Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 22, 1939 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 22, 1939
Page 3
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KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALQONA, IOWA ^^^^ ^»^ "— : — ^»^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^—-— Phones Being Installed at Lakota '^j. s' ^^^ ^_^jj^ji||j£fc PAOBTHBgl ALGONIANS MOHSTRATION Aug 21—The Northwest- company la»t InstaHatidt. of the In a building er.wted COURTESIES FOR N. D. AND IDAHO VISITORS nuose PF° 8B near the I*. R. L the work of a The"manager, Fred Ateona, expectB that the be completed 'by Seper 1- Carl •fflll rs. lers 'represent D llect bills, etc, and new num- furnished to all cue- Gerzema, at the Trust & Sayings bank, the company here de emonstration of dial service R ivea at the local theater ast nelday evening, and assisting Mr Timm, Edward Hlnes, of , city, Opal Meyers, Algona, Mrs Margaret Franks, Bant The latter wHl be In charge i'e new system. ... Cinb Has Meettag- * Ledyard Loyal Lassies held Achievement day at their Mrs. Charles Outknechfi Veek Monday, all but one Bber attending. The program "1- roll call, My Aecompliah- ow . .,.. i tr ni,,H'ThU Vdar: er, club leader, number. of meet- B and percentage of attendance, club secretary-treasurer; dem- Tation on simple secrets' ot ning metals, Betty Eggerth and rl Laabs; talk on, club work, s Hicks; the Country Girl's >ed, Gene vie ve Brewer; 1940 "ic program, Pearl Laabs. A 30- hour and lunch followed. The s gave their demonstration at county fair this week Monday. other Tarty Ylslts Wtaona— [r. and Mrs. A; -C. Bierstedt it two days recently conducting isrty of friends through the Wat- IB factory and experiment farm Wlnona. Mr. Blerstedt is local ent. Others in the party were: «Brs. and Mesdamea-O. J. Rip- ntrop, Leonard Christ, Fred rartz, Ahrond Hans, and' Albert osch, all of (Lakota; also Clem ere, Jos. Kollasch, Bancroft; Ar- ur Peterson, Lakota; Jos. Troff, dyard; Edward -Wilcox, S^wea Mesdames Arthur. and Law- Dce Goeke, Elmore i Mrs. .George broader, .Lakota;, arid Lola Kes- ll,''EUnorei union at Henry Mitchell's— iThe 7. R. EaMes bad a family union at Henry Mitchell's last eek Sunday. There are 11 chll- en, and all but the eldest son ie were present, as follows: Mrs. enry Mitchell (Mabel); Mrs. nory Smith (Pearl); Mrs. Ray Inter (Edna), all of Lakota; ale, Des Moines; Mrs. Cale Hart- orn (Ruth), Sen'eca; and Le Roy, iris, Velda, Jeanne, and .Norma, home with the parents at \Led- Good Hope,, Aug... 21—-Mrs. Julian Ames, OakesV'N. D., 'and Mrs. Anna Preacott, Twin Falls, Ida., guests at Presley Sarchet's, have been honored by friends. With Mrs. Presley Sarchet, and Mrs. Marie Murtagh, Algona, were recent supper guests at W. J .Bourne's, Algona, and the group was joined In the evening by Mr. and Mrs. Roy Sarchet, with others, to view home moving pictures taken by Dr. and Mrs. M. J. Bourne. Last week Tuesday Mrs. Ames and Mrs. Prescott, with Mesdames Susan Easterly, Presley Sarchet, and Roy Sarchet, were dinner guests of Mrs. Mary Leason, Algona, and with Mr. and Mrs. Presley Sarchet and the Sarchet daughter Jessie, Mesdames Ames and Prescott were dinner guests Wednesday at Roy Sarchet's. The same group were dinner guests at Robert Sarchet's Friday. Two Parties Go Touring— Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Smith, Good Hope, and Mr .and Mrs. Ralph Reimers, Whittemore, with the daughters Maxine and Nortna Lee, left last week Tuesday to spend the rest of the week in the Black Hills and at other points of Interest. