The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 18, 1934 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 18, 1934
Page 4
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The Algona Uppef DCT Molflw, Algous, Iowa, Ian, Id, 1934 Old Time Resident Of KoMOth Passes at Gary, So. Dakota cfatr, sontft DftHota: Montfay tnoriH Int the Onff ttottrfluntty was saddened trite iww» that "l/sr TWwnw wl* deH«t Mr. ThotaJui, *rts6 had t armed in Worlds township, Yellow Medicine etfnaty, tow* miles eftrt of Gary the put 88 yeara, WM w*r a «tattf*h supporter of the Chary eenammlty Mid «c- tlre In its braking and fraternal or- gftntoUons, Letter Emory Thomas was nearly 60 years of age, having been born on February 18, 1874, at Wesley, Kossuth county, Iowa. His parents have preceded him In death. On December 28, 1898, at Algona, Iowa, he married Nellie May Edmonds, and to tfals union were born eight children, surviving children are two sons and two daughters, Chester Thomas of Tltonka, Iowa, Mrs. Earl Lohr of CMry, Mrs. Guy Johnson of Gary, afad Berwtn, freshman at Gary school. Besides Mrs. Thomas and the children be is survived by two sisters, Mrs. A. E. Falles of Canby, and Mrs. Lettie Lfth- nan MoArthw of Los Angeles, California, and a brother-in-law, H. H. Hen- drlcfcs 6f Sutherland, Iowa. Mr. Thomas was a member of all the tranches of the Odd Fellow lodge and i of the Woodrttiln lodge also. He became a member of the Gary I. O O. F, lodge in April, WM. Funeral services were held Wednes day afternoon at the State School audi torium, fesv. Prentice of the canb Congregattotial church officiating. Rev. Prentice spoke of the deceas cd as fofiow*: "To know Mr. Thomas was to ad nilre the Integrity of his life and his sterling manhood, His neighbors holt ail a valued possession the memory o a Rood man. Mis loved ones have i sttfi keene* aetise of the wealth of th life they httld In sacred memory." Mrs. Thothas was a popular Algons girl as May Edmonds. She is a sister o! Mrs. Bert Norton. Trinity Lutheran Annual Meeting The annual meeting of the voting members of the Trinity Lutheran church was held last Sunday afternoon. The meeting was well attended. An encouraging report was read by the treasurer which Showed that the cdtt- gregatlon had no debt at the end ol the past year. The annual election of officers took place In this meeting. The church council consists of the following officers for the new year: president, Henry Wegner; board of elders, H. Wegener, H. Boettcher, Win. Dau; school board, H. Lavrenz, W. Will, Chas. Geilenfeld; secretary, Prof. A. Burmels- ter; treasurer, Louis Hints; trustee Robert Bell. The Concordia Ladles' Aid held its annual meeting last Thursday with Mrs. August Huenhold. The election of officers for the new year turned ou as follows: president, Mrs. H. Wegen er; vice president, Mrs. R. Ltesener secretary, Mrs. A. Huenhold; treasurer Mrs. M. Bast; flower committee, Mrs Huenhold, Mrs. Hintz, Mrs. Buss and Mrs. Will. THEATRE CHATTER "Flying Down to Bio" has an the niarks of becoming one of the best pictures of the year, if box office receipts in other cities mean anything—and they do. The picture conies to the Call Theatre, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week and introduces many new angles to the musical comedy moving picture field. Perhaps you, like ourselves, thought the boys had exhausted all Ingenuity in "Forty-Second Street" and "Footlight Parade," but no, there was still the sky, so up into the air goes the story. Plus an Argentine background, and with dark- eyed Dolores Del Rio performing In the beet Argentine mannelr, or the worst, the enteratinment value is high. There is one dance which makes 8a- lotno and her veils look like a game of dxop-the-handkerchief. IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF IOWA IN AND FOR KOSSUTH COUNTY JANUARY TERM, A, D., 1934 THE EQUITABLE LIFE AS-) SURANCE SOCIETY OF) THE UNITED STATES, ) Plaintiff) vs. ) John P. Heldcrscheldt, ad-) mlnlstrator of the Estate of) Michael Helderscheldt, De-) ceased; Adam Helderscheldt:) Mathew Helderscheldt; Mag.) gle Simon; Kathryn Jucum,) otherwise known as Juchen;) Susie Andre; Annie Maf-j nsch; Mary Forman; Valen-) tine Dieter; Mike Dieter;) Tonle Dieter; Kathren Die-) or: Valantlne Helderscheldt:) .Toe Helderscheldt: John) Helderscheldt; Charlie Held-) erscheldt; Mike Helder-) cheldt; Adam Holderscheldt;) Katie Helderscheldt Wag-) ner; Dora Helderscheldt) Wagner; Mike Von Bank;) Peter Von Rank; Nick Von) Bank: Joe Von Bank: Lit-) rle Schaller; Katie Von) Rank; Rose Stalleman or) Ptattleman: Mary Orlgner or) Drlger; Maggie Ynckley;) Folmnle Helderscheldt: John) lerkhlmer: Kossuth County;) Mrs. Henry Bonnstetter,) ometlmes known as Katie) Bonnstetter; Mrs. Eugene) Welter, sometimes known as)ORIGIlTAI, Maggie Welter; Mrs. JdKeWOTICB Marti, sometimes knowrt to) Anna Mart I; Mrs. Hiram) Rles, sometimes known as) Mary Rles, Mrs. George) Pchaller, sometimes known) as Susie