Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 22, 1939 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 22, 1939
Page 5
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1PARTMENTS building Is Lhieb is being a^ded on r » mrt' of the old ^ made Int. .an , , n the Wards and Mr. The rest of the house E ^ -srr-. r . be for. rent on comple- completely JCOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGOKA. tOWA ^^^ PAGE PIVB Wayne's mother and sister Lois tion. The Bartholomews were served lunch on the lawn. I gone a week, and Mrs. W. P. Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Swanson got Hemphill substituted at the Annex home Sunday from a week -with the two weeks in the absence of relatives at, CenterVllle> Mystic, and Mrs. M. A. BartholottflW. Chicago. 'The .Swanson daughter Mri and Mr m O. W.'RoseWall, of CHARLES KNUTSON, ONCE A SWEA CITY AN, PASSES IN 72ND YEAR Pi id** T a Ira TX7 1 t — i " tiicll UcUUKlllGr Jilll ll «-.««.» «,4 v. 0*0^* R, «i» . a vr auouu •— ..-*»* »^ .»wr>^TT«ii, iwi, jwrje* £ir I wn*£' wednesda y afternoon i were 1 visitors Sunday at Homer mall(i ees the local A. & P. store, (wall teaches Zoology In the Louis- tur a ween 01 ten days at a cot- Anderson's and attemlort „ «„„(„„ Mr. and Mrs. 7,«>nn w nt ,«. s«vah,,,i ''ana state university. His mother tage. • , -, S a " (1 atten( le<l a reunion "* Rnd MrSf Zeno BasS) Bttah iana state university. His mother with their daughter, Anna Rose, left entertained at family dinner Sun- last week Tuesday, after a week- ! day ' "J ml other guests were Mr. end here with another daughter, and Mr , s> A - c - Cahlll, Iowa City, Mrs. 'Walter E. Roberts. Other son John » an<1 t he H - R- Rosewalls, . . . , week-end guests at the Roberts'? eLEarth> Mrs> Cahlu ls a Van Ben and his daughter Mrs - *"«»»" Blaflngame of Pi-1 Jlwne were Ve ™ ette Roberts, Troy, da .. ught « r ' "• R - another son of the F w. n ,i« _, i "«"buu,i , .i..__.. T ._ _ "bailie, ui ra- ,,_„ T»*«,,« „«,! _ *«•„ T_-I _i elder Mrs. Rnoo-wall * *» ' • Minnesota and to Wlsconsin. n(.vi£iil,i;i i • «.i*« short tour lnlducal1 ' Ky... were Friday _. The Dells in I " oon ca "crs on Mrs. W. W. Sulli|van. Mrs. Kelly anil Mrs. Sullivan Dr. and Mrs. Ray Potter, Schal- " r ? s - isters ' ler, with their children, were Sun-! " lft 1{( ' v ' antl Mrs. F Earl Burday, guests of the doctor's mother Mrs. L. E. Potter, A. A. Sterling i s taking a vaca- s °" ?e»us, and a Mr. Jackson, al- Mr,. OBiwl a long-distance call informing her of' the passing of her brother-in- law, Charles Knutson, at 5:30 that morning at the Ashbury hospital, Minneapolis. Mr. Knutson's health had been poor- for some time, but he had vis- i Rnlnh Unnov left lted - hls Brothers in Illinois and at I'af c^ltte had «- I The Key. and Mrs. F Earl Bur f' T *- m £ ]e > Bode> Wednesday *^ MrT Cora | altacK OI Peinicious anemia. Death "r.ottage. M, | s h ,r,£"^r M£ relatives. They took' with"" thorn I f 1 *'° n , U °? ge ln July ' Shoi ' tly af ' Mra. Cora Raney, Ralph's mother, I terwnrd8 ' however, he suffered an *— -" extended visit. RJalph is a Temple, ani?ll 1(l nis wlfe ls a daughter of. N. C.' ,„„,, T1) -, „ . :, had just Chrlstensen, W ho has »«»>» «•«-'' »*' land ' In " 72 years a S°> youngest of I i. talne conipieioj i .... B J0 uiKiug a vaca- nn,.. .. % ~,~ *" v -««-">6':. wir. * 8C Is Sgfnallybullt,: It lion this week from the the old friend of the _ „, „.