Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 15, 1939 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 15, 1939
Page 4
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OFFICIALS ARE NAMED FOR THE YEAR 1939-40 Good Hope, Aug. 14 — At the fourth quarterly conference of the Good Hope church at the church last week Tuesday evening a representative group of officials and workers presented reports of the various departments: church school, Aid, financial, statistical. Election of officials took place, and appointments to committees were confirmed. A delegation of ten or a dozen from the Whittemore church met with the Good Hope group to elect a lay delegate and a reserve to the session of the annual conference at Webster City September 26-October 2. Fred Plumb was chosen from Good Hope, with Mrs. Carl Ebert as reserve from Whittemore. The delegates will sit only in the latter part of the conference, due' to a new setup since the recent union of the Methodist church, South, the Methodist Protestant church, and the Methodist Episco pla church. Delos Gardner wil represent Good Hope as the incum bent delegate in the first two day Jortli Dakota Ctoat Sick- Mr. and Mrs. Julian Ames, o Oakes, N. D., came two weeks ag( for a visit with the Presley Sarch ets. Mr. Ames was taken sick ant removed to a Fort Dodge hospital where he had an operation. Mrs Anna Radcllffe, Twin Falls, Ida. another slater of Mrs. Sarchet, is also here. Mrs. Ames and Mrs Radcliffe spent Friday with Edw Dittmer, Burt. Dirt Road Gets Gravel— Gravel has been spread on the road west from No. 169 past the Henry Tjaden and Riedel farms to connect with the north and south road gravel past the No. 2 school- of the conference, Dodil.s as reserve. with W. I . . Officers and committeenien chos en for the 193,9-40 church yeai are: trustees — James Knoll, W. I Dodds, D. C. Gardner, T. A. Reid R. F. Hawcott; stewards — James Knoll, disbursing, V. J. Gross, connectional, Glen Jenkinson, recording, Mrs. R. F. Hawcott. communion, W. J. Bourne, district, W. I. Dodds, reserve district, D. C. Gardner, Jens Sorensen, D. McArthur. Jacob Smith, Harvey .Reid. Fred Plumb, Auditing accounts, Roy Sarchet, Harry Bates, Ben Reid; church records, A. J. Dittmer, Loyd Gross, John McNeil, Nathan Parr; parsonage, president L. A. S., Mrs. T. A. Reid, board of trustees; pastoral relations, Mrs. Arthur Jackman, chairman, Mrs. D. C. Gardner, Mrs. R. F. Hawcott, A. J. Dittmer. Jacob Smith; nominating committee, James Knoll, Jacob Smith, A. J. Dittmer, AV. I. Dodds, Glen house. This Is part of a mall route out of Burt, and It had been a trial In bad weather. It was one of the few stretches of dirt road left in this neighborhood. Mrs. F.ngsirom Has Operation- Mrs. Henry Engstrom is at Rochester, making recovery from an operation for goiter, the third she has had. She was operated on Wednesday, August 2, and will have to remain there till a-bout the 20th. Mildred Parr, Austin, Minn., sister of Nate Parr, is helping .