Schaller; Mfs.) Carl Satern, some ttmeM) known as Veronica Sat-) ern; Henry Marnach; Mrs.) I.ou Qabrlelson, sometimes) known as Lena Qabrlelson;) Mike Marnach; Etigene) Marnach; Mrs. Matt Hent-) fres, sometimes known as) Katie Hentges; Emma Jn-) ckum, sometimes known as) Emma Juehem; Henry Ju-j ckum, sometimes known as) Henry Juehem; Thomas Jn-) ekum, sometimes known as) Thomas Jnchem; Adam Jn-) eknm, sometimes known as) Adam Juehem; John Juck-) um, sometimes known as) John Juehem; Mrs. Peter) Capsnscles, sometimes) known as Mrs. Peter Cape-) slus; Peter Capsuscles,) sometimes known as Peter) Capeslus; Matt Hentges. Defendants.) TO SAID DEFENDANT: HENR-f MARNACH. You and each of you are hereby notified that there Is now on flle In the office of the Clerk of the District Court of Kossuth County, Iowa, the petition of the Plaintiff, claiming of yon, the mim of $8,000.00 on account of your promissory note dated May 17. Al RaliB, :.tb«r .... . If) Vincent 13. Ki'. r>er, labor i.OO Karl Krebf. !<b •* t.•..«,* Newel Hardware, sup. 12.80 Kott/haas ft Sprites, sup 80.18 Joe Oreenberg, sop. 47.45 Frank Flalg. »np. 2».50 J. M. Blanchard, sup 51.80 Qeo. Han sen, tnp, 10.00 C. 8. Johnson, sup. 7.03 W. B. Ley. sup. 9M Chas. Lander, sup 3.50 A. B. TwMten, sup 28.89 W. B. Qutknecht, sup 58.18 Beed Hardware, sup 8.00 F. A. Griffith, sup., amt. claimed $20.65 18.95 P. J. Hetken, adv. repairs .... 4.60 J. A. Peterson Garage, sup. .. 19.81 Matt Murtha, sup 4.19 Kossuth Co. Implement Co., sup. 7.35 Wm. Myers, Jr., sup. 7.00 Frank D. Fisher Garage, sup. .. 4.f6 M. & A. Peters, sup 1.60 A. H. Fuch*. sup $.92 Deldutch Super Service, sup. .. 228.71 Elbert Garage, sup 23.35 Geo. Holtzbauer, sup 13.24 Norton Machine Works, sup 45.81 Kent Motor Co., sup 27.93 F. D. Ryther, sup 3.00 Nelson Hardware, sup $.30 Town »>f Burt, sup 8.00 Ne-mmeis Hardware, sup 18.46 and Lease, sup 1.60 "Vesley Auto Co.. sup 10.83 Thompson Yards Inc., sup. Beck Coal Co., sup. 396.90 12.40 rtotsford Lumber Co., sup 78.70 Farmers Co-o|>. Ass'n., sup. Moore & Moore, sup. J. M. Fleming, sup. 'armerg Co-op. Elevator Co., JDZY, originally given 10 tne uouins i sup Mortgage Company, and endorsed tn {he I Whlttemore Elevator Co., sup. Plaintiff herein; also for the foreclosure acck Coal Co., sup, of the real estate mor'sage given to - ' secure the above described tiote, WhISh mortgage was orlglniv!!; glvon to the Collins Mortgage Company ar.d assigned to the Plaintiff herein, together with Interest on said note and penalty thereupon as provided In said note and mortgage given to secure It; also fees for the extension of the abstract, attorney fees, costs and taxes provided by the terms of said mortgage, which mortgage covered the following described real estate In Kossuth county, Iowa, to-wlt: The South »alf of the Southwest Fractional Quarter of Section I*. Township 94, Range 19. West of the Rth P. M.. containing 78 acres more or less, according to the Government survey thereof: and Is recorded In Book 98, Page $20. of the records of Rossuth County, fowa. Petltlon will also ask for the appointment of a receiver. For further particulars, fee Petition. Personal Judgment s demanded against no one. And unless you appear and defend on or before noon of the second day of he January Term of the District Court f Kossuth County, to be held at Alona, Iowa, commencing on the 29th ay of January, 1934. default will be ntered against you and Judgment and tcree rendered thereon. BARNES. BARNES A WADSWORTH, -4 Attorneys for Plaintiff. 15.75 8.50 39.18 30.85 1.83 15.63 179.30 25.00 M BOARD OF SUPERVISORS PROCEEDINGS ______ _ opened ait »H«l|frwnrir fc New York 1ft a play which baa not proved any too popular, due to no fault of her own. But .she 18 different. "Morning Glory," one of the two feature pictures at the Call Theatre, Saturday, gives her another chance to express that peculiar personality which has divided the movie-go- jng public Into two factions, them as does like her, and them as doesn't. Terzan to. also on the program and will bring his usual thrills to the youn- sters, and maybe a few of the oldsters, as he swings from tree to tree, slays Itons with ease, escapes from the high priest of the Bad Men, and dashes in and out of cannibal festivals. We are wondering how long it will take Tarran to be able to fully talk and became civilized. But when he does that, hell Mart making love and that will j-poU him. • • • Frederic March and RCriam Hopkins mad* a great combination in "Design for Living." They appear together again In "All of Me," an alluring title to the Sunday and Monday feature at the Call Theatre. George Raft replaces Gary Cooper as the third member of the featured stars in the picture, • • • Ely C*Jbert*on and the directors of the bridge series, one of which will be on the Tuesday and Wednesday performance next week at the Call, have .succeeded in combining some of the fine points of bridee from an educational standpoint, with enough fun and foolishness to make it also