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Sarchet, with the children, Letty, Betty, and Richard, left Saturday for a vacation trip of a week or ten days to the. Hills, with a probable. visit .'at Verne' Sarchet's, LaramieV- Wyo. Verne is a brother of Roy. During the Sarchets' absence Frank Spear, Mrs. Sarchet's ailing father, is at bis daughter, Mrs. Jos. Fraser's, Sexton. of at the plant (as was done last year) is logical and practical for the sake of efficiency; b,ut It is a tough blow to other churches in outlying towns and districts, NOTICE OP PROBATE OF WILL No. 4534. In District Court, State of Iowa, Kossuth couttty, ss. March term, 1939. To All Whom It May Concern: ' v You are hereby notified, That an Instrument of writing purporting to be the laat Will and Testament of Charles L. Dlttmer, deceased, dated February 6,19-36, having !been tthis day tiled, opened and read, knife GMk»9 tfcio* Woman, Union. Twp., Aug. 21—Mrs. Chester Bailey suffered a rather peculiar accident one day last week. While she was drying dishes a butcher knife fell and cut a deep gash In one of her ankles. She was taken to a doctor, Who stitched up the Wound. «• ##< 44. Fenton, Aug. 21—The blacktopping of No. ,44 began Thursday between Fen,ton and Whittemore. A carload of oil watt on track 1 ; here, and the rest of the eqUlpwettt was unloaded Wednesday. The road from Fenton south is closed to traffic till the Job la completed. . '-- "~~"F i/«»ikj MO.J AJllOU) (JJTCIH7U CTliU. 1 CCkUf winch, aue to the'company's gen- Saturday, the 2nd day of Septem- erosity, helped serve dinner last ber, 1939, Is fixed for hearing proof year ana had planned on proceeds; of same at the Court House In Al- Irom a similar ser'vlce this year to supplement their local budget. Ol Well! Iff just another denunstra- •.tr;ri cf 'he crude but tru'; philosophy, ^Them CP has gits!" Getting Kcady for School— Teachers, patrons, and pupils are refurnishing school equipment gona, Iowa, before the District Court of said County, or the Clerk of said Court; and at 10 o'clock a. tn., of the day above mentioned all persona Interested are hereby notified and required to appear, and show cause If any they have, why said instrument should not be probated and allowed as and for the in preparation for the reopening of |. laat wm and Tes tament of said de- school on August 28. There Is ceased o rtVinnrv.. nf !_.. «.!....._ 1— t_ *vl_ % '** fc " - "* Small Chnrches are Overlookod- The plan of the Pioneer Hibred Seed Corn Co. to serve its annual guest dinner in the dining rooms of various Algona churches instead a change of teachers In sub-District No. 3. Mildred Elmore, who taught there last.year, will teach in her home school, and her place here will be filled by Margaret Dodds. Postcard Shower for Pattest— Henry Engstrom, and his children, Elaine and "Bobbie," with Henry's nephew, Herbert Engstrom, Elmore, drove to Rochester last week Sunday for the day with Henry's wife, who was recovering from, a recent operation. Good Hope friends gave her a postcard shower last week. Dated at Algona, Iowa, August 7, 1939. (Seal) KATHARINE McEVOY, Clerk of the District Court. HUTCHISON & HUTCHISON, 47-48 Attorneys. Call on Fort Dodge Patient— , Mr. and Mrs.. Roy •Sarchet,,!Mrs. Presley Sarchet,. and Mrs.-Julian Ames drove to Fort Dodge Sunday afternoon to call on Mr. Ames, who is in a hospital there, following an operation. He was to have had a second operation early last week. Other Good Hope. The R. F. Hawcotts were at Jos. Maddens, Haifa, last week Sunday for dinner and the afternoon. The Geo. P. Hawcotts, Burt, were at R. F.'s in the evening. IRVINGTONIAN'S SONMARKETING NEW FISH LURE IrvingtoH, Aug. 21—Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bedell, Cedar Rapids, with two daughters, were callers recently at Irvington, where Paul was reared. They were on the way home after a vacation tour to Denver and visits with the Jesse. Bedells and the Doctor Benjamin family at Pipestone, Minn., also the Walter Bedells, Spirit Lake. Mrs. Benjamin is the only child of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Bedell. •The Bedells reported that Berkley, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bedell, has worked out a novel way of making "flies" for well for some months. operation last spring. lo | lir id. All were accompanied 'by Lffiilies or spouses. elatives Come as Surprise- Mrs. John Smith had a surprise sit from relatives last week uesday. The guests were Messrs. a'd Mesdames M. J. Lepley, Gary, id., William Rickord, Minneapo- 5, Marlon Johnson,! Mason City, rs. John Johnson, Mrs. John ink, Buffalo Center. " Mesdames *Pley, Johnson, and Pink are sis- ers of Mrs. Smith, Mr. Rickord is