-vbout the house during Mrs. Enc- strom's absence. rattle Shipped to Market— Loyd Gross went ,to Chicago with cattle for market a week ago Saturday ni.cht. Lightness in the run was demonstrated .by the fact that he was the only stockman in his coach on the train for 24 hours. In KOSSWM COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA. IOWA POTTER FAMILY IN USUAL REUNION AT FLORAUIALL HERE , Irvington. Aug. H—The 81st annual Potter reunion was held Sunday at Floral hall, with SO In attendance. Homer Ellsworth, St. Paul, president for the last year, mmm ui jreiei- VKPCBIUS, is, as at was unable to attend, because of sat in his chair, smoking, al 4 p. Mrs. Ellsworth's illness, and the ni. Saturday. He had been in his business meeting was conducted'usual good health, by Mrs. Harry Potter, West Bend,! The funeral has been set for vice president. [Wednesday at 9 o'clock at the Mrs. Mae Miller, Algomt, wnsj Sacred Heart church here, with named honorary president for the. the Rev. Father Ahrnann, Algonrf. coming yoat. She Is eldest of the officiating, and burial will be made P.otter family. The new officers at St. Joe. are: Dwlght Potter, Kansas Clty.j Mr. Capeslus was bom and rear- president; Mrs. Bert Potter. West,ed at Bellevue. He married Mary Bend, vice; O. L. Miller, Irvington,. Juchen, and six children - £«* 1-1,7 PETER CAPESIUS, 78, LIVERMORE DIES SUDDENLY Livermore, Aug. 14-^-the community was shocked by the sudden death of Peter Capeslus, 78, as he ALGONIANS TELL OF JAUNTS EAST, NORTH, ANDWEST Touring Vacationers Travel in Far - Of f Way* & Byways. Bertha Godfrey got home Wednesday from a trip to the west coast and Canada. She was gone hree and one-half weeks, and her brothel- Geo. W., of An^s ollege, with his wife and son Dick, m 6 same trip. —cuu, . n.- e , u. LI. Miner, jrvington,< jucnen, ana six children Were The party visited the Bad Lands succ essor to Elmer Hayne, Algona, born, five of whom rire living: nd the Black Hills, then the Yel-l sectary-treasurer. ; Mrs. George Reding, Ottosen; Mrs. owstone park. Other main stops), In attendance were Mrs. Belle Hose Klsch, Mrs. Frank Schultz, vere at the Crater of the Moon i n | McCaln » Nebraska; Mrs, Ella Pot- of Llvermore; Mrs. Floy Eggert, Vyoming, the Coulee dam, and * er - SIoux cl »" Mrs. Mabel Potter, I Wesley; and Dennis, Rolfe. There arks in Alberta. Cnnnrln Spencer; Mrs. Alice PovMI. fJrnnrt-' nre six crrnnitnV>tlil..» n -tjj ---v wwi^c unuu, H11U J ' ~--*.r , *.** a, luautri JTUliei,! " *roit,,J , null .L/dilllS, * arks in Alberta, Canada. Spencer; Mrs. Alice Covell, Grand-!are six grandchildren. Miss Godfrey spent a week with'™' 6 - N - D -'< 'he Dwlght Potters,! After living on a farm near Ot- friend at Seattle while the restl^?" 8 " 8 City : the "Slim" Nelsons,' tosen for more than 22 von,-* tho sited a state agricultural rniior-o! "ingsted; the Lvnian Poffprs nnd farnllv hmie-h* n h«»rm ne rest ', "J" ^"; > - »'e onm iNeisons, iiosen icr more than 22 years, the | made a pleasure t college ""^sted, the Lj-nian Potters and family bought a home here and)Friday. Mr. Stoi e fruit ^f v . D ™ ald . STU1 «» famll >-. Charles moved to Llvermore three years west of Algona.,1 tvi,, Vjlty; the A. T,. Pnurolle T> n .i,,|l1«. nan •«. ,, *=""•"• _ --w •.»>.** v«v>4i^£,\j at Corvallis, Ore., and the fruit , sections In the Yaklma and WIn-' Cit >'! the A - L. Powells, Postville; 'ago atchee Valleys, in Washington. A the v lctor Applegates, Titonka. Attorney and Mrs. L. A. wlnkeK with .their children, spent "a few days in Minnesota last week.' : Ike 8. 