entertain- in" for tfrnie to whom bridge Is just a name. The feature picture will be "Women in His Life," wtth Ben Lyon, Una Merkel, and Otto Kruger playing the leads. A comedy and short jre also included. • • • And la conclusion, attention should ho railed to the fact that of the ten pictures of the year, as selected by cinema critics for Film Dally, all but one of the pictures were shown at the Call Theatre. The nine shown here were "Caval- cadeV "42nd Street," "Private Life of H""rv t><> VIII.'" "Lady for a Day," "State Pair," "Farewell to Anns," "She Done Him Wrong," "I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang," and •'Rasputin and the Empress." The one picture not shown here was "Maedchen in Uniform," which was a foreign- made picture. A miehty good record for any theatre, anywhere. Auditor's office. January 2, 1934. Hoard of Supervisors of Kossuth nunty met in regular session with all embers present. On mntlon Hoard proceeded to audit nd allow bills. nonril proceeded to read minutes of ant regular session and all adjourned sslons. Motion by Funnomark and second by ilKeman that minutes of last regular flslon and all adjourned sessions be pproved as read. Ayes: all. There being no further business for le old board, on motion by Balgeman nd second by Helken the old board djourned. Ayes: alt. Supervisor-elect Balgeman nnd sup- rvlsor-elcct Cosgrove were sworn In as supervisors of the 1st and 3rd dls- rlcts respectively for a term of three •ears. Hoard proceeded to elect a chairman or year 1934. Motion by McDonald and second by Rnlgeman that Chas. Morris act as chairman for the year 1934. Ayes: all. On motion Board adjourned to one o'clock p. m. One o'clock p. m. Board o( Supervisor* met trarvttavt^ tb udioixrntnant -wlttt all members present. Motion by McDonald and second by Helken that officials bonds of Leo J Immerfall for $3,000.00 and Elliott Ku- lamlcr for 13,000.00 be approved for the year 1934. Ayes: all. Motion by Helken and second by Balseman that Kossuth County Advance, Algona, Iowa, Algona Upper Des Molnes, Algona, Iowa, and Dancroft Register. Bancroft, Iowa, be appointed as official papera for the year 1934. Ayes: all. Motion by McDonald and second by Cosgrove that following amounts were counted by the Board of Supervisors on January 2. 1934, In the various county offices: Cash Bank Auilltor'8 office $ lb.00 $365.90 Treasurer's office. 6677.38 Clerk of District Court 22.96 287«.8< Sheriff's office none 982.11 Recorder's office 263.17 705.8* Ayes: all. Motion by Unlgeman and second by Co»i?rov« that quarterly reports of B. J. Butler, County Auditor, K. J. Mo- Kvoy. Clerk of District Court, J. J Dooley. County Recorder, and Car Dahlhauscr, County Sheriff, be approved. Ayes: all. On motion Hoard proceeded to audl and allow bills ns per "Schedule o riiihiiB"M hereinafter written: SOHK.IMI.K 0V CLAIMS COUNTY FUND Amt. Amt. Claimed Allowed Advance I'ub. Co., pub. proc. etc $ 88.0 City of Algnna, light serv 30.2 Charles I'lapsauMle, bty 9< (Slenn lieere, bty l.Ofl Niirlliwe.iterii Hull Tele Co., tel. I Lloyd Young, witness fee 3.20 1 '.. N. Krusc. Jury fee 4.00 '. J. Kolilhaas. jury fee 4.00 '. Zender. Jury fee 4.00 'rank Bauer, witness fee 4.40 toy Smith, witness fee 4.70 en Farrow, witness fee 4.70 Garfleld Erlckson, witness fee 4.90 Irs. Clara Poole, witness fee . 4.70 red Dorsey. witness fee 4.70 ilrs. C. O. Peterson, -witness fee B.OO A. Myers, witness fee 7.50 f. K. Brown, witness fee 7.60 alph Ebbellng, witness fee .... 7.50 lly Anderson, weed comm 4.00 elson Hardware, sup 2.10 I. N. Taylor, fuel 40.20 COURT FUND Tathew C. Orler, court reporter 269.90 I. J. Klttleinnn, court reporter 86.61 •Ccnneth Davidson, court reporter 110.00 'eter \V. Dahlhauser, bailiff .... 45.00 HOAD CONSTUUCTION FUND A. Roberts, bridge 315.90 A. Roberts, bridge 99.00 >on T. Nugent, ass't engr 140.00 liltnn McKadden. rodman 62.50 I. M. Smith-, salary 245.00 8. B. French Lumber Co.. sup. , Jul«« B*lf*rt, gradlnc ........ M. T. MeOmreT gT&aThg LIBRARY FUND Rand McNally & Co.. brfoks .. Kcott Foresman & Co., books Glnn & Co., books Row Peterson & Co., books .. Henry Holt & Co., book* .. J. B. Llpplncolt & Co., book* Sliver Burdette & Co., book* Bobbs Merrill & Co., books . J. H. Doyle Co., books l:oy Scouts of America, book* American Book Co., books .. Houghton Mlfflln ft Co., books Loldlaw Bros., book* Edwin Allen Co.. books Clarkson Fub. Co., books Book Hupply Co., books Glnn ft Co., books Follett Dock Co.. book* 13.23 Iowa I'uplls Heading Circle, books 26.28 Florence E. Wells, payment to Palo Alto Co 18.75 A. Flanagan & Co., books 4.00 Miicmlllan Co.. books 20.61 McKnlght & McKnlght. bookn . 7.20 Donald Wier, aupt., book* .. (Crowded Out Last Week) Mrs. Homer Anderson and eon of AJgoua spent part of Mondaj here visiting several of her friends. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Dornbier are tiie parents of a baby boy, their third son and child, born to them Thursday night. vrtaa Margaret Loolt and slater, Jchnette. drove to Seneca Friday where they spent the day with their brother, Henry and family. Oliver Young has accepted a position as fi"tf l frt""t to Wilbur Fischer on the county road truck, and began his duties the nrtt of the year. Leo Wellik returned to Omafaa by way of bos last week following a two weeks' vocation here with his parents, Mr. and Mis. Frank Wellik. Frank t :la pttaiidle, bty M;iry K. Saniln. Halary H. .1. lluller, Co. Auditor. bty \V. 1-1. Mrl innalil, rumm. & hlnn K. .1. ItalKenmn, coinrn. & H! on <il;if i-'iiiinfinark. i-nmm. & Murrls llflkv & iinin. n, ronm MrMabu .slil rU-y, exp Initfy, t,irh-<- e.vp. Mi-ICvi,}-. L-XP. . . . ex p. & ings Atlvunr lugs Hliet lit \i. procet ii L. It.-c-ker. labor n Itcsti-iilvliiivr. labor HalilliausiT, (irtlrf: exj). Ck'ani'r. repair and post- 55. 31 2.5 70.0i 10.8169.5 169.1 178.7 issii; 76.1 78.2 113.0 ti.7 19.i S5.S 80.8 75.2 42.5 ir,.o 2.2 .7 33.2 5.8 19.G 201.3 16.0 44.0 ll.-li' H.;li- c'arl 1-;1K I. M M age linmic Illunk l!odk ('"., blip ..... M.'KniKl't & MclCnlglit, «up. .. Klljilo l.nuni- l.tnt Co., sup ..... lii-r'vr. Pi'u|ili.-H SVKM Hank, sup. Mall l'ari"(t A- Sona Co., sup. .. Miiu & Kjunreii. (sup ........... 1.9 1 l!i-". HriUzbauer, Sup ........... .7 .1. I.. Mulluy, sup ............... 1.0 P. J. Helken, tele, cxp ......... 22.4 H. H Hui nlns'l'aua, trustee in If. 30 H. \\'. Haiins. lri!."l>-L- IntB ..... 3.0 .li.i' Sri ull.-r. triistm mtg ..... 3.0 Wannur. IruatL-e mt(f ..... 3.0i Kelly, truijtcu mtg ....... 6.0i I.uofi. trusd-L- nitK ....... 6.0' <;>:<> E. liuiturllulil. trustee mtg. 60 Kuih )ti-utlii-r.M. sup ........... D6.0 Hi-nry Hallcy. tru»ti:e mtg ..... 6.0i Hi, si-iie Mawdsloy, Irustei; mtg. 6.0 1 Alfred Juib-eiisun, trusltu mltf. .. 6.0 1 II. r ICI'inn. liu.slet: intg. .. 6.0' Alb. Potratz. trustee mtg ....... 2.0 Pi.-n.-r Klijeii. truHtt-u mtg ....... 3.0 1 i;.u. Wlnki-1. trustee mtg ..... 3.0i l-.nn Ki.hlue.s. ti-usUi; mtK ..... 3.0 I. J Aiiil<-r>uii. trustee mtg ..... 6.0i *'. Muiiii, (juaruntlne ........ 6.0 .1 KIljlH-r, unclaimed fees .. 88 .anor J. Huhiii, labor ...... 226 in. .-Ma <' D.M.ley. lubor ...... 37.7 H. F. Donovan, premium policy 218.0 I; A. Evaiij. coroner's fee .... 60.0' I'l.ylll.. P.II.-,.JI,H, repoilei'a feu . 25.6 J. A Harlif. Jury fees ........ 6.0: I.. \V. KVHh, jury fees ........ 60' A. A. stfrllntt. Jury fees ........ 60 Carl Dalilliauscr, slierllf ...... 175 Occar lK-nti-",n, witness fee .... 2.6 1>. T). HelilK,.S. wltllL-bH fe-C .. 2.6 N J A!.-.\ai,,ler, Witness feu .. 2G ''ar-'iiil- - I!.. MH.*. witness fee 2.1 K. E. Vlnc«at, wltott^ feu . . t.l .*l .OO . 1BO.O 31.25 7.57 2.88 91 1.48 1.43 1.86 .88 2.00 2.60 8.02 5.44 3.26 9.SO 2.37 9.53 7.9* 9.90 ROAD MAINTENANCE FUND City of Algona. light serv ..... 9.79 Central mates Klec. Co., light uerv ......................... 2.63 Central 3taten Klec. Co., light serv ......................... 1.00 Hugo Onde, labor ............. 29.26 Northwestern Bell Tel. Co., tel. serv ......................... 27.60 Mflvln H. Butler & Equitable Life Ins. Hon.. gravel ........ 150 00 E. J. Butler, freight, adv ....... 5.31 Clarence Woods, labor ........ 81.20 II. H. Hays, labor Fred Baumgartner, labor .. J. H. Montgomery, patrol ,, .Inhn H. Nelson, patrol Elmer Ewlng, patrol Clyde .Sanders, patrol oaear Karing. patrol Will Lt.-eper, patrol .1. K. Qulnn, patrol Jay Omlilcn, patrol Chester Alum, patrol Pearly C. Haynea, patrol .. C. A. I-nmoreux, patrol .... Wilbur A. Flslier. patrol .. Gus Itlchter, patrol F. D. Prulsman, patrol .. . . .loe M. Ksser, putrol Tom Weir, patrol H. 11. McDonald, patrol .... b'led J. Coon, patrol I-M Fuchsen. patrol Peter Movlek, patrol \Villiarn o. I. utUvlg. pulrv»l .. John llaiihelinan. patrol .... Joe Heldi-rscheldt, patrol . . f'lem Goodman, |>alrol .... Ilfrry ilclmke, labor U'm. !•'. rirnnbiii-li, labor .. Clifford Holmes, lanor I.veil W. Miller, labor .... Herman So.lei berg. drag. .. Peli-r N. ThllgeK. (IraK John .Simmons, drag r.oula iScott, drag Maynard Hertzke, drag I.. A. Huckbartl., ilra^r A. M. Oustafuon, drag C. C. Foster, dra;;. I. Ii. ScholteB. drag- C. H. SonnenberK. drag. .. Maynard .Sohn, drag V, W. i.anK<-.rina.n, drag. . . Albeit I.ooft, drag A. D. Larson, drag Krert Biitterfleld. drug E. C lietinkendorf. drag. .. Wllbtrt W Hlchmond, drag. Hi-rrnan Hunktimeier, drag. John Rodmaker, drag C. C. Anderson, drag Carl Zuinacb. dragr All'i-rt Wlttkopf, drag K X Willu-lml. drag Allert Wlttkopf. drag. 2.60 82.26 61.70 64.80 80.15 41.00 112.50 69.70 70.50 54.00 67.50 59.76 78.75 7J.30 71.25 7:5 on 67.50 67.50 69.60 66.!5 7f.Ud 63.10 7'i.Ort 1.10.S5 r.y.Mi 75.00 US.40 6 6.25 49.50 69.10 7.50 11.75 9.00 6.00 18.50 10.60 4.00 .90 18.00 21.0H 6.00 4.75 C.OO 1.00 4 60 9.12 16.00 8.76 6.00 10.25 12 25 6.50 12.26 8.26 J. A. Roberts, bridge Leonard Drager, right-of-way ,. la. Mutual Tornado Inn. Aes'n., Ins. , 4.88 Advance Pub. Co., pub. notice 1.99 Standard Oil Co.. sup 47.80 Henry Johnson, sup 4.40 Am. Hlgglns, sup 