er brother, and Marion Johnson a nephew. All had a picnic din- ir. »«? Visits in Illinois- Mrs. Stephen Powers, daughter •ataerine, -and niece, Dorothy Kirs', who had been a guest at the overs home a few weeks, left last 'f* Sunday for Illinois for visits r 'tn relatives at Chicago and oth- r points. Gene Sullivan, who had or some weeks been at . Wade alls, accompanied them to his ome at Chciago, New Babies Here- daughter was born to Mr, and Raymond Hertske last week f at the Buffalo Center hos- A fl-ih. son was oora to Mr. Hugo Stenzel Saturday, "rt»T"«r' and ue nas been named wlwiu Walter. He had an Other Irvington News. Mrs. Jesse Schmidt, Ruthven, recently spent a few days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Fitch, and when she returned to Ruthven she took along her niece, Delores Stiltz, for a visit. Ruth and Helen Leigh have returned from Independence, where they made a visit. Phyllis Maxwell has returned from Wisconsin, where she was a guest at the Merrill Parsons home. Ira Hudson arrived, last. week Tuesdayv-from: .'Flint, Micfy, for some weeks'"with' his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hudson. He plans to return to Flint, where he has been employed. Mr. and Mrs. George Schumacher returned Friday from Minneapolis, where they went after a truck load 'of corn bins for U. B. Frankl. ORIGINAL NOTICE In the District Court of the State of Iowa, In and for Kossuth coun- THE EQUITABLE LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY OF THE UNITED STATES, Plaintiff. vs. ELSIE STEUSSY, widow, et al, Defendants. To: R. J. M, STEUSSY and MRS. R. J. M. STEUSSY, ALSO KNOWN AS. LUCILE \STEUSSY; MARTHA GOlCEOOHBA and PETER GOICEOCHEA, her 'husband: DEFENDANTS, You and each of you are hereby notified that there is now on file in the office of the Clerk of the District Court of Iowa in and for Kossuth county the Petition of the Plaintiff, wherein Plaintiff prays judgment against the defendant Elsie Steussy for the sum of $10,979.79 with interest thereon at 8% per annum from the first day of August, 1939, as due on the promissory note which was made aud delivered by Fredolin Steussy and the said Elsie Steussy to the Collins Mortgage Company on the Come- Hastin es ana her-father aye moved their household goods e house they recently pur- irom Mr. and Mrs. William Miss Hasting is on the faculty for 1939-40, Other Lakotn News. *rs. Guy Beemer. -with ^ and Bil^y, left sons to •Star w W r ek wltl » °«« s - Jo Ham - os - ess- Mrs. Wil- ttera «« i 6y acoom Panied the Bee- far as Center to visa 6 « sister, Mrs. Sadie Larimer. s. "s J&H Soheare r. Minneapo- Us. s H ! tin / with ' ?, nd Ia8t 6 Bstle8 8n * tlw P. Tuesday, e Henry Mr w ' rnk her Varh s v ur? y . * * Mrs ' Samuel a beauty . • at L h £ r ms V»s back at work. fishing and with the assistance of the younger brother Jack has been manufacturing them at the Bedell home, but the business has grown to the point where an uptown building is now being sought for the work. Berkley plans to make a tour of the country to introduce his "flies." Some of the material he uses conies from England. Paul, who has suffered severely from arthritis, is now slightly improved and is able to walk without crutches. Doctors believed his tonsils and his appendix to be sources o£ infection, so he had both removed, and now he expects to improve steadily. Omission in Potter List- By some oversight Mrs. L. E. Potter's name was omitted from the list of persons attending the Potter reunion. Though in poor health Mrs. Potter attended. She is one of the oldest members and has been honorary president, an office only given to the older people. Mrs. Alta Stiles, daughter of Mrs. Potter who lives with her mother, is confined to bed and almost helpless with rheumatism. Though Mrs. Potter is now a resident of Algona, she is a former Cresco farm woman, and her late husband was once county auditor. [Mrs. Potter's name was in the list sent in by the correspondent. Apparently it was overlooked in setting. This kind of error is difficult to detect in newspaper work. —Editor.] Four-H Club Meets at Park— Members of the Irvingtou 4-H club and their mothers