0. W, sewing club met Wednesday with. Mrs. Peter Peterson. . There are eight members. FiH««M« lodg» of the Masons will have first degree work this evening at 8 o'clock at the Temple. Mrs. Walter Frastr will arrive Thursday from Hatfleld, P.a., where she has been visiting at her son Scott's. The T. T. Herbsts came home Saturday from two weeks in a cottage on Egralharve Beach at the Okobojls. Terry M. Collins nnd H. W. Thompson were at Ames Saturday on a business mission for the local Pioneer plant. Itaj- Hesch, clerk at the S. & L. store, spent the week-end with, his Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Beach Sr., Whittemore. Mr, and Mrs. John Simon 'Jr. i, the | made a pleasure trip to Fort Dodge Mr. Simon farms south- She Is in ,„ western Mutual tin insurance em- • " » ' One« Ta» week N D / Of *' visit with her liter, Mr«; D! A Barnard, ttl«« school teachor, auray from Otiunma, where he had' gnent * ••• •*• •*-"-'v*v*n, vj ieiA Jenkinson; upkeep of church property, T. A. Reid, E. L. Broesder, Eood runs a coach Is often well filled with owners or caretakers of stock going to market. Horses Off for Fairs- Bates Stott has left with a string of Percheron horses belonging to 'Ceph" Gross and Edward Mawds- ey which he is showing at county [airs at Mason City, Algona, anil Spencer. Bates is an expert hand vith horses, and he will bring ome the Hbboiis if there is any nance. in the grade schools. Return was made via southern Canada and Fargo, N. D., and the trip mileage was 6500. Dr. and Mrs. J. B. AVinkel andi ,; Mr. and Mrs. Dodds got home Fri-kf a £j rom a ten - d ay trip to Canada.! They visited Minneapolis, Dul- luth, saw the largest iron ore mines in the world at Hlbbing, stopped at International Falls on the border, and crossed to Fort vis- ISSff'^JSJS AIde ~' * ™±^?™^S£ night at 9 o'clock, when a sub»i "»e**i* OL a u C1UCK. wnen 'x } SOn %, a "? the , vicinity: scri P«i<»i contest launched \fre EV....I, i,.,,"" 1 ;" i ""•*'*"'"" LOU 'esi jauncned some Aiis. Mank Miller, the weeks ago bv the Swea Citv Her Bhnar. ,u. and Dwight' aid closed. >, offS ££ ?£ ited saw and paper mills. Ben Hei(i, Arthur Baker Dodds. W. I. Other Good Hope. Mrs. Marie Losie, who was helping at C. L. and A. J. Ditt- raer's during the former's illness is now helping at the Mrs. Kate Annis apartment. Algona. Mrs. Annis is considerably improved since return from the hospital, though still far from well. The Loyd and V. J. Grosses were at Klemme last week Tuesday for I the 50th anniversary celebration of ' the founding of the town. The Grosses formerly lived in'that vicinity, and they met many of the They came home via Bemldji and St. Cloud. They report fair luck at fishing on the way to Canada. It rained only one day, which was last week Tuesday. The weather was too warm most of the time. Doctor Winkel and Mrs. Dodds are cousins. This was the first honeymoon tour for Mr. and Mrs. Dodds; second for Doctor and Mrs. Winkel. The Rev. and Mrs. F. C. Volske the four tad Fenton to Be Host at Watermelon Day and Harvest Event Fenton, Aug. 14 - Teuton's an-! jTweeten. A. J. Bilsborough, and I Edw. Hammond were count the ballots. Anderso » judges first, Mrs. Francis I.onergan, Schaller, came Sunday for a week with her sister, Mrs. E. J. Zender. They are Potter girls. Mrs. Jghatlns Wcruert was taken to the Kossuth hospital Wednesday for medical treatment. She is reported doing well. " H. W. HoUandsworth got home Sunday from a week's vacation at Dubuque and other points. He is jeweler at Lusby's. The George L. Paynes, Mason City, were Sunday guests' at W. J. Payne's. George, brother of W. J. has a plumbing shop. Elmer Dole, Milford, was here Wednesday on a business mission. He is with the Schumacher road construction company, to Mrs. Fred Jacob spent last week Sunday and Monday with Mr. and ——»«jw*» » T uu in si %£: ?, usse " WaterAury, sec third, e . , ' " "'"".r \JL LIII; mends of their former days there. M, A, DEGREE FOR FORMER ALGONIAN Colorado State college of Education, Greeley, Colo.