1.4S la. Machinery & Supply Co., sup. 92.76 Central Battery A Elec. Co., sup. 80.63 Barton-Warner Co., sup 83.81 Siew-Fort Dodge Co., sup 144.41 White Transfer * Storage Co., sup 64.J2 Olbbn-Cook Tractor ft Equip. Co., sup 7«.83 Halght Tractor tt Equip. Co., sup S8.00 Owatnnna Tool Co., sup 4.85 Wilson Concrete Co.. sup J7.98 P. R. Grace, sup 90.05 DRAINAGE FUNDS East Branch Dr. 6— Geo. Larson, labor 12.50 Dr. 7— HUbcrt Severlen*, labor 13.60 Dr. tO- ft. G. Stenstrom, labor 7.00 Dr. 68— A. E. Michel, engr 26.00 Dr. 69— A. R Michel, engr. 8.00 Dr. 72— Henry Fischer, labor 180.81 A. R Michel, engr 56.00 F. H. Lathrop, rodman 1.2R Dr. 79— Karl Kreb*. labor 7.50 Dr. SO— A. E. Michel, engr. 43.00 Ray A. Marquis, labor 3.50 Geo. Looft, labor 2.50 Dr. 85— Geo. Looft. labor 11.25 Ray A. Marquis, labor 15.75 Dr. 90— F. H. Lathrop, rodman .63 A. K. Michel, engr 41.00 Walter Tapper, labor 3.00 Theo. Dorenbush, labor E.60 Dr. 95— Helderscheld & Helmers, labor 11.90 Dr. 99— Hubert Severlens, labor ...... 33.1* Paul N. Loomls, auditing .... 10.UU Dr. 110— Paul N. Loomls, auditing .... 10.00 Dr. Ill- Paul N. Loomls, auditing .... 10.00 Dr. 115— Paul N. Loomls, auditing .... 10.00 Dr. 116— A. E. Michel, engr 114.00 F. H. Lathrop, rodman .... 17 SK H. J. Gles, supplies 3.00 Botftford Lumber Co., supplies 3.7S Dr. 126— Paul N. Loomls, auditing .... 10.00 A. E. Michel, engr. 10.00 Dr. 128— Paul N. Loomls, auditing .... 10.00 Or 129— Q«o. Ixtott, labor Dr. *133— ** qtl *' A. E. Michel, engr. 26.00 Dr. 134— Paul N. Loomls, auditing .... 10.00 Dr. 135— Paul N. Loomls, auditing .... 10.00 Dr. 137— Paul N. Loomli, auditing .... 10.00 Dr. 138— Paul N. Loomls. auditing .... 10.00 Dr. 143— Paul N. Loomls, auditing .... 10.00 Dr. 144— Henry Klepper. labor 4.40 Phillip Fourago. labor 19.45 Benedict Olsch. labor 11.70 Paul N. Loomis. auditing .... 10.00 Dr. 147— Paul N. Loomls, auditing .... 10.00 Dr. 162— Paul N. Loomls. auditing 10.00 Dr. 162— Paul N. Loomls, auditing .... E.OO Dr. 164 — Paul N. Loomls, auditing E.OO Dr. 169— Paul N. Loomls, auditing .... E.OO Dr. 177— Kossuth Co., Maintenance Fund use of dragline 1SO.OO Sub 8 of 60— Glen Hall, labor C.40 Clyde Sanders, labor 7.50 E -K. No. 1— Pnul N. Loomls, auditing .. 10.00 E-K. No. 2— Paul N. Loomls, auditing .... 20.00 E.-K. No. 4— Paul N. Loomls. auditing .. 10.00 E-K. No. 6— Paul V. I.oomls, auditing .... 5.08 W.-K. 3E-89— C. H. Hanson, labor 6.99 Walter Hanson, labor 2.00 W.-K. No. 68136— Mathesnn & Hadje, labor .. 7.M K. K. Kopp, labor ft sup. ... 4.34 POOR FUND I 1 V. Janse, med. aid. John Rl- ley, amt. claimed $15.00 Not allowed M. M Edmundson, prov.. Harry sankev. amt. claimed 9.98 Not allowed Supervisor DUt. No. 1— l-'iankl Bros., prov. Rav Hankey 30.31 M<ie * KJuKren, prov., John Fox 4.94 K'iirl Krehs, rent .Fred Schneider 18.00 WMttemore Elevator Co., sup. .1 Masters 31,93 F. C. Norton & Son. fuel. John F .>; B.SO 11 W. fleelari. sup., E. Saner .. 7.70 H. It. Xurniu-h. prov.. E. Sager 41.00 J. W. McCrer-ry. mud. aid, unit. (Inline.I 1)200 Mrs. Otto Tletz . . . Mrn. Lou Kverhart P. V. Jiinae. med aid. unit, claimed 132.00 L. W. Swansnn, fun. Bert Baldwin, prov., Clara Neltrel 1 Btojl A SJogren, prov. 83. Clara Nelttel 16.00 F. Hansen B.OO Jame* Taft *.»» R. A. Clark, prov. ., *.M Prank Spelcher 1.00 Jim Jone* I.OO Robert Brown 2.00 Council Oak Store, prov. Amo* Kromtnga 10.SO Loren Brown, prov., Mr*. T. Klein 84 W. T. Pllcher, prov. ».»4 Henry Cook 2.80 C. K. Johnson 5.04 Joe Platt 2.JO Thomas Altre, prov J5.00 John Scl-.mldt t.00 A. F. Connolly 8.00 Mrs. Johannes Cook 18.00 Brownell Shoo Co., shoes, Jame* J. Godden 3.50 Gene Neville, sup., Charlie Harvey 2.40 Mrs. Elsie Cady, rent, O. J. Stephenson , 15.00 Helena Koepke, rent, Aug. Rosenau 21,00 H. W. Post, rent, C. K. Johnson 20.00 Vic Johnson, rent, Bob Steven* 10.00 John Brown, prov. 2.10 Lewis Ol»on 42 Mrs. F. Klein 1.68 Pore .T. Freeh, rent. Lottie Wllt- se 6.00 Bert Grlnnell, rent. Jim McGee. 10.00 Marie Bakken, rent, Mrs. F. Klein 1000 Lucia Wallace, rent, Wilbur Holdren 10.00 Bertha Murray, rent, Clara Neltzel 10.00 F. S. Norton A Son, fuel 111.60 R B. Burbank 8.85 Jim McGee 8.86 Mrs. B. Taylor 8.85 Frank Povalaskl 5.88 John Magnusson 6.85 Johanna Cook 5.86 Henry Cook 6.86 Lottie Wlltse 3.00 Charles Oreen 8.00 Clara Neltzel 6.85 Mrs. J. Oorlflen 6.S5 A. 8. Forbes 11.70 Mrs. F. M. Btoner 6.86 Jens Knudson 6-86 Mrs. Perry Thompson .... 6.85 Mr*. Harvey Graham .... 