were guests Of Betty-Wood at the Ambrose A. Call state park Thursday. The meeting was held in the shelter house, and roll call was answered with "one task I am trying to do more quickly." "A talk on how to overcome wasted motion was given by Shirley Weber; a health talk on how pasture affects health, by Verda Sanford; a demonstration on how to make a spice rack, Leota Norris; a courtesy talk on etiquette In the theater, Elizabeth Wood; and a conservation talk on helpful insects, Camilla Frankl. Two little Wood children entertained with a song, I Got the Rumatiz. Missionary Society Meets— The Missionary society met Friday at the church, with Mrs. William Boldridge, vice president, in charge, in the absence of Mrs. Nina SchiChtl. Mrs. L. E. Colwell had charge of a lesson on China and Srfs^rB n o e uroCd prayer, and Mrs. McLean read the 37th psalm. Mesdames Colwell, M. L. Roney, Boldridge, Asa, and 'CO-OP' PICNIC HELDTHURSDAY ATWHITTEMORE Whittemore, Aug. 21—An annual creamery and elevator picnic Thursday on the academy school grounds brought out the largest attendance ever seen at such events here. A forenoon kittenball game was won by patrons west of No. 44, 53, and in an afternoon game the winners playe,d a town team. This was a hard-fought game. The farmers had the lead up to the seventh Inning, 5-2, but as the result of errors the town team tied the score, 7-7, in the last half of the seventh and then scored two runs in an eighth inning rally. But the fann- ers again tied the score, and it was kept up to the 12th inning, when the town team scored two runs and held the farmers scoreless to win the game. The Rusty Hinge Quartet, Mason City, was one of the main attractions of the day, and it had the crowd roaring with laughter for an hour. The "strong men" from, west of No. 44 won a tug of war from the "effete" easterners. Some 150 gallons of ice cream was served to the crowd between 12 and one o'clock. R. A. Bartlett, now of. Sibley, gave a talk'on cooperation and compared prices of butter fat with and without cooperative creameries. The Higgins ball was filled to capacity for a free dance .in the evening sponsored by the creamery and the elevator. RICH POINT J »t Waterlog and, C} W Lake,. ' to a . . , K. P. Roney had other parts in tne program. Mrs, Bole H»s Heart Attack— 'Mrs Mary Dole has recovered from a serious heart attack sue Buffered early last week. She was upstairs, at work in a domes St, wheu the attack ocpurred. Mrs Paul Hudson aud Mrs. Douglas were called. Mrs. Dole's youngest daughter, IfcPwL *ss *» only est daughte other person »t home. Beverly Roblson, of Plum Creek neighborhood, has been spending a week with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Rome RoWson. Edmund Capesius, who had been employed at Milford most of th« summer has returned and is now spending the rest of his school vacation with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Prank Capesius. Mr and Mrs. Adplph Girres, of Wesley, visited last week Tuesday at the home of the latter s parents, Mr, and Mrs. J. L. Black. Attorney and Mrs. William Capesius, Chicago, spent last week at the Frank Capesius home. They we re called here by the death, of Peter Capesius, Livermore, brother of Prank and William. The Irving Urches, West Concord, Minn,, came Saturday for a few days with Mrs. Urch's parents, Mr and, Mrs. J. A. Johnson,, Mr. aud Mrs. Lyle Raney took Mary Ellen and Ruth Anne Pescn to Cedar Palls Sunday to meet their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Te4 Ceatral City. The Pesj* first day of May, 19SO, for the principal sum of $10,000.00 and which was sold and endorsed to the Plaintiff herein before maturity; that in said Petition plaintiff also prays judgment against the said Elsie Steussy for the costs of this action including statutory attor-. ney's fees. In said Petition plaintiff also prays against all of you for the foreclosure of the real estate mortgage which was given by said Fredolin Steussy and Elsie 'Steiissy. toHhe. Collins Mqrtgage Company to secure the aboVe note, interest and other indebtedness, said mortgage having been sold and assigned to the plaintiff