„ „ M and a sun porch, nlture store, and part of the time' '„„ m° ^ ene J* : tlle re ^ of the i ost her husband, Bode Bugle pub-' ^ e K°*™^ hospital seven weeks.] were only seven .and |'s oeing spent at home. I n m oiun. j lisher, the funeral for whom was' Mr> and MrB - c - E > Moore, with 1 wide; three nine feet, Mr. and Mrs. George W, Zink of .„ n , R> Al Evans went hcld Thursday. [™ elf son Dft vid, traveled with the' r" e i' „"' .xcBpt one room have Roswell, N. M., are expected some-' hp t ,f^ r FHday to be wlth *Ir. nnd Mrs. Walter LiclHer got ane >' s a J? far ns De Kalb, 111., 118aDelle Id Fred Ryther, house time .this week for a visit at the'in dau ^ ht , ei ; Kathleen, who had home Saturday from a week's fish-' ™ nere , th<j y are visiting Mrs.' fd'the west end, of the latter's brother J. B. Wheelock's Ifi™ v T12 Cl " B °0 eration Satur- Ing at Floyd Pierce's resort at' *<"»** Parents, two weeks. t Inches, where It, had Mr. and Mrs. Carl Zlepel Sncn-l .,'. i Kathleen - wh o has had sev- Leech Lake, Minn. Clarence Arn- ! ' Hr> , n . nd Mrs - F rank L. Miller basement walls cer, were Monday guests at Amr I L '" e - V( ; operations in the last year dorter, brother of Mrs. Lichter, and ._ ade,,which |'list Huenhold'K Mi-. ZlcEcl «"n"-' 01 '- RO> ' is recov ««nB. - - - 'gt'ree't level,..... . -_ , ..> •-i..-,',fi;v : <<:.. -•• ...;: •;•• | Spencer. the j H. F. Kersey, . The", grade, .-which pist Huenhold'K Mr. Ziegel con- „ ' S recoveri "B. Wllma Arend, St. Benedict, accom- ! :has'beert:'ducts.the, Woodcock .Flonfl c 0 t , Mallr «' n »cCBll»n ? h and Lulu Panied thorn. T.he'Llchter son ' Jack; - ( °' "'' ' sot. home Fridiiy from a tour ic s P eut the w eek with his grand- . , „,„„ , -, Gull, came Satur- |to . the( , BIack H i»s, Cheyenne, Colo- Parents, Mr. and .Mrs. John Arn-,'"£ J , which Is being carried day evening for a few days with , Springs > and other western dorter, St. Benedict. - j nwuse. • Miller Construction Co. his daughter, Mrs. M. W Jacobsen !' pomts - Maureen is employed at Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rieser left iholomew is doing the Mr. Jacobsen is jeweler at Cor- r• Chr ! sch , il les store; Lulu, at the last week Sunday for their home . "ndheatlng,work.; There chardt's. .uuoi (oast-to-foast store. in Naperville, 111. Mrs. Rieser, the tlle Millcr ;« complete bathrooms, *«•«• J. K. Blossom went to Burt fcv • . .. t«r 1 . ~M««4_ n^l-ni*.r,*1n,.» « * _ . --"« i. last week Tuesday from-, acreage south of Algona, nad t(W11 on the nol ' th> are at present visiting a daughter, Mrs. Lloyd Wellendoi-f, before' tak- possessibn of their six-room ten children. He farmed on his till married and of five -seven sons came to a 250-, In addition to Knutson wan a dealer In livestock on a large scale, specializing in horses. He was one of ' * J " «•• i,tit;»i OJA-iUUUl jl™ > - ,-. i house, atf 606 S. •• Harlan . Leslie • e TSanlzers.of the Farmers Ele- Stevens, rural mail carrier and vntDr f ' 0 " ;and sen ' ed ' as President 'his family, moved the samp rtav M ami director. He also was active 4 t, _ ^»111 _ __ . ***** ^^ • , t f f . f , _, In the Ward apart- a lrg. Heat will' be •ntomatte forced acreage. Stevens Thursday for a few days at Blossom's. Her husband and .,. H. Blossom, now both deceased fa " e cht',s Moderate, Mr*con-.were brothers. '\ is possible, in hot | llernard Wilson, Lake Mills i will be built-in, spent Sunday