6.85 Hugh Carroll 5.85 C. K. Johnson 3.00 B. N. Taylor, fuel 1S.05 Mrs. P. Thompson S.SO O. J. Stephenson 3.25 Lottie Wlltse 8.26 J. Helmers 3.26 Standard Oil Co., fuel, Mrs. F. Klein 84 Standard Oil Co.. fuel, Mrs. F. Klein 1.88 C. H. Cretimeyer, med. aid 29.60 Mrs J. Schmidt 2.00 Bob Dutton (-00 Mrs. Nels Peterson 5.00 Myrtle St. John 16.60 R. A. Evans, med. aid 37.76 Jess Umberhauer 1.76 Florence McVey 1.6D Henry Cook 3.00 Mrs. Glen Wood 16.60 Anna Helmers 15.00 P. V. Janse, med. aid A 20 ' 25 Morden Pedersen 2.00 Wilbur Holdren 3.00 Lewis Olson 3.00 Clara Neltzel 1-60 Mrs. Franzen «jOO Charles Johnson fam Ethel Jones 26.00 J. Helmers 6.00 •Walter Steven (Blrl) 60.00 J. N. Keneflck, med. aid 26.00 Clara Neltzel 9.00 Wanda A Doris Taft 2.00 P. V. Mathlson 4.00 R. Dutton 2.60 Jens Knutson 7.50 Walter Fraser, med. aid 17.60 Mrs. R. Stelnman 8.60 Mrs. W. Green 2.00 Mrs. ,T. Selfert ».00 Kossuth Hospital, hosp. care.. 34.60 Dorothy Steven 28.00 Mrs. Bert Bowman 8.50 George Holtzbauer, repairs. Fay .W .60 120.4* 101.65 11.4J «,88 [Auditor to issue ' at this ; Claim*" vote on to Jan- auditor. , Cosstith rnment ond by iSchool vrs be- HI. iy Bai- Mutton P. v. Janse, med. care Graham Co., «up\ . Botsford Lumber Co., stj Kosooth Co. implement C L. vf. Fax, f«t *erv. Ueo. Holtibauer, tup. rtorton Machine Work*. Nelson Hardware, sup. Farmer* Klevator Co., J. K. Fleming, strp. .... Kohlhcft* ft spllt*s, sup. ueo. Hansen, sup, ...... RESOLVED, tKat the Cot I* hereoy ordered and dlrei warrant* for all bill* alld meeting as per "Schedule hereinbefore written as p each Individual bill. Aye*: On motion Board adjouri nary 8, 1934, at 9 o'clock A JS. J« Bl Coun Auditor'* Ol January 3, ! Board of Supervisor* ol County met pursuant to ai with all member* present. Motion by Balgeman and Helken that Qeo. L. Galbrs Fund Loan be extended five ginning January 1, 1934. Ay Motion by Hetken and seco Reman that the following be adopted: RBgoLtmoN WHEREAS, the provision > ectlon 7406 of the Code of 1924 reqi ig depository bonds for deposits i 'ounty Kunds In depository banks been repealed, and WHEREAS, the law a* It n. exists exonerate* the depository bai from giving bonds, and provide* fo *'nk- ng fund for the portectlon t mbuo deposit*, _ NOW. THEREFORE. BE , HE- SOLVED by the Board of Su| l«or* of Kossuth County, Iowa, that urlce L Duffy as Treasurer of Kossut oun- y, Iowa, 1* hereby directed to poult tunds In the depository bank* rein- after mentioned, which are her designated and approved a* deb(! >He« of the public fund* of Kossuth nty, Iowa, to-wlt: Iowa State Bank, Algona State Bank, Ledyard Tltonka saving* Bank, Tltonk Exchange State Bank, Wesley Farmer* ft Trader* Savings nk, Bancroft Lone Rock Bank, Lone Rock Farmers State Bank, Whlttemt Burt Saving* Bank. Burt Humboldt Trust ft Saving* nk, Humboldt, and that all public funds now I Ihe possession of said County Trei (er or hereafter coming Into the pi ts- slon of said County Treasurer of > auth County, Iowa, shall be depj ' In said bank* hereinbefore deilffl and the said county treasure? I* ' by authorised and required to use bank* a* such depositories; that maximum amount of county f authorised to be deposited In banks, which are hereinbefore app ed a* depositories for said Col Funds, shall be a* follow*: Iowa State Bank, Algona $400 State Bank of Ledyard, Ledyard 8S Tltonka Saving* Bank, Tltonka 86 Exchange State Bank, Wesley 85, Farmers ft Trader* Saving* Bank, Bancroft 85,' Lone Rock Bank, Lone Rock (5.1 Farmer* State Bank, Whltte- more 85.1 Burt Saving* Bank. Burt .... 86.t Humboldt Trust ft Saving* Bank, Humboldt 50,0 and hereafter tiie aald County Treasurer shall keep the public fund* be- onglng to said county In laid deposl- orles not exceeding the maximum amount hereinbefore authorized In any one bank so designated. Adopted this 3rd day of January, 934. Aye*: all. Motion by McDonald And second by . Helken that the following resolution I be adopted: RESOLUTION It Is hereby resolved by the Kossuth the same < proved a* tfw funds from a*d * The maximum td said han •and mua liium aftiirtmt Wh officer 6* Kowfoth posit In compliance with tion- Shall be ** follow*: comtjj this resolu- 15.000 MInard A. H. Borchardt, Joe Platt Otis Moore Mrs. Stedman .. Dotty Feck Jim Murray John Schmidt . Mrs. Wilbur St. Myrtle St. John sup. John, .50 2.00 ,. • .88 .76 1.75 .76 care. 1.26 6.84 John KolilwtH. ilruss 19.00 (Jio. Kolil. ilrag. l.ianiicr Vahki-. drug. J:ty fjoddcn, draK. .. \V. J. Bourne. druK. l-Mwurd Haggc. drag. Melvlii Cody. drag. .. Ole GerdU. labor ... . .Tttn MeMahun, labor 2 40 G.OO 3.00 1.HO 7.60 7.60 IS.00 8400 Olcu Swuntiun. labor 8400 riirls Ansmuson. labor 3325 Ben Karrow, labor 60.65 Ben Nolle, labor 1680 Iielbert Hliiirp. labor 176 Herman Putz, labor 3.00 Henry Fischer, labor 245 Klrner Klllngson. labor 2.50 Wm. Worries, labor 6.00 S. M. Jordan, labor 31.00 f II KrucWmun. hup. & labor .. 3325 M L. Worby. labar C4 00 r>ick SluPi-r. labor 3.20 GiorKe lianlg, labor 7.50 1S.OO 8.00 Laird ft McCullough, fun. exp., Mr*. Bale* 45.00 Supervisor Dlst. No. 3— R. M. Wallace, med. aid, J. O. Studer girl 60.00 P. V. Janse, med. aid, Mary Simons 2.00 C. H. Cretimeyer, med aid, Lynn Kuchenreuther EO.OO Pierre Sartor, med. aid 30.00 Wm. C. Boehm 10.00 H. H. Meyer 10.00 Conrad Htgglns lOiOO Walter Fraser, med. aid, Mr*. Frances Nyles, amt. claimed 10.00 7.80 J. A. Devlne, med. aid. Jerry Knapper, amt. claimed $20.00 17.CO Kossuth Hospital, hosp. care.... 127.60 Sarah Hedrlck 12.00 Lynn Kuchenreuther 45.50 Supervisor Dlst. No. 4— Paul Grames, prov 14.00 Hllma Erlckion 3.0» Mrs. Lattlmer 6.00 ratlin's Cash Store, prov 10.ES Julius Brlggs 7.98 Edna Nelson 3.00 Hood's Cash Store, prov 14.60 Mabel Doss 12.60 Andrew Koppen 2.00 Hlchard Potratz, rent, H. Meyer 11.00 W. A. Murray, fuel 62.20 A. Koppen 13.96 Amo* Bergman 10.05 Kltza O'Dell 8.4» Mrs. E. Caylor 6.65 Mrs. Erlckson 6.EO Mrs. Kramer 7.76 J. A. Devlne, med. aid. amt. claimed $133.50 128.EO Amos Bergman 1.00 Nick Nemmer* 6.SO Peter Peterson 1.60 Francis Nelson 1.00 John Tobln Lie Klls r;iip«t 60.00 Ktanl.