herein, and which covers the following described real estate, to-wlt: The; Southwest Quarter of Section 17, in Township 94 North, Range 27, West of the 5th P. M., containing 160 • acres, more or less, according to the Government " Survey thereof, Kossuth county, Iowa. Said Petition alleges that said mortgage indebtedness is now past due and that all of th"e defendants have or claim to have some .interest in the real estate adverse to the plaintiff's interest therein, but that any such interests are junior and inferior to the lien of said mortgage, and said petition prays that all of the rights, liens, and interests of all the defendants in and to said mortgaged premises, and in the crops hereafter mentioned, be decreed to .be junior and inferior to lien of plaintiff's mortgage, and that a special execution' issue for the sale of said real estate to satisfy said judgment "wiht interest and costs. In said Petition, plaintiff also prays that a receiver be appointed immediately to take possession of said real estate and of the rents, issues, crops and profits thereof, with authority to lease the said premises and to collect the rents, crops, and issues therefrom pending this action and during the period of redemption herein, and with authority to sell any crops now stored on said premises and now growing thereon, and to apply the proceeds, thereof toward the payment of the Indebtedness due the plaintiff. Said Petition also prays for the foreclosure of said mortgage as a chattel lien against all crops now stored on said premises, and all crops now growing therer on, and located thereon, and that the court order a writ of specific attachment to issue against all of said crops and rents, Said Petition also prays that all defendants be required to account for all the rents, issues and profits of said premises and for the crops grown thereon for the years 1938 and 1939. Personal judgment is demanded only against .the defend- and Elsie Steussy. For further particulars see petition on file. And now unless you and each of you appear thereto and defend on or 'before noon of the second day of the September, A, D- 1939, Tern of the District Court of Jowa within and for Kossuth .county to be held at the court house in Algona Iowa, commencing on the 18th day of September, 1939, default will be entered against you and judgment and decree will be rendered th on in accordance with the prayer of said petition. BLYTHE, MABKLEY, RULE, DIBBLE & CERNEY, \ Attorneys for Plaintiff 48-51 Mason City, Jowa ». T* Multitude* ittfferinB from these dreaded "" 'Ai Seen In "MADEMOISELLE MAGAZINE ' AY GIBSON catches the popular, fancy of smart young moderns with Gay Gibson Flight School dresses. You feel the dash and romance of the skyways in these most • exciting dresses for. back to school wear. These Gay Gibson exclusive* will be favorites for school, work and play. Go American with Gay Gibson — zoom! L»H to right: fover-Dive, 5503 —Striped wool flannel, coat dress. Novelty chain and pin •irplane belt-trim. Moll- leaf Green, Dragonfly, Tobago Brown, Black. Kip-CorJ, 5S04 — Feather, flannel,* perfect for school. 'Metal "airplane" studs. Oxford Grey, British Blue, Tobago Brown, Earth Rust. W,ng.O*tr. 5501 — Gay Tweed with button-on skirt. Metal wing pins. Lovebird, Port Brown, Henna Rust, Comet Blue. 5502 — Two- piece feather flannel*. Metal "Airplane" buckle. Tobago Brown, Earth Rust, Tuscan .Grape, British Blue. Other attractive Junior Frocks at $3.95, $5.95, and up to $19.75. Solo, js» - j flannel, novelty pock "airplane" buttons, to bird, Strawberry Green. CHRISTENSEATS Algona's Style Center AND I GOT ME A USED PLYMOUTH FOR A SONG AT THE SAME PLACE I SURE GOT A BUY IN A USED PONT I AC FROM THE FORD DEALER 1 ; i ,• WE'VE GOT THE USED CAR YOU WANT, AT THE PRICE - YOU WANT TO PAY 1998 Chevrolet Coupe |9|7 Plymouth COUM 1938 Plymouth De Luxe Sedan 1937 Chevrolet l)e Lu*e Coach 1938 Ford De Luxe Tudor 1936 Oldsmobile Sedan 1936 Chevrolet Coach 1935 Poutiac Coach to choose from, All makes of 33's, and li's MOTOR CO., Algona FOR BETTER USED CARS OF EVERY' MAKE SEE YOUR K k i

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