with his sister Mrs' above. Make Ready /esley School; mother, has been In of late. The Specht daugh- Mrs.,Harry Larson, of Forest in the affairs of the S\vea City creamery, and he was u township trustee for gome years Some 2-1 years ago Mr. Knutson dis-wed of his farm Mr. Rieser an reunion and took his wife home. „, I Attorney and Mrs. William C'a- pif». /-immermaii, of pesius, Chicago, left Saturday, af- tv T -•'vlty;-were here ,"• "~ nayne Mirson, Forest City, came fhe wedding of their cousin,-Martin \ Wednesday for a week with his Zimmerman, to Lois Fitch They' i grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. C F ' will stay till Friday with V. K. Rising, and with his parents I <:lt - v ' 'accompanied them. <Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Wilson. He op- ' Klin, and Esther Zimmer erates a restaurant. Charles' City; were here Sur Shower for Octogenarian. Burt. Aug. 21—Burt 'friends gave town. for Mrs. Jessie her 81st birthday last John, and Edward. They came to j^"?: r °"v" VeS ^ , a s ? n at a timid thn fnnprni WorfLcrfov «f Ea ? e Gro . v l now - bu t Is a former . a , home at Little Fall «- Minn ' cn rctlred from active work. Mrs=. Knutson (?f fi( ! tr November. TOS7. i Brothers of Mr. Knutson are John. ' ° c Leland. and Dan. of Marshall- All children v.-»re at Mr. HOSPITALS — ~ -~-" «j.*o. \^(tijcaiua went tu iiuuii valley i-s ^aiiium; ouuuu. <"-,„ week - )t1 ., , - -, — i „.. -- -evening for three weeks for a short visit with Chas. Haase,' Ins lrs day from Milwaukee, 1 1* 6 !? pp" 16 r ° rAm " rs , mothel '' n lh . rfi c Harbors, Minn., where brother-in-law of Mr. Capesius. •1ffit«K:^!?a|a»^ l> """'"'''• ~ ' .1 and eighth grades; last iSlster Mary Camllla,"who 5th and sixth grades; Sister Mary Toulouse, ach the third and fourth nd Sister Mary Johnice, J have the first and second Sister Mary Crispin is ier. ements have been made building this sum- the Sisters were: agree- them. The m walls have been paint- oors oiled, the benches re, a new floor laid in the Sisters' rooms all repa- iw curtains hung and rovlded, also many minor 8e which the Sisters have ippreciated. -*- Minn., and Mrs. a employes at the courthouse, picnic at , , 1a " d . . Joh " „ > -with friends daugl iter theso » o£fl ™ il5 - a Cottage on the shore! of Lake. Superior. Mr. Steele is a mbject and finds relief has been going to Du- »., with two daughters, are • ex-! at,,this period for many years. Ipected tomorrow for a few days at ini/ u^ ^ Ct R ' Pom ™eren- the Lloyd Muckey and Robert Wil-! ing, with the son Bobby, were at Hams' homes. Mrs. Walz and Mrs. bt. Paul Sunday, visiting the McKee are aunts of Russell Pick-' .Mrs. Dan Gies and her, ett and Mrs. -Williams, son • and for OldtJmer. | •A family gather- in honor of J. T. Graham's •w .1 ir AT „/•;-"—•-,.„ ' (Aleona ) birthday was held at his Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Walz, of Wi- son Jay D. Graham's Wednesday Mr. evening. , N.' '• • _. , , -,-.. Mrs. E. W. Lusby entertained at st ;I m Gies, with her sons daughter of Mrs. Muckey, and. Mr.! three tables of bridge Saturday GENERAL. August 15—iEldon Pearson, Brltt. tonsil-adenoidectomy. August 16—Irvin Schmidt, West Bend, medical; Martin Yoder, Algona, tonsil-adenoidectomy Mrs. J. F. Bahnson, Inwood, girl. August 17—Eli Schealler, West Bend, tonsil.