-y (im-M 60.00 Minnie lli.nkin 15.00 John IcI.lliurlB 1.00 Mrs. Krnent Nimz 1.00 Jamen A Mueller, med. care, Benjamin Olxnn 50.00 Kurl Ii. ifolTnian, dental work .. 4.00 I.ei>a JulniBun 2.00 Clarence Cayler 1.00 Richard Cayler 1.00 er* of DistVlci' Court ... . Sheriff .................... 10 ' 0 «0 A3 Adopted tht« Srd day of January, 4>4 Motion by McDonald and ««cond ijjr Cosirrove that the surety bond of nn- old» C. Dooley for 81,000.00 be approved. Ayes: all. Motion by Cosgrove and second by McDonald that following appointments be approved for year 1834 with salaries fixed as follows to July 1, 1M4. C. 8. Pearson. 1st deputy auditor, 890.00 per month. Leo. J. immerfall, 2nd deputy auditor, $70.00 per month. Irene W. Vandt, clerk In Auditor's office, $76.00 per month. *.»... Rnrl Griffith, deputy treasurer, $»0.00 per month. . . Elliott Kulander, deputy treaturer. (auto clerk), $80.00 per month. Imelda Dooley, deputy recorder, |8S.- Ca«ey Loss', deputy sheriff, $14)0.00 per month. H. M. Smith, county engineer, $248.00 per month. Don Nugent, assistant engineer, $140.00 per month. ,,..,, Alma Pearson, deputy olerk of district court, $80.00 per month. Geo. Palmer, janitor, $66.00 per month • i and be It further resolved that all extra help be hired at consent of Board of Supervisors and salary fixed at $3.6» per day. Ayes: all. Motion by Baigeman and second by Helhcn that County Auditor be Instructed to Issue Warrant* for sata'f- les of county officers, deputies and clerks at tne,end of each month. Ayes: all. Motion by Helkefl and Second by He- Donald that County Auditor be Instructed to Issue warrants for freight, express, light and water bills. Ay ft: all. Motion by McDonald and second by Baigeman that final estimates of M. T. 'foQiilre on Prop. No. 25, No. 18, Ho. 28, No. IS, No. SO and of 3. V. Elbert on Pro). No, S3 and No. 2 be approved. Ayes: all. Motion by Baigeman and second by Cosgrova that a refund of $8.81 be given I. H. Nordln for 1(31 poll tax as recommended by town council of Burt, Iowa. Ayes: all. Motion by Helken and second by McDonald that the taxes of John Campbell be suspended for the years 1881, 1932, 1933 as recommended by town council of Bwea City, Iowa. Ayes: all Motion by Balfreman and second by McDonald that Annual, Financial Report of Kosguth County Farm Bureau tie approved. Ayes: all. Motion by McDonald and second by Heltten that pauper notice be served on Ell Goodnow and family: F. A. M«r- rv and wife: Martin Qregeson and family; Ben Dorr and family; L K. Johnson and four children; Michael Walth and wife and Walter Walsh and Carl Walters. Ayes: all. Motion by Baigeman and oecond by Helken that the assessors salary for the year 1834 be flxed at $3.00 per day In accordance with Sec. 45 Chapter 89, 45th O. A. State of Iowa and an additional 2Sc for each poll tax collected ba paid to each township assessor. Aye*: all. No. Of Assessing District Name of Assessor Days Allowed Algona R. H. Beardsley 93 % Bancroft II. B. Qoddard 24 Hurt J. p. Cunningham Fenton W. C Btamer LakoU A. B. Ogren . Ledyard .. Leon Worrten Amt $580.50 72.0* 81.50 48.00 Lono Rock LuVtrn* ... Hw*fc Cltr .. TltoSka .... Wesley Whlttemore .. Wro. O. Flats; . • p. c. ~ nut* • • .. itW <3»f» M. BMokiien' .. John E. Ren _ Ihno A. Oerdes .. Frank W. Blbert Buffalo Tp Ray E. Hanson IS Burt R. F. Haweott Cresco Mrs. Eleanor Potter Eagle o. w. Bercsrren 314 Fenton Fred C. Wegener 84' Oarfleld Henry Klepper 85 German Herman ubben 85 Grant W. I* Reynolds Si Greenwood Clarence Vaske 32 Harrison L. A. Barslou 21 Hebron Oscar Frandle 2> Irvlng;ton A. J. Seller 49 Ledyard John E5. Smith 27tt Lincoln W. H. Patterson 2> Lotts Creek Andrew Blbert 31* I.uVerne Ed Chambers If Plum Creek H. L. McEnroe 18 104.85 108.60 101.59 55.15 88.00 84.55 if.OO iiiif. 81.KO Portland Prairie Itamiey Rlverdale .. Keneca Sherman .., Springfield . HWIBE Union Wesley Whlttemore . On motion 1 Board adjourned to nlna Jay Graham IS 84.00 John N. Ludwlg 40 120.00 A. J. Cogley it 84.4)0 Thomas Crahan 38 84.0* J. W. Bolllg 14% m .K E. C. Omen 30 90.0ft ChBS. Haas JJU 79.5} Leo Guerdet 38H 93.« W. J. Bourne 34% 104.28 Henry C. Nelson 34 K 184.X* James Hogan 34 H 104.36 o'clock a. m. January 16, 1834. B. J. BUTLER, County Auditor. 17.50 14.00 Joe exp., 10.00 2 00 8.00 Platt, ...... 15.00 Mrs. I.ou Kverbart ................ 45.00 Benedict's Store, prov ......... 17.37 K Schmidt ................ 1463 F. Stewart .............. 