Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 15, 1939 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 15, 1939
Page 5
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.4 1 * iltb's- B. 8ml h Jr. Sallx, and Thifi " i. . A. - L. iJr! Mr. daughter Sklll- .'Sawyei -;,, spent Thursday 1 gliehV Spent..'*'• «r»ua/ Mite with her mother, "coonan. She . drove 1 to and had to,haVe it iViA •nraV. Chflstessen store. Mr*. ST« Itelm, with her son Johtt and Mrs. Ann Prankl. spent Sunday at New Ulm, Minn. Mrs Delttt. IB In Modern Dry Cleaners •employ. John works for Townei the folumber, and Mrs. Frankl Is a Chfl&chllles clerk. itettlah and lorette Larson and Glee Bullock got home Saturday morning from a two weeks tour In the west. — ettft's car KOSStltH GOttNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA Ashing. Advance employe Minn., who were here to attend the funeral, of their mother; Mrs. Mary Frankl, left Sunday morning for their respective homes. Mrs. Eva Deim and her son John, took theni as far as Minneapolis,; and from there Miss Prankl went on by plane. Mr. and Mrs, Chris Wallukait went to Fort Dodge last week Monday to meet and bring home their daughter Betty, who had spent a week at Adel with an uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs, Andrew Wallukait. Betty, 10, got a thrill out of traveling to Fort Dodge In a train. Andrew, brother of Chris, is a civil engineer. The RCT. and Mrs. R. the west. They traveled in Lor-1 Toothman, hurt to m™ ,?» The RCT< and Mrs - R - A - B «r- etta's car to the Black Hills, the j yesterday for three or fnn, ^ r ° WSl Sioux clty ' lett Wednesday, Yellowstone national park, Salt with Calbert Cran n pnh»T r ™* \ after £our dajs here-with Mrs. Bur- Lake City, and Dfinvov • nn,i At." ™ . ran - ne Pnew of Mr. rows' nnvonVa -M,- on a M,. O r r< and Mrs. Tootinan Lake City, and Denver. , Mrs. E. H, DeLano, with her daughter's Marilyn and Marjory, - _„ spenMast week with her mother, (; hr , 8<ln . , rows P al 'ents, 'Mr." and Mrs. C. C. rs. ootnan nnrt « , , . . . . lives. Miss To^hmnn <= , rCla T' Wrlght - From here they went to at the local tShone off^ * I Mtnnea P oli « to visit a sister of Mr. Mrs. W. C. Clark, Hubbard. Mr! with thn wtv Burrows, and thence they were to leave for a tour into Canada. Mr. of-. Presbyter- Rose Arend, rends ,-,nd the Pet- Burrows is attended a family. ian church. i ,! °. kobojls Sunday. | Mr*. A. J. Schncpf with her sis- NIII if Arena iister, Mrs. ter .Bertha Waterman, the latter "Jiies, Hemsen, her family ' of Rock Island, went to Mankato Elizabeth Kraiis, Sunday to meet and bring home ivi°n and daughter, j the former's ' daughter Virginia, i Hhltney, |0 {j (Seattle, who is attending a business school spent Sunday here with his at Minneapolis, Virginia will be Mrs. M. J. strelt. Mr. Whit-. at home two weeks. Miss Water- retired, is making a tour to man, a teacher, has been visiting ""» and will go home via a'the Schnepfs. and California. I Raymond, ^Friday, after fir daughter at liquor stcre, went to Tliornton with Martha Zumach, JfljgS *JUU***~»M ~ . Ida Zumach, tcacn«« , h school at Mitreus. ' • was t, week-, of 'Es- college Mabel Mlnkler [They were irllng- daugh- City,,took Miss Couch's place. Mrs. Charles H. Mohme, Cedar S'KsSfift Lot Mrs. ^- "• * .,";. .