-adenoidectomy. August 18—Mrs. George Eggleston, Lu Verne, major surgery. August 19—Lois Jean Hauen« f , T n " ,» er o rs. ucey, an. i Mis ...Eva Deim, seamstress for tlie Ro «er and Donald, came to AJgona , Walz is a railway postal clerk Modern Di-v niohnarc I for a w^ot ,,,1.1, .!,_ T> ____ _... I ,i ., „,"„** i )oslal cierK. got Sunday from Chicago, where he the week attending a of Commerce school at | for a home in es and Mrs. S. D. Wilson with the Pommeren- Mrs. H. W. Thompson took her granddaughter, Lois Friesner, back are : to Ankeny Saturday, after the child this week at Titonka, hritf made a two weeks visit here. ™ J ' . Mrs. Thomp S on',s mother, Mrs, An- evening. Mrs. high; Mrs. Free won con- W. E. Emmetsburg, tonsil- ies. '— •August 20—Mrs. Jos. Dunn, West 'August 21—Patricia Conaway, Lu [Niver, Pioneer i Verne, Passes; iwed in Florida KO9SUTH. August 16—Mrs. Martin Kmppi Lemkee, Al- Mrs. John Ditsworth entertained ------ —- —«. ...««. t ,uw. l ,3 .uuu.ci., «iio. ^xu- ^ e • ^- W. Auxiliary at a carpet- university. | restaurant while the latter and his na Allen, also Ankeny, who has' ra s sewing bee Friday, and nine t> •, '• Wja'mer Hagg, of wite are on a tour to northern, been hers the same two -weeks, ac- M "°men attended. The rags will be Rapids, S. D., with their two Minnesota. J. E. suffers with hay! companied them amd attended an B " n t to the Soldiers' Home at visited relatives here ov- fever and planned to find relief Allen family reunion Sundav at Knoxville. er the week-end. Mrs. Hagg is a there. Shenamloah, returning with'Mrs. Tfl e Hi-Lo bridge club met last sister of Mrs. EL. Hagg here. | ^-"nd Mrs. C. H. Williams, Mr. Thompson for a few more weeks. week Tuesday evening with Mrs. .An«r,, tt f IR PO,,IQ Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Thorpe, with, and Mrs. Robert Williams, and Mr.! R. 0. Bjnifxom spent last week W. P. Hemphill. Mrs Lloyd Wei- <, n 4 ?nnif± • ^ P ^ n> - +A1 " their daughter Jean and Roseann 'and Mrs Chet DeSart, were 6 Sunday to Friday at Spirit Lake, I lendorf won high score,-and Mrs. | s Pn ' S w P n nS ^ IV ¥*, . ChrTlsten Reding, took Helen Stillman to o'clock dinner guests last evening' chaperoning a group of boys' his A - J - Schnepf was low •• ' - ea City ' sur sical; James Bayard Sunday, after she had made at Frank Bandy's, Britt. Mrs.' son Wayne, Don Ward, Peter Deal,! Mrs - Be ''t Cronan entertained the a visit with relatives and friends. »andy and Mrs. C. H. Williams are Berls Harlan.. They had fine ! Laf-a-Lot bridge club last . week here. , i cousins, and Mr. Bandy owns a' weather and fair luck at fishing, I Tuesday. Mrs. George Mahoney, Mr. and Mrs. Carl E\voldt, Lone. 1 *"" theater. | catching mostly perch. Week be-! Mrs - L - A - Winkel, and Mrs. M. J. tnll Rock, were Sunday guests of their I Mrs. Ira Iverson, Clinton, with '• fore last when Dorothy Mjustrom D uffy won prizes. daughter Elva and Jessie Smith.j ner children, Mary -Lou and Ira! was at the lake with a group of le, Aug. 21 — A former j Miss Ewoldt and Miss Smith are 1 Jl '- came Friday for a week with'girls chaperoned by Mrs. Eugene ;of Lu Verne remembered, tooth employed at the ice cream t^ former's parents, Mr. and Mrs.' Neville, the weather was cold and of 30 and more years factory. August Huenhold. Mrs. Iverson's rainy. namely W. L. Niver, died | Mrs. C. E. Roupe and Mr. and, otfi er daughter, Betty, will be tak- Max Richardson, New York City, [at Bartow, Fla., where he ( Mrs.' L. F. Walker spent from