRIENDS AND PATRONS - to visit IHE LOUVRE at th new location NO. II N. HILL STREET. me Best Goods and a Quiet House DR; R. K. MORTON SPECIALIST. Eve,Ear,NoseThfoal Spectacles and eye-glasses accurately fitted. All catarrhal diseases treated. Artificial eyes. Over Jenkins' Drug Store, E. Main St. LEAD. SOUTH DAKOTA. IViUIltJy Made No matter what you save It on. Tou might Just as well make a few dollar by buying jour goods of na bare them and are always buying more. SEELIG Second Hand Goods 1(i9Vs Main Street, Lead South Dakota WALTER Al'KAY. REAL ESTATE. L04.NS. INSURANCE Office, May Block. LEAD, SO. DAK. the Date the Place The Occasion . . . WORDS GOOD Wearing Shoes. Shoes of unquestionable quality Shoes correct In style and perfect In fit Shoes bought tor the best trade la the town are to be found in endless quantity In our establishment. Our goods are sold at a reasonable figure and their exceptional wearing properties make them profitable to the purchaser. I J. SEEDALL, North Mill Street. I ead South Dakota. GO TO A. C. DAVIS FOR COAL AND WOOD AND GET TICKETS ON Piano Contest. 108 REDMOND BLOCK. QSTEOPATHV THE IETTER WAT TO HEALTH. TILLIE WISMER Osteopathic Physician. Consultation Free in English and German Trtit Ail Acnti iti Ckreale Oitsttss. OWCS: CMUTZ IWLOWS. LEAD. S. D. USE SWAN'S DOWN FI OUR I

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