2.74 SiipervlHor nisi. No. 2 — P. V. Jans,.-, med. aid, CJ. W. Gunder. amt. claimed 313.76 Not allowed W. E. Naudaln. fuel .......... 1000 Mrs. J. Kelfert .......... 6.00 D. Palmer .............. 6.00 J. L Bonar, rent, M. C. Frand- Ecn, amt. claimed (12.00 Not allowed Long's Grocery, prov. .......... 12 00 LewlH Kiku ............. 10.00 F. Stoner ............... 2.00 Cut Rate Grocery, prov ....... 68.50 K. A Haag ............ 1 00 I!. Hike ................ 2.00 R. G. Frv .............. 2.00 Harvev Graham ........ 4.60 Mrs V Rutledge ........ 4.00 Lewis Olaon .............. 1.00 Vallle Shott .............. 4 00 Joe Platt ................ 6 10 E L Padgett ............ (.00 Hob Dutton ............. 2.00 Henry Cook ............. 13 00 Paul Maker .............. 4.00 Gordon Platt ............ 2.00 Pandy Sttbrltz .......... 6.00 Ai-hle Dodda ............ 2.00 W. A White, prov ............. 26.50 , Laviru Campbell Aug. Kouenuu Win. linker Elmer Holtcamp ........ J. Helmera H. K Koretiaon & Co., prov. M Fran/.en David Hasz Mrs. O. J. Ptephenson Frank Slontr Mrs. J. Selfert .......... 10.00 Lottie Wlltse ............ 6.00 C. S. Johnson, prov ....... .... 41.99 C. K. Johnuon .......... 15.00 Mr* ].•-••< vteln .......... u oo P. O. Haueosteln ........ E.98- Amy Juhimou ............ 1.99 5.00 8.00 600 4.00 4.60 . 38.60 6.00 6 00 7.60 4.00 Noel 4.00 4.00 A. 7.95 8.00 6.91 12.50 6.98 Mrn. O. F. Wol.nke, ho«p. care, Hen Olson Mr« AUKUHI Hell/, care, Darrtll Oelat Supervisor I>lnt. No. 6— Donald D. Hcrlven, Ina., EntwbiHtle Du.illn Mercantile Co.. prov. Fred Reaper Fred Reaper ThaveH KlHters, prov., Mrs. We-rrlnKa Harry Warburton, prov., Henry Mite-hell Tlce Brack. Hup., LarH Garwtck Farmers Co-Op. Elevator Co., fuel 29.15 Mrs. Hud Hansen 860 Wm. Norrls 13.85 Carl Miller 4.35 Mru. HutchUon 3.OS R Weyerhaeuser Co., fuel, Fred Reafer 4.60 David Farrow, rent, Mr*. Gretll- lat 6.00 Mrs. Sidney Krosch, rent, Rlp- pentrop fam 10.00 C. F. fierggren, rent. Wm. F. Norrla 16.00 Mrs. Hen Rushton, rent, A. R. Petteraon 20.00 C. W. LundquUt, inbd. care, Carl Miller 13.60 G. D. Curtli, fun. t-xp., Chas. Edwards 46.00 i Mrs. J. L. Bcbumakl, care, Ste- fonskl Klrl 6.00 Mrs. Mary Webster, care Noel EnlwhlstlB 46.00 Cieneral Poor— ChrUchillea & Herbal, merchandise 622.67 Supervisor DUt. No. 1 .. 96 87 .Supervisor Dint. No. 2 .... Supervisor I)lat. No. 3 .. Supervisor Dist. No. 4 .... Supervisor DUt. No. E .. R. Sorenaon ft Co., *up CITY PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY. AVTOKNTrS AT LAW A. J. Harrington J. D. Lowe HARRINGTON * LOWS ATTORNEYS AT LAW toorn* aia-U nnt Natl Bank Blk. ALOONA, IOWA 1. L. BONAR ATTORNEY AT LAW Oollection* will receive prompt attention. ALOONA, IOWA W. B. QUARTON H. W. 1OLLEB ATTORNEYS AT LAW yttlot over Kooouth County state Bank Office Phone. 437 ALOONA. IOWA A. Hutchison Donald O. Hutchison Theodore O. Hutchison ATTORNEYS AT LAW Qulnby Bldg. Phone 251 C. J. VAN NE88 * G. W. 8TILLHAN LAWYERS Office over Iowa State Bank, "hone 31S-W Algona. Iowa. laylord D Bhumway Edward D. Kelly BHITMWAY * KELLY ATTORNEYS AT LAW )ffloe over Qulnby ft Krauie Building Iowa. Phone M. H BUp. 226.12 77.13 107.56 115.8* 1.8' ... 14.! ... 10.00 8.65 3.40 .6$ 18.00 io N'elson Hardware, O. B. Kubn, rent Liotaford Lumber Co.. fuel Carl rianlhauser. nerving notlcea Jake Keller, serving notice* .... Casey Lous, trauup Poor Farm— Mitchell & Stebrttz. labor IS.lf Fra»k '. Miller, lljtht «erv. .. 14.41 L. C. Hutchloa, hog 10.06 John Helming;, labor 4000 Thou. Akre, prov 5333 R. A. Clark, prov 18.87 L. A. W7NKEL ATTORNEY AT LAW >ffiM In Qulnby Building Phone IN ALOONA. IOWA B. a McMAHON Attorney at Law Office over Qulnby & EJ«UM Bldg Ufona, Iowa Phone 13> HIRAM B. WHITE Attorney at Law Offl&j over IOWA State Bank. Phone 306. r. A. DAN8OM ATTORNEY-AT-LAW Offto* over Iowa State Bank Bid*. Phone 460-J ftta. sit Algona, Iowa. CARROL A. WANRBB Attomey-at-Law »« postofflo* PnoneO t. W. Sullivan (dec'd) B. B. L. B. Unnan WJLUTVAN. MeMAHON * UNNAN ATTORNEYS AT LAW OfflM over County Savings ALOONA. IOWA/ PHYSICIANS * SURGEONS JT. N. KZNEFICK. PHYBIOIAN AND SURGEON Office formerly occupied by Dr. A. L. Rlst over Rexall drug (tore. Office phone SOO Rea. phon* tM. ALOONA. IOWA. C. H. CBETZMEYEB, M. O. Burgeon <te Physician Office John Qalbralth Bldg. Phone 444-310 W. D. ANDREWS, D. O. Octeopathlc Physician and Surgeon General Hospital Phone*: Office 187; Residence 6M Algona, IOWK P. V. JANSE, ML D. PHYSICIAN & 8TJROEON Office on South Dodge St. Phone No.—Res. 886; Office W. MKLVIN O. BOURNE. PHYSICIAN ft 8DROEON Office over Port Office Bdg. Phone* Office 197 DENTISTS DR. H. M. OLSON DENTIST Oat or Novocalne used for estracUon. Located over Ohrlstensen StonT DR. Qulnb? Bide Re*. Phone 174 C. D. 8OHAAT. DENTIST Ai«ona,Iowa ^_ VBTERDf ASIANS Dr. L. w. Vox Dr. J. B. Wlnkal Office 'm wett state Btrert. Office Phone «5-W Re*. 471- Algona. mm L. MU MKRRITT * Putenj DtRietw PbomNo. 11 Algona, Iowa

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