last en home, after mosit of the summer arrived yesterday for two weeks Ruth Will entertained ten young :^ H f eUEsUu8 ^- LiIUan ^even, Scar- people at a housewarming Wednes- au'Bicai. . day evening at the new Will house NOTICE—THE BOAiRD OF DI- on I many years. He had been week Tuesday till Sunday at Nor- Ikealth more than three folk, Neb., with Edward Hunting- Huenholds. with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. Hargreaves accompanied P. Richardson, and .with friends , . t the immediate. cause of ton, brother of Mrs. Roupe and Mr. ' ne f stster, Mrs. K. F. Ball, and the at Ames, Des Moines, and other " ' - ....... latter's husband, Charles City, to points.. He was graduated from the Arnold's Park Sunday, and return- 1 Ames college two years ago, and Dale Workman, Assumption, 111., . .. was a guest Friday at C. R. Pom-. e(1 with the Ralph Elberts, i pneumonia. Mr. • Niver . Walker. Lu Verne in 1882 and was lyer. He shipped no "few- c 2300 cars of ' livestock,' merening's. He was on his way to were there in the afternoon, id hay in 1900, and 3100 North Dakota to visit other rela- and ;Mrs - Ball-are spending 1901. Surviving are ....... Mlnne «>ta. rectors of the Kossuth County The . Merrv Mixers club met Fri- Mutual Fire Insurance Association Wlth Mre Merle Schwietert. will meet at the secretarv's office ' i . . __ ._ __ «^v*** j O \^iiiv/c There are nio members. I on .August 30, 1939, at 10 a. m. for Baptist. Atd will.- entertain j the purpose of choosing a 'suc'ces- ^ Aids from Swea, City, and Corwjth Thursday. ces- Bancroft, I sor to D. J. Parsons, as aasistant secretary. This is on account of - two H. Niver, Bartow, and F. Omaha, also one daugh 1 W. E. Kyler, Corvallis, who has since been in: the Bell tele- Mr, phone laboratories at New York -tables. . _. __ _ this City. For the last year he has done tlves. Mr. Workman is a school; week in a cottage there. I part-time study at Columbia univ- teacher. | Jaines Elder, once manager of ersity.-, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Hackbarth' th e Farmers Elevator at Hobarton, 1 Rodney, son pf E. J. Van Ness, . ;M; s. C. W. Morck will entertain his resignation and decision to at- the Bridgette club today at two , ... . went to Dows Sunday to visit the later at Swea City and Livermore,' is at present visiting a fellow- of the A. Niver is a fornler Lu. former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. recently accepted a position with studeiit, Brooks Sweeten, nker, and Mrs. Niver's {Henry Hackbarth. The local Mr. i the Roy I. Campbell commission University of Texas, at the form- deceased, who came here Hackbarth is In oil company em- fil ' m at Milwaukee. His territory er's ranch near Rock Springs, intendent of schools, later ploy here. nkcr here for some .years. ne Farmer Buys Bank 'Eighty' Aug. 21—F. F. Fett, iear Lu Verne, has pur- farm of 80 acres for ?7,- tne Federal Land bank of of the land, four miles of Lu Verne, continues of the land • bank in r&r and to private owners! m was purchased through wester, secretary-treas- w National Farm Loan ass headquartered at Cla- ec «ds in the bank show «the first of the year the 8 sold 781 farms and South : M. G. Fair Aug. 21-Ronal4 was named premier showman Iowa fah '. Mason s«cond on ram two and second on first on ewe one to on ewe pen O f four Next Monday day; sang of * »«*»' automoWles in- Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Knudson, includes the north half of Iowa'Texas. Rodney is a sophomore in Fort Dodge, were seven o'clock din-1 s °ta and the southern half of Minne- liberal arts at the University, which is located at Austin, Tex., ner guests Thursday evening of i Joyce Kelley, Vinton, left Sun- , and he recently finished the sum- her mer session there. He will ctomc the home for a short stay before reen- Postmaster and Mrs. W. W. Sulli- day ' af ter two , weeks with van. Mrs. Knudson and Mrs. Sul- ! cousin, Kathryn Kelley, and livan are sisters. latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. J. tering the university. The Rov. and Mrs. E. J. Strong,! Kelley. Maurice and Lois Kelley, I Virginia and Mary Janice Mc- with two sons, Mrs. G. F. Towne, i Tulsa, Okla., are visiting at the Whorter, Burt, spent from Thurs- aud Mrs. E. N. Taylor went to Oskaloosa yesterday to attend a Nazerene district assembly. They will be away a week. Mr. and Mrs. Matt Sheridan, .Sutherland, with their family, were Sunday guests at the Wm, J. Weis home. Mrs. Sheridan is a sister of Barber Weis, and Mr. Sheridan is a farmer. Mr. and Mrs. John Baird, Rochester, Minn., former Algonians, Kelley home. They came by day afternoon till Friday with Ros- streamlined train a week ago S^t- | anne Brown, who had spent most urday. of the summer with Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Gauthier and EdAv. D. Sheehan. Mr. and Mrs. Mary James, Flint, Mich., spent Sheehan took Miss Brown to St. from last week Tuesday till Sun- '' Paul-. Friday, • and thence she re- day at Geo. L. Miller's. Miss James turned by train to her home at and Mrs: • Gauthier are sisters of Sault St. Marie, Mich. She had Mrs. Miller Mr. and Mrs. M}ller, been here since June 1. Rosanne with the daughter Elizabeth, took is a daughter of Mrs. Lucile the visitors to Clear Lake Sunday, Brown, for a week's outing. Mrs. Fred Bartholomew, daugh- came Friday for the week-end with I Eighteen dairy calves ar,e being' ter Janice, and Mrs. M. .A. Bar- Algona friends. Mr. Baird, former telephone employe here, is now with the Western Electric. Mr, and Mrs. C. O. Barr and Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Rasmu'sson, Webster City, were Sunday guests at W. A. Foster's. Mr. Barr has the Monument Works there, and Mr. Rasmusson man'ages a shoe store. Mr, and Mrs. E. A. Ecklund, of Minneapolis, and Mr. and Mrs. John Witwer, Masou City, were last week Sunday guests of Mrs. C, E, Roupe. ' Mrs. Ecklund and Mrs. WJtwer are daughters of Mrs. Roupe. Ann Fechner got home last week Sunday from Chicago, where she had Tjeen on a buying., trip for tho Elite millinery shop. Her niece, Araminta Doger, Omaha, who ac- cdmpanjed her, returned to Omaha last 'week Monday. Violet Korinan, Joseph Egbert Jr., and Mr. and Mrs. Mike Elbert spent from Wednesday till Sunday iii the Black Hills, and Bernlce Devine substituted at the Hutchison & Hutchison law offices in the absence of Miss Norman. X«sdauies H. C. Hargreuves, J. W. Selly, and G. R.