• *, Becker returned last Ffom ten days vlth Ber L Mary Otto, "—' Becker" owns tie new • uc\;ivc» v " irtlng goods sto '- Trost, Des liu uci Sioux e here. Moines, jen *•<•"•» --" ,0V. ids here last w<ek. She _jer Clara Neitz >1, who Ihere. Mr. Tros. is em- state mstoriciil build- Ixn. E. L. Hagff, with liters Lenora and Dorp-. A|day for a wefek with ft Decatur, 111. ty 1 . Hagg 1 at the Norton machine i got home yesterday, » c jk8 with relatives .at I Lima, and Adh, Ohio. I daughter of Mr. . and Ll Kuhn, is employed at [Mrs. Lee 0. Wolfe, Tl> Sunday dinner guests i Mrs. R. W. Oaldwell. tuples became Mends at urts, San Antoilo, Tex., id Dorothy |o! Mrs. Victor nday from (,'uncle and aunt nee Zech, farmfers tiw o J r o w n, Xiserodt, weeks Mr. and near is a guest of her ; Arthur Fergus an, Keo- Okobojis, and will be [September 1. fine Is a |ol Mr. and Mis. M. G. iDalton left Friday for let)., where she joined her irho has been transferred |lnt. He is employed by lolltan Life in It's farm on. -. ; , • . : [ Engstroin, Birt, /came a few days with_ Ros- who lives wltti Mr. [Edward Sheeht n. Elaine iter of Mr. i,nd "Mrs, isrtom. «r Helberg, jwlth her icn, left Sunday for a ten- ion. Mrs. Helberg will :er In Wisconsin and the till visit their erandpar-, fijne spent Saturday anil 1 Mason City with her -Janor and Rutt. Eleanor, •nurse, is on private duty, ^ is taking nur ses' traln- ,ercy hospital. ' ; Aman, Cherckee, will furday for a "isit with Mson. She is a daugh^ 8. Jessie Amai, who .re- wed to Cherolee, where 't a dress shop, L. W. Fo::, with the I, lett Monday to attend t Sidney, and ^111 be the I Mrs. Fox's sitter, Mrs. smvood, at Tibor. The Wet to return Sunday,. I Mrs. Martin Ohm spent wenlng with Mrs. Ohm's mm, and Mrs. i!. T. Wai'" Hon. Mr. Ohm works at .and Mrs. Onm is em- I the Algona Cnffee Shop. ies Win. Dehrert, J, I. '•and W. HI Klamp vis- N. Harry Chell wrg's. Ma* ' Friday. Mr. Chellburg |or the construction > conv- i? mlt Ae local postoffice. U a Ku;nach reiiii' lL.j'7"" ' Su; w'ai' were Mr. I Edwin Wittkoif, Mrs. Ma l«r, and Mrs. \artlnOhm, •i.-n' ","" "'h' 1 " re'atlves I w? e , ek and ^Uittenjore, |»»ster, of El gi e Grove, *«-«nd guest at Tom Dal- 'ae Georgo Heetlands, M^ ei ir , Sun diy diaper »f- Heetland, brother, of is ia the p mltry busl- '*W Gregson ' ' W Cashmere, < "Wednesday to brtag ^e. Who i at Mercy ,hos- 18 In city em< an's. j[ r a broiler T Louis HaJ- ere >• from Quests at Mow, ft of jj Mary Conch, who had worked at the Pine Room and in the dining room of the Algona hotel for some Sart ai-p Rt'ctnT"- 0 "JiT'V" """• "* years, Is how visiting at her home salesman or Lrnh^n" 8011 is " at Stuart before looking for oth-' ll^L^^J^ ?. eer <L com : S w ?8!»K-ca^»--;^ tensen's. T,ots were Week-end guests ;at. Lon -Wright's..-..They, came for .Mr. Mohme<; who had spent five weeks •with '-his- Bister/ Mrs. Wright,; .Mr. VIohme Is an interior decorator. the place of Frances Win- Kel, who was recently married to .William Dodds. Lois, who took a course at the American Institute of " ' at Des Moines, Is the and Mrs." Ged.' W. .JRatterson,. of Burt, were-Wednesday guests of Mr. and Mrs. V. K. Rising. Miss Johnston Colwell. K. ,T. Hongh and Alex Dermand got home Saturday night from a 2200-mile tour in Minnesota and has been teaching at the Bryant Cana^ They t, school here, and will again teach a n the time and went here. Mr. and Mrs. as far as Winnipeg, then to Port Arthur. ltor-' .-,,, _ . -l'**O». fc»»\j*» VW A \Jl L f\. Clinton Lighter, with the exception of the v n, , lda ?' to , vlsit . Ed ~ I two 'lays, they . encountered F. Temple, who is serious- the whole time. last rain ly sick with uremic poisoning. Mr. Tem!ple has been editor morethan 5 . Andrew Monlnx got home Friday The Lighters formerly Bode. of the from a tour in the east. He visited years.: the New York fair, Quebec, and -• ' lived at Montreal. Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Smith, Mr. •__ t I rest O f {he sunlmel . will be spent with his' parents, 'Mr. and JMrs. D. .D. Monlux, before be^•__ t • ....w.».»,u. f.f,.*-r, A'^vril* UA) UtAU J C I/O and Mrs. Craig Smith, Donald | ginning his- third year at Iowa Smith Jr., and John Hopkins, all of ~ Algona, with Mike Fleming, Emmetsburg, will leave Saturday for a week's fishing at Black Duck, Minn., and in Canada. The elder Mr, Smith is employed at the post- office. Jean French, Titonka, was a guest a few days last week at the Lyle Mathes home, and Jane Laird, Hollywood, Calif., who is spending the summer here, went home with her for a short visit. Jean is the (laughter of Mr. and Mrs. Howard A. French. Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Roeder got back last week Monday from a two weeks vacation. They spent a week fishing in northern Minnesota and had good luck. They also attended a homecoming at Lapsing and visited relatives and friends at Dubuque. Benlah Rapn, Cedar Rapids, left Wednesday, after ten days with her sister, Mrs. Edw. D. Sheehan. The women spent a week at the Dr. P. E. Walley cottage on the north sliore at Clear Lake. Doctor Walley, once of Algona, practices at Corwith. Mr. and Mrs. B. T ; Agard, with their daughter Ruth Ann, drove to Park Rapids, Minn., Sunday for a month's stay in a cottage on Long Lake. Mrs. Agard goes there for the relief- of hay fever. Mr. Agard is a local New York Equitable Life salesman. Mrs. D. E. Dewcl and daughter Marjorie left Monday for LaCrosse, where they were to meet Mrs. Dew'el'B aunt; Maynie Snodgrass, and thence take a short vacation trip to Duluth and northern Minnesota points. They are expected back Saturday. County Treasurer and Mrs. M. J. Duffy, with their three daughters, attended a Duffy family reunion at the La Fiesta, West Bend, Sunday. This is an annual affair, but this was the first time it had been held in Iowa. There were ' relatives present from Illinois. Mr. and Mrs. William Barnjobst, Spencer, and Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Mawsk, Milford, were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Wbrster and Mrs. Elizabeth Ashing. Mr. Marck, Mrs. Garnjobst, and Mrs. Worster are son and State college, where he is majoring in veterinary medicine. Audrey Fritz, Monona, and lola Lehman, Des Moines, spent the week-end with the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Lehman, two miles west of Algona. Miss Fritz has taught at the Bryant school here during the last few years, and Miss Lehman is in Tri- State Theater Corp. employ. The Raymond Reids moved Monday into a house which they 'purchased from the KO!LC through Joel M .Herbst, local realtor and insurance agent. The house was formerly occupied by the J. A. Freeh family. It has been redecorated inside and out. Mr. Reid is manager of the Hobarton' elevator. Iffiiirj' and James Wallace, Nelson Urban, Fred Lehman, state president of the Pioneer company, and Raymond Baker, all of Des Moines, were here Thursday for an inspection tour in Pioneer fields. They were dinner guests at the Perry M. Collins home. Mr. Colins is gales manager in this dls- rict. Caroline Frankl, Butte, Mont, nd Mrs. David Green, St. Cloud, SPORT . BE ATTRACTIVE WHIIE YOU'RE ACTIVE mam DeLano, in D-X oil employ here, spent the week-end there and | picnic brought his family home. j Tn ~ e v Mr. and Mrs. Barney Casler re- j Mnrv cently returned from a six weeks! and'n vacation at BeVvidere, Chicago, and 1 other points in Illinois. They made a stop at "Waterloo on the way honie :to. visit relatives. Mr, Casler -Mrs. S. H. McNntt, who has been' Visiting at Seattle, Wash., wrote' „,,„,.