—Edwin Lee and had good luck. I'rom there they went to St. Paul to visit Mrs. Martha Koehler, sister of Mr. Volske, and on the way ' they stopped at Committees named were: membership, Mesdames D. C. Gardner James Knoll, A. J. Dittmer; music, Mesdames John McNeil, Quentin Bjustrom, Ben Reid; religious education, Mesdames James Knoll Glen Jenkinson, Frank Cruikshank, Fred Plumb, R. p Hawcott; finance, board of stewards president of the Aid; benevolence i Mesdames Mary Steinman, V. j'' Gross, W. J. Bourne, V. J Gross- social service, flower committee and committee of three from L. A. S. The church school superintendent and the Aid president, now R *. Hawcott and Mrs. Jacob Smith respectively, are to be elected before the close of the church year. Little ftirl in n Oast— c: Mr. who has been sclk"7hre e "'we'elcs i sum^r ™^t£'Z ** ^'^ '" ^ ^ car"hey Vawl«.r 36001 ^^^^^^^•^^i^^ m In the ^ s ~ in - 15 slates ' At Wasw ''^i IMS' week Tuesday by Doctor Clap- "• — * *-**i<ui» o aii~ i v**tt i termelon da >' and Harvest! » *»p., Aug . 14—Maxii Festval, sponsored by the Com-;year-old daughter of Mr and SV 1 ^' ls Schedul ed for this Jfs. Shipler, suffered a painful If, ft™ 0 "** °«L° f th * -ents ' dent p rid? when> _• WtaM „. *mj nev. ana Mrs. F. C. Volske I " <^-vi "ursaay. Une of the events claen t Friday, when at ninv « tw'o anTa 1 h St f W6ek Tuesday from '«" on aotug ' of - war between farm- lowing, she fell off and stuMwd the as captain for me east. ' siders and A. H. Meyers for the the west siders. At noon free water-! i will be served, and a con. --.....-_ „, ,,^ a ^ v,v,u-i, , ° y tu e Fenton high school 1 cord to see the Irving Urches, for- band lvin follow. At 2 p. m. street taken to a whn i , dressed Mrs. Robert Jacob and other relatives at Austin, Minn. ' Mrs. B. J. Bredall, with her daughter Denese, returned Friday from Akron where they had spent ten days with relatives. Imelda Dooley, deputy recorder returned Sunday from St. Paul, where she had visited relatives since Wednesday morning. City Snpfc c. U. Pollard went to v,edar Rapids yesterday morning on a business mission for the city. He will be away a few days. Th. Sal* that has made millions of r>P .«.d along to^ '«>^S buymg power O f millfon, w Mch makes f these gigantic $«lej, Be htr* Wr |y. THIS SALE NOW ON AT K. D. JAMES . formerly of Algona, re- "egree mer Algonians. They also visited friends at Rochester, Minn., and Cresco, la. Mr. Volske's substitutes on the two Sundays while he was gone were the Rev. Mr. Anderson, Humboldt, retired minister, and the Rev. Hiram • Johnson, of George. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. C. Dau and Mr. and Mrs. Gerhard Wittkopf got home Wednesday from a , . sports will begin, after which Fen- Lotts Creek will tangle at This biUl game promises to be exciting, for the Lotts Cieekers are seeking revenge for a game lost to Fenton some weeks ago larep«st Ti QC T'-"""?, J ' 1 1 vhen the'tour to the New" York laigest class in the history of and - "• t-«»^ 111 OLI the college was graduated. ^"^'«!=i»r*''wr,^ 16-day fair Fenton Party Home From Illinois Trip . heard returned Thursday i with relatives and „,„ at and near San Jose, Peall in at revealed a hitherto undis- ! second pus pocket and pel- e honeycombed toy the dig-1 ease Because of the tendencv of i the disease to contract muscles it '• was neecssary that the whole left i side and leg be encased in a cast, ' which will have to be worn many I Ti \v."