- Cook, all of Algona, and Mrs. Magnus Lichter, Burt, vere guests 'Wednesday of Jfrs. W- p. Howie at Emmetsburg. gathering was in honor of Mrs. Hargreaves' birthday. Coutty Treasurer and Mrs- M. J. Duffy, with their three daughters, attended the wedding of Frances Puffy to Sari Connors *t Whltte- tfpterday morning. Frances, «C II - - - ....... auto clerk here four years exhibited .at the county fair this tholomew, returned Tuesday year by 11 boys iu the Algona 4-H,from Burlington, whree they at- club. The club met with Wayne' tended a .Legion Auxiliary con- Barr Thursday to complete plans; ventlon and visited relatives and for the fair, and members judged friends. Mrs. L. W. Fox accom- two classes of Guernsey cattle.' panied them to attend the conven- IS YOUR PLACE READY FOR WINTER I Sounds queer, doesn't it, with the thermometer in the 80's and 90's. But — cold weather is going to be here again almost before you kjiow it.- AND— if you don't plan NOW and get sorted ftt the repairs your place needs before winter comes, you inay not get it done before cold weather catehes you. Check up on your roof, walks, paint, fences, doors, and windows, steps, porches, etc^ and see what needs to be |pne. Then see us for materials. We will help you select the right materials for each job and also help you keep the cost down. * F. S. NORTON & SON COAX tend the University of Iowa.—D. D. Paxson, Secretai-y. 49 FUKXITUKE IS EAST TO CLEAJf >VITH AMAZING ELECTREXE! Rdd your furniture of dirt, grime quickly, easily, and safely with ELEC- TJRENE) Simply sponge furniture, and it is clean! EUECTSRENE cleans and the woodwork, safely and thoroughly, few cents worth, will brighten up every piece of furniture in your home. Get ELECTRENE from your dealer, TOTXAY! In 25c, 50c, 75c packages. Get ELECTHKNE From Your Favorite Dealer! TUBS.-WEDNES. Aug. 22-28 THUBS., FBIDAY, SATUB, -Daily from 1 O'clock I Sat. Matinee 1 O'clock -TOPS—2 • .. ! Action! Action! 1NIIDE TBE WALLS Or ALCMUZ Second Feature Emotional Dynamite PARKEK JOHNNY DOWNS Knutson's bedside when he died: Mrs. John Gough (Olive) and Mrs. Lemoine Tyvoid (Fern), both of Minneapolis; Clarence, Duluth; Allen and Earl, both of Little Falls. Burial was to take place at Little Falls: The W. O. Nelsons and the Edw. Bergesons planned to leave Sunday to attend. SWEA'EAGLE Harriett Erlckgrni, at Alhambrc, Calif., is expected this week for.» visit at her aunt Anna Brlcksoii'i. She is a former resident of Sw«» City who has lived In California five years. She attended colleg* there and is now ifc Lloyd's (at London). insurance employ at Lot Angeles. Mrs. "Vic" Eckholm and tier daughters Lyda and Effle wer« dinner guests at Virgil Jerison'i Thursday. TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 22-23 Continuous show from 1 O'clock daily ASS SHERIDAN and DEAD BSD KIDS in "ANGELS WASH THEIR FACES" THURS., FRIDAY, SATUR. August 24-26 ...THE TOUGHEST CHARACTER ON 'THE ROCK'MEETS A FELLOW WHO REFUSES TO BE Second Feautre TEX BITTER "SUNDOWN ON ON TRIAL** enough tP love, but too — The terror of Texas. ,— young to marry. _ | Plus LAST EPISODE DARE DEVILS SERIAL and No. } Episode New Serial WES'* and 4 Day»-^Aifi«t 97*99 SUNDAY AND MONDAY August 27 and 28 LOVE WRITES ITS •MTIINICR ...at the MI! exciliif irauct tf irieml flMhtfaow ft* KIM*! COMING SUNDAY AND MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 8-4 GINGER ROGERS, DAVID NIVEN in "BACHELOR MOTHER" The merriest, gayest comedy of the season. Money back if it fails to please you. The Management. We Get You Ready and Set to Co Back to Class New Fall SwiU ____,$10,00 to $22.50 School Trou*er* ___ T ,.,$i t 49 to $3,95 Broadcloth $hirt» — . _ _. „___.___ 7«fc F*U Sweden $1.00 to $2.95 Flashy Anklet Hote , 35cto65c

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