„ „,, , , „ under date of August 9: "Will you M,H. v ..^ and California.] Ilaymond, Alice, and Wilma be klhd enough to send your paper 'mother «• Mr °°Sf"' Emmetsbur &., Htareerneck, near Cedar Rapids, to my address—25» Hyland Ave ' „„ s- Strelt ' was also vlslted last we « k at their cousin Ames, hereafter? Very warm here!I M r nn ,i Mr r, v '. r, Mrs. Ben Ingebrltson's. Erma In- 94 degrees the last two days" In Robert Ferguson, gebritson, Fairmont, was also a ~ " - IJ " U '°' W€re Thursday and Friday, guest Tuesday. The latter, sister of Mr. and Mrs. Chester De- of Ben, is taking nurses' training Mrs. Ferguson_and Mrs. De-, at the Swedish hospital at Minneapolis. Mr. Ingebritson is a mechanic at Dau's. Alice Kain, daughter of Mrs. R. E. Kain, here, has accepted a position as English instructor in a Burlington, 111., high school, near Chicago. She had taught two years at Whittemore, and she attended summer-school this season at Boulder, Colo. Miss Kain will have an Increase in salary at the Burlington school. Lewis McWhorter spent a few days last week at Omaha and he brought his sister Vera here for a short visit with their mother, Mrs. Ellis McWhorter. He took her back Sunday, and from Omaha left for a few weeks with relatives In Wyoming and elsewhere. Lewis buys stock here; Vera is bookkeeper for a motor company. Mrs. T. H. Holmes returned Friday, from the Okobojis, where she had spent the week with her son, Wilfred Resseguie, Chicago, his wife, and two children, Joan and Richard. The Resse'guies had vacationed here and. at the Okobojis two weeks. Mr. Resseguie Is connected with the Continental Illinois National Bank & Trust Co., Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. H. C.'Anderson and Mr. and Mrs. William Finn-,were at Fort Dodge Thursday evening to call on Mrs. Anderson's sister, Mrs. Henry Steiner. Mr. and Mrs. Steiner are parents, of a 7-lb. son, born last week Tuesday at a Fort Dodge hospital. Mrs. Steiner is the former Arlene <Sonerholm, and her husband formerly clerked at the locajl .Gamble store. Mrs. Anna Allen, Lois Friesner, and Mrs. Melville Harvey, with her daughter Judy Ann, all of Ankeny, were guests from Wednesday till Monday of the H. W. Thompsons, and with the Thompsons spent Sunday at the Okobojis with Nettie and Daisy Davis, aunts of Mr. Harvey, Mrs. Allen is mother, Lois a granddaughter, Mrs. Harvey a sister of Mrs. Thompson. Mrs. Oiner Lighter, jSpencer, and her daughter June; Cos Angeles, were Saturday afternoon visitors at Clinton Lighter's, and Mrs. Clinton Lighter accompanied them to Humboldt in the afternoon to visit her daughter, Mrs. LeRoy Peterson. Mrs. Oinef Lighter's husband re- ceMtly •" died "at a •• Rbchester hospital. The daughter June is in insurance company employ at Los Angeles. ' . Mr. and Mrs. N. P. Hoover, Norfolk, Neb., with their daughter Helen, were overnight guests Friday at O. S. Buchanan's, and Mrs. Buchanan and son Russell accompanied them Saturday for a week's fishing vacation at or near Leech Lake in northern Minnesota. Mrs. Hoover and Mrs. Buchanan are sisters, and Mr. Hoover Is superintendent of a Northwestern railroad division. Mrs. C. H. Clement and her daughters Charlene and Ruth Ann returned Wednesday from Naytahwaush, Minn., where they had spent 12 days with Mrs. Clement's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A, M. Curran, former Sherman township farmers. Mrs. Clement's sister-in- law, Mrs. William Connelly, Bancroft, accompanied them. Mr. Clement ,owns the barber ship under the. Gamble store.' Mrs. Helen Stlllman, of Tulga, Okla.; arrived Thursday for a week with Mrs. Howard Vlrlson. She Is the former Helen Vlnson and has been teaching in the Tulsa high school, but will be on the faculty of the Oklahoma state university at Stillwater, Okla., this fall. Mrs. Maurice Cullen, Mason City, called yesterday to see Mrs. Stillman, also to visit her father, A. Strelt, and her sisters Mary 'and Mrs. H. M. Smith. Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Amunson were guests last week at the C. U. LaBarre cottage, 'Clear Lake. Mrs. LaBarre goes back to the cottage today (Tuesday), and her sister, Mrs. H. S. Struble, Vlnton, with the letter's three children, will down the beach south from Dodge's Point. The Kev. C. 1. Liming. Radcllffe, and his family were Wednesday to Friday-guests at his sister, Mrs. R. I. Simpson's, near Lone Rock, and helped Mrs. Simpson celebrate a birthday. Mr. Liming is a former Ledyar'd*Lakota Methodist pastor. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Cox, Algona, were Sunday callers at Simpson's, and other callers were Mrs. ft Wermerson, Corwith, and two sona, former neighbors of the Simpsons. Mr. Simpson's mother, known a« Grandma Simpson, is again tip and around the house, after a long siege of sickness. join her tomorrow for a week or . ;v --. ----- T; ""T ten days there. The cottage which ph « ,'*»*,*"«•«*»' was moved early in the- season from a lot at the Ventura end of the lake, is situated a few rods more importaii thai ever for fall... • PYRAMID HEELS •COLLECE'HEELS •LEATHER HEELS Eyes on these new. spectators! t)n the wing' tips! The perforations. Of SUEDE with CALF ,. .in Black or Brown! 3.50 Others at 6.00 M Mrtrtliil ti in! ..RIDE BACK TO SCHOOL De Luxe equipment FREE with each Boy V and Girl's Bicycle $19.95 $2295 DeLUXE $27.95 YOCR OWH RUGS EASY WAY! Cleaning rugs with ELEOTRBN'E is almost as easy as sweeping them! It's as thorough as washing them—as safe as sending them to the cleaner—and as inexpensive as entire rug, removes every speck of dirt, grease, etc., and makes rugs look like new. Restores color, revives nap. In 26c, 60c, 75c packages. Try It. Get ELECTRESE From Yonr FaTorlte Dealer! TUBS.-WED., AUG. 15-16 Continuous from 1 o'clock daily. THIS MAN WEARS THE MASK OF A DICTATOR New Streamlined Double Bar Balloon Tires with Tubes Coast-to-Coast Store Joe Bloom OAftINC STORY OF THE MAN WHO DMIIUS FOR MURDERED Plus Leon Errol Comedy News and "NICK OP TIME" THUHS., FRIDAY, SATUB. August 10-12 Thursday bargain matinee 16c, 2 p. m. Plus WALT DISNEY BEVUE MICKY MOUSE and DONALD DUCK Plus Great Dog Show "KENNEL KINGS'* COUNTY FAIR WEEK SUNDAY AND MONDAY, AUGUST 13-14 Continuous show daily from 1 o'clock -EXTRA FINE ATTRACTIONS—2 Union Pacific Then Dodge City NOW Phil Stong»s "State Fair" NOW Phil Stong»s ALWAYS TWO FEATURES THURSDAY THRU SATURDAY, AUGUST 17-19 Chas. Starrett ' Bruce Cabot Zazn Pitt —in— — in— "SPOILERS of the RANGE" "MICKEY THE KID" COUNTY FAIR WEEK SPECIAL New—Hot—Tops! SUNDAY AND 4 DAYS Continuous show daily from 1 o'clock. World Premier All Des Moines Paid $2.30 to See! Feature OLD ENOUGH TO LOVE BUT NOT OLD ENOUGH TO MARRY! "Tooyoung!" said the Law I "Too terrible!" ... cried their blind parents! Come up and cool off. COUNTY FAIR WEEK SPECIAL! TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 22-28 Continuous from 1 o'clock daily. . ONE OF THE YEAR*S BEST—HOT! ^ JIAN PARK!R >JOHNNY DOWNS Bargain . .&~jrfx£x&£t- -'•' r. . T* ^l^W r & H. ^'4 £ !^> < . , < , v. ' ., . , . ^**>?*V*^'x *„ .>i^$'^

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