« not expected that Clarice 1 would have to remain at the hospital longer than the first of this week, but she will he confined to »ed a long time. Michigan places, , alone. The graduating class The class included five candidates for the Doctor of Philosophy degree, 194 for master of arts, 196 for bachelor of arts, and 37 who received certificates in teaching Achievement Program Given— The Union township -I-H Lethean club held its Achievement day program at the Good Hope community room Friday evening Despite min a fair-sized crowd was Present for a program presided ov- progam from the Algona high school in "OS, has for some years taught in high school in southwestern Colorado. He is married. His lather was Dr. E. S. Glasier, once an Algona dentist, who was killed in an accident at Cedar Rapids, where the family lived after leaving Algona. Swea Cityan of 45 Years Dies Aug. 12 Swea City, Aug. 14—Mrs. Nels Peter Pearson, 81, who had lived urday afternoon. She lived on the old home farm northwest of town with her sons George and Andrew. Other children who survive are ... , ov . Rinderknecht, j«-air- mont; and John, school principal at n heaton, Minn. Mrs. Pearson's husband died 30 years ago. mounds at Lewistown, 111., and Old ' Salem,-replica of a village where! Lincoln once lived, were also seen. ' The Weisbrods traveled 1158 miles without car trouble or mishaps. English Friend Visits Wesleyan Wesley Aug. 14-R. L. Mitchell and son Jerry, of Chicago visited A E8 n W6 t k With the Rev - a ' nd Mrs. Arthur Bottom. Mr. Mitchell is on the faculty of the Chicago public schools, and was a fellow church worker with the Rev. Mr. Bottom in England. .f,?,^! 1 , 0 "^^ 0 ' Jf °^ nomstad; club; Country Girl's A ' T>"~ n" ""' ^ a ' r i l a'k by -*•»• A. B. Sc-henck (practical and inspirationan; reading, A un4ie PI K A » a Vlsu ' Eileen Lieurance; iui> Achievements, Mildred Fl-no'-e; piano duet, Lois and Mrs D <-• Oardner; demonstration in cleaning walls, the club team Marsai et and Hazel Jenkinson (a. done)' 00 Ueraons » l atlon well Rlaze at Taylor Farm- iY~> -^"'^ " 1K ue i'HJ'tnient was called Friday for a fire in the house on the old Trace Tay or S^h ? UU V Veiil of the Preslev baichots. ^ It started in a mattress, '"" ' ' igniting in FOR SALE — USED ELECTRIC __ stove. Very cheap.—Mrs. P. F. Kriethe, Burt. 12p47-48 FOR SALE—WEALTHY APPLES. —Godfrey Sehultz, phone 3816, 4 miles south Lone Rock. &p47-48 WILL DO WINDROW HAY BAL- ing at any time. — Ralph Hurlburt, phone 207, Lone Rock. I2p48 ROOM FOR RENT IN MODERN home. Can furnish garage if Algona. WHAT IS AHEAD? IT DEPENDS on what you do now.—Mankato Commercial College, Mankato, Minn., will point the way. Write "^ 21(2)48 from the home, after a return fn^"',V, "]? " le WaS 1)Ut OUC De - fpre the fjre truck arrived Old- iimers remember that a log house on this farm burned to the ground in f n c\ TVI .1J.-. i _ * . -V. EE ENLARGEMENT AND MIN- iature album with each roll film developed and printed, 25c.—Lus- 14(2)27t FOR SALE-GOOD RED TAME Plums ready now. Bring containers.—M. L. Dutton, phone 7F14 i mile south and % mile west of Hobarton. MONEY FOR ALL PURPOSES- We make cash loans up to $300 on your automobile or furniture All transactions handled quickly and confidentially.-c. H. Ostwin- kle, Helse bldg., Algona, phone 28u43tf VALUABLE GIFTS, FREE—Start saving Sargent Feed gift cou- sorae, practical gifts. Nothing to Pay. See Anderson Grain & Coal CO. JQ A NEW WELL DRILLING MA chine in your locality. Drilling nh 1 ' S ifo T Wells ' ~ Guy Beemer Phone 302 Lakota. 12p37-50 l-ive Wire Fells Tree— uay >-as acconinanied by a twis'«ne wind which put the corn down rather badly on some farms A tree was blown across the Central fatates electrical supply line in nT,,, 0f the Edw - Bl 'oesder home, and the current burned the tree in two, so that it fell to the ground withit 1 a " yOUe comin S In contact Son for George Grosses- Word received by the Loyd & /"?>, Gr08ses reports the birth of i t«-lb. one ounce boy, James Mer- 'in, to Mr. and Mrs. Georg< U the Mary Dreeley hospital, " '"rther interest to Good md others is t' ,— of Helen and Gtrtruae VIorrow as graduate nurses in this Hospital. They are daughters^* on a good Kossuth Co. f arm —L C. Stuart, Clear Lake. 21p47-4<j SALE—1935 2-DOOR CHEV- Jt in excellent condition. Water heater. Very reasonable Inquire Advance. ( g ) FOR SALE—GOOD 80 ACRES 1% miles south of Sexton, 2% miles north-west of St. Benedict.—Caith- erlne Jennett. SAVE ON HOG FEEDING—SAR- geiit Minral Meat Meal supplies tankage, mineral, Vy-lactos, cod liver oil—22 ingredients, scientifically balanced—Anderson Grain & Coal Co. 4g SPECIAL—THE ROYAL TYPE- wnter company has announced the new 1940 models and we are nl " Bln " ""» °n our last new ma! ae old models. We will -nachine for the nnnh Price of $40. Was priced at $54 50 tii J s V eal bargain as y°u save $14.50. Never been used full guaranteed. First come firs served.—I. G. Dewel at the 4d vance office. d . «oy Chrigtengen returned OF ". '•-:,-. UR COATS WED-THURS. ONLY August 16 & 17 Fv ,.. I Alg °^;i£ or , em ^>r event Everything About These Fine Furs is New and I crop " Different! vj and values i R K unestionab] y -yourW f ur ! ouymg onnrti^n«5*,. . ;r — ^"»*" »^*. lUc •superb styling... js you can PROVE comparison! BALDWIN PIANOS — ENTIRE stock of late styles in Northern Iowa to be closed out factory OPPORTUNITY TO GO INTO BUSINESS FOR YOURSELF K?™ ^V^tale Store and Waterloo. Logan, 25P48 i, lnnvojume of 36 million'dollar I in 1938. We are now offering you provides sei-vice of fac- COS n, h !f dng en « 1 ««»r. No cost or obligation for complete survey of your heating require& Muckey. 48 o o home owned, in towns of 1 50oTo 20,000. T h e ; e are over 1000 such stores in operation You can become the owner and operator of » "Western lute A , g ar- TAKE NO ™ iu ^ vaccinating for chqjera use Boy's Remedy for fJecro. Costs only 2%c per hog. —Lueby'g Drug Store. 48-3 , , _ ADVHBTJ8JNG COPY -, THE , MAN WANTED TO SUPPLY CUS- tomers with famous Watkins Products la Algona. No investment. Business average 1^5 week-J , Pay starts immediately.—Write j J- R. Watkins Company tt-64 **»«^ ~tt^ °"*"r****ft *^™WT, | Wmona, Mjgan. A Asaoclate Store 'This year, STYLE is the important thing in SfeV^lnlrfSly spiraled, Fui«s Softer 1,,d More red D ' Y ° ked> Sh "'" '„,!•>'T* 11 ! 1 .* " Dl 'essmak- « Look.' Slenderizing Effests'' Wa J i 1se tr d Wi , th Fitt ' e( i »• diollS fltlQ 1^ 1 Q i> Skirts.' I "Smaller Collars . . ta . 1 'Lterally Dozens Clever N ew T * ments. i Montreal Unconditional i: This Is the complete 'f his is one sale that you is complete. 'savfl! '"""i Y< ? w W W *»w to see these »ngs. Be here early while .the selee- ^^^^^^^^^^H^^BI^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ You m*y trade In yofr oW far coat on a new one. Plan— months to pay. C mf M »|^ ^ _ _ «*w»» «iiwr*aay migm HRISTENSEN'S ' •. ^^^P^ '